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January 2012

Happy New Year!

This is a publication written and produced by Sandpaper Publishing, Inc./Navarre Press for the owners of HBTS and is not an official publication of Holley by the Sea Homeowner's Association, Inc.

Breakfast with Santa Avery Hackman, 7, Leah Elliott, 8, and Emily Howard, 7, told Santa they wanted American Girl Dolls or American Girl Doll clothes for Christmas. Bob Gellar, social committee chairman, wears a Kiss the Cook apron during Breakfast with Santa.

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Photos by Sandi Kemp

Santa arrives via fire truck to the HBTS Beach House.

President Pete Peterzen Santa and Meadow Vanengen, 5.

Santa and Jenna Cavanaugh, 7.

Solar energy, audit topics at December meeting By Sandi Kemp



The December Holley by the Sea board meeting’s agenda was extensive, and there wasn’t enough time to get through the agenda within the allotted time.The pool

dome committee, which has morphed into more of a “Solar”committee, and the tennis committee didn’t have enough time to present enough information for the board to make final decisions. Decisions will now have to wait until a special meeting is called or until the Jan. 10 board meeting. Electronic Filing System Three companies were contenders after bidding on the electronic filing system for HBTS. The clear choice after Interim Manager Jennie Barrett made her presentation was Berney Office Systems. Berney proposed using Saltmarsh for the computer set-up. First year costs are expected to be $16,800. Audits Saltmarsh, Cleaveland & Gund will be the audi-

tors again this year for a cost of $17,000. When the vote came up by the board to accept their engagement letter, member Dan Ramsey asked what happened with the internal audit results and if it was available to members. Board President Pete Peterzen said that it was a thorough audit of May, June and July and no evidence of fraud or misappropriation was found. However, the auditors did find mediocre bookkeeping. When the auditors were asked what kind of grade the association would get for its bookkeeping, they were told a C or C minus. “I attribute this to the experiment of having an in-house accountant and the general management being one and the same, a failed experiment. What

we need is a full-time person in finance, separate from the general manager,” said Peterzen. “My personal observation is that neither job was being done very well.” Pool Dome Lighting HBTS Maintenance Manager Jackie Goebel is working with Santa Rosa County and Gulf Breeze Electric to add additional lighting to the pool dome. A motion was made to set aside $10,000 to get the pool dome up-to-code with lighting. The motion passed.

solar for future use. Committee member Billy Neal provided the board members information on the timeline of the solar discussion and what he has found out after extensive research. Because there are two companies still bidding, the details will not be discussed in this article. However, it was mentioned during the meeting that too many details from different bids could be circulating and tainting the bidding process.The conversation became very heated at times and several members spoke out. There were also heated discussions taking place outside the meeting area.The board thanked Billy Neal for his help and said that they would take the information and make the next move. HBTS News will have more on the solar project next month.

Solar The committee is currently looking at two companies to provide solar heating for the lap pool. It was discussed that it was probably too late to provide solar heating for the pool this winter season. However, the committee is looking into MEETING Continued on page 2

Internal Vice-President James Mitchell External Vice-President Joseph Sipp Treasurer William Stuart Secretary Brooke Goldberg Brooke is available at the Rec Center M-W-F 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Email to the Board:

Interim General Manager: Jennifer Barrett Email: hbtsaccting@

Holley by the Sea Homeowner’s Association 6845 Navarre Parkway, Navarre, FL 32566 850-939-1693


