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March 2013

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Photo by Yvonne C. Harper

A newly installed stop sign at Pepper Street and Woodmont Street.

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By Yvonne C. Harper HBTSnews In case you missed it, yes, that was a stop sign, or two or three stop signs, depending on where you live in Holley by the Sea. As one caller to Navarre Press, and a HBTS resident, said,“Holley by the Sea comes to a stop.” Santa Rosa County commissioners approved installing additional traffic-calming measures, known on the street as stop signs, during a Jan. 24 commission meeting.

The request for traffic-calming measures first came up during an Oct. 8 commission meeting when several HBTS members, including HBTS board president Pete Peterzen, addressed the commissioners. “There are 4,700 tax-paying lots; 3,000 to 4,000 voters; and 7,000 to 9,000 residents. The increasing population is causing increasing traffic and threats to safety in our residential community,” said Peterzen at the Oct. 9 commission meeting. That set in motion a series of

actions that resulted in an increased presence of county deputies and stop signs being installed throughout HBTS. Stephen Furman, assistant public works director, and his staff reviewed HBTS and drafted a proposal for where stop signs could be placed to effectively slow drivers down. “We had a list of roads where speeding was a problem. We looked at them and identified existing stop signs… we presented a list of recommendations to HBTS,”said Furman.

A handful of residents met during a town hall meeting in January at the HBTS recreation center and identified further locations to install stop signs and presented that list to Furman. “We said we won’t offer objections… it was a Board of Commission decision,”said Furman. All the stop signs have been installed along with a warning light informing all drivers of the need to stop. Stop continued on page 2

Authorization to suspend granted

HBTS Briefs from February Board Meeting

By Yvonne C. Harper HBTSnews

Nominating Committee Selected

During the Feb. 12 Holley by the Sea Board of Directors meeting, the directors authorized the general manager to temporarily suspend HBTS facility usage with the concurrence of at least one board member. Pete Peterzen, HBTS board president, told those present that the issue came about as a result of recent instances. “(This) arises last fall when (we) had a member (who) was abusing staff… physically and verbally, as well as not following the rules,”said Peterzen.

In that case, there was an immediate threat to staff and members. Another recent instance involved a parent who allowed a child to urinate and defecate throughout the facility. Board members met with legal counsel to seek guidance on the best way to handle these types of occurrences. Legal advised board members the general manager could be given authority to temporarily suspend facility usage for the safety, welfare and protection of the members or facility pending a full board vote. One HBTS member present questioned

the recommendation. “You cannot impose suspension on somebody without a 14-day notice,” the member said. The member also expressed concern that the policy could be abused. “I’m the person enforcing it and I won’t abuse it,” said Jennie Barrett, HBTS general manager. The member also asked who would have the authority to temporarily suspend facility usage should the general manager not be present. Barrett replied it would be the person who is filling

Three members volunteered to be on the nominating committee for new board members. They are: Kevin Lanier, Bob Gellar, and Bill Stuart. There will be two positions open in July. They are: Pete Peterzen and Brooke Goldburg. According to HBTS covenants, previous board members are not eligible to be on the board again until they have been off the board for five years. The proxies will be in the mail no later than July 10 and the annual meeting is July 20.

Delinquent Home Owners to get a one-time reprieve

The board voted at the February 12 meeting to send out letters by certified mail to delinquent home-owners giving them 30-days from the date of the letter to pay past due accounts. If accounts are paid within the 30-day window, only interest and late fees will be waived. Under no circumstances will legal fees or assessments be waived. Currently, there is about $360,000 outstanding and about one-third of that amount is late fees and interest.

Suspended continued on page 2

Valid through March 31, 2013


March 2013

Stop Continued from page 1 Furman said his office has received several calls from residents that are unhappy with the signs. “We explained the process to them (of how the stop signs came to be),”said Furman.“The process works in reverse (too.) If enough people don’t want them, they can go before the (county) commission and request they take them down.” The areas where the new stops signs are located are: ■ Castlewood Street, Leisure Street and Marlin Street that intersect with Edgewood ■ Sunrise Drive, Basswood Street and Citrus Street that intersect with Leisure Street ■ Woodmont Street and Reef Street that intersect with Citrus ■ Manatee Street and Basswood Street ■ Hawthorne Drive, Bahama Drive and Jamaica Street that intersect with Sandstone Street ■ Marlin Street and Candlewood Street ■ Pepper Street and Woodmont Street ■ Summit Street and Cove Street ■ Valley Street and Snug Waters Street

Photo by Yvonne C. Harper

A newly installed 4-way stop sign at Citrus Street and Leisure Street.

