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Houston Baptist University

“Welcome.” You’ve turned the first page... …and you’re searching for the right place to spend the next few years making friends, preparing for the future and taking your education to the next level. You’re looking for an unforgettable college experience you will value for the rest of your life. We think Houston Baptist University might be exactly what you are looking for, so we invite you to take a look. HBU offers what few others can—a Christian university in a world-class city, with the highest academic standards informed by a biblical perspective. Turn the next page and see how we are preparing young people like you to become part of the next generation of FAITHFUL LEADERS.


Residence Relationship Be Part of a Dynamic Learning Community At HBU, we believe that learning doesn’t end once you step outside of the classroom. With a diverse student body that reflects the demographics of the Houston metropolitan area, the HBU campus will present you with opportunities to engage with new cultures and ways of thinking. Our living spaces and our student life experience are designed to foster the development of meaningful and long-lasting relationships. You will experience incredible intellectual, social and spiritual growth by participating in our campus community infused with a combination of scholarship, friendship and Christian fellowship.


Make Yourself At Home As an incoming freshman, you will begin your college journey at HBU by donning an orange and blue beanie—the traditional symbol worn by all freshmen the first week of school—

Daniel Cadis

and moving into Freshman Village. It’s a

Senior in Journalism & Government

living experience designed specifically to help you make friends and create new traditions and memories in your first year. The variety of living arrangements in the state-ofthe-art Lake House and our on-campus



apartments will allow you to stay plugged into our vibrant student life program and grow your circle of friends as you progress through your college

- Aristo



Never A Dull Moment With more than 70 clubs and organizations, including an active Greek life with nine fraternities and sororities, there’s always something going on at HBU, whatever your interest. Whether you’re participating in an organized social activity – such as Husky Madness, the Winter Formal or Spring Fling – or cheering the Huskies on to victory with your friends from the stands of Sharp Gym or Sorrels Field, there are a virtually endless number of ways to have fun and get involved on campus.

Students give a traditional “Dawgs Up” around the annual Homecoming Bonfire

Dr. Lou Markos Professor in English

Be Part of an Ongoing Dialogue True learning is more than just the memorization of many facts. It is a worthy enterprise defined by a lifelong pursuit of wisdom. Therefore, HBU students are challenged to engage with the great thinkers of history to seek answers to the questions that have defined the human experience: Who am I? What is my purpose? How do we define justice and goodness? There are plenty of institutions from which you can earn a degree. At HBU, knowledge and understanding go hand in hand. You will learn how to live, not just to make a living. We are preparing you not only to excel in your chosen field, but also to succeed at life in an ever-changing world.

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A Curriculum Designed for Life

Distinguished Professors, Individual Attention

Our liberal arts core curriculum brings together the

HBU’s outstanding faculty draw from their own

best and noblest ideas from our Judeo-Christian,

academic and professional experiences and their

Greco-Roman legacy to challenge you to think

Christian faith to help shape in a very personal

critically and creatively. Studying and wrestling with

way the students in their care. Professors at HBU

works that have stood the test of time will help you

know your name and your story, not just your

to live responsibly in the great Western tradition.

face, allowing close collaboration and mentoring relationships that extend beyond the classroom.


nowledge nderstanding

40+ 1100 100% 15:1 85%

undergraduate majors and pre-professional programs mean freshman SAT of classes taught by faculty, not teaching assistants student-faculty ratio of full-time faculty have terminal degrees

A Common Bond To help you make the transition to

Tia Jackson Senior in Communication and Rhetoric

college life, you will join a small learning community of fellow students with whom you can build friendships while sharing academic challenges and student life experiences on a more personal level. In addition, the integration of the Freshman Year Seminar and Core Advising Program allows





develop a meaningful relationship with a faculty mentor who can help you gain the most from your HBU experience.


C i c e ro

Au g u s t i n e

Ancient Greek

Roman lawyer



and orator who

theologian who

who developed

created a Latin

influenced the

a comprehensive


development of

system of Western

vocabulary and

Christianity with

philosophy, encompassing morality and

introduced the art of refined letter

his teaching on salvation, divine

aesthetics, logic and science, politics

writing to European culture.

grace and the concept of the church.

and metaphysics.

What does it mean to have academics that are “informed by a biblical perspective”? The historic identity of HBU is grounded in the central confession of the Christian faith, “Jesus Christ is Lord.” With this confession, the University is committed to the never-ending pursuit of understanding the entirety of the created order. Thus, all the disciplines – whether biology or history, psychology or religion, music or English literature – are significant


An Honors College Focused on the Classics


When all truth is viewed as

Academically gifted students can dig deeper into the

God’s truth, no question is

best of HBU’s classically rooted core curriculum in

off limits and every issue is

the Honors College. A unique “house system” brings a

considered relevant to life in

sense of camaraderie as students unite in their pursuit

the world.

of wisdom. Professors and students gather in small classes to proceed through and discuss mankind’s development chronologically. Honors College students also have regular opportunities to participate in cocurricular activities such as roundtable discussions with Christians engaged in significant acts of leadership.