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Meet your neighbor

Vet receives PTSD service dog By Jessi Stone Navarre Press Raymond Galmiche was a U.S. Army soldier for 20 years. He considered himself a survivor, but his years in combat during the Vietnam War slowly crept up on him. He began suffering from night terrors, extreme anxiety and depression. He isolated himself from his friends and family. It wasn’t until 2002 that Raymond was able to put a name to his problem; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Today the Holley by the Sea resident is 100-percent disabled, according to his doctors at Veterans Affairs. But Raymond became more optimistic in September when he was paired with Dazzle, a 2year-old German Shepard. Minnesota Sen. Al Franken and Georgia Sen. Johnny Isakson cosponsored the Service Dogs for Veterans Act, which directed the Secretary of Veterans Affairs (VA) to establish a pilot program pairing service dogs with veterans suffering from PTSD and other physical and mental injuries and disabilities. It was signed into law by President Barack Obama in 2009. Raymond was one of seven people in Florida that received a service dog and attended the Passing of the Leash ceremony Dec. 3 in Williston, Fla. Actor Brad Garrett, famous for his role on the sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond,” was the master of ceremonies for the inaugural event hosted by Guardian Angels Medical Services Dogs Inc.The ceremony was held to symbolically mark the occasion of turning over the medical service dogs from the Guardian Angels trainers to their new owners. His night terrors are now fewer and farther between, but when he does wake up in a cold sweat he knows Dazzle is there to

Submitted Photo

Raymond Galmiche of Navarre receives a medical service dog Dazzle during the ‘Passing of the Leash’ ceremony in Williston. Dazzle is trained to assist veterans who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder like Galmiche. make sure he is OK. “I used to be scared to go back to sleep, but now I wake up and he’s looking right at me,”he said. Raymond’s wife Karen heard about the new program on the Internet and encouraged her husband to participate in the study to see if service dogs could really help treat PTSD patients. When encouragement didn’t work, Karen forced her hand until Raymond completed the paperwork. To Raymond’s surprise, he qualified to participate. “I was scared,” he explained.“Part of me didn’t think I was worthy of it.” Karen said it was common for people with PTSD to not think they are worthy of anything. About 18 veterans commit suicide every day. Just saying it out loud brought tears to Raymond’s eyes because he has had the same feelings. “They might have had

the opportunity to survive,” he said.“I wanted to run away too because I didn’t think I was worth anything.” Raymond isolated himself from his five children and Karen. He was married twice before and can’t help but think that those marriages might not have ended if he knew then what he knows now. He served in the Army from 1965-1986. When he retired he went to work for Aeronautical Radion Incorporated in Annapolis, Maryland. “I was driving to work one day and the road started closing in on me,”he explained.“Then it turned into a road in Vietnam.” He then went to theVA to undergo an evaluation. He was diagnosed with PTSD and went through an intensive therapy program with six other veterans. “You can’t stop it, but you can manage it if you

have the right tools,”he said. To have a fresh start, Raymond resigned from his job and he and Karen moved to Navarre in 2004. He takes Dazzle everywhere with him and many people are quick to pet the well-behaved dog. However, it is important to know that Dazzle isn’t like other pets. He has a job to do and shouldn’t be distracted by petting, even though his sweet face will tempt you. So far Raymond is feeling much better with Dazzle as a companion. Not only does Dazzle give him unconditional love and support, he also gives Raymond responsibilities that can work as a distraction from the symptoms of PTSD. “I can’t stay in bed. I have to get up in the morning because I have to take care of him,”he said. Thanks to the Passing of the Leash ceremony, The Galmiches have something else to look forward to in February. Karen won a raffle drawing for two plane round-trip plane tickets to anywhere in the U.S. But Brad Garrett convinced the couple to fly out to LasVegas in February to attend one of his stand-up shows and to be part of a public service announcement for the Service Dogs for Veterans program. Garrett also donated $20,000 to the Guardian Angels organization, which is the cost of training for the specialized service dogs. With many local soldiers returning from Iraq, Karen said she wanted the community to be more aware of PTSD and the resources available to assist families with the every struggle associated with it. They hope people see the benefits these service dogs have for veterans and anyone else with PTSD and continue to fund the program. “This is never going to go away, but it can help us live a better live,”she said.


