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China exports to US, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and Germany. They export electrical and other machinery including data processing

equipment, apparel, radio, telephone, handset textiles. Imports to china are from Japan, South Korea, Us, Germany, Australia. They

import oil and mineral fuels, and motor vehicles. This is were


China is a communist state. China got their inde-

pendence on October 1, 1949. They have a judicial

branch. These are some of the types of governments.

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Land The climate in China is extremely diverse. It is tropical in the south and subarctic in the north. The land in china is mostly mountains, high

plateaus, deserts in the west. There is plain deltas and hills in the east. The lowest point in China is Tarpon Pended. The highest point in China is


China has 497 airports. Their railways are up to 86,000km. Their roadways are up

to 4,106,387km long. That a lot of airports and a lot of railways and roadways.


China’s Enviroment they have air-pollution, water shortage, water pollution, and

soil erosion. In China they have also had a lot of earthquakes and some tsunami’s.

Volume 1, Issue 1

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There is a lot of different technology that they use in China. They use Android’s, Ipaper, Touch magazine app,

kindle, blackberry, digital book and nook. They have a lot of different technology in china. China is one of

the countries that have the most technology. They have the most technology in the world.

The population between the ages of 1524 the percent is 15.4%. Between the ages of 25-54 the percent is 46.7%. The per-

cent between the ages of 55-64 is 11.3%. Last the percent of ages 66 and over is 9.4%. People with HIV/AID’S is 740,000. Femals in

to get paid a fairly amount I would recommend for you to work as a planning manager or a director of a sales. If you just moved in than I would recom-

mend you to work as a senior engineer. These are some of the jobs that you could work in if you lived in China or if you are planning to move to China.

Population The population in china is very large. Their population is 1,344 billion. Between the ages of 0-4 the population is 17.2%.

Jobs There are a lot of jobs in China. If you would like to get paid a lot I would recommend for you to work as a financial advisor or a HR advisor. If you would like


Arts and Daily Life There are a lot of things that you could do in China. You could go visit Ming dynasty tombs, great hall, great wall of China, hall of supreme harmony, marble boat or the drum tower. Some

of the foods they have in China are Kung pao chicken, Grilled fish, Spicy fish, Bullfrog hot pot, or Sizzling chicken. Some sports they have in China are golf, soccer, basketball, football , and star.

Celebrities in China are Coco Lee, Li Xiaolu, Yang-Yang, Guo Tao and Chen Yenfei. These are some of the places or people that you could go visit if you go to China. Hope you have fun while



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