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Tivy students get lesson on texting and driving, see Page 12a

Service dog helps local diabetic student, see Page 5a

Tivy hoops picks up wins, see sports

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KERRVillE, tExAS • WEdnESdAy, dECEMBER 5, 2012

Heisman mania Former Tivy quarterback Johnny Manziel making a run at college football’s highest award

cool again, and judging from the internet photos of his Halloween outing as the crime-fighting canine, Scooby e has a trademarked nickname, proved far more beneficial for him as a his over-the-top football ex- social connection than the pooch ever ploits have taken the college did for Shaggy. Somewhere, Daphne scene by storm and drawn breathless and Velma are fuming with jealousy. “He,” of course, is Texas praise from just about every a&M quarterback and sports outlet in america, and former Kerrville Tivy even venerable news organizaHigh School standout tions like The New York Times Johnny Manziel — and have devoted ink to his life right now is a very good story. Brian Williams mentioned time to be Johnny him last week on nBC’s “Rock Manziel. Just six years reCenter,” going so far as to inmoved from playing declude a clip of a smitten fan fensive back at Peterson crooning that aforementioned Middle School, Manziel nickname — Johnny Football — will carry an almost rockto the tune of Shelley Fabares’ Manziel star status to new York 1962 soft-pop hit “Johnny City this weekend as one of five finalists angel.” Heck, he’s even made Scooby Doo for college football’s highest award — By S tuARt C unyuS Sports editor


“I’m a small-town kid. I come from Kerrville, Texas, and I still see myself that way. I don’t see myself as Johnny Football, I still see myself as Jonathan Manziel, a small town guy from Kerrville who is extremely fortunate and extremely blessed to be able to play football here at A&M.” –– Johnny Manziel the Heisman Trophy. He should win it. With a bowl game yet to play, Manziel See ManzieL, Page 14a

Junior 2009

Senior 2010

Texas a&M RedshiRT FReshMan quaRTeRback Johnny Manziel, a Parade AllAmerican as a senior at Tivy High School, will be in New York City Saturday night as one of five finalists for the Heisman Trophy, college football’s highest honor. Manziel was a standout performer thoughout his career at Tivy (right).

Freshman 2007

Sophomore 2008

Texas A&M photo courtesy of Aggie Athletics

Jachade to take THS post Kerrville iSD has named assistant Principal Jarrett Jachade the lone finalist in the search for a new principal at Tivy High School. The position is being vacated by Bobby Templeton, ed.D, who was recently hired as superintendent of ingram iSD. Jachade will be presented for approval at the Board of Jachade Trustees meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 18. “i’m thrilled to recommend Mr. Jarrett Jachade to the Board of Trustees as the new principal of Tivy High School,” said Dan Troxell, Ph.D, superintendent of Kerrville iSD. “Mr. Jachade has an enthusiasm and charisma that is unmatched. He will excel as principal at Tivy.” Jachade joined Kerrville iSD as an assistant principal in august 2010. Prior to joining KiSD, he was a high school math teacher and coach for both Rockport iSD and Bandera iSD. See JaCHaDe, Page 5a

Best in Texas! oLH troupe captures state title at TaPPS one-act Play competition TYLeR — Two months of diligent rehearsals, a pair of dinner-theater performances at the Kroc Center, and a first-place Regional finish two weeks ago at the Cailloux Theater all paid dividends for our Lady of the Hills over the weekend as the Hawks captured first place at the TaPPS State Division ii one-act Play competition at Tyler Grace Community School. The school’s production of Shakespeare’s “a Midsummer night’s Dream,” directed by Sterline Marcum and stage managed by

senior emily Bailey, took top honors over other regional finalists from Heritage Christian academy, Hill Country Christian School, The Covenant School, Wichita Christian School, and the alpha omega academy. oLH’s zach Perrin was named Best actor, nick Loveland and estella Wieser earned all-Star Cast honors, and Bailey was an all-Star Crew selection. zach Cunyus, Bunny Jimenez, Jonathon Martinez See oLH, Page 13a

Photo by Stuart Cunyus

ouR lady oF The hills’ performance of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” captured top honors Saturday at the TAPPS State Division II One-Act Play competition in Tyler.