Meeting Continued from page 1 Tennis Tennis committee Chairperson Cyndy Linton, presented a Power Point presentation to the board regarding the tennis committee’s summary of work done in support of hiring a permanent tennis pro. It was very detailed and thorough. However, due to time constraints, the board could not consider the proposal at the meeting. A summary can be found on the tennis page of this publication which was provided by the general manager. Beach House Goebel spoke in regard to research she has done on the acoustics problem at the beach house. She had three companies look at the problem with the sound bouncing off the walls and two companies said they could do their best at helping alleviate the problem, but there were no guarantees. A third company said it could do an extensive study for $1,200 and if the association did the recommended steps to alleviate the problem, they would guarantee their work.The board voted to have the study done. Heating and Cooling Goebel spoke to the need for additional heating strips for the recreational facility to keep it warm in the winter. The board voted to allow $4,000 for additional heating strips. A strip heater is a device which is mounted on a surface and used to heat the surface or air.

Facility usage requests The following requests were discussed during the December Board of Directors meeting: ■ An owner requested access to the common areas for his father, mother and sister who are all residing in a three bedroom house. Peterzen believes the owners should have the same access as renters. This usage request was granted due to a hardship. ■ An owner’s child reached the age of 26 and is still residing with him. A variance was requested to continue to let the 26 yearold have membership privileges. Request was denied, 3-2. ■ An owner requested that he be granted a variance to use the common areas. He lives with a partner and one other in a four bedroom home. Peterzen stated that Holley by the Sea should not be in the business of addressing moral decisions and that they would qualify if they were renters. Request passed, unanimously. ■ A renter has a nuclear family, but their family members outnumber the number of bedrooms in the home. A variance to have access to the common areas was passed unanimously.

Covenant Corner: ARTICLE IV PROPERTY RIGHTS IN THE COMMON PROPERTIES ARCHITECTURAL VARIANCES 1. Needle Construction constructed a home on Pineneedle and sold his house prior to the house being completed. This was the first time that Needle Construction had built in Holley by the Sea. HBTS had kept his $2,000 bond money because he let occupants in the home before it was inspected by the Architectural Control Committee. (ACC) The ACC - recommends them to give them the $2,000 back. Final inspection is done - everything is fine, and the form for builders has been changed to make sure they understand the rules. Motion carried to return the $2000 to the builder. 2. An owner wanted to construct a fence to line up with his neighbors on Edgewood. Motion approved. 3. An owner on Jasper would like to construct a 594-square foot shed. This owner already has two existing structures which he is going to tear down when the new shed is in place. The committee made sure this is not for a business and no one is going to live in the shed. This is a “toy shed,” said committee chair Dan Ramsey. Approved.

Volume I • Issue 4

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January 2012

HBTS tennis team wins Greater Pensacola Flight 6 Championship Staff Reports The HBTS Flight 6 women’s tennis team clinched the Fall 2011 Greater Pensacola Ladies Tennis League (GPLTL) Flight 6 Championship, capping off its season with a record of 41-15 advancing them to compete on Flight 5 beginning next month. The self-proclaimed Red Hot Purple People Eaters adopted its name during the season as it ate up Flight 6 tennis teams from Pensacola to Gulf Shores, ending its season with a resounding victory on Nov. 30, sweeping Pensacola Country Club 4-0. The Roger Scott Tennis Center in Pensacola fielded three teams on Flight 6 and finished behind HBTS taking the second, third, and fourth spots. Gulf Breeze finished fifth, Pensacola Country Club ranked sixth, Pensacourt was seventh and Gulf Shores trailed in the Flight in eighth placed. HBTS Flight 6 Tennis Team enjoyed a champagne toast following its last Fall 2011 season match which clinched the GPLTL Flight 6 Championship.

HBTS ed ov appr

Tennis committee presents recommendations to the board

Submitted photo

2011 GPLTL Flight 8 team members Jessica Bonar, from left, Ashley Rivers, Marianne Begg, Lisa Epstein, Amy Hackman, Co-Captain Melinda Robb, Captain Kerry Logan and Maria Little. Not pictured are Meghan Chiappetta, Marci Howard, Kathy Karsten, Eileen Nohava and Marsha Shealy. The 2012 team will see all players returning with the addition of Eddi Salamone and Robin Stevenson.

