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Current Weekly News for Leakey, Camp Wood, Sabinal, Utopia and Surrounding Areas Vol. 4 No. 10



March 9, 2014


Fawcetts Laid Solid Foundation In Community

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You Have Been Tagged

The City of Camp Wood Code Enforcement administrator is using these red door tags to WARN citizens of the City of Camp Wood of ordinance violations. If you have been tagged, have an ordinance violation or have questions feel free to call city hall at 830-597-2265 or read the ordinances yourself at

March 5, 2014

The Real County Primary Election held fast for the Incumbents. Real County Judge Garry Merritt was elected to another four years with a strong margin. Total votes for Merritt were 579 to his opponent Gary Overbay’s 431. Overbay’s platform touted “hands on” approach to voter needs while Merritt stood on his conservative votes regarding the county budget over the past four years in office. Early votes showed

Merritt ahead 324 to 252. Precinct 1 voters cast their votes evenly with 53 votes for each candidate. But when the other Precincts were tallied Merritt pulled ahead in each of those Precincts. Merritt said following the posting of the results “Thank you for your support and my re-election as Real County Judge. Serving as your County Judge is the greatest honor of my life, and I promise to always do my best to uphold the trust you place in me. I congratulate all of our local candidates on well-run races.” In the race to keep his position Real County Commissioner Precinct 2, Bryan Shackelford held strong in the tight race and was victorious with a vote count 179 to his challenger Kevin Chisum’s 151. The race was tight at the early voting stage with Shackelford at 109 and Chisum at 98, but again when the Precinct votes came in, Shackelford pulled ahead to win the election. Following the election Shackelford said “Thank you to the voters of Precinct 2, my family and friends, my campaign manager and my opponent Kevin Chisum for running a clean race. I am looking forward to serving the voters of Precinct 2 for another

The Spirit of ‘45

term. If you are in Precinct 2 and have an issue or problem please give me a call. I will continue to remain loyal to my community and my constituents.” Real County Commissioner Precinct 4, Joe Connell, Sr. kept his position on the Commissioner’s Court by 9 votes. Challenger Rudy Gonzalez lead in the early votes 64 to 61, but Connell carried Precinct 4 & 7 votes heavily with 40 votes to Gonzalez’s 8. The final count was Connell 116 , Gonzalez 107. In the Justice of the Peace races, Incumbent Justice of the Peace Precinct 1 & 2, Dianne Rogers defeated challenger Ricci Pendley, 428 votes to 188 votes. Rogers said “Thank you to the citizens of Precinct 1 & 2 for your support. I will continue to do the best job I can for the next 4 years. Our community and citizens remain a priority to me each day. Thank you again.” Justice of the Peace Precinct 3 & 4 race saw two newcomers to the political ring, Mark Carlile and J.D. Martinez. Martinez was victorious in his bid for the position by a slim margin of 10 votes. Martinez carried early votes 90 to 85. Carlile carried Precinct 3 by 2 votes

by Julie Becker

with 56 to Martinez’s 54. But the final tally was Martinez 197 to Carlile’s 187. Martinez said “ Thanks to all the voters in Precincts 3, 4, 6, & 7. Thank you for your vote. God Bless America, God Bless Texas and God Bless Real County! I am very proud to be associated with the voter turnout throughout the county and I look forward to serving the citizens of Real County.”

Real County Commissioner Bryan Shackelford and his wife Lori


by Billie Franklin

Each man in uniform served differently during WWII. Some had a chance to be a hero and some just did their duty. Aldon Coward spent 3 years in the Navy. At the Great Lakes Naval Base he went to boot camp. Radio school was in Noroton, Connecticut. He, along with a select group, went to Washington, DC, learning the German Navy radio procedure. He spent several years on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, monitoring the German Navy Radio activities. The Navy built radio stations from Greenland to South America and used them in the war effort. After being transferred to Puerto Rico, Hiroshima happened in August 1945, and by December, Coward was discharged. He found himself in San Antonio and went to Durham’s Business College. He learned accounting, had liked math in school, and made a living at it. He had a blind date with Frances Field, a telephone operator in Uvalde. Thus was the beginning of a lifelong companionship. Twin brother, Eldon Coward, went into the Navy also. His boot camp was in San Diego, California. He served on a destroyer in the Pacific. Out of the service, he worked for DuPont at their plant in Victoria. Retired, he moved to Bandera where he still resides.

Leakey’s very first Girl Scout Troop, 2107, sold cookies in front of the Hondo National Bank Tri-Canyon Branch in Leakey. Thanks to the community for all the support! Love me some Girl Scout cookies!




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Winners of the Texas History Essay Contest were recognized at the regular meeting of the Caddel-Smith Chapter, Daughters of the Republic of Texas, held in Leakey on Saturday, March 1st. Fourth graders and seventh graders from area schools wrote essays about William Barrett Travis or The Impact of Travis’ Victory or Death Message, the letter he sent to Texans and people of the world just prior to the fall of the Alamo in 1836. Kay Anderson, DRT Education Committee chairperson, introduced the winners, and they read their essays to the crowd of 17 DRT members and 33 guests. This was a good history lesson for all on the day before Texans officially celebrates Independence Day on March 2. Fourth grade winners were (1st) Ian Buchanan of Leakey, (2nd) Payton Buchanan of Leakey, and (3rd) Kylie Luce of Nueces Canyon. Seventh grade winners were (1st) Gentry Bingham

of Nueces Canyon, (2nd) Shelby Pannell of Nueces Canyon, and (3rd) Ike Bomer of Bomer Academy near Utopia. Each was presented a Certificate of Award by Mrs. Anderson, and a monetary award. First place winners received $50, second place winners $30, and third place winners $20. Gentry Bingham was unable to attend the ceremony so his essay was read by Mrs. Anderson. Miranda Cave was introduced by Mrs. Anderson as the winner of this year’s DRT Scholarship. She will receive a scholarship in the amount of $1000 to help further her education next year at Texas Tech University in Lubbock. Parents and family members then enjoyed refreshment of cookies and punch served by DRT members while having the opportunity to meet and visit with the honorees.

Savings on Home Taxes An exemption removes part of the value of your property from taxation and lowers your taxes. For example, if your home is valued at $50,000 and you qualify for a $15,000 exemption, you pay taxes on your home as if it was worth only $35,000. Other than exemptions for disabled veterans or survivors, these exemptions apply only for your homestead. They do not apply to other property you own. Does your home qualify for exemptions? You Must Own a Home To qualify for a general or disabled homestead exemption, you must own your home on January 1. If you are 65 years of age or older, you need not

Pictured are essay winners (front) Kylie Luce, Ike Buchanan, Payton Buchanan, and (back) Shelby Pannell, Ike Bomer, DRT president Judy Burleson, and Essay Contest Chairperson Kay Anderson

source Texas Comptroller

own your home on January 1. You will qualify for the over-65 exemption as soon as you turn 65, own the home, and live in it as your principal residence. You will receive the exemption as of January 1. Your homestead can be a separate structure, condominium, or a mobile home located on leased land, as long as you own it. Your homestead can include up to 20 acres if the land is used as your yard. A residence may be owned by an individual through an interest in a qualifying beneficial trust and may be occupied by a trustor of a qualifying trust. If you are not the sole owner of the home, you will receive only a portion of any qualified exemption, based on your percent of ownership. For example, you

own a 25-percent interest in a homestead valued at $100,000, for a total value of $25,000. You will receive 25 percent of a $15,000 school homestead exemption, or $3,750. You must use the home as your principal residence on January 1. If you have more than one house, you can only get exemptions for your main or principal residence. You must live in this home on January 1. If you temporarily move away from your home, you can still get an exemption if you don’t establish another principal residence and you intend to return. For instance, if you enter a nursing home, your home still qualifies as your homestead if you intend to return. Renting part of your home or

using part of it for a business doesn’t disqualify the rest of your home for the exemption. Note: Texas has two distinct laws for designating a homestead. The Texas Tax Code offers homeowners a way to apply for homestead exemptions to reduce local property taxes. The Texas Property Code allows homeowners to designate their homesteads to protect them from a forced sale to satisfy creditors. This law doesn’t protect homeowners from tax foreclosure sales of their homes for delinquent taxes. What home exemptions are there? School taxes -- all homeowners You will qualify for a $15,000 homestead exemption on your home’s value for school taxes. continued page 2

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Savings on Home Taxes County taxes -- all homeowners If your county collects a special tax for farm-to-market roads or flood control, you will receive a $3,000 exemption for this tax. If you qualify for local-option exemptions for age 65 or older homeowners, or disabled homeowners (next section), you will receive only the local-option exemptions. Optional exemptions -- all homeowners Any taxing unit, including a school district, city, county, or special district, may offer an exemption for up to 20 percent of your home’s value. The amount of an optional exemption can’t be less than $5,000, no matter what the percentage is. For example, if your home is valued at $20,000 and your city offers a 20-percent exemption, your exemption is $5,000, even though 20 percent of $20,000 is just $4,000. Each taxing unit decides whether it will offer the exemption and at what percentage. This percentage exemption is added to any other home exemption for which you qualify. The taxing unit must decide before July 1 of the tax year to offer this exemption. Age 65 or older homeowners If you are age 65 or older, your residence homestead will qualify I am so very excited about the Leakey ISD Bond Issue! The thought of having a beautiful new campus in which our students will be educated and a place they will be proud to call their own just tickles me, because I love this place! Going to school here and having the honor to be employed by Leakey ISD for 20+ total years has given me a personal perspective that only a handful of us will ever have the privilege to experience. I have worked with, been taught by, and been surrounded by the most amazing people over the years (Janie Johnson, Bill Bradley, Jack and Edna (Popsie and Gran) Rushing, Lurlene Boren (aka Grammar Guru, Mrs. Boren), Carroll Spurgin, Jimmie Silvers {Rest in Peace, all of you}, Bettie Sansom, Allyne Crider, Ronnie Williams, Judy Blazek, Sarah Morales, Fayrene Nance, Kathy Suttle, Faye Caldwell, Chico and Pat Cheek, Frank Walter, Ginger Harrell Waites, Cindy Harrell Wimberley, Lynda Mayer, Martha Tom, Juanita Martinez, Sheila Herrera, Mary Sanchez, and all the past and present educators and staff...I could go on and on) and these people, as well as countless others, not only devoted their lives to these students, but to the school. I first came to Leakey ISD around 1975, and it was older than any school I’d ever attended, but it was amazing! Some of my fondest memories were made here: I met my best friends here, I met the greatest love of my life here (way back in 4th grade, in what is now the administration building), I taught my first class here and coached here. I’ve loved students who are now my friends, and I’ve loved students who are now my guardian angels. I’ve laughed here, cried here, and cheered on every sport we have. At present, those nostalgic feelings that I encounter everyday are just that, feelings...memories. So many places on our campus are deteriorating due to time rearing its faithful head, and our outstanding maintenance and administrators have patched until they can patch no more. Metaphorically speaking, a tire can only be patched so many times before it blows out. I have educated students in every building on this campus and in the winter the classrooms are freezing and in the spring, summer, and fall they are so hot. This has nothing to do with our air-conditioners or heaters; insulation was not a priority way back when. Our maintenance staff spends so much time cleaning these old buildings and as some of you know, the dirt is endless in an ancient place, but they do an awesome, yet never ending job, regardless. The science lab is inadequate to say the least and definitely not up to state standards. There is no heat and no hot water in the outside bathrooms used by students, as well as teachers and visitors, and because of this, students do not wash their hands (32 degrees in the bathroom = freezing cold water!), but each day, the bathroom breaks do bring back childhood memories of using a literal outhouse. In my classroom, when it rains outside, there is this black goop that falls out of the cracks between the ceiling and the wall, and it’s disgusting. It is black soot and mold from the old fireplace that used to be there to heat the room. Yes, I said fireplace. To be perfectly honest, the whole campus is extremely antiquated and it’s time. Can you imagine teaching our students out of

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for more exemptions. You will qualify for a $10,000 homestead exemption for the school taxes on your home’s value, in addition to the $15,000 exemption for all homeowners. If you qualify for both the $10,000 exemption for over-65 homeowners and the $10,000 exemption for disabled homeowners (see the following section), you must choose one or the other for school taxes. You cannot receive both. In addition to the $10,000 exemption for school taxes, any taxing unit -- including a school district -- can offer an additional exemption of at least $3,000 for taxpayers age 65 or older. Once you receive an over-65 homestead exemption, you get a tax ceiling for that home on your total school taxes. The school taxes on your home cannot increase as long as you own and live in that home. The tax ceiling is the amount you pay in the year that you qualify for the over-65 homeowner exemption. The school taxes on your home may go below the ceiling, but the school taxes will not be more than the amount of your ceiling. However, your tax ceiling can go up if you improve your home (other than normal repairs or maintenance). For example, if you add a garage or a game room to your home, your tax ceiling can

the same textbooks in which we were taught?!? To some, I know that the plans for the bond seem too much, but our elementary classrooms’ cups runneth over with students. I have 21 desks crammed into my little classroom where I teach grades 6th through 12th English. There are up-n-coming classes that will not fit into my room, because there are more than 21 students in some of those elementary classes. Please understand, I know this is going to cost money for every taxpayer under 65, but it’ll be so worth it! As a single mom, who is also an educator, I am by no means independently wealthy as we all know, but I do the best that I can. I also work faithfully and hard every summer to try to make my ends at least see each other, because Lord knows they will never meet! Clairisa and Aubree Anna, my daughters, will attend Leakey ISD for a few more years, (Clairisa is a junior and she will probably never use the new facilities, and Aubree is in 6th grade), but I am willing to do this because I live and breathe this place every day, and I know it is time. I want to give all the youth of our community, as well as their children, and their children’s children, etc., etc., a place in which to be proud. I’m exhausted with students from other districts making fun of our school or not wanting to come here because of our conditions. This year, my motto to students has been, “Negative actions and attitudes breed negative consequences. Positive actions and attitudes breed positive consequences.” Let’s give our students something positive to build their pride and their desires to achieve greater success than what their parents had. We must show them our sacrifice, so they can live by our example. The bond seems large, but in the whole scheme of things, $6 million is just not that much. I have a few friends who have purchased their homes for 1 - 2 million dollars recently and those homes are not extravagant...they are nice, don’t get me wrong, but they are not 15-room mansions either. I want to personally thank each and every one of you who are supporting this issue. You are our driving force in this community and again I say, “Thank You!” And for those who are undecided or uninformed, please call or talk to someone who is, like a school board member (Charlie Reagor, Shawn Gray, Ruben Navarro, Shane Hohman, Bradley Hart, Bert Gonzalez, Joel Pigg) or our interim superintendent, Dr. Barbara Skipper. Tour our campus to see and learn for yourself, or ask a teacher or student about conditions at the school. It’s time to take care of the children. It’s time to make them proud. If you are not from Leakey, did not go to school here, or did not have your children attend school here, you might not understand, but there are so many of us who do comprehend the situation and are willing to sacrifice. I do not know if it will make a difference to hear my story, one story of someone who has been here over 1/3 of a century, but I felt the need to share. I am so excited, and I can hardly wait to see the positive outcome for our students, which will absolutely bring a positive outcome for our community! It’s time... Analisa Glass


Perry Statement on Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Gov. Rick Perry released the following statement regarding a federal judge ruling Texas’ same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional: “Texans spoke loud and clear by overwhelmingly voting to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman in our Constitution, and it is not the role of the federal government to overturn the will of our

citizens. The 10th Amendment guarantees Texas voters the freedom to make these decisions, and this is yet another attempt to achieve via the courts what couldn’t be achieved at the ballot box. We will continue to fight for the rights of Texans to self-determine the laws of our state.”

LISD School Board Election School Board Election - May 10, 2014

The next election is scheduled for May 10, 2014. Three positions will be up for election. Ruben Navarro, Joel Pigg and Shane Hohman are the three Trustees positions that are up for election. Application Process Applications may be picked up at the Leakey ISD Administration Building, located at 429 N US HWY 83, or download the application for a place on the Leakey ISD General Election Ballot. o The first day to file an application for a place on the ballot is: Wednesday, January 29, 2014. o The last day to file for a place on the ballot is: Friday, February 28, 2014 at 5:00 p.m.

