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Mandy is a two-year-old girl. She was born in New York, and now she is living in Rego Park with her parents. In this book, there are 6 stories. They describe the many little funny mistakes Mandy made when she tried to tell her Mommy and Daddy what she was thinking.

Written, Designed and Illustrated by Hsin-Fang Chang

Mandy Says...

Mandy caught a cold with a runny nose. Mommy sliced an apple for her. Mommy said to Mandy, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Eating an apple will stop your runny nose.”After Mandy ate it, Mandy said to Mommy, “Mommy, I ate the apple already, but my nose was still runny.”

One summer night, Mandy was out for a walk with Mommy and Daddy. Mandy looked at the sky and saw the stars. Later, Mandy looked at the sky and saw the stars again. Then, Mandy asked,”How could stars walk without feet?”

One day, Mandy went shopping for underwear with Mommy and Daddy. However, they forgot it in the car when they returned home. After a while, Mandy remembered the underwear. Then she asked Mommy to get her underwear. Mommy said to Mandy, “No, I don’t want to get it because it is dark now and there is a big hungry wolf outside. The wolf is bad and would eat people.” Then Mandy asked, “Why are wolves bad? Why do wolves eat people? Why don’t wolves eat rice?”

One day, Mandy said to Daddy, “Mommy said,’if I am not good, the thunder god will take me away.’” Then Mandy said to Daddy, “Daddy, if you don’t be good, the thunder god will take you away too.” Then Daddy said to Mandy, “If Daddy is taken away, you will never see Daddy again.” Mandy said, “Don’t be a bad person because if you are taken away by the thunder god, I will miss you.”

One day, Daddy was coming home late from work. Mandy said,”Don’t come in. This is Mommy and Mandy’s home.” Daddy asked Mandy, “Where is Daddy’s home?” Mandy said, “Daddy, your home is in your Office.”

One winter night, Mandy was on her way home with Mommy from the daycare. Mandy learned about a balloon at daycare. They walked pass a house that had a round lamp in front of it. Mandy pointed at it and excitedly said,”Balloon, Balloon, Balloon!“