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Current Weekly News for Leakey, Camp Wood, Sabinal, Utopia and Surrounding Areas Vol. 4 No. 21


May 28, 2014


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On Saturday May 17, 2014, Caroline Breshears choreographed and directed the last ballet for the Canyon School of Dance. Caroline and her family, husband C.A. Breshears, daughter Sara Breshears and son Michael Breshears took a final bow. Caroline holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science from the University of Houston. Caroline and C.A. opened the Canyon School of Dance in 1995 in a little house where the Real County Public Library is now. They moved the dance studio to its current and final location in 1997. Caroline quickly became a guiding force in the Frio Canyon for the study of the Arts. She has touched many more lives than she knows and our community will be forever grateful for the tremendous influence she has been on the children of our community. Canyon School of Dance performed 35 recitals, including The Sleeping Beauty, La Bayadere Act III, and many original ballets. Caroline, we hope you know how much you are loved and how much we will miss you!

Memorial Day Festivities

by Julie Becker

OVER 7 INCHES OF RAIN!! by Julie Becker

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ENERGY DRINKS SPORTS DRINKS BE AWARE! ........................... Page 7

The Daughters of the American Revolution de las Encinas Chapter

Memorial Day in the Frio Canyon was GREAT! Not only were we blessed with rain, The 3rd Annual Marcus Martinez Memorial Softball Tournament was a huge success! Congratulations to the Hondo Team that took the Championship! The Friends of the Library held their Annual Cowboy Breakfast. On Sunday the Frio Canyon Chamber of Commerce held their Memorial Day Celebration to a large crowd despite the rain. To top the day off Sunday the local Boy Scout Troop performed at a Flag Retirement Ceremony. See lots more pictures on page 9.

Top Honor Awarded to Local Girl Scout

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Today’s Weather

High:90° Low: 64°

by Theodora Setterbo

The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest recognition earned by Girl Scouts in grades 912. Leadership skills, sense of community and commitment are developed by earning the Girl Scout Gold Award. “Going for Gold” sets the foundation for a lifetime of active citizenship and creates strong leaders of tomorrow. One young woman from the Nueces Canyon area took it upon herself to stand up and take action. Meagan Prather knew her project would be difficult, but that didn’t stop her from doing what she loved for her community. The 65- to 80-hour Girl Scout Gold Award project is a culmination of all the work a Girl Scout puts into the prestigious award and offers each girl the opportunity to plan and implement a meaningful Take Action project that fulfills an on-going need within the community. The project is an empowerment of the girl’s passion and personality, resulting in sustainable

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The Memorial Day Flood of 2014 has gone down in the books but it left behind wonderful rain totals ranging from 4” to 8” inches. All three canyons received much needed rain fall on Saturday and Sunday. See more pictures on page 11

The Spirit of ‘45 At the tender age of 17 in 1943, Al Dalton went to San Antonio to join the Marines. He went to boot camp at Parris Island, officer training and military college for 11⁄2 years. He was attached to the Second Marine Division in the Pacific. In 1945, they were preparing to invade Japan. With the dropping of the atomic bomb, the invasion was changed to an occupation of Japan. This went on for about a year, disarming the country. In July 1946, he was discharged in San Diego, California. He learned about some tests, an interview, and background check for 100 men to be hired by the Texas Highway Patrol. From the 8,000 applications, 95 men were picked, Al among them. They trained at Camp Mabry, in Austin. In 1950, once again his country called and he went to Korea. When he found his dad had cancer, he got discharged and worked for the Highway Patrol in Corpus. As his father’s illness worsened, he transferred to San Antonio to be near him.

by Billie Franklin

After that, an opportunity came up in Hondo, where he spent 4 years and made seargent. His next move was to Victoria where he spent 6 years and rose in ranks to lieutenant. In San Angelo, he spent another 6 years and then retired from the Texas Highway Patrol with 20 years of service. With his success in law enforcement, he was approached by Humble Oil and was hired as a special agent for the company. He spent 4 years in Midland and was in Dallas for 11⁄2 years. He became the Chief’s special agent and was made assistant chief while in Houston. When that chief retired, he became the chief and held that post for 23 years, when he retired for the second time. Always a family man, he moved to Hondo because his son, and more importantly his 4 grandchildren, live here. So, he is where he needs to be, close to family, and enjoying those special children in his life.

change. Meagan Prather organized the Nueces Canyon History Festival to benefit her community. The public was invited to explore the history of Nueces Canyon with 16 booths providing specific historical information about particular areas of the Canyon presented by experts. As a result, a multitude of historical resources are now available to the public. Meagan attends Nueces Canyon High School and plans to attend Texas A&M—Corpus Christi. Girl Scouts is pleased to honor this young woman, who has shown what it is to be a girl built of courage, confidence and character. Girl Scout Gold Award recipients from across the 21 counties that make up Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas will be honored in a statewide ceremony at the Texas State Capital in Austin on June 14.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bandera Electric Cooperative’s Board Approves $1.8M Returned In Capital Credits –Brianna Goodloe

At the March board meeting, Bandera Electric Cooperative’s Board of Directors voted to return $1,816,468 in capital credits to members who received electric service from the cooperative in 1985, 1986, 1987 and/or 2013. This brings the total of capital credits returned to BEC members since inception to more than $17 million. The amount that each member received in capital credits was in direct proportion with the amount they paid on their electric bill for the allotted time period. All checks and bill credits were distributed in April. As a not-for-profit cooperative, when BEC generates more funds than are needed to operate they are returned

to member-owners in the form of capital credits. Each year the board reviews the financial stability of the cooperative to determine if capital credits can be returned. If retired capital credits remain unclaimed for three years, they are escheated to the State of Texas. The state can then decide to allocate a portion of that money back to BEC. Any money allocated back is used for energy-efficiency programs, economic development and scholarships that benefit our members and their communities. Members can view a list of current unclaimed capital credits at capcred.

Conservation I would like to take a moment of your time to ask you to conserve our precious natural resource: water. No matter if you live in Rocksprings, Leakey or the Nueces Canyon; we must all do our part to conserve water or we will be in major trouble. We have had a lot of wind blowing across the area this spring and we are very dry on the surface. Our weather patterns are not looking real bright as we look into the future, but who knows something might pop-up and give us a little relief. I know we are all wanting to keep trees and lawns alive and keep the flowerbed looking pretty, but as we go into spring and start planting these new flowers look for plants that use less water and that are native to our region. There are many plants that are attractive and will do well with a limited supply of water. Lawns are great, but do you really need to have the greenest lawn on the block or in the subdivision, probably not; water only when needed and do so at a time when you are getting the most bang for your gallon of water, which means water early in the morning or later in the evening not in the middle of the afternoon when the most evaporation takes place. A few water barrels under the gutters on your house can water plants for a while provided that we do get a little rainfall or a good dew. Remember that every one inch of rainfall provides 0.6 gallons per square foot of surface area on

by Joel Pigg, General Manager RECRD

your roof, that can add up to a barrel full of water pretty quickly. Again I would ask you to conserve where you can and we can all make a difference until this drought is broken. “Somebody go jiggle the handle!!!” If you are hearing this phrase around your house, now may be the time to get that leaky toilet fixed. Many gallons of water are going down the drain so to speak (maybe up to 100 gallons per day) and you may have to start paying extra if the city water supply puts each household on a water allocation. A leaky faucet with a slow drip can waste between 5-10 gallons per day while a fast dripping faucet can waste between 20-30 gallons per day. To some this may not seem like much but if you figure that 20% of the city water customers have some sort of leak this adds up to thousands of gallons of water per day. There are signs that this drought will continue for some time and the heat will persist. Do your part to conserve while it is your choice and not a mandate from the city. I can’t tell you how to use your water, but I can ask you to think about ways to save water. Please help our communities and conserve now, so we will have some water left for later.

Nueces Canyon Board of Education - Regular Session Meeting May 19th , 2014 Members of the Nueces Canyon C.I.S.D. Board of Education met in regular session on May 19th, 2014. Noreda Sifuentes, Board Secretary, presided over the meeting. The board meeting was called to order at 6: 32 pm. Luci Harmon gave the invocation. Donna Chavez addressed the board in Open Forum regarding the formation of a SHAC sub-committee on cafeteria menus. The board canvassed the May 10th election results and confirmed the election of Marcus Harrington and the re-election of Noreda Sifuentes. Election results were: Noreda Sifuentes 62, Marcus Harrington 61, Diana DelaRosa 48. Noreda Sifuentes and Marcus Harrington were administered the oath of office by Mrs. Billye Smith. The State qualifying Dairy Cattle Judging Team of Cres Falcon, Preston Watters, Nathaniel Shearer, and Garrett Howton were recognized. FFA Advisor Richard Kramer described the complexities of the competition and commented that the boys “took care of Business”. Principal Luci Harmon gave a report from Technology Director Louis Webb saying that the district received exceptional pricing on newer off-lease Dell computers. The district got two-for-the-price-of-one. The 60 computers made it possible to replace all of the end-oflife desktop computers in our BIM lab, the high school library, and the Spanish class lab with money left in the budget! Mrs. Harmon also reported Elementary enrollment of 166 and Junior High and High School enrollment of 133. In campus reports, Mrs. Harmon said the elementary music festival was a huge success and had raised over $2100.00 for the playground project. She also reported NCHS graduated 21 students in our high school graduation ceremony. Seven seniors graduated on the Distinguished Academic Achievement Plan and 13 on the Recommended High School Plan. In addition, 10 seniors took part in dual credit classes and left our district with 172 college credit hours. All graduation ceremonies were a success. This was our last 8th grade graduation and we will continue with 6th grade graduation from this point forward. Luci Harmon also presented the Food Services Report for the month. Athletic Director Greg Voyles reported the Sports Banquet went well with a good turnout. The Sumer workout and gym schedule has been posted. In the Transportation Report to the School Board Stephen Smith reported that the annual check for the three leased busses would be in June. In Maintenance, it was reported we were progressing on keeping lawn

care in house. Mike Hicks gave the Tax Collections Report to the School Board. In the consent agenda the board: • The board approved the minutes of the previous meeting. • The board voted to accept and pay bills as presented. • The board accepted the Budget/Finance report as presented. Several action items were considered by the School Board: • The board voted to approve budget amendment. • The board voted to approve the suspension of policy to allow the superintendent authority to employ contract personnel through the August board meeting. Under Informational Items Mrs. Powers said, we were going to attempt to match the monies raised by the band boosters to order new uniforms with budgeted funds. SHAC committee and Leadership Team Times were also covered. The board went into Executive Session from 7:10 until 7:39pm. Upon opening into Regular Session: • The board voted to accept the resignation of Jesse Casarez. • The board voted to approve the presented schedule for athletic stipends. The Meeting was adjourned at 7:41pm. In attendance at the meeting were NC School Board members; Noreda Sifuentes, Charles E. Hunger, Ignacio Sanchez, Denise Rogers, Paul Frizzell, and Marcus Harrington. Nueces Canyon Superintendent of Schools, Kristi Powers, as well as Principal, Luci Harmon, and Athletic Director Greg Voyles attended the meeting. Attending and reporting on Tax Collections was Mike Hicks and on Maintenance and Transportation was Stephen Smith. Also present were; Billye Smith, Shelly Falcon, Shania Falcon, Cres Falcon, Nancy Watters, Daniel Watters, Preston Watters, Nathaniel Shearer, Rhonda Bishop, Garrett Howton, Richard Kramer, Donna Chavez, Esmeralda Hernandez, Alyssa Hernandez, Sierra Hernandez, Tike Burleson, and Tena Taylor. Board member Danny Irwin was absent. The next board meeting was set for June 16th at 6:30pm. The Nueces Canyon Board of Education normally meets at the Administration Building in Barksdale, on the third Monday of each month at 6:30pm. Please call the District Business Office at 830-234-3514 or consult the school calendar at to verify meeting dates and times.

DPS Urges Texans to Prepare for Hurricane Season The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is informing residents about the upcoming hurricane season and advising individuals to begin preparing now for any possible storms. Hurricane season begins June 1 and continues through Nov. 30. “One of the best defenses against the destructive – and potentially deadly – power of a hurricane or tropical storm is early and adequate preparation, and Texans should start taking precautions now for the 2014 hurricane season,” said DPS Director Steven McCraw. “Although residents living along the Texas coast are the most vulnerable, storms can disrupt and endanger the lives of residents throughout the state.”

All Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coastal areas are subject to hurricanes or tropical storms. Because the strongest winds in a hurricane are not located precisely at the center, it is possible for a storm to affect conditions over land even if landfall does not occur. Hurricanes can cause catastrophic damage to coastlines and areas several hundred miles inland, and winds can exceed 155 miles per hour. In addition, hurricanes and tropical storms can also spawn tornadoes, create storm surges along the coast and cause extensive damage from flooding.


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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hill Country Herald Page 3

JAIL REGISTER May 18- May 24, 2014


Real County Law Officers James E. Brice, Sheriff Nathan Johnson, Deputy Sheriff Chris Sheridan, Deputy Sheriff Bruce Carr, Deputy Sheriff Jim Wilson, Constable Joe Tolleson, Constable Corporal Jake Sanchez, DPS Highway Patrol Clint Graham, TPWD Game Warden Disclaimer: All print and other visual media is for informational purposes only. This information is considered public information under the Freedom of Information Act and the Public Records Act. Any indication of an arrest is not intended to imply or infer that such individual has been convicted of a crime. All persons are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


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Real County Sheriff’s Office Weekly Dispatch Report May 18 - May 24, 2014 5/18/2014 @ • 0353 responded to Highway 55 North for a report of a reckless driver • 0716 responded to US Highway 83 North for a report of loose livestock





Governor Rick Perry started the day by placing flags on the graves of veterans at the Texas State Cemetery with Pastor Mac Richard, founder of Lake Hills Church. “Today is a day to remember the heroes who never made it home,

the noble individuals who made the ultimate sacrifice while standing up to the forces of tyranny and oppression that threatened our country. In places like Normandy, Seoul, Khe Sanh, Fallujah and Peleliu, they gave everything they had for

TOM CALDWELL Professional Inspector License #9190

HILL COUNTRY HERALD 337 RR 337 West P.O. Box 822 Leakey, Texas 78873 (830) 232-6294 (830) 433-1424 Published Each Wednesday Julie Becker/Editor/Publisher Billie Franklin,

Sabinal Correspondent

Contributing Writers: Elaine Padgett Carnegie Linda Kirkpatrick Irene Van Winkle email: LETTERS POLICY Letters to the editor on matters of public interest are welcome. Letters should be no more than 300 words and must be signed with a phone number. Deadline is Monday, 5 p.m. Letters are subject to editing for length and focus. Send letters to the Hill Country Herald, P.O. Box 822, Leakey, Texas, 78873 or email to Letters to the Editor published in this newspaper do not necessarily reflect the position of this publication on any subject. We do not print anonymous letters. ©2011 The Hill Country Herald All rights reserved . No part of this newspaper may be reproduced in any form or by any means without permission in writing from the owners. Hill Country Herald participates in newspaper recycling at South Texas Press, Hondo Texas. Member


the freedom and liberty of future generations. On this Memorial Day, we should all pause to salute the men and women in uniform who sacrificed so valiantly for the United States, and say a prayer for the continued safety and security of our troops everywhere.”

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Stage 2 Water Restrictions for Camp Wood

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Governor Perry On Memorial Day

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Frio Canyon EMS, Inc. April Report In April we had 16 calls for medical emergencies. Seven patients were local folks and nine patients were visitors. We transported eight to Uvalde Memorial Hospital and five were sent to San Antonio by helicopter and three were required aid only. Eight were ill and eight were suffering from injuries, of those, four were in motorcycle accidents. We lost one of our ambulances due to mechanical problems and have decided to retire it from this service because it is no longer reliable. We are in the process of try to purchase a new one. They are very expensive.

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Camp Wood, TX -- The City of Camp Wood leaders enacted STAGE 2 water restrictions for water customers. City officials have been watching the city water supply struggle for the last few weeks to the point of concern. While the pumps worked their hardest, they clog when the water gets to low in the holding well. City leaders met on Monday, May 12, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. and heard the report and studied the Drought Contigency Plan before making their decision to go to STAGE 2. What that means for you: Automatic and Hose End Sprinklers and Soaker Hoses are permitted for -EVEN addresses can water on Sunday and Thursday from 8 p.m. to 10 a.m. ODD addresses can water on Saturday and Wednesday from 8 p.m. to 10 a.m. Hand held hose with nozzle drip irrigation and bucket watering is permitted at anytime and any day. Washing Vehicles and Recreational Water use such as when pools get filled and jacuzzi’s follow the same water schedule as already mentioned above for Even and Odd addresses and for those designated times. For questions about water restrictions or water use, feel free to call City Hall at 830-597-2265.




Office Location: 171 E. Main, Leakey, Texas Office Hours: 9 am to 3 pm, Tues., Wed., Thurs.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

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Jimmy Albarado III Alma Albarado Owners Hwy 83 Downtown Leakey, Texas

Sunday the American Legion with their chartered Scout Troop 489 retired flags in the community. Memorial weekend was full of events in remembrance of our amazing heroes, and retiring our American flag was a great way to remember our countrymen who have fought and lived or fought and fallen in respectful reverence. We were glad to get to participate in this; after all it is what the weekend is all about.

Spring 2014 Pinewood Derby Races

by Gretchen Lopez

Cub Scout Pack 489 had its first annual pinewood derby this month. There were many creative cars submitted and the boys had a great time. Top three fastest cars were Joey F, Jayden B, and John A. We want to thank the American Legion for chartering us this year, and all of our parents that take the time out to come and participate. Without you all we would not be able to do this. The boys have truly had a wonderful time and we look forward to the upcoming summer events and 2014 fall. Events like the derby are good fellowship for the kids.


Specialty Plumbing

•Sewer & Drain Cleaning •Water Heaters, Disposals, Faucets, etc.•Remodels & New Construction


CALL 830-232-5221

Rick Schmidt Master Plumber MPL#18321

Real County Extension Office Announcements submitted by Laci Bostic, Real County Extension Agent

The Sheep & Goat Predator Management Board will be holding its required election this summer to replace on director from each of their three districts, as well as a vote on an increase of the assessment from $.30 per head to $1.00 per head. I encourage you to nominate someone from our district to serve as Director on this Board. Also, I will have election materials available for producers. The existing Directors feel that changes in the industry mean a more concentrated effort to obtain wide participation in this election is imperative. In addition, it is an opportunity for one of you to be in involved in decision making and letting people know what is being done with the funds collected for predator control. The S&GPMB would like to get a ballot to as many producers as possible, so if you

are a member, or would like to become a member, please get in touch with Penny Price at for more information. The Mohair Producers Board (MPT) will be holding its biennial election in July 2014. Due to difficulty in verifying producer addresses and a history of low ballot return, The Texas Department of Agriculture has approved MPT’s request to make nomination forms and ballots available at the following AgriLife Extension Service locations: District 1: Presidio, Brewster, Jeff Davis, Pecos, Terrell, and Crockett Counties District 5: Uvalde County District 6: Medina, Bandera, Real, and Kinney Counties District 7: Menard, Concho, and Kimble Counties Or at the Mohair Producers Board Office

PO Box 5337 San Angelo, TX 76902 (325) 653-4193 or (800) 583-3161 Email: Nomination forms can be picked up at any of these locations and can be requested by phone or email to the Mohair Producers Board office as listed above. Nomination forms must be returned to the Mohair Producers Board by July 1, 2014. Ballots will not be mailed to the individual producers. They must be picked up or requested from one of the locations listed above. The deadline for returning these ballots is July 31, 2014. If you have any questions regarding this information please contact the MPB at the phone number or email listed above.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hill Country Herald Page 5

End of Year Top Cat Awards Nueces Canyon Junior High and High School In each of the classes offered by Nueces Canyon Junior High and High School, certain students master the material in that class at the highest level. We honored these students with Top Cat Awards. Congratulations to these fine students! · Dual Enrollment English I and II - Ian Harvey · English 4 - Elizabeth White · English 3 – Cres Falcon · English 2 –Emily Carnes · English 1 –Zenaida Galindo · 8th Grade English - Micah Vernor · 7th Grade Reading - ShelbyPannell & Angela Galindo · 7th Grade Writing - Shelby

Pannell · Dual Enrollment History I Jose Gonzales · Dual Enrollment History II - Preston Watters · Dual Enrollment Government - Nikki Milliorn · Dual Enrollment Economics - Ashley Harmon · Government/EconomicsElizabeth White · World Geography- Kaitlyn Johnson · World History- Nick Delarosa · 7th Grade Texas HistoryShelby Pannell · Dual Enrollment Algebra - Ian Harvey · Dual Enrollment Calculus -

Malerie Gomez Day

Isaiah · Pre-Calculus - Elizabeth White · Algebra 2 - Cres Falcon · Geometry - Kristol Perez · Algebra 1 - Zenaida Galindo · Math Models – Melody Bronas · 7th Grade Math – Shelby Pannell · 8th Grade Math – Micah Vernor · Anatomy & Physiology Ashley Harmon & Elizabeth White · Physics – Cres Falcon · Chemistry – Kaity Johnson · Biology - Nick DelaRosa, Zenaida Galindo & Jordan

Phillips · 8th Grade Earth Science Micah Vernor · 7th Grade Science – Shelby Pannell · Ag Facilities - Ian Harvey · Ag Mechanics - Dalton Pannell · Ag Principals - Daymon Joy · Ag Business - Alisa Threadgill · Wildlife - Garrett Howton · Art III – Rosio Martinez · Art II – Ariel Lara · Art I – Reanna Pena · Digital Graphics and Animation - Malerie Gomez · Technology Applications - Malory Whipkey & Leland Johnson

SOUTHERN TEXAS HOME HEALTH Inc. Family Owned & Family Operated License#011432

Southern Texas Home Health Inc. takes pride in providing superior nursing care as well as offering a helping hand for those who are home bound and in need of services due to illness, injury or returning home from a hospital stay. We will work directly under the supervision of your physician to provide the best care possible while you are in the comfort of your own home.

Toll free

By Superintendent Kristi Powers

Malerie Gomez was celebrated on May 13, 2014. Malerie is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Juan Gomez. Malerie has been accepted to Southwest Texas Junior College and plans to begin taking classes that will eventually land her in veterinary school. Malerie has been active in basketball and UIL academics throughout her high school career. She recently participated at the UIL Regional Academic Meet in Headline Writing. She was also recently elected Best Citizen of NCHS. A video was shown in Malerie’s honor and a card was presented to her. NCCISD is proud of Malerie and wishes her the best!

Isabel Pena has Earned Certification in Word

“Treating your family like our family since 2007”


Main Office Devine, Texas 830-663-5240

Now Covering Leakey, Camp Wood & Surrounding Areas

1-855-784-4462 JOHNNY BULLARD Owner


Glass Replacement • Free Estimates • Guaranteed Workmanship

830-597-3368 403 N. Nueces St.

P.O. Box 816 Camp Wood, Tx 78833

Hauling Road Base • Sand • Gravel • Asphalt Trash Removal Service • Roll-Offs • Demolition Freddie Cuellar 830-426-4261

By Instructor Jan Prather

On May 14, 2010, Isabel Pena received recognition for her knowledge and skills in Microsoft Word. Pena successfully took the Microsoft Certification exam and she has earned the Microsoft Word 2010 Certification. This will be a great asset to her future career.




