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An Overview of the Cisco Certification in 650-196 Keywords: Cisco 650-196, test 650-196 Summary A certification in 650-196 is a good way to not only apply for the best jobs in the industry but also to advance in the current company. A Cisco certification is well respected for its thoroughness and a successful candidate in the certification test will always be in demand. Main Article Cisco is a world famous developer and programmer in the IT industry and its certifications are very well respected in the industry. Cisco certifications ensure that the IT concepts are clear when a candidate clears the test. A Cisco certification develops a candidate’s knowledge in networking basics and concepts and their practical applications in the industry. Among the many Cisco certifications the certification in 650-196 is a very popular one for the career opportunities that it offers. The certification in 650-196 is especially useful for an engineer role in a small business. This certification helps candidates to be able to deal with organizations needing Cisco support and solutions for a customer base of about 200-250 network users. The certification in 650-196 validates a candidate to work with the processes as set down by Cisco in order to fulfill a customer or clients required routing, security, unified communications, wireless network issues and even switching. These are high levels skills required to offer Cisco’s brand of solutions to customers and a certification assures an employer or a client of the candidate’s ability to understand and to work with the required processes. The certification test for 650-196 can be registered for at authorized Pearson Vue centers and at their online site. The test lasts for 90 minutes and can have 15 to 55 questions. A network engineer who clears this certification test will have a whole lot of career opportunities as Cisco is a world renowned company and its applications are in use worldwide. This is not an easy test

to clear and a candidate even an experienced one needs to put in a lot of preparation. Cisco offers support to the candidates who wish to appear for the exams by listing out the topics that need to be covered and by offering online technical support as well. In addition to this, there are online study centers that are privately run that also offer study material for a candidate wishing to attempt the certification in 650-196. These classes have well researched sets like Practice Test Papers and Questions and Answer sets that help a candidate to practice in detail for the test. These sets cover the topics for the certification test and ensure that the information is verified and current. With regular practice especially with the Practice test papers a candidate gains in confidence for the actual test and is able to attempt the maximum number of questions and can finish in the time allotted for the test as well.

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