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Thailand Land/Environment

•Environmental Issues: •Air pollution from cars •Water pollution from factory wastes. •Deforestation •Soil erosion •Illegal Hunting

Thailand’s tropical weather kicks in around midMay– September. This includes rainy, warm, humid weather and a cloudy southwest monsoon.

From Nov.– mid-March, Thailand’s dry, cool, northeast monsoon kicks in. The southern isthmus is always dry hot and humid.



Border countries:

•Tropical from May-September.

Slightly more than 2X the

Burma, Cambodia, Laos, and

•Dry from Nov.-

size of Wyoming!



A lot of Ko Phi Phi Don is a protected marine reserve.

Thailand A beautiful place to vacation. Ko Phi Phi Don, Krobi Province.

You can even do yoga on the beach! How relaxing!

You can dive and snorkel as well. You could have a great vacation at Ko Phi Phi Don.

Ko Phi Phi Don is a great place to vacation. You will have a fun-filled, adventurous, relaxing, and peaceful vacation here at Ko Phi Phi Don, Krobi Province.

Thailand:People/Daily Life Relig Thai


land’ s off ligion icial is Bu reddhi Mos s t of the c m. bein ou g 94 .6% o ntry, peop f the le, ar e Alth Budd ough hist. , 4.6 peop % of th le e 0.7% are Musl im, are C hrist and ian, that leave to o s 0.1 ther % relig ions.

Languages: Thai (official language, and English (secondary language) as we ll as dialects.


Thailand’s population is 67,448,120. In comparison to the world, T hailand is ranked at 2 0. But, much of Th ailand is infected wit h AIDS. This means much of the country has a low life expecta ncy, and

w as a fe h d n i Thaila s. Tha p u o r g of eth ethnic % 5 7 s up make hinese C , s p ou d nic gr 4%, an 1 p u s make ethnic r e h . t f 11% any o o t r a is p group

many s a h d Thailan with ected f n i e l peop y S. The D I A / 00 HIV t 530,0 s a e l t have a h ng wit i v i l e l peop nd HIV, a r o S AID d as kille h S D I A ople in e p 0 0 28,0 isk for r e h T d. Thailan n eases i s i d g n h. getti ery hig v s i d Thailan

ture: Age Struc : 19.2% of s r a e y 4 -1 0 population f s: 15.1% o 15-24 year population : 45.6% of s r a e y 4 5 25 population s: 10 55-64 year

Thailand Communication/Technology

Thailand is not really out of the loop with “in� things around the world lately as some people would expect. Tons of people use internet and have cell phones there!

Thailand 17.483 Interne



t users!

77.6 05 m il peop le in lion Thai land have and use cell phon es!

TV stal ia r t s e r r e t six Thailand has re owned a o w t , ix s e s tions. Of the ur are fo r e h t o e h ry. T by the milita rolled. t n o c / d e n w o government ate eniv r p a o t d e leas They can be ust show m l il t s y e h t terprise, but s prow e n d e c u d -pro government e a day. ic w t t s a le t grams a