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February 2014

This is a publication written and produced by Sandpaper Publishing, Inc./Navarre Press for the owners of HBTS and is not an official publication of Holley by the Sea Homeowners’ Association, Inc.

Contact Holley by the Sea President Pat Traynor

‘Brrrr it’s cold outside’

Internal Vice-President Joseph Hart External Vice-President Dan Ramsey Treasurer Jean Tashlik Secretary Beth Walter Email the board:

General Manager: Alex Fambri Email: generalmanager@

Holley by the Sea Homeowners’ Association 6845 Navarre Parkway Navarre, FL 32566

Photo by Sandi Kemp

Below freezing temperatures swept the nation Jan. 6, and records were broken in Northwest Florida with temperatures dropping to a chilly 16 degrees. This broke the record of 19 degrees set in 1924. This temperature will be the second coldest ever recorded at Pensacola in over 130 years for the first week of January. A strong cold front pushed quickly through the area Sunday night and brought a blast of arctic air that broke record-low temperatures. Forecasters say the freezing temperatures are caused by a kink in the “polar vortex,” the strong winds that circulate around the North Pole. On Jan. 22, we saw a few snow flurries and sleet.

HBTS Family displaced by fire

Jogging Trail The board has set aside funds in the budget to refurbish the jogging and walking trail behind the recreational facility. However, there are very few remnants of the original trail due to repairs for erosion control. If there are members that remember the path of the previous jogging trail, please contact the front office. Next board election There will be a board election in five months with three positions opening. If you are interested in running for the board, please get involved now. Join a committee, come to the board meetings, and please let the front office know that you are interested in running for the board of directors. E-mail lists If you would like to receive emails regarding HBTS, please give your email to the front office.




January Board Meeting Notes:

Photo by Shelby Smithey

A mother and her two sons were displaced after a fire started in their Holley by the Sea home early Friday morning. Holley-Navarre Fire District responded to 1999 Bayou Drive just after midnight and firefighters were able to put the blaze out in about 30 minutes. Elaine McFee and her sons Ryan, 17, and Charlie, 12, were asleep when they heard the smoke detector going off. “I was sleeping in the front bedroom,” Ryan said pointing to a broken window showing inside extensive damage and debris. “My mom ran in my room and woke me up.”

Pool lift for disabled If you have experience with ADA compliant pool lifts or hoists, please contact the general manager or a board member. The board is currently exploring the feasibility and liability of having or not having a pool lift for disabled members of HBTS.

Valid through February 28, 2014


February 2014

Covenant Conditions & Restrictions (CCR) Proposed Changes Informational Meeting This town hall style meeting is an opportunity for the members to hear from a couple of the Board Members about the proposed changes to improve the Association Documents. Join us at 6:30 p.m. February in the Café Area of the Recreation Center. This is not an official board meeting and there will be more town hall meetings to attend if you cannot attend this meeting. There is no vote or final decision being made. This is an informational session. You can ask questions about the process and the proposed changes from the people who know. HOLLEY BY THE SEA IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION, INC. SCHEDULE OF AMENDMENTS TO THE DECLARATION OF PROTECTIVE PROPERTY RIGHTS AND RESTRICTIONS


Deleted language is indicated by strike-through and inserted language is indicated by underline. (Please note that "voting at a duly called owners' or membership meeting" does not mean you have to be physically present to vote, you may simply mail in your proxy ballot.) ARTICLE VIII AMENDMENT TO THE DECLARATION Except as elsewhere provided otherwise, this Declaration may be amended in the following manner: (a) Notice. Notice of the subject matter of a proposed amendment shall be included in the notice of the Owners’ meeting at which a proposed amendment is to be considered by the Owners. (b) Resolution of Adoption. A resolution adopting a proposed amendment must be approved by not less than a majority of the full Board of Directors, and by not less than a majority of the voting interests of the entire membership of the Association at a duly called Owners’ meeting. either: (i) Not less than two-thirds (2/3) of the entire membership of the Board of Directors AND by not less than sixty percent (60%) of the members voting at a duly called owners’ or membership meeting AND with at least one thousand (1,000) valid ballots received; or, (ii) Not less than fifty-one percent (51%) voting interests of the entire membership of the Association at a duly called owners’ or membership meeting. Owners not present in person or by proxy at the meeting considering the Amendment may express their approval or disapproval in writing, provided such approval is delivered to the Secretary within the time required by the By-Laws for the delivery of a Proxy for Owners’ Meetings. Directors not present at the Board meeting at which the Amendment is considered may express their approval in writing, providing such approval is delivered to the Secretary within the time required by the By-Laws for the delivery of a Proxy for Owners’ meetings. (c) Proviso. Notwithstanding the provisions of Sections (a) and (b) above to the contrary, so long as the Subdivider controls the Board of Directors as provided for in this Declaration, this Declaration (‘and the Bylaws of the Association’ – Chg 10) may be amended by the vote of the Subdivider alone; and after such control is relinquished, so long as the subdivider owns record legal title to any Lot in HOLLEY BY THE SEA, no Amendment may be made without the written consent of the Subdivider.

