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Application Networks for Social Change


Online Application Deadline: Tuesday, October 30, 2018, 4:00 p.m. HST BACKGROUND HCF’s experience in the social sector has taught us that networks can be effective strategies for addressing social change. “Most simply, [networks are] a set of people who voluntarily organize themselves for collective action to solve a large, complex social issue.”1 Over the last decade most of HCF’s initiatives have included a network component which has resulted in accelerated learning and collaboration among partners, and a high level of trust necessary to take on larger systems projects. PURPOSE The purpose of this RFP is to support networks that are working to create positive social change for our community. This includes networks that are in the early stages of working on an issue, as well as more established networks that have a clear implementation strategy. ELIGIBILITY The entity requesting funding must be a 501©3 nonprofit organization. If your network is not a 501©3 then a network member that is a nonprofit may apply on the network’s behalf and may charge up to 10% of the grant total to administer these funds. GRANT RANGE Grants will range from $10,000 - $25,000/year for 2 years. Funding may be used to support the operations of the network. Funding may not be used for capital expenses (e.g., office equipment or a van). TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE In addition to grant funding, successful applicants will be part of a community of practice that meets 3-4 times/year. This community of practice will be focused on addressing “problems of practice,” real-time issues faced by members of the network. These meetings will be facilitated by a professional facilitator with experience working with networks. The work plans you submit as part of your application will help to design the initial meetings. CRITERIA Successful applicants will demonstrate that they:  Are actively working towards social change, and not solely for the benefit of their members,  Have a track record of working collaboratively with others,                                                              1

“Connecting to Change the World”, Pete Plastrik, Madeleine Taylor, John Cleveland, p. 25, 2014 

  

Have built enough capacity that the group will continue to exist beyond the duration of this grant, Can articulate the results they are working towards and have a way to measure their progress, and Have a reasonable chance of accomplishing or making significant progress towards their goals.

ONLINE SUBMISSION Applications must be submitted online at: (Or click on “NONPROFIT GATEWAY” at the top of the HCF homepage). If you are a new user, click “New User Registration;” the registration process may take up to 2 days so please register early! APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS  Only complete applications will be accepted. Applications missing information or required attachments may be administratively denied.  The online application has fillable boxes with character limits. The character counts in MS Word may not match the character counts in the application. If you cut and paste your work into the application, please be sure your text fits the space provided. We will not accept documents that are larger than the maximum character counts.  We recognize the significance of diacritical markings in written Hawaiian as pronunciation guides; however, the online application system is unable to accept diacritical marks. Please do not include these in your narrative, it may cause errors in the online processing of your proposal. Narrative Section The following character counts are approximate to the specified page lengths based on single-spacing in Arial 12-point font with 1-inch margins. 1. Vision/Mission Statement (max 2,500 characters = approximately 1/2 page) This statement should answer three questions:  Who is the network for?  What problem is it working on?  What types of activities will the network do? 2. Achievements from Previous Years (max 3,500 characters = approximately 3/4 page) Please list any achievements your network has accomplished in terms of its mission and/or building its capacity. 3. Organizational Background (max 3,500 characters = 3/4 page)  When was your network created?  How many members do you have and what fields or organizations do they represent?  Who in your network is responsible for planning and coordinating meetings and on-going communications?  How often does your network meet?  How often does your network communicate with its members (this can be an estimate or average)?  What do you know about your members’ interests and why they participate in the network?  Who are your network’s key partners and how do you work together?  What does your network feel are its best opportunities to make progress on its issue?

4. Funding Request (max 3,500 characters = 3/4 page) Tell us how much your network is requesting and what you would use these funds to accomplish. WORK PLAN TEMPLATE A fillable version of this template will be available in the online application. Annual Goals

1. Build stronger connections between network members.

2. Introduce legislation to...

Annual Work Plan Projects and activities the network is working on or planning to work on in the coming year. Please list your 3-6 most important goals for the coming year, these should include goals that build your network’s capacity and goals that the network has for making progress towards its larger vision. (Examples below) Activities Performance Metrics Target Date Incorporate member updates into Increase # of participants Begin member monthly conference calls. on monthly conference updates on next month’s calls; calls by 20%. Provide informal networking see increase in opportunities at quarterly meetings. Increase by 10% the # of participation w/in 6 months. people who “Strongly Agree” with “I feel Annual survey in connected to the other members of my network” October on the annual survey. Members draft key points to be Legislation is introduced 2019 legislative included in legislative language. and passes during the session next session. If not, how Confirm support from far in the process does it Representative X, Senator Y and go? their staff. Identify network members and other potential champions who would be willing to submit testimony.

3. Explore the willingness of the Healthcare Without Harm Network to partner on implementing our newest project.

Prepare communications materials ahead of time to clearly and simply explain the issue. Identify network members with connections to and willingness to approach HWHN. Meet w/HWHN leadership to present the value to them of working with us on this project.

Initial meeting conducted in the first quarter.

By end of 1st quarter

Identify specific actions HWHN is willing to take and by what date.

By end of 2nd quarter

4. 5. 6.

ATTACHMENTS The following attachments must be uploaded to the online application: 1. Network’s current operating budget, including sources of income and expenses. 2. Network’s previous year’s operating budget, including income and expenses. 3. Completed annual work plan (template provided in the online application). FILE NAMING FORMAT FOR ATTACHMENTS Please use the following descriptive file name format when uploading your files: 1. Your Org Name_Name of File (for example, ‘HCF_2017-18 Budget.pdf’); 2. Do not use apostrophes, #, or parenthesis in your file name; 3. Each file must have a unique file name; and 4. Each file size should be kept below 5,000 KB. DEADLINE: Submit your application by clicking the “Submit” button at the end of the application no later than 4:00 p.m. HST, Tuesday, October 30th QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS RFP If you have questions about this RFP or the application process, please contact Pi’ikea Miller at 566-5546 or ADDITIONAL RESOURCES The link below has resources on network best practices including: creating a network vision and purpose statement, coordinating communications between members, defining network membership and creating an annual work plan.

RFP - Networks for Social Change  

Application - Request for Proposal

RFP - Networks for Social Change  

Application - Request for Proposal