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Motorcycle cartoons

Hydrogen Peroxide for the Grated Mind by Harry Martin

Casper, Wyoming

Road Rash Motorcycle Cartoons copyright Š 2010 by Harry Martin Cartoons. All rights reserved. Printed somewhere in the United States. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of reprints for review. For information write Harry Martin, PO Box 4987, Casper, Wyoming 82604 or

First Printing 2010

For my wife and two sons‌

Road Rash Motorcycle Cartoons are based on my riding adventures from the back of a 1986 Kawasaki Concours (1000 GTR), also known as the “silver dammit”. I still ride the bike even today. I actually wanted a sport touring bike after riding a friend’s BMW boxer thingie. It was a beast on the open slab and I instantly fell in love with big bikes with big fairings and big touring bags. The Connie was a good choice that fit my riding needs and wallet. With a little duct tape and a ten millimeter wrench, you can keep that bike going till the wheels fall off, and even then, with a little more duct tape, you can keep riding. Road Rash is an expression I had heard many times and reminds me what the slab will reward the fearless rider with minimum protection. It also brings to mind the lighter side of riding. The good times. Welcome to my world of road gators, tar snakes, and chicken strips.

Road Rash Motorcycle Cartoons  

Road Rash Motorcycle Cartoons by Harry Martin. Draft and brief excerpt. Road Rash is a self syndicated cartoon strip appearing in several pu...