· The term of office for school trustee is three years. · All applications filed are public records and open to inspection upon request. · Completed forms must be filed at the Leakey ISD Administration Building. First day to file for place on the ballot: Wednesday - January 29, 2014 Last day to file for place on the ballot: Friday February 28, 2014 at 5:00 PM Early voting begins: Monday - April 28, 2014 Last day of early voting: Tuesday - May 6, 2014 Last day to receive ballot by mail: Saturday – May 10, 2014 at 7:00 PM Election Date: May 10, 2014

go up. Also, your tax ceiling will change if you move to a new home. When a homeowner who has been receiving the tax ceiling on school taxes dies, the ceiling transfers to the surviving spouse if the survivor is 55 or older and has ownership in the home. The survivor should apply to the appraisal district for the tax ceiling to transfer. The ceiling remains in effect for as long as the spouse lives in the home. A tax ceiling does not expire when the owner conveys the interest in the home to a trust, if the owner-trustor occupies the home. When you no longer live in the home as your permanent residence, you will no longer qualify for the over-65 exemption for the remaining portion of that year. Taxes will be prorated based on the number of days that elapsed after you no longer qualified that home for the exemption to the end of the year. If you purchase another home, you may qualify for the over-65 exemption when you live in the new home as your principal residence. You may transfer the percentage of school tax paid based on your former home’s over-65 school tax ceiling to the new home. For example, if you currently have a tax


Real County voters saw a good turnout for the primary election. 592 voters turned out to vote early and 471 voters hit the polls on election day. In the race for U.S. Senator John Cornyn carried Real County with over 64% of the vote. In other hotly contested races, U.S. State Representative Dist. 21, Lamar Smith garnered 73% of Real County votes. In the Governor’s race Greg Abbott saw over 83% of Real County voters mark

his name. In the State Comptroller’s race Harvey Hilderbran carried Real County with 54% of the vote. George P. Bush carried Real County handily with over 72% of the vote. In the race for State Representative District 53, Andrew Murr lead the night in Real County with over 47% of the vote, double that of his nearest competitor. On all of the referendums Real County voted “Yes” by an overwhelming margin.

Shawn Streib Gray, Broker 830-232-4500 Property 001 : 9.3 ac. Views, underground utilities and sensible restrictions. Borders a large ranch. Owner/Broker. $129,900 Property 002: Gorgeous 4BD/4BA custom home at 482 Camino del Rancho in Concan on 6+ acs. $595,000 HUGE REDUCTION Property 3-6: 1+ ac. Commercial lots Concan. Frontage on US HWY 83. All utilities available. $139,000-$149,000 Property 007: 1570 sq. ft. 3/2 on 5+ acs. Great workshop w/extra living quarters. 435 RR 337 West is a MUST SEE. $196,000 Property 008: Rancho Real hunting tract. 25.61 acres, about 100 yds. from elec! Views, not too hard to access. $60,183 Property 010: 2.61 ac. lot on county rd. just 2 mi. east of Leakey. Covered w/oaks, city water & elec. avail. Great home base for RV! $69,000 Property 011: Very nice 1.2 ac. lot ready for your RV in Frio River Place. Central water & elec. in place. River Access. $92,000 Property 012: Cute 2/1 cabin in Concan sitting on 6.98 unrestricted acres w/Hwy. 83 frontage. Tons of potential! Just $156,000 Property 013 : 96 Canyon Oaks Dr. in Concan. 3BD/3BA 1792 sq. ft. home. Great rental potential $238,000 REDUCED NEWProperty 014: 21 acs. EASY access! Nice hunting property very close to the Frio River. $60,929 NEWProperty 015: Breezy Oaks in Concan. Nicely FURNISHED 4BD/2BA on shaded lot! Good rental. River access. GREAT PRICE $234,900 Property 016: 3BD/2BA on nearly 1⁄2 ac. @ 525 Davis Place in Twin Forks. Beautiful river park and nice, spacious home. $129,000 PENDING Property 017: Whiskey Mountain Inn. 1869 Farmhouse on 17.69 acs. w/6 rental cabins. Gorgeous! $498,500 PENDING Property 018 : 1304 sq. ft. 2BD/2BA on nearly 1 ac. in Reagan Wells. Access to 100+ acs. and over a mile of river! Must see! $115,000 NEWProperty 019: 2 ac. lot in Saddle Mtn. No HOA, mobiles ok! Has water meter, elec. at property. Lots of oaks. $49,000 NEWProperty 020: 3BD/2BA w/best view in Concan! Frio River access, carport w/storage, plenty of parking, patios & decks. $299,000 Property 021: 3 view lots in Canyon Oaks— Concan, TX! 1+ ac. each. Water & elec. available, nightly rentals OK. $39,000 Per Lot Property 022 : INCOME PRODUCING! 2/1 house and 3/2 mobile home. Frio River access + close to Garner State Park. $126,500 REDUCED Property 023: Log cabin on 7+/- acs. Deer Creek Estates. Seasonal creek, remote, pretty views. $10,000 buyer credit! $125,000 REDUCED Property 024: Frio River Place lot. Nearly THREE acres! Water & elec. available. Nice river access. RV usage ok. $109,000 REDUCED Property 025 : RR336 north of Leakey. 17+ acs. West prong of the Frio River on eastern boundary $222,000 REDUCED Property 026-027 : RIVER FRONT! Gorgeous oak and cypress trees, views of the mountains. $225,000 EA. POSSIBLE OWNER FINANCING Property 028 : Frio River Place 1.51 acs. SUPER CLOSE to river. Water system& elec. Nice area. $75,000 POSSIBLE OWNER FINANCING Property 029 : 260 acs. +/- WILL DIVIDE Hwy. frontage, Call Martin for all the details! $4250 per acre Property 030: Rancho Real, 10 ac. of remote land. 4x4 needed. Great hunting or recreational tract. Pretty flat topography. $32,500 PENDING Property 031: Riverfront home in the Frio Pecan Farm! In rental pool. Lots of amenities. $269,000 REDUCED Property 032: 492 E. Main in Leakey. Cute 2BD/ 1BA on half acre lot w/large metal building. End of road privacy. Just $79,900 PENDING Property 033: 5.16 ac. lot near town. City water & elec. Gorgeous views, paved roads, security gate. $84,900 Property 034: 21.62 ac. of rough, rugged country! Great for hunting. 4x4 needed to access. Gorgeous views. $54,050

NEWProperty 035: 35 acs. of great hunting in Spring Country Ranch. Access to spring fed pool. 4x4 needed. No utilities. $104,940 Property 036: 8.65 acs. In Shady Oaks. Private yet minutes from town. Lots of big oaks. Electricity available. $69,000 NEWProperty 037&038: Two 2BD/2BA log cabins in Frio Pecan Farm. Lowest price! Income producing $169,000 each Property 039: Beautiful & spacious 4Bd/3Ba on nearly 1 ac. in Twin Forks. Super floor plan, covered porch, newer constr. $225,000 Property 040: Newer rock home in River Tree. Heavily treed lot, unique touches throughout, outdoor fp, river park. $240,000 REDUCED NEWProperty 041: 199 acs. of superb hunting! Fenced, ag. Exempt, several small springs, pond, old well, elec. close. $498,525 Property 042: Estate size lot in The Ranch. Huge Oak & pecan trees, ag. Exempt, underground elec. Frio access. NICE! $181,000 Property 044-045 : Canyon Oaks/Concan lots. River access, elec./ water available. 1ac. $42,500 per lot Property 046: HUGE 9.72 acre lot in Concan! Best buy around…very private. Only $75,000 Property 047: 1+/- ac. lot Mountain Valley in Concan. Close to golf course, House Pasture, Frio. Rentals OK!!! $89,000 Property 048: 3BD/2BA nice brick home w/ workshop & barn. Emerald Oaks Subdv. 103 Laurel St. $254,500 REDUCED NEWProperty 049: 50 ac @ 172 Cattail Rd off RR337 W. Both sides Patterson Creek, no restrictions, paved road frontage, city water. $325,000 NEWProperty 050: 5+ acres, small cabin, fenced, private with lovely frontage on the West Frio River. All utilities in place. $178,500 Property 051: 3/2 ROCK home on 5+ acs. w/ Patterson Creek frontage& no restrictions. Close to town, great views. $265,000 REDUCED Property 052: 5+ acres just West of Leakey. Fronts on John Buchanan Rd. Bldg. site faces east and is ready to go! $52,500 Property 053: 130+ acs. In Concan. Bear Creek Rd. Both sides of Bear Creek, partially fenced. NO Restrictions. $8,000 per ac. NEWProperty 054:Riverfront lot in Concan. Rentals ok. Decades old hand-crafted stone staircase to river. Heartstone Subdv. $319,000 Property 055: Two adjacent lots in Emerald Oaks Subdivision. Each lot is 1/2 acre. Very nice area. $22,500 EACH Property 056: Lovely newer home on 4 ac. close to town. Views for MILES! Huge porches, custom cabinetry, workshop. $199,000 PENDING Property 057: 10 ac. in Rancho Real. Flat to gently rolling and very secluded. Must have 4x4 for access. Only $40,000 Property 058: 39 ac. in Rancho Real. Big views and great hunting. 4x4 is a MUST to access this property. $79,960 Property 059: Lot #260 in Twin Forks. Very close to Cathedral Park and the beautiful Frio River! Water & Elec. available. $25,000 Property 060: The Ranch Subdivision in Concan. Ag. Exempt residential lot 6+ ACS.w/Frio Access. $133,140 NEWProperty 061:1.22 ac. riverfront lot in Concan. Sits on high bluff. Just beautiful. Nightly rentals ok. Gated entry, paved roads. $299,000 NEWProperty 062:3/4 ac. river access lot in Heartstone Subdivision in Concan. 2 Super river access parks for owners use. $79,000 NEWProperty 063:Heartstone Subdivision in Concan! .88 ac. river access lot w/all underground utilities, paved roads, gated entry. $109,000 Property 064: Two 1+ ac. lots w/Hwy. 83 frontage. No Restrictions. Elec. & city water available. $37,500 each lot. Property 065: 3/2 brick house on RR337. No Restrictions. Currently a successful nightly rental. CLOSE to river. $129,500 REDUCED NEWProperty 066-068: 3 adjacent tracts in Deer Creek Estates—Rio Frio, TX. Beautiful homesites with views! 9-12 acs. $9,000 PER AC


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hill Country Herald Page 3


Real County Sheriff’s Office Weekly Dispatch Report February 23 - March 1, 2014

February 23 - March 1, 2014


2/23/2014 @ • 1019 responded to the intersection of US Highway 83 and TX Highway 41 for a motor vehicle accident 2/26/2014 @

• 1852 responded to the intersection of TX Highway 55 and Third Street for a motor vehicle accident 2/27/2014 @ • 1001 responded to Forest Trail in Leakey for civil service

City of Camp Wood Clean-up

NON-DISCRIMINATION STATEMENT Real County Law Officers James E. Brice, Sheriff Don Gass, Deputy Sheriff Chris Sheridan, Deputy Sheriff Bruce Carr, Deputy Sheriff Jim Wilson, Constable Joe Tolleson, Constable Corporal Jake Sanchez, DPS Highway Patrol Clint Graham, TPWD Game Warden Disclaimer: All print and other visual media is for informational purposes only. This information is considered public information under the Freedom of Information Act and the Public Records Act. Any indication of an arrest is not intended to imply or infer that such individual has been convicted of a crime. All persons are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.



The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) prohibits discrimination in all its programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, and where applicable, sex, marital status, familial status, parental status, religion, sexual orientation, genetic information, political beliefs, reprisal, or because all or part of an individual's income is derived from any public assistance program. (Not all prohibited bases apply to all programs.) Persons with disabilities who require alternative means for communication of program information (braille, large print, audiotape, etc.) should contact USDA's TARGET Center at (202) 730-2600 (voice and TDD). To file a complaint of discrimination, write to USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, 1400 Independence Avenue, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20250-9410, or call 800-795-3272 (voice), or 202720-6382 (TDD). "USDA is an equal opportunity provider, employer and lender".

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Hill Country Telephone Cooperative, Inc. borrows money from the Rural Utilities Service and is an equal opportunity provider and employer. Please contact us at 800-292-5457 or 830-367-5333 for any questions.

Randy L. Crispin ATTORNEY AT LAW P. O. Drawer D – Ingram, Texas 78025 – 830.367.5333 – 800.292.5457 –

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Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 11

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The City of Camp Wood will have a City wide clean up Tuesday, March 11 through Friday, March 14th from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. There are two LARGE containers at the City yard next to the water tower in Camp Wood where citizens can take junk. NO tires or hazardous material such as motor oil, oil filters, antifreeze, batteries, household cleansers, or paint will be accepted. Leaves and brush will be accepted separately. Anyone needing assistance on removing items from the curbside can call city hall to make those arrangements by calling 830597-2265. This clean-up is for the citizens of the City of Camp Wood.

Texas Wins Site Selection Magazine’s 2013 Governor’s Cup Texas has won Site Selection Magazine’s Governor’s Cup for 2013, the fifth time the Lone Star State has received the award under Gov. Rick Perry’s leadership. The award is given annually to the state with the most new and expanded corporate facilities announced over the year. Texas has previously won the Governor’s Cup in 2004, 2005, 2010 and 2012. “States are the laboratories of innovation, and Texas continues to be a beacon of opportunity for job creators and entrepreneurs,” Gov. Perry said. “Over the past 12 years, we’ve built a strong foundation for the future of this state with our low taxes, smart regulation, fair courts and skilled workers. Companies nationally and internationally know that Texas works, and is the best place to live, work, raise a family and own a business.” Texas took the top spot with 657 qualifying projects in 2013. Ohio finished second, with


City of Leakey Mayor: Harry Schneemann Secretary: Dee Dee Wally Office: 830-232-6757 Fax: 830-232-6775 Councilmen: Ken Auld • Hugh Buchanan • Carl Jensen • Jesus Rubio • Bob Bowers Leakey Volunteer Fire Dept.830-232-4005 Frio Canyon EMS, Inc.830-232-5299 City of Camp Wood Mayor: Ben Cox Office: 830-597-2265 Fax: 830-597-5365 Aldermen: Curtis Wilson • Brant Hickman • Sammie Ives •Jesse Chavez • Josh Cox Volunteer Fire Dept:830-597-6100 Camp Wood Library: 830-597-3208 Nueces Canyon EMS: 830-597-4200 City of Sabinal Mayor: Louis Landeros Secretary: Betty Jo Harris Office: 830-988-2218 Councilmembers: Nancy Alvarado, Chuck Van Pelt, Alma Martinez, Linda Musquiz, Eloisa Munoz and Mike Nuckles Sabinal Library 830-988-2911 Sabinal Municipal Judge: Anita Herndon 830-988-2630 Real County County Judge, Garry Merritt 830-232-5304 Real County Attorney, Bobby Jack Rushing 830-232-6461 County/District Clerk, Bella Rubio 830-232-5202 Justice of the Peace Dianne Rogers: 830-232-6630 Justice of the Peace Chris Lacey: 830-597-6129 Sheriff, James Earl Brice 830-232-5201 Tax Assessor-Collector Donna Brice: 830-232-6210 Treasurer, Mairi Gray 830-232-6627 Chief Appraiser Kelley Shults 830-232-6248 Real County Public Library 830-232-5199 Camp Wood Public Library 830-597-3208 Real County Commissioners: Precinct #1: Manuel Rubio Pct.#2: Bryan Shackelford Pct. #3:Gene Buckner Pct.#4: Joe W. Connell, Sr. Real Edwards Conservation & Reclamation District PO Box 807 . Camp Wood, Texas 78833 (830) 597-3322 office Fax (830) 597-3320 email Roland Trees, Board President Joel Pigg, General Manager

