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October 2012 Newsletter Heath Church of Christ

An Election Prayer

~Greg Robbins

The Apostle Paul explains in Philippians 3:20 that as Christians our “citizenship is in heaven.” It is important to keep in mind during a busy, contentious political season that our first allegiance is to Christ. Christ is Lord. Christ’s kingdom is not red or blue. All Christians, regardless of party affiliation, care about the future of our country. We all are concerned about our country’s growing national debt. We all want the unemployed to find work and enjoy the satisfaction that comes from an honest day’s labor. We all take seriously the potential international threat of a nuclear Iran. Certainly, as Christians, we are all concerned about spiritual apathy in American society and the growing cultural rot that is undermining our communities and families. All Christians care about the health and future success of America. Consequently, all believers should join together in praying for our country’s next president, whether it is President Obama or Governor Romney. We should pray that they would turn to God in humility, seeking his wisdom to confront and solve the complex challenges currently facing our country. We should pray that our national leaders would follow the example of King Solomon. In 1 Kings 3:9 Solomon asks God for a “discerning heart to govern your people and to distinguish between right and wrong.” In light of the great task of leading his country, Solomon prayed to God and requested wisdom. (Continued on page 2)

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As Jesus was walking beside the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers, Simon called Peter and his brother Andrew. They were casting a net into the lake, for they were fishermen. “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people. Matthew 4:18-19 NIV

An Election Prayer (continued from page 1) reader, increasingly so as the dreary days of death, defeat, and pessimism encircled him.”

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Solomon understood that leaders often face complicated, morally challenging situations. Solomon grasped that to be successful as a King (or President) demands God’s intervention. An effective national leader kneels often, seeking God’s wise counsel and guidance.

McDonald continues, “Many now acknowledge that Lincoln became our most spiritual president. Like most of us, he matured best in sorrow and found profound meaning in deep anguish. In almost complete despair, he increasingly The role of President brought Abraham turned to God, praying daily—but not Lincoln to his knees. Lincoln is considered publicly. He was concerned only with by most to be the greatest American the substance and meaning of prayer. President and As he reiterated in Statesman, chiefly several intimate because his conversations, his Blessed courageous decisions chief form of prayer is the nation ended slavery and his was to seek and strength of character follow the will of whose God is and uncommon vision God. Lincoln the Lord. held our fractured surmised that the Civil country together War was part of ~Psalm 33:12 during bitter days of God’s wrath for our civil war. Lincoln nation’s sin and faced and overcame extraordinary slavery. He concluded that the Almighty circumstances as President. How did he had placed him in the presidency as a do it? Many Lincoln historians believe humble instrument of God’s will. He that as the War lingered on and the confided to his secretary that ‘I have death tally grew, Lincoln increasingly been driven many times upon my knees got on his knees and sought God’s by the overwhelming conviction that I wisdom and direction. had nowhere else to go.’” One historian, Alonzo McDonald, explains: “In the world’s eyes, Abraham Lincoln was not a religious man. He never joined a church. He ascribed to no denomination or religious creed. He only rented a pew, attending church services regularly with his wife who was a member. He sat out of sight in a side chamber in her Washington church, reverently kneeling in unison with the congregation. But far more important, Lincoln was a praying man and a Bible

In the most desperate times, facing overwhelming challenges, Godly leaders get on their knees and seek God’s wisdom. When God-fearing leaders turn to God, God blesses the leader and the nation he leads. Over the next month let’s take time to pray for our current and future government leaders, for the upcoming election, and for the future of America. “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord” (Psalm 33:12). 2

Mission of the Month WORLD WIDE HISPANIC OUTREACH Ernesto & Olga Fuentes 7981 E County Road 100 N  Avon, Indiana 46123 World Wide Hispanic Outreach is a mission in Mexico that HCC has supported for just a few years. We were introduced to WWHO when members of HCC made two short-term mission trips to Mexico to help build a church camp in the Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico area. Ernesto and Olga Funetes are the directors of the mission. They have been responsible for establishing many churches in Mexico; and are involved in a number of outreach ministries including a child sponsorship program and a medical clinic in the village of Biznaga. It is operated by their son, Dr Esley Fuentes and his wife, Dr Sandy Fuentes. Ernesto Writes (regarding Praise Valley Camp): God has blessed us with the continued expansion of tools (buildings) to reach more souls for His kingdom. Thanks to God we have now held 138 retreats at the camp. Since our last newsletter we’ve held several of those retreats, one was from a church in Durango who brought 117 youth. In order to serve all of them we had to purchase 40 more mattresses for them to sleep on. What a blessing to have them here as 50 of those youth were baptized, praise God. Olga writes: The children of our sponsorship program were very excited and ready to welcome a short term mission group from Kingsway Christian Church for a sport camp. The children asked many questions and were very excited because this was the first time we’ve ever held a sport camp. The children received warm and loving care from the American Christians. During the visit we once again gave each of the sponsored children a school backpack full of school supplies, a toy, a baseball hat, and a new pair of shoes. I wish each of you could have been here to see the smiles on the faces of the children as they welcomed your gifts of love in Christ name. The first day of sports camp was for the sponsored children, but the second day we welcomed several children from the neighboring villages of San Antonio and Biznaga. We also had children who came from Saltillo, among them were many children who were orphans due to the recent drug wars going on in our country. They all received a bag of school supplies, baseball hat and toy to take home with them. Esley writes: Communion clinic is a leading primary care provider in the county of Arteaga. The equipment that was donated by FAME is just one of the reasons why every day new patients come through our doors. The clinic had the great honor of serving 270 people in the month of July. In August we had 290 patients of which 200 were new patients. We have implemented services at the clinic that aren’t normally offered anywhere around here. One of the services we provide in the clinic is affordable blood analysis on every Tuesday. This has also opened a great opportunity to meet new patients. We also implemented a prenatal care program for our pregnant patients of all ages. We laid out a plan for them to come twice a month for regular check ups and we educate them on how to be the most caring mothers they can be. Please pray for God’s blessing on the work of World Wide Hispanic Outreach. 3

New Sermon Series Our sermon series for October and November is "Life Together" based on Romans 12-16. What is the nature of Christian community? What does it mean to be the church? What are our responsibilities toward one another within the family of God? The answers to practical questions like these will challenge us together in faith and in a spirit of unity.