What women want Local women shed light on holiday wish lists By B onniE A Rnold Staff Writer

Before all you husbands, sons and “significant others” (men) head for local stores and area malls looking for Christmas presents, in case you

wants for Christmas – foresee standing conand more long-term – fused in the middle of are daily hugs, plus some store, this informasomeone to organize tion might help. all her “stuff” at home, We took a very inforand someone to clean mal survey of a few area her house. ladies of various ages to Dinell Sveen, a 20get some heartfelt anVandenberg Sveen Rangubphai Golden Edwards something lady who is swers to the question, a soon-to-be Schreiner “What do you ReaLLY Teresa Golden listed the following man; and any Blake Shelton CD. said she’d like graduate, University want for Christmas?” See, already the men should be three items: a “Build Your own Here’s a hint. it isn’t always some- necklace” from Beaucoup Designs considering some services and not to receive a Kindle Fire, and a Spa thing that can be wrapped up in a that she saw at Cricket’s in Kerrville; just “wrap-able” items. box. See WoMen, Page 15a Patty Rangubphai said all she a gift certificate for a maintenance

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Hill Country Community Journal

Page 4A

oPinion&Editorial MoMents & MeMories

An old fashioned Kerr Christmas

Courtesy Photo

reD anD Green PaPer ChainS like these decorated the Christmas tree at the Turtle Creek School Christmas party, and students were allowed to add real candles, carefully, and light them for Santa’s arrival. By clarabelle Snodgrass would fill it to the top and hang i must say Merry Christmas to out for us to see. everyone in the Hill The little toys we had Country. Thanks goodthen were made of ness we still can say that metal and wire. We and not be criticized didn’t see many made about it. up east someof wood, and they where i heard there weren’t made of plastic were signs and objecthen. one year, i got a tions. little wooden monkey When i think of on strings, hanging out Merry Christmas, it reof the top of my stockminds us what we are ing. in our dining celebrating this season. room, we had winclarabelle Maybe this will reach dows with latches. My everybody else, too. father hung that moni remember what Christmas key from one of the latches and was like in my young life, good- every time i pulled on the strings ness, 80 to 90 years ago now. that little monkey would climb i don’t remember that we very the strings. everyone would often had a Christmas tree in the watch it climb every time i house. There were cedar trees in pulled the strings. the mountains up behind the Another time i got a little iron house, but none close to the cookstove for girls, a replica of house. do you know what we the one my mother used in our did? kitchen. it came with four little i wore long black cotton stock- plates, and had two burners over ings with my dresses back in my a fire box and two on the back school days. And we would to warm the food. it even had hang stockings up on the fire- tiny cook pans to go with it. i place – one for me and one for thought that was a really cute my brother. The rush on Christ- toy. i never made a fire in it; i mas morning was to go into the just pretended. dining room where the fireplace one time my brother got a was and see what was peeking train set. Santa set it up on the out of the top of each stocking. dining room table ready to use. Most of the time we’d get an it had an engine and i think a apple and an orange, and maybe freight car and a passenger car; some doublemint Gum and and it wound up with a key and some jellybeans. if there were any other few gifts in there, it See ClArABelle, Page 5A

letters to the editor ...

Gifts and thanks suitable for the New Year To the editor: it is the time of year to give gifts and thanks. There are several organizations i wish to publicly thank and offer suggestions of what to give in the New Year. The best thing to do is contact each organization to find out specifically what their needs are, but i want to get you thinking of what you could give. The Kerrville Genealogy Society deserves a thank-you for their support and willingness to work with the library during the renovation. Without their help in packing the History Center, we wouldn’t have been able to operate the library from there. They were displaced for approximately 10 months as the

library moved in and out. Their help is what made our temporary location a great success. i’d also like to thank them for their friendship and support during my time in Kerrville. it would have been nice to continue working together towards making the History Center the best regional genealogy resource. if you enjoy genealogy or helping others with their genealogy, i recommend joining the organization. They are looking for volunteers to help at the History Center. Contact them to learn more about what you can do to volunteer. The friends of the ButtSee leTTer, Page 9A

