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March 2012

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Love of family, neighbor, and community By Yvonne C. Harper The Holley by the Sea community lost a committed member Feb. 3. On that day, Lee Steinart passed away leaving Steinart behind a legacy of love. “A love of family, a love of neighbor, and a love of community,” said the Rev. John Kelly of St. Sylvester’s Catholic Church during Lee’s memorial service held at the HBTS beach house.“He didn’t ask, he just did it.” According to those that gathered to honor his memory, that is the sum of his life,“he just did it.” Lee made a big impact on Brooke Goldberg, the HBTS Board of Director’s secretary. She told the story of how he had contacted her just this past Christmas and invited her to his home to share Christmas with him and his wife Dottie. “The fact that he called me was so heartwarming,”she said. She noted that her family is thousands of miles away and he made her feel like she had family here. “Lots of people have done that,” she continued,“but he was the first. I feel very blessed to have known him.” For Dan Ramsey, emotion swept over him as he said simply,“He was my friend.”

By Yvonne C. Harper

Dan Ramsey, from left, Earl Dean and Tim Timmerwilk were all close friend to Lee Steinart. Dan later said that Lee was a “very generous man that loved this place more than anything.” Lee was also described by several as a“ladies man.” “He never passed up an opportunity to give compliments to the ladies,”Billy Neal said. Billy developed a friendship in 2001 and that deepened with time. According to Billy, Lee made each day better than the past. He was the type of person that“would call you up and invite you to dinner”and then when “you would show up there would be 10 or 20 people there,” Billy said. Lee was also very active at Holley by the Sea and the myriad of committees. According to Pam Baty, the HBTS office

manager, he was on every committee and“wanted to do the best for the community and HBTS.” Lee put in a lot of time and effort into getting the beach house built. He also served on the architectural committee and the social committee. He was part of the international cooking group, the fishing club and the ROMEO (Real Old Men Eating Out) club. He“pretty much did everything,”Pam said. For Dottie’s son, Lee’s impact of his mother’s life was deep, “He always cared about my mom”and“was just a great guy.” Dan told the story of how Lee always referred to Dottie as No. 1 and one day they were on the beach. Dottie was walking up to Lee in“her little bathing suit”

Photo by Yvonne C. Harper

and Lee was“checking her out.” Dottie said to Lee,“quit looking at me like that,”to which Lee replied,“That’s why I married you.” Dan also described Lee has “always fair”and to me“he was a giant.” Jennie Barrett, the HBTS interim general manager, also paid tribute to Lee’s sense of humor and his“affinity”for the ladies. “He had a twinkle in his eye,” Jenny said,“and had you in stitches.” Jennie expressed just how wealthy Lee was because to her, wealth is not measured in terms of money, but in terms of friendship. “Looking around this room,” Jenny said, “Lee was a very wealthy man.”

Former board member remembered By Yvonne C. Harper



Gridlock in HBTS parking requirements

Submitted photo

Harry and Adell Crouch.

Holley by the Sea lost a valued member of the community in January. Harry Crouch’s passing was“peaceful” as he was surrounded by his four sons. Harry lived in Holley by the Sea with his wife, Adell, for the past 15 years. Both Harry and Adell were very active and involved in the affairs of HBTS. Harry served as a board member and was on the beach house committee and social committee. Adell was the chairman of

the social committee and was instrumental in creating the international cooking group and Great Games. The international cooking club began in Germany. Harry worked as a Civil Servant and was stationed in Hidelberg, Germany when Adell created the international cooking club. According to Steve Crouch, their oldest son, it was a natural transition to start a similar group for HBTS. Harry and Adell met in college when they attended the University of West Virginia. Harry was originally from Baltimore, Md., and Adell was

from West Virginia. As told by Steve, theirs was“a love story”that he had the blessing of hearing after his mother passed away in October 2009. “My mother did most of the talking,”Steve said,“but after her passing, my father really opened up and we began talking nightly.” It was during those talks, and the time spent with him, that Harry began tell Steve about how they met and their lives together and how very much they loved each other. “A life time of stories came Crouch continued on page 2

Of the 4,771 surveys mailed to Holley by the Sea residents, only 1,124 were completed and returned. The survey was an attempt to get HBTS residents’ input on how to address the parking issue surrounding the“unauthorized” parking of RVs, boats, campers and other large recreational vehicles, potential upgrades of the common property, and street lighting in HBTS. The bylaws addressing parking requirements are vague and as such are interpreted differently by each board of directors. The present board of directors is attempting to rectify that by placing clear language Gridlock continued on page 2

Contact Holley by the Sea President Pete Peterzen Internal Vice-President James Mitchell External Vice-President Joseph Sipp Treasurer William Stuart Secretary Brooke Goldberg Brooke is available at the Rec Center M-W-F 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Email the board:

Interim General Manager: Jennifer Barrett Email: hbtsaccting@

Holley by the Sea Homeowner’s Association 6845 Navarre Parkway, Navarre, FL 32566 850-939-1693


March 2012

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Meet your neighbor

Breaking eggs to make breakfast By Yvonne C. Harper Navarre Press What is a Holley by the Sea couple to do when their favorite restaurant is in Destin? If that couple is Homer and Linda Biggers, the answer is to open up that very restaurant in Pensacola. Homer and Linda came to Florida in 2004. After vacationing in the Caribbean, Linda told Homer that Florida is “every bit as pretty”as the Caribbean and Homer replied, “Let’s see.”The two came to Florida, and have called Navarre home for the last eight years. “We have a timeshare in the Caribbean,”Homer said, “and we don’t use it.” When they began visiting Another Broken Egg in Destin, they became friends with the owners and kept asking them to open one in Navarre. After requesting again that their friends open a restaurant in Navarre, the owner said to Homer,“Why don’t you open one?”That one question set the ball in motion and two years later, Linda and Homer are the proud owners of their own Another Broken Egg restaurant. Linda grew up in Lafayette, La., and Homer grew up in North Carolina. Linda’s family later moved to Texas, and after a stint in the Army and a successful construction business in Idaho, Homer moved to Texas. The two met after the“500-

