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May 2014

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Commissioners approve $400,000 plan for HBTS drainage

Extreme rainfall exposes problems

Pat Traynor

By Romi White

Internal Vice-President Joseph Hart

Santa Rosa County Commissioners approved a $400,000 work order for Baskerville Donovan at their April 24 regular meeting.The funds Blaylock will be used for engineering services to develop a stormwater management plan for the Holley by the Sea (HBTS) watershed, where extreme rainfall over the past year has exposed many drainage problems. At the commission’s committee meeting April 21, County Engineer Roger Blaylock briefly described how $399,820 would be used for a multi-phased approach toward producing a plan for the 15 square miles comprising the HBTS watershed. The study will be organized into a report providing an overall view of drainage with an emphasis on identifying projects which could alleviate flooding or improve drainage conditions. After Blaylock’s presentation

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Ponds overflow and become one body of water at the main entrance of Holley by the Sea. Commissioner Lane Lynchard provided data regarding what he describes as the inordinate amount of rainfall in our area over the past six to 12 months. He provided details showing that during certain periods of the past 60 days the area has received 200-600 percent of normal precipitation amounts.

Lynchard pointed out 18.9”of rain was received in the panhandle from March 1 – April 20, making that the third wettest period in the last 65 years.“So when we say that we’ve received a lot of rain and that is what is making the problem worse -- it’s true. This is empirical data. This isn’t just us saying it’s rained a lot,”said Lyn-

HBTS Board officers trade places Pat Traynor was removed as President of the Board of Directors three months before his departure from the board Dowgwillo during reorganization at the April 8, 2014 regular board meeting. Board member Ed Dowgwillo made the motion for Tr a y n o r ’s Clancy removal as president and Jean Tashlick seconded the motion. Discussion ensued among the 24 members present. When asked,“Why?”from a voice in the audience Dowgwillo stated that Traynor created a hostile work environment for the employ-

Photo by Dickie Williams

chard, noting the ground is saturated. Lynchard stated he drove around south Santa Rosa April 18.“A couple of roads were impassible, including the entrance to HBTS.”Chairman Jim Melvin stated HBTS’s board of directors sells the capacity of that subdivision’s See Drainage page 2

Covenant Corner:

Article 3/Section 18. Removal of Officers. Any officer may be removed by the Board of Directors whenever, in the judgment of the Board, the best interests of the Association will be served thereby, by a twothirds (2/3) vote of the Board of Directors. Photo by Sandi Kemp

Pat Traynor at a previous board meeting speaking to Jean Tashlik. New president of the board Mike Hart is far right.

ees and created obstacles to getting things done. “How can Traynor create a hostile work environment when the employees are managed by First Service?” asked member Melissa Lambert. “He thinks they work for him and he is threatening people with termination. That is just one of many things,”Dowgwillo replied. “He

has insinuated termination of employees that is beyond his scope and his behavior towards employees and board members has been threatening and belligerent,”added board member Carrie Clancey. Lambert went on to state that it was evident that the majorly of the board members did not get along and that many of the board

members have done what they are accusing Traynor of doing. “You have done no different to him,”Lambert stated.“It is a matter of leadership. We appreciate his efforts in the past. A change of leadership and leadership style is appropriate,”said Dowgwillo. Traynor, who was on a conferSee Board page 2

Valid through May 31, 2014


May 2014

Drainage From page 1 entrance ponds to HolleyNavarre Water System, which pumps treated effluent into them. Melvin said if those pumps are not shut off during heavy rainfall excess flows onto U.S. 98. Melvin pointed out Baskerville Donovan had been previously chosen to perform the work through a selection process. At a local mitigation meeting held April 24, Blaylock explained more details about the HBTS plan.“It's a very extensive study,”said Blaylock. Navarre resident Richard Carr asked if it would be completed by the end of the year. Blaylock explained it was being done in stages over 8.5 months and that the timing of deliverables would be contingent on a number of factors. Carr asked about the entrance to HBTS. Avis Whitfield, director of public works for Santa Rosa County, reiterated how the aforementioned ponds at the entrance

Board From page 1

Photo by Sandi Kemp

Water forms a moat around two homes in Holley by the Sea. This is a common sight after heavy rains. to the subdivision are impacted by the pumping of effluent.“Not much we can do other than raising the road way,”said Whitfield, noting that idea has been explored. Carr also asked about septic tanks, in-filled yards and ditches in need of maintenance.“It's beyond this study to address septic tanks,”replied

Blaylock. Assistant Public Works Director Stephen Furman stated such ditches and problems from in-filled yards should be reported to the county. Furman said it takes roughly 6-10 weeks to address reported issues due to current workloads.“We can get code compliance involved to

kinda strong arm owner and get them to remove fill or we can go in and remove,”added Furman. “These folks don't understand this isn't something we can't just come in and fix…that answer doesn't suit many of them. We wish we could wave a magic wand," Furman later added.

on most of these things. You don’t like dissention and that is why you are voting him out of office,”said Mike Scott. Dowgwillo stated that Traynor still had a vote and that, “sometimes new leadership is better than none.” Member Billy Neal got up to the podium and said that it wasn’t right to wait until Pat Traynor was out of town to reorganize the board and pointed out that it was not put on the agenda until that night as an add-on.“You don’t want the members to know what is going on – and that is wrong,”said Neal. The motion was called and passed 4-1 with Traynor as the dissenting vote. A motion was made for InternalVice President Mike Hart to move to the position of President and Traynor to move to Mike’s former position as Internal Vice President.“Pat likes to deal with the external, I’d like to see him as External,”said Tashlick. Traynor was asked if he had a preference and he said,“I’ll take Mike’s job.” When the vote was called, all were in favor except for Tashlick who voted nay. Other items discussed at the April 8 board meeting:

Dowgwillo and Carrie Clancy were placed on the board was called into question. The HBTS Attorney reviewed what transpired and said that it was done correctly.

to Ridge on Houston Circle and didn’t realize it was in Holley by the Sea. And, they had no plans to build on the lot after it was discovered that septic would not be allowed for the size house they wanted to build. Holiday Builders will work with the ACC to seed the property, but up a silt fence, and get a builder’s bond for the property. According to the covenants, they have one year to build on a cleared lot. However, totally cleared lots are not allowed. The Holiday Builders representative said that he would also plant trees outside of the area that a house would eventually be built.

ence call because he was out of town, said that he had a question about leadership. He gave several instances when he had called some agenda items into question. “I’m not an aggressive person. If pointing out wrongdoing is aggressive, then I’m aggressive,”Traynor said. Member Lauretta Aiken commented from the audience that the membership voted Traynor in. “We are not voting him off the board; we are just removing him as board president,”said Clancy. Member Carol Scott went to the podium and pointed out that two of the board members where recently appointed, but Mr. Traynor was, elected. Board candidate Mike Scott and husband of Carol Scott stood up stating he had a point of order. He referenced Section 9 – Article 3 of bylaws stating that any director may be removed by 2/3 at a called special meeting. Once again, the board reminded everyone they were not removing Traynor from the board, they were just reorganizing officer positions. “What you are doing is shutting up the opposition. Basically he is a minority.You March 26 : Meeting called are silencing the minority on into question the board. Pat is the minorThe legality of the March ity because he has voted no 26 board meeting when Ed

Tennis program losing money The tennis program was discussed. It lost $18,000 in 2013 and so far in 2014, the program has lost $4,593. In January, the tennis pro’s job description and compensation package was changed to accommodate for the losses. The bad weather brought up as a factor in the losses. Roof repairs to cost $300,000 A 62 page engineering report showed that it would cost approximately $300,000 to fix the roof of the recreational facility. The previous roofer did not put down a membrane. Delinquent accounts cut-off Any member who is 90days or more delinquent in their assessments had their use of the recreation facility suspended by a vote of the board.This is a procedure vote that happens every year. Builder doesn’t know they are in Holley by the Sea During ArchitecturalVariances, a representative from Holiday Builders stated that they cleared a lot in Palmet-

HBTSNEWS Volume 3 • Issue 7

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Usage and guess policy discussed Member Billy Neal stood up at the podium to state that the draft policy should have been on the website but was not.“Give information to the members. The guest policy is not ready to go to the board for approval.” Member Pete Peterzen agreed with Neal. “I believe the current document, while good intentioned is a bit ambitious. A motion was made to withdraw both the usage and guest policy. After it was seconded – there was additional discussion.“If we come up with a good usage policy then everyone out of that scope would be a guest,”said Dowgwillo.

Whitfield stated the county works with property owners to address some ditchrelated issues.“If the owner pays for materials, the county provides labor,”said Whitfield, noting that results in an average cost of $1,100 per project versus $4,000 to 5,000. Carr asked if homeowners can hire someone to do such work. Public works officials stated they would want a plan submitted for review and inspection for work in right of way. Lou Greene, president of Navarre CERT, asked about metal culverts being replaced with concrete ones.“Where is this water going to run off,” asked Greene. Furman explained the Florida Department of Transportation is widening U.S. 98. and having to shift culverts back toward the right of way boundary.“We haven't looked at their plans and what they're doing...they're not redirecting water where it didn't go previously -- at least that's our understanding,”said Furman. “Extreme rainfall tests systems, and problems begin to

show up,” said Whitfield, adding,“Dry weather will fix a lot of ills.” The HBTS watershed drainage plan will be completed in three phases: data collection and inspection, watershed modeling and report and surveying and design services. Phase I is aimed to collect all accessible information about HBTS drainage, prepare the data for input into a hydraulic model. Phase II begins with development of an existing conditions model to identify the possible causes for flooding and evaluate different solutions with respect to upstream and downstream effects, resulting in a list reflecting which projects can be constructed independently and those which should be completed in phases due to the potential negative upstream or downstream effects. Phase III of the project is surveying and design services to develop construction drawings for projects identified during the previous two phases.

Board member candidate came up to the podium to speak to the issue of usage. My daughter with Downs Syndrome has been denied usage. I see member after member coming up - and what they are saying is just swept under the carpet. Board members reiterated that the covenants do not address variances under usage, only under architectural. The only way to rectify the situation was to address the covenants.

1-4. Traynor was the only vote for the chairlifts.

Chairlifts on pool deck voted on. Traynor made a motion to get the chair lift equipment because he said,“it is a budgeted item.” However, his motion failed due to a lack of second. It was discussed that the equipment had not been a budget item. Clancy made a motion to allocate $9,000 for the equipment and it was seconded for discussion. Two people had expressed interest in having aid to get in and out of the pool. Tashlick mentioned that she taught adaptive aquatics for 15 years and not one time did someone need a chairlift to get in and out of the pool. Traynor replied that perhaps they needed to remove the defibrillators from the recreational facility because no one used them. Motion was called and failed

Jogging Trail Discussed The jogging trail has not existed since it was destroyed in 2004. Three different surfaces were looked at: asphalt, concrete and rubber. With only $17,000 budgeted, the association could only get 1000 feet of asphalt track. A member wanted the board to look at the rubberized track. An estimate came back for $500,000. There will be more research. If any member knows about jogging trails – please see the manager. Beach Security Gate The front desk cannot see who is coming in and out and it is difficult to have access. The camera on the gate was hit by lightning this past summer. The board approved $35,000 for a total upgrade to the access gate including a pedestrian gate. ■ First Service Residential approved as Management Company for two year term with a 60-day non-renewal notice. ■ The contract with Lake Doctors to maintain the ponds was renewed. ■ Additional electrical breakers approved for front office area. ■ Upgrade to sound system approved, not to exceed $3,000.