ARTICLE IX AMENDMENTS A resolution for the adoption of a proposed amendment of these Bylaws may be proposed by either the Board of Directors or of the Association or by the members of the Association. Members may propose such an amendment by instrument in writing directed to the President or Secretary of the Board signed by not less than ten (10%) percent of the membership. Amendments may be proposed by the Board of Directors by action of a majority of the Board at any regularly constituted meeting thereof. Upon an amendment being proposed as herein provided for, the President or, in the event of his refusal or failure to act, the Board of Directors shall call a meeting of the membership to be held within sixty (60) days for the purpose of considering said amendment. Directors and members not present in person or by proxy at the meeting considering the amendment may express their approval in writing, providing such approval is delivered to the Secretary at or prior to the meeting. Except as elsewhere provided, such approval must be either by: (a) Not less than 66-2/3 of the entire membership of the Board of Directors and AND by not less than 51 60% of the votes of the entire membership of the Association voting at a duly called owners’ or membership meeting AND with at least one thousand (1,000) valid ballots received; or (b) Not less than 66-2/3 51% of the votesing interests of the entire membership of the Association at a duly called owners’ or membership meeting. The procedure set forth above for amending these Bylaws shall also apply and pertain to any amendments sought to be made of the Declaration of Protective Property Rights and Restrictions as provided in Article VII, Section 18 thereof, and shall be cumulative of any procedure provided therein.”

(c) Proposal of Amendments: A proposal to amend this Declaration pursuant to paragraph (b) of this Article may be made by a majority vote of the Board of Directors at a duly called Board of Directors meeting, OR by an instrument in writing (petition) directed to the President or Secretary of the Board, signed by not less than ten-percent (10%) of the voting membership of the entire association. (d) Amendment Scope Limitation: Amendments proposed for adoption, to the greatest extent practicable, will be divided into separate issues, topics, subjects, sections, or paragraphs for membership voting.

Transactions Seller: Brien D. Dodson Buyer: JPMorgan Chase Bank Address: 3415 Vinson Dr. Date: 09-04-13 Price: $180,862

Seller: Cary P. Manning Buyer: Gregory Veil Address: 6639 Castlewood St. Date: 12-30-13 Price: $249,500

Seller: Ivan Nemet Buyer: William F. Heslin, Jr. Address: 7049 Lago Mirada Dr. Date: 12-27-13 Price: $7,250

Seller: David M. Basilli Buyer: Richard E. Smith Address: 2470 Cameron Way Date: 12-17-13 Price: $265,000

Seller: Atlas FL I SPE LLC Buyer: Beach Adventures LLC Address: 3465 S Arlington Rd. #128 Date: 01-08-14 Price: $220,000

Seller: Joseph A. Genovese Buyer: Djuan L. Johnson Address: 6702 Britt St. Date: 12-17-13 Price: $196,000

Seller: Michael D. Montgomery Buyer: John J. Damron Address: 7822 Frankfort St. Date: 12-19-13 Price: $230,000

Seller: UIL, Ltd. et al Buyer: Andrew L. Giles Address: 1964 Resort St. Date: 01-10-14 Price: $269,400

Seller: Fannie Mae Buyer: Sean J. Jones Address: 6638 Leisure St. Date: 12-11-13 Price: $99,000