year”flood hit Victoria, Texas in 1999. The Guadalupe River rose to high levels, destroying many homes that sat close to the river bank. Linda was working for Interfaith Disaster Response, an organization that was created after the flood. The organization worked with FEMA, Red Cross, the Salvation Army and other relief organizations to help the families that lost their homes rebuild. One day Homer met a woman that worked for Interfaith Disaster Response that asked if he would be interested in helping rebuild the homes. Since he wasn’t working, he volunteered to help. “That’s when she took me to a back room,”Homer said, “and introduced me to my boss, Linda.” Linda was a case worker that worked to establish relationships and decide where the monies were needed in order to“get the people back on their feet.” It was during their work that Linda got to know Homer and “I knew his heart was good.” They married in 2000. After moving to Florida, Linda worked as a registered nurse for Gulf Breeze Hospital and the Andrews Institute. The decision to open the restaurant was not difficult. Homer’s experience in owning a business was helpful in guiding the process. Once a building was settled upon, and the financing was in place,

Crouch Continued from page 1 out”said Steve. Of his parents meeting he said,“To put it simple he thought she was hot when he first met her.” After college, Harry joined the Army and spent a lot of time on assignment, away from his family. Steve explained that at that time, the military assignments were more “short-term”and his father was gone often. “My parents didn’t know what military life would be like,”Steve said,“but they embraced it.” After Harry retired in 1982 as Lieutenant Colonel, he entered the civil service field. He and Adell returned to Germany, but also traveled and “really got to enjoy”the areas that they had previously been, but were

Board meeting gives little notice By Yvonne C. Harper Several minutes of banter about the“type”of board meeting being held occurred before any issues were discussed during a Feb. 20 Holley by the Sea meeting. HBTS member Pat Traynor took exception to the meeting being called in a relatively short period of time with “nothing on the marquee”to inform the residents. Board of Directors President Pete Peterzen stated the meeting was advertised in accordance with the HBTS covenant and no notice is required because it is a regular board meeting and not a special meeting. In an email to HBTS resident Beth Walter before the meeting, BOD Secretary Brooke Goldberg stated the reason for holding a meeting so close after the Feb. 7 regular meeting was the need to resolve several issues that were not resolved in the first monthly meeting. She also stated there are no“notice requirements”for a regular meeting, but nonetheless, the meeting was advertised. Peterzen reiterated Goldberg’s statement to Traynor. After that was resolved, the meeting began in earnest. The BOD members present were Pete Peterzen, Brooke Goldberg and William Stewart.

Photo by Yvonne Harper

Homer and Linda Biggers are now the proud owners of their favorite restaurant, Another Broken Egg, in Pensacola. it was a simple matter of getting the permits from Pensacola City and Escambia County. Homer said that the city“has been grand to work with.” In one case, there were some issues regarding the setback with the restaurant hanging over city property by two feet. This threatened to stop the financing, but then the mayor suggested the Biggers request a“vacation”for the property. The city approved the“request to vacate”and Homer was provided a deed for the two feet of city property. Homer was actively involved

unable to take fully enjoy. Steve spoke of his father’s humor saying he had an“open and well-exercised sense of humor.” “He used to say, if you can’t be anything else, be on time.” Steve said that although his father said it jokingly, it was one he lived by. When Steve began to take care of Harry’s affairs after his mom’s passing, he regularly heard what“a great man he was.” “He was always ready to help out,”Steve said,“no matter what it was.” Holley by the Sea front office manager Pam Baty echoed that sentiment;“he was always helpful”especially with helping other board members with whatever it was they needed. Harry will be missed by family, friends and the Holley by the Sea community.

in the remodeling of the building. It had been used as an office before but the purchase for the restaurant, and with him, his architect and contractor, who“were great,”and it only took a couple of months to refinish the building. The grand opening was Jan. 23 and they have been busy every day. Homer and Linda are happy the restaurant has been so well received by the public and hope the customers keep coming. Another Broken Egg is located at 721 E. Gregory St. and is open daily from 7a.m.-2.p.m.

Gridlock Continued from page 1 in the bylaws of what is a permanent structure and where recreational vehicles must be parked. The survey results indicated that 12 percent of the responding residents were from Hidden Creek Estates and eight percent were from one builder that owns 96 properties within HBTS but does not reside in the community. Of the respondents, 471 were for parking vehicles“in a garage; 285 were for placing vehicles “in the backyard”with no fence requirement; 619

marked“behind a 6-foot privacy fence; the remaining 446 check“on the side of the house” with no fence required, but behind the front edge of the home. The issue was discussed briefly during the Feb. 20 BOD meeting and will be addressed further at the March 6 meeting. Board of Directors President Pete Peterzen stated that the board will be “figuring what we need to do”by analyzing the survey and looking at the legal requirement to“implement restrictions on issuing special parking permits.”

Usage variance request The first issue discussed was a usage variance request made by a HBTS member that is active duty military. She was requesting to have a friend be allowed unlimited access to the recreational center in order to bring her children (active duty member) to HBTS classes. She explained that her husband is also active duty military and is presently deployed. The BOD made and approved the motion to allow the third adult access to the facilities until such time as the deployed parent returns home. General manager Peterzen updated the BOD about the general manager search and it wasn’t good news.“I thought we were good,” Peterzen said,“until last week.”The individual that had been selected did not return phone calls and when she was finally reached, she told Peterzen she was declining the offer. A second“qualified”applicant had already accepted a job offer with a different company. “We’re back to where we were,”said Peterzen. Peterzen suggested three alternative ideas: offering an above market salary and re-advertising the position; start negotiating with an outside management company to oversee the HBTS facility operations at a higher expense; or hiring a consultant to provide advice to the interim general manager and guidance to the BOD. He stated that he would like for members to send their ideas via email or letter in order to discuss the situation further at the next BOD meeting. For the time being, Jennie Barrett will remain as the interim general manager. Tennis pro The next item discussed was the salary structure for the tennis pro that was recently hired. Peterzen recommended providing a yearly salary of $32,000 with all fees for tennis lessons going to HBTS. Any fees that exceed the $1,230 per pay period would be given to the tennis pro. He would also be compensated for duties outside of teaching that is not fee driven, such as instruction to tennis players about the proper use of the tennis courts. This compensation would include workers’compensation. It was also recommended that the approved pay structure be evaluated in a few months to ensure HBTS isn’t subsidizing his salary. Meeting continued on page 4