The Story Our 6:00pm Sunday Evening program, The Story, has been a big hit! All age groups; children, teens and adults, are getting a fresh look at how God is working throughout history to bring mankind into a loving relationship with him. This 31 week study will take us through the entire Bible, highlighting key characters and events in The Story. A small group for college age & young adults recently began meeting in the café on Sunday evenings. The Ladies Bible Study on Wednesday evenings is also studying The Story. This is a great opportunity for everyone to learn more about God’s Word. Please join us on Sunday evenings!

Keenagers Retreat

Statistics for September, 2012 Attendance 2012 2011 Weekly Average 472 463 Missions Faith Promise Offering Monthly Faith Promise $8,365.00 Actual Monthly Offering $7,402.00 Monthly Promise 88.48% Year to Date Promise 91.32% General Fund Offerings Received $57,514.00 Offerings Needed $63,000.00 Landmark Fund ($200,000.00 by March 2013) September Offerings Received to Date

$36,517.00 $231,212.00

in the Fireside Room. Program: Serving Sisters - Carole Wright. Hostesses: Darlene Hogue and Donna Elliott. Roll Call: Most spectacular craft you ever made! Visitation: Pat Schaffer and Anna Lou Corbin. Devotions: Janie Dunlap.

Visitors Reception Our next Visitor Reception follows 2nd service on October 21, 11:35am in the Fellowship Café. If you are new to HCC, we would like to get to know you better, answer your questions, and introduce you to the church staff and leadership team. Please join us.

Open Gym October 19, 10:00am-2:00pm. Pack a lunch and bring the kids!

Congratulations! Luke Timothy was born September 10, 2012 to Brandon and Lindsey Carbaugh, 8 lbs., 20.25 inches.

The Fall Keenagers Retreat is Tuesday, October 9 at Round Lake Our Sympathy Christian Camp. Ray & Don Linn The Heath Church of Christ extends are the retreat leaders. Marshall Hayden will speak on “Old Sheep sympathy to the following families: Can Learn New Tricks.” Registration Family of O. K. Waters, Troy's information is at the display table grandfather in the lobby. Family of Kay Ciminello, Jamie's mother

Willing Workers Meeting

Wednesday, October 10, 9:30am

Family of Calvin Osborn, Mar's brotherin-law 4

The missions committee is collecting items to send to WISE (Windward Islands School of Evangelism). Please drop off donations in Room 115. We will be collecting these items through the month of October. If you have any questions, please see any member of the mission committee. Thank You.

Items needed are:  Razors for men and women (disposable)  Small Cologne and Perfume (cheap)  Hard candy that will not melt  Cards of devotion  Pens and Highlighters  Note Books


October 2012 Sun

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Wed 3

6:30a Men's Bibl Fellowship Cafe 9:00a Last Call F Distribution 7:00p -8:00p Ad Studies, RENEW Children’s Progr



9:00a Blended Worship & Bible Classes 10:30a Modern Worship & Bible Classes 6:00p The Story Adults, The Story Teens, The Story Children





8:30a –5:45p RLCC Keenagers Retreat 6:30p WCF Board Meeting

6:30a Men's Bibl Fellowship Cafe 9:30a Willing W 7:00p -8:00p Ad Studies, RENEW Children’s Progr



9:00a Blended Worship & Bible 7:00p-8:30p To Moms with Classes Love 10:30a Modern Worship & Bible Classes 6:00p The Story Adults, The Story Teens, The Story Children



6:30a Men's Bibl Fellowship Café 9:30a-11:00a To Love 7:00p -8:00p Ad Studies, RENEW Children’s Progr


9:00a Blended Worship & Bible Classes 10:30a Modern Worship & Bible Classes 11:35a Visitors Reception 6:00p The Story Adults, The Story Teens, The Story Children



6:30a Men's Bibl Fellowship Café 7:00p -8:00p Ad Studies, RENEW Children’s Progr 8:00p Missions C Meeting



9:00a Blended Worship & Bible Classes 10:30a Modern Worship & Bible Classes 6:00p The Story Adults, The Story Teens, The Story Children


6:30a Men's Bibl Fellowship Café 5:00p -8:00p Fall Bonfire, Wiener more fun!


le Study -


Thu 4

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Sat 6






10:00 -11:30a Ladies' Morning Bible Study

10:00a-2:00p Open Gym



10:00 -11:30a Ladies' Morning Bible Study 6:30p Board Meeting followed by Elders Meeting

dult Bible W (teens) & rams

le Study -

11 10:00 -11:30a Ladies' Morning Bible Study

Workers Meeting dult Bible W (teens) & rams

le Study -

o Moms with

dult Bible W (teens) & rams

le Study -


10:00 -11:30a Ladies' Morning Bible Study

dult Bible W (teens) & rams Committee

le Study -

l Harvest Party r Roast, and


p reschool Ministry


E lementary M inistry




Greg Robbins, Senior Minister Dave Mason, Associate Minister Josh Davis, Teens Sandy Spence, Elementary Angel Williamson, Preschool Bruce Slagle, Office Administrator Jim Mack, Custodian Church elders can be contacted at

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October 2012 Newsletter  

Heath Church of Christ October 2012 Newsletter

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