This is a photo of the all year a honor roll students at elementary. L to R: Bri-Ann Chavez, Charlie Perez, Ailani Sanchez, Regan Fox, (Jeffery Pannell not present)

End of Year Elementary AR Awards School-wide Top Point Earners · In 1st place with a grand total of 459.5 pts is Kimberly Stults. · In 2nd place with a total of 359.7 pts is Caiden Childs. · In 3rd place with a total of 209.8 pts is Reagan Fox. Our top three point earners for each class are as follows: · Kinder: o 1st place- Averi Walker o 2nd place-Nia Nevarez o 3rd place-Hayden Stotts · 1st Grade: o 1st Place-Delaney Schaefer o 2nd Place-Zachary Hotard o 3rd Place- Soraya DeLeon

· 2nd grade: o 1st Place-Charlie Perez o 2nd Place-Christian Nevarez

National Honor Society Members for the 20132014 School Year

R to L: Emily Carnes, Kaitlyn Johnson, Kristol Perez, Ian Harvey

Seniors: Dakota Davila Isaiah DeLeon Alexis Flores Ashley Harmon Nikki Milliorn Elizabeth White

Juniors: Cresenciano Falcon Jose Gonzales Natalie Vargulish Ozzie Watters Preston Watters Newly Inducted

Members: Ian Harvey Emily Carnes Kaitlyn Johnson Kristol Perez

o 3rd place-Ethan Hondorf · 3rd Grade: o 1st Place- Camdyn Childs

By Elementary Librarian Jana Valenzuela

o 2nd Place- Ailani Sanchez o 3rd Place- Matthew Luce · 4th Grade: o 1st Place- Genesis Perez o 2nd Place- Michaela Brown o 3rd place-Rafael Ramos · 5th Grade: o 1st Place-Kimberly Stults o 2nd Place-Nacole Hale o 3rd Place-Zoe Carnes · 6th Grade: o 3rd Place-Shania Falcon o 2nd Place-Reagan Fox o 1st Place-Caiden Childs Pictured L to R: Reagan Fox, Caiden Childs, Kimberly Stults

2014 NCCISD Elementary Yearly Honors All Year Perfect Attendance 1st Grade Cheyenne Carter Marcos Ortiz 2nd Grade Roman Estrada Charlie Perez ShyAnn Villareal 3rd Grade Camdyn Childs Fabian Gomez Rachelle Gonzales Michael Myers 4th Grade Waylon Bingham Kaydie Light Genesis Perez 6th Grade Caiden Childs Tony Gonzales Sylvia Herandez Helen Perez Cheyenne Whipkey All Year A Honor

roll 2nd Grade Bri-Ann Chavez Jeffery Pannell Charlie Perez 3rd Grade Ailani Sanchez 6th Grade Reagan Fox All Year AB Honor Roll 1st Grade Valeria Carabajal Soraya Deleon Meagan Harlow Kellan Hidalgo Zachary Hotard 2nd Grade Alejandra Benavides Wyatt Bingham Melody Calderon Joe Chavez Roman Estrada Ethan Hondorf Christian Nevarez Alexandria

Quillin Sarah Whipkey 3rd Grade Nathanael Carabajal Camdyn Childs Rachelle Gonzales Matthew Luce Houston Williams 4th Grade Michaela Brown Andres Carabajal Brenlee Fox Genesis Perez 5th Grade Analee Carabajal Kambryn Deleon Paige Elliott Kimberly Stults Madison Williams 6th Grade Shania Falcon Helen Perez Leslie Taylor


MILL CREEK CAFE 849 US Hwy. 83 S (across from Stripes) Leakey, Texas 830-232-4805



C & P MOTEL Nightly Rentals Starting at

$49/per night

495 Hwy. 83 South, Leakey, Texas 830-232-4985 or cell 830-275-1014

Page 6 Hill Country Herald

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

HART’S Custom made Mesquite & other Hardwood Furniture Antiques* Refinishing * Restoration


by Billie Franklin


Downtown Sabinal


In Sabinal since Sunday night, I have poured out over 6 inches of rain. A call to Utopia and they have received two more inches, at noon Monday. The Sabinal River came down and at Nunley crossing just north of Sabinal on 127, the view was spectacular. Grandson William was amazed at the power of water.

at noon Monday to remember the fallen soldiers from Sabinal. They gave their lives and we must never forget their sacrifice. Eddie McKinney was master-of-ceremonies at the event. The Memorial Day service was postponed by Julie Burris, due to the rain. It will take place on Saturday, June 14, at Veterans Memorial Live Oak Park at 10 am, rain or shine


Pest & Termite Control Tree Spraying Lawn Treatment

Last Sunday, Hudson Brotherhood met at First Baptist Church. Clifford Parker gave the devotional and breakfast was provided by Jimmy Henry, Charles McFarland, and Eddie McKinney. There were 12 in attendance. Hudson Brotherhood was begun over 100 years ago and has maintained its original purpose. Fellowship over breakfast once a month, set at 8 am on the fourth Sunday of every month except December, has bonded men and boys for many years here. It is open to all men and boys in our area, regardless of affiliation. It is held at different churches each month. Filling the pulpit last Sunday was Jimmy Garcia of the Del Rio Baptist Association. He always has something of interest to say.

Ricci Pendley 830-279-4836 cell

First United Methodist

Sewing kits were made by the children’s Sunday School classes to be shared with women around the globe. They assembled them this past Sunday. They lack several items and you can check with Betty Mathis about what you can donate to help complete the kits.

“Call On Us When They Are Crawling On You!!


633 Hwy. 83 South Leakey, Tx. 830-232-5282 830-279-6648 BOTTLES FILLED WHILE YOU WAIT Motor Vehicle and RV Fuel Locally Owned

Hudson Brotherhood

First Baptist

Residential & Commercial

Jim Wilson PCL-12791 830-232-5599 830-486-7053 cell

VBS from 9 to 11:45 am. There will have arts and crafts, a snack, and learn Bible teachings both weeks.

St. Patrick Catholic Disassociationville


The cast of the new movie, part of which is being filmed in Sabinal, came Friday. They filmed at the high school, the dance, and the next day at the football field. We do wish them much success with their endeavor. There were a great deal of people who enjoyed not only the movie people, but who also enjoyed the dance, courtesy of the Sabinal Chamber of Commerce. There was a good turnout and everyone seemed to have a great time. The cast, from Austin, will be back for several more shoots later. Memorial Day There was a service for Memorial Day held

School Days

Sabinal ISD will have their last day of school for students on Thursday, June 5, with an early release. Graduation will be held on June 6. Use caution because students are sometimes are dismissed early for exceptional grades. And of course, look out for the little ones as summer is on the way.

Summer Plans

If you have little ones, make plans to attend Central Christian Vacation Bible School on June 9 through 13 from 9 to noon. The next week, June 16-20, the combination First Baptist and First United Methodist will host

St. Joseph’s in Knippa is saying the rosary each day during the month of May at 6 pm in honor of the Virgin Mary. Beginning in June each weekday at 6 pm and on weekends beginning at 4:30 pm there will be a Bible study offered. Contact person is Alice Sanchez at 210410-5055.

Spirit of ‘45

Undertaking to write about the World War II veterans has been a great source of joy for me, knowing that these old warriers are soon facing their last battle. Oliver “Tommy” Oliphant has seen his last battle and as with everything in life, he did so with dignity and humor. He will be remembered by many with much fondness.

City of Sabinal Special Meeting May 20, 2014 Tim Pfieffer TACLB33581C

(830-966-4604 P.O. Box 434 Utopia, Texas 78884

Mayor Louis A. Landeros, Jr. Called the Special Meeting of the Sabinal City council to order at 7:08 p.m. on May 20, 2014 with the following aldermen, staff and visitors present: Mike Nuckles, Nancy Alvarado, Chuck Van Pelt, Eloisa Muniz, Linda Musquiz, Anita Herndon, Kevin Persyn, Betty Jo Harris, Jesus Reyes, Jesse Rios, Darrell E. Smart, Rose Alvarado, Don Herndon, Javier Flores, James C. Wall, Rob Torres, Julie Burris, Mark Esparza, Mary Jean Lilie, Florene Russell, Mary Ann Hobart, Alma Martinez, Issrael Martinez, Dorothy Howard, Barbara Mc Kinney, Betty Mathis, Angelica

Landeros, Jeanette Keilman, Mary Smart, Eric Rodriguez, And Joe R. Rodriguez. Judge Anita Herndon swore in the the newly elected and reelected aldermen- Louis A. Landeros, Jr., Mayor; Rosalinda Musquiz, Alderman, Ward I; Mike Nuckles, Alderman, Ward Ii; And Daisy Jeantte Keilman, Ward Iii. Mayor Landeros welcomed Mrs. Keilman as the newest alderman as well as the large number of visitors. Mayor Landeros announced the closed session as per Tex. Govt Code Annotated, Section 551.074, Deliberate the employment, discipline or dismissal of Kevin Persyn. The

time was 7:14 p.m. Mayor Landeros reconvened the city council into open session at 10:54 p.M. And announced a ten minute break. No action was taken in closed session. The council again reconvened at 11:03 p.M. Keilman moved and Muniz seconded that because of a lack of trust, Mr. Persyn should be dismissed. Voting for were Keilman, Muniz and Alvarado. Voting against were Musquiz, Van Pelt and Nuckles, a tie vote. Mayor Landeros voted against. Motion failed. Alvarado moved to adjourn. Mayor Landeros stated that there is still work to be done.

The motion was seconded by Van Pelt. Voting for were Alvarado and Van Pelt. Voting against were Musquiz, Keilman, Nuckles and Muniz. Motion failed. On a motion by Van Pelt and second by Musquiz, all six voted to continue Persyn’s suspension without pay for another thirty days (30) pending the investigation by the chief of police unless investigation ends sooner. Mayor Landeros instructed Persyn to not contact any city employee or be on city property. On a motion by Alvarado and second by Muniz, all six voted to adjourn at 11:09 p.m.

Game Wardens Stress Water Safety DonCo-RENTALS Hwy. 90 West Uvalde, Texas

DON WILLEMIN Bentonite Dealer Pond/Tank Sealer Sell-Buy-Rent Heavy Machinery

830-278-1308 Shop 830-278-9663 Home 830-591-3008 or 830-591-8314 Mobile

AUSTIN—Since May 9, at least twelve people have lost their lives on Texas waters in boating or swimming accidents worked by Texas Game Wardens, an unusually high number of fatalities before the Memorial Day weekend. With the big weekend approaching, Texans are heading to lakes, rivers and coastlines to enjoy the water. Game wardens and boater education experts are doing everything they can to make it a safe boating season, but could use a little help. Last year in Texas, 146 accidents were reported by the U.S. Coast Guard, 31 of which ended with deaths. Statistics show many of these tragedies could have been prevented. Nearly




Water Harvesting & Reclamation

Accredited Professional

Roofing, Seamless Gutters and All Types of Construction

85 percent of boating accident victims were not wearing life jackets. “The numbers speak for themselves,” said Cody Jones, TPWD Assistant Commander for Marine Enforcement. “Wearing a life jacket increases your chances of surviving on the water and can prevent your trip from turning into a tragedy.” State law requires that a personal floatation device is available for each occupant of the boat, but only children under 13 years of age are mandated by the law to wear one while the boat or paddle craft is underway or drifting. Despite this law, last year in Texas, more than 700 citations were issued for children not wearing a life jacket. It is mandatory for anyone born on or after Sept. 1, 1993 to obtain a boater’s education certificate before they can legally

operate a vessel with a rating of more than 15 horsepower. Anyone supervising the operation of a vessel by another must be 18 years of age or older and exempt from the boater education requirement (born before 1993) or have a boater education certificate. In 2013, 208 citations were issued in Texas to boaters who were intoxicated. And five of the state’s boating deaths in 2013 were alcohol-related, highlighting the importance of not drinking while operating a boat. “If you want to drink before heading out on the water, remember to be responsible and assign a designated driver,” said Jones. “Wardens will be patrolling the waters and anyone found operating a boat while intoxicated will face possible arrest and time in jail.”