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Meeting Continued from page 2

Architectural Department Update HBTS Covenants A reason for the rules

Holley by the Sea’s rules and restrictions are not meant as an inconvenience or an invasion of your freedom. Rather, the Covenants uphold our community’s aesthetic standards and protect homeowners’ investments by boosting the value and desirability of property. It is critical all residents abide by the association’s Covenants in order to maintain the community’s integrity. It just takes a handful of unsightly properties to diminish the overall appeal of our neighborhood. With more than 4,700 properties, there is no way the Architectural Department can consistently canvas the community and inspect each property. Therefore, we rely on assistance from the Architectural Committee and community members to inform us of potential violations. Let’s all work together to continue to make Holley by the Sea a great place to live. In today’s struggling economy, who needs a neighbor’s unkempt property lowering the value of their home or deter a potential buyer? To report a violation, call the Architectural Department at 939-1693 ext. 3. All information reported remains confidential. Community Cleanup Day Information is coming on the next HBTS Community Day. Don’t miss it. Community involvement results in community pride. Lawn and Landscaping Now is the time to start planning and preparing your lawn for the warm growing season. A nice lawn and landscaping is a small investment that creates big results. It increases your property value and enhances the curb appeal of you home. March Lawn Tips – Northwest Florida

Flowers Annual flowers that can be planted in March include: ageratum, alyssum, amaranthus, asters, baby’s breath, begonia, calendula, celosia, cosmos, dahlia, dusty miller, gaillardia, geranium, hollyhock, impatiens, marigold, nicotiana, ornamental pepper, pentas, phlox, rudbeckia, salvia, sweet Williams, torenia, verbena, vinca and zinnia.

Trees and Shrubs ■ Finish pruning summer flowering shrubs such as althea, hibiscus, abelia, oakleaf hydrangea and oleander. ■ Delay the pruning of azaleas, camellias, spiraeas, gardenias and other spring flowering shrubs until after flowering is complete. ■ Prune any cold weather-damaged plants after new growth appears. ■ If needed, fertilize shrubs and small trees with a slow release fertilizer. A good general-purpose landscape fertilizer is a 15-0-15. ■ Mature palms should receive an application of granular fertilizer. Use a special palm fertilizer that has an 8-2-12 +4Mg (magnesium) with micronutrients formulation. Apply one pound of fertilizer per 100-square feet of canopy area or landscape area. ■ Last opportunity to spray shrubs with dormant horticultural oil. ■ Pick up all fallen camellia blossoms and remove them from your property. This practice helps to prevent petal blight next season. ■ Prune ornamental grasses. ■ If you are in the market for specific colors of azaleas, visit the local nurseries and garden centers this month. Though this is not the most ideal planting time you are assured of the right flower color without having to wait until next blooming season. ■ Time to finish planting bare-root fruit trees. Lawns ■ Remove excessive accumulation of leaves from the lawn. This will increase the effectiveness of fertilizers and pesticides applied to the lawn. ■ If a pre-emergence lawn herbicide is needed to control summer weeds, it should be applied in

early March. Make certain to choose one that is safe on your kind of grass. ■ Keep lawn herbicides away from the root zones of desirable flower, shrubs and other plants. ■ Fertilize the lawn only after the danger of frost has passed and when the grass has greened up. Fertilize using a complete fertilizer applied at 0.5 pounds nitrogen per 1000-square feet containing 50-percent soluble and 50-percent slow-release nitrogen. ■ Service the lawn mower: include a sharpening of the blade and adjusting of the cutting height for your type of grass. ■ Anyone considering establishment of centipede grass from seed should hold off until the soil warms up and stabilizes above 70 degrees.

Trash Cans Three reasons to keep them hidden All trash containers must be concealed from public view except on trash pickup days. Awareness and enforcement of this restrictive covenant has become priority now that each property has a trash and recycling bin. By the number of containers that are left in front of the house and along the road, it seems many residents feel this violation is petty and unimportant. In addition to the requirement to comply with all community restrictions, below are three more reasons residents should store their trash and recycle bin out-of-sight. Aesthetics –Trash and recycle cans are big and bulky and create the industrial feel. They are unsightly and hinder the charm and appeal of our neighborhood Animal control – Prevents neighbors pets and other wild animals from rummaging for food in the trash cans… Additionally, prevents the chance of litter resulting from the overturned trash. Identity theft – Your trash is a venue for crime. Typically looking for credit card offers, bank statements, social security information; however, junk mail can be a helpful source of information for thieves. Hiding these bins deters primal opportunities.

Beach house Jennie Barrett discussed damage to the counter top from a member that recently rented the beach house. She proposed replacing the sink at the same time the counter top was replaced. According to Barrett, the cost to replace the counter top would be $1,126 and the sink would cost $700. The procedures for holding a member’s deposit fee and when a member is contacted regarding damages was discussed. Goldberg noted that she does not support the present policy that does not allow a renter to do the walk-through with HBTS personnel at the time it is completed. “This doesn’t allow the member to immediately address any issue,” Goldberg said. Peterzen commented that given the fact that the member wasn’t notified immediately, but rather four days after the walk-through, it would be hard to defend against the claim that the member wasn’t responsible for the damage. He suggested that with any future damages, the member be notified immediately.“Unless this person acquiesces,”Peterzen said,“we need to drop the charge and move on, lesson learned.” After further discussion, a motion was made to charge the individual only for the repair of the damaged section of the counter top and refund the difference (of security deposit) to member.

mational purposes only the need to create a standard for allowing members to park their boats, RVs, campers or other large vehicles in non-permanent structures. At the present time, the county only permits“permanent structures”and privacy fences are not considered a“permanent structure.”However, current bylaws allow for members to park their vehicles inside a privacy fence or in their driveways. “We are proceeding on figuring out what we need to do,” Peterzen said, to include“analyzing the surveys and looking at the legal requirement to implement restrictions on special parking permits.” He noted though that existing members would be grandfathered in any new policy. Special board meeting Peterzen informed the members that there will be a special board meeting at 6 p.m. March 6 in the HBTS rec center common area. The meeting will be held to discuss the pool heating and if HBTS is going to go through with solar heating. If it is decided that solar heating is the right choice, a discussion of selecting the contractor will take place.