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May 2014

April showers bring May flowers

By Shelby Smithey No strangers to beingYard of the Month recipients, Donald and Heidi Long’s garden oasis at 7244 Reef Road has earned them the title once again. The Longs have lived in Navarre for 13 years, and Heidi said that she loves getting recognition for the hard work she puts into her yard. “I’m very proud of it,”Heidi said.“And I love doing it. When you like to do something it’s easy.” Heidi said that she does all of the gardening in the yard, which includes lush Geraniums, Day Lilies, Crepe Myrtles and Washingtonia and Sago palms. Donald is retired from the Air Force and they are originally from Germany. The Longs lived in Oklahoma at Tinker Air Force Base

before retiring in Navarre. “The palms were so small when we first got them 13 years ago,”Heidi said.“It’s neat to see how much they have grown over the years.” To make upkeep a bit simpler, Heidi said that she and her husband recently removed two palms from the front yard. “They get pretty hard to maintain once they get tall,” she said.“This winter was hard on them too.” In the backyard, Heidi said that she loves to have a cup

of coffee in the mornings to enjoy her little piece of nature. Although the yard upkeep is mainly a one-woman operation, Heidi said that Donald does help out by mowing the lawn. “My husband thinks of it as a chore, but I don’t see it that way,”Heidi said.“But he does love the yard too. We usually have pink Day Lilies, but this year he wanted yellow. The bunnies love them.” Although Heidi likes to spend time in her yard, she

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said that all the recent rain has made upkeep a little more difficult as well. “All the rain really washed everything out so it’s been harder this year,”Heidi said. However, this may be the last time the Longs will haveYard of the Month recognition, as Heidi said that she and her husband are looking to move into a smaller place, possibly on the Atlantic coast of Florida. “We’re thinking of something smaller,”Heidi said. “Maybe Orlando.”

Photos by Shelby Smithey

Heidi Long enjoys her back yard in Holley by the Sea.



Transactions Holley by the Sea ■ Seller: T P Property Holdings Buyer: Gooden Investment Address: 4400 Bayou Blvd. #40 Date: 01-24-14 Price: $240,000 ■ Seller: Bank of America Buyer: Joseph A. Genovese Address: 8725 Bay River Rd. Date: 01-28-14 Price: $146,900 ■ Seller: Cartus Corporation Buyer: William A. Glojek Address: 6637 Liberty St. Date: 02-05-14 Price: $250,000


■ Seller: Joshua S. Huffman Buyer: Anthony G. Moree, Sr. Address: 1597 Eagle Lane Date: 01-31-14 Price: $152,000

■ Seller: Fannie Mae Buyer: Allan D. Debowsky Address: 737 Persimmon Way Date: 01-31-14 Price: $82,500

■ Seller: T P Property Holdings Buyer: Country Manor Homes Address: 1142 Harrison Ave. Date: 02-06-14 Price: $45,000

■ Seller: Edward J. Stelling Buyer: Eric A. Buchiarelli Address: 2577 Crescent Rd. Date: 01-15-14 Price: $225,000

■ Seller: Fannie Mae Buyer: Christopher Phillips Address: 6800 Yorkwood St. Date: 02-07-14 Price: $190,000

■ Seller: Jeffrey E. Hebner, Jr. Buyer: Lisa Mackenzie Address: P.O. Box 5421 Date: 02-11-14 Price: $155,000

■ Seller: Oasis Properties Buyer: Whitworth Builders Date: 02-11-14 Price: $55,000 ■ Seller: Gooden Homes Buyer: Kirtis D. Bailey Address: 7447 Broadmoor St. Date: 02-03-14 Price: $289,900 ■ Seller: Oasis Properties Buyer: Whitworth Builders Date: 02-07-14 Price: $55,000

■ Seller: Adams Homes Buyer: Rodney Crowell Address: 1979 Resort St. Date: 01-30-14 Price: $307,500 ■ Seller: Christopher P. Thomas Buyer: Justin Kirsten Address: 33 Blossom Lane Date: 02-06-14 Price: $78,000 ■ Seller: Whitworth Builders Buyer: Matthew J. Durham Address: 2247 Smallwood Dr. Date: 01-30-14 Price: $333,700

Just a reminder that the Holley by the Sea Storm Water Task Force is still collecting drainage issue information. This is being done to document concerns within Holley by the Sea that will be provided to Santa Rosa County. The group will attend county meetings and act as a liaison group This will be an ongoing effort as the County Engineers work on a solution. Richard Harr was appointed chairman. You can email the group . In the future we hope to have updates from the County’s efforts to report.


Seven candidates have applied for board positions to date According to our covenants, the nominating committee of Holley by the Sea has until June 4, 2014 to“nominate a number of candidates for positions on the Board of Directors equal to or greater than the number of positions to be filled.” The also has to be mailed to members 45 days prior to the election – which is also June 4,2014. The Annual meeting is to be held on the third Saturday of July each year – which this year falls on July 19, 2014. Applicants to date include: David“Blake”Avant, Earl Dean, Chris Johnson, Alex Crawford, Ryan Miller and Wilson“Mike”Scott. Recent board appointee, Ed Dowgwillo, also has applied until it is determined if he is fulfilling the term of resigning director, Beth Walter, or running for his seat again.