S t. Th o m a s Aq u i n a s

Jo h n L o c k e

Martin Luther



Initiated the

philosopher and

thinker whose


theologian who

theories had great


contributed ideas in

impact on the

with teachings

the areas of ethics,

development of

concerning God’s

natural law and political theory upon

epistemology, political philosophy

free gift of grace and the Bible as

which much of modern philosophy

and modern conceptions of the self.

the only source of divinely revealed

was conceived.


Majors / Programs Accounting Art Studio Biblical Languages Biochemistry/Molecular Biology Biology Chemistry Christianity Communication and Rhetoric Economics Education English Finance Government History International Business Journalism/Mass Communication Kinesiology Management Marketing Mathematics Music Nursing Philosophy Physics Psychology Sociology Spanish

Pre-Professional Programs Pre-Dentistry Pre-Engineering Pre-Law Pre-Medicine Pre-Optometry Pre-Pharmacy Pre-Physical Therapy Pre-Physician Assistant


Be Part of Something Bigger Spiritual service is an integral part of our culture. The HBU family is a supportive, diverse, faith-based community of learners who understand the importance of selfless service and who have the ability to make a difference in both the local community and society at large. Our faculty, staff and administrators promote scholarship, creative endeavor and service by providing

a responsive and intellectually stimulating environment that will encourage you to develop professional behaviors and personal characteristics for lifelong learning and service to God and the community. All across campus – in classrooms, residence colleges, learning communities and more – you will be challenged to grow in faith and joy by living intentionally the teachings of Jesus Christ.

ith CommunityLife+Worship The CommunityLife+Worship program presents you with opportunities to grow spiritually while developing leadership skills and a sense of civic responsibility. The program allows you to choose from and participate in a variety of activities – from on-campus worship services

- John F. Kennedy

and small group studies to community service and mission opportunities – designed to foster the deepening of your faith and the sharpening of your spiritual gifts.

Justin Paul Senior in International Business

Competit Be Part of the Team Whether it’s hoops, goals, spikes or home runs that bring you to the edge of your seat, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to rally around your peers and celebrate the achievements of HBU’s 15 men’s and women’s intercollegiate varsity teams. Our student-athletes are provided opportunities to develop essential life skills in leadership, teamwork, discipline and respect for self and others. The way in which our student-athletes and coaching staff conduct themselves – demonstrating a commitment to integrity, hard work and social responsibility – has not gone unnoticed, earning the Huskies conference-level recognition for their sportsmanship.

Team Spirit With more than a dozen intramural and club sports programs offered throughout the year, you can compete alongside your friends in a wide variety of sports. Participating in intramurals can help you boost your physical well-being while expanding your social network.


Women’s soccer wins 2010 Great West Championship

Top Dawgs Competing in NCAA Division I is another sign of excellence at HBU. The Huskies face nationally recognized teams, allowing our student-athletes to play at the highest level.

Be Part of a World-Class City Many of the most respected and prolific thinkers of the past did their best work in some of the world’s – and history’s – greatest cities. Places like Rome, Athens and Jerusalem were the birthplace of both great individuals and the significant movements they helped define. As one of the largest and most diverse metropolitan centers in the nation, Houston has it all. The city continues in this tradition by providing access to a broad range of educational, professional and cultural opportunities to help you further your development and nurture your creativity.

Co Co #1 city for recent college grads* and young professionals**

#1 cancer hospital, and largest medical center in the world

2nd most Fortune 500 company headquarters, behind New York City

4th largest retail mall in the U.S., just 10 minutes from campus

5 professional sports offer year-round entertainment

18 museums in nation’s 4th largest museum district

8,000+ restaurants with culinary choices from 35 countries and American regions

Sam Houston, First President of the Republic of Texas, Hermann Park

*Bloomberg Businessweek (2010) ** (2010)

omfortable & osmopolitan An Open Invitation

Get Your Feet Wet

A university is a place for learning, debate and

If practice truly does make perfect, Houston

discussion. It is a place where talented people

is overflowing with world-class corporations,

offer their best work. The HBU campus, with

educational institutions and health care facilities

its proximity to the heart of Houston, fulfills

in which you can gain practical experience and

these roles as a cultural center and place for

hands-on preparation for a successful future.

invitation and engagement within the city. With

Through an organized program that pairs interns

an increasing number of prominent civic and

with working professionals who act as mentors,

arts organizations choosing to host events in


HBU’s state-of-the-art facilities for lectures and

and rewarding internships with more than

the performing and visual arts, you can hear, see

250 leading names in business, law, medicine,

and experience an array of cultural events and

professional sports and nonprofit services.

educational programs that elevate and celebrate the way you think about the world.