Open forum A member told the board members that he was upset about contractors“starting work early in the morning”especially on the weekend. Peterzen stated that while HBTS does have the authority to impose restrictions on contractors, further discussions about how best to handle the situation Special parking permits Peterzen discussed for infor- will need to be had.

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March 2012 Last season’s Flight 6 champs made a grand debut Feb. 7 as the new HBTS Flight 5 team. They opened their season with an away victory over Roger Scott Tennis Center’s Hoffman team winning three of four courts putting them in second place out of eight teams. The Spring 2012 HBTS Flight 5 Squad are (seated) Captain Jan Frink, from left, Co-captain Jean Tashlik, and Rita Harrelson. Standing from left are Pat Phillips, Barbara Donnadieu, Robin Stewart, Elizabeth Elliott, Tamara Duncan, Margie Warren, Sandy Renshaw, Janet Longdin, Marianne Akkerhuis, Trish Bower, Penny Huebsch. Not pictured is Jeanne Johnson.

HBTS Flight 3 landed in second place out of eight teams after winning three of four courts in a home match on Feb. 10 against Shalimar Point. The Spring 2012 HBTS Flight 3 Squad are kneeling from left Captain Heather Pohlmann and Co-captain Carrie Clancy. Standing from left are Linda Wilborn, Vina Kramer, Cyndy Linton, Sarah Danner, Chrissy Koenig, Nancy Charitat, and Alli George. Not pictured are Ally O’Connor, Justine Sharrett, and Flo Solomon.

Tennis News The Tennis Committee continues to refine its recommendations regarding the vacant Tennis Professional position. A presentation to the HBTS Board of Directors is planned for late February or early March. The Tennis Club held its first official meeting Jan. 25 with more than 20 HBTS members in attendance. The first goal is to elect officers and adopt bylaws. The next meeting was at 7 p.m. Feb. 22. The spring season of the Greater Pensacola Ladies Tennis League (GPLTL) is under way. HBTS has three teams of ladies who are ready for the challenge. Matches for these teams are on Tuesday and Friday mornings (either home or away). Match dates are posted on the bulletin board calendar near the tennis courts. Good luck to our HBTS competitors. The spring USTA season begins soon. At this time, the roster for a Ladies 3.5 team is being developed. Anyone interested in joining this team or starting another USTA flight should contact tennis pro Jimmy Celli as quickly as possible. Matches for the Ladies 3.5 team will be on Tuesday evenings.


HBTS Flight 8 opened their Spring 2012 season away on Feb 10 against Gulf Shores winning one of four courts. Notably, the team forced a third set on two other courts. The outing landed them fifth in the flight of seven teams. The Spring 2012 HBTS Flight 8 Squad are kneeling from left Maria Little, Captain, Jesica Bonar, Co-Captain, Marsha Shealey, Becky Lawson, Marianne Begg and Eileen Nohava. Standing from left are Eddi Salamone, Amy Hackman, Melinda Robb, Kathy Karsten, Ashley Rivers, and Lisa Epstein. Not pictured are Meghan Chiappetta, Marci Howard, Kerry Logan, and Robin Stevenson.

HBTS Tennis Schedule - February 2012 Mon 9-10:30 Fl 3 Clinic


4:30-5:30 Tiny Tennis & Future Stars

4-5:30 HS & Tourney Prep

6:30-8 Men’s Clinic

6-7 Ladies 3.5+ Clinic

Wed 9-10:30 Fl 8 Clinic

Thurs 9-10 Men’s Clinic

Fri 9-11:00 Fl 5 Clinic


10:30–11:30 Ladies 3.5

10-11 Beginners

11-12:00 Ladies 3.0 Clinic

11-noon Cardio Tennis

4:30-5:30 Tiny Tennis & Future Stars

4-5:30 HS & Tourney Prep

4-5:30 Jr. Academy

5:30-7 Jr. Academy

Please contact Jimmy for information or to sign up for clinic(s) Phone or TXT: 203.722.0376 Email: or



March 2012

Requests and recognition during board meeting By Yvonne C. Harper During Holley by the Sea’s Feb. 7 board of directors meeting it was reported that 82 percent of assessments have been collected. Furthermore, audits were completed but the results have not been finalized yet. For those members that have not paid their assessments, there is now a late charge of $25 applied plus 5.48percent interest charged for each late month.

Other old business included the approval of architectural and usage variances, with each request being approved unanimously. During the unfinished business portion of the meeting, it was approved to expend no more than $11,500 to repair and replace the irrigation system on the east-side of the property. Updates on the security decision were discussed but no decision was reached. Two of the nine security cameras on the facility have been replaced by Smith

Security, but the new ones overload the recording system. Additionally, Smith Security recommended replacing the other seven cameras as well as the DVR and power supply. The cost for the equipment and labor will cost about $5,000. The social committee reported having $618.69 available funds. Social committee upcoming events include a yard sale from 6 a.m.-noon on March 24, and the annual Easter Egg Hunt planned for March 31 with

details to follow. After closing the old business, new business topics were discussed. The first item was two fee waiver requests: one was approved, the second disapproved. A request was made to add boat ramps stairs to the State Road 399 boat ramp and stairs. The ramp and pier and currently undergoing improvements; the request for $1,200 funds was approved and the stairs will be installed accordingly. The Architectural Com-



mittee informed the board of a two-member loss: Bob Gellar who is stepping down, and Lee Steinert who passed away. It will not affect the committee’s ability to have a quorum because only three members are needed and the committee has a remaining five members. Board of Directors President Pete Peterzen recommended that the tennis pro’s salary be recouped through tennis fees, and any remaining funds would be on an 80/20 split with the pro receiv-

ing 80 percent and HBTS receiving the 20 percent. No decision was reached and it was left open. Plans to extend the sidewalk on Sunrise Drive to U.S. Highway 98 were discussed to include the necessity of an easement, but no decision was reached. The last item on the agenda was discussion regarding recognition of Steinart and Harry Crouch for their involvement and dedication to HBTS. The item was left open.