Tennis committee begins regular monthly meetings In addition to the special meetings that are being held, the tennis committee will begin holding a regular monthly meeting starting January 2012. Meetings are scheduled for the fourth Thursday of each month, from 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Regular notices of meetings and meeting minutes will be posted according to HBTS requirement. All interested parties are invited to attend. Tennis Club The first meeting of the Tennis Club is tentatively scheduled for 7 p.m. Jan. 25. Anyone interested in actively supporting tennis at HBTS is invited to attend.

HBTS Tennis Programs Mon 4-4:30 pm Tiny Tennis

Tues Wed 4-5:30 pm 4-4:30 pm HS & Tourney Prep Tiny Tennis

4:30-5:30 pm Future Stars 6:30-8 pm Men’s Clinic

Thurs Fri 4-5:30 pm HS & Tourney Prep

Sat 11-noon Cardio Tennis

4:30-5:30 Future Stars 6-7 pm Ladies 3.5+ Clinic

A special“create your own”tennis clinic is also available. For more info on any of these programs, or to inquire about lessons, team clinics, etc., visit the tennis page on the HBTS website ( or contact Jimmy at: HBTS Office: 939-1693 ext. 7 CELL number: 203-722-0376 EMAIL:

Chairperson Cyndy Linton presented the tennis committee’s summary of work done in support of hiring a permanent tennis pro. Linton’s report stated that the committee had researched job description details and drafted a new job description that they felt better met the needs of HBTS and the tennis community. She also stated that compensation data was collected and reviewed in order to be able to propose what they felt to be a reasonable and attractive tennis professional position. The committee’s recommendation to the board was to accept: ■ The drafted job description detailing a part-time tennis professional position and a compensation package to include a market-competitive salary plus an 80/20 commission split. ■ Due to time constraints of the evening, little feedback or discussion followed. However, the board plans to review the data provided and determine what steps should be taken. No further action is expected prior to the next regularly scheduled board meeting.

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Spotlight: Baty, dedicated and driven By Yvonne C. Harper Buffalo, N.Y., is a far cry from Navarre and not just geographically. According to Pam Baty, where Buffalo has wonderful eateries consisting of delicious Greek and Italian foods, pizzerias on every corner and the Buffalo staple Beefon-Weck, Navarre has white beaches, warm weather and a great military population. “When I get over there to the beach,”Pam said,“I just sit and think this is a dream that I live here. I love the people and our community.” Pam Baty and her husband Mike of 26 years, have come to call the southern beach-town of Navarre home. Pam is the Holley by the Sea Office Manager. She started as the social liaison in 2002 and worked her way to the position of office manager. She is responsible for running the front office, staying abreast of all the programs Holley by the Sea offers, assisting residents with membership dues payments and other point-of-sales, marketing various events, handling gate passes and security, taking all reservations for classes, rooms and the beach house, and managing the four full-time and two part-time employees working in the front

office, among other responsibilities. Pam and her husband made the move to Navarre from Buffalo in 2001 to be close to her mother who lives in Defuniak Springs. They made yearly visits to her mother’s house and eventually decided to move here once their two children were grown. Wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of Buffalo and the cold weather, they made the move; selling their house in Buffalo in two days reinforced that“it was meant to be,”Pam said. They originally looked in the Defuniak Springs area and “loved it there,” but it was not

a place where they could find jobs. So they broadened their search to Crestview and then Navarre to be close to the beach. Pam said her“really great real estate agent”took them everywhere and they finally settled on Holley by the Sea because of the larger lots offered in the subdivision. In Buffalo, Pam worked at the University of Buffalo for 18 years and her husband worked as the general sales manager at a car dealership. Pam retired from the university when her son entered high school in order to help him be successful. “It worked,”she said, adding that after graduating high school

he went onto college, as did her daughter. Her son and daughter-inlaw now live in Mobile, Ala.; her daughter and son-in-law, however, still reside in Buffalo. She enjoys having her son so close because it allows her plenty of time to see her two grandchildren, ages 4 and 16months. Pam’s job as the office manager keeps her very busy and she feels that she does not have enough time to get everything done. However, she loves her job and enjoys the interaction with the residents. She has especially loved making friends with the military families that come to the area, something she rarely had an opportunity to do in Buffalo. If there is one thing Pam would like the residents to know about the front office it is“how much all of us really care about the community,”adding,“that we all enjoy what we do and try to make it positive for people.” She would also like the residents to know about the plethora of programs the recreation center offers. She realizes how busy everyone is, especially those families with children, but she encourages all residents to come in and check out what is available.