Seller: HSBC Bank Buyer: Christopher J. Shields Address: 2033 Reserve Blvd. Date: 11-30-13 Price: $245,000

Seller: Sybelline S. Bowie Buyer: Robbins Investment Group Address: 8173 E Bay Blvd. #A Date: 12-31-13 Price: $23,500

Seller: Whitworth Builders Buyer: Todd E. Millhouse Address: 2409 Parkridge Dr. Date: 01-09-14 Price: $297,800

Seller: Anthony P. Clauson Buyer: Whitworth Builders Address: Date: 12-30-13 Price: $32,000

Seller: Secretary of HUD Buyer: Steven C. Durham Address: 7024 Flintwood St. Date: 12-20-13 Price: $141,300

Seller: Adams Homes Buyer: James L. Conroy Address: 15485 Paddington Cr. Date: 12-19-13 Price: $248,000

Seller: Robbins Investment Group Buyer: Robbins Builders Address: Date: 12-20-13 Price: $40,000

Seller: Robbins Builders Buyer: William C. Swank Address: 6713 Codell St. Date: 12-31-13 Price: $312,500

Seller: Robbins Builders Buyer: Randall B. Mayberry Address: 2753 PGA Blvd. Date: 12-19-13 Price: $410,000

HBTSNEWS Volume 3 • Issue 4

HBTS News is published weekly by Sandpaper Publishing Inc., HBTS News and its entire contents and style are fully protected by copyright and registered according to copyright laws. HBTS News cannot be reproduced in any form for any purpose without the expressed written permission of Sandpaper Publishing Inc. and Navarre Press.

Publisher Sandi Kemp

Reporters Shelby Smithey

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Production Manager Dickie Williams

To Contact Us: HBTS News 7502 Harvest Village Court Navarre, FL 32566 Phone: (850) 939-8040 Fax: (850) 939-4575 Web: E-mail:

All major entrances into HBTS now have a light

Photo by Dickie Williams

Now that the light at the Edgewood Street entrance to HBTS is operational, all major HBTS entrances have working light.


February 2014

Jimmy’s Racket I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and I want to take the time to wish everyone good luck in 2014. After a successful Egg Nog Open in December I have decided to have the 1st Annual Italian Open featuring Peggy’s (ma ma) famous meatballs and sauce.The cost is $10 which included dinner, prizes, and plenty of entertainment. Please RSVP ASAP to Jimmy as space is limited. The date is Thursday, January 30, 2014 at 6:00 pm. I’ve added three new programs for 2014. Starting Tuesday January 21 from 4:30 to 5:30 I will be running a high school training program for those interested in high school tennis and USTA events. See Jimmy for details. Ladies night will be every Tues-

Fishing Club


day at 6:00. Cost is $10 which includes drills, instruction, and match play. Call Jimmy for sign up and any questions. Back by popular demand is Cardio Tennis. Cardio Tennis will begin Friday mornings starting at 9 a.m. Cost is $10. This program will include a great work-

out, instruction, and hitting 1000 balls. Call Jimmy for details! Just looking for someone to play with? Let Jimmy play matchmaker. Just come on out, hit a couple of balls with Jimmy, and he will set you up with a hitting partner! It’s that easy! See you on the courts!

Submitted photo

The Ladies Tennis Team from HBTS were the winners of the Greater Pensacola Ladies Tennis League Flight 8 .

February 2, 2014 3-11 p.m. at the HBTS Beach House

Beatles Invade Navarre Feb. 8: Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Beatles Invasion of America at 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. at the Navarre Conference Center. Enjoy the music of Not Quite Fab the highly sought after Beatles Tribute Band as they rock us through the decades with the sounds of the Fab Four. Wear your favorite 60’s attire. There will be a contest for best costume Tickets are $25 per person.Visit for more details.

