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Adapting to Change Through Datacenter Transformation Like many other IT topics, datacenter transformation in the organization space, has several definitions and draws up numerous ideas. However, most enterprises consider datacenter transformation to be more about designing flexibility and its efficiency in the architecture. What are the ways in which an organization can address and manage operational challenges simultaneously, making sure that the IT architecture can be expanded to embrace whatever the forthcoming business needs may be? No single technology can help IT to attain that kind of elasticity needed to ensure instant and pervasive responsiveness, scalability, accessibility and security. However, the best practices in datacenter transformation methodologies by eminent IT brands help enterprises to transition new datacenter infrastructures in a cost-efficient manner. Resorting to Green Datacenter strategy or initiatives is a part of transforming the datacenter. Eminent service providers have strategic models for the same that is capable to aggregating the services under a united service delivery framework and takes into consideration a single point operation responsibility with a consumer. These service providers offer the best solutions by concentrating on the core enterprise strengths and by joining hands with global leaders to offer effortless end-to-end infrastructure services. Green IT practices can be executed in three dimensions of a datacenter, namely:Facility Management Technology These practices help IT companies to minimize their enterprise’s environmental influence by planning, assessing and executing initiatives all through their datacenter platform. These practices have successfully offered cost benefits to consumers. Some of them are:Approximately 15-40% savings coming from datacenter virtualization and consolidation Approximately 10-15% savings from datacenter asset re-build and buy out Approximately 10-15% savings resulting from rack optimization in datacenter Approximately 4-10% savings by deploying best-in class power equipments in datacenter Approximately 7-15% savings resulting from efficient air conditioning architecture within the datacenter Prior to delving in to the matter of transforming datacenter, it is crucial to understand the reason behind this. To explain in a simple analogy, the datacenter is synonymous to a living organism that is originated out of the requirement to assist a business. It morphs and expands to adapt to its atmosphere. In several situations, it needs to assist the ever changing business needs and circumstances that are beyond control, for instance, environmental and regulatory mandates. Though the original datacenter design might have been well predicted and financed, it can be outstripped by the business challenges. Hence, datacenter transformation activities today are a priority call to action. The transformation will not take overnight, but it is essential to adopt the appropriate steps to attain agility and business-oriented change capacity. Related Links: Information security, Managed security services

Adapting to Change Through Datacenter Transformation