Tuesday, May 27, at 6 p.m. is the next FOL Quarterly Meeting. Please plan to bring a covered dish to share. Business meeting will follow at 6:30 p.m. and a short program will follow at 6:45 p.m. MASTER GARDENERS PROGRAM AT FOL MEETING Master Gardeners, Adrian & Jere Sepulveda, who are relative newcomers to the Frio Canyon, will share their experiences and exciting plans. They just spent two years creating an organic operation at a ranch in Medina, and they

are spearheading the Community Garden at the Senior Center here in Leakey. Please come to the meeting & program, and welcome Adrian & Jere to the community. MEMBERSHIP DUES - $24 PER FAMILY If you haven’t paid your dues yet, please send or bring your check for $24. Thanks to all new and renewing members. We can’t keep this Library going without you! YARD CLEAN-UP An army of four showed up last Saturday morning. In three hours

we were able to rake & take three truckloads of leaves over to the Community Garden compost pile. We also were able to trim a few trees and start the clean up in the back yard. FOL NOW HAS ITS OWN EMAIL Please note that the FOL now has its own email – Please send all FOL-related inquiries to this email account instead of the Library’s email account –

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hill Country Herald Page 7

Jobs, Environment Not Mutually Exclusive



7-9 Monday thru Thursday 7-10 Friday & Saturday 12-8 on Sunday

US Hwy 83 South, Leakey, Texas 232-4224

The Chicken Coop Grill

C Bu hick ffa en lo Fr Ch ied ic S ke te n ak Bu rg er


k ic


(830) 234-3244 Your Homestyle Cooking Open Mon.-Wed.: 10:30-9PM Fri.& Sat.: 10:30-9PM

d ie

from food. Lipshultz was also surprised to find that energy drinks receive less scrutiny than sodas and over-the-counter medications, which allows energy drink manufacturers to include potentially concerning levels of ingredients in their products. Based on the labels on their cans, for example, some energy drinks contain as much as twice the caffeine as the stimulant NoDoz; most contain three times the caffeine found in caffeinated sodas. In Germany, where health officials have been tracking health effects of energy drinks since 2002, adverse events have included liver damage, seizures, racing heart rate, respiratory disorders and even death. Energy drinks typically contain other compounds that are also high in caffeine, such as guarana, yerba mate and cocoa. In general, says Lipshultz, caffeine can disturb children’s sleep, which can actually compound energy problems since sleep deprivation can make children even more listless and tired. While these health consequences of too much caffeine aren’t new, Lipshultz is hoping to alert pediatricians and parents to the growing popularity of the drinks, and the negative consequences of mixing them with, for example, medications to treat ADHD. Those treatments primarily act as stimulants, and adding additional stimulants in the form of energy drinks to those drugs “may not produce the desired effect in improving concentration,” he says. Children with diabetes should also be careful about drinking too many energy shots, since some of the beverages contain sugars and other ingredients that could cause imbalances in their sugar and insulin levels. Other countries are already tracking the health effects of these beverages, presumably as a way to figure out how much is too much. And the U.S. is following suit as well — since 2010, poison control centers now document reported adverse events related specifically to energy drinks. “Hopefully,” says Lipshultz, “as we gather more data, we will be able to make more appropriate recommendations about energy drinks in the future.” Here are some of the ingredients you may find in popular energy drinks and what they do in the body: Ephedrine - A stimulant that works on the central nervous system. It is a common ingredient in weight-loss products and decongestants, but there have been concerns about its effects on the heart. Taurine - A natural amino acid produced by the body that helps regulate heart beat and muscle contractions. Ginseng - A root believed by some to have several medicinal properties, including reducing stress and boosting energy levels. B-vitamins - A group of vitamins that can convert sugar to energy and improve muscle tone. Guarana seed - A stimulant that comes from a small shrub native to Venezuela and Brazil. Carnitine - An amino acid that plays a role in fatty acid metabolism. Creatine - An organic acid that helps supply energy for muscle contractions. Inositol - A member of the vitamin B complex (not a vitamin itself, because the human body can synthesize it) that helps relay messages within cells in the body. Ginkgo biloba - Made from the seeds of the ginkgo biloba tree, thought to enhance memory.

The Leakey Beverage Barn

to u yo s! k al an oc Th ur L O

I always gripe at my kids when I see them with one of these in their hands. Turns out I was right and I will forward this article to everyone of them who indulge. In today’s world it is much safer to be informed about our food supply, especially in the United States! If you or someone you love drinks energy sure you tell them. Energy drinks’ stimulating properties can boost the heart rate and blood pressure (sometimes to the point of palpitations), dehydrate the body, and, like other stimulants, prevent sleep. Energy Drinks like Red Bull, V, Monster all contain either large doses of caffeine or guarana. Some contain both. They all have higher doses of caffeine than coffee, or other soft drinks. From double to as much as 4 times the amount. They cause even worse problems when mixed with alcohol. As alcohol is a depressant, when mixed with a stimulant you can have a false sense of sobriety. You will more likely find a higher blood alcohol count with mixing the drinks. You also have more issues with dehydration, so your hangover will be worse, and you will increased toxicity. Reactions to Energy Drinks vary from mild to fatal. The complications range from nausea and vomiting, high blood pressure, dizziness to heart palpitations. A new report, published Monday by the journal Pediatrics, suggests that energy drinks may be dangerous to children’s health. According to the report — a review of studies on drinks marketed to boost energy, endurance and performance — the health hazards may be especially worrisome for children with conditions such as ADHD, diabetes or heart conditions. Dr. Steven Lipshultz, chairman of the department of pediatrics at the University of Miami, and his colleagues collected all the existing studies on the health effects of energy drinks and found that not only do 30% to 50% of children use them, but that the drinks may do harm while not improving performance or energy levels substantially. Sales of products such as Red Bull, Full Throttle, Monster Energy and Rockstar are expected to reach about $9 billion in the U.S. this year, with children and young adults under 25 providing most of the revenue. Energy drinks, Lipshultz points out, are different from sports drinks, which are designed to replace electrolytes and nutrients that a body pushed to physical extremes may need. What worries pediatricians like Lipshultz is the fact that energy drinks, which are classified as dietary supplements, are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). That means they don’t have to follow the same strict limits that the FDA places on potentially harmful ingredients such as caffeine (a primary component of energy drinks) that soda makers must follow. Lipshultz became personally interested in the issue when children began coming to the hospital after getting sick from energy drinks. “As I started looking into it, I was very surprised by what I found,” he says. For one, many pediatricians and families are not aware of the differences between energy and sports drinks, and confuse the nutritional claims made for sports drinks with the primarily stimulant-based effects of energy beverages. Also, before 2010, U.S. poison control centers were not tracking adverse events related to energy drinks specifically; they monitored only problems arising from caffeine overdoses. When consumed in high enough amounts over a long enough period of time, caffeine can cause changes in blood flow and reduce insulin sensitivity, which affects the body’s ability to regulate sugars


Dates: June 5th Sign up/Points, June 12th Points/Ribbon, June 19th Points/Rodeo Queen Contest, June 26th Points/Ribbon, July 3rd Grand Entry Practice, July 10th Points, July 17th Points/ Ribbon, July 24th Points/Awards Night, July 31st Rain Out, Must participate 5 nights in order to be qualified for Awards, Books open 6:00p.m. – 7:00 pm. All Leadlinel events first. EVENTS: CALF ROPING, POLE BENDING, CLOVERLEAF BARRELS, STRAIGHT AWAY BARRELS, GOATS, AGE GROUPS: LEADLINE, 5&under, 6-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14-19 (ALL AGES AND SKILL LEVELS WELCOME!) To qualify for end of series awards the following will apply: Registration fee, & must participate in 5 out of 7 nights, Call before you haul Julie: 830-433-1424. Please contact Duke Hohmann, 830232-5747, for Rodeo Queen Information


By Elaine Padgett Carnegie




2014 Real County Junior Horse Club Playday

k ic

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) are stifling creation of an estimated 665,000 new jobs, and leaving many of our allies dependent upon less stable, more aggressive nations for their energy needs. These are decisions made by a president supporting the interests of his political base rather than those of American families. That is simply unacceptable. In Texas, we pursue an “all of the above” energy strategy something President Obama likes to talk about. But in Texas, we really mean it. We’re the nation’s leading producer of oil, natural gas and wind energy - with more wind energy capacity than all but five countries - and our diverse energy portfolio includes hydroelectric, solar and biomass, as well as incentives for cutting-edge carboncapturing technology for cleaner plants. Through these efforts and others, we managed to slash our ozone levels by 23 percent between 2000 and 2012, a 12 percent greater reduction than the national average. Over that same span, we cut nitrogen oxide emissions by more than 62 percent. The difference between our approach and the federal government’s is simple: One puts people to work, and the other puts people in the unemployment line. We all want clean air and water, and we all want good-paying, high-quality jobs. States like Texas have demonstrated that energy production and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive. It’s a message I wish President Obama and the EPA would receive before too many more jobs are needlessly sacrificed


At a time when America should be pursuing an all-of-the-above strategy to create jobs and achieve energy security, President Obama has made clear that ideology and politics are all that stand between tens of thousands of Americans and the jobs they need.The evidence for this continues to pile up: • EPA regulations, including the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards and Cross-State Air Pollution Rule, represent little more than thinly-veiled attempts to harm the coal industry that supplies about 40 percent of the energy powering American homes and businesses. Many of these plants were critical to providing reliable energy during the “polar vortex” and are key to providing dependable and affordable energy in the upcoming heat of summer. • More than 100 coalpowered plants have either closed or are planning to close due to EPA regulations, affecting 15,000 American workers. Additional regulations proposed by the EPA would directly affect 37,000 employees nationwide. • President Obama’s stubborn refusal to greenlight the Keystone XL Pipeline, despite five years of analyses that say it would have a minimal impact on the environment, has placed more than 42,000 direct and indirect U.S. jobs on hold indefinitely. • The administration’s decision not to open access to more areas of the Outer Continental Shelf for energy development is keeping 85 percent of that territory, rich in oil and natural gas potential, locked away. • The federal government’s outdated bureaucratic hurdles to opening foreign markets to increased exports of American

Located on HWY 55 in Barksdale Check out our DAILY specials... Posted on Facebook

Open and Taking Orders Until 9p.m. Call or find us on Facebook for our daily specials.

SWART to Host Transit Workshop for the Public Officials

The Southwest Area Regional Transit District will be hosting a Transportation Workshop on Tuesday, Thursday June 5th from 10 AM to 1 PM for any public officials in the region. The workshop will be held at the SWART Conference Room located at 713 East Main Street in Uvalde. SWART invites the all public officials and the public throughout the nine county Middle Rio Grande Region to the workshop that will cover all aspects of rural public transportation services being provided in Dimmit, Edwards, Kinney, La Salle, Maverick, Real, Uvalde, Val Verde, and Zavala counties. “We are excited about sharing information to our public officials in the region about public transportation and what SWART has to offer their constituents. This will give us an opportunity to report how we are funded, federal and state requirements, and how services are provided. “states SWART General Manager, Sarah Hidalgo-Cook. For more information about the upcoming workshop or to RSVP, contact Hidalgo-Cook at 830-278-4155 x 3009 or

Tax and Accounting Assistance

Dana Sherwood, CPA 830-232-5492 This Week’s Puzzle Solutions

Page 8 Hill Country Herald

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

O B I T U A R I E S Paul Wesley Goines

(June 21, 1955 - May 23, 2014)

Paul Wesley Goines, age 58, of Leakey, Texas passed away Friday, May 23, 2014, in Brackettville, Texas. He was born in Uvalde, Texas to L. J. (Jack) Goines and Leliah (Hensley) Goines on June 21, 1955. He is survived by his three daughters, Shirley Allen, Amanda Parker and Cassie Boone; granddaughter, Roslynne Parker; three brothers, Charley Goines, Jackson Goines, Michael Goines; sisters, Rosa Faglie and Shirley Brock. He was preceded in death by his parents, Jack and Leliah Goines and three brothers. Graveside services will be held at 3:30 p.m. Saturday, May 24, 2014, at the Leakey Floral Cemetery in Leakey, Texas. Arrangements are under the personal care of Nelson Funeral Home of Leakey, Texas

The Following Donations have been made to the Frio Canyon EMS:

In Loving Memory of: Annette Frisbie BY: Lissa Walls Vahldiek In Loving Memory of: Eve Boren By: Sherri McDonald

Leakey United Methodist Church Vacation Bible School 419 North Market Street Dates: June 23-26 (Monday-Thursday) Time: 9am-11:30am

There will be a registration table at the Leakey Mercantile on Saturday June 7th (in the parking lot) to sign up children for VBS from 10am-12noon.