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From the General Manager:

Activities News

BURRRRH! Well it’s February and the thermostat confirms it. If you haven’t made your Annual Assessment Payment, the grace period has run out and interest will apply…get Alex Fambri those payments in.You can pay in person at the Recreation Center Front Office, or call in a payment with a credit card to 850.939.1693 Accounts Payable. On a sweeter note…there is still time to join us for the Sweetheart Breakfast February 15th. It’s a Holley by the Sea tradition. We are also having Parents Night Out on the 14th, so the children and have fun with Ms. Alison while you enjoy a night out with yourValentine. If you haven’t visited the New website please do. It’s there for you 24/7 with a wealth of information. It is not compatible with all browsers…Explorer 9 works best. Some functionality is lost using different browsers like Google chrome. Please contact me if you have any difficulty. On the home page if you click on Sign Up Now you can enter your email address to receive the code. This is a protected website that allows you to view your member account, and access the latest community information. Also please provide your email address to be included in the e-bulletins. Your information is protected. We do not share the contact information. It does allow us to communicate with you about things of importance to the community. We will continue to put event information on Facebook, but official business will be on the website, posted at the Recreation Center and sent via email to those who opt in. Our landscape maintenance team has done a great job at the entrances with fresh mulch to brighten things up. We’ll have to replace some plant material if Mother Nature doesn’t send us a warm spell. We’ll be doing some interior sprucing-up as well. Please pardon our progress as continue our maintenance and facility improvements. Speaking of Improvements. The Board is currently considering the addition of a chair lift for assisted access to the pool for persons with disabilities. The ADA requires such devices for public pools and it’s being considered for the Holley by the Sea private recreation facility. Please provide some feedback for the Board. The goal of the Board is to serve the needs of the community as a whole. If you would please, take a moment to send us an email to indicate your position on this matter. It doesn’t require a membership vote, but we are seeking some feedback. Send your thoughts to by Feb. 10 please. In an effort to accommodate youth participation in the evening programs like Zumba; parents may complete an authorization form at the Front Office. The privilege is conditional on appropriate behavior of the minor and intended for specific class or program participation. Looking ahead at other projects. We are currently seeking bids for replacement of the jogging trail. We’ve heard from many that this is a missed amenity so we are working on bringing it back. Stay tuned for further developments.

Greetings Everyone From Elise Preston!

Alex Fambri, General Manager

b y

H o l l e y

b y

t h e

S e a

Architectural News

Let’s Get Our Dance On…

the goal is to provide some afterschool dance classes at HBTS for the children in our community to participate, and at an affordable rate. Classes begin: Tuesday, Jan. 28, 4 p.m. Contemporary Hip-Hop Thursday, Jan. 30, 4 p.m. PreBallet Visit the Holley by the Sea website program calendar at for the latest class schedule. (Should dance classes expand, we will hope to be able to provide more classes based on need = attendance, ages and dance experience). Classes are ONLY $3.00 per class, per student. Please pay at the front desk and then provide a copy of your receipt to your instructor. Please pass the word, we would love to build the program and help get more children moving!!! Attire: Pre-Ballet- Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers. Hair secured back in ponytail or bun. Contemporary Hip-Hop- Jazz shoes, comfortable dance exercise clothing.

Dive In for Some Swimming Fun with the Stingrays! It’s time to register for the Holley by the Sea Swim Team. Marsha Triebold is charged up to coach another season. Registration for residents can be completed at the Recreation Center Front Desk. The monthly fee is now $57. New this season for the Rays we have a partial week participation rate of $35. This is being tried out as an alternative for children who would like to join the team, but don’t have the availability or stamina to swim 5 days a week. Practice is held in the Lap Pool under the Dome so don’t the weather keep you from joining the fun.

Interested in taking Tai Chi classes? If you are interested in Tai Chi, please call the front desk or email to get on a contact list so that you will be kept informed of upcoming classes.

Craft Club Activities The HBT Craft Club’s next meeting is Thursday, Feb. 13. The meeting will be in the 21 Room in the Recreation Center beginning at 6:30 p.m. There are fun activities scheduled for each month. The February Craft will be Cotton Pot Holder or Crocheted Scarf making. Please contact the club organizer Teryl Deegan to participate, 413.531.9407 or March will be jewelry making so join the fun.

