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HCG Diet Phase 3 Food List – HCG injection

You have been into a South Beach diet, you do not eat after 6 o’clock in the afternoon, you avoid fat, sweets and all foods that contain them, but all is the same, you feel that you are still fat. You try to exercise a lot and as much as possible you avoid a sedentary lifestyle, but you are continuously gaining weight. Perhaps, you are thinking of quitting all the types of diet that you know and you have already decided to live the life of an obese. But wait, there is still one that you can practice. It is called HCG diet, short for human chorionic gonadotropin. Actually it is not a diet, but a hormone that can help you lose weight. In

order to be effective, you should have the said hormone along with a HCG diet phase 3 food list.

Human chorionic gonadotropin is said to be effective for one to lose weight. This is because of the nature of the said hormone particularly of being the one that regulates the metabolism in pregnant women. For it to be functional, HCG can be found in the placenta of pregnant women, and for it to be available for

you, HCG injections can be requested from your physician. But in order for the HCG to be effective, you should know first every about the HCG phase 3 and the HCG diet phase 3 food list.

When we speak of HCG diet phase 3, we are speaking of the period after you have taken your last HCG injection. The said period can be hard for you particularly that you have to take diet seriously. But before having your diet, it is recommended for you to know the HCG diet phase 3 food list. You may think that following the said food list may restrict you from what you like and what you are used to, but in contrary, it may even offer you a lot of food options. You should know that following the said food list may give you some freedom as it allows you to have small quantities of bacon, sausages and hot dogs. You can even

eat beef roast, lamb, pork chops and venison. The food list also allows you to have some fish on your meal including oysters, sardines, salmons, tuna and trout. Poultry products are also allowed for you but in minimum quantity.

Moreover, you can no longer have excuses if you do not love vegetables as in this phase of your HCG diet, you will be required to eat vegetable whether you like it or not. Among the vegetables that you should be ready to eat are green leafy vegetables, legumes, carrots and other vegetables that can help in the propagation of the HCG hormone in your fruit. You are also recommended to eat many fruits that you can love so dearly such as apples, oranges, pears, grapes, mangoes and even other tropical and exotic fruits. If you cannot remember all these foods, just remember that you should eat foods that are rich in

protein in order for the HCG to propagate effectively in your body.

In order for the HCG to be effective in your purpose of losing weight, you should not only think of the HCG diet phase 3 food list that you should eat. There are also other things that you should observe and consider in order for the said hormone to effective in your aim. This only means that you should not drink any alcoholic beverage nor smoke your own favorite cigarettes. This is because the chemicals that may enter your body through the said beverage or cigarette can have adverse effects on the hormone that is injected in your body. Aside from the aforementioned prohibition, you should also acquaint yourself with

proper exercise. Moreover, you should also have the right amount of rest that your physician recommends for you to lose weight properly.

Having HCG injection as your way to lose weight is a very good decision. This is because the said form of losing weight is not burdensome on your part. Just have the said injections and as much as possible, eat the foods that are in the HCG diet phase 3 food list for you to expect a good result in terms of losing weight. Aside from the food that you should eat, it is also good if you do the aforementioned things in order for you to lose weight and have the health that you want. But if you want to know more about this type of diet, you can also visit other websites that offer other information especially in terms of the food that you may eat along with taking HCG injections. Visiting other websites may also help you on how to perform HCG diet properly


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HCG Diet Phase 3 Food List – HCG injection  
HCG Diet Phase 3 Food List – HCG injection