480 qualifying projects. Qualifying projects must meet one or more of the following criteria: capital investment of at least $1 million; 50 or more new jobs created; 20,000 or more sq. ft. of new construction. “States that appear on our rankings of top locations for new projects, especially at the top of the ranking, like Texas, are those with the location attributes most in demand by corporate site selectors,” Site Selection editor in chief Mark Arend said. “Areas compete aggressively for capital investment, and Texas’ latest first-place Governor’s Cup finish is evidence of a highly successful economic development strategy.” This award continues a decade-long trend of national recognition for Texas’ economic

strength and job creation under Gov. Perry’s tenure. The state was recently named best business climate by Business Facilities Magazine, most competitive state by Site Selection Magazine, best state to do business by Area Development Magazine and best state for business for nine years in a row by Chief Executive Magazine. Last month, the Texas Taxpayers and Research Association released a report finding Texas’ budget is one of the leanest in the nation, with a strong fiscal outlook for the future. Global Trade Magazine also recently named Texas the top state for global trade, noting the state’s commitment to low regulatory burdens and wealth of global enterprises.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Leakey Hoops Season Comes To An End Leakey Hoops saw lots of great action on Saturday during the End of the Season tournament. 52 boys and girls came out for the season and with every game they improved. We are excited to continue watching these boys and girls as they get older! Lots of volunteers went into making Leakey Hoops first season a success. From our boys high school coaches refereeing, to some of our high school players coaching, to some of our junior high boys keeping score and running the clocks- Leakey Hoops wouldn’t be a success without you all. We appreciate the Saturdays that y’all spent helping these young hoopsters learn more about the game and enjoy being out on the court playing. The coaches are Hayley Bates, Sofia Rodriguez, Miranda Cave, Daisy Fick, Joanie Eliott, Kensee Auld, Rylan Springer, Lorenzo Rodriguez, Will Stewart, Isaiah Chavez, Anthony Chavez, Tim Wright and Quinten Pigg. Thank you also to Damian Gonzalez, Haden Hart, Coleman Kerr, Laryd Dugat, Hudson Springer, Rafael Rodriguez, Hailey Hart, Dimitri Perez and Tristan Troch for helping keep score and running the clocks. A great

by Amy Springer

big thanks goes out to Gretchyn Lopez for spending countless hours in the concession stand. Thank you to Brad Hart and his crew for smoking the briskets for us for the concessions. They were delicious! Many thanks to Mrs. Alma Gonzalez and Cassiopeia Salazar for providing the tortillas for the brisket tacos. We also want to give a shout out to Mr. and Mrs. Will Bourland and The Buckstop for providing pizzas for our volunteers on Saturday. Your generosity is very much appreciated. Until next season, keep on dribbling! Below are pictures of our tournament champions. In our younger division, Leakey Longhorns took first place. They are from left to right: Nataleigh Blalock, Saac Blalock, Fisher Rimkus and Autumn Wilson. The Longhorns were coached by Sofia Rodriguez. In our older division, Leakey Thunder took first place From left to right: Maggie Phillips, Paige Elliott, Alex Buenelos, Cody Wooten and Wylden Hubbard. The team was coached by Hayley Bates and Isaiah Chavez.


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Real County Extension Office News by Laci Bostic


We have everything you need for this year’s deer season, corn, feeders, proteins and much more! Plus we now have camping supplies!

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Congressman Lamar Smith recently spoke with upper classman at Leakey ISD. Smith reviewed his duties in Washington D.C. and the importance of being active members of your community.

Ana Contreras

Ana is the daughter of Antonio Contreras. She has one sister and two brothers. Her family moved from Zacatecas, Mexico, to Leakey, Texas, and she and her siblings attended Leakey ISD for the past ten years. Throughout those years, she has participated in FCCLA, FFA, band, and is currently participating in the Spanish Club as the historian. She enjoys tutoring bilingual children with anything that is helpful for them to use here and also use outside of school. She plans to get her bachelor’s degree as an ESL teacher and maybe a second endorsement in Photography. In the fall, she will attend either SWTJC or Alamo Colleges in San Antonio to get her basics before transferring to a four year university.

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Mexican Restaurant (830) 232-6111

Jimmy Albarado III Alma Albarado Owners Hwy 83 Downtown Leakey, Texas

held at 12 Noon on Sunday the 9th at the Real County 4-H Shooting Complex on Stanford-Hollow Road. Any community volunteers that would like to help out are more than welcome. For entry forms and rule sheets please contact Laci Bostic at the Real County Extension Office (830) 232-6673.


Job Site Delivery Blueprint Take-offs Door/Window Take-offs

Mama Chole’s

San Angelo Livestock Show Hayley Bates: 8th Place; Class 1 Fine Wool Lambs 6th Place; Class 1 Fine Wool Cross Lambs In other news: The 1st Annual Real County Predator Calling Contest is being held on March 8th-9th. The check-in will be held at 12 Noon on Saturday the 8th and weigh-in will be

Yasmeen Monique Perez

Senior Yasmeen Monique Perez, is 18 years old, and the daughter of Kelly Ann Perez .She has a sister Sasha Lee Perez. Silvia Perez and Nacho Perez are her grandparents that she fondly remembers. She has been in FCCLA and FFA for two years. She also joined the cheerleading squad and entertained the crowds as the Eagle mascot for two years. She has also been a player on the basketball team for two years. After high school ,she plans to attend college at Alamo Colleges in San Antonio and work toward a degree in counseling.

Mackenzie Wade

UTOPIA RECYCLES Recycling Services for residents and visitors Bring your Plastic, Paper, Cardboard, Tin and Aluminum Cans

Tue./Thurs./Sat. 9 AM – 2 PM

For more information and directions to the recycling center go to Call Claudia @ 830-966-5566

Mackenzie Wade was born in Kerrville and lived there until 2004. In 2006 ,she and her family moved to the small town of Leakey. “Mack” as her friends call her, is the youngest of five girls; Her older sister Jillian Wade also graduated from Leakey. She is the daughter of Kenneth and the late Sharron Wade. Her father currently works at Brune Charter school. Mackenzie has participated in volleyball, basketball, and track throughout high school. She is historian and photographer for student council this year. She hopes to attend UTSA and to major in fine arts and have a future in graphic design or photography.


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William Harwood Valerie Venzor 6TH Ayden Galindo Aubree Glass Casey Jones Kalin Kerr Gabriel Leiker Cody Wooten 7TH Larry Dugat Rafael Rodriguez Hudson Springer Brianna Webb 8TH Liberty Davis Damian Gonzalez Coleman Kerr Ryan Lopez Filiberto Medina Satera Perez 9TH Tatum Dean Heidi Dugat Jake Gray David Hocker Maycee Webb

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hill Country Herald Page 5

Nueces Canyon Panther Band News

By Director Freddy Falcon

NCHS at Regional Team Tennis Tournament

By Coach Brandy Sweeten

Congratulations to the Elementary 5th and 6th grade Panther Band members who competed at the Hondo Invitational Solo/Ensemble Contest. All the students received a Division I (Superior Rating) for their Individual Solo Performance. The students worked hard for this event and were very well prepared. The students who competed were as follows; On Flute: Helen Perez and Kim Stults. On Clarinet: Jasmine Carrillo, Eneida Garza, Nacole Hale and Lily Quintero. On Alto Saxophone: Analee Carabajal, Jaleen

Cook, Grace Luce and Harleigh Patterson. On Trumpet: Shania Falcon, Paige Elliot, Layne Hicks, YaYa Onate and Leslie Taylor. On Trombone: Cadence Balderas, Zoe Carnes, Kambryn Deleon and Cortney Wright. On Baritone: Caiden Childs. On Mallets: Maddie Williams. On Percussion: Reagan Fox, Fabian Hernandez and Cheyenne Whipkey. Band Director Mr. Freddy Falcon would like to thank all his band students for their hard work and continued dedication to our band program.

NCJH Tennis Team at Knippa Dual & Uvalde JH Tennis Tournaments

February 28th and March 1st, the Swinging Panthers competed in the Regional Team Tennis Tournament held at three sights: Hondo, Sabinal, and Knippa. N.C. did not have nearly enough for a full team, so they combined with a short-handed Utopia squad just so they could get a practice tournament under their belts. Panther tennis players were: Ethan Tinsley, Josh Shearer, Nikki Ramirez, and Meagan Prather. They had good chemistry with the Buffaloes and received plenty of contacts as each player played both a singles match and a doubles for three rounds. The first round was against 2-A Ingram. The larger team was too much for N.C. and Utopia and Ingram advanced into the next round easily. The second round was much more competitive. The Panthers and Buffs squared off against the Angoras of Rocksprings. The win and

By Coach Stacy Fairchild

Nueces Canyon JH Tennis team headed to Knippa for their dual with the Knippa JH tennis players on Monday afternoon on Feb. 24. Our JH players got to play many rounds of tennis, getting quite a bit of practice in. The final score after all rounds were played was Nueces Canyon 12 and Knippa 11. Nueces Canyon JH Tennis team then headed to the Uvalde Tournament for the doubles day on Friday, February 28. It was a very long day for the panther team, but all athletes played very well. Myah Rodriguez and Mandie Carabajal were teamed up and won their first match at 8-7 then went on to play their second match, but lost that 7-8. Kyle Floyd and Caleb Baker teamed up and had a buy for their first round then headed into the second round, but lost to their opponents at 5-8. For their next round, they ended up with a loss at 1-6. Samantha Threadgill and Lacee Jones teamed up and lost their first match at 0-8, and then headed into their next round for a

win of 6-2. The girls were lined up to play for consolation, but lost their final match at 3-6. Amanda White and Tori Carabajal were on fire winning their first match 8-3 then winning their next match 8-3 again. The girls were lined up to play for the first and second spot. The girls gave it their all, but ended their match losing 2-8 bringing home second place over all. Zavey Acosta and Megan Sifuentes teamed up in the mixed doubles division drawing a by the first round, but then headed into the second round winning their first match 8-0. Next, they played again winning their match 80 for a second time. They played for the first and second spot in mixed doubles and wound up bringing home first place over all with a match of 8-3. All tennis players did very well for our first tournament of the season and look forward to many more dual matches to better their tennis game before District.

the 4 by 100 relay team of Joseph White, Preston Nevarez, Nathan Carleton, and Reagan Luce finished 6th place. The High School Panther track teams for the 2014 season are: Ben Carabajal, Nathan Carleton, Dakota Davila, Isaiah De Leon, Will Evans, Aaron Gonzales, Reagan

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Siera Edwards, Priscilla Gonzales, Nikki Milliorn · 800 meter relay – 2nd – Aurelia Lara, Siera Edwards, Gabby Irwin, Priscilla Gonzales · 1600 meter relay – 5th – Jayden Aguilera, Priscilla Gonzales, Siera Edwards, Nikki Milliorn · Jayden Aguilera – 800 meter run · Natalie Vargulish – 3200 meter run, 1600 meter run · Danielle Irwin – shot put · Bethany Fisher – shot put, 100 meter dash



By Coach Oscar Aguilera

Luce, Anthony Martinez, Preston Nevarez, Josh Rodriguez, and Joseph White. Coaches are Coach Marquardt and Coach Aguilera. Please come out and support our Panthers!

By Coach Roe Burleson

· Joana Valenzuela – 3200 meter run, 1600 meter run · Haylee Chavez – 400 meter dash, 200 meter dash · Madelyn Martinez – 200 meter dash · Tyanna Schexnider – 400 meter dash · Brandee Jones – 100 meter dash · Vivica White – 100 meter dash The next meet for the girls is the NC Relays on Thursday, March 6th. Come out and support these young athletes as they represent our community.

Texas Public School Week Tribute to our Founders By Tena Taylor

Texans have historically valued education. Early in the history of the state, in 1854, The Common School Law of 1854 provided for the first state public school system in Texas. Beginning early in the settlement of Nueces Canyon, many small schools were formed by citizens in the area who knew the importance of education. Over time, these smaller school systems merged into our current school district. The success of the

Nueces Canyon Consolidated Independent School District is firmly built on these longstanding values. Today NCCISD is a vibrant force for education in the canyon. Our Mission statement and slogan sum up the districts dedication: The mission of Nueces Canyon CISD is to collaborate with our families and community in order to prepare students for the future and equip them with 21st century

Fax: (512) 443-3640


NCHS Girls Track Team at La Pryor Relays The N.C. Girls’ track team traveled to La Pryor on Thursday, February 27th, scoring 84 points to finish 3rd in a field of 10 teams. Results for the meet are as follows: · Nikki Milliorn – 2nd in the shot put, 3rd in the long jump, 4th in the 400 meter dash · Siera Edwards – 1st in the pole vault · Aurelia Lara – 4th in the long jump · Gabby Irwin – 3rd in the 200 meter dash, 4th in the high jump · Aspen Winston – 3rd in the 300 meter hurdles · 400 meter relay – 2nd – Aurelia Lara,



NCHS Boys Track Team at LaPryor Meet The Panthers High School Boys Track team traveled to the La Pryor invitational track meet on, Thursday February 27th. Starting the track season with a 2nd place in the shot put was Isaiah De Leon with a throw of 38 feet. Reagan Luce came in 3rd in the long jump with a jump of 19’ 4” and

loss numbers were pretty dead even as Utopia\N.C. took care of the girls’ side, and Rocksprings racked up on the boys’ side. Big Blue’s own Prather won a clean match in straight sets. However, the Angoras got the edge by winning the mixed doubles and Ramirez’s singles match with a tight {8-10} loss in a super tie-breaker to grab the victory 11 - 8. For N.C.\Utopia’s final round, they met up with Dilley. This round too proved to be a close one. As for the Panthers, Nikki Ramirez redeemed herself and helped the cause by teaming with a Buffalo in girls doubles to win (6-1) (6-3), and then again in her singles match to win a late pro-set (8-3). The team combo grabbed their first victory with the last round winning 11 - 8 to end on a good note.

skills. Rigorous instruction will be provided and an emphasis will be placed on preparing our students to be independent thinkers. NCCISD students will be ready for college and career opportunities and will become productive, respectful, and confident citizens who understand the value of serving others. Purpose, Power, Passion, Pride...Preparing Panthers for the Future!

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014


by Billie Franklin



Pest & Termite Control Tree Spraying Lawn Treatment

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New Tradition There is going to be a send off for Tommy Salazar who is going into the service. This is the beginning of a new tradition that Juan and Rachael Gutierrez and all the teens at The Lounge hope to continue. It will be held on March 9 at 3:30 pm in front of Brown’s Deli and Gifts. If you can, join the crowd and support our new recruit with a special send off. Just a hint, the color scheme is red, white, and blue. Contact person is Juan Gutierrez. If you or someone you love has decided to join the service, let the people at The Lounge know so they too can be honored in this special way. Chamber of Commerce The March 3 meeting for the Sabinal Chamber of Commerce will be held at Rustic Charm at 7 pm. If you have an item for the agenda, the number to call is 426-0121. The Chamber is proud to announce their membership is now 40 strong. Vision for Sabinal There will be a community, planning workshop which will be held on Tuesday March 18 at 7 pm in City Hall. It is open for any civic minded citizens or organizations to attend. The purpose of the workshop is to identify, organize, and state objectives for the City in the hopes of forming a vision for our City for the next ten years. This is an opportunity to state what you want and possibly could lead to it happening. This is a part of the Planning and Capacity Building Fund Contract recently awarded the City of Sabinal through a grant application made by Carl Esser of Esser and Company of Uvalde. Mark your calendars to attend this very civic-minded meeting. Restrooms Report The Sabinal Civic Club and the Sabinal Lions Club are anxiously awaiting new restrooms for Wild Hog Festival and for future events. On Monday, masons were hard at work to complete the building adjacent to the pavilion. The outside restroom walls, in the picture to the left, are completed. By the time the paper is out, all walls should be done and roofing will be next. Heads Up All you Christians, Daylight Savings Time begins on Sunday. This is the real tough one because if we don’t get to bed early, we will either miss church altogether or wake up early and barely make it on time. This is your warning.