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Unique architecture adds drama to yard of the month By Joanna Hammond Terry and Elizabeth Potts, 2692 Citrus Street, are this month’sYard of the Month for Holley by the Sea. Their yard was chosen by previous winners Don and Heidi Long. “The yard always looks nice and neat,”Don said of the Potts yard.“The circular drive is really nice.” The circular driveway adds a distinctive element to the Potts’yard, and it is lined with pavers and white stones. A central island with a large, squat palm tree lends a tropical look to the landscaping. The yard is lit with luminaries that line the curve of the driveway, with small tropical plants dotting the edges. “The yard is very well kept,” Don added. Architectural elements are an important part of the aesthetics of the Potts’yard. The garage on their home is offset, and a second driveway leads back to the garage for additional space. The home has a wide front porch which spans the length of the house, and features

Photo by Joanna Hammond

white Adirondack chairs for enjoying the spring and summer evenings along the Emerald Coast. Small statues grace the flower beds in the front of the house, and a smaller island

with two tall, graceful palms separates the front yard from the side and the additional driveway. The effect of all of these elements is one of understated elegance. No one aspect of

the landscaping is emphasized over another and all the piece work together to form a beautiful, understated yard. Terry and Elizabeth Potts could not be reached for comment by press time.



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Still without a general manager

Youth Department News ■ Before and After School Program: This program is for school age children (K-5). We currently have openings in the Before School Program and a waiting list for the After School Program. If you would like to have your child added to the waiting list please contact the Youth Department. ■ Fun Factory: Please be sure to call the day of to reserve a slot for your child. Space is limited. New Hours: Morning Fun Factory: Mon. – Fri. 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Ages 6 months – 5 years Evening Fun Factory: Mon. – Fri. 6-8 p.m., Ages 6 months – 10 years Sat. Fun Factory: 8 a.m.-noon, Ages 6 months – 10 years ■ Parents’Night Out: This program is for school age children (K – 5). Cost for the event is $15/child. Sign up is required before noon on the Monday before the event. To sign your child up, please contact theYouth Department. The dates for the 2012 school year are April 13 and June 1. ■ Summer Camp Information: Summer camp will be here before we know it. All information will be posted over spring break (March 12 – 16). Applications for summer camp counselors as well as CITs will also be available over spring break. For more information contact theYouth Department. ■ Closures: Morning Fun Factory will be closed March 12 – 16 for spring break. Sara Bounds Youth Director Holley by the Sea 939-3018 x6

By Yvonne C. Harper Holley by the Sea will remain without a permanent general manager for a while longer. Board of Director’s President Pete Peterzen stated during the Feb. 20 board meeting that“we are back to where we were.” A candidate had been selected from the seven applications received and she was offered the position. However, according to Peterzen, after attempts to reach her in mid-February were unsuccessful, she finally let it be known that she was declining the offer. There was one more qualified candidate and when he was contacted, he informed the BOD that he had obtained employment elsewhere. Peterzen expressed concerns that the lack of interest in the job could be the result of“rumors”about the BOD“not listening and not respecting”the general manager. He noted that there have been“five or six general managers”in the 14 years he has been a member of HBTS. He reviewed the history of the general manager’s departures and stated that one general manager left because of sexual harassment, another because employment was sought elsewhere, and others because of“complaints of the board not listening.” Because of this history,“maybe there is some truth,” Peterzen said,“that general managers don’t see working at HBTS as a career choice.” He suggested alternative ideas to bring in more applicants. One idea was to offer an above mid-market salary of $75,000 to $90,000 and then re-adver-

tise the position. He also suggested negotiating with an outside management company to oversee the facility’s operation,“but that will be more expensive.” A third option would be to hire a consultant that could come in once or twice a week and act as an advisor to the board and to help Jennie as the interim manager and to“keep her out of trouble.” Peterzen and BOD Secretary Brooke Goldberg stated they were open to “advice and listening”to any new general manager. Peterzen asked members to write any ideas on how best to approach the situation in a letter addressed to the board of directors or to email the ideas to He said the board would then consider the ideas at the next board of directors meeting March 6. A summary of the job description is to“supervise the Holley by the Sea Improvement Association, Inc. staff with responsibility for operations including personnel management and supervision, budgeting, financial reporting, and maintenance of facilities while maintaining a close working relationship with the Board of Directors.” Qualifications include a current Community Association Manager (CAM) license, a B.A. or B.S. in business or related field, three to five years experience as a property manager of a large homeowners association, and experience with financials, balance sheets, physical plant management and human resources. Any one interested in the job can contact Landrum Staffing for more information.

A word from the interim general manager: Hello all, February was a busy month at the recreation center. We had our new server installed on Feb. 7 and have also installed new software that will Barrett allow us to begin storing our documents electronically. These documents will be searchable and will help cut down on the need to store hundreds of paper copies of certain files. The Fishing Club hosted a wonderful Super bowl Party on Feb. 5, and our Sweetheart breakfast, hosted by the Social Committee on Feb. 11 was also a success. There were some fabulous door prizes, including free hotel stays and free golf. In March, look for our Summer Camp applications to be out the week of Feb. 12. Sign up early as spots are available on a first come-first serve basis. We are also having a community yard sale on March 24. This is a great way to find and sell items for your home and yard. Call the front desk to reserve a space. Finally, don’t forget that Daylight Saving begins March 11 at 2 a.m. We set our clocks ahead on hour and gain an extra hour of daylight in the evening. As always, my door is open and I welcome you to come in and say“Hi.” Thank you, Jennie Barrett Interim General Manager

US CONSTITUTION AND FREEDOM RALLY II An afternoon with the US Navy SEALs and the DELTA Force This is a fundraiser for our wounded veterans and their families

Saint Patrick’s Day • Saturday, March 17, 2012 • Noon until 5:45 p.m. VIP Reception 6 p.m. until 7 p.m. • VIP Dinner at 7:30 p.m.

