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Harry Clarke Graphics Portfolio

Digital Media arts The Still Image Student Number: 3016142 December 2011

Part 1: Sketch of an apple (experimenting with charcoal).

Part 2: Continuous Line Task and Adobe illustrator trace.

Part 3 – Graffiti Name Tag


For my Graphics portfolio I had a range of briefs that had to be met, both digitally produced and sketched. I missed the first session on our drawing workshop and the work produced for that are parts of part one and 2, despite this I think I have done well and I am pleased with what I have produced. The final task I put the most effort into and enjoyed working with illustrator to create my final image. Brief one I chose to use my drawing of an apple. I chose this because unlike my other drawings I did, I felt I got the shading just right on my other drawings I was afraid to smudge and blend the charcoal because I had a lot of detail, I didn’t want to mess it up and because the apple was a very simple drawing I felt I could experience and experiment with the charcoal properly and I felt very pleased with my final result. Brief two I found very difficult and I knew it was going too take many attempts to get a drawing I found to be decent. I did about five sketches with pencil and I found because I couldn’t lift my pencil off the page it and I couldn’t see what I was doing I found it looked very messy and scribbly. I decided to get a smoother line I'd use charcoal, this worked out a lot better and the drawing still looked rough but not as rough. The only down side to this was that I couldn’t do detail well but then I knew if I tried to do detail it would have been really messy as I couldn’t look at what I was drawing and when scanning this drawing into the computer I realised when in illustrator, I couldn’t use the pen tool for the a lot of detail and the effect would have been that good anyway, so I had to stick to a simple outline but it looked so much smoother and clean and was pleased with both results. Brief three Was the most demanding task out of all three but definitely the most productive. I had already used illustrator on my college course so I knew all the basics apart from a few things David showed my in class. After looking at many different styles of graffiti I decided on 3D text and a rectangular look to it. When I made the letters I found them to be really plain so I gave a theme to each one and made it personal to me, for example the letter a has a logo I drew of my favourite band and the background is a dance floor and other stuff like that. I found this task time consuming but I knew what to do and found my self proud with the final result. Overall I found the graphics portfolio very enjoyable because its a field I'm interested in and I feel as if I've improved my drawing skills and I am really pleased with my final part of this project. The only thing I would of changed is my part two, I feel I should of experimented more to get a better image but I am still happy with it regardless.

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Graphics portfolio fixed  

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