First Baptist Mid Winter Night Life for the young people had 39 young people register and 25 or 26 attending on the average each night. There are some young people going to Camp Eagle in Rocksprings during Spring Break. The youth are under the direction of interim pastor Joe Redus. First United Methodist The Ash Wednesday service will be held at 6: 30 pm tonight. World Day of Prayer will be held in the sanctuary on Friday at 4 pm. Refreshments will follow in the Education building. St. Patrick Catholic Ash Wednesday Mass schedule will be at St. Patrick at 4:30 pm; at St. Joseph in Knippa at 6 pm; and at St. Patrick at 8 pm. The Way of the Cross is held every Friday at 6 pm. Mass follows at 6:30 pm. Also there will be no classes for First Communion students on Ash Wednesday. Confirmation students, along with a parent or sponsor, need to attend a mandatory retreat on Sunday, March 9 from 8 am to 10:45 am, followed by Mass. This is for all confirmation students. No CCD classes will be held during Spring Break. Every first Friday of the month, the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament awaits you. Exposition is from 8 am to 6:20 pm and the Mass begins at 6:30 pm. On Saturday, March 15, St. Joseph’s Church in Knippa will hold a brisket plate sale in the Uvalde Tractor Supply parking lot from 11 am to 2 pm. Tractor Supply is located on the left, just before you cross the Leona River into downtown Uvalde. Cost is $7 a plate. A Real Rumor Often when I hear a really fabulous tale, it turns out to be a rumor. This time however, it is not a rumor. A movie is coming to Sabinal. It is a low budget movie from a small company from Austin. They want to film a story “DisAssociationVille” which is a story about family dynamics with an unusual twist. They will be filming in May and June of this year. If you have a business that you would like to see as backdrop for this company, contact Javier R. Flores at the Chamber of Commerce at 426-0121. Leave a message and they will get back to you. Being low budget, no money will exchange hands. These people have friends who live in Sabinal, have visited them in the past, and learned to love our little town. Let’s give them a chance.

Senior Center The Sabinal Senior Citizens Center will be having some children from the school come at about 11 a.m. on Friday to sing some songs for our enjoyment. Regulars are welcome, others pack a sandwich and come by to enjoy the children as they perform. They have done this in the past, and they put on a great show. Birthday Party

Zachary Paul, son of Rachael Paul of Sabinal and Jason Paul of Rio Vista, celebrated his 13th birthday on Saturday evening in St. Patrick Parish Hall. Maternal grandparents are Joe and Soila Rodriguez of Sabinal and paternal grandparents are Johnny and Denise Paul of Rio Vista. Music was provided by Liz and Friends. Over a hundred family and friends gathered to sing Happy Birthday to the lucky young man. There were two cakes, one with a basketball in the center, the other with a baseball, both of which represent Zac’s interests. Spirit of ‘45 Having been asked the daunting task of writing a story about our “Greatest Generation”, the veterans of World War II, I hope to write an article each week and will gladly travel to your town. If you know of someone that I don’t know to ask for an interview, please contact me at (830) 9883258 or (830) 275-1834, or drop me a line at P O Box 1245, Sabinal, zip code 78881. There is a marker in the Sabinal Veteran’s Memorial Park with the names of those men and boys whose stories will never be told. So many did so much, giving their lives. My objective is to tell the story of the veterans still living, and about how they became truly the greatest generation of their time. The articles will culminate on the second Sunday in August of 2015, which has been set aside by Congress in recognition of the 70th anniversary of WWII.


Mayor Louis A. Landeros, Jr. called the regular meeting of the Sabinal City Council to order at 7:00 p. m. On February 24, 2014, with the following aldermen, staff and visitors present: Mike Nuckles, Nancy Alvarado, Chuck Van Pelt, Alma Martinez, Eloisa Muniz, Jesse Rios, Betty Jo Harris, Jesus Reyes, Kevin Persyn, Rose Alvarado, Nora Narvaiz, Carl Esser, Javier R. Flores, Pancho Schmidt, Billy Kring, Elizabeth Kring, Monty Benson, Juan Gutierrez, Freddy Aviles, Lupe De Leon, Lupita De Leon, Israel Martinez, Betty Mathis, And 830-597-5111 Dorothy Howard. Rosalinda Musquiz was Downtown Camp Wood, TX 78833 absent. The invocation was led by Betty Jo Harris; the pledge was led by Mayor Landeros. Mayor landeros welcomed everyone to the meeting, especially Nancy Alvarado, who has lost her husband, Former Mayor Henry Hwy. 90 West Alvarado. All stood and gave her a round of Uvalde, Texas applause. On a motion by Van Pelt and second by DON WILLEMIN Nuckles, all five voted to approve the Bentonite Dealer accounts payable as presented. There was no 830-278-1308 Shop Pond/Tank Sealer one signed up for citizen comments. 830-278-9663 Home Sell-Buy-Rent Carl Esser asked that the council hold a 830-591-3008 or Heavy Machinery workshop to decide what the greatest needs 830-591-8314 Mobile of the community are for the planning and building grant. On a motion by Martinez and second by Muniz, all five voted to have the workshop on March 18, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. The next item on the agenda was concering why Mark Mc Dowell had been granted water when it had been voted to not give him water service. Mayor Landeros stated that the vote was taken with the Water Harvesting & information we had, it Reclamation did not appear that the city could service Mr. Mc Dowell with good pressure. Later, however, when Kevin Persyn and Darrell Accredited Professional Smart reviewed the

Casa Falcon





Roofing, Seamless Gutters and All Types of Construction

findings, they stated that there were not as many customeers connected as previously thought. Muniz said the Mayor could have had the courtesy to at least phone council members. Landeros stated so many things come across his desk and have to be decided on a daily basis. He tries to go by protocol. The ordinance regarding water taps states that the decision is made by the public works director. Pena also said that it should have been revoted. Martinez stated she had called the attorneys at TML. They stated that the Mayor could not overturn the vote. Landeros stated that it was done on a second opinion. Martinez said it is like the council doesn’t count for anything. Pena stated that there is a resolution that he prepared about policies and procedures for Mayor and council; but the council did not see fit to pass it. The mayor said he was sorry. Muniz said ok. Van Pelt moved and Nuckles seconded to void the first vote and say the customer has approved service. Voting for were Nuckles and Van Pelt; voting against were Alvarado and Martinez; abstaining was Muniz. Mayor Landeros voted for. Motion passed. Billy Kring explained about the small, independent film company that wants to film some scenes in our town on May 24, June 8, June 14 And June 21, 2014. It would help to promote Sabinal. Pena thought there should be a letter agreement with the Mayor. Everyone was favorable to have them here. They will also work with Chief Reyes and the school. There was no action taken. Mayor Landeros read the agenda headings regarding the repairs at the rodeo arena and forming a park committee. Javier Flores, president of the chamber of commerce, said there are youth rodeo groups that would like to use the arena if upgrades are there. The chutes are broken; but the grounds look good. On a motion by Van Pelt and second by Nuckles, all five voted to allow the chamber to form a committee and the city will vote at the next meeting. The chutes that the county has offered were also discussed. Betty Mathis spoke for the civic club about the restroom project at Veteran’s Memorial Live Oak Park. She stated that the civic club has about $11,000.00 Which will be spent up front on the construction. About half has already been expended. Then the

February 24, 2014

city will go into the designated debt service funds of $10,000.00 (This year). The walls are going up now. The civic club has one more fund raiser, a raffle. The way things are going, they hope to be finished by Wild Hog Festival. The original restrooms will be the women’s; the new construction will be the men’s Van Pelt stated that we appreciate the work of the civic club. He said he is glad to see organizations working for the betterment of the city. Javier Flores talked about the useage of “HOT TAX” by the chamber. He passed out rack cards they have had made. They highlight Sabinal only. The chamber now has thirty eight members. The web site, is up. They hope to have new city maps, assist the Lions with wild hog, reinvent cypress day with the fire department, banners on the light standards. Muniz asked about a banner across highway 90. Flores stated that they can not do that unless a lot of information is placed on the banners. Monty Benson commended the civic club, chamber and fire department. He said this is the most progressive group he has seen here in ten years. The item regarding the adult businesses ordinance was discussed. Benson again noted that (map) the area outlined in blue, those businesses would not be allowed (churches, schools, day cares) the part outlined in red would be where the businesses could locate. Landeros stated to give the information to Mr. Pena. Pena said the city needs to zone. But you can not have zoning without a comprehensive plan, Chapter 211, Texas Government Code. Benson stated he had not been told before tonight that you couldn’t do it with an ordinance. After more discussion, Muniz moved and Alvarado seconded to reject ordinance 2013-12. Voting for were Muniz and Alvarado. Voting against were Nuckles and Van Pelt. Abstaining was Martinez. Attorney Pena stated that the motion failed. The proposed ordinance is not rejected out of hand. On a motion by Alvarado and second by Muniz, all five voted to adjourn at 9:25 p.m. Mayor Landeros announced a benefit for Ben Mireles on March 9th at the city park.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fawcetts Laid Solid Foundation In Community by Irene Van Winkle

Vickie and Robert Love, owners of Sunrise Antique Mall at 820 Water with modern merchandise of the line.” Street in Kerrville, began a huge three-day “all-out” celebration Grinstead sang W.A.’s praises as a businessman: today, commemorating 100 years of their historic building, which “He doesn’t believe in luck, but he knows that all stable business originally was the W. A. Fawcett Furniture Company. concerns are founded on pluck, the sand to hang on, and the nerve to “My husband Robert and I are so pleased to be a part of its history,” stay after it begins to hurt.” Vickie said excitedly. “He’s lived here all his life, except for four He touted his “square dealing ... and the unspoken guarantee of years, and collects history. To him, it means the world to own this reliability and fairness behind the purchase.” building and be part of that history. He’s put his blood, sweat and W.A. also founded the First State Bank and Hill Country Savings tears into it.” and Loan. His brother, Ralph Branson, came to work at the furniture The business first began modestly a century ago, started by Willis store during 1915-1917. Another sibling, William Charles “Bill,” Augustus “W.A.” Fawcett. It thrived and grew, and though changed, established another Fawcett Furniture store in San Antonio. There it still remains visible in the heart was even a Fawcett Drug Store of downtown Kerrville. in Johnson City. W.A.’s lineage still remains a The Petersons’ other children viable entity, with generations also made many contributions of of his descendants who live and their own, and W.A was involved. thrive in the Hill Country. Family He was the third board president members include numerous of the Peterson Foundation, cousins, such as W.A. Fawcett and served on the Sid Peterson III, Jim and Scott Stehling, Betsy Memorial Hospital board. Rhoden and Bill Womack, who He was Mayor of Kerrville treasure their heritage. It goes (1940-1944); he also served as far, far back, to the Fawcetts who alderman, as president of the arrived in Ulster, Ireland, either school board and the Chamber as French Huguenots, or from of Commerce, and was on the England. Schreiner Institute board. Joseph Fawcett, Sr. (ca. 1710W.A. “Bud” Fawcett III, who 1776) was born in Ireland, and was born the same year his married Margery Walsh. He grandfather died, lives in Ingram. was the first in his line cited in His sister, Sally Powell, taught at a family history who came to Willis Augustus “W.A.” (1878-1953) and Cornelia Peterson Fawcett, known as a private school in San Antonio. America in 1735-36 with his wife “Big Daddy” and “Big Momma,” brought their first child, William Charles, to Bud’s wife, Mary Clare Murray, Kerrville in 1903. Fawcett built his furniture store on Water Street 100 years ago, shortly after their marriage. teaches at Tom Daniels, and he They moved to Pennsylvania and after buying out his employer. W.A. later expanded it, then founded an insurance works for KPUB. company, a bank and a savings and loan company. He was even the mayor of then to Virginia. Joseph fought in Kerrville and served on many boards. “I remember that the whole the Indian Wars of 1758. His son, family would get together every Joseph, Jr. (?-1844), was listed living in Shenandoah County, Va. in Saturday night,” Bud said. 1784. He married Lucretia Key(e)s and they had 11 children, and Bud’s father, W.A. “Bubba” (who died in 1995), married Ethel among them, was Willis (1809-1878). Williams, whose father owned the original store where W.A., Sr. Willis married his first wife, Susan Stabler of Missouri, in 1834, first worked and later bought out. In WWII, he flew for the Royal Air and the couple moved to Texas (DeWitt or Travis Co.) aboard a Force. Ethel was very active in historical organizations, and Bubba Confederate blockade runner headed for Port Lavaca and the Powder worked for “Boss” Peterson as a private pilot and hunting guide Horn during the Civil War. He was County Clerk in DeWitt County at Boss’s Camp Eagle on the Divide. “Bubba killed more deer for (1868-76), and postmaster of Clinton, the county seat until his death. more guest hunters than anybody at Camp Eagle,” Jim said. Cornelia His younger brother, Erasmus Rigney “E.R.” (1812-1868) was also Delta, W.A.’s youngest child, wed Martin F. Stehling, Sr., who born in Virginia, and became a tanner. He wed Ann Elizabeth Pride operated Fawcett Insurance later. “The Stehlings were freighters, Hill in Sumter County, Ala. in 1846. In about 1849, they moved to early pioneers who settled in Fredericksburg in the 1800s with a the Scott Plantation in Kemper County, Miss., where all their children team of oxen. They kept their coals hot along the trip to help make were born. By 1867, the family had moved to Gonzalez County, fires at night,” Jim said. Grandfather Rudolph was the oldest of 18 Texas, and by the fall, E.R. bought 200 acres to farm. Both E.R. children. Martin “Scott” Stehling is an attorney, who now focuses on and his wife died by 1868. Left behind were the surviving children: civil litigation. He lives in Kerrville with his wife, Julia Wendell, and Francis “Frank” Scott (1849-1934), Bransonia “Brancie,” Joseph had practiced criminal law earlier. A graduate of UT, he said he was Curtis, Robert MacMahan and Erasmus Keyes. Frank and “Brancie” the first in line after getting his bar exam results to pick up his license raised their younger siblings. Frank married Emma Luvenia Elder — on April Fool’s Day. Scott also said he had met actress Farrah of Alabama in 1877, whose parents, Phillip Tignor and Sarah Susan Fawcett, who dated his fraternity brother, but they never established Wilson Elder, moved to nearby Cheapside. whether their families were related. He was involved in the case of The next year, Frank inherited 160 acres in Blanco County after his the 1992 murder of millionaire Edmund James at a ranch near Camp uncles, B.K. and Niles were murdered. That year, W.A. was born Wood, on which the book “Gun Crazy” by Hamilton Brooks and Ann in Gonzalez County on the farm. Afterwards came Oscar, George, Gaddis is based. Scott successfully defended Martin Sweeten, one of Ernest, Earl, Carl Cleveland, Delta, Claud P., Leslie, Ralph Branson, three men accused in the crime. His brother, Jim, took over Fawcett Sara Elizabeth “Lizzie,” Blanton Elder, Ethel T. and Pearl. Insurance from their father, who died in 1997. Martin was in WWII At the age of 16, W.A attended Trinity College (now the university and appeared in a 1940 Kerrville Mountain Sun photo of soldiers in in San Antonio) in Tehuacana. After a year, he returned to the farm the Third Battalion, HQ Battery, 33rd Field Artillery, a week before and worked for a year to pay back his tuition. In 1896, he returned to they left for a year’s training in Camp Bowie — along with Silas college for another year, but became impatient at how long it would Lowrance, Max and Paul Grona, Chester Rees, Franklin Meeker and take to get a degree rotating school and work. W.A. got a letter from Earl Garrett. Erasmus Keyes Fawcett in Del Rio, who owned a large sheep ranch Jim, who lives in Hunt, married Lisa Grothaus, and retired from the at the mouth of Devil’s River — “I need a man. Come on out and I’ll insurance business. Fawcett’s changed to First Insurance of the Hill give you a job,” he wrote. E.K., according to W.A.’s grandson, Bill Country after merging with partners Jack Furman (who passed away Womack, lost his parents when he was just 2 years old. He came to recently) and Virgil Justice, the one active partner. Now Jim works the Del Rio area when he was 17, and survived by living in Centipede part-time at Scott Schreiner Municipal Golf Course — “It’s the job Cave. He eventually ended up owning a 63,000-acre spread! he waited 35 years for,” quipped Scott. Taking E.K’s offer, W. A. traveled 200 miles there, and was put in Catching up on the earlier years, the family’s ties kept growing: charge of the other men. He plied ranching for four years and then, his Albert Duderstadt of Mountain Home married W.A.’s sister, Ethel, life changed. Cornelia Peterson was the youngest of William Caswell and his brother Ernest married Ethel’s sister, Elizabeth, in Cheapside. and Lucy Wright Peterson’s 11 children, and lived in Cheapside near Charles Henry Johnston, son of Thomas and Annie Murr, moved to E K.’s ranch. She was Sid Peterson’s baby sister, and was Hal “Boss” Kerrville around 1905. He married Elizabeth Noll, and their son, and Charlie’s aunt. Charles II, married W.A.’s daughter, Josephine Fawcett. Their child, Cornelia married W.A. in 1900, settling on a ranch on the Devil’s Betsy, wed Alton Rhoden. Charles II was a quarterback for Tivy in River near Del Rio. Son William Charles was born a year later, but the 1930s, and later bought the GM dealership, Peterson Motors, his health was poor, so they moved to Kerrville where Cornelia’s from “Boss.” It was located where the hospital parking garage is parents had moved in 1882. In later years, the family called them now. Now, the GM dealer is Cecil Atkission Motors. “Big Daddy” and “Big Momma.” W.C. later married Norma Walther, Alton was the Tivy quarterback, too, but in 1958. He sold real estate whose father was a famous author. Benjamin Franklin Baker of and had a grass farm on Bandera Highway. Gonzalez County moved to Kerrville in 1904, “possibly influenced Betsy worked for MHMR in Kerrville. She fondly remembers by the Petersons.” His son, Sidney, was killed in WWI, and the family holidays. “Next week,” she said, “on Thanksgiving Day, we downtown street was named in his honor. will all get together as we do every year. There will be 49 of us this Over the next 17 years, the Fawcetts had six more children: Frances year. It’s crowded, but it’s fun.” Lois married Truett C. Moore of Scott, Lois Gladys, Dorothy Marie, Josephine Lucille, W.A., Jr., and Atascosa Co., and their daughter, Barbara Ann McGee of Houston, Cornelia Delta. By 1902, W.A. had started working at W.E. Williams’ is the oldest surviving cousin. After Lois’s death in 1936, T.C. furniture store on Water Street, and soon he bought half-interest in married Pearl Elder. He worked for Fawcett Furniture starting in it. According to the July, 1925 edition of “Grinstead’s Graphic,” a 1947. Francis “Scott” went to Schreiner Institute, and also served monthly feature section by “J.E.” James Edward Grinstead, (who in WWII. He was in a bad automobile wreck, and although he lived, also published The Kerrville Mountain Sun), Williams told a man “Big Momma’s” hair turned white overnight. that W.A. was a bit green in the business — “He don’t know a kitchen Dorothy Marie married Mark Womack, and their son, Bill, was born safe from a wardrobe.” But he was a quick learner, and motivated. in Abilene. His parents moved to Kerrville when he was in the sixth The 1,800-square-foot building had once been a “pioneering grade. Bill, who has a sister, Sarah, married Irene Fisher, and worked homestead.” It had a stack chimney between the two front rooms, for NCR computers for years. He has retired to Kerrville, and owns where, Grinstead said, “neighboring merchants used to congregate a ranch by Hunt on the old Fisher/Real property. He said even when on frosty mornings and swap yarns.” The venture proved successful, he was away, he came back home every holiday he could. As one of and the business continued to prosper, so by 1904, W.A. bought the older grandchildren, he can remember W.A. Williams out, establishing W.A. Fawcett Furniture Company. In “I have fond memories of my grandfather taking me hunting,” Bill 1907, Grinstead said, the “old wooden shack” came down and was said. “He took me out to Hugo Real’s ranch, and to the Kelly Creek replaced by a new store, boasting 3,000 square feet on the ground Ranch by Camp Waltonia. He built a little rock house at Kelly Creek. floor. The upper floor was used for meetings. The newspaper One time, I was riding a horse, and there was a dynamite explosion. carried notices weekly of civic groups which met in Fawcett’s Hall, I got pitched off the horse and broke my arm.” He also spoke of including Woodmen of the World, the Women’s Circle, and the W.A.’s ranching skills. “He raised sheep, and when he found a dead Sisters of Pythias. Fawcett’s also ran little ads, such as, “See us for one, he’d immediately build a fire and dispose of it, instead of letting refrigerators and ice boxes, both new and second-hand,” and “We it rot,” Bill said. He added that as a devout Christian, W.A. was an carry Perolin, the ideal dustless sweeping powder. Try a 10 lb. can, elder in the Presbyterian Church, and was instrumental in negotiating only 60 cents.” In 1907, W.A. tore the first building down and built a on behalf of the church when it bought Mo-Ranch in Hunt. Other brand new store on the exact spot. The phone number to the store was memories Bill shared were of sitting in the prime location — the 4. In addition to the furniture store, he also founded Fawcett Insurance second-floor window — at Fawcett’s during the Jaycees’ July Agency in 1912, located next door. By 1914, the furniture company 4th Rodeo Parade. “That was a real prize to be W.A. Fawcett’s began occupying its second floor entirely and then five years later, grandchild.” When W.A. was the mayor of Kerrville in 1943, the an addition increased the store’s floor space to 9,000 square feet. airport between Ingram and Kerrville was being used during the war Once, he had gone to Schreiner’s for a loan, he was told, ‘You’re in for pilot training. “The government paid for part of the cost if the pretty deep.’ W.A. asked the banker if he thought he should keep the runway was lengthened,” Bill said. “They were condemning some merchandise, for which he had a bank loan, in a building with no property for the runway and buying it from the farmers. One farmer roof.” Finally, Grinstead noted, there was more expansion in 1924, got so mad, he rushed up and bit part of W.A.’s ear off. They found making a total of 20,000 square feet, “and every foot of the available the ear and took the piece to Secor Hospital, and had the first respace, on both floors and the extensive mezzanine gallery, is filled attachment of a body part there.”