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Staff Reports Navarre Press A new kind of exercise class is forming at Holley by the Sea: TurboKick. The program, designed by Charlene Johnson of Powder Blue Productions, will take place Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. It will be taught by Brooke Goldberg, who also sits on the HBTS Board of Directors. The program is a cardio-kickboxing class with a hiphop style and intense interval training. TurboKick is similar to the home workout programs called TurboJam and TurboFire, but TurboKick is only taught in gyms by certified instructors. “It’s the ultimate cardiovascular challenge that’s a unique blend of intense intervals strength/endurance training, and a relaxing cool-down,”said Goldberg. “TurboKick requires no previous kickboxing experience or equipment.” After taking TurboKick herself, Goldberg decided to become a certified instructor and completed her training in Baton Rouge in November. “I took a few classes over the summer when I was in Oregon and fell in love with the music, the format and the intensity,”said Goldberg.“When I came back to Navarre, the only class available was in Pace. So, if I wanted to take a class regularly, I was going to have to create one, and every workout I did seemed lackluster in comparison to TurboKick. I had to do it.” To sign up, call the front office, 939-1693.

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Yard of the Month: ‘He’s always been a yard person’ By Joanna Hammond Christopher and Yvonne Campbell have lived in Holley by the Sea since 1999, when they built their custom home on a corner lot. Since then, the Campbells have worked hard to landscape and maintain the yard of their dreams. “He’s always been a yard person,”Yvonne said of her husband. Even when the couple lived in military housing during Christopher’s three-year career with the U.S. Air Force, the couple took pride in maintaining the lawn and landscaping. “I like being on the outside,” Christopher said of his landscaping skills. During the summer, most weekends follow a predictable routine for Christopher. Golf in the morning is followed by yard work, something he enjoys. The Campbells’ yard is meticulously groomed and edged, with towering palm trees dotting the landscaping. Their home is offset on the lot, providing a visually stimulating view of the home and garden. Christopher said he’s not one for many flowering plants, so the Campbell’s yard is adorned with greenery and native plants Photo by Joanna Hammond that survive long into the winter months. Christopher and Yvonne Campbell have lived in Holley by the Sea since 1999, when they built their custom home on a corner lot. While they own their home now, the Campbells have been renters in the past, Yvonne agreed saying,“We definitely Their attention to detail and pride of grass is kept trimmed and edged. “When you see the yard, it’s a reflecand still feel like caring for the yard is part take good care of our yards.” ownership show in every aspect of their a reflection of how they live. When planning the landscaping for beautiful yard. The plant beds are lined tion on you,” Christopher said. The reflection of the Campbell’s yard “It represents you,” said Christopher, their home, the Campbells toured oth- with brick pavers, and the mulching is is one of pride and care and is what award“and it encourages you for one day when er properties with a contractor and picked kept tidy and neat. you have your own property. It affects elements they admired in other homes The curved driveway in the front of the ed them Holley by the Sea Yard of the the neighborhood.” to incorporate into their own yard. home allows ample guest parking and Month for January.

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January 2012


■ Seller: Paula J. Hiltibran Buyer: Adams Homes Address: Date: 11-23-11 Price: $35,000

■ Seller: Adams Homes Buyer: Joseph R. Pritchard Address: 2010 Eagle Lane Date: 11-10-11 Price: $223,500

■ Seller: Lawrence A. Dean Buyer: William C. Lunsford, II Address: 6816 Valley Way Date: 11-07-11 Price: $188,500

■ Seller: Bruce D. Stansel Buyer: Shanil S. Jones Address: 1980 Eagle Lane Date: 11-28-11 Price: $205,500

■ Seller: Paul C. Beckman Buyer: Niccolaus T. Hoy Address: 7227 Rankkfort St. Date: 11-29-11 Price: $153,000