Covenant Corner: ARTICLE II MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS Section 1. Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting of the membership of this Association shall be held at the office of the Association located at 6845 Navarre Parkway, Navarre, Florida. The Annual Meeting shall be held at such location at 1:30 p.m. on the third Saturday of July each year. [July 19, 2014] The meeting may be held at such other time and place as may be designated by the Board of Directors. Section 4. Order of Business. Order of business at annual meeting: A. Roll call and certifying of proxies B. Reading of notice of meeting C. Reading of minutes of previous meeting D. Report of President E. Report of Treasurer F. Report of Secretary G. Reports of committees H. Election of Directors I. Transaction of other business mentioned in the notice J. Adjournment Article 3 Section 4 (f) The Board of Directors shall, at least 45 days prior to an election of Directors, [June 4, 2014] nominate a number of candidates for positions on the Board of Directors equal to or greater than the number of positions to be filled. Potential nominees shall be required to fill out information sheets, the content of which are to be determined by the Board. Persons nominated shall be listed on a "Proxy" ballot to be mailed out to members, using the addresses that are part of the Associations records, at least 45 days prior to the election. Proxy ballots are to be returned to the Association no later than 10 days prior to the election to be considered. The Board is authorized to adopt procedures for reviewing these ballots, as well as the form of the proxy itself, and to make such changes as it deems consistent with the goal of providing for, reviewing, verifying and counting proxy ballots. Written proxies shall, in addition to containing the typed-in names of persons

nominated by the Board, provide for five "write-in" spaces allowing members to elect persons who were not nominated by the Board so long, as such persons otherwise qualify for the position. In addition to other qualifications, a "write-in" candidate must deliver to the Association’s Secretary, at least ten (10) business days prior to the annual meeting at which the election occurs, a letter signed by the candidate stating that the candidate is willing to serve on the Board of Directors if elected. The Secretary of the Association shall review the written Proxies and shall reject any Proxy that: 1. Attempt to vote for more candidates than are required to fill the open positions. 2. Are not signed by the person authorized to vote by virtue of ownership of a particular lot. (i.e., if husband and wife own the lot jointly, they must cast their vote jointly.) 3. Are signed by a lot owners or owners who are 90 days or more past due on any Association assessment and have had their membership rights suspended as a result of this delinquency. 4. Are not received at least 10 days prior to annual meeting 5. Contain the name or names of a person or persons who are not eligible to serve on the Board of Directors. In this instance, the proxy shall be rejected only as to the ineligible person or persons and, if otherwise valid, votes for eligible persons shall be counted. All written proxies shall be available for review as a business record of the Association at the meeting at which the election of Directors takes place; and challenges may be made in writing to the Secretary of the Association, and delivered to said Secretary within twenty four (24) hours of the election. Any challenge to the validity of the Proxy shall be decided upon by the outgoing Board of Directors, and the Board’s decision regarding such challenge shall be final. Section 9. Election of Directors. The election of Directors shall be conducted in the following manner: (a) Election of Directors shall be held at the annual members’meeting commencing with the first annual meeting of the Association. (b) A nominating committee of not less than three (3) and no more than five (5) members shall be designated not less than thirty (30) days prior to the annual meeting of the Association. This nominating committee shall be charged with the duty of nominating one person for each Director sought to be elected, provided, however, that additional nominations shall be received from the floor prior to the actual election held in the annual meeting. (c) The election shall be ballot (unless dispensed with by unanimous consent) and by a plurality of the votes cast, each person voting being entitled to cast his votes for each of as many nominees as there are vacancies to be filled. There shall be no cumulative voting. (d) Any Director may be removed by concurrence of two-thirds (2/3) of the votes of the membership present at a special meeting of the members called for the purpose. The vacancy in the Board of Directors so created shall be filled by the members of the Association at the same meeting. (e) The term of each Director’s service shall extend until the next annual meeting of the members and subsequently until his successor has been elected and qualified or until he is removed in the manner elsewhere provided.

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May 2014

Thank you Dan Ramsey

I always thought Dan to be open and honest. To some openness may not what they want but I took to that as a sign of honesty. Dan serves his community with honesty and integrity. When Dan submitted his resignation I was shocked but understood that his health was the number one issue that needed attention .He put in countless hours both at Holley by the Sea and at home online with home owners issues. Dan is your big teddy bear with the heart of a lion. Dan is the person who goes out of his way to help others both in and out of our community. Dan is sick right now and now and needs our help I would ask anyone who reads this article to spend a moment of their time to remember Dan. Please give a prayer for his recovery and perhaps a short email saying thanks. Dan’s email: m Patrick J. Traynor

Ramsey answers and suggestions for this community's improvement even when he was openly attacked and berated by board members and former management. Dan has always chosen to "do the right thing" whether it would make him popular with anyone or not. I remember a remark was made as a derogatory slam against Dan that he was "the common man's hero" in HBTS. Dan certainly is a hero who has stood his ground, served the members and has pursued remedies and actions which have only benefited all of the members wellbeing. Holley by the Board Member Dan Ramsey was able to join the Fishing Club Christmas party after being in the hospital for more than 30 days. Dan is pictured above with his wife, Sheila (left), and his daughter, Megan. I would like to thank Dan for having the Dan Ramsey has had tirelessly to improve this became acquainted with tirelessly as an ACC volcourage and ethics to over 30 years’experience Association by monitoring assist this community and him as he sought to unteer and as a board in the construction indus- expose inequities regard- member until his health situations which were at not compromise your try and management. He ing certain architectural prompted his resignation. times detrimental to all of neighbors and fellow has sought to use his us owners. He and Sheila property owners.You have rules and practices. Dan Dan was also instruunique skill set and pastook a very difficult situa- mental in exposing waste researched numerous done an excellent job for sion for his community to tion, turned it around and and fraud which was issues and provided prous all. enrich this community fessional, insightful, ethiinstead of turning his back being committed against and help us prosper I first on his community worked members and worked cal and knowledgeable Melissa Lambert