Emerald Coast Convention Center, Fort Walton Beach

The non profit organizations that will benefit are: WOUNDED WEAR

Guests of the Navy SEALs and DELTA Force include:

President / Founder Lt. Jay Redman US. Navy SEAL Provides free custom fit clothing to veterans who have lost limbs in the line of duty / combat

The Honorable Governor Rick Scott Congressman Allen West US Army (Ret.) Colonel Bud Day Medal of Honor Colonel Mike McCalister US Army (Ret.) Mr. Kevin Jackson, Fox News Contributor The Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, Fox News Contributor Ms. Andi Newcombe WFTW 1260 AM Mr. Ken Walsh, Host of the Morning Show WFTW 1260 Ms. Brooke Woods, recording artist The Rivoli Review singing group Mr. Jerry Melvin, Crestview Community Television Msgt Mad Max Mullens, US Army Ranger Special Forces Mrs. KrisAnne Hall, Constitutional Attorney Ms. Debbie Lee Gold Star Mom, mother of first Navy SEAL killed in Iraq Mr. John Galloway, Mission Commander of the Tribute 77 Flight CSgt Major Billy Waugh, CIA/Special Forces (Ret.) Lt Colonel Don Arias, brother killed on 9/11 Mr. Ricki DiSantis, 9/11 survivor Lt. Jason Redman, SEAL Team 10 Mr. Kelly Cook, National Field Director. ACT for America Mr. Fred Brownbill, President Save America Foundation Fort Walton Beach High School Viking Cheerleaders Emerald Coast Marshal Arts Academy FWB

FREEDOM ALLIANCE SCHOLARSHIP FUND Honoree Chairman / Founder Lt Colonel Oliver North USMC (Ret.) Provides college tuition including a Military Leadership Academy for children whose parents have been killed in the line of duty. Endorsed by Sean Hannity

NAVY SEAL FOUNDATION Provides college scholarships for sons and daughters of Navy SEALs killed in action Meet the Co-Founder of SEAL Team 6. Lt. Mike Thornton Medal of Honor Meet CWO Gary O'Neil Silver Star, Member of DOD Anti-Terrorism Unit Code Name Bluelight

SAINT PATRICK'S DAY Saturday, March 17, 2012. Noon until 5:45 p.m. VIP Reception 6 p.m. until 7 p.m. VIP Dinner from 7:30 p.m. until----Emerald Coast Convention Center, Fort Walton Beach


For Tickets Call Senior Chief Geoff Ross US Navy (retired) 850-313-1893 Andi Newcombe 850-240-2476 or Joe Pascarerella at 434-989-3138

$35 / $50 / $200

Or pick them up at the Passionate Patriot T Shirt Shop at 335 Racetrack Road, Fort Walton Beach across from Cox Cable. For more details go to



March 2012

Blooming business with a small-town edge.

Repairs – Sales – New Installations

y Militarior n e & S unts Disco

Licensed and Insured #RA0066664

Everyone has visions of a yard that is a tropical oasis of their very own. The problem for many homeowners, is knowing how to turn that vision into a reality. Father and Son Landscape Maintenance is there to provide custom solutions for your lawn’s problems to keep it lush and green. Owner Skip Orth has more than 20 years of experience in the field and a passion for landscaping. He also has a passion for bringing to life his customers’ideal lawnscapes. Since opening Father and Son with his own son Buddy in 2003, the business has seen tremendous growth. Skip attributes this to his commitment to customer service. “I believe a big part of our success is that we do anything and everything to make sure our customers are happy,”he said. Now that Buddy is serving his country in the U.S. Army, completing his Explosive Ordinance Disposal training at Eglin Air Force Base, Skip relies on his“substitute sons”to keep Father and Son Landscaping growing strong. Father and Son now includes two full-time maintenance crews, a landscape crew, a lawn spray technician who diagnoses and treats lawns, as well as an irrigation technician to install and repair irrigation systems. Major clean ups, landscape upgrades, landscape lighting, privacy fences, decks, and pressure washing are just some of the other services offered by Father and Son. “No matter what landscape project you have in mind,”he continued.“We can most likely meet your need.” Skip said he also believes customers choose his business because they can tell he has a passion for it. “Landscaping is not my retirement job. It’s not something I decided to do because I wanted to get out of an office. I didn’t start this business because I lost my other job … The truth is, I’m passionate about landscaping,”Skip said. Skip has made the decision to keep Father and Son local, providing service only in the Navarre and Gulf Breeze areas, meaning the teams are available to their customers. “Having a smaller service area enables us to be much more responsive to our customers,”Skip said.“If you need attention, most of the time we’ll be right around the corner.” Winter is the perfect time to begin a landscape project, including treating problem lawns and establishing new growth before the spring rush sets in. “By April my workload can be backed up three or four weeks,” Skip said.“Customers who act now can have their project started in three to four days.” By starting now, homeowners can beat the rush and ensure that their little piece of paradise is ready for spring. To get your lawn in shape for spring, call Father and Son Landscape Maintenance now.


LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE Call me, or visit my website, to find out what makes us a truly unique lawn service company. - Skip Orth (The Father)


Father & Son Landscape Maintenance

Heating & AC Service


$200 OFF Complete System or with this coupon $59 Service Call

One of a kind Personalized gifts Making ideas into reality with just one stop! Personalize your world with custom embroidery, screen printing and advertising specialities. Awards & Trophies

850-916-9229 4354 Gulf Breeze Parkway

Gulf Breeze

939-9868 932-3664

Call Father and Son Landscape Maintenance for a free lawn consultation at 939-9868 for Navarre or 932-3664 for Gulf Breeze.

Also visit them online at

For landscaping tips and ideas; how to maintain your Florida landscape; and testimonials from satisfied customers.

Reasons to landscape now:

■ Installing sod and plants now gives them a chance to root before spring. ■ Cleaning out beds and adding mulch can make a winter lawn pop when the grass is dormant. ■ Winterizing a lawn provides nutrients the grass will need to come out of dormancy in the spring. ■ Enjoy the warmth and serenity of a custom-fire pit this winter. ■ Weed control is more effective in the cooler months.