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Rita Joyce “Wallace” Tucker Marshall

Eddie Gayle Jones

Sara Irene McBee

(May 4, 1934 - February 21, 2014)

(May 29, 1959 - February 26, 2014)

(December 13, 1927 - February 21, 2014)

Rita Joyce “Wallace” Tucker Marshall, age 79, of Harper, Texas went to be with her Lord on Friday, February 21, 2014, at her home. She was born in Rocksprings, Texas to Obie and Rita “Rhea” Wallace on May 4, 1934. She attended school in Barksdale, Texas before Camp Wood and Barksdale were consolidated. She married Glen Weldon Tucker on December 2, 1950 at the Kings House in Barksdale and later married Joe Lee Marshall on February 22, 1974, at the Family House in Camp Wood. She was a Lifetime member of the Church of Christ. She loved painting, sewing, quilting, sculpting, canning, gardening, pig farming, cattle ranching and was a sports fan supporter and motivator. She lived in many places; Camp Wood, Boerne, Kennedy and Harper. She is survived by her children, Lynn & wife Tracy Tucker of Goldthwaite, TX; Brenda & husband Ronnie Lackey of Harper, TX; Allen & girlfriend Traci Tucker of Bandera, TX; Katherine Smith of Deer Park, TX; Lewis Tucker & wife Charlotte of Harper, TX; Joe Marshall & wife Julie of Menard, TX; Weldon Tucker & wife Nancy of Harper, TX; and a very special friend and family member, Wayne Wallace. Grandchildren, Stephanie & husband Kyle Phillips of Lubbock, TX; Amy & husband Travis Hall of Goldthwaite, TX; Lance Ward of Kerrville, TX; Chance Ward & wife Amanda of Harper, TX; Jason Lackey & wife Kristin of Kerrville, TX; Rance Ward & fiancé Windy Octon of Kerrville, TX; Francie Tucker of Uvalde, TX; Chrissy Tucker & boyfriend Mike Galindo of Rocksprings, TX; Cody Tucker of Seattle, WA; Justin Tucker of Seattle, WA; Brad Tucker of Harper, TX; Chelsea Tucker and boyfriend, Matt Redding of Dallas, TX, Rachel Busch and husband Billy and Sarah Prayton and husband Kevin. She is also survived by her greatgrandchildren, Jason Phillips, Westin, Madison & Blaine Hall, Kyah & Audrey Ward, Kaylah, Megan & Mason Ward, Kaylee & Kale Lackey, Kyrstin Ward, Chelsea, Brent, Paige, and Trinity Meduna, Colton Johnston, Tatum and Brodie Busch, Tyler and Blake Praytor, Brittany Borchardt, Brooks, Taylor, Clyde, Kelsie, Kyleigh and Mackenzie Tucker; numerous nieces, nephews and cousins. She was preceded in death by her parents, Obie and Rita Wallace; husbands, Glen Weldon Tucker deceased, September 16, 1971 and Joe Lee Marshall deceased, May 14, 2010; grandson, Matthew Ray Smith; great-grandson, Nathan Phillips; siblings, Bruce, Winona, Polly, C.W., Bob and Jerry. Pallbearers include Travis & Amy Hall, Lance Ward, Chance Ward, Rance Ward, Jason Lackey, Brad Tucker, and Brent Meduna. Honorary Pallbearers include Westin Hall and Billy Busch. Funeral services were held at 2:00 PM, Tuesday, February 25, 2014, at Hill Country Church of Christ with Pastor Carroll Vernor, Jr. officiating. Burial followed at the Barksdale Cemetery. The family invites you to leave a condolence at Arrangements are under the personal care of Nelson Funeral Home of Camp Wood, Texas.

Eddie Gayle Jones, age 54, of Leakey, Texas passed away on Wednesday, February 26, 2014, at his home. He was born in Kermit, Texas to James and Alma Frame on May 29, 1959. He is survived by his wife, Mary Jones of Leakey; daughter, Brandi Jones and wife Lizzie-Tanner Jones of Dallas; daughter, Taylor Navarro and husband Carlos Navarro of San Antonio; and daughter, Candi Elrod and husband Justin Elrod of Ducktown, TN; grandchildren, Krystal Parker (19), Serina Navarro (2), Madisyn Jones (8), Jazmine Elrod (14), and Luke Elrod (6). He is also survived by his brothers, Jerry Frame and wife Mary of Leakey, Gary Jones and wife Ellen, Frank Frame and wife Ruth; numerous nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his parents, James and Alma Frame; and brother, Larry Jones. A Memorial Service was held at 1:00 PM, Sunday, March 2, 2014, at Nelson Funeral Chapel in Leakey, Texas, with Brother Jim O’Dell officiating. The family invites you to leave a condolence at www.nelsonf Arrangements are under the personal care of Nelson Funeral Home of Leakey, Texas.

Sara Irene McBee of Uvalde, Texas died at the age of 86 years at the Amistad Nursing Facility in Uvalde, Texas on Friday, February 21, 2014. She was born on December 13, 1927 in Marble Falls, Texas and Llano County to Jack Ezell Moss and Eula Mae Moss. She married William Glen McBee on August 30, 1947 in Brackettville, Texas and they spent their wedding night in Kincaid Hotel in Uvalde. She is survived by one sister, Doris Herndon and husband Elmer B. Herndon of Uvalde, Texas and niece JoNell Herndon and husband W.G Carter of Uvalde and nephew, Dr. Elmer B. Herndon, DVM and wife Sherry of Uvalde, niece Joan Veal and husband Robert of Orlando, Florida and niece Diana Kay Artz and husband Ed of Arizona and nephew Craig Moss of Galveston, Texas and great nephews and nieces and great, great nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her husband William Glen McBee, brother Jack Moore Moss and both of her parents. In early years of her life the Moss family ranched on land on the West Prong of the Nueces River in Kinney County. She and her husband lived in Del Rio, Texas for many years and owned a business there. Later they moved to Fredericksburg and lived there for a number of years before settling in Uvalde. A graveside service was held on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at 10 am at the Masonic Cemetery in Brackettville, Texas. Honorary pallbearers were: Jeff Herndon, Wayne Herndon, Kyle Herndon, Colton Herndon and Craig Moss.

The Following Donations have been made to the Frio Canyon EMS:

In Loving Memory of: Reece West By: Daniel & Gretchen Eakes

A Pastor’s Thoughts Rev. Rawlyn Richter 830-591-8968

Lately I have been called a trouble maker for holding my ground on scriptures that the church-world carelessly dilutes and manipulates. Sure I’m concerned that I might loose friends whom I consider dear, yes! But to compromise God’s Word for friendship would be an eternal mistake. My job as a minister is to deliver God’s Word as it is written, not as I wish to interpret it. I hold friends dear and cherish their opinion of my ministry very highly; however, true friendship is based on care and concern for them; I care that I do not mislead them, or anyone else by misrepresenting God’s Word. I have been harping on the subject of baptism now for over forty years. Again, I emphasize that this is NO REFLECTION on any church member, every church should have Godly people who want nothing more than to please their God, but that alone does not make us correct in what we believe; our leadership must care enough to teach us facts, and not just parrot church traditions handed down from one generation to another. I have been asked for resources to substantiate my statement that there are two Baptisms currently being used in churches today; one is “Catholic”, and the other is “Christian”; and that the difference in these two is central to salvation. Jesus alone will be the judge of what I am telling you. The foundation upon which I stand are the examples given us by the Apostles and leaders of the Church Jesus Himself set up (through His disciples), and their actions are recorded for us in the New Testament. I say, we are to be doing what they did, not trying to understand why they did it. The Early Church administered baptism only in the Name of Jesus,

not in the titles of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. That being the case, why do churches today ignore these examples and follow a method that was conceived two hundred years after the Disciples died? In October of 1962, Pope John XIII called the Vatican II Ecumenical Council together. The leaders of the major protestant denominations were invited. His address to that body of Catholic and Protestant leaders included and appeal for all denominations to unite under Rome. His main thrust (towards this union) was that the Protestants were using a Catholic mode of Baptism anyway: in his address he stated, you might as well join us, “you have our baptism”. I mean absolutely NO disrespect to my Catholic brothers and sisters; they are very dear to me, but they need to hear the facts as well. We need to ask ourselves this question, “Do I have Pope John’s baptism and not the baptism of the Apostles? You can answer that question by simply comparing your baptismal experience with Roman Catholicism’s. Some denominations sprinkle, some pour, and some immerse. Although the ceremonies differ in some aspects, there is one aspect in which most all agree; ... they use words similar to ... “I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost”. It is my belief that if your minister stated a phrase similar to this one acknowledging the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, ... then YES! It appears that you do have the Pope’s Roman Catholic Baptism. However, if your minister acknowledged the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ during your baptismal; then you do not have the Catholic Baptism; but, ... you have Baptism as it appears in the New Testament--a scriptural baptism (Acts 8:38, Acts 10:47, Acts 8:16). Here are some facts that you can research for yourself (on the computer) to validate what I am saying: Pope John XIII knew what it says in the “Catholic Encyclopedia, Vol. 2, page 263, and that it acknowledges that the words of the baptismal ceremony were changed by the Catholic Church from “in the name of Jesus” to the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost”.