While much of the country is experiencing freezing temperatures and piles of snow, those of us in Northwest Florida are enjoying beautiful white sand beaches, with moderate temperatures overall! When the sod turns brown and enters its dormant stage, it is important to keep in mind that lawn care is an on-going process. Yes, you read that correctly, lawn maintenance lurks, no matter what the season! Frost, heavy rain and lawn pests are all a part of the HBTS winter wonderland. For this reason sod will experience extra wear and tear. If you let your lawn succumb to the winter with little to no maintenance then there could be much more work awaiting you come spring. Forget about those long winter naps! If there is a lack of rain, you will need to continue watering your landscape. But keep in mind that there is such a thing as watering that is just as damaging. I think we all saw that firsthand during the three months of rainfall we experienced Jun-Aug, 2013! During the occasional drop in temperature, remember to cover all landscape sensitive to freezing, however, many of the common plants to Florida landscaping will die and return if uncovered. ■ Continue to inspect signs of damage from lawn pests; in particular mole hills that pop up and multiply quickly! Knock them over and place poison pellets down the mound. Remember to cover the mole hills with a weight after inserting the poison to keep the pest down below; this usually works! ■ Cover foliage with bags designed to protect them from frost but still allow sunlight to penetrate. ■ Apply weed prevention to stop the spread of weeds no later than March and this can be done at other times in the winter months (as needed) ■ Thatch the dead grass yearround to promote new growth for the lawn; this is one of the secrets to success in maintaining sod Happy gardening year-round!

Before and After School Program: The Before & After School Program has immediate spots available. The Youth Department provides a Before and After School Program for School - Age children (kindergarten – fifth grade) who are members of Holley by the Sea. For more information please contact the Youth Department. There are flyers located throughout the building with prices and information is available on the Holley by the Sea website.

Parent’s Night Out : Parent’s Night Out is a licensed program offered to School-Age children that live in Holley by the Sea. The dates for 2014 are: Feb. 14, Mar 7, Apr 4, May 9 and May 30. Parent’s Night Out runs from 6 p.m. – 11 p.m. There are only 25 spots available and there must be 15 children signed – up for the program to run. See Youth Department for more details.

Fun Factory Closures in February : Fun Factory will be closed during the morning session Feb. 17. The Evening Fun Factory will be closed Feb. 14. Special: Fun Factory: New Year’s Special cost is $2/hour per child; please be sure to call the day of to reserve a slot for your child. Space is limited. Morning Fun Factory: Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 a.m., Ages 6 months – 5 years old (Pre-K) Evening Fun Factory: Monday – 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. Ages 6 months – 10 years old Saturday Fun Factory: 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. Ages 6 months – 10 years old * During Morning Fun Factory we cannot take children that have entered kindergarten; the oldest we can take is children who are Pre-K age and below. Please ensure that you are calling to reserve your time slot at 939-3018 x6.

_tâÜ|xËá _tàxáà _|áà|Çzá Take a look at

MLS#: 594784 Canal front move-in ready 1,140 sq. ft. townhome has 3 bedrooms, 2 ½ bath. Freshly painted and new carpet. Breathtaking views of sound and Gulf!

$178,000 MLS#: 563669 This 2 BR boasts many upgrades throughout and your own private covered parking space in the garage. Floor to ceiling glass doors lead onto the master bedroom balcony. It has never been a rental.


MLS#: 578925 Enjoy the breathtaking views of The Inn at Summerwind in this one bedroom condo featuring private balcony, bath and a half, full sized kitchen, breakfast bar, living area dining area. Sleeps 6.

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MLS#: 564836 This one bedroom condo at The Inn at Summerwind features breathtaking views of the beach and Gulf of Mexico. This condo plan is popular as a vacation rental generating additional income.



Waterfront Lot

Beautiful 3 bedroom house located in Holley by the Sea. The house has a split floor plan, vaulted ceilings and a cozy fire place in the living room. Includes lawn care and pest control. Includes use of the Holley by the Sea Recreation Center and all swimming pools, tennis courts and other facilities.

Lot 18 Jo Tam Ln Panoramic views of Santa Rosa Sound and Navarre Beach on this Waterfront (culde-sac) Lot in the Heart of Navarre. Zoned R-2 and could be used as investment property as a duplex. Seawall is in place. Community has underground utilities. Water and Sewer are available.

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Specializing in REAL ESTATE CLOSINGS in the Navarre Office.

Cheryl Fike Closing Agent

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Feb. 2014 - HBTS News  

February 2014 edition of Holley by the Sea News.

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