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April 29 , 2013

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Kim Jong-Un


North Koreas








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North Korea is a one man dictator government. The leader is Kim Jong-Un. He became the ruler on December 17, 2011. He is the chief of state in the executive branch. He was born on January 17, 1983 or 1984. He is the son of Kim Jong-Il who died in 2011. Kim Jong-Un violated human rights by killing defectors and sending people to political



J o n g - U N

prison camps. He also conducted public executions. He was tar-

Kim Jong-Un

ongyang. Kim Jong-Un is married to a woman named Ri Sol-ju . He has two –halfbrothers, two full brothers and a younger sister named Kim YoJong who is about 24 now. Kim Jong-Un was formerly known as Kim Jong-Woon.

geted by a assassin in November 2011. It was attempted in the downtown part of Py-

N o r t h North Korea is slightly smaller than Mississippi. It borders 3 countries, they are Russia, China, and South Korea. North Koreas highest point is Paektu-Sun which is the tallest mountain in North


K o r e a ’ s

Korea that stands2744 meters above sea level. The lowest point in North Korea is the Sea of Japan which is directly at sea level which is 0 meters. They have 3 often natural hazards volcanoes, typhoons,

L a n d and flooding. (see page 2) North Korea has a coastline of over 2495 kilometers. It has 14600 square meters of irrigated land. North Korea also has 77.15 cubic kilometers of renuable water source.

P a g e


T h e

N .

K o r e a n

T i m e s

Volcanoes North Korea has many Volcanoes but only a few are very big. One Volcano that is big is Baekdo Mountain. It is called a mountain but it is a volcano is about 5 meters wide and 185 meters deep. It is on

the border of North Korea and China. It erupts every one hundred years or so. The last time it erupted was in 1903. the center section with lava in it rises about 3 mm to 4mm every year. It is also called Ondor

Tsagaan Aula which means Lofty White Mountain. The mountain is so tall that it has snow on the very top

Baekdu Mountain

Typhoons The Typhoons prevent North Korea from getting aid from South Korea.

Typhoons in

was named Bolaven, It

hectares of crops. It has

North Korea can get se-

has killed 48 people

cut of the aid of South

riously bad. The leave

and left 12,000 and a

Koreas relief.

millions without power

lot more in the hospital

and unfortunately kill a

from minor injuries to

lot of people. The new-

life threatening injuries.

est Typhoon happened

It has also destroyed

on September 4 2012. it

tens-of-thousands of

Flooding North Korea has a lot of flooding and it causes a lot of trouble and loss of life. The newest flood was caused by a storm called, Tropical Storm Khanun. It has caused a lot of damage and

caused many to lose homes and worse lose family members. It has caused 88 fatalities and thousands to lose there home. It has also submerged thousands of acres and caused

them to fail.. It took land fall on July 9 2012. People are still suffering and grieving for there loved ones still today.

North Korea Flooded


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People North Koreas people speak Korean but there are some other languages that the speak. North Korea has a population of 24,720,407. there population grows about .535 percent each year. The life expectancy is 65.34 year for males and 73.24 years for women. The population of 24,720,407 is 60 percent housed and the growth of that is 0.6 percent

each year. The birth rate is 14.41 people each day of the year. The death rate is 9.12 people each year. The

North Korean People

literacy rate is good. The male literacy rate is 99 percent while the female literacy rate is the same as male at 99 percent.


Nort KOrea

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