BLAKE at Gulf Breeze Retirement • Assisted Living • Alzheimer’s Community

Every day of life is a blessing. At The Blake we encourage our residents to live life to the fullest and let us take care of the details. Call today to learn more about our services and to schedule your personal tour!

4410 Gulf Breeze Parkway Gulf Breeze, FL 32563

850-934-4306 Assisted Living Facility 11456

First Class M.D.

Concierge Program Call now to schedule an appointment reserving you a place in the First Class M.D. Concierge Program.

“Where Tradition Meets Technology” A few of the Benefits • Personalized Care • Dedicated Professional Staff • Same Day Appointments


2053 Fountain Professional Court, Suite B, Navarre, FL



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For Lower Bills Call Mills

850-862-4796 About our company: • Stand Out Service since 1986 • Customer satisfaction rating of 97% • 100% Customer Referral • Free estimates HBTS Cfor who m ustome • Financing available ention the adr:s • Service/Repairs/Installation • Senior citizens & Military discounts repairs /installa • Preventative maintenance programs tion • 7 day a week service available • Rotobrush - duct cleaning services • Servicing all brands of equipment • Residential/Light Commercial • Participating contractor for Gulf Power’s new incentive programs


10% OF F

Website: • Email Address:



Carmelita’s Nails You are one

Special Package 4 manicures and 4 pedicures


850-934-9040 or 850-420-9864 5668-B Gulf Breeze Pkwy(Across from the Zoo)

New Hope Enterprises Take advantage of our winter discounts to get your home in shape for spring with a new paint job or maybe some new wall covering to add style to a room.

850-623-6034 / 850-723-2550 Free Estimates / Licensed & Insured


All Creatures Large and Small Petsitting • Pet Care in your Home

Licensed & Insured

Sara Zehr: 850-393-7311 Cheri Livingston: 850-396-5427 HBTS – Navarre – Gulf Breeze Day Care, Walking, Mid-Day Visits

of our best reporters!

If you have story ideas or photos from events send them to

HBTSNEWS 850.939.8040

Dedicated to Keeping Athletes of All Ages

in the Game! Stephanie L. Silberberg, M.D. Sports Medicine Specialist Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon

850-939-5275 Dr. Silberberg specializes in general orthopaedics with a concentration in sports medicine, a highly-advanced field designed to speed healing and restore mobility.

Now seeing patients at –

Sound Orthopaedics 8418 East Bay Boulevard • Navarre, FL 32566

André & Associates Realty, Inc. Homes • Land • Property Management

“Superior Service for Less” Thinking about selling your HOME or LOT? I can take the guess work out of it for you. Call for a FREE no obligation Market Analysis. Thinking of Buying? Never a fee to the Buyer. Call for a FREE Rental Analysis if you are thinking about renting your home. Offering a low 4% commission rate on residential sales. For Sale

For Sale

Mary André Owner/Broker Since 2001 Over 30 yrs exp. 14 year resident of HBTS

Saledays! SoldFor in 11 PRI


2006 Aurora St., New Home 4/2/2 $239,900. Holley By The Sea

2131 Pepper Dr., Hardly lived in, 4/3/2 $267,500. Holley By The Sea.




6668 Britt Road, New Home 4/2/2, +/- 2,006 sf, granite counters $217,700 Holley By The Sea

Business: (850) 936-8880 • Fax: (850) 936-8876 Cell: (850) 621-7027 8281 Navarre Pkwy., Navarre, FL 32566 • email:

Military Discounts Available • Results may vary from home to home.

Tara Capron (850) 565-0480

Paula Patching 850-450-2643

Leonie Debbie Treat Ursula Withers (850) 803-9635 Householder (850) 240-7838 (850) 642-5711

8871 Navarre Parkway Navarre, FL 32566 ®, ™ and SM licensed trademarks to Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity . Each Coldwell Banker® Office Is Independently Owned And Operated.

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Social Committee Events The Sweetheart Breakfast on Feb. 11 was another successful event for the Social Committee. The breakfast was dedicated to the creator of the Sweetheart Breakfast, Lee Steinert who recently passed away. Lee was very active in the community. He served on the Social, Beach House and Architectural committees and the HBTS Board of Directors. Besides being our good friend and neighbor, we will remember all the contributions Lee has made to our community and how passionate he was about improving HBTS.You are in our hearts forever Lee.

HBTS Yard Sale Saturday, March 24, 2012 7 a.m.-noon HBTS Recreation Center Outside on our back beach/park road $10 for space and table $5 for space only Sell or shop Sign up is required by March 23

Easter Egg Hunter and Breakfast Saturday, March 31, 2012 9-11 a.m. The Egg Hunt will start at 9:15 a.m. and don’t forget to bring your own basket to collect eggs, and a camera to catch a picture with the Easter Bunny. Our standard breakfast menu will be served: scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, home fries, coffee and juice. Make sure to hop on over and sign up for this event early, and don’t be left holding an empty basket.




Board of Directors Meeting


Before and After School Care: We currently have a waiting list. If you are interested in having your child’s name added to the list please contact the Youth Department.

March 13 6 p.m.

March 2012 For information about HBTS Calendar Events contact 939-1693


Fun Factory: We have new hours! Please remember reservations are required. For reservations, contact the Youth Department. Mon. – Fri. 8am – Noon, 5pm – 8pm Sat. 8am – Noon


Want to get involved with social events? Our monthly committee meeting will be at night starting in January. For more info, please call 939-3018 x0 or email the Social Committee chairperson at



9:30am Turbo Kick

8:30am Combo Aerobics

10:30am Yoga-Stretch & Flex

8:30am H20 Aerobics

11:30am Zumba Toning

10:30am Zumba Class

5:30pm H20 Aerobics

5:30pm Tae kwon do








6:15pm Body Conditioning 7:30pm Zumba Class


8:30am Combo Aerobics


9:30am Turbo Kick

9:30am Functional Conditioning

10:30am Yoga-Stretch & 7:00pm Flex Fishing Club Meeting 11:30am Zumba Toning 7:30pm Zumba Class 5:30pm H20 Aerobics