Fishing club relays for life By Yvonne C. Harper HBTSnews Holley by the Sea Fishing Club is teaming up to Relay for Life in Navarre. Relay for Life took off after Dr. Gordy Klatt walked and ran for 24 hours around a track in Tacoma, Wash., in 1985. That year, he raised $27,000 to help the American Cancer Society fight cancer according to the Relay for Life website. The next year, Klatt was joined by 340 supporters; 28 years later the Relay for Life movement has grown from one man’s effort to a worldwide annual event raising more than $4 billion to fight cancer through Relay for Life events.

Laurie Gallup, HBTS fishing club member, has stepped up to be the HBTS Fishing Club relay team captain. “My sister is a cancer survivor. I have friends who are survivors and

friends that are no longer here,”said Gallup on why she volunteered to be the team leader. “Trying to beat cancer is what I’d like to be involved in.” Billy Neal, HBTS Fishing Club president, was

HBTSNEWS Volume 2 • Issue 5

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approached about the club forming a team. He put a call out for a team captain and Gallup agreed to fill the position. “The fishing club wanted to have a team because we have a lot of survivors and people affected by cancer,” said Gallup. “A lot of people wanted to be involved but no one wanted to head it up – so I did.” The team captain attends meetings, attends the Relay for Life event, recruits team members and most importantly, raises money for the fight against cancer. Navarre Relay for Life will be held April 19 at Navarre High School. So far there are 42 teams and 293 participants who have

Suspended Continued from page 1 raised more than $19,000. The HBTS Fishing Club Relay for Life team encourages residents to join the team if they have not already joined a team. “There is no limit as to how many team members there can be,” said Gallup.“(But) they don’t have to join the team. They can go online and make a donation to the team.” To be a member of the HBTS Fishing Club Relay for Life team, contact Gallup at 850-936-1312 or at Individuals can go to site/TR?team_id=1349658 &fr_id=50000&pg=team to make a donation to the team or to join the team.

in for her during her absence. A suggestion was made by the member to require the general manager to contact at least one board member to concur with the decision. Joseph Hart, board secretary, motioned to authorize the general manager, with concurrence of one board member, to temporarily suspend usage of facility for the safety, welfare and protection of the members or the facility until a full board vote. The motion was approved 4-1 with Pat Traynor, board external vice-president voting no.



March 2013

Amanda Friar

Big things come in small packages By Yvonne C. Harper HBTSnews At first glance, it would be easy to overlook Amanda Friar given she stands only 4 feet, 7½ inches tall, but that would be a mistake. Amanda represented Navarre High School in a mighty way, taking first place in the individual weightlifting state championship held Friar in Kissimmee on Feb. 9. Her combined total of 305 pounds lifted helped Navarre win its first team championship – of any kind. “Basically, she sets goals for herself in a lot of different things… and she does whatever it takes to accomplish those goals,” said Angela Friar, Amanda’s mom. Tom Friar, her dad, described Amanda as determined, with her mom supporting the description. Weightlifting wasn’t first on her list of goals when she entered high school. At the time, she merely wanted to get accepted on the cheerleading team. “When she was younger, in middle school… she would stay in the yard for hours having me video her to see where she needed to improve to ensure she got on the high school (cheerleading) team… hours and hours, over and over,”said Angela. Weightlifting was the byproduct of cheerleading. “The coach recruited me,” said Amanda.“It’s mandatory for varsity cheerleading.” However, she soon discovered she enjoyed weightlifting and set a series of goals for herself. “I stuck with it because I found out I was good at it. I like the feeling of working hard,”said Amanda. Her freshman year, her first bench-press max was 95 pounds; her sophomore year she benched 130 at state

and her junior year she placed second in state, benching 150 pounds. Amanda weighed in at 108.2 pounds at the state championship held Feb. 9, and benched 160 pounds, and cleanand-jerked 145 pounds. Tom swelled with pride the moment he knew she placed first individually and then when he learned the team placed first. “I’ve been gone for an awful lot of things in Amanda’s life, so I’m glad I was there at state to see her win.”Thomas said.“It was a heck of a retirement present to see that. My last day of work was Feb. 8; I changed out of my uniform and drove down (to Kissimmee) and saw her win the very next day. It was the best retirement present I could’ve received.” Angela said that with her husband gone often on Air Force assignments, she tried to instill in Amanda and her oldest daughter that life goes on and they should always try to do and be their best. “I tried to teach them, no matter who they are, if they want to do something, there’s nothing they can’t do… size and gender don’t matter. If you want to do it, go for the stars… be independent and go for your dreams,”said Angela.“And she has and I hope it continues.” While she likes weightlifting, Amanda’s dream is to open her own coffee and cupcake store. “I want to go to college and major in radiology and minor in culinary arts,”said Amanda.“(I) want to do radiology as a career, but my ultimate dream is to open

