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The HCG Diet The HCG Diet is helping men and women all over the world to reduce obesity and reach their weight loss goals. The diet plan is comprised of 3 phases, during which you will lose an average of one pound per day. HCG Amino Plus Weight Drops are of the highest quality, and a great way to lose abnormal fat and reduce obesity. The human body consists of three different types of fat: •

Normal Fat

Structural Fat

Abnormal Fat

Abnormal fat is the type of fat that causes obesity. HCG drops stimulate the hypothalamus to release abnormal fat for your body to use as fuel. After completing the HCG diet protocol, the hypothalamus resets and starts functioning normally. It creates a new weight-set-point, making maintaining your weight loss easy. The HCG Diet works in different ways: •

Primarily, it releases the abnormal fat for your body to use as fuel.

Decreases hunger as your body is being fueled by thousands of calories in abnormal fat.

Expels the excess harmful substances like ammonia, nitrogen, etc. from your body.

Increases energy levels and stamina.

Maximizes weight loss, one pound per day is lost on average.

Resets your hypothalamus gland, resulting in a new weight-set-point, helping your body to maintain your weight loss.

They are enriched with seven essential amino acids that not only help you to lose weight, but also to increase your metabolism.

HCG oral drops are easy to take, you simply drop them under your tongue using a provided dropper. The HCG Amino Plus diet program comes in two different lengths of time: •

21 Day Programs


40 Day Programs

HCG Weight Drops also have kits available, which include a book with recipes and sample diets. As with any weight loss plan, contact your physician prior to starting the HCG Diet. For More Information




The Hcg Diet Hcgweightdrops  
The Hcg Diet Hcgweightdrops  

HCG Diet Plan for losing up to 40 lbs and keeping it. HCG Drops with Amino Acids for optimal weight loss results. Free shipping – Call 888-6...