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Kauai Relief and Recovery Fund Online Application Deadline: Friday, January 18, 2019, 4:00 p.m. HST

BACKGROUND Following historic flooding on the island of Kauai on April 14, 2018, HCF became the beneficiary of generous donations from individuals and businesses from across the island, state, and country to help with relief efforts. A total of $1.9 million was received during the 5 months following the floods. The flooding caused catastrophic damage and destruction to public infrastructure, community parks and gathering places, businesses, and to personal property and livelihoods. HCF initially directed resources to organizations working to help with rescue and relief efforts, mainly those targeting safety of individual residents and their property. When immediate needs had been addressed, resources were then directed to efforts aimed at stabilizing lives and communities. The severity of the damage was such that housing and job impacts required many to find a new home, a new job, and/or new schools and childcare. Funding was deployed to help increase options and decrease the stress of these upheavals. In the months since the disaster much has been accomplished by the hard work and community organizing of a wide range of people and organizations. At this time, HCF intends to deploy the remaining funds in the KRRF in support of rebuilding efforts. ELIGIBILITY & REQUIREMENTS 1. Applicant must be a tax-exempt 501 (c)3 organization. 2. Organization(s) must be in good standing with HCF. Organizations currently funded by HCF with overdue final reports, as of the proposal deadline, are not eligible to apply. 3. Community rebuilding efforts must be located on Kauai. 4. Grants may not be used for the following: ○ Re-granting (i.e., redistribution of these funds to other organizations or individuals) ○ Endowments ○ For the benefit of specific individuals ○ Activities that promote religious beliefs ○ Purchase of equipment, vehicles, materials and/or supplies that are not specific to the project’s success. 5. All completed applications must be submitted by Friday, January 18, 2019.

EVALUATION CRITERIA FOR SELECTING PROJECTS We invite applications for funding for projects that contribute to the rebuilding efforts. We are interested in supporting projects that meet the following criteria: 1. Address a recognized need that impacts a clearly defined community. 2. Identifies a project with measurable goals aimed at a rebuilding effort. Clear goals and measurable outcomes should be presented in the proposal. 3. The applicant has the commitment and ability to collect data and information that demonstrates community level impact. 4. Will be undertaken by an organization with a proven track record of successful community engagement and partnership. While single organizations are eligible for consideration, a proposal showing clear collaboration with numerous organizations will be given special consideration during the selection process. 5. If a fiscal sponsor is involved, it is an organization with the accounting systems and organizational capacity to provide oversight of the project and expenditures of funds. 6. The proposed project can demonstrate not only support but involvement from broad segments of the community.

7. Project budget and timetable is realistic, complete and leverages additional funding sources to achieve the greatest impact possible.

APPLICATION INSTRUCTION Only complete applications will be accepted. Applications missing information or required attachments may be administratively denied. If you are a fiscally sponsored project or organization, please create your own online account. You can enter the name and information for your Fiscal Sponsor on your application. The online application has fillable boxes with character limits. The character counts in MS Word may not match the character counts in the application. If you cut and paste your work into the application, please be sure that your text fits the space provided. We will not accept documents that are larger than the maximum character counts. We recognize the significance of diacritical markings in written Hawaiian as pronunciation guides, however the online application system is unable to accept diacritical markings. Please do not include these in your narrative -- it may cause errors in the way the online system processes your proposal. HCF will make final award decisions based on a full review of complete proposals submitted, as well as fund availability. Projects selected for funding are anticipated to receive grants with an award period beginning on March 15, 2019. All projects selected for a KRRF grant must be completed, with all grant funds expended, by March 14, 2020. Please consider this timeline when providing your project start date. NARRATIVE SECTION The following character counts are approximate to the specitied page lengths based on single-spacing in Arial 12point font with 1-inch margins. 1. Project Statement (max 200 characters) Provide a clear and concise description of the long-term recovery impact your project will have on the community. 2. Organizational's Background & Community Served (max 6,000 characters) Describe the organization(s) that will be involved in delivering the project. Include your organization’s mission, background, and its importance to the community you serve. If you are using a fiscal sponsoring organization describe its capacity to account for, and report on the use of grant funds as well as provide oversight for the project. Describe the community need that your project addresses. What part of the community need are you addressing with your project? How does your organization assess or determine the needs of the community it plans to serve? Describe how the project will engage the community. Will partnerships with other organizations be created or strengthened? If so, what will be the specific contribution of each partner? How will all partners work together and monitor their progress? 3. Project Description (max 4,000 characters) Describe the overall proposed project. If the organization has received past funding from KRRF, describe the outcomes of that project and explain how this application differentiates itself from previous work that has already been funded. Describe how the project will engage the community and explain how this was determined to be a priority project. How does the project fit in with other recovery efforts? 4. Project Work Plan & Timeline Provide a detailed and comprehensive work plan and timeline for the entire project. What results (long-term outcomes or positive changes) is your organization trying to achieve? How does your organization plan to measure results? Click here for the Work plan and Timeline template 5. Project Budget A project budget form is provided and must be uploaded as part of your application. Click here for the Project Budget template.

ATTACHMENTS The following attachment must be uploaded to the online application. Proposals missing any of these will not be reviewed. 1. Project Work Plan Matrix & Timeline Form (click here for template) 2. Project Budget Form (click here for template) 3. Board List - One-page board or leadership group list 4. 2018 year's operating budget, including sources of income and expenses.* 5. 2017 operating budget, including income and expenses.*

*If you are a national organization please submit your Hawaii program budget. If you are using a Fiscal Sponsor, please also attach the following documents: a. Fiscal Sponsor's Board of Directors Resolution authorizing project fiscal sponsorship. (click here for template) b. Fiscal Sponsor's Agreement. (click here for template) c. Fiscal Sponsor’s Board of Directors list. d. Fiscal Sponsor’s operating budget for the current and previous fiscal years. Fiscal sponsored projects missing any of these documents will be administratively denied.

Please use the following descriptive file name format when uploading your files: Application ID_Your Org Name_Name of File (for example, ‘145_HCF_Budget.pdf’ or ‘145_HCF_Board of Directors.doc’) Do not use apostrophes, #, or parenthesis in your file name Each file must have a unique file name Each file size should be kept below 5000 KB

GRANT AWARDS & REQUIREMENTS Grant decisions will be made by February 28, 2019 for projects to start by March 15, 2019. Projects must be completed, with all award funds expended by March 14, 2020. DEADLINE: Submit your application by clicking the "Submit" button at the end of the online application by 4:00 pm HST on Friday, January 18, 2019. QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS RFP If you have any questions regarding the RFP, please contact Marissa Sandblom, at or (808) 346-0496. If you have questions about registering your nonprofit online or about the online application process, please contact: Lisa Rodrigues, Executive Assistant, at or (808) 566-5551. Click here to download a copy of these guidelines.

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KRRF RFP Introduction and Instructions  

Please read this before completing the KRRF RFP

KRRF RFP Introduction and Instructions  

Please read this before completing the KRRF RFP