Stacy Wright NMLS #518604 Cell | 850.621.3269 Office | 850.396.0322

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May 2014

Draft of the proposed language to be considered as amendment This is what the covenant change amendment could look like if there are no other changes. 1. Do you support the Amendments set forth in Article VIII of the Declaration to read as follows? Article VIII, Amendment to the Declaration is amended by deleting Article VIII in its entirety and substituting the following language: ARTICLE VIII AMENDMENT TO THE DECLARATION Except as elsewhere provided otherwise, this Declaration may be amended in the following manner: (a) Notice. Notice of the subject matter of a proposed amendment shall be included in the notice of the Owners’ meeting at which a proposed amendment is to be considered by the Owners. (b) Resolution of Adoption. A resolution adopting a proposed amendment must be approved by either: (i) Not less than two-thirds (2/3) of the entire membership of the Board of Directors AND by not less than sixty percent (60%) of the mem-

bers voting at a duly called owners’ or membership meeting AND with at least one thousand (1,000) valid ballots received; OR, (ii) Not less than fifty-one percent (51%) voting interests of the entire membership of the Association at a duly called owners’ or membership meeting. Owners not present in person or by proxy at the meeting considering the Amendment may express their approval or disapproval in writing, provided such approval is delivered to the Secretary within the time required by the By-Laws for the delivery of a Proxy for Owners’ Meetings. Directors not present at the Board meeting at which the Amendment is considered may express their approval in writing, providing such approval is delivered to the Secretary within the time required by the By-Laws for the delivery of a Proxy for Owners’ meetings. (c) Proposal of Amendments: A proposal to amend this Declaration pursuant to paragraph (b) of this Article may be

made by a majority vote of the Board of Directors at a duly called Board of Directors meeting, OR by an instrument in writing (petition) _____Yes _____No 2. Do you support the Amendments set forth in Article IX of the By-Laws to read as follows? Article IX, Amendment to the Declaration is amended by deleting Article IX in its entirety and substituting the following language: ARTICLE IX AMENDMENTS A resolution for the adoption of a proposed amendment of these Bylaws may be proposed by either the Board of Directors of the Association or by the members of the Association. Members may propose such an amendment by instrument in writing directed to the President or Secretary of the Board signed by not less than ten (10%) percent of the membership. Amendments may

be proposed by the Board of Directors by action of a majority of the Board at any regularly constituted meeting thereof. Upon an amendment being proposed as herein provided for, the President or, in the event of his refusal or failure to act, the Board of Directors shall call a meeting of the membership to be held within sixty (60) days for the purpose of considering said amendment. Directors and members not present in person or by proxy at the meeting considering the amendment may express their approval in writing, providing such approval is delivered to the Secretary at or prior to the meeting. Except as elsewhere provided, such approval must be either by: (a) Not less than two thirds (2/3) of the entire membership of the Board of Directors AND by not less than 60% of the members voting at a duly called owners’ or membership meeting AND with at least one thousand (1,000) valid ballots received; OR

(b) Not less than 51% of the voting interests of the entire membership of the Association at a duly called owners’ or membership meeting. The procedure set forth above for amending these Bylaws shall also apply and pertain to any amendments sought to be made of the Declaration of Protective Property Rights and Restrictions as provided in Article VII, Section 18 thereof, and shall be cumulative of any procedure provided therein. _____Yes _____No 3. Do you support the Amendments set forth in Article IV of the Declaration Section 4 to read as follows? Article IV, Section 4 shall be deleted in full, and the following language shall be substituted:

and their legal dependents as defined by Internal Revenue Service (IRS), who may have the benefit of the easements of enjoyment provided in Section 1, above (“Easements of Enjoyment”). If the Lot is developed and is leased, the Owner(s) shall forfeit all rights to use the Common Properties during the term of the lease. If the Lot is developed and leased, lessees may designate up to two individuals living in HBTS, and their legal dependents as defined by the IRS, who may have the benefit of the Easements of Enjoyment. If the Lot is not developed and is leased, then lessees shall not have the benefit of the easements of enjoyment. Such designations as described herein shall be made in writing and filed with the Association. The Owner of a Lot or the Owner’s lessee will be granted thirty (30) guest passes per year for the guests to use the Common Properties.

Restrictions on Easements of Enjoyment of Common Property. Owners may designate up to _____Yes two individuals living in _____No their residence in HBTS,


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May 2014

Report of an alligator sighting in HBTS By Bill Arnett A local social media post April 24 showed a picture of an alligator reportedly in a roadside ditch along Edgewood Drive north of Marlin Street. According to a spokesman for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), the best policy is to keep your distance and leave the alligator alone. “They can be anywhere and everywhere,”said FWC spokesman Stan Kirkland. According to the FWC, Florida is home to about 1.3 million alligators, and they can be found in all of Florida’s 67 counties. Kirkland said if a resident believes an alligator is at least 4-feet in length and a threat to people or property, which includes pets or livestock, then he or she should call the tollfree Nuisance Alligator Hotline at 1-866-392-4286. Kirkland said alligators smaller than 4-feet are generally not removed because they do not pose a serious threat to humans unless they are handled. “If conditions are met, then FWC contracts with a nuisance alligator trapper that is paid a small fee for their efforts,” Kirkland said.“The alligator is killed, not relocated, and the trapper makes his money selling the meat and hide.”