Wednesday, december 26, 2012

Phase 3 ... by Sherry Cunningham

Papa’s trains and Christmas memories Those of us who have been chal- Jefferson Street Cafe. When our food lenged by being "single again" are arrived at the table, i started to take very cautious when someone asks us a bite. rick took my hand and asked out on a date. if we could bless the food. We all have our little signs that we That is a tradition that we still do watch out for, whether every meal, at home, in the we voice those to anyrestaurant or in a drive-thru. one or not. And "single Not long after that, he met my again" people usually children and they liked him have their little list of and he liked them. Then he qualifications for anyintroduced me to his sons, one to get closer than rick and Craig. an occasional dinner it was a special day when out. Craig Sr. came to Kerrville to My list, unwritten, insee his dad and brought along cluded that whoever i Papa's grandson Craig Jr. who allowed to get close to was 20 months old. A few cunningham weeks later we met Craig Jr.'s me for a long term relationship needed to be a little sister Marie who was 8 good Christian, would have to love months old. me and my children and would defThey lived with their mom and initely have to want to be a grandfa- their grandparents, Nana Jo Ann and ther. Papa edmond in the San Antonio Those were my top three priorities. area. little Craig had the biggest if those assets weren't available, then brown eyes i'd ever seen. i would continue on my own. i was That first time i saw him, he looked actually pretty good at taking care of at me cautiously, but in a few minmyself. utes he was on my lap and we began When i met rick, i learned quickly our friendship. Marie also had huge that he was a Christian. He asked me brown eyes and blond hair. out for lunch and we went to Joe's it wasn't long until we opened our

doors and our hearts to help take care of the children on weekends, which included putting them in the stroller and taking them to places we thought they would enjoy. We also loved to take them shopping. Mike Hunter was the manager at our JC Penney Store about that time, and he loved it when he saw rick and me walk in with those babies. Mike would come over, shake our hands and then rub his hands together because he knew sales were going to be good that day. When we moved to Bluebonnet drive, we were excited to have a mantle on which to hang stockings at Christmas and a big living room window in which to put our Christmas tree. one night when we were Christmas shopping, Papa insisted that we buy this little Christmas train - for the grandchildren, of course. i knew early on that he would use that excuse when he wanted something because he knew i would say yes to things "for the grandchildren.” The next day when i came home from work, he quickly took me into the living room to see the train. rick

had worked all afternoon stacking Christmas presents to create tunnels for our little Christmas train to run through as it circled our Christmas tree. i don't know how long it must have taken him to do that, but they were just perfect and when he turned on the train you could see it coming around the bend and through the presents, tooting its horn all the way. Craig and Marie got to come to see us over Christmas that year. Most often they would stand hand in hand as we introduced new things to them. They were in awe of the Christmas lights we put on the trees in our front yard. But nothing compared to their delight when we took them into the living room to see our Christmas tree and all the presents under the tree. Not all of the presents were for them, of course, but many were. They really weren't as interested in the presents as they were in that little Christmas train as it ran around the track and through the tunnels of beautifully-wrapped gifts, blasting its little horn and proclaiming “Merry Christmas, everyone.” ‘Nuf said.

Crossword Puzzle Fun Across 1. Climb up and over again 8. More domineering 15. Attitudes of a culture of era (pl.) 16. Throw 17. Break into pieces (2 wds) 18. Take back 19. Continental money 20. A pint, maybe 22. Asian capital 23. Western blue flag, e.g. 24. Complain 26. Bar order 27. A.T.M. need 28. unoccupied 30. "it's no ___!" 31. Slogans 33. Having winglike extensions 35. Arabic for "commander" 36. Ancient greetings 37. free 40. Spider, e.g. 44. ___ gestae 45. Mechanic's equipment box 47. "Aladdin" prince 48. "Hamlet" has five 50. Area of South Africa 51. Assayers' stuff 52. Sounds raucously 54. Howard of "Happy days" 55. Gold braid 56. indian dish with seasoned rice and meat (var. spelling) 58. Arranged in rows 60. The alimentary canal 61. one who leads a Spartan lifestyle 62. The milling on coin edges 63. Having lost the most freshness down 1. Proof of purchase 2. An ancient country in westcentral italy 3. using something jointly or in turns 4. Coconut palms 5. Says "When?" 6. Basic unit of money in romania 7. Trellis on which ornamental shrubs grow flat 8. News office 9. "___ moment" 10. literally, "king" 11. Bubbly drinks 12. To settle a problem through discussion (2 wds) 13. Champion 14. Having finished one's active working life 21. Amount to make do with 24. A spoken blessing