Photos by John Richardson

my own bakery.” Amanda took up baking two years ago; she likes to cook but enjoys baking more. “My great-grandma baked cakes for a living. I guess I got it from her,”said Amanda. “She wants to open a little coffee and cupcake shop one day and it would not surprise me in the least to see her running her own shop one day,”said Angela. It is evident that Tom and Angela are proud of their daughter, and Tom cautions that to overlook her because of her size would be a mistake. “People will overlook her and take her for granted

when there’s so much more to her than that,”he said. Angela echoed his sentiments when she said“She doesn’t sell herself short. She doesn’t let anything stand in her way.” As for Amanda, she has taken her parents lessons of hard work and dedication to heart, exemplifying those traits in her school work, her volunteer efforts and her overall work ethic. Amanda’s words of wisdom to her peers and all others echo those lessons: “Dedicate yourself… and you can get through it.” She stands as proof of the old adage that big things do come in small packages.

The 110 pound state champion Amanda Friar is all smiles as she wears her individual and team first place medals at the state championship held Feb. 9 in Kissimmee.

HBTS Fishing Club Super Bowl Party The HBTS Fishing Club Super Bowl party on February 2 was fun for all. Pictured are some of the big winners for the evening. Left to right: Vicki Helton won the football trivia contest, Betty Traynor won $50 in a“football pool”and Betty Adcock won the Chili Cook-off Contest. Vicki Helton Trivia contest winner.

Betty Trainor Super Bowl squares winner.

Betty Adcock chili cookoff winner.


In case you missed it

February 7 & 14 in Navarre Press

Bus rear ended with children onboard By Yvonne C. Harper Navarre Press At about 2 p.m. on Feb. 6, a Santa Rosa County school bus was rear-ended at Edgewood Drive and Federal Street in Holley by the Sea. The bus, coming from Woodlawn Beach Middle School, was carrying 34 students when Don Loose, 80, fell asleep and rear-ended the stopped bus. The front end of his Buick LaCrosse ended up lodged under the rear end of the bus. “I just fell asleep,”Loose said. He stated that he wasn’t on any medication that causes him to be drowsy. According to the Florida Highway Patrol report, Loose fell asleep at the wheel and awoke upon impact. Aaron Hall, 12, was sitting three seats from the back when he felt the car hit the bus.

“I saw the cracked windshield and my second thought was‘Is the driver okay?’” Loose was uninjured and told the children as they got off the bus that he was sorry. A second bus was dispatched to the area. Some of the children were released to their parents and the remaining students were transported home via the second bus. Holley Navarre Fire Department Battalion Chief Howie Rounsaville said his men released the air from the Buick’s front tires to lower the car. The bus was then able to pull forward off the Photo by Yvonne C. Harper A driver fell asleep and drove his Buick LaCrosse into the rear of Santa Rosa County School District Bus No. 736 on Feb. 6 in Hol- car. Damage to the car is estiley by the Sea. mated to be $10,000 and “Our bus was completely “When we looked back, we Amanda Teichner, 13, was started screaming,‘Some- $2,000 to the bus. Neither Loose nor the chilstopped. At first we thought saw the dude and he was try- sitting in the front when she body hit us.’” the bus driver lost control ing to get out. It felt like a roller said the bus suddenly jerked Teichner added that she dren were injured in the accibecause the bus jerked for- coaster when it jerks forward forward.“I felt a forward, walked to the back of the bus dent. Loose was cited for careward real fast,” said Hall. to take off.” upward push motion. Kids to see what had happened. less driving.