Photo by Jeremiah John McBride

Local residents reportedly spotted an alligator April 24 in a ditch along Edgewood Drive. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) reminds residents that state law prohibits killing, harassing or possessing alligators. the hotline received nearly to people have been docuAccording to FWC, nui- ing problems for humans and overall population. sance alligators are not relo- other alligators. AdditionalFWC created a nuisance 15,000 complaints resulting mented in Florida resulting in cated for a number of reasons ly, the state’s alligator popu- alligator pilot program for 11 in the removal of more than 22 deaths. FWC notes alligabut chief among them is that lation is considered stable counties in 1977 and began 8,000 nuisance alligators. tors are most active between Since 1948, a little more than dusk and dawn, so swimming they often try to return to their and removing nuisance alli- implementing the program capture site potentially caus- gators does not impact the statewide a year later. In 2013, 300 unprovoked alligator bites at night should be avoided.

Getting along with gators Living Among Alligators by Israel Dupont Your odds of being attacked by an alligator in Florida, where most attacks occur, are about one in 24 million.Your odds of winning Florida's Lotto Jackpot are one million better.* So, if you learn more about alligators and apply it well, you improve your safety factor (and better your statistical odds at winning millions). So, chances are you'll never need to use the information on this page, but knowing it may give you some peace of mind and aid you in enjoying our shared environment safe-

ly.This information also offers a glimpse of the alligator's fascinating physiology and behavior that have enabled it to outlive the dinosaurs. Our ultimate goal should be to avoid conflict, but this can only be done if the self-aware, more intelligent species takes the initiative. It's not difficult.Here are twelve tips to aid you in doing so.

* Data sources: Florida Lottery; Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission A Dozen Safety Tips 1. Be aware on, in or near water. Never let children or pets near the water unsupervised. Did You Know? 90% of attacks occur on persons

wading or swimming at water's edge. 2. Never approach an alligator, including a baby or even a nest. The alligator is naturally wary of humans, and will flee quickly if you get too close to it, or it may utter a very audible and compelling warning hiss. In some cases, however, alligators may charge or attack. Did You Know? Most human attack victims are male - a whopping 84%. 3. Be extra-aware during the warmer seasons. Did You Know? 75% of attacks occur from MaySeptember. 4. Never feed or entice an alligator. 5. If you witness the feeding or enticing of a wild alli-

gator, report it to authorities. 6. Contact authorities if you suspect an alligator may pose danger. Generally, alligators may be considered a nuisance when they are at least four feet in length and pose a threat to people or their pets or property. However, occasionally alligators less than four feet in length are legitimate problems and must be addressed. Call the Nuisance Alligator Hotline at 1-866-FWCGATOR (1-866-392-4286). If an alligator less than four feet in length: • Approaches people • Does not retreat if approached • Is in a location that is not natural.

7. Create a barrier on your property, if necessary. 8. If charged by an alligator, run away, but NOT in 'zigzag' motion. 9. If attacked, fight back. 10. If bitten, seek medical attention immediately. 11. Never take an alligator from the wild or accept one as a pet 12. Share your knowledge of alligators with others. Sharing your knowledge of alligators and alligator safety contributes to public safety, and promotes a greater appreciation for the marvels of nature and to a better understanding of our place in it and how our enjoyment of it truly enhances our lives.

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From the General Manager: Welcome May. It brings beautiful weather and the opportunity to remember Mom! The Social ComAlex Fambri mittee has just the thing. Make your reservations now for the May 10th Brunch Event for Mom. Adults are only $6. and Children are $2.50. They have a lovely menu planned and it will be served in the Café Area of the Recreation Center. Then we’ll wrap up the month with a Dance on May 30th from 6pm to 10pm. The Social Committee is promising musical entertainment from several eras so there is something to please everyone. You can do the Electric Slide, Two-Step, Line Dance or Waltz over to the Beach House. Just be sure to join the fun. Musical Entertainment provided by Steve Hall. The cost will be minimal and the space limited so sign-up early. In between the events we will take care of business. The Board Meeting is Tuesday, May 13th at 6pm in the Café Area. The Meet the Candidates Event will be held Thursday May 15th from 6:30pm-8:00pm. This will be your chance to meet, greet and get to know the volunteer Board Candidates. It won’t be long we’ll be printing ballots and getting ready for election time. I’m glad to see, daily more members are logging in to the community website. Your email address is your log-in. You can click on the sign-up now and follow the instructions. Once you’ve sign in you will also be included in the email communications to keep you informed. Please contact me if you have any questions, or require assistance with your password or account number. or 850.939.1693 ext 1. Website link: In our continued effort to communicate events, activities and items of importance we have upgraded our facebook page with the help of Sandi Kemp. Please visit the page and become a fan. This will be our external marketing tool as the website is our internal information resource. /officialHolleybytheSea The 2013 Yearend Financial Report has been completed by the audit firm Carr, Riggs & Ingram. It is available for viewing electronically on the community website under the Documents tab in My Community. You may also request a copy at the front desk. The proposed Covenant Amendment has been provided here for review in its draft form. When the final version of language has been approved by the Board the proxy will be completed and mailed to the membership for vote. It may be at a special membership meeting, or it will be included on the Agenda for the Membership Meeting in July. This has yet to be determined, but there will be ample notice provided. The Usage Amendment has been added at the request of many residents. This will be the first of numerous improvements to come. The Board Voted at the April meeting as in previous years that usage is suspended for all accounts delinquent 90 days. We will also be preparing Intent to Lien filings on accounts that have not been brought current in keeping with the Collections Policy.