Answers to last Week’s Puzzle 25. Agonizing work 28. Calculus calculation 29. Bumper sticker word 32. Affranchise 34. ___ Wednesday 36. 25th u.S. state 37. long-handled device to grasp hard-to-reach items 38. To lie back or down 39. Ancient fertility goddess 40. A chorus line 41. recount 42. inflammation of the small intestines 43. Analyze 46. Move forward by rowing 49. enclosed in a pigpen 51. Architectural projection 53. delhi dress 55. Boat in "Jaws" 57. "Smoking or ___?" 59. "C'___ la vie!"

Relay for Life 2012 In memory, love and hope...

Every year, the survivor lap begins the event.

Friday, May 4 Antler Stadium After a two-year absence, Kerrville Relay for Life returned to Antler Stadium May 4. The community came out in full force to help raise money to find a cure for cancer, celebrate survivors, encourage current patients and remember loved ones lost to the disease.

rrently in u c is , 4 , s n re h e B n to Pey s the a w d n a ia m e k u L r fo treatment lap. r o iv rv u s e th in r e d a le

Viva, Relay for Life

An emotional night for all.

Sports Page - Oct. 10:Sports Page - Aug. 18 10/8/12 10:22 PM Page 1


Hill Country

Page 1B

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Antlers tame Buda Hays Tivy knocks Rebels from unbeaten list with 31-10 victory

Antlers fall to F’burg, Boerne

By S TuarT C uNyuS Sports editor


wo weeks into the District 274A title race, Tivy may not yet be in the driver’s seat, but the Antlers certainly have a hand on the wheel.

Tivy Football Senior quarterback Parks Mcneil ran for 83 yards and three touchdowns, teammate Will Stuckey cracked the 100-yard barrier for the second week in a row with 140 yards and a score, and the Antlers stayed tied atop the 27-4A standings with Alamo Heights at 2-0 with a 31-10 win over previously unbeaten Buda McNeil Hays Friday night at Antler Stadium. Tivy’s defense held Hays, which had been averaging more than 33 points per game, to just 10 in handing the Rebels (1-1, 4-1) their first loss of the season. “That was a great Stuckey win for us,” Tivy coach David Jones said. “We knew Hays was a good football team, but our defense made some plays, and our offense made some plays when they had to. We felt like it was an ugly win because we saw so much more that we could have done on the offensive side See AnTLeRS, Page 3B

Tivy/Champion to be featured Friday on FOX Tivy’s District 27-4A battle with Boerne Champion Friday has been chosen by FOX Sports Southwest as the emmy Awardwinning Dairy Queen Big Game of the Week segment. FOX Sports Southwest reporter neil Beasley and a camera crew will be on-site at the game at Boerne Stadium to capture the “big game” atmosphere on-campus and around town. The special segment will be showcased on “High School Scoreboard Live” Friday at midnight and replayed Saturday, Oct. 13, at 9 a.m. The segment will also run on “High School Spotlight,” FSSW’s 30-minute Texas high school magazine show, on Sunday, Oct. 14, at See FOX, Page 4B

Photo by Tammy Prout

Tivy’s Carl BarTh and the Antlers continue team tennis action this week with District 274A matches against Alamo Heights Tuesday and Buda Hays and Kyle Lehman Saturday. FReDeRiCKSBURG — Tivy took a break from District 27-4A tennis action last week, squaring off against Fredericksburg Friday in a non-district outing at LBJ Park.