5:30pm Tae kwon do

8:30am Combo Aerobics


6:15pm Body Conditioning


8:30am Pyramid Training

8:30am Combo Aerobics

9:30am Functional Conditioning

11:30am Zumba Toning

10:30am Zumba Class

5:30pm H20 Aerobics

5:30pm Tae kwon do

6:15pm Body Conditioning

7:00pm Free weight room orientation with Marsha

6:30pm Bunco Night

8:30am Combo Aerobics

9:30am Functional Conditioning

10:30am 9:30am Yoga-Stretch 6:15pm Functional Conditioning & Flex Body Conditioning 10:30am 11:30am 6:30pm Zumba Class Zumba Toning Bunco Night 5:30pm 5:30pm 7:30pm Tae kwon do H20 Aerobics Zumba Class 6:45pm Bingo

5:30pm Tae kwon do

8:30am Combo Aerobics


8:30am Pyramid Training 9:30am Turbo Kick

8:30am H20 Aerobics


5:30pm H20 Aerobics

6:15pm 10:00am Body Free weight Conditioning room orientation with Marsha 7:30pm Zumba Class 10:30am Yoga-Stretch & Flex

9:30am Functional Conditioning 10:30am Zumba Class 5:30pm Tae kwon do


8:30am H20 Aerobics

8:30am Combo Aerobics

8:30am Combo Aerobics


8:30am Pyramid Training


9:30am Turbo Kick

9:30am Functional Conditioning

10:30am Yoga-Stretch & 7:30pm Flex Zumba Class

5:30pm Tae kwon do

11:30am Zumba Toning 5:30pm H20 Aerobics

10:30am Zumba Class 5:30pm Tae kwon do


8:30am Combo Aerobics

10:30am Yoga-Stretch & Flex

8:30am H20 Aerobics

11:30am Zumba Toning

10:30am Zumba Class

5:30pm H20 Aerobics

5:30pm Tae kwon do


Great Games Night

Come play Games with everyone. Bring a snack or appetizer to share. See flyer for more information.

7:30pm Zumba Class


9:30am Turbo Kick


8:30am Combo Aerobics

8:30am H20 Aerobics

10:30am Yoga-Stretch & Flex

8:30am H20 Aerobics

9:30am Functional Conditioning

11:30am Zumba Toning

10:30am Zumba Class

10:30am Zumba Class

5:30pm H20 Aerobics

5:30pm Tae kwon do

5:30pm Tae kwon do

6:15pm Body Conditioning


24 7:00am

Community Yard Sale

7:30pm Zumba Class

8:30am H20 Aerobics

10:30am Zumba Class

8:30am H20 Aerobics

7:30pm Zumba Class

9:30am Turbo Kick

8:30am Combo Aerobics

6:15pm Body Conditioning

11:30am Zumba Toning



9:30am Turbo Kick 10:30am Yoga-Stretch & Flex

9:30am Turbo Kick

6:00pm HBTS Regular BOD Meeting


8:30am H20 Aerobics

8:30am H20 Aerobics

10:30am Zumba Class



8:30am H20 Aerobics

10:30am Zumba Class


8:30am Pyramid Training

6:15pm Body Conditioning

8:30am Combo Aerobics


9:30am Turbo Kick


8:30am Combo Aerobics

8:30am H20 Aerobics

10:30am Yoga-Stretch & Flex

8:30am H20 Aerobics

9:30am Functional Conditioning

11:30am Zumba Toning

10:30am Zumba Class

10:30am Zumba Class

5:30pm H20 Aerobics

5:30pm Tae kwon do

5:30pm Tae kwon do

6:15pm Body Conditioning

6:00pm Fishing Club Sociable

7:30pm Zumba Class


31 9:00am

Easter Egg Hunt & Breakfast

Linda, thank you for the professional , expert clean yesterday! I cannot thank you enough for the emergency service. High quality at such a great price.... glad to know you can help with any "phase of the chaos in my house! Bless you! -Amanda Navarre

All Phase Cleaning, Inc Cleaning with a Personal Touch Servicing Pensacola Beach, Gulf Breeze, Midway, Navarre & Mary Esther 7197 Loysburg St. Navarre, FL 32566 FREE s!




Ask abo Milita ut Discourny t


Snip To It Family Hair Salon

Quality Hair Care at Reasonable Prices

Smoothing Treatment

(no formaldehydes), starting at $180, Last up to 3-4 months (see salon specialist for further information and consultation)

■ Clipper cut $10 ■ Kids Cut $10 ■ Scissor cut $15 ■ Bang Trim $5 ■ Basic Style $12 and up ■ Specialty Style $25 and up ■ Perm $44 and up

■ Relaxer $44 and up ■ Color $45 and up ■ Highlights $45 and up ■ Deep Conditioning $10 and up ■ Facial Wax $8 per area

(850) 932-3888 5660 Gulf Breeze Parkway – 4A Midway Plaza Shopping Center (across from Gulf Breeze Zoo) Mon-Fri: 9-5 Sat: 9-3

KILLINGSWORTH K PEST CONTROL “Get Your Killingsworth” Locally Owned and Operated Since 1969


• Termite Control • Household Pest Control • Annual & Quarterly Contracts • Lawn Insect Control KILLIN



RTH to For yo 22828 ur cha nce to win 4

Perim Serviceeter s


Use a c in 1 year if you cell phone or iPh an info to and insert thone the scr is een.

3 Chestnut Ave SE Ft Walton Beach

NAVARRE 244-4161 • 1-888-409-8326

Deliver y availab le! Hours: Weekdays 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. Saturdays 7:30 a.m. – Noon

" S o muc h mo r e t h a n a 2 x4! " ★

•Full hardware store and lumber yard servicing homeowners and professionals


"Just 3 miles from Holley by the Sea"

Hwy 87

Coral St.

•Here since 1990 •Family owned •Experienced knowledgeable staff!

Navarre Lumber

HBTS Entrance

Navarre Pkwy

US Hwy 98

2013 Highway 87 SOUTH in Navarre • 850-939-2550

March 2012 HBTS News  

March 2012 edition of Holley By The Sea News

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