Rollover in Holley by the Sea damages mailbox By Yvonne C. Harper Navarre Press A rollover accident involving an 18-year-old driver resulted in an overturned Ford Explorer and a damaged brick mail box in Holley by the Sea. At 6 p.m. on Jan. 30, Miguel Villanueva, 18, was driving north on Coral Street when he approached the three-way stop sign at Manatee Street. According to the Florida Highway Patrol report, Villanueva stopped at the intersection and turned left when he lost control of the vehicle. “(The) driver lost control of the vehicle causing the rear tires to lose traction with the wet roadway,”read the report. The vehicle rotated in a counter-clockwise direction; Villanueva over corrected to the right causing the vehicle to spin in a clockwise direction and off the roadway where he struck a brick mailbox at 7596 Manatee St. The vehicle overturned and came to a stop with the front facing north. Battalion Chief Howie

Rounsaville, Holley-Navarre Fire District, said the HolleyNavarre units were dispatched to a vehicle rollover and advised while in route that there was one patient. When Rounsaville arrived on scene, he foundVillanueva lying in the grass in front of the home. Villanueva was taken by EMS to trauma alert at Baptist Hospital in Pensacola. Amanda Harden, the owner of 7596 Manatee St., said “people need to start realizing that our neighborhood has children in it and you can’t fly through the neighborhood without stopping.”She added that she doesn’t allow her three children, ages 6, 3, and 20 months, to play in the front yard because of the way drivers speed by her home. Raymond Steidele, who lives at 7578 Manatee St., said he had just called the sheriff’s office on Tuesday to register a complaint about drivers going too fast on Manatee and Coral. “We had an officer here today (Wednesday),”said Steidele. “The police were patrolling regularly and peo-

Photo by Sandi Kemp

A Ford Explorer lies on its side after the driver lost control of the vehicle on Manatee St. on Jan. 30 in Holley by the Sea. ple slowed down. Now they fic unit after HBTS residents should be delivered soon, don’t and people drive 60-70 voiced their complaints and however he is still having his fears about people driving at deputies patrol HBTS on an miles per hour.” The worst time for speed- high speeds through the sub- overtime basis. Commissioners also ers, according to Steidele and division. Hall also had deputies increase their pres- instructed the Roads and Hardin, is late at night. “They race up and down ence in HBTS, which accord- Bridges Department to study the street (at night),” said ing to Steidele calmed things further traffic-calming measdown. Steidele said he does- ures within the subdivision, Hardin. During an Oct. 8, 2012, n’t see deputies as much any- to include installing addimeeting, county commis- more and has seen the num- tional stop signs. “A lot of good that one did,” sioners gave Sheriff Wendell ber of cars speeding increase. Hall said he ordered two Steidele said, referring to the Hall authority to reinstate the department’s dedicated traf- cars for the traffic unit which three-way stop signVillanueva

had just driven through. After the accident, Hardin told her neighbor in jest she would put up a sign that reads, “If you don’t slow down, I’m putting in a bigger mailbox.” According to County Ordinance 2006-3, on all rightsof-way and roads designated with a speed limit of 30 miles per hour or less, residents can construct a brick mail box, but they must be set back two-and-a-half feet from the roadway surface. The speed limit on Manatee is 25 miles per hour. For rights-of-way with a speed limit greater than 30 miles per hour, mailboxes must be constructed six feet from the road surface and must be built with wood posts. As for Villanueva, Hardin said his father brought him by her home after he was discharged from the hospital and Villanueva apologized for the damage done to her mailbox. “I’m glad he’s OK and all right,”Hardin said. Villanueva was cited for careless driving.

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Variance requests By Yvonne C. Harper During a Feb. 12 Holley by the Sea board of directors meeting, the following variance requests were discussed: Architectural Variances ■ 2620 Masters Boulevard: owner was requesting to build a 953-square foot garage. The Architectural Control Committee recommended the board of directors deny the request because the extension would start at the end of the driveway and extend to the rear of the back screened enclosure, facing the golf course. The ACC thought the addition did not meet the standard set forth in the general plan for Hidden Creek Estates and would obstruct the neighbor’s view of the golf course. The ACC suggested that if approved, the value of the view for the neighbors is gone and the value of the lot is reduced. Brooke Goldberg, board of director internal vice-president, said the issue for her, after speaking with the owner, is about the view. She commended the owners for trying to keep the extension within Hidden Creek Estates standards regarding the pitch, height, color, etc., but for her the view is the major issue. “That’s the turning point,” Goldberg said. The directors voted unanimously to uphold the ACC recommendation to disapprove the extension. ■ 7254 Siesta Street: owner was requesting a 25-foot setback. The HBTS board of directors tabled the request because the ACC did not have a quorum when it voted on the issue prior to it coming before the board. ■ 2544 Houston Circle:

