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BARKS AND MEWS Volume 1 Issue 2

April—June 2014

Summer has arrived in South Central Texas! Please keep in mind that although you may only be running into the store for ‘just a minute’, leaving your pet in the car is not only illegal, it is cruel and can be deadly to your pet.


Most people don't realize how hot it can get in a parked car on a balmy day. However, on a 78 degree day, temperatures in a car parked in the shade can exceed 90 degrees -- and hit a scorching 160 degrees if parked in the sun! Even when the outside air temperature is in the 60s, temperatures inside some vehicles can reach the danger zone on bright, sunny days. So many experts recommend not to leave pets or children in parked cars even for short periods if the temperature is in the 60s or higher.











Rolling down a window or parking in the shade doesn't guarantee protection either, since temperatures can still climb into the danger zone.



The chart below explains how hot it can get in a parked vehicle.







Pictured above is “Oliver” the adopted rescue pup of Jackie Palmer, Executive Director of HCAL. You can see Oliver on our Facebook page and at the clinic during most work days. He has quite the personality as you can see by the photo.

Hill Country Animal League Spay and Neuter Rates: Dogs - $100.00 Cats - $60.00 Includes: Surgery, pain medication, rabies vaccination and microchip.

One unaltered female can produce thousands of homeless babies!

Why spay and neuter? A few reasons for sterilizing your pets: Reduce the number of homeless pets killed—nationwide, more than 2.7 million healthy, adoptable cats and dogs are euthanized in shelters annually. Spay/neuter is the only permanent, 100 percent effective method of birth control for dogs and cats. Improve your pet's health—A USA Today (May 7, 2013) article cites that pets who live in the states with the highest rates of spaying/neutering also live the longest. According to the report, neutered male dogs live 18% longer than un-neutered male dogs and spayed female dogs live 23% longer than un-spayed female dogs. Reduce unruly behavior—In both cats and dogs, sterilization can reduce: • •

Roaming, especially when females are "in heat." Aggression: Studies show that most dog bites involve dogs who are unaltered. Unaltered cats will continually fight for an unaltered female “in heat”. Excessive barking, mounting and other dominance related behaviors. Marking through urination. The male cat urine odor is one of the worst odors in a home and is very hard to get removed from furniture, carpets, clothing, etc.

Feral Cats Trap / Neuter / Return [TNR] $25.00 per kitten/cat Includes: Surgery, pain medication, rabies vaccination and ear notch. Contact us for an appointment today! (830) 249-2341 Low income rates available. All prices subject to change without notice. Additional fees will be incurred for pets in heat, pregnant or crypt orchid and dogs over 80 pounds. Appointments are not required for feral or TNR kittens or cats ~ walk-ins Monday through Wednesday only.

Please don’t add to the homeless population, spay and neuter today!

Does my pet really need annual vaccinations?

Need Vaccinations?

Many pet owners question if vaccinations are truly required for their pet every year. Keep in mind that most dogs will hold protective immunity longer than a year when given vaccines (but there are variables). So when a veterinarian sees a dog in the office and the owner asks "Does my dog need that Distemper or Parvo vaccine this year?" the veterinarian has no way of knowing what the dog's immune status is for those diseases. You and the doctor can only guess. Because of this, it is suggested that your pets have a standard set of annual vaccinations. The State of Texas does allow for a 1-year or a 3-year Rabies Vaccination and each County has an option of which vaccine they require. You can verify which one your pet will require by checking with your veterinarian.

What are all those vaccines for? Do you ever wonder about the vaccinations that veterinarians suggest you get for your pet but never asked? Here are some of the most common vaccines and the diseases that they help prevent: CATS: FVRCP = Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis / Calicivirus / Panleukopenia This vaccine is used to prevent severe upper respiratory infections (FVR), for caliciviruses (C) that can cause a range of diseases, from a mild almost asymptomatic infection, to life-threatening pneumonia and Panleukopenia (P) disease is caused by a parvovirus similar to the parvovirus seen in dogs and is a highly contagious disease characterized by a short course and high mortality rate. FeLV = Feline Leukemia Virus Second only to trauma as the leading cause of death in cats, killing 85% of persistently infected felines within three years of diagnosis. The virus commonly causes anemia or lymphoma, but because it suppresses the immune system, it can also predispose cats to deadly infections. DOGS: DHLP = Distemper, Hepatitis (CAV-2), Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus This vaccine is used to prevent distemper, which is a similar to measles in humans (D), a severe cough (H), chills, fever and headache (L), respiratory infection (P). Bordatella = Kennel Cough A severe and contagious cough usually transmitted while kenneled.

Show your support for HCAL! Donate $20 and get a Hill Country Animal League T-Shirt!

Contact Us HCAL 924 North Main Street Boerne, TX 78006 (820) 249-2341



Please note; t-shirts will be Heather Gray instead of white (shown).

Make your $20 donation online at, call us at (830) 249-2341 and pay by telephone or mail your donation to HCAL, 924 N Main, Boerne, TX 78006. Don’t forget to tell us what size you need and where to send the t-shirt!

HCAL Thrift Store 115 Bandera Road Boerne, TX 78006 (830) 249-8040

Downsizing, moving, clearing out a storage unit or just need to donate used items to make room for new ones, we are here for you! HCAL Thrift Store offers multiple levels of service to make donating large items or large quantities of items easy! Let us customize our services to suit your needs.

We can provide:

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Large item pick up Storage Units Single Room Entire House … and more!

Our Services:

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Professional service We come to you Free in-home consultation Express clean out of entire home available Donation receipt (all donated items are tax deductible) All proceeds support the Hill Country Animal League

Service areas include the Hill Country, San Antonio and surrounding areas Contact Us: You can contact us via telephone, email or come by the HCAL Thrift Store and visit with Beth, our onsite manager. Beth and her team look forward to discussing your donation decisions: HCAL Thrift Store 115 W. Bandera Road Boerne, TX 78006 Phone: (830) 249-8040 Email:

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Barks and Mews  

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