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Destiny Washington

China Land / Environment : The climate is extremely diverse and tropical in south to subarctic in north. The lowest point is Turban Pendi and the highest point is Mount Everest. They have mostly mountains ,high plateaus, deserts in west, and plains. Land Use: Arable Land: 11.62 % Permanent Crops: 1.53% Other: 86.84%


Government; Communist state is their government. Their national symbol is a dragon. Their flag is red with a large yellow five pointed star. Religion; Taoist, Buddhist ,Christianity 3%-4% and, Muslim 1%-2%.

Population Population; China’s total population is 1,349,585,838. Growth rate– o.481 % Birth rate– 12.31 births/1000 population Death rate– 7.17 deaths/1000 population

Literacy rate– 92.2 % Male– 96% Female– 88.5%