Tivy Tennis

Photo by Stuart Cunyus

Tivy wide reCeiver Tyler ahrens fights for extra yardage as a Buda Hays defender tries to strip the ball during the Antlers’ 31-10 win over the Rebels last Friday in District 27-4A action at Antler Stadium.

The host Billies posted a 17-2 win in the contest, with Tivy’s victories coming behind Cody Highsmith’s 4-6, 7-6, 10-8 win at no. 1 boys singles, and Gretchen Stacy’s and Claire Russell’s 7-5, 6-1 victory at no. 1 girls doubles. Friday’s setback followed a 12-7 loss to Boerne last Tuesday in more non-district action in Boerne. Scott Schulte and Mason Schlechte picked up wins for Tivy in boys singles, and the Antlers pocketed See TenniS, Page 5B

Tivy splits games Perry added six digs and three aces, Cody Turner fired three aces, and Bailey Barziza contributed seven digs. Tivy couldn’t keep the momentum going Friday against District 27-4A Paced by senior Olivia Bates’ 13 co-leader Buda Hays, falling in three kill, two-block showing, Tivy sets to the visiting Lady Rebels at climbed back into the winners’ col- Antler Gym. Hays’ junior Sydney Paradeaux led the Rebels’ attack with 13 kills and 12 digs, and teammate Tivy Volleyball Kathryn Wristen chalked up 27 umn last Tuesday with a 25-16, 25-14, assists. Senior elisa Montanez 25-11 sweep of Kyle keyed Tivy’s effort with six Lehman in District 27-4A kills, Bosse finished with 16 volleyball action in Kyle. assists, and Snow totalled 13 Senior Lauren Avery digs. Perry added an ace for added six kills for the Lady the Lady Antlers. Antlers, while Riley With last week’s action, Risinger and Bethany Tivy moved to 3-6 in district Brown chipped in five and play and 15-20 overall. The four kills, respectively. Lady Antlers were scheduled Sophomore Kendall Bosse to host Seguin Tuesday and finished the night with 17 play at Boerne Champion assists and Merci Perry Bosse Friday in more 27-4A followed with 13, while senior Danielle Snow chalked up 21 matchups. Friday’s contest begins at 6:30 p.m. digs.

Lady Antlers top Lehman, fall to Hays in District 27-4A play

Photo by Tammy Prout

Tivy’s lauren avery sets up a return during the Lady Antlers’ District 27-4A battle against Buda Hays Friday night at Antler Gym.

Schreiner sweeps HSU, HPU sChreiner’s ryan luTz (far right), shown in action earlier this year, and the Mountaineers continue American Southwest Conference play Saturday at home against Texas Lutheran. Game time is 3 p.m.

Mountaineers even ASC record at 4-4 with pair of victories BROWnWOOD — Schreiner senior David Machado scored from six yards out after Howard Payne failed to clear the ball out of the goal

Schreiner Men’s Soccer

Photo by Aaron Yates

box in the 22nd minute, and the Mountaineers’ defense did the rest as Schreiner ran its American Southwest Conference win streak to three in a row with a 1-0 shutout at

Howard Payne Saturday. the corner with one touch. The rest Senior goalkeeper Tim Martinez of the match was closely contested stopped all five shots he faced by both teams.” for his first shutout of the season Saturday’s victory as Schreiner evened its ASC followed a 2-1, tworecord at 4-4 and improved to overtime Schreiner 4-8 on the year. win against HardinSchreiner outshot HPU 12-11 Simmons Friday in on the day. Abilene, a game “Today’s match was a typical decided on SU grind-it-out ASC matchup,” freshman Fernando Schreiner coach Paul Hayes said. Albiter’s goal two “The only goal of the game was minutes into the secscored by wide-mid David ond overtime. Machado Machado off his first touch of the Hardin-Simmons match. Senior Josh Vela threw the grabbed a 1-0 lead in the 59th ball into the box, Machado streaked See SCHReineR, Page 4B unmarked and finished the ball in

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