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Cloud- based IT Asset Management for the Technosavvy Business World

The IT infrastructure and computer networks that form the backbone of today's global organizations ensures that customers across the world get the best-in-class end -user computing services. Besides generating a high business value for the customers, such efforts on the part of the organizations provide a customized service for the endusers and for the workforce, a technolgically sound work environment.

The end-user computing facilitates access to the corporate netwok anytime and from any location, provide organizations with new bechmarks in line with the products and services and IT asset management. Besides, such systems also facilitate developmentof an ecologically ready global system that can readily adopt new technological innovations, upgrades of IT infrastructure and help organizations face the competitions prevalent in the business environment.

Asset management services offered as a part of the cloud enabled managed services delivery model covers the complete asset management lifecycle of products and includes ordering to client tracking while adhering to ITIL best practices of Configuration & Asset Management system. Comprising of all activities associated with the mangement and tracking of assets, it takes care of physical and logical asset discovery, creating and maintining a software library and hardware store, management of software license, procurement,supply and vendors, disposal and re-deployment as well as configuration management.

Further, with organizations turning towards the green datacenter environment, these services also facilitates the assessment of ISO 27001 andPCI controls and interfaces with dependent ITSM processes and functions. With the help of the security enterprise asset management system and other processes organizations are ensured of high level of enterpise security postures as well as compliance to regulations. It has been experienced by many organizations that effective IT asset tracking and reporting provides the required transaparency for good IT mangement. An efficient IT asset management streamlines internal operations and aligns resources to maximize value and removes any incompatibilities. Deploying a stable IT Asset management strategy, offers organizations a host of benefits such a reduced cost, better IT alignment for businesses and enhanced service quality. ITIL Asset management is a handy tool that aids the new age organizations in managing their IT assests, contracts related to the assets and its costs incurred throughout the asset's lifecycle. This also helps organizations maintain relationships between assets as well as details pertaining to the business unit and their location configuration. Nevertheless, IT Asset management it is not just a registry of physical assets, but includes documentation, service level agreements, catalogs and warranties, all that would facilitate the enterprise in building asset based relationships with customers, internal departments and external entities. Related links: itil service desk, data center

Cloud- based IT Asset Management for the Technosavvy Business World