■ Seller: Cary Manning Buyer: Brian E Paradise Address: 6570 Kempton St. Date: 11-30-11 Price: $234,900

■ Seller: Mark Abramson Buyer: Whitworth Builders Address: Date: 11-15-11 Price: $41,000

■ Seller: Robbins Builders Buyer: Kevin J. Taboada Address: 6523 Hartland St. Date: 11-22-11 Price: $296,800

■ Seller: Gordon R. West Buyer: Adams Homes Address: Date: 10-28-11 Price: $35,000

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■ Seller: Jorge Romero Buyer: Mathew Scroggins Address: 1930 Commodore Dr. Date: 11-30-11 Price: $190,500


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This content provided by Holley by the Sea From the desk of Pam Baty Our annual Breakfast with Santa was a great success once again. With over 135 people who attended, we were all anxiously awaiting Santa that arrived on time via Fire truck. We thank the firemen at Holley Navarre Fire station who got Santa there safely. Thanks to the HBTS Social Committee, Youth Room, Front Office Staff, Maintenance Department, Holley Navarre Fire District, and of course Warren, all together making this a wonderful community event. I’d like to thank the HBTS Social Committee for having another great year of fun filled and excited events. They offered the traditional annual events plus added some new trips and pot lucks. Keep a look out for the up-coming events in 2012. Thanks to all the wonderful members who volunteer and work hard to make Holley by the Sea a great community to live in, and as always, everyone is invited to become a volunteer in any of the HBTS Committees and Clubs we have to offer. Hope to see you all in 2012.

International Pot-Luck Jan. 14: Do you have a favorite food dish from Germany, Italy, Thailand or another country? Come to our Pot-Luck to share and sample dishes from around the world on Jan. 14 at the HBTS Beach House, from 5 – 8 p.m. Pre-register at the office, $2 a person. Includes coffee, tea and soda.

Community Yard Sale In March we will have our spring Community Yard Sale. Members can reserve a table for $10 or just a space for $5. For members who would like to donate any unsold items, we have arranged pick up, no need to pack up and return home.

January 14 at 5:30 PM




8:30am Combo Aerobics


8:30am H20 Aerobics 9:00am Architectural Committee Meeting 10:20am Zumba Class 5:00pm Poker Night

Well, 2012 is finally upon us. Barrett For the New Year we will have new aerobics classes. Please go to the Holley by the Sea website for more details. If you haven’t mailed your 2012 Assessment payment, please get it in by the end of the month to avoid a $25 late fee and interest on Feb. 1. For your convenience, you can pay online at Just have your account number ready. We’re also going to be updating our membership information and pictures for our information desk. Our goal is to make sure we have all the correct information for your account. So, please take a minute to stop by, give us a call or email We appreciate all of your patience in helping us complete this task! We have had complaints about pets in the neighborhood wandering loose. Please remember to keep your pet contained on your property or on a leash. It’s the law. And don’t forget to be polite and pickup after your pet. And as always, feel free to call me if you have any questions or suggestions. My door is always open. Thank you, Jennie Barrett

Sweetheart Breakfast Feb. 11: This annual breakfast will take place from 9 – 11 a.m. at the HBTS Beach House. The breakfast includes traditional fare served with coffee, tea and juice. Cost is $4 for adults, and $2 for children. Make sure to reserve your spot early. Reservations are required.

Pam Baty Office Manager


A word from the general manager: Happy New Year

Social Committee Events

8:30am Men's Tennis Clinic

January 2012 For information about HBTS Calendar Events contact 939-1693





8:30am Combo Aerobics 6:15pm 8:30am Pyramid Training Body Conditioning 8:30am H20 Aerobics Night Class 10:00am Social Committee 10:20am 7:30pm Meeting Zumba Class Zumba Class 10:20am 5:30pm Yoga-Stretch & Taekwondo Flex 6:45pm 5:30pm Bingo H20 Aerobics