Legacy& Possibility Be Part of a Great Tradition In 1963, almost 200 students chose to become part of an exciting new venture by enrolling in the founding class of Houston Baptist College. Almost 50 years later, HBU owes the establishment of many key organizations and events – as well as its most enduring campus traditions – to the dedication of this pioneering group. HBU has a proud legacy of producing leaders who live as servants in the kingdom of God. From corporate boardrooms to elementary and secondary school classrooms, from church pulpits to busy hospitals and health care facilities, our alumni are shining their lights across a broad range of professional disciplines. Albert Ceniceros Senior in Kinesiology & Marketing

A sampling of universities and companies where recent HBU grads have pursued their passions: Art Institute of Chicago Baylor College of Medicine Baylor University Cambridge University Duke University Harvard University

New England Conservatory of Music Oxford University Princeton Theological Seminary Rice University Southwestern Theological Seminary Stellenbosch University of South Africa

Texas A&M University University of Houston Law School University of Southern California University of Texas University of Texas Health Science Center Villanova University

A Degree Above

Spheres of Influence

Our rigorous liberal arts education is designed

On any given day, at any given hour, HBU

to help you thrive in a variety of settings and

graduates are making a difference in their

future endeavors, including in competitive

world and their community. Our graduates

graduate, law or medical school environments.

are serving as faithful leaders at major

Students desiring an advanced academic degree

corporations and organizations throughout

can choose from one of the strong programs in

the United States and the world.

business, education, the psychological sciences, theology, liberal arts or fine arts offered by HBU’s Graduate School. HBU graduates have also had great success in respected master’s and doctoral-level programs at colleges and universities around the world.

Associated Press/New York Bank of America BMC Software Comcast Conoco Phillips Deloitte & Touche

ExxonMobil Fox Sports Net Habitat for Humanity Hewlett-Packard Houston Chronicle IBM

JPMorgan Chase Living Water International M. D. Anderson Cancer Center Merrill Lynch Reliant Energy Shell Oil

Southwest Airlines Stewart Title Texas Children’s Hospital Texas Instruments Walt Disney Wells Fargo

Be Part of a Bold Vision Faithful leadership requires vision. A thoughtfully crafted and articulated vision provides individuals – and the organizations and groups in which they serve – a sense of direction and aspiration. Under the leadership of President Robert B. Sloan Jr., HBU is implementing an unprecedented vision for higher education in America – The Ten Pillars: Faith & Reason in a Great City – that boldly promotes a biblical worldview in a worldclass city. It is a vision that encompasses every aspect of the HBU experience – including the academic curriculum, faculty development, campus facilities, student life and community service – to provide a learning environment that challenges the next generation of faithful leaders to academic excellence and authentic spirituality.



undation Aspiration & HBU and the Ten Pillars Vision

“Considering the future is an important exercise for the present.”

“Bouncing up at an astonishing rate”

Just as you are thinking about your future –

HBU’s efforts to transform and expand

where you will go after high school, what you

its campus and its programs through the

will study, who you will become – HBU is

realization of its Ten Pillars vision are bearing

preparing for the great things that lie ahead.

fruit and drawing attention both locally and on

Through the continued implementation of the

a national scale. In recognition of its growth

Ten Pillars vision, HBU is aligning the university

and successes, the University was named to a

experience with the expectations and aspirations

short list of “Schools on the Rise, Filled with

of students who are looking for real substance

Excitement” by the editors of First Things, a

in an educational institution. By choosing to

national journal of religiously informed public

join the University’s community of faith and


scholarship and helping fuel HBU’s eternally significant mission, you – and thousands of students like you – will be instrumental in the growth and development of the first in a new wave of great Christian universities in America.

Alexa Rojas Sophomore in Kinesiology


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SAT/ACT: Test scores are a factor in admissions decisions, so if you haven’t already, register to take the SAT or ACT in the fall.

APPLY: Go to our website ( and apply. The earlier the better!

TRANSCRIPT: Contact your school counselor and have transcripts sent.

PREVIEW: Check out Fall Preview at HBU, your chance to see what student life is like.

DEPOSIT: If you’re accepted, make your deposit so we know to expect you.

FAFSA: The Federal Application for Financial Student Aid works on a first-come, first-served system. Submit early!

SUMMER PLANS: Take a moment to RSVP for SOAR (Student Orientation, Advising and Registration).

HOUSING: Complete your Housing Application so we can make sure you get the spot that’s right for you.

TRANSCRIPT: We’ll need your final transcript as well, so make sure you have it sent after final exams.

SOAR: You’re almost there! SOAR will get you plugged in with all the information you need to begin your college career.

WELCOME DAYS: Every new HBU student begins their journey at Welcome Days, but you still have to register.


Lauren Schoenemann Senior in Spanish

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