Understand the Bible FOR Yourself - DON’T INVENT THINGS! Charlie Gant Evangelist - Real County Church (830) 232 4777 P.O. Box 837, Leakey, TX 78873

Have you ever heard some TV preacher talking about the “Battle of Armageddon”? Have you seen {1} Daniel 2:36-44 tells of Daniel interpreting King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. The fourth kingdom any books about the subject? lists AT LEAST one hundred books with ‘Armageddon’ is one that is partly strong and partly broken (verse 42) and mixed with the seed of men (vs 43). mentioned in their titles! Over the past fifty years more than one thousand books have been penned “And in the days of these kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom which shall never be by “Christian” believers trying to explain this upcoming battle between the Devil’s ‘Antichrist’ and destroyed; and the kingdom shall not be left to other people; it shall break in pieces and consume Jesus. There is also much disagreement as to exactly WHEN the “Battle of Armageddon” will be all these kingdoms, and it shall stand forever.” (Daniel 2:44). God established the kingdom of fought: before the 1,000 year reign of Christ, after the millennial reign starts, or at the end of that Jesus Christ in the days of the Roman Empire (the fourth kingdom) and says that it would never be period. One thing is for sure and certain – the Battle of Armageddon is a well established Bible destroyed…and would stand forever! There will be no One World government now! doctrine! Or is it? It must be! Why else would so many Bible scholars write so much about it? BUT {2} There is no ONE great antichrist! Many antichrists have already gone out into the world and SUCH IS NOT THE CASE! MAN INVENTED THIS TALE! there is NO PLACE that speaks of just one “great one” – see 1 John 2:18, 22; 4:3; 2 John 7. These How many times is the Battle of Armageddon mentioned in your Bible? ONE TIME! That’s right, are the only places in all of the Bible that mention “antichrist” and it mentions multiple ones! only once! Revelation 16:14-16 reads, “For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which {3}Where does it say that THE Antichrist will make war against Jesus? _______________? go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great {4} The ‘great tribulation’ is mentioned in Matthew 24:21 and Revelation 7:14 and both of these day of God Almighty. Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watches, and keeps his garments, passages are talking about the destruction of Jerusalem which occurred in 70 A.D. lest he walk naked, and they see his {5} “The Rapture” - called shame. And he gathered them together the “coming of the Lord” in 1 into a place called in the Hebrew Thessalonians 4:15 is nowhere else tongue Armageddon.” mentioned in the Bible! A whole Just what has man invented here? doctrine has been invented around Several things: {1} the notion that this one passage also! there will be a One-World government I’ll look at the other three false {2} run by the (Great) Antichrist {3} doctrines when we look at “coming who will oppose Jesus after {4} the of Jesus” next week. When He 722 BC 10 Northern Tribes “Great Tribulation” which will take comes the final time: “Then comes “Israel” Assyrian Captivity place {5} after “The Rapture” when the end, when He delivers the 4 BC 1043 BC 1004 BC 971 BC 931 BC 586 BC Return from Captivity 2 Southern Tribes Jesus {6} returns to Jerusalem {7} to kingdom to God the Father…” 597 BC “Judah” w/ Benjamin 536 458 444 BC Divided King King rule on the throne of David and {8} (1 Corinthians 15:24). Jesus is King Jesus 606 BC Ezra Nehemiah Kingdom Saul David Solomon born the Millennial Kingdom of Christ returning to DELIVER UP the Babylonian Zerubbabel Captivity will endure forever. Here we have AT kingdom to the Father – not to LEAST eight false doctrines invented set it up! Until next week, don’t by men who claim to know and love complicate things and don’t try to Nahum (650-612) Amos (760-750) Zechariah (520) Obadiah (845?) the Word of God! How can this be? It invent new doctrines! Understand Zephaniah (635-625) Hosea (750-725) Haggai (520) Joel (830?) Jeremiah (626-586) happens because men do not accept the Bible for what it says and Isaiah (740-690) Esther (483?) Jonah (780) Habakkuk (610-606) Ezra (458) Micah (735-700) what the Bible says about these not because man has invented Daniel (605-534) Nehemiah (444) subjects – and their denominational something more exciting. Ezekiel (592-570) Malachi (445-432) doctrines need propping up. Let me explain.

Time of the Writing Prophets

Memorial Day

by Tracy Renee Lee A few weeks ago, my husband and I were out of town, dining at a country style restaurant. As our dinner was being prepared, we met a chief staff member from an elected U. S. Congressman’s office. My husband engaged the staff member in conversation and inquired, to which Memorial Day ceremony would the staff member and Congressman attend in their district. The staff member informed us that the Congressman sees no reason to return from Washington DC to his area for such an event, and that he, the Congressman’s chief representative, spends his Memorial Days at the lake. Ordinarily, this would not offend me as I enjoy holidays, and I enjoy the lake. Memorial Day, however, is one of America’s most observed holidays. It is one day out of 365 that Americans set aside to honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice, while protecting our freedom.

It is one of our most important holidays, as statistically, nearly every American has had a member of their family, serve our nation through one war, or another. I am a member of multiple organizations whose missions are to preserve the history, honor and graves of our fallen soldiers and deceased veterans from the beginning of our nation’s history to the present. I have willingly taken this obligation, in order to honor my veteran kindred dead, as well as other veterans whose families are unable to attend their graves. Likewise, I engage in these organizations to educate my children and grandchildren of the life’s blood their ancestors have shed, for the establishment and preservation of their rights, liberties and freedom. As a funeral director, I serve mournful families as they lose their veterans. These honorable men and women deserve the love and appreciation of


a grateful nation, as well as from their elected politicians. We do not observe military honors at these funerals simply to show off, we observe them out of reverence and respect for the veteran’s selfless sacrifices on our behalf. Service members risk their lives and the well-being of their families to protect our nation’s honor and freedom. They spend months and even years on unaccompanied tours in harm’s way, so that we can go to the store and not fear a grenade exploding as we enter. It is inconceivable that a U. S. Congressman does not see the need to return to his district to honor the veterans he represents, or that his chief staff member would not see the importance of observing with reverence the sacrifices of our nation’s veterans at a Memorial Day ceremony in the Congressman’s unpardonable absence. My husband is a military veteran. I am a military veteran’s wife. I hold dear his honor and sacrifice


MONDAYS @ 7:00 Nueces Canyon Church of Christ INFO: 830-279-1039 or 830-591-8895

to our nation. I hold dear the honor and sacrifice of each and every one of our nation’s military veterans. I am saddened that Washington DC harbors elected politicians who do not understand or appreciate the sacrifices of our brave service members and their families. I love my country, and I respectfully serve families who are laying their beloved men and women of merit and honor to rest. It is my privilege to serve these families and help them through the worst day of their lives; the day they must say their final farewells and accept Old Glory as a token of appreciation from a grateful nation. My name is Tracy Renee Lee. I am a funeral director, author and freelance writer. I write books, weekly articles and brief tips on understanding and coping with grief. It is my life’s work to comfort the bereaved and help them live on.

There is no charge for obituaries in The Hill Country Herald

Come and Worship With Us St. Raymond Catholic Church 2nd and Mountain St. P O Box 989 Leakey, TX 78873 830.232.5852 Mass: 5:30pm Saturday 6:00 pm 1st and 3rd Wednesdays Parish Priest Fr. Sady Nelson Santana M Rectory: 830.683.2165 St. Mary Catholic Church Hwy 187 Vanderpool, TX Mass: 9:00am Saturday Contact:830.966.6268 St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church Camp Wood, TX Mass: 11:30am Sunday Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Church 401 N Hwy 377 P O Box 877 Rocksprings, TX 78880 830.683.2165 Mass: 9:00am Sunday United Methodist Church

P O Box 417 419 N. Market Leakey, TX 78873 830.232.6266 Pastor: Doug Smith Sunday School: 9:45 am Worship: 10:50 am

Worship: 11:00am Evening Worship: 6:00pm Wednesday Prayer: 7: 00pm Mon-Fri Daily Prayer 11:00am 830.232.5344

Reál County Church 121 Oak Hill Ste. 4 Leakey, Texas Sunday School: 10:00am Worship: 11:00am Evening Worship: 6:00pm Wednesday Bible Study: 7:00pm Preacher: Charlie Gant 830.232.4230 Frio Canyon Baptist Church Hwy 83 South Leakey, TX (830) 2325883 Sunday School: 9:45am Worship Service: 11: 00am Evening Worship: 6:00pm Wed. Prayer: 7:00pm Pastor: Dan Wynn

Living Waters Church Hwy 1050 Utopia, TX 830.966.2426 Sunday School: 9:30 am Worship: 10:30 am Wednesday: 7:00pm Youth Alive: Saturday 7:00pm Youth Pastor James Jones Pastor Dr. Robert Richarz

First Baptist Church P O Box 56 Hwy 83N Leakey, TX Pastor: Mark Spaniel Bible Study: 10:00am

Church in the Valley Hwy 83 Leakey, TX 78873 830.232.6090 Pastor Ray Miller Sunday School: 9:45am Worship: 10:45am Evening: 6:00pm New Fellowship Church Hwy 337 and Camino Alto Leakey, TX 830.232.6770 Sunday School: 9:45am Come and Worship:10: 45am

Evening: 6:00pm Wednesday: 7:00pm Rawlyn Richter Pastor Godprints: 6:00pm Wednesday: 7:00pm Friday Fellowship Dinner 7pm Sabado Clases y Servicios Biblicos en Espanol 5pm Leakey Church of Christ One Block N of Courthouse Leakey, TX 78873 830.232.6933 Sunday School: 10:00am Come and Worship:10: 45am Evening: 6:00pm Wednesday: 7:00pm Concan Church of Christ Hwy 83 Concan 830.232.4058 Ministers: Paul Goodnight and Ray Melton Sunday School: 10:00am Com and Worship:11: 00am Evening: 6:00pm Wednesday: 7:00pm

Concan Baptist Mission Hwy 83 Concan, TX Worship: 9:30am Sunday School: 10:30am Evening Worship: 6:00pm Wednesday Bible Study: 6:00pm Pastor Willis Adair New Beginnings in Christ 5947 FM 1120 Rio Frio, Texas Sunday Worship: 10: 30 am Sunday Evening : 6:00 pm Tuesday: 7:00 pm 830-232-5221 Cowboy Church in the Nueces River Canyon HWY 55 N @ Angel Wings Cafe’ PO Box 158 Barksdale, TX 78828 (830) 234-3180 or 2345170 5th Sunday 6:30 pm and Every Tuesday @ 6:30 pm

LAGUNA MONUMENT CO. 4139 Hwy. 90 East Uvalde, Texas 78801

Billy Welch Office 830-278-5261 Cell 830-591-6367

“Let Us Help You Select An Appropriate Memorial”

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FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY “COWBOY BREAKFAST” •Relaxation •Stress Reduction •Reflexology •Myofascia-Cranial

•Attitude Adjustment •Deep Tissue & Swedish •Gift Certificates •18 Years Experience


Dozer & Construction

Excavating, Lakes, Roads, Building Pads, Metal Buildings, Land Clearing, Fencing, Kirk Frazier Custom Saw Milling

830-591-7889 Josh Frazier 325-977-1069


2012 Jan. 3.10 Feb. 2.10 Mar. 3.30 April .20 May 10.90 June 0 July 31.50 August 4.50 Sept. 5.20 Oct. .10 November 0 December .40

2014 Jan. 0 Feb. .5 March .30 April .20 May 8.70

2013 January 2.0 February .20 March 1.30 April .80 May 5.30 June 3.70 July 1.0 Aug. .1.0 Sept. 2.40 Oct. 3.30 Nov. 3.30 Dec. 0

Rain Totals brought to you by our local weather lady JoAnn Fisher


Marcie Sweat, FNP-BC BANDERA MEDICAL CLINIC Francisco Barrera, MD., P.A. 628 Hwy 16 S., Bandera, TX 78003


Pictured LtoR: Barbara Lamontagne, Nancy Thornton, Heather Mauel, Anne Mauel, Pat Walzel, not pictured Robin Albright

Office hours M-W-F 9am-3:30pm; Thurs. 2pm-5pm. Walk-ins welcome

Construction Equipment Rental

REAL Equipment Repair, Hydraulic Hoses, Commercial Mowers RENTALS PO Box 1790 641 South Hwy 83 Leakey, TX 78873

Office: (830) 232-4229 Fax: (830) 232-5724

visit us at:

Flag Retirement Ceremony

Frio Pest Control & Landscaping

Residential and Commercial Pest Control

Irrigation Systems New & Repairs

210-416-7811 830-232-4103

HAVE FUN GETTING FIT COME JOIN THE PARTY!!! Sunday the American Legion with their chartered Scout Troop 489 retired flags in the community. Memorial weekend was full of events in remembrance of our amazing heroes, and retiring our American flag was a great way to remember our countrymen who have fought and lived or fought and fallen in respectful reverence. We were glad to get to participate in this; after all it is what the weekend is all about

Zumba Gold M,W,Sat 10-11:30 lead by Beth Lawless CALL FOR MORE INFO! 432-664-4266 classes at Frio Canyon Parks Building, Leakey, Texas

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Building Materials �����������������������

(830) 278-4439



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Page 10 Hill Country Herald

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


By Elaine Padgett Carnegie

Well, we’ve been waiting and it is finally here! The river will be right and the days long and hot, here are some recipes to enjoy the early summer with. For more recipes like these see


Lightly coat pork chops on both sides with dressing mix. Heat skillet electric griddle to medium. Spray with nonstick spray or lightly coat with olive oil Grill pork chops for 6 minutes on each side (this will vary depending on thickness of chops). Cook until internal temp of 145-150 degrees. These are awesome and tasty. Note: Please don’t add Salt == the Italian dressing has plenty!

