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IT Infrastructure Outsourcing – How to Select the Best Service Provider Today’s economic and competitive pressures have made it necessary for businesses give their complete focus on their core competencies. This has led to IT outsourcing growing in a large way and has become a topic of interest to any company that wants to lower costs and risk levels, and at the same time, maintain operational excellence. IT infrastructure outsourcing affects your business processes, workflows, and SLA’s. When you are trying to decide whether to outsource, it is important to build a solid plan and select the right provider to outsource. IT outsourcing usually happens when a company wants to reduce costs, overcome resource shortage, lack of IT expertise in your organization, IT is not your core competency. As there are numerous IT infrastructure providers in the market today, it is necessary to take a careful look before selecting a qualified IT infrastructure provider to meet your business objectives. Technical Expertise The first and foremost requirement for the service provider to have a wide access of the required technical expertise and experience in a broad range of IT services. This is the most critical factor that influences almost all the activities and results. It is no doubt that a technically superior team can help reduce risk in terms of time, money and frustration. Good Track Record The service provider must have a reputation for providing customer satisfaction and have a customercentric approach. Treating each customer as a critical customer is a strong indicator for future success. The key is communicating your expectations to the outsourcing provider, and it is a good idea to get references to validate information provided to you. Scalability The service desk provider must have secure facilities with the industry’s best practices while also having the drive to improve services and curb internal costs. Visit potential providers, see their operations center, meet the people who are in operations and get a good understanding of who they are. The service provider must be able to scale operations on short notice be ready with adaptable solutions as your business grows. Financial Stability

A provider should have sufficient financial stability to deliver service in a cost effective manner. Enterprises should be apprehensive of deals when the provider’s price can’t support the operation because the total contract price appears to be less than what it would cost to perform the service.

A successful IT infrastructure outsourcing arrangement implies that the outsourcing provider is customercentric. Choose a service provider who can fulfill the global sourcing needs and provide sourcing proposition to companies looking for flexibility and strategic control. Also read on - Identity and access management, Datacenter Virtualization

IT Infrastructure Outsourcing – How to Select the Best Service Provider