p r o v i d e d

b y

H o l l e y

b y

t h e

S e a

WELCOME SUMMER ‘14 HBTS Aquatics Seems like just yesterday (4-16) the temperature was around freezing and it was. So the aquatics staff at HBTS is ready to welcome back summer and all the HBTS members, guest and their families to our pools. The staff is a lot larger than you may think: first there are the Lifeguards, lead by head guard Glenn Kildare. Next we have Tom Pitts on maintenance, he is a licensed pool operator who does a great job. Marsha Triebold coaches the swim team (the Sting Rays) with volunteer help from husband Howard. The swim and water aerobics lead instructor is Laurie Pinter. Together we hope to make it enjoyable and SAFE for you at the HBTS pools. Within the last two years both the family and lap pools have been resurfaced, thank you for being patient while this was being done. Because of this and the outstanding work done by Tom we anticipate few or no pool closings this summer. We have some returning

guards anchoring our corps and several new ones. Please be patient with them, while we get them up to speed. All guards are American Red Cross Certified lifeguards. To ensure that we all are working as a team we will have many In Service Training sessions (IST’s). This will ensure that we can respond to any emergency at the pool. Our goal is to make sure that the members and guest at HBTS have a good time while keeping everyone safe. The way this is done is by enforcing all the safety and quality of life rules at the pools. Our lifeguards have full authority to enforce all the rules. Please remember“RULES DON’T PREVENT FUN THEY PREVENT INJURIES”. Here are some of the main rules: no running around the pools, no eating on the pool deck, no dives, flips and back entries into the pools, children not toilet trained must wear SWIMMIES covered by a swim suit, no glass objects on deck, no excessive rough play or pushing others into the pool. See pool rule signs

posted around the pool, if you have questions regarding the rules ask a guard. Our most important job is to ensure the safety of all who visit and use our pools. Your support and cooperation is appreciated. The ”STING RAYS”are our year round swim team and the summer is a great time to have the kids join. They may be our future Olympians. Marsha and Howard Triebold are certified coaches with the US Swimming (USS) and have been with our club for almost 10 years. The team’s great success is due to their outstanding coaching. Just look at the many team trophies in the trophy case. The team practices Monday thru Friday 3-5 PM. Laurie Pinter is our lead swim and water aerobics instructor. She is a certified Water Safety Instructor, and Lifeguard trainer by the American Red Cross. Laurie is responsible for training many children and adults in water safety and swimming over the years. Thanks for all you do.

Remember summer camp will be at the pool for several hours during the day Monday thru Friday. See schedule below. POOL SUMMER SCHEDULE Pool Hours: when facility opens to 8:45 PM. The pools will be closed and decks cleared during a thunderstorm. Camp schedule: Monday and Friday 2 to 4 PM (free swim) Tuesday and Thursday 10 AM to 12 PM (lessons) Wednesday 3:30 to 5 PM (free swim) Times subject to change due to weather and program needs Water aerobics: 8:30 to 9:30 AM Monday, Wednesday and Friday Swim Lessons: See information posted on wall near the front desk. Handouts are available at the front desk. We look forward to seeing all of you this summer. “GET INTO THE SWIM OF THINGS AND BE SAFE”

Shining Star Christine Bartnick

Holley by the Sea Shining Star Employee for 2014

Christine Bartnick is practically a fixture at the Holley by the Sea Recreation Center front office. She knows the regulars by name and greets all with a smile even knowing whether they are coming to swim, use the gym or take a dance class. This is because she cares. She has been with the association since April of 2004 as a guest services and front desk team member. Christine has recently proven by her own words that you can teach an old dog new tricks. FirstService Residential offers

an extensive curriculum of classes available via webinar for employees to advance their skills. Christine took the General Manager's challenge at recent staff meeting for each team member to complete a class before their annual reviews are completed. It became a contest with the entire team taking over 100 classes over a ten week period. Christine was the Shining Star who completed 50 classes with an above average test score. Please join us in congratulating her next time you're in the recreation center.

• The Florida-Friendly Landscaping Guide to Plant Selection & Landscape Design • A Guide to Florida-Friendly Landscaping • Florida Friendly Landscaping – Florida Nature Guide 2/florida-friendly-landscaping Property Owners can obtain information on specific grasses recommended for North-

west Florida plus proper irrigation practices, fertilization recommendations and requirements for maintaining Northwest Florida Grasses, and the importance of understanding the benefits and hazards from the improper use of chemicals for the treatment of pest and weed control while maintaining a healthy Florida Lawn by contacting the Santa Rosa County Extension Office (850623-3868).

Architectural News Holley by the Sea Florida Friendly Landscaping Plan Florida Statutes Section 373.185 addresses quality landscapes that conserve water, protect the environment, are adaptable to local conditions and are drought tolerant. Additionally, it is the application of science-based landscape practices to help design and main-

tain attractive and sustainable landscapes. The eight key principles of Florida-Friendly Landscaping are watering efficiently, fertilizing appropriately, mulching responsibly and correctly, attracting wildlife, managing yard pests responsibly, recycling yard waste, reducing storm water runoff and protecting the waterfront. Please refer to the following websites to learn about the benefits of Florida Friendly Landscaping.

Tai Chi is Finally Coming to Holley by the Sea Complimentary Demo Class May 7th. Final time to be determined based on RSVP, Suggesting 1pm. Janine Webster will introduce members to the relaxing power of Tai Chi with a mini meditation. On Hour Classes will be $6.- and will likely be available Wed or Fri afternoons. Contact the front desk to sign up for the complimentary class at 850.939.1693.

Jimmy’s Tennis Racket

Jimmy will be having his 3rd annual Cinco de Mayo mixer on Saturday, May 3rd. This event is always very festive. All of the ladies teams are doing well as we head on down the stretch and into the summer. Call Jimmy for info on the summer program. The courts will be closed for resurfacing in May for a week. See you on the courts!

Storm Water task force report Hunter Walker – Santa Rosa County Administrator Chaired Meeting of the Milton Loss Mitigation Group April 24th.