Use organic ingredients. 1 lb. strawberries, hulled and diced 1⁄4 cup cilantro, chopped 1 jalapeño, seeded and finely chopped 1 medium shallot, finely chopped 1 lime, juiced 1 tsp. Himalayan salt Gently mix all ingredients together in a bowl.

GRILLED CORN, AVOCADO AND TOMATO 1 pint grape tomatoes 1 ripe avocado 2 ears of fresh sweet corn 2 tbsp. fresh cilantro, chopped



Juice of 1 lime 3 tbsp. vegetable oil 1 tbsp. honey Sea salt and fresh cracked pepper, to taste 1 clove garlic, minced Dash of cayenne pepper Remove husks from corn and grill over medium heat for 10 minutes. The corn should have some brown spots and be tender and not mushy. Cut the corn off the cob then scrape the cob with the back of your knife to get the juices. Set aside and let cool. Slice the tomatoes in half. Dice the avocado and chop the cilantro. Add all the dressing ingredients in a small bowl and whisk to combine. Set aside. Combine the sliced tomatoes, avocado, cilantro and grilled corn and honey lime dressing and mix gently so everything is evenly coated. Be careful not to mash the avocados. Let the salad sit for 10-15 minutes to let flavors mingle. Enjoy.


Rib-eye Steak Instructions: Marinate Rib-eyes with Minced onions, minced garlic, and Allegro Marinate Seasoning (Let it sit for at least 30 minutes) Grill steaks, rotating once to create grill marks, until well-browned on the outside and cooked to desired doneness, 4-5 minutes per side on a charcoal grill for medium-rare (125-130 degrees). For a great juicy steak, do not overcook! Potatoes Instructions: 2 Jumbo potatoes two packs of onion mushroom soup mix 1/8 cup of olive oil Cut potatoes into 1/2” cubes and cook at 425 degrees for 1 hour. Serve with green salad. Mouth-watering delicious!!!


1Lb Ground beef 1/2 Teaspoon salt 1/2 Teaspoon pepper 1/2 Teaspoon Garlic powder 1/2 A pack of Cooked bacon 1 Egg 1/2 Cup sliced and diced onion (more if you wish) (I doubled my recipe because I had people over for dinner) After frying and draining the bacon rip them up into small bits.( you can also save some aside for a topping on your burger) Add all ingredients into a bowl . wash your hands and mix and squish ingredients together ( that’s the fun part ) Shape the mixture into 4 hamburger paddies. 4. Lightly oil the grill or frying pan . place them on the heated surface and cook about 5 minutes on each side. or until well done. Serve on buns and any toppings you like enjoy .


5-6 thick bone-in pork chops 2-3 envelopes dry Italian Dressing Mix (I used Good Seasons) Rinse pork chops and pat dry. Open packets of dressing mix into shallow bowl.

1 Box of Funfetti cake mix 3 Eggs 1 Stick of butter (Softened) 1-8 oz pkg of Cream Cheese (Softened) 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Very lightly spray pam on bottom of 9X13 cake pan. In a large bowl mix box of funfetti cake mix, stick of softened butter, Separate 1 cup of mix for later. In a medium bowl beat together package of cream cheese, 3 eggs & teaspoon of vanilla extract until smooth & creamy. Pour into pan and Sprinkle the 1 cup of cake mix you set aside on the top. Bake at 350 degrees for approx. 25 minutes. May require a little more baking time if center is still gooey and sticks to knife when checked. When it’s done Let cool and then cut into squares and enjoy!


2/3 cup Natural peanut butter 1/2 cup honey 1~1/2 cup rolled oats (I used Quick oats) 1/4 cup ground flax seed 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon 1/2 cup raisins 1/4 cup unsweetened coconut~Optional 1/4 cup sugar free Chocolate Chips~Optional Pour peanut butter and honey into a medium bowl and microwave for 20 seconds to soften. Add remaining ingredients and stir until thoroughly mixed. Let mixture chill in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.Roll into 1″ sized balls and place on wax or parchment paper. refrigerate in an airtight container.ENJOY!!


1 pound ground beef 1⁄2 medium onion chopped 1 tablespoon of Worchester sauce 1 teaspoon of minced garlic 1⁄4 teaspoon salt 1⁄4 teaspoon pepper Other ingredients: 1⁄2 cup of mozzarella cheese 3 medium sliced potatoes 3 cups fresh vegetables 3 tablespoons of butter Mix all the meat patty ingredients in a bowl. Once mixed form 6 thin patties. On three of the beef patties divide mozzarella cheese. Place the other thin beef patty on the top of the cheese and press the edges to form a burger. Place the burger on a double layer of aluminum foil. Pull the foil up to form a bowl. Place 1/3 of the sliced potatoes on top of the burger, then add 1 cup of any fresh vegetable of your choice. Add one tablespoon of butter. Close up the foil cook on a medium grill for approximately 30 minutes. Or bake in the oven at 350° for 45 minutes. Once cooked open the foil and enjoy! Easy clean up!


Shirley Shandley, Broker 698 Highway 83 South * Office 830-232-6422 · #87 – VACATION CABIN IN THE HILLS! 6+ AC plus access to 50 AC park for swimming, fishing, hiking. Reduced to $99,500 · #60 – New Listing! Roaring Springs Lot 70 joins 50 acre spring-fed park for all land owners in Roaring Springs $45,000 · #67 – New Listing! Great Commercial Opportunity! 45.37 AC fronts 1 of the 3 sisters scenic motorcycle routes, seasonal springs $453,700 · #15 – New Listing! 6.3 AC joins Nueces River, Rio Nueces Ranch near Chalk Bluff $39,500 · #40 – New Listing! 157.1 Acres, spring-fed creek, 2 dams, end of road privacy, cabin w/elect., 147 AC of ranch fenced $392,750 · #37 – New Listing! 241.30 AC, N. Real Co., 3/2 Native Stone Home. Axis, Sika & Whitetail Deer, easy access to Kerrville $796,500 · #43 – REDUCED 3 BD/2 BA Home Vista Oaks. Home needs finishing touches so you can complete it to your taste $58,500 · #39 – River Run Villas, 4 unit 2 story rock & cedar condo with swimming pool plus short walk to Frio River $945,000 · #62 –1.2 AC Frio River Access, Frio River Place Blk IV Lot 9, gated area, water/elect. avail. $75,000 · #1 – 15.20 AC Concan, near Hwy 127 with great views & minutes to Frio River $53,200 · #34 – 22.11 AC, small home w/deck, metal roof, high ceilings, end of road privacy, Fantastic views, hunting $239,000 · #56 – 40.38 AC near Hwy 41, Exotic Hunting Ranch $100,950 · #59 – Frio Riverfront – 10.8 AC, 2 BD/2BA plus loft, fireplace $455,000 · #91 – 5.23 Acres adj. 50 AC comm.. spring-fed park, Roaring Springs $37,000 PENDING · #10 – Restricted Homesite, 1.51 Acres corner tract, water, elect., phone avail. ONLY $10,500 · #29 – 23.57 Acres near Leakey off Hwy 337 E., city water, electricity, cabin $150,000 · #88 – Frio Riverfront 3/2 Home, presently in rental pool. 2 Lg. decks overhanging Frio River near Leakey REDUCED $360,000 · #52 – 22.57 Acres Rancho Real hunting land w/W. Prong Frio River $70,000 · #47 – 20 AC off Hwy 41, cabin & elect. $65,000 · #45 – New Listing! 49.5 AC+/- minutes to Leakey. 2 nice cabins, pond, fencing, Exotic & Native Game, rifle range $415,000 · #8 - Spectacular CONCAN RIVERFRONT LOT #11 Heartstone. Bluff w/bldg. site overlooking crystal clear spring- fed river. Cypress trees, underground utilities, co-op water system, gated comm.. w/paved streets, rock bathhouse, lg. trees $359,000 · #51 – CONCAN AREA adjacent comm.. private park on Frio River, Lot 44 Heartstone, .74 AC, oak trees, utilities avail. $119,000 · #16 – 10 Acres Hwy 187 front, homesite $47,499 · #55 – New Listing! Magnificent Views from the decks overhanging the Frio River 2 BD/2 BA Home, 2 lots. Lg. Cypress trees, rental ability & expansion possibilities $489,000 · #21 – Heartstone Riverfront Lot 10 w/109.14’ Frio River, 2 acres, towering oak & cypress trees $319,000 · #23 – 61.60 ac, spring-fed creek w2 dams, 3 wells, fenced, home, barn, equipment shed, MOTIVATED SELLER $744,000 · #44 – Frio River Access .74 acre corner lot in Concan with mature Oak trees, underground utilities, paved streets. Rentals allowed. Walk to priv. comm. Park $119,000 PENDING · #41 – 45 AC MOL w/Sm. Pond & dam, Hidden in the Hills! Immaculate 5th wheel RV w/XLg. Metal canopy, landscaped patio, MUST SEE!

$175,000 · #9 – ONLY 10 MINUTES TO GARNER STATE PARK, 5 1⁄2 AC, well, elect., shop, private $146,000 · #19 – 2 BD Home fronts Nueces River, 1 1⁄2 acres, elect., own well, Lg. Trees, Wonderful deck to sit & view surrounding hills & wildlife $139,900 · #13 – LOG HOME w/FRIO RIVER ACCESS, near Garner Park, 3 BD/2 BA w/ fireplace, CA/CH, Now Only $264,999 · #25 – 5.68 Acres gated comm.. access 50 AC Roaring Springs Park. Great get-away place $33,995 · #20, #17 – RIVER ACCESS, 2+ AC Homesite tracts, water, elect. & phone avail., Gated Comm. $45,000 & $55,000 (#20 Owner/Agent) · #30 – OWNER FINANCING 22.72 AC, heavily treed, paved streets, water & elect. avail. $73,840 · #14 – Enjoy this weekend cabin while you build on this scenic 7.35 AC which already has water & elect. Rio Frio area $84,500 · #38 – 6 Acres Country Style 2/2 Home with wood burning fireplace, Leakey/Rio Frio area $220,000 · #54 – FISH & SWIM in the Nueces Lake w/this 4 BD/2 BA Home w/ fireplace, 2 lots & view of lake $90’s · #42 – Creekfront Lot w/scenic views, water meter $49,500 · #48 – CUTE AS CAN BE! 3 BD/1 BA Home w/access to 3⁄4 mi. Frio River, Huge Pecan trees, own well $159,000 · #73 – 2200 sq. ft. MOL, Fleetwood Home, 3-4 BD/2 BA, oversized Dbl. garage/workshop, concrete drive, Leakey $141,900 · #2 – CONCAN – minutes to Frio River, 70 AC secluded w/3 BD/2 BA Home, Hunting, out buildings $265,000 · #26 – RiverTree, Access Frio River Park, 1.87 AC (Owner/Assoc. Broker) $69,995 · #98 – Beautiful Lg. 3 BD/2 BA Home on corner lot, RiverTree, Frio River Access, RV hook-ups, huge trees $349,000 · #78 – 200’ MOL Frio Riverfront, 5 1⁄4 acres, min. restrictions $90’s · #64 – 3.58 AC Homesite, Hwy 83 front, water, elect. avail. $47,000 · #68 – This lg. 3/2 Home, guest house, workshop, lg. deck, rock patio & deer proof fence, access 2 Frio River Parks – MOTIVATED SELLER $275,000 · #46 – Spectacular Views from this hilltop 3/2 home at Barksdale, 13 AC+/, fenced. Bring your horses REDUCED $195,500 · #36 – 9.3 AC Spring Hill, scenic homesite, city water & elect. avail. $111,600 · #33 – Oversize Lot, Emerald Oaks area. Water, elect., lots of Lg. trees, cleared& ready for you to build $36,500 · #3 – PRISTENE HOME 21 AC arched entries, high ceilings, granite countertops, SS appliances, 3/3 Home. Guest Home w/oversized 3 car garage/storage, barn w/liv. Quarters $689,000 · #69 – 26.6 Acres near Leakey, well, elect., pond, scenic homesite $179,000 · #61 – Flowing Springs 200 AC+/- Ranch, Bullhead Creek, 4 BD/3 BA Executive Home, metal barn w/living quarters $1,650,000 · #74 – Frio River Access thru 2 parks, Twin Forks. Water & elect. avail. $33,000 · #53 – 20.237 AC heavily treed, hunting or get-away place w/access to spring fed park $49,580 · #50 – 3 BD/2 BA Brick Home, large kitchen & open living/dining area w/high ceilings $145,000 #27 – Frio River & Leakey Springs Park access. 2.6 AC w/Owner Finance 20% dn., 10 yrs, 5% $152,000