10:20am Yoga-Stretch & Flex



8:30am Combo Aerobics

5:30pm H20 Aerobics

8:30am H20 Aerobics

6:15pm Body Conditioning

10:20am Zumba Class

7:30pm Zumba Class

5:30pm Taekwondo




5:30pm Taekwondo


8:30am Combo Aerobics


8:30am H20 Aerobics

8:30am Pyramid Training

10:20am Zumba Class

10:20am Yoga-Stretch & Flex

5:00pm Poker Night



8:30am H20 Aerobics

8:30am Men's Tennis Clinic

5:00pm Poker Night


8:30am Combo Aerobics 8:30am H20 Aerobics

7:30pm Zumba Class

10:20am Zumba Class

6:15pm Body Conditioning

10:20am Zumba Class

5:30pm Taekwondo

7:30pm Zumba Class

5:30pm Taekwondo



8:30am Combo Aerobics


8:30am H20 Aerobics 10:20am Zumba Class 5:30pm Taekwondo

10:20am Yoga-Stretch & Flex


8:30am Combo Aerobics

5:30pm H20 Aerobics

8:30am H20 Aerobics

6:15pm Body Conditioning

10:20am Zumba Class

6:30pm Bunco Night

5:30pm Taekwondo


5:30am Great Games Night Come play Games with everyone. Bring a snack or appetizer to share. See flyer for more information.

5:00pm Monthly Pot Luck - "Support our Troops" - Taste of America HBTS Social Committee monthly pot luck for January 2012 is "Support our Troops" -Taste of America. Bring your favorite dish to pass and a small item for our care package that will be sent to the troops.

7:00pm Free weight room orientation with Marsha

10:00am 6:15pm Free weight room Body orientation with Conditioning Marsha 7:30pm 10:20am Zumba Class Yoga-Stretch & Flex

10:20am Zumba Class

10:20am Yoga-Stretch & Flex 5:30pm H20 Aerobics

5:30pm 8:30am H20 Pyramid Training Aerobics

9:00am Architectural Committee Meeting


8:30am H20 Aerobics

6:15pm Body Conditioning

8:30am Combo Aerobics

8:30am Combo Aerobics

6:30pm Bunco Night

5:30pm H20 Aerobics

5:30pm Taekwondo


8:30am Men's Tennis Clinic





7:30pm Zumba Class

6:45pm Bingo

5:30pm Taekwondo


8:30am Combo Aerobics


8:30am H20 Aerobics

8:30am Men's Tennis Clinic


7:30pm 8:30am Zumba Class Pyramid Training

10:20am Zumba Class 5:00pm Poker Night

10:20am Yoga-Stretch & Flex

5:30pm Taekwondo

5:30pm H20 Aerobics

8:30am Combo Aerobics


10:20am Yoga-Stretch & Flex


8:30am Combo Aerobics

8:30am H20 Aerobics

5:30pm H20 Aerobics

8:30am H20 Aerobics

10:20am Zumba Class

6:15pm Body Conditioning

10:20am Zumba Class

5:30pm Taekwondo

7:30pm Zumba Class

5:30pm Taekwondo

6:15pm Body Conditioning


8:30am Combo Aerobics 8:30am H20 Aerobics 10:20am Zumba Class 5:00pm Poker Night 5:30pm Taekwondo


8:30am Men's Tennis Clinic


8:30am 7:30pm Pyramid Training Zumba Class 10:20am Yoga-Stretch & Flex 5:30pm H20 Aerobics 6:15pm Body Conditioning

Architectural Committee Meeting January 2 & 16 9 am

Before and After School: We currently have a waiting list. If you are interested in having your child’s name added to the list please contact the Youth Department.

Fun Factory: We have new hours! Please remember reservations are required. For reservations, contact the Youth Department. Mon. – Fri. 8am – Noon, 5pm – 8pm Sat. 8am – Noon

Want to get involved with social events? Our monthly committee meeting will be at night starting in January. For more info, please call 939-3018 x0 or email the Social Committee chairperson at

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Jan. 2012 - HBTS News  

January 2012 Issue of HBTS News - News & Information for Holley by the Sea Residents