1. Engineering study has started HBTS land area is over 15 square miles. It will take at least until Dec 31, 2014 to complete the multiple studies and begin the process of physical work to remedy the worst problems. Owners that have problems will be serviced based on severity of problem. Water entering house or garage is the top priority. Summer Camp registration is now open. Septic tank flooding is also a high priRegistration is $35 per child. Full time rate ority. is $95/week/child. Monday-WednesdayPeople who have Top Priority probFriday is $78 per week/child, Tuesday- lems Must report immediately their probThursday is $52 per week/child, and dai- lem to Santa Rosa County Public works, ly fees are $26 * must attend a minimum so Engineers can include them in initial of 2 days per week tennis lessons and swim study. lessons are included in the weekly activPictures with a description showing ities. Summer camp runs 2 June- 15 August address, and what the picture is trying this year. to display are very helpful. • Parents Night Out: May 23rd is the final date for the school year. Cost is $15 2. To report problems to SRC Public per child and includes dinner, swimming, works dept activities, and a movie. See front desk for As of now: Best way is by email sign-up. • Youth Department is closed 26 May Also email pictures max 2 at a time, 2014 for Memorial Day. Last day of school 500 kb size normal maximum size of file. 30 May 2014. Telephone 850-626-0191

Youth Department News

If owner has a Work Order already they can email or call for an update. If a storm has just occurred - Telephone calls and email problem reporting will be sorted and scheduled based on severity of your problem. With present high storm water occurrences It is taking about two months to get to non-priority problems. It should be noted that some problems will have to wait for Engineering study completion and Study physical construction work to begin before these special cases can be correctly addressed. With all the problems that have existed for 30 years - a total fix of HBTS water drainage problems will be years away. With that said – Santa Rosa County needs to know that you have a problem so that you are on the list to be considered for a fix. Without knowing all the problems a good fix is not possible. The above meeting summary is my opinion only. For official information call the above number. Richard Harr, Chairman of the Holley by the Sea Storm Water Taskforce

Please check out our Summer Camp & Class Schedule on our website!

We Offer • Ballet • Tap • Jazz • Hip-Hop • Musical Theater • Creative Movement • Tumbling Classes • NEW Mini Hip-Hop Class (ages 4-6 Wednesdays 6 – 7) Introducing our new fitness instructor

Jamie Coats Aylstock

Tuesdays – 7:00 p.m. Wednesdays – 9:00 a.m.

850-932-5555 Mondays – 9:00 a.m. Thursdays – 7:00 p.m. 5668 Gulf Breeze Parkway Located across from The Gulf Breeze Zoo

MLS# 613090 – Nice ranch style 3 BR/2BA on property wooded with live oaks and magnolias. Home has covered porch, privacy fence. Master bedroom has walk-in closet and separate dressing area. Oversized garage.

MLS# 611942 – Half acre building lot in HBTS for sale on DeSoto Ln. Enjoy the multi million dollar facilities at Holley by the Sea. Swimming pools, tennis courts, fitness center, sound side park with picnic and playground.

$36,550 MLS#: 594784 Canal front move-in ready 1,140 sq. ft. townhome has 3 bedrooms, 2 ½ bath. Freshly painted and new carpet. Breathtaking views of sound and Gulf!


Priced to sell!

MLS#: 564836 This one bedroom condo at The Inn at Summerwind features breathtaking views of the beach and Gulf of Mexico. This condo plan is popular as a vacation rental generating additional income.


$178,000 MLS#: 563669 This 2 bedroom condominium on Navarre Beach boasts many upgrades throughout and your own private covered parking space in the garage. Floor to ceiling glass doors lead onto the master bedroom balcony.



MLS# 514960 - For Rent Gulf Islands Condominiums on Navarre Beach. Like new condominium on Navarre Beach ready for you to move in! Popular one bedroom floorplan with full kitchen and all appliances. Large living area with sliding glass doors leading onto balcony with great views of the island.

MLS# 586576 - For Rent 1422 Bahia Ct. Updated home on Navarre Beach with water views of both the Gulf of Mexico and Santa Rosa Sound. Bike and running paths along this beautiful island community. Huge garage with two levels of living space above garage. Wrap around deck. Second level has den, kitchen, formal dining room, 1.5 bathrooms and a bedroom. Third level has master bedroom, large bathroom and office/3rd bedroom.

Waterfront Lot

MLS# 421889 - For Rent -

Lot 18 Jo Tam Ln Panoramic views of Santa Rosa Sound and Navarre Beach on this Waterfront (cul-de-sac) Lot in the Heart of Navarre. Zoned R-2 and could be used as investment property as a duplex. Seawall is in place. Community has underground utilities. Water and sewer are available.

1957 Eagle Ln. in HBTS - This wonderful home has plenty of room for the family. Home also has an office and separate dining room. Fireplace in family room. Master bathroom has large walk in closet, separate shower and jacuzzi. Backyard is fenced. Enjoy the multi million dollar facilities at Holley by the Sea. Swimming pools, tennis courts, fitness center, sound side park with picnic and playground.


$850 per month

$1600 per month

$1450 per month

MLS# 612163 - For Rent 6831 Avenida de Galvez - Robledal Estates – Nice home in a great neighborhood! The home has been freshly painted and new carpet has been installed. Three bedroom split floor plan with two full baths, eat in kitchen, a laundry room, two car garage, additional concrete pad for RV or boat parking and a large workshop in the backyard. Enjoy walks in this lovely neighborhood filled with trees and live oaks.

Navarre P R O P E R T I E S

$1250 per month

Laurie Gallup, Broker/Owner Navarre Properties, Inc. 8577 Gulf Blvd. Navarre Beach, FL 32566 (Inn at Summerwinds)

Your Holley by the Sea Resident Expert

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May 2014 HBTS News  
May 2014 HBTS News  

May 2014 edition of Holley by the Sea News.