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Britannica Encyclopedia, 11th ed., Vol. 3, page 365, states that baptism was changed from the name of Jesus to the words of Father, Son & Holy Ghost in the 2nd century. Hastings Encyclopedia of Religion, Vol. 2 p. 377, 389, says Christian baptism was always administered using the words, “in the name of Jesus”, ... until the time of Justin Martyr. Schaff - Herzog Religious Encyclopedia, Vol. 2, p. 263, reads that the New Testament knows only baptism in the name of Jesus. Why all the fuss? Baptism is just the outward sign of an inward cleansing. Be very careful with that statement because the man who was given the Keys to the Kingdom of God (Peter) said baptism was far more important then that: it was “for the remission of sins” (Acts 2:38). I preach that those who are determined to make God’s Home their home, must have their sins remitted by the Blood of the Lamb. That “blood is applied at baptism or the entire Early Church was following a false doctrine; 1Peter 3:21 says, “The like figure whereunto even baptism doth also now save us...”, and Acts 22:16 And now why do you wait? Arise, and be baptized, and wash away thy sins, calling on the name of the Lord. I have no compromise in me. God never compromised with Israel or anyone else: who am I to do it now? There are no examples of Catholic Baptism in the Bible. Please care enough about God and His WORD to verify what I have written. Am I saying that you need to be re-baptized in the Name of Jesus?--I was! You must do as God directs you to do through prayer. Acts 19:4-5 Then said Paul, John verily baptized with the baptism of repentance, saying unto the people, that they should believe on him which should come after him, that is, on Christ Jesus. When they heard this, they were (re-) baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. Website: Radio Broadcast: “A Moment of Truth”; Sundays 8:00 AM, KVOU 104.9 FM, Uvalde

Come and Worship With Us St. Raymond Catholic Church 2nd and Mountain St. P O Box 989 Leakey, TX 78873 830.232.5852 Mass: 5:30pm Saturday 6:00 pm 1st and 3rd Wednesdays Parish Priest Fr. Sady Nelson Santana M Rectory: 830.683.2165 St. Mary Catholic Church Hwy 187 Vanderpool, TX Mass: 9:00am Saturday Contact:830.966.6268 St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church Camp Wood, TX Mass: 11:30am Sunday Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Church 401 N Hwy 377 P O Box 877 Rocksprings, TX 78880 830.683.2165 Mass: 9:00am Sunday United Methodist Church P O Box 417

419 N. Market Leakey, TX 78873 830.232.6266 Pastor: Doug Smith Sunday School: 9:45 am Worship: 10:50 am Reál County Church 121 Oak Hill Ste. 4 Leakey, Texas Sunday School: 10:00am Worship: 11:00am Evening Worship: 6:00pm Wednesday Bible Study: 7:00pm Preacher: Charlie Gant 830.232.4230 Frio Canyon Baptist Church Hwy 83 South Leakey, TX (830) 2325883 Sunday School: 9:45am Worship Service: 11:00am Evening Worship: 6:00pm Wed. Prayer: 7:00pm Pastor: Dan Wynn First Baptist Church P O Box 56 Hwy 83N Leakey, TX Pastor: Mark Spaniel Bible Study: 10:00am Worship: 11:00am Evening Worship: 6:00pm Wednesday Prayer: 7:

00pm Mon-Fri Daily Prayer 11:00am 830.232.5344

Friday Fellowship Dinner 7pm Sabado Clases y Servicios Biblicos en Espanol 5pm

Living Waters Church Hwy 1050 Utopia, TX 830.966.2426 Sunday School: 9:30 am Worship: 10:30 am Wednesday: 7:00pm Youth Alive: Saturday 7:00pm Youth Pastor James Jones Pastor Dr. Robert Richarz

Leakey Church of Christ One Block N of Courthouse Leakey, TX 78873 830.232.6933 Sunday School: 10:00am Come and Worship:10: 45am Evening: 6:00pm Wednesday: 7:00pm

Church in the Valley Hwy 83 Leakey, TX 78873 830.232.6090 Pastor Ray Miller Sunday School: 9:45am Worship: 10:45am Evening: 6:00pm

Concan Church of Christ Hwy 83 Concan 830.232.4058 Ministers: Paul Goodnight and Ray Melton Sunday School: 10:00am Com and Worship:11: 00am Evening: 6:00pm Wednesday: 7:00pm

New Fellowship Church Hwy 337 and Camino Alto Leakey, TX 830.232.6770 Sunday School: 9:45am Come and Worship:10: 45am Evening: 6:00pm Wednesday: 7:00pm Rawlyn Richter Pastor Godprints: 6:00pm Wednesday: 7:00pm

Concan Baptist Mission Hwy 83 Concan, TX Worship: 9:30am Sunday School: 10:30am Evening Worship: 6:00pm Wednesday Bible Study: 6:00pm Pastor Willis Adair

New Beginnings in Christ 5947 FM 1120 Rio Frio, Texas Sunday Worship: 10:30 am Sunday Evening : 6:00 pm Tuesday: 7:00 pm 830-232-5221



Jesus Christ

Lutheran Worship in Leakey

An outreach of Hosanna Lutheran Church, Kerrville Pastor Jim Mueller Second and Fourth Sundays. Worship at 10:30. Communion is celebrated the 4th Sunday. For more information call 830-257-6767 or (830) 597-3360 Cowboy Church in the Nueces River Canyon HWY 55 N @ Angel Wings Cafe’ PO Box 158 Barksdale, TX 78828 (830) 234-3180 or 2345170 5th Sunday 6:30 pm and Every Tuesday @ 6:30 pm

Reál County Church Preacher: Charlie Gant 121 Oak Hill, Suite 4 Leakey, Texas (Next to Rolling Hills Health)

830-232-4230 * 979-743-1066 * 830-275-9661 * 830-275-7062 Leave Message




Meeting Times

Sunday Bible Study: 10:00 AM Worship: 11:00 AM Sunday Evening Worship & Bible Study: 6:00 PM Wednesday Evening Bible Study: 7:00 PM

LAGUNA MONUMENT CO. 4139 Hwy. 90 East Uvalde, Texas 78801

Billy Welch Office 830-278-5261 Cell 830-591-6367

“Let Us Help You Select An Appropriate Memorial”

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hill Country Herald Page 9



By Elaine Padgett Carnegie

I have been an avid Coke drinker for years. I drank a LOT of them! I love them but since the day I read this article I have not touched one! I began a few months ago to have a lot of problems with indigestion and when I stopped all carbonated products period...the indigestion went away. The author asked everyone to share this; so here goes! Coca Cola is the most recognized trademark in the world, and it is the world’s second-most famous word after “Hi.” However, the drink itself is a real poison to the human metabolism. The level of acidity of coke is almost the same as the acidity level of battery acid. In addition to that Coke can clean dirty surfaces often much better than the toxic household cleaners. Clean water is more expensive than a bottle of Coca Cola in many countries. Those who consume sodas such as Coca Cola have a 48% increase in heart attack and stroke risk, compared to people who do not drink the sodas at all or did not drink them every day. A study published in the journal Respirology reveals that soft drink consumption is also associated with lung and breathing disorders including asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The carbonation in Coke causes calcium loss in the bones through a 3-stage process: The carbonation irritates the stomach. The stomach “cures” the irritation the only way it knows how. It adds the only antacid at its disposal: calcium. It gets this from the blood. The blood, now low on calcium, replenishes its supply from the bones. If it did not do this, muscular and brain function would be severely impaired. But, the story doesn’t end there. Another problem with Coke is it also contain phosphoric acid (not the same as the carbonation, which is carbon dioxide mixed with the water). Phosphoric acid also causes a draw-down on the body’s store of calcium. So Coke softens your bones (actually, makes them weak and brittle) in 3 ways: Carbonation reduces the calcium in the bones. Phosphoric acid reduces the calcium in the bones. The beverage replaces a calcium-containing alternative, such as milk or water. Milk and water are not excellent calcium sources, but they are sources. Esophageal cancer was very rare two generations ago — now, it’s common. The basic mechanism works as follows: Mechanical damage to cells is a huge risk factor for cancer. It’s why asbestos particles, for example, cause lung cancer. All soft drinks cause acid reflux (stomach acid rising up past the esophageal valve). This is more pronounced when the body is horizontal (as in sleeping), but the sheer volume of Coke and soft drinks consumed in the USA means the acid reflux is well past the danger point. Any time you ingest a gassy drink, you are going to get

belching–and acid into the esophagus. How much is too much? The research doesn’t say where the limit is–it only shows that most of us are far, far, far past it. Stomach acid dissolves tissue — that’s its purpose. The stomach lining does not extend into the esophagus, so the lower esophagus gets damaged by acid far more frequently in soft drink users than in non soft drink users. This results in a radical increase in cell mutations, along with a far higher level of free radicals. 20 Practical Uses For Coke. Coke acts as an acidic cleaner. The amount of acid in soda is enough to wear away at the enamel of your teeth, making them more susceptible to decay. In tests done on the acidity levels of soda, certain ones were found to have PH levels as low as 2.5. To put that into perspective, consider that battery acid has a pH of 1 and pure water has a pH of 7. To prove Coke does not belong in the human body, here are 20 practical ways you can use Coke as a domestic cleaner: Removes grease stains from clothing and fabric, Removes rust; methods include using fabric dipped in Coke, a sponge or even aluminum foil. Also loosens rusty bolts, Removes blood stains from clothing and fabric. Cleans oil stains from a garage floor; let the stain soak, hose off. Kills slugs and snails; the acids kills them. Cleans burnt pans; let the pan soak in the Coke, then rinse. Descales a kettle (same method as with burnt pans). Cleans car battery terminals by pouring a small amount of Coke over each one. Cleans your engine; Coke distributors have been using this technique for decades. Makes pennies shine; soaking old pennies in Coke will remove the tarnish. Cleans tile grout; pour onto kitchen floor, leave for a few minutes, wipe up. Dissolves a tooth; Use a sealed container…takes a while but it does work. Removes gum from hair; dip into a small bowl of Coke, leave a few minutes. Gum will wipe off. Removes stains from vitreous china. Got a dirty pool? Adding two 2-liter bottles of Coke clears up rust. You can remove (or fade) dye from hair by pouring diet Coke over it. Remove marker stains from carpet. Applying Coke, scrubbing and then clean with soapy water will remove marker stains. Cleans a toilet; pour around bowl, leave for a while, flush clean. Coke and aluminum foil will bring Chrome to a high shine. Strips paint off metal furniture. Soak a towel in Coke and lay it on the paint surface. Now can you imagine what is does to your stomach lining? Who needs the ‘household and cleaning’ section at the hardware store when we have Coke. Source: “20 Establish Uses For Coca Cola Proves Itt Does Not Belong In The Human Body”, from by John Summerly

DOWNTOWN LEAKEY ACROSS FROM THE COURTHOUSE Ice Cream Shoppe 16 Flavors Blue Bell Ice Cream! Groceries, Snacks, Cold Drinks & Ice, Makeup, Medicines, Greeting Cards, Fishing Supplies, Swimming Gear & Sunglasses, Picnic Supplies, Automotive, Toys, Games

Store Hours are: Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat 7am to 10pm Sunday 11am to 10 pm Closed on Tuesdays

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2013 January 2.0 February .20 March 1.30 April .80 May 5.30 June 3.70 July 1.0 Aug. .1.0 Sept. 2.40 Oct. 3.30 Nov. 3.30 Dec. 0


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Friends of the Frio 2014 Spring Break Brisket Sale March 8th starting at 10:00 am Hwy. 83 by Real County Courthouse

REAL Equipment Repair, Hydraulic Hoses, Commercial Mowers RENTALS

Brisket by the Pound $9.00 Advance Orders will be accepted until March 5th. Call 232-4442. Tim Mauel’s delicious brisket sold out last year in less than 2 hours. The proceeds from this sale will support our participation in ↑2U Clean Rivers. RAIN LOCATION: Frio Canyon Chamber of Commerce Building Hwy. 83 and Fifth Street

PO Box 1790 641 South Hwy 83 Leakey, TX 78873

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Cowboy Capital Stampede 5K/10K – Fun, Fitness & Charity (Bandera, Texas) –Bandera Electric Cooperative, is putting on a 5K/10K run/walk March 29, 2014, in Bandera. The Cowboy Capital Stampede will raise money for charitable organizations in our service territory. This year, participants will be able to select from a list of organizations in which to have their participation fee be dedicated. Those originations are Relay for Life, the Wounded Warrior Project, Hill Country CASA, Triple H Equitherapy, Hill Country Daily Bread, or St. Vincent De Paul. We encourage anyone interested in a fun morning, fitness and in giving back to the community to join us at the Bandera City Park for the event. Registration will begin at 7:30


a.m. (or can be done early online or via a printed entry form) and the race will begin at 8:30 a.m. The entry fee is $30 before March 24 and $35 on or after March 24. Prizes will be awarded to top participants in the following categories (women’s & men’s): 10 and under; 11—17; 18—35; 36– 50; 51—65; 65 and older. All ages are welcome! Current sponsors of this year’s event include: DAS, Bandera Bank, Insurance Network of America, and Lowe’s Market of Bandera. Thank you sponsors for your support of the co-op and the Cowboy Capital Stampede. More information and updates can be found at

HAVE FUN GETTING FIT COME JOIN THE PARTY!!! Zumba Gold M,W,Sat 10-11:30 lead by Beth Lawless CALL FOR MORE INFO! 432-664-4266 classes at Frio Canyon Parks Building, Leakey, Texas


LVL Beams

Can special order any length or size in 2-3 days max with most competitive price. 20 ft lengths always in stock. �������������������

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Page 10 Hill Country Herald

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


by Elaine Padgett Carnegie

Two hearty meals with a delicious side and scrumpcious deserts! For the next 3 weeks we are going to feature real BACK TO BASICS COOKING. Known as Paleo-Diet. Don’t miss it!

Chicken Lasagna with Artichokes

2lbs. Boneless skinless chicken breasts 1 (14 ounce) can artichoke hearts, chopped 1/2 cup chopped sun-dried tomatoes 1 (8 ounce) package KRAFT Shredded Mozzarella Cheese with a Touch of PHILADELPHIA, divided 1/2 cup KRAFT Grated Parmesan Cheese 2 (8 ounce) packages PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese, softened 1 cup milk 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder 1/4 cup basil, chopped 12 lasagna noodles, cooked Heat oven to 350 degrees F. Combine chicken, artichokes, tomatoes, 1 cup mozzarella and Parmesan. Beat cream cheese, milk, and garlic powder with mixer until well blended; stir in 2 tablespoons basil. Mix half with the chicken mixture. Spread half of the remaining cream cheese sauce onto bottom of 13x9-inch baking dish; cover with 3 noodles and 1/3 of the chicken mixture. Repeat layers of noodles and chicken mixture twice. Top with remaining cheese sauce and mozzarella; cover. Bake 25 min. or until heated through. Sprinkle with remaining basil. Let stand 5 min. before cutting to serve.

Ruth’s Chris New Orleans-Style BBQ Shrimp

20 large (16/20) shrimp, peeled and deveined 1 ounce canola oil 1 tablespoon plus 5 teaspoons green onions, chopped 2 ounces dry white wine 1 teaspoon fresh chopped garlic 4 tablespoons Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce 1 teaspoon Tabasco 1/2 teaspoon cayenne 1/2 teaspoon paprika 8 ounces (2 sticks) salted butter Place a large cast iron skillet on a burner and heat over high heat. Add oil and cook shrimp until they are just done. It’s best to prepare shrimp in batches if you do not have large skillet. Remove shrimp and set aside on a large platter. Add green onions to the oil in the skillet and cook for 1 minute. Add white wine and let simmer until it is reduced by half. When the wine is reduced by half, add chopped garlic, Worcestershire, Tabasco. cayenne pepper and paprika. Shake the pan well and cook for 1 minute. Reduce the heat to low. Cut butter into small chunks with the knife and slowly add into pan, shaking fast to melt butter. Continue to add butter and shake until all butter is melted. Add shrimp back to pan and toss well to coat shrimp with butter and seasonings and to heat the shrimp. Place shrimp on four plates and enjoy.

Loaded Chicken & Potatoes

1 lb boneless chicken breasts, cubed (1″) 6-8 medium skin on red potatoes, cut in 1/2″ cubes 1/3 c olive oil 1 1/2 tsp salt 1 tsp black pepper 1 Tbsp paprika 2 Tbsp garlic powder 2 Tbsp hot sauce (more if you like it HOT) Topping: 2 c fiesta blend cheese 1 c crumbled bacon 1 c diced green onion Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Spray a 9X13″ baking dish with cooking spray. In a large bowl, mix together the olive oil, salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder, and hot sauce. Add the cubed potatoes and chicken and stir to coat. Carefully scoop the potatoes and chicken into the prepared baking dish..

Bake the potatoes and chicken for 55-60 minutes, stirring every 20 minutes, until cooked through, crispy, and browned on the outside. While the potatoes are cooking, fry your bacon (about half a pound). Once the potatoes and chicken are fully cooked, remove from the oven. Top the cooked potatoes with the the cheese, bacon, and green onion. Return the casserole to the oven and bake for 5 minutes or until cheese is melted. Serve With: extra hot sauce and/or ranch dressing or sour cream!

Oatmeal Cake with Coconut Pecan Frosting

1/2 C quick cooking oatmeal 3/4 C boiling water 1/2 C sugar 1/2 C brown sugar 2/3 C flour 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 tsp baking soda 1 egg 1/4 C of shortening Mix the oatmeal with the boiling water, stir and cover. Mix the remaining ingredients then stir in the oatmeal mixture. Grease and flour a 9×9 pan. Pour batter into pan and bake at 350 for 23-25 minutes.

Coconut Pecan Frosting:

3 TBS melted butter 1/3 C brown sugar 1/2 C sweetened shredded coconut 1/2 C chopped nuts 2 TBS milk 1/2 tsp vanilla Combine all ingredients and mix thoroughly. Carefully spread frosting over the top of the cake. Broil until coconut is just brown. Watch very closely – it doesn’t take long. Cool, slice and serve.

