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Applying before June 1, 2013? Submit your applications now! If you plan to apply under the current CDA process, remember: •

The deadline to submit first-time applications under the current CDA process is May 31, 2013 (postmarked). Applications must include full payment in order to be accepted. The May 31, 2013 postmark deadline also applies to Second Setting credential applications.


The Renewal Amnesty Program ends on May 31, 2013. Learn more.

Not going to make the May 31, 2013 deadline? No problem! Applications postmarked after May 31, 2013 will be processed under the new, streamlined CDA 2.0 process. Learn more about CDA 2.0 or visit our online bookstore to purchase a new Competency Standards book, which has everything you need to apply for a CDA. 2460 16th Street NW Washington, DC 20009 800-424-4310


CDA 2.0 is starting June 1st!

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