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South Korea April 29, 2013

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All About South Korea

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South Korea speaks two different languages; Korean and English. They have a population 48,955,203. Their life expectancy at birth is 79.3 years. On average a male can live 76,12 years, while women can live 82.7 years. About 9,500 people die from aids annually. They are 31.6% of people in South Korea that are Christian and 24.2% that are Buddhist. Republic is their type of government . In South Korea, they celebrate Liberation Day on August 15. They have a low obesity rate at 3.2%.

Their climate is temperate with rainfall; heavier in summer than winter. Coal, tungsten and lead are some of their natural resources. They have a few natural hazards such as occasional typhoons, which they bring high winds and sometimes floods. Air pollution in some of their large cities and water pollution are just some of the current is-

Tourism in South Korea They are lots of things you can do in South Korea when you're on a vacation or just in town. One of the places you can go is Daeju. You can do numerous things there like, go to Daeju National Museum. You

can see cultural artifacts and models. While you are there you can also see their park called; Daeju Duryu Park. In the park you can run around and play and adults can run their large running field.

sues South Korea has. The lowest household income in 2011 was 6.4% and the highest is 37.7%. South Korea they have had three export partners since 2011 and those countries are; China, Japan and the United States. They export from China 24.4%, Japan 7.1% and the United States about 10.1%. Their import partners are China, Japan, the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Australia.

South Korea

South Koreas Food South Korea has many restaurants in their city Daeju. There is this one restaurant called ‘’Italy and Italy.’’ They serve amazing food like salad with shrimp and clams. They also serve Court Stir Fried Rice. The restaurant has many great reviews and a good star rating. Thousand of people visit the restaurant every year. The staff is very friendly and welcoming and gets right to your service when you

“ One can choose the type of pasta, and even ask they make the pizza a heart shape!’’

need them. For example, when you order pasta, you get to choose the thickness or your noodles and they type of noodles to the flavor of the sauce. They have a healthy environment non smoking environment. The restaurant offers many great deals and cheap prices. Also while you're there you can try their pizza. You can tell them to make you any shape of pizza like a heart which is pretty creative!

South Korea Has Water Parks? Yes! South Korea does have water parks! One of the main water parks are in Yongin, called Caribbean Bay. It was ranked number 5 out of the main twenty seven attractions in South Korea. While you're there you can lay in a sauna, ride down the slides, or just cool down with the sand between

your feet. Its very crowded there due to celebrity visitors. Although you have to rent for things like; a life jacket, rides, towels and others. You can shower there, but the downside is that there are no shower curtains, although the men and women are separate.

Ulsan Grand Park

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Ulsan Grand Park is another attraction in Korea. The park is for children and adults. Its number on of 38 attractions in Ulsan! The park is very large and you can ride bikes, and is also good for running. You can even rent a bike from the park if you’d like to. Your children can play on the slides and swings while you get your fitness of the

day in. If one of your family cant walk up or down the stairs they are escalators that can take you to your destination. They have windmills and a small waterfall in the park. You can play in the water fall if you wanted to.

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Volume 1, Issue 1

Hamdeok Beach This beach has lots of space. You can see the coastline and it has clear waters. They have lots of restaurants and cafes nearby. Hotels are nearby and are really cheap. You can rent paddleboats if you want to go see the mountains on the other side of the beach. The sand is very white and you can lay on it and suntan. A sand dune separates the camping are and outer facilities away from the beach area.

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Trick Art Museum The Trick Art Museum is the first museum in Korea to have optical illusions. They have seven themed sections that are; Parody Zone, Animal Zone, Jurassic Zone, Aquarium Zone, Egypt Zone, Magic Zone, and Illusion Zone. Visitors can take pictures with various poses blending

with the exhibitions nicely. Its not very crowded in the late evening or afternoon, which means you can take your time and take pictures and learn about the exhibition. Although when it rains and you don't have your umbrella you have to rent one or pay for it, so bring your own.

“Interesting park with nice views. A good place for an evening walk or just to sit around’’

Olympic Park At Olympic Park it’s a fitness park and a park with statues. For exercise they are machines outside, while you exercise there is classical music playing. If it cold they turn part of it into an ice rink. In the winter they have cafes like, Tous Les Jours and the S-Café. They have an amazing venue where they have concerts. When you are

walking you have great views of ponds, beautiful gardens, and sculptures. They have fast-food restaurants like Fresh House and World Peace Gate. Screenings are shown there showing highlights of the 1988 Seoul Olympics and the history o the Olympics.

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More Facts Daily life in South Korea is simple. Buddhist is one of Koreas many religions. They speak Japanese as their language. Christianity is the most common religion there but they have some Buddhist. Catholicism was brought into South Korea by Chinese. When China Crossed into Korea they brought in Catholicism.

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South Korea

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