For more info – photos, plats, more listings, go to

The Daughters of the American Revolution de las Encinas Chapter met on Saturday, May 17 to honor the DAR Good Citizens submitted by Karen Collins

Regent Betty Lawrence opened the meeting. Karen Collins read the President General’s Message and Diane Dooley read the Natioinal Defense Report. The DAR Good Citizens from several local schools were recognized. The recipient from Nueces Canyon was Miss Ashley Harmon. Ashley was introduced by Kristi Powers. Ashley is a graduate of Nueces Canyon and will be attending the University of Texas at Austin. Ashley is the Salutatorian of her class and was elected Miss NCHS. She was the drum major of the Panther Band and has marched at the UIL State Marching Band Contest. She has participated in basketball and received numerous all district awards; and she has particpated in track and cross country and has been a cheerleader. Ashley is a member of the National Honor Society. Gabriella Gonzales, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jay Gonzlaes from Uvalde HIgh was Introduced by Mrs. Billie Jean Davis. She graduated in the top ten percent of her class and plans to

attend UT Austin and major in psychology. She has been in NHS and inducted into Phi Theta Kappa at SWTJC. She is a student council officer and a member of Geoforce. She is a member of the UHS Mariachi and plays volleyball and was the defensive player of the year. She has volunteered as a tutor while at UHS. Michael Mott was the award winner from Del Rio High School and was introduced by Diane Carrillo. He will attend the University of Texas at Austin. He is a member of the band and Future Business Leaders of America. He graduated in the top ten percent of his class and is a member of the National Honor Society. He is a certified black belt in tai quan do. Pearsall High School’s DAR good citizen was Priscilla Tijerina. She is a member of the National Honor Society, and Student Council. She is the Senior Class President and volunteers as a math tutor. She is a member of FCCLA and participates in UIL Math and Literary Criticism, She will attend Texas State University in the Fall. Mrs. Patsy Edwards introduced the candidate from Pearsall. Each of these honorees were presented a certificate, a pin, and scholarship money by Regent Betty Lawrence and Treasurer Sharon Hubble.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hill Country Herald Page 11


Mary Kay Windham, Broker 664 S US Hwy. 83 Leakey, Texas 830-232-4408 office 830-374-7901 cell SEE MORE LISTINGS AND PICTURES AT WWW.HIGHPLACESREALTY.COM

of service

It is rare to have one daughter win State in tennis but both sisters, Marisa and Danielle played for the State Championship in singles in tennis at Waco, Texas on April 24, 2014 and both won for their schools. Marisa 18, is a senior at The Brook Hill School a 3A Tapps school at Bullard and her younger sister Danielle 14, is a freshman at Grace Community School at Tyler a 4A Tapps school. Both girls have had an awesome year with many tournaments

and awards. Marisa pictured on the right was awarded with a four year full scholarship in tennis at Seton Hall University in New Jersey. She will be majoring in Biology/Pre-Med. Marisa and Danielle are the daughters of the proud parents Dr. and Mrs. Rick Quevedo in Tyler and granddaughters of proud grand parents Doug and Jeanette Parson of Rio Frio, Texas.

NEW LISTING: 1.2 acres in the heart of Concan, fronting river road, electricity, septic permit in place. Access to the Frio River and rentals are permitted. $69,500. NEW LISTING: 1.6 beautiful acres with large Pecans, access to the Frio River, paved roads, well-built and maintained 2BR/2B log home with concrete drive, one car carport and storage room for river gear. $259,123.CONTRACT PENDING NEW LISTING: 24 hunting acres, 9 miles north of Leakey, lots of road frontage, hilly terrain, small cabin, storage rv, water storage off of gutter system, outdoor shower, access to spring-fed creek with dam. $57,000. NEW LISTING: One of a kind vacation camp in desirable River Tree. This 1.4 acres boasts rock main home with 2 bedrooms, 2 loft areas and living, there is a separate bath house and camp kitchen area, and a rv hook up, all nestled under huge Pecan trees with beautiful views. You will only be a short distance from a very nice river park area and have access to pavilion, paved roads and central water. Lots of handcrafted touches on this one! $239,900. NEW LISTING: Lots of bang for the buck on this large 3BR/2B brick home situated in a very nice development within Leakey proper. Large metal rv barn with workshop, fenced back yard with another large shop that would be any man’s dream come true. It has wide covered front porch, firepit, and outdoor kitchen and could easily be converted to a mother-in-law quarters. Manicured yard, large screened in porch on the main home, huge master suite, the list goes on and you must see to appreciate! $249,000. NEW LISTING: This large 1.77 acre tract of land backs up to the common area along the Frio River and you are within walking distance to the Frio park area. Availability of central water and paved roads makes this a perfect spot for vacationing! $82,000. NEW LISTING: These two one acre tracts of land are situated behind Garner State Park and with Old Baldy practically in your backyard you will not have neighbors behind you! In a gated development that is restricted against weekly rentals you will have plenty of peace and quiet. You will have access to gorgeous Frio River park area complete with bathhouse, restrooms and rv hook ups and central water. SOLD NEW LISTING: West of Leakey lies this wooded 5.98 acres with access to 50 acres of common area and some of the prettiest spring fed water around. Deep swimming hole, waterfalls, and lake are for the enjoyment of the landowners of Roaring Springs. Sit on the covered front porch of the 1BR cabin with loft and watch the kids play in the nice sized tree house. $133,000. CONTRACT PENDING! 2.2 ACRES WITH 172+ FT. OF FRIO FRONTAGE! Neat as a pin, 3BR/2B DW. 1 car covered carport, with shed/workshop on slab,

BIBLE STUDY ON DANIEL AND REVELATION THANK YOU I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the confidence you placed in me to continue our goals at Leakey ISD. I appreciate everyone taking the time to vote! Ruben Navarro

Frio Canyon Baptist will begin a Bible Study on Daniel and Revelation beginning on May 4th at 6p.m. The study will be held on the first Sunday evening of each month. Daniel, Chapter 2 and 7 thru 12 will be included as well as all 22 Chapters of Revelation. Historical material and facts from extra-biblical sources will be used to add to the under-


standing of the Biblical text. This will be an excellent opportunity for young and old, Christians, and anyone seeking answers to life’s most serious questions, especially what God’s Word says about the future. Come join us, bring your personal Bible. Remember May 4th, June 1st, July 6th, Aug. 3rd and probably a few more. Pastor Dan Wynn invites anyone in the Del Rio Uvalde Association to join them whenever possible. Dr. Jim O’Dell will be leading the study.


Thank You to my community and clients for your support!

sidewalks, wood steps with landings to shady bank of Frio River, vacation rental potential! $269,900. 3BR/2.5B home with separate 1BR/1B guest house, privacy fencing, lots of improvements for the money!! Must see to appreciate! $139,000. .4 of an acre, mobiles and rv’s allowed, access to central water and gorgeous Frio River! $27,000. Two one acre tracts of land, good views, city water, paved road frontage. $25,000. each .7 of an acre with fully equipped and furnished restaurant. Highway 83 frontage with good visibility! Priced to sell at $139,000. 1 acre south of Leakey on corner lot with large trees, city water, well, electricity, septic and outbuilding on slab. All ready to go! SOLD! Large 3BR/2B home on 20 beautiful acres of rolling terrain, large trees and seasonal creek, with city water and wells, two cabins, rv shed, carport and large barn with electricity. SOLD! 2 city lots totaling almost one acre on the north side of town with availability of city water, highway frontage, cleared of all cedar exposing beautiful oaks, and corners on three roads. $29,000. 5.6 acres just a couple of miles east of Leakey on corner lot, with comfortable cabin, city water, well, cargo box, BBQ pit, no restrictions, no HOA, access to Frio River. $175,000. 1 acre, completely fenced, fruit trees, shed, energy efficient 2BR/1B home, long views, wrap-a-round deck, comes tastefully furnished! $195,000. COMMERCIAL BUILDING DOWNTOWN LEAKEY! Two story, with leased restaurant downstairs and offices upstairs! Offices space upstairs could be easily renovated to be living quarters! Move to Leakey and make a living! $315,000. 14.65 acres with incredible views from the 2BR/2B home, with sunroom, Wrap-a-round porch, city water, open floor plan with lots of privacy! $265,000. CONTRACT PENDING! 4.9 acres on the Frio River, good elevated building sites, electricity close! . SOLD! 1BR/1B rock cabin on 29.95, well, elec, and septic, amazing views. $300,000. .4 of an acre with access to one mile Frio, all utilities. $25,000. SOLD! 1.18 acres, access to 1 mile Frio River and 130 acres! All utilities in place, great views! $89,000. Cozy cabin on 6 acres, access to lake, creek, deep swimming hole. $129,000. Two adjacent lots with access to the Frio River! $45,000. Each 8.09 acres, with well, mixed terrain $109,080. Adjacent 22.6 acres $203,400. Owner financing available!



PURVEYORS OF FINE FARM AND RANCH PROPERTIES THROUGHOUT TEXAS Our brokerage firm represents both buyers and sellers; bringing our combined knowledge, resources and expertise to bear on behalf of our clients.


888-726-2481 Hondo Mark Matthews-Broker

San Antonio & Leakey Charles Davidson-Agent

Houston Jeff Boswell-Broker

Dallas Bryan Pickens-Broker

Water Well Drilling • Solar Pump Systems • Complete Water Systems

WILSON WELL SERVICE Duane Wilson P.O. Box 1272, Leakey, Texas 78873 Lic.#54947WLPK Office 830.232.6747 Cell 830.486.6768 Home 830.232.6682


SABINAL RIVER HOUSE LEVELING Foundation & Home Improvement Co. Uvalde, Texas 78801

(830) 278-2949



COUNTYWIDE AIR & HEAT Have Your Air Conditioning System Inspected! for the summer months to cut down on HIGH Electric Costs!

2561 County Road 350 Concan, Texas 78838

Karan Patterson


• Propane - bottles & RV’s filled 365 days a year • Full service convenience store • Open year ‘round • Large event facility • Tables & chairs for rent • Full line of river gear • Tube Rentals • Firewood, ice, groceries, sundries

830-232-4006 877-374-6748 toll-free or visit our website @

•Licensed • Bonded • Insured

Franchisee 25743 Hwy 55 Barksdale, TX 78828 Tel 830.234.3333 Fax 830.234.3332



Mike Hurley





AND WRECKER SERVICE Hwy. 83 N. & 1st Street

Leakey, Texas 78873 Ph. (830) 232-6656 Res. (830) 232-6983 Cell (830) 374-7866

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Classified Ads

The Hill Country Herald P.O. Box 822 Leakey, TX 78873 Phone: 830-232-6294






Red top Cane 5x5.5 round bales 1450lbs $60.00. Triticale square bales $ 5.00 South Texas Raised Alfalfa in the barn $9.00 CASH ONLY, NO CHECKS, CASH ONLY. 210-216-0193 Located near Pearsall.

FOR SALE: approx. 5.46 acres in Utopia at B & R Ranch. Owners Anxious. Will consider any reasonable offers. call Shirley 830-279-4423 Realtor for Bill Baxter Real Estate FOR SALE 3- Western saddles, 1 -250 gal propane tank used, 2- Guitars if interested call 232-4752 FOR SALE 1993 Fleetwood 5th wheel 29 ft. travel trailer, needs some work, text 830-275-0094


Abuse and Neglect Hotline at 1-800-2525400






Mature bi-Lingual Office clerk needed. (Spanish-English). Some accounting, filing, record-keeping knowledge useful but not absolutely necessary. Will train. Must be fluent in spoken Spanish. Good pay. Very steady job. Flexible hours. Leakey resident preferred. steady YEAR AROUND, ALL-WEATHER Please apply in person at Texarome, Leakey, Texas: Tel: (830) 232 6079

MINI STORAGE $30 AND UP!! 830-232-5656 or 830-232-5290 FOR RENT

Large Commercial Bldg.

CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE – Utopia – Job requires answering multiple phone lines, order processing and general office experience. Computer experience required. Email resume to:

(old video store in Leakey) Centrally located, restroom, CH/A,great business location $350/month.