The ACC requested the owner be referred to legal. After the discussion on whether there was a quorum at the last ACC meeting, Goldberg said,“I don’t know why we wouldn’t be able to take action on this… This is not architectural; this is a violation issue, so that can be done without (the) architectural committee. So we can go ahead and vote to send Houston to legal.” Jean Tashlik, HBTS board of directors’treasurer, made a motion to refer Houston Circle to legal and Goldberg seconded the motion. It was approved 4-1 with Pat Traynor, board of director’s external vice-president, voting no. Assessment Variances ■ 2041 Dudley Court: Owners are three years in arrears in assessments and requested to pay $50 a month until the balance of $1375.79 is paid in full. Owners further requested that during the repayment, interest on the late balance be waived and no lien be placed on the home. Recreational facility usage was suspended last year.The request was unanimously approved. ■ 6728 Liberty Street: Individual made a private mortgage to another person to purchase the Liberty Street home who later defaulted on the loan. The home was Quit Claim deeded to the lender, who then discovered four years of assessments had not been paid. The owner requested the late fees and interests be waived for the four years of late assessments and agreed to pay the past due assessments immediately upon the board of directors’ decision. The BOD unanimously approved the request.

Usage Variances ■ 2550 Pepper Street: HBTS resident requested a usage variance.The resident divorced her spouse and the ex-husband was ordered to refinance the home, and remove her name from the deed. The ex-husband has not done as ordered, and assessments have not been paid, leading to a suspension of facility usage. The resident now resides in another HBTS home that is current on assessments. She was requesting a variance to be added to the account of the home she now resides in. The board of directors unanimously denied the request because if the assessments had been paid on her former home, she would still have usage. ■ 6949 Liberty Street: owner of three-bedroom with four users on account requested his fiancé and her two children be added on the account to use the facilities. General Manager Jennie Barrett told the board members the owner is a long-time user of the facilities and this is an extreme hardship case due to medical issues. “The variance is for his fiancé who lives with him and cares for him and her children,”said Barrett. Traynor said,“The bottom line is this… this person has a legitimate thing, not that’s he’s (not) married… he’s got cancer and he’s got children, do we have a heart or not? I motion to approve.” The motion to add three users to the account, making the total users for a threebedroom home seven was approved 4-1. Pete Peterzen, BOD president, voted against the request. ■ 1939 Anchor Drive: owner of three-bedroom home with one user on

account and assessments paid in full requested to add his fiancé to the account. Goldberg made a motion to approve.Traynor called point of order and said,“It’s against the covenants to allow people that are not married to use the facilities.” Peterzen replied that it’s a de facto hardship when a homeowner doesn’t have the same rights as a renter. The request was approved 4-1 with Traynor voting against the request. ■ 6494 Bellingham Drive: owner of three-bedroom home with two users on account requested to add 28year-old daughter who resides in the home and is attending college. Traynor remarked it was against the covenant and Tashlik replied,“These are not people living together who are not married.”Pat answered, “… but over the age limit.” The request was approved 41 with Traynor voting no. ■ 1933 Sunrise Drive: owner of three-bedroom home with one user on the account requested to add fiancé who is also a deeded owner. The assessments are paid in full. The request was approved 41 with Traynor voting no. ■ 1999 Bayou Boulevard: owner of three-bedroom home with one user on the account and assessments paid in full requesting to add adult daughter and one child to account. At the present time, the husband does not use the facilities and has never completed a user account card. Goldberg made a motion to approve the request so long as the husband never uses the facilities. Should he, in the future, decide to use the facilities, the daughter and child’s authorization would cease. The request was approved 4-1 with Traynor voting no.

Holley by the Sea Transactions ■ Seller: Michael T. Perceval Buyer: Anthony P. Clauson Address: P.O. Box 916 Date: 02-05-13 Price: $5,700

■ Seller: Whitworth Builders Buyer: Chuck W. Pritchett Address: 7161 Flintwood St. Date: 02-01-13 Price: $324,000

■ Seller: Robert C. Sherrell Buyer: Fannie Mae Address: Date: 12-05-12 Price: $200,000

■ Seller: Marjorie G. Clauson Buyer: Michael Gaspard Address: 3107 PGA Blvd. Date: 02-05-13 Price: $9,000