Chocolate Eclair Cake

1 cup water 1/2 cup butter 1 cup flour 4 large eggs 1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese, softened 1 large box (5.1 ounces) vanilla instant pudding 3 cups milk 1 8 oz. container cool whip (you won’t use the whole container) or one batch of homemade whipped cream chocolate syrup or homemade chocolate sauce Preheat oven to 400. Lightly grease a 9″X13″ glass baking pan. Eclair Crust: In a medium saucepan, melt butter in water and bring to a boil. Remove from heat. Stir in flour. Mix in one egg at a time, mixing completely before adding another egg. Spread mixture into pan, covering the bottom and sides evenly. *If the sides of your pan are too greased you won’t be able to get the mixture to stay up the sides so make sure to just lightly grease. Bake for 30-40 minutes or until golden brown (Mine only took 25 minutes.) You may want to check it occasionallyyou don’t want to overcook the crust, it will ruin the cake! Remove from oven and let cool (don’t touch or push bubbles down). Filling: Whip cream cheese in a medium bowl. In separate bowl make vanilla pudding. Make sure pudding is thick before mixing in with cream cheese. Slowly add pudding to cream cheese, mixing until there are no lumps. Let cool in fridge.When the crust is completely cooled, pour filling in. Top with layer of cool whip however thick you want it and serve with chocolate syrup. *If you want to make this even better use homemade whipped cream.


Shirley Shandley, Broker 698 Highway 83 South * Office 830-232-6422 · #45 – New Listing! 49.5 AC+/- minutes to Leakey. Family friendly cabins, pond, fencing, Exotic & Native Game, rifle range $415,000 · #8 - New Listing! Spectacular CONCAN RIVERFRONT LOT #11 Heartstone. Bluff w/bldg. site overlooking crystal clear springfed river. Cypress trees, underground utilities, co-op water system, gated comm.. w/paved streets, rock bathhouse, lg. trees $359,000 · #51 – New Listing! CONCAN AREA adjacent comm.. private park on Frio River, Lot 44 Heartstone, .74 AC, oak trees, utilities avail. $119,000 · #55 – New Listing! Magnificent Views from the decks overhanging the Frio River of this 2 BD/2 BA Home on 2 lots. Lg. Cypress trees, rental ability & expansion possibilities make this a property for you to see $489,000 · #21 – New Listing! Heartstone Riverfront Lot 10 w/109.14’ Frio River, 2 acres, towering oak & cypress trees $319,000 · #23 – REDUCED! 61.60 ac, spring-fed creek w2 dams, 3 wells, fenced, home, barn, equipment shed. Access to private Nueces River Park. Wildlife Tax Valuation. MOTIVATED SELLER – Now $744,000 · #44 – New Listing! Frio River Access .74 acre corner lot in Concan with mature Oak trees, underground utilities, paved streets. Rentals allowed. Walk to priv. comm. Park $119,000 · #41 – 45 AC MOL w/Sm. Pond & dam, Hidden in the Hills! Immaculate 5th wheel RV w/XLg. Metal canopy, landscaped patio, MUST SEE! $175,000 · #7 – 5.44 AC FRIO RIVERFRONT, elect., Great views, min. restrictions $159,999 · #12 – WALK to your Frio River Park from this 2.24 AC RIVERTREE $109,500 · #32 – CYPRESS LINED FRIO RIVERFRONT LOT, 1.78 AC, water/elect. avail. $149,000 · #9 – ONLY 10 MINUTES TO GARNER STATE PARK, 5 1⁄2 AC, well, elect., shop, private $146,000 · #19 – NEW LISTING! 2 BD Home fronts Nueces River, 1 1⁄2 acres, elect., own well, Lg. Trees, Wonderful deck to sit & view surrounding hills & wildlife $139,900 · #13 – LOG HOME w/FRIO RIVER ACCESS, near Garner Park, 3 BD/2 BA w/ fireplace, CA/CH, Now Only $264,999 · #20, #17 – RIVER ACCESS, 2+ AC Homesite tracts, water, elect. & phone avail., Gated Comm. $45,000 & $55,000 (#20 Owner/Agent) · #30 – OWNER FINANCING 22.72 AC, heavily treed, paved streets, water & elect. avail. $73,840 · #14 – Enjoy this weekend cabin while you build on this scenic 7.35 AC which already has water & elect. $84,500 · #54 – FISH & SWIM in the Nueces Lake w/this 4 BD/2 BA Home w/fireplace, 2 lots & view of lake $90’s · #42 – Creekfront Lot w/scenic views, water meter $49,500

· #48 – CUTE AS CAN BE! 3 BD/1 BA Home w/access to 3⁄4 mi. Frio River, Huge Pecan trees, own well $159,000 · #73 – CUSTOM made 2200 sq. ft. MOL, Fleetwood Home, 34 BD/2 BA, oversized Dbl. garage/workshop, concrete drive, in Leakey $141,900 · #60 – GARDEN & ORCHARD parameter fenced, well, elect., access 3⁄4 mi. Frio River, 1.385 AC OWNER TERMS $80’s · #2 – CONCAN – minutes to Frio River, 70 AC secluded w/3 BD/2 BA Home, Hunting, out buildings $265,000 · #98 – Beautiful Lg. 3 BD/2 BA Home on corner lot, RiverTree, Frio River Access, RV hook-ups, huge trees $349,000 · #93 – OWN both sides Frio River, 33+ acres, 2 BD/2 BA LOG home w/Santa Fe fireplace, screened porch $525,000 · #78 – 200’ MOL Frio Riverfront, 5 1⁄4 acres, min. restrictions $90’s · #87 – VACATION CABIN IN THE HILLS! 6+ AC plus access to 50 AC park for swimming, fishing, hiking $109,000 · #77 – HOME ON 3 LOTS backing up to private Frio River Park, 3 BD/2 BA Home w/fireplace, Lg. Cypress Trees surround the Lg. backyard deck where you can watch the deer $350,000 · #64 – 3.58 AC Homesite, Hwy 83 front, water, elect. avail. $47,000 · #52 – This lg. 3/2 Home, guest house, workshop, lg. deck, rock patio & deer proof fence, access 2 Frio River Parks $275,000 · #46 – Spectacular Views from this hilltop 3/2 home at Barksdale, 13 AC+/-, fenced. Bring your horses $199,500 · #33 – Oversize Lot, Emerald Oaks area. Water, elect., lots of Lg. trees, cleared& ready for you to build $36,500 · #15 – IDEAL COMMERCIAL LOCATION across adj. Real Co. Courthouse. 5500 sq. ft. MOL building. PRICED RIGHT $249,500 · #3 – PRISTENE HOME on 21 AC w/arched entries, high ceilings, granite countertops, SS appliances, 3 BD/3 BA Home. Guest Home w/oversized 3 car garage/storage, barn w/liv. Quarters $689,000 · #75 – 503 AC Axis, turkey, Whitetail, stock tank, nice accommo. Located near HWY 41. Owner might sell in 2 parts $1,082,396 · #61 – Flowing Springs 200 AC+/- Ranch, Bullhead Creek, 4 BD/ 3 BA Executive Home, metal barn w/living quarters $1,650,000 · #74 – Frio River Access thru 2 parks, Twin Forks. Water & elect. avail. $33,000 · #53 – 20.237 AC heavily treed, hunting or get-away place w/ access to spring fed park $49,580 · #50 – 3 BD/2 BA Brick Home, large kitchen & open living/ dining area w/high ceilings $145,000 · #39 – 90.8 AC just off Hwy 337. Cabin, well, elect., septic, 2 RV hook-up, blinds, feeders, metal bldg. $450,000 · #27 – Frio River & Leakey Springs Park access. 2.6 AC w/ Owner Finance 20% dn., 10 yrs, 5% $152,000

For more info – photos, plats, more listings, go to

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hill Country Herald Page 11

Getting ready for that summer garden by Julie Becker

Mary Kay Windham, Broker 664 S US Hwy. 83 Leakey, Texas 830-232-4408 office 830-374-7901 cell

continued from last week

5. Plant At The Proper Time “The early birds get the worm… (but what happens to the early worm?!)” Plant vegetables at the proper time. There is a small window of time in spring between freezing weather and blazing hot weather here in Texas. If you wait too long to set out tomato plants, your yields will be low at best. If you plant cold-tender veggies too early with no protection, a late frost may spoil the show. Sometimes it is worth gambling with a small, early planting since we cannot predict the actual final frost date. Some veteran gardeners will buy tomatoes early and pot them up to keep growing in a bright window for a head start on the season. I plant a few tomatoes about three weeks early and place a milk jug of water up against them and a clear plastic cover over them. This gets me a great jump on the short season. 6. JUMP START Transplants He who hesitates is lost.” Buy good, healthy transplants that are actively growing. Stunted, spindly plants that have not been well cared for will never turn around and be worth a darn. Spend your money on quality plants from a reputable nursery that knows how to take care of them. When you plant them, give those new babies a good drink of starter solution and then nurse them along with repeat drinks every few days to get them off and running fast. Fish emulsion, seaweed, compost tea, or one of many soluble fertilizers are all popular choices for getting new plants off to a great start. Just remember, the growing season is short. There is not time for plants to sit around deciding whether or not they want to grow. They need to hit the ground running and not look back! 7. Resist Overplanting “Don’t bite off more than you can chew.” Zucchini seeds should be sold only four to a packet (with the assumption that two of them will be killed somewhere between planting and maturity). If there are two of you in the house, do not plant a 50-foot row of okra. It is okay to fold the top of a seed packet over and seal it in a jar in the refrigerator for later planting. You do not have to plant all the seeds in the packet. Something inside of us makes us want to plant a big garden. Unless you are an experienced gardener and have a soup kitchen or food pantry to support, it is best to start small. You can grow a lot of stuff

in a small garden, if you take care of it. If you have never gardened before, I would suggest one or two 4 by 8 foot or 4 by 16 foot beds. I have seen too many new gardeners try to take on the back 40 and end up disillusioned with a giant weed patch by June. Another good idea is to make sure the garden is close to the water faucet and close to the house. If you have to see it every day, you are more likely to venture out and keep things in order. With time and experience, that garden plot can grow to whatever size you like.


of service NEW LISTING: 94.74 ACRES only 3 miles west of Leakey! Extensive road work has been done, affording 4W access to some high country with jaw dropping views. There is a new entry, electricity brought onto property with pad site in place and cedar clearing done exposing pretty valley with lots of hardwoods and scenic wet weather creek, deep draws and ravines. But the best part is the price! $2350./acre NEW LISTING: 2.2 ACRES WITH 172+ FT. OF FRIO FRONTAGE! Neat as a pin, 3BR/2B DW. 1 car covered carport, with shed/workshop on slab, sidewalks, wood steps with landings to shady bank of Frio River, vacation rental potential! $269,900. NEW LISTING: PRICED TO SELL FAST! 2BR/2B home on .8 of an acre with mother-in-law quarters, man cave, several outbuildings and access to the Frio River! This home is priced below tax appraisal figure! $147,000. NEW LISTING: 3BR/2.5B home with separate 1BR/1B guest house, privacy fencing, lots of improvements for the money!! Must see to appreciate! $139,000. CONTRACT PENDING ALREADY! NEW LISTING: 2BR/1B rock home on corner lot near school. New interior paint, new linoleum, new fencing, new counter tops, new cabinets, new exterior windows, all appliances convey, metal shed! Perfect starter, retirement or rental property! $99,000. .4 of an acre, mobiles and rv’s allowed, access to central water and gorgeous Frio River! $27,000. Two one acre tracts of land, good views, city water, paved road frontage. $25,000. each .7 of an acre with fully equipped and furnished restaurant. Highway 83 frontage with good visibility! Priced to sell at $139,000. 1 acre south of Leakey on corner lot with large trees, city water, well, electricity, septic and outbuilding on slab. All ready to go! $49,000. Large 3BR/2B home on 20 beautiful acres of rolling terrain, large trees and seasonal creek, with city water and wells, two cabins, rv shed, carport and large barn with electricity.

8. Provide Plenty of Nutrients “An apple a day…” Healthy plants grow fast, produce well and in many cases are less bothered by a few pests here and there. By the time you notice a nutrient deficiency, it is most likely too late to do much for that particular crop. It is better to start with a soil test, build soil each season and fertilize plants lightly but regularly to keep them growing strong. A few weeks after transplanting, sidedress them with a light dose of fertilizer to keep them going. Beans and peas produce their own nitrogen on the roots and in moderately fertile soil should not need additional fertilizer. But they do need soil with good nutrient levels of all the other elements. Sometimes at our house we apply a little “Poo” in our area, goat poo is usually available from a friend. The plants literally hop out of the ground with this special treat. 9. Detect Pests Early “A stitch in time, saves nine.” There is an old adage that states, “The best fertilizer is the footprints of the gardener.” To this I would add that the best pest and disease control is also the footprints of the gardener. Pest and disease problems left to reach epidemic levels are much more difficult to control, and by the time you do something there may not be much crop left to save.

Girl Scout In February News The Daisies got a jump start on Valentine’s Day with their meeting. The girls decorated their own cakes and made heart wreaths. The girls also did an experiment called Heart Fizzies where they add vinegar to baking soda to make a chemical reaction in a cookie cutter. When the cookie cutter was lifted a heart remained on their plates. The Brownies, Juniors and Cadettes held a Picture Perfect Tea Party. The girls made Pretty Paper Tea Pots and a craft foam tea pot frame magnet for a friend. The girls also took picture perfect pictures with all sorts of props and then enjoyed refreshments with their tea. The annual cookie sale was in full swing in the month of February with girls delivering their cookies and having booth sales around town. They would like to thank everyone who bought cookies to help support their troops.

Thank You to my community and clients for your support!

$350,000. 2 city lots totaling almost one acre on the north side of town with availability of city water, highway frontage, cleared of all cedar exposing beautiful oaks, and corners on three roads. $29,000. 5.6 acres just a couple of miles east of Leakey on corner lot, with comfortable cabin, city water, well, cargo box, BBQ pit, no restrictions, no HOA, access to Frio River. $175,000. 75 stunning acres with gorgeous 3BR/3B “barndominium”, bunk house, rv shed, well, city water, and breath-taking long views! Many extras you just have to see this one! REDUCED $595,000. 1BR/1B home on 2.2 acres with gorgeous views, under fence, completely and beautifully furnished! $129,000. 1 acre, completely fenced, fruit trees, shed, energy efficient 2BR/1B home, long views, wrap-a-round deck, comes tastefully furnished! $195,000. COMMERCIAL BUILDING DOWNTOWN LEAKEY! Two story, with leased restaurant downstairs and offices upstairs! Offices space upstairs could be easily renovated to be living quarters! Move to Leakey and make a living! $315,000. 14.65 acres with incredible views from the 2BR/2B home, with sunroom, Wrap-a-round porch, city water, open floor plan with lots of privacy! $265,000. 4.9 acres on the Frio River, good elevated building sites, electricity close! $85,000. 1BR/1B rock cabin on 29.95, well, elec, and septic, amazing views. $300,000. .4 of an acre with access to one mile Frio, all utilities. $25,000. 1.18 acres, access to 1 mile Frio River and 130 acres! All utilities in place, great views! $89,000. Cozy cabin on 6 acres, access to lake, creek, deep swimming hole. $129,000. 1 acre near Garner, access to Frio River, water hookup available. $52,900. Two adjacent lots with access to the Frio River! $45,000. Each 8.09 acres, with well, mixed terrain $109,080. Adjacent 22.6 acres $203,400. Owner financing available!

Pests are easier to control when young and when the infestation is localized or limited. Stroll through the garden every few days and look things over. Turn over a leaf or two here and there to check for pests huddled up making plans for the big invasion. I like to do this early in the morning with a cup of coffee in hand or after arriving home from work. It is great therapy after a long day at the office. 10. Stop Weeds Before They Start “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Weed seeds are hiding out there in the soil, waiting

to spoil the best-laid plans for a bountiful garden. Those tiny weed seedlings in spring turn into giant monsters that make okra look like a bonsai plant. I personally hate pulling and hoeing weeds. But it is a chore to having a beautiful garden. I use my handy tiller to keep my garden neat and clean. This virtually eliminates weeds for that growing season. Weeds left unmanaged, in a few weeks they will have strong roots and will be much more difficult and time-consuming to control. So here’s to the best garden ever. Hope this helps out on your gardening this year!


by Lori Tysor

The older girls helped out with the Chamber of Commerce Banquet by serving salad, entrees and deserts. The girls also made sure everyone had a beverage to enjoy the evening. The Daisies and Brownies celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday with a fun meeting. The Daisies ate green eggs and ham (vanilla pudding dyed green) and read “The Cat in the Hat”. All of the girls learned to draw Dr. Seuss characters and made a “I Speak For the Trees” frame from the Lorax. They also took pictures as Thing One or Thing Two and the Brownies created their own character using various supplies. The Juniors and Cadettes learned about Mardi Gras traditions at one of their meetings. The made kazoos and noisemakers and of course made masks. They ate moon-pies and drank lemonade in New Orleans fashion.