Call 830-232-5656 or 830-232-5290

Full and Part Time Position Cleaning Help Needed for Cabin Rentals 830-232-5996


Help Wanted: Part-time Positions Cook, Kitchen Helper, and Housekeeper. Work schedules vary. Mostly evenings and weekends. Contact Alto Frio Baptist Encampment 830-232-5271



We need a good shade-tree mechanic and parts-changer. Even a mechanic’s helper. Do the wife a favor. Forget the shadetree thing, and get a steady year around, all-weather job at Texarome. We just need good preventive maintenance and occasional parts changing on tractors, trucks and vehicles. Big mechanic jobs are done by others. Will train also for general plant maintenance, and repair: changing belts & bearings, replacing motors, running equipment, etc. Good shop environment and co-workers. Plenty of tools. Good pay depending on skill and experience. Flexible hours. Apply in person at TEXAROME (cedarmill). Tel (830) 232 6079


2 guns, reliable, responsible law abiding experienced Hunters.

Looking for long term lease -whitetail, axis, turkey and hogs. Please call James @ 512-767-0700 or wk 979-406-2087 (reasonable pricing)


1000 acre family ranch in Hill Country

needs working couple to live on property and care for houses/grounds. Meal prep required when family is present. Job involves hands-on cleaning, maintenance, repairs, etc. 3BR home, utilities, vehicle provided. Medical Insurance after 90 days. Send resume to: GRB Ranches, P.O. Box 27386, Houston, Texas 77227 or email to:


Across 1. Hymenopterous insects 5. Append 8. Hasty 12. Quick 14. Very small 15. Hoard 16. Stage whisper 17. Scribe 18. Guide 19. Respectability 21. Underwater projectile 23. Male title 24. Canvas 25. Sound of a crow 28. Bill of fare 30. Missive 35. Wander 37. Rank below marquess and above viscount 39. Forgo 40. Exhort 41. Piece of turf 43. Notion

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

44. Infuse 46. Wrinkle 47. Give temporarily 48. Tophus 50. Outlet 52. Pig pen 53. Obviously contrived to charm 55. Pouch 57. Interest or pursuit 61. Nonmetallic artifact 65. Remote in manner 66. Cunning 68. Group of people related by blood or marriage 69. Regretful 70. Beverage 71. Smooth fabric 72. Observed 73. Hankering 74. Trial Down 1. Small nail 2. Facilitate 3. Heroic poem 4. Opposing teams

5. Not present 6. Condensation 7. Greek letter 8. Coarse file 9. Dull pain 10. Cast off 11. Principal character in a play, movie, novel or poem 13. Durable twill-weave cotton fabric 15. Large migratory shorebird 20. System of principles or beliefs 22. Fuel 24. Live on 25. Outer layer of the Earth 26. Artery 27. Bet 29. Metal fastener 31. Rear part of an aircraft 32. Periodic rise and fall of sea level 33. Special set of


circumstances 34. Prepared 36. Encounter 38. Solitary 42. Taut or rigid 45. Placate 49. Distilled from fermented molasses 51. Open pastries 54. Fractious 56. Unit of weight for precious stones 57. Flight of an aircraft over a target 58. Succulent plants 59. Sensitive 60. Lacerated 61. Bluish green 62. Acarine 63. Wading bird 64. Fractional monetary unit 67. Side sheltered from the wind Answers page 7

It is our policy to furnish a home owners warranty for every property that we market and that qualifies. This would include owner occupied single family residences. It takes the worry away from owners and buyers. If you are a seller, any covered item that needs repair during the term of the listing will be repaired. If you are a buyer, any covered item that needs repair for up to 12 months after closing will be repaired. We furnish the policy, not you. So, if you are considering selling your property, list with us and let us take the worry away from you. Call for details. NEW LISTING Established retail building in like new condition. 1.5 acres on Hwy 83, Call for details. SPRING HILL 3.52 acres with a beautiful view overlooking Leakey. City water, Price reduced to $59,900 NEW LISTING IN RIVERTREE! Three bedroom, two bath home with built in appliances and central air and heat. Great condition and waiting for you. $175,000. HEARTSTONE, River front lots in the heart of Con Can, right at Arthur Crossing! River access lots available too! All Price ranges! Nightly rental allowed. Great investment and recreational opportunity. THE RIDGE-Experience the Texas hill country at its finest w/ private access to your own beautiful Frio River park w/BBQ pavilion. Underground utilities WITH TCEQ APPROVED WATER SYSTEM, free roaming wildlife, hiking, biking & much more! This restricted subdivision offers great building sites for your dream home, retirement or vacation get-away. B&B allowed. Call for a showing or take a drive out 4 mi. south on RR 1120. Prices start $87,500 THE RIDGE, GREAT INCOME PRODUCING POTENTIAL, New construction, 3 bedroom 3 bth, with 2 fireplaces and outdoor kitchen, INGROUND POOL and walking distance to river. Nestled under huge live oaks. Call for a showing today THE RIDGE ESTABLISHED INCOME PRODUCER, The Bungalow 40 will sleep up to 25 persons. The perfect place to get away with an in ground pool, outdoor kitchen, and a river park. Established income producer with a great upside. $425,000. SPICEWOOD SPRINGS Riverfront home on 3.7 acres in Spicewood Springs. Access to over a mile of Frio River. Four bedroom, three bath, 2 story home sitting on bank of river with a wraparound porch. $429,500. INCOME PRODUCING POTENTIAL OR PERFECT HIDEAWAY! Creek front living in Patterson Creek Estates. 3 bedroom 2 bath with beautiful deck overlooking Patterson Creek. Detached carport with 1⁄2 bath and workshop. Wood burning fireplace, built in appliances. Great retirement home or potential income producer as a nightly rental. $265,000. GREAT INCOME PRODUCER established nightly rental on the Frio River with great swimming hole, close to town, sleeps 13 comfortably. $375,000 GREAT INCOME PRODUCER! La Hacienda, Four bedroom three bath home on the Sabinal River. Established income producing property. Ten acres of land on the river, but close to town, a permanent water hole on the river. $499,000. INCOME PRODUCING POTENTIAL OR PERFECT HIDEAWAY Like New 4 bedroom home with a pool on 10 acres in close proximity to Garner State Park. Beautiful long views from hillside location. This one has it all. $469,000. GREAT INCOME PRODUCER IN THE HEART OF CON CAN, Three bedroom, 3 1⁄2 bath home on River Road. Income producing. Reduced to $299,000 FRIO PECAN FARM, PRICE REDUCED, GREAT INCOME PRODUCER 3 bedroom 3 bth home on river front lot in Frio Pecan Farm. Like new condition with huge deck overlooking the river. Great income potential. Price reduced to $335,000 Con Can on Bear Creek. 3 bdrm 2 bth with bonus room,

approx. 2,000 square feet, and large covered porches, large detached garage/workshop. Great week end home or nightly rental near 7 bluff. $459,500. 244 ac located 2 miles west of Leakey. A little bit of everything, fields, mountains, old ranch house, rustic barn. Fronts on FM 337 with Patterson Creek forming the southern boundary. Reason for selling, too many deer!!! Call for details. CON CAN RANCH 3 bdrm 2 bth manufactured home on 36.67 acres. Located in back of ranch adjoining a large ranch. Ideal hunting property in great location. $145,000 DEER CRREK lot with 5.31 restricted acres $64,500. DEVILS CANYON 25 acres with blacktop frontage west of Leakey .Price reduced to $125,000 FAIRVIEW RANCH Nearly 21 acres with 3 bdrm 2 bth manufactured home and 2 bdrm 2 bth cabin., large metal building. Turnkey living and hunting. Reduced to $158,500. FRIO PECAN FARM managed rental with 2b/2ba, covered porch, beautiful Pecan grove, wildlife, price reduced to $160,000. Close to Leakey and walking distance to the river! FRIO RIVER PLACE Beautiful 1.93 acre building site, heavily wooded. Quiet location. $109,500. FRIO RIVER PLACE Here is your chance to own a 3 bedroom 3.5 bath home on the banks of the Frio River. Like new and over 2 acres of beautiful land area. One of the largest homes you’ll find on the Frio. $569,000 FRIO RIVER RANCH A beautiful hill country home sitting on the bank of the Frio River. Three bedrooms with 2 1⁄2 baths, high ceilings, open floor plan. All this plus a detached 2 bedroom, 2 bath cabin with approximately 148 feet of frontage along the east bank of the river. Close to town, yet private. Great income potential, only $469,900. FRIO TERRITORY This five acre building site on the Frio River can be yours today!. Huge cypress trees line this blue water hole that is teeming with fish. Fronts on Highway 83 and the Frio River, private, yet close to town. Good restrictions, beautiful building site overlooking the river. $329,000 Lower Frio Estates, 2 bedroom one bath cottage on river front tract, $134,900 OAKMONT VILLAGE 2.21 acres of heavily wooded building site located just of FM 1120. $49,000 RANCHO REAL 23 acres with highway frontage, great views, $49,900. RANCHO REAL River frontage with 22 1⁄2 acres for only $67,000. RIVERTREE Beautiful residential building sites ranging in price from $99,900 to $109,950. TWIN FORKS Two tree covered lots with owner financing available. $32,500 for one, or both for $59,900. TWIN FORKS PRICE REDUCED Like new double wide in Twin Forks, 3 bedroom 2 bth with approx. 1,848 sf, 2 carport, stg building, huge covered deck to enjoy your coffee. Only $89,900. Call today for a showing. COMMERCIAL OPPORTUNITY. 5 income producing cabins on approx. 7 acres with room for more! $375,000. COMMERCIAL OPPORTUNITY. Turnkey restaurant available on Highway 83. Ready to go. Price reduced to $145,000. Call for details. COMMERCIAL OPPORTUNITY, the historic Frio Canyon Theatre in downtown Leakey, Great location. $148,500.

Dub Suttle GRI, Broker - MEMBER: SAN ANTONIO BOARD OF REALTORS; UVALDE BOARD OF REALTORS; KERRVILLE BOARD OF REALTORS; AND THE DEL RIO BOARD OF REALTORS. We get maximum exposure for your property. Call us if you don’t see what you are looking for here. We have numerous other properties that we would be more than glad to help you with. Or better yet, come by for a visit. The coffee pot is always on. Kathy Suttle GRI, – Broker Michael Rushing – Associate COME BY FOR ONE OF OUR Carrie Chisum – Associate COMPLETE LISTS OF PROPFred McNiel GRI, - Associate ERTIES,


1260 S US Hwy 83, Leakey, Tx. 1/2 mile south of Leakey city limits on US Hwy 83 830-232-5242

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...for all your Real Estate needs in the Hill Country River Region...

120’ 120’


830.988.FRIO (3746)






Office located 1/2 mile east of the Frio River on Texas 127 in Concan, Texas


B uc kh or n Bar & Grill and Drive Thru Beverage Barn




Drive Thru Beverage Barn Open 7 Days a Week

Monday thru Saturday 10am-10pm Sunday 12pm-10pm


TUESDAY 11:00am to 10:00pm WEDNESDAY 11:00am to 10:00pm THURSDAY 11:00am to 10:00pm FRIDAY 11:00am to 12:00am SATURDAY 11:00am to 1:00am SUNDAY 12:00pm TO 8:00pm CLOSED MONDAY


(830) 232-4755





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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

(830) 896-6100


Dr. Odemaris Santiago-Young, MD 218 Sidney Baker St Kerrville, TX


CORRAL GIFTS 337 W RR 337, LEAKEY, TEXAS 830-232-6294

• Fresh Cut Steaks • Fresh Ground Beef • Deli Meats • Camping Supplies

OPEN SUNDAYS !! 9a.m.-8p.m. Corner of 83 and 337 DOWNTOWN, LEAKEY, TEXAS

830-232-6299 Hours: M-F 7a.m. - 8p.m. Sat. 8a.m.-8p.m.



(830) 232-5022 BEER & WINE AVAILABLE 410 S Hwy 83 Leakey, TX 78873 Ph. 830-232-4553 Of�ice Hours-Lobby Mon-Thu 9:00 to 3:00 Fri 9:00 to 4:30

ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET EVERY THURSDAY AND FRIDAY 11 AM -2 PM $6.99 plus drink last week for buffet!!

At the Frio Pecan Farm Pavilion Open: NEW HOURS Thursday & Friday 11a.m. - 2p.m. & 5p.m.-9p.m. and Saturday ALL DAY 11a.m. to 9p.m. Dine In or Pick Up Leakey, Texas


Of�ice Hours-Drive-Thru

Mon-Fri 9:00 to 4:30 Sat 9:00 to 12:00 Drive-Up ATM Located at Branch

Also located inside Concan General Store

U.S. Hwy 83 & Tx. Hwy 127

2805 Highway 90 West Hondo, Texas 78861 830.426.TIRE (8473)

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