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HAWAI‘I ISLAND VOLCANO RECOVERY FUND GRANTEES The Hawai‘i Island Volcano Recovery Fund provides grants to local organizations who are bringing immediate relief to communities on Hawaii Island that have been impacted by the Kilauea eruptions. We also recognize that the eruptions are continuing so the strategies are likely to evolve over time. Donations made to the Hawai‘i Island Volcano Recovery Fund are being categorized based on the following three priority areas: • Response – immediate support for urgent needs for those displaced. • Recovery – providing support for some level of normalcy for families and communities disrupted with temporary housing, reopening of schools. • Rebuild— longer term assessment and support for those communities affected by the eruptions. Hawai‘i Island Volcano Recovery Fund Grant Summary for June 28, 2018 Kiluaea Volcano has now been vigorously erupting in the lower Puna district for almost two months. The capacity of the nonprofit organizations to continue to provide response to address the needs of the community is impacted by the ongoing nature of the disaster. There the grants made in the last month are primarily to increase the capacity of these front line organizations. 1. Catholic Charities (CC) This grant allows CC to add a Disaster Administrative Assistant for a period of three months to support processing requests for housing and utility assistance. 2. Hawai‘i Bar Association Foundation (HBAF) The HBA is providing probono attorneys to support the individuals evacuated due to the Kīlauea eruptions. This grant will support the printing and distribution of brochures with information about insurance claims and other potential legal issues. They are providing free legal clinics in Puna and Kau and providing referrals for those needing more oneon-one legal services. 3. Child and Family Services (CFS) CFS is increase their capacity to process requests for assistance by moving a part-time employee to full time for three months. This will help fully utilize discount vouchers offered by Alaska Airlines for anywhere Alaska flies as well as other assistance. 4. Legal Aide Society of Hawai‘I (LASH) LASH has applied for funding from the federal Legal Services Corporation for an attorney and paralegal for Hawaii island, which they hope to be funded by August. This grant will support a paralegal to conduct intake, provide legal advice and assist with the coordination of legal volunteers for the month of July.

HAWAI‘I ISLAND VOLCANO RECOVERY FUND GRANTEES Hawai‘i Island Volcano Recovery Fund Grant Summary for May 25, 2018 1.

HOPE Services This grant is for housing placement assistance and case management

Hawai‘i Island Volcano Recovery Fund Grant Summary for May 24, 2018 1.

The Food Basket The Food Basket has received quadruple the usual number of donations of food and supplies and has been making daily deliveries of food to the Puna community. This grant will provide funding for a warehouse coordinator, parttime volunteer coordinator and part-time driver for a period of two months, as well as gas for the 40-mile round trip daily deliveries.

Hawai‘i Island Volcano Recovery Fund Grant Summary for May 18, 2018 1.

Neighborhood Place of Puna This organization is serving as coordinating entity for the nonprofits providing responses. They are building on an informal network of 30 nonprofit agencies that came together after Hurricane Iselle. Initial funding will support purchase of a case management database system so that all the agencies have access to a common database of individual needs in order to coordinate aid and increased staffing for three months to manage the database and coordinate the responses.


Puna Baptist Church The church is coordinating efforts around laundry for those displaced by the eruptions. Liliuokalani Trust provided washers and dryers and a local laundromat is providing discounted services. The churches are providing detergent and will distribute vouchers to be redeemed at the laundromat. The grant will cover the cost of the vouchers.

Hawaii island grant summary 6 29 2018  
Hawaii island grant summary 6 29 2018