Water Well Drilling • Solar Pump Systems • Complete Water Systems

WILSON WELL SERVICE Duane Wilson P.O. Box 1272, Leakey, Texas 78873 Lic.#54947WLPK Office 830.232.6747 Cell 830.486.6768 Home 830.232.6682

HOUSE LEVELING Foundation & Home Improvement Co. Uvalde, Texas 78801

(830) 278-2949

Dasies with their heart wreaths



Kimberly, Eneida, Caitlin and Secret selling cookies at one of their booth sales

COUNTYWIDE AIR & HEAT Have Your Heating System Inspected! for the winter months to cut down on HIGH Electric Costs!

2561 County Road 350 Concan, Texas 78838

Karan Patterson


• Propane - bottles & RV’s filled 365 days a year • Full service convenience store • Open year ‘round • Large event facility • Tables & chairs for rent • Full line of river gear • Tube Rentals • Firewood, ice, groceries, sundries

830-232-4006 877-374-6748 toll-free or visit our website @

•Licensed • Bonded • Insured

Franchisee 25743 Hwy 55 Barksdale, TX 78828 Tel 830.234.3333 Fax 830.234.3332



Mike Hurley


CUSTOM GRANITE Countertop•Fireplaces•Vanities, etc







au Be

David Reina




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Classified Ads

The Hill Country Herald P.O. Box 822 Leakey, TX 78873 Phone: 830-232-6294




For Sale approx. 5 ac. With electric, septic and city water ready for your house, back 2 ac. are cedar fenced for horses or what ever... NO H.O.A. Pendley Road in Leakey Texas. Nine miles from Garner state park. just south of Leakey,


Call 830-261-1044 FOR SALE: approx. 5.46 acres in Utopia at B & R Ranch. Owners Anxious. Will consider any reasonable offers. call Shirley 830-279-4423 Realtor for Bill Baxter Real Estate

NEED CABINS TO CLEAN Cabin cleaning done right! Have references. Call Cheryl 830-275-9298


POSITION AVAILABLE Substitute Librarian · Oversees or assists with the day-to-day operation (administration, public and technical services) of the Real County Public Library. · Must be available to work on an as-needed, substitute basis, and occasional 3-hour Saturday shift. · Requirements include: commitment to public service; proficiency in general office processes, procedures, and technology (including Microsoft Office); excellent communication skills, and strong work ethic. · Previous library experience preferred, but not necessary. · $8.50/hour · Applications available at the Library or by calling 232-5199.




Tri-Plex 2 Bdrm 1 bath, Centrally located, $450 per month with $450 Deposit. Call 830-591-3479

for substitute teachers. If interested in applying you may pick-up an application in the administration office or go to our website –

Large Commercial Bldg. Centrally located, restroom, CH/A, great business location $350/month.

- Utopia, TX. Hands On management of a Telephonic Sales Team as well as direct involvement with sales. Strong managerial, sales and Microsoft Programs (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.) experience required. Experience with ACT! Database program and Law Enforcement Sales is a $$ plus. Serious and qualified applicants only. Salary DOE. Email resumes to:

ADMINSTRATIVE ASSISTANT – Part Time – Utopia – Applicant must answer multiple phone lines, order processing and have general office experience. Computer experience required. Email resume to:

34. Ooze 35. Freshwater fish 37. Singing couple 38. Squabble 41. Encountered 43. Reverberation 46. Dairy product 48. Charter 51. Bird of prey 53. Meal 55. Hold on tightly 56. Small crude shelter 58. Rain heavily 59. Gumbo 60. Jump 61. Measure the duration of something 63. Comply 64. Applaud 65. This place 66. Mandible 68. Staining substance

Call 830-232-5656 or 830-232-5290

FOR RENT- MINI STORAGE $30 AND UP!! 830-232-5656 or 830-232-5290



2 guns, reliable, responsible law abiding experienced Hunters.

Looking for long term lease -whitetail, axis, turkey and hogs. Please call James @ 512-767-0700 or wk 979-406-2087 (reasonable pricing)

Full time telephonic sales position available. Computer Skills Required. F am iliarity with Microsoft Office (i.e. Word and Excel). Email resumes to


Answers page 7


Full time Sales Manager

hiring all positions apply in person Hwy. 83 Leakey, Texas

1. Reported information 2. Overt 3. Passport endorsement 4. Pretending 5. Lap 6. Test 7. Relating to the kidneys 8. Stingless male bee 9. Bill of fare 10. Finished 11. Food grain 12. Moose 15. Attempted 21. Predatory feline 23. Cot 25. Bard 27. Supple 28. Worship 29. Form of tide 31. Soak through 32. Unrefined 33. Complete or fulllength




44. Step 45. Mouselike mammal 47. Hunt illegally 49. Take liquid a little at a time 50. Boil vigorously 52. A need to drink 54. Apiece 57. Metal-bearing mineral 58. Linguist 62. Unit of geological time 66. Gag 67. Ashen 69. Having the means to do something 70. Halo 71. Foe 72. Scorch 73. Enfold 74. Mirth 75. A specific kind


Leakey ISD is taking applications

Real County Public Library


1. Kind of star 5. Group of cattle or sheep 9. To a greater extent 13. Heroic poem 14. Make a great effort 16. Iniquity 17. Direction 18. Mansion 19. Narrow projecting strip of land 20. Gastropod 22. Beauty treatment 24. Pinch 26. Facial expression 27. Body of water 30. Field event 35. Tender 36. Necessities 39. Carried in a certain way 40. Molecule 42. Greyish brown



Red top Cane 5x5.5 round bales 1450lbs $60.00. Triticale square bales $ 5.00 South Texas Raised Alfalfa in the barn $9.00 CASH ONLY, NO CHECKS, CASH ONLY. 210-216-0193 Located near Pearsall.


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It is our policy to furnish a home owners warranty for every property that we market and that qualifies. This would include owner occupied single family residences. It takes the worry away from owners and buyers. If you are a seller, any covered item that needs repair during the term of the listing will be repaired. If you are a buyer, any covered item that needs repair for up to 12 months after closing will be repaired. We furnish the policy, not you. So, if you are considering selling your property, list with us and let us take the worry away from you. Call for details.

NEW LISTING River front lots in the heart of Con $329,000 Can! River access lots available tool All Price ranges! Lower Frio Estates, 2 bedroom one bath cottage on river Nightly rental allowed. Great investment and recreational front tract, $134,900 opportunity. MOUNTAIN VALLEY Now you can own a 4 bedroom NEW LISTING 4 bedroom\four bath home in Frio River 3 bath home with great income potential in the heart of Ranch on 10.66 acres. $169,000 Concan. House is named Southern Comfort, and can be NEW LISTING La Hacienda, Four bedroom three bath yours for a reduced price of $335,000 home on the Sabinal River. Established income producing OAKMONT VILLAGE 2.21 acres of heavily wooded property. Ten acres of land on a permanent water hole on building site located just of FM 1120. $49,000 the river. $499,000. OAKMONT VILLAGE 3 bedrooms and 2 baths with a NEW LISTING Like New 4 bedroom home with a pool on bonus room for only $135,000 10 acres in close proximity to Garner State Park. Beautiful RANCHO REAL 5 acres with 350 feet of river frontage, long views from hillside location. This one has it all. county road frontage, $149,900. $469,000. RANCHO REAL 23 acres with highway frontage, great Con Can on Bear Creek. 3 bdrm 2 bth with bonus room, views, $49,900. approx. 2,000 square feet, and large covered porches, RANCHO REAL Secluded 15 acres with hunting cabin. 4 large detached garage/workshop. Great week end home or wheel drive required. $47,000 nightly rental near 7 bluff. $459,500. RANCHO REAL River frontage with 22 1⁄2 acres for only Cadillac Farms, 244 ac located 2 miles west of Leakey. A $70,000. little bit of everything, fields, mtns, old ranch house, rustic RANCHO REAL The perfect hunting tract. 36.7 acres barn. Fronts on FM 337 with Patterson Creek forming the adjoining a large ranch. $71,900. southern boundary. Abundant wildlife. Call for details. RIVERTREE Beautiful residential building sites ranging in CANYON OAKS! New construction, 4 bdrm 2 1⁄2 bth price from $99,900 to $109,950. home with excellent views and river access. Great income SPICEWOOD SPRINGS Riverfront home on 3.7 acres in producing potential. $279,900 Spicewood Springs. Access to over a mile of Frio River. CANYON OAKS Three bedroom, 3 1⁄2 bath home on River Four bedroom, three bath, 2 story home sitting on bank of Road. Income producing. Reduced to $299,000 river with a wraparound porch. $429,500. CON CAN RANCH 3 bdrm 2 bth manufactured home on SPRING HILL- PRICE REDUCED.3.2 acres. Beautiful lot 36.67 acres. Located in back of ranch adjoining a large in a gated subdv, city wtr, List Price $64,500 ranch. Ideal hunting property in great location. $145,000 SPRING HILL 3.52 acres with a beautiful view Deer Creek lot with 5.31 restricted acres $64,500. overlooking Leakey. City water, Price reduced to $69,500 DEVILS CANYON 25 acres with blacktop frontage west THE RIDGE-Experience the Texas hill country at its of Leakey .Price reduced to $125,000 finest w/ private access to your own beautiful Frio River FAIRVIEW RANCH Nearly 20 acres with 3 bdrm 2 bth park w/BBQ pavilion. Underground utilities, free roaming manufactured home and 2 bdrm 2 bth cabin., large metal wildlife, hiking, biking & much more! This restricted building. Turn key living and hunting. Call for details. subdivision offers great building sites for your dream FRIO PECAN FARM managed rental with 2b/2ba, home, retirement or vacation get-away. B&B allowed. Call covered porch, beautiful Pecan grove, wildlife, price for a showing or take a drive out 4 mi. south on RR 1120. reduced to $160,000. Prices start $87,500 PRICE REDUCED 3 bedroom 3 bth home on river front THE RIDGE New construction, 3 bedroom 3 bth, with 2 lot in Frio Pecan Farm. Like new condition with huge fireplaces and outdoor kitchen, walking distance to river. deck overlooking the river. Great income potential. Price Nestled under huge live oaks. Call for a showing today reduced to $335,000. This property is a great income THE RIDGE The Bungalow 40 will sleep up to 25 producer. persons. The perfect place to get away with an in ground FRIO RIVER PLACE Beautiful 1.93 acre building site, pool, outdoor kitchen, and a river park. Established income heavily wooded. Quiet location. $109,500. producer with a great upside. $425,000. FRIO RIVER PLACE Here is your chance to own a 3 TIERRA LINDA SUBDIVISION, Con Can. Prime bedroom 3.5 bath home on the banks of the Frio River. residential building site for only $50,000. Like new and over 2 acres of beautiful land area. One of TWIN FORKS Two tree covered lots with owner financing the largest homes you’ll find on the Frio. $569,000 available. $32,500 for one, or both for $59,900. FRIO RIVER RANCH 4 bedroom\four bath home in Frio TWIN FORKS PRICE REDUCED Like new double wide River Ranch on 10.66 acres. $169,000. in Twin Forks, 3 bedroom 2 bth with approx. 1,848 sf, FRIO RIVER RANCH A beautiful hill country home 2 carport, stg building, huge covered deck to enjoy your sitting on the bank of the Frio River. Three bedrooms with coffee. Only $89,900. Call today for a showing. 2 1⁄2 baths, high ceilings, open floor plan. All this plus a COMMERCIAL OPPORTUNITY. 5 income producing detached 2 bedroom, 2 bath cabin with approximately 148 cabins on approx. 7 acres with room for more! $375,000. feet of frontage along the east bank of the river. Close to COMMERCIAL OPPORTUNITY. Turnkey restaurant town, yet private. Great income potential, only $469,900. available on Highway 83. Ready to go. Price reduced to FRIO TERRITORY This five acre building site on the Frio $145,000. Call for details. River is waiting for you. Huge cypress trees line this blue COMMERCIAL OPPORTUNITY, the historic Frio water hole that is teeming with fish. Fronts on Highway Canyon Theatre in downtown Leakey, Great location. 83 and the Frio River, private, yet close to town. Good $149,500. restrictions, beautiful building site overlooking the river. Dub Suttle GRI, Broker - MEMBER: SAN ANTONIO BOARD OF REALTORS; UVALDE BOARD OF REALTORS; KERRVILLE BOARD OF REALTORS; AND THE DEL RIO BOARD OF REALTORS. We get maximum exposure for your property. Call us if you don’t see what you are looking for here. We have numerous other properties that we would be more than glad to help you with. Or better yet, come by for a visit. The coffee pot is always on. Kathy Suttle GRI, – Broker Michael Rushing – Associate COME BY FOR ONE OF OUR Carrie Chisum – Associate COMPLETE LISTS OF PROPFred McNiel GRI, - Associate ERTIES, CHECK US OUT ON THE WEBSITE OR SCAN THE QR CODE BELOW WITH YOUR SMARTPHONE!

1260 S US Hwy 83, Leakey, Tx. 1/2 mile south of Leakey city limits on US Hwy 83 830-232-5242

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...for all your Real Estate needs in the Hill Country River Region...


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830.988.FRIO (3746)

Office located 1/2 mile east of the Frio River on Texas 127 in Concan, Texas

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120’ 120’

(830) 232-5022





PIZZAS Meat Lover’s, The Work’s, Vegetarian, Ultimate Cheese, Smoky Jo’s BBQ, Wings, Garlic Bread, Hamburger, Cheeseburger At the Frio Pecan Farm Pavilion Open: NEW HOURS Thursday & Friday 11a.m. - 2p.m. & 5p.m.-9p.m. and Saturday ALL DAY 11a.m. to 9p.m. Dine In or Pick Up Leakey, Texas

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NOW OPEN AT 7:30 a.m.!! Now Serving Gourmet Coffee and Homemade Pastries “HUNTER PORTIONS!” Open Homemade Daily Specials Choice “Cut to Order” Steaks Burgers, Salads & Sandwiches “Tootie Pies”



11a.m. till 8:30 p.m. Tuesday -Saturday Sunday 11:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.


157 Hwy. 83 South, Downtown, Leakey, Texas

830-232-5016 FAX 830-232-4979

Fax or Email Large Orders!!

TIRE AND WHEEL CONNECTION • Fresh Cut Steaks • Fresh Ground Beef • Deli Meats • Camping Supplies

OPEN SUNDAYS !! 9a.m.-8p.m. Corner of 83 and 337 DOWNTOWN, LEAKEY, TEXAS

830-232-6299 Hours: M-F 7a.m. - 8p.m. Sat. 8a.m.-8p.m.

2805 Highway 90 West Hondo, Texas 78861 830.426.TIRE (8473)



410 S Hwy 83 Leakey, TX 78873 Ph. 830-232-4553 Of�ice Hours-Lobby Mon-Thu 9:00 to 3:00 Fri 9:00 to 4:30 Of�ice Hours-Drive-Thru Mon-Fri 9:00 to 4:30 Sat 9:00 to 12:00 Drive-Up ATM Located at Branch Also located inside Concan General Store U.S. Hwy 83 & Tx. Hwy 127


SPRING BREAK HOURS FOR THE BAR AND GRILL Tues 11am-10pm Wed 11am-10pm Thurs 11am-10pm Fri 11am-12pm Sat 11am-1am Sun 11am-10pm CLOSED MONDAY

�������������Karaoke ����������������������������� Drive Thru Beverage Barn & Always A Special! We welcome all reception parties and would be happy to help you plan them!



in the beautiful Texas Hill Country you will always have a breath taking panoramic view.



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March 5 2014  

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