■ Seller: Frances M. Howland Buyer: Keith Bullion Address: 2012 Lincoln Ave. Date: 01-18-13 Price: $30,000

■ Seller: SMK Investment Buyer: Robbins Investment Group Address: 8173 E Bay Blvd. #A Date: 01-24-13 Price: $45,000

■ Seller: UIL, Ltd. et al Buyer: Cunningham R. Baacke Address: 6987 Sawfish St. Date: 02-13-13 Price: $267,699

■ Seller: Oasis Properties Buyer: Whitworth Builders Address: Date: 01-16-13 Price: $55,000

■ Seller: Barry J. Shively Buyer: Ji T. Elliott Address: 7182 Siesta St. Date: 01-14-13 Price: $257,000

Holley by the Sea Incidents ■ Edgewood Drive Traffic Offense: Other or Arrest 01/12/2013

January 5 – Feb 9 ■ Aurora Drive Baker Act 01/27/2013

■ Edgewood Drive Miscellaneous: Written Report 02/06/2013

■ Coral Street Assault 01/15/2013

■ Hawthorne Drive Baker Act 01/13/2013

■ Crescent Road Disturbance: Family 01/22/2013 ■ East Bay Boulevard Traffic Offense: DUI 01/17/2013 ■ East Bay Boulevard Fugitive Warrant 01/24/2013

■ Hilton Drive Disturbance: Family 02/08/2013 ■ Manatee Street Traffic Offense: Other or Arrest 01/14/2013 ■ Woodmont Street Baker Act 01/05/2013

Sheriff’s Office warns drivers to ‘Lock It or Lose It’ Yvonne C. Harper Navarre Press Locking your vehicle takes just a second. A burglar needs just 20 seconds to take everything inside the vehicle. Deputy Rich Aloy, Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office public information officer, said there have been more than 40

vehicle burglaries in the south end of the county recently. In response, the Sheriff’s Office has started a“Lock It or Lose It” campaign to bring awareness to the simple act of locking a vehicle. “It’s slightly obvious and maybe even insulting, but because of its simplicity, I can’t stress those three words enough:

lock your car,”Aloy said.“That’s exactly what they’re targeting, unlocked vehicles. If it’s locked, good; if not, it takes 20 seconds to take your stuff.” Aloy said two suspects have been apprehended that are part of a vehicle burglary ring in the county. He estimated that countywide more than 50 cars have

Lic# DWS0015

been burglarized and“each car broken into was unlocked.” Aloy explained the burglars are targeting anything of simple value: GPS navigation systems, iPads, iPods, purses, or the coins left in the ashtray. “This is a crime of opportunity,” said Aloy.“A, if the car is unlocked, B, anything in it will get taken.”



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March 2013

No palm trees in this beauty

Ray and Libby Messinger take pride in the yard they have developed since moving into their HBTS home in 2005. By Yvonne C. Harper HBTSnews Libby Messinger is from Bermuda and her husband, Ray, is a Naval Academy Class of 1954 graduate. They met when Ray visited Bermuda on a Christmas holiday to the island. They married when he graduated and 52 years later they made their way to Navarre from Monterey, Calif. “One son was here and his wife is from the area,” said Libby.“We came out to visit and they said ‘sell the house and move to Florida.’” Libby said they went back to Monterey and put their 2.5-story house on the market. The Messingers bought the lot on 7513 Treasure Street just before Hurricane Ivan struck the coast. “They did the foundation when Ivan hit. It did take a lot longer to finish the place,”said Libby. They chose Holley by the Sea because they liked the lot sizes and the Club House, and her son also lives in the subdivision, and her daughter in Navarre. In September 2005, they moved into their home. Upon moving in, Libby said the yard was basic and she had help with it in the beginning. “The first year I planted things and they died,”said Libby with a laugh.“We did-

n’t have a yard in Monterey. I love flowers and I worked with a lady from Garden Gate. I asked her about what to plant and she helped me in the beginning with the front yard.” Libby explained that their yard has changed quite a bit since the beginning when they did just the“basic stuff.” Over the years, they put in plants that would stay green and bloom. In lieu of a fence, Libby planted a natural border because she said she doesn’t like to be closed in. She planted Bottle Brush trees and an oak tree that have grown to maturity. “It gives us privacy but we’re not shut in,” she explained. Ray installed a small white picket fence in the back yard but that is the only fence one will see as they drive by

the home. One will have to look closely to see it though, because the trees that border the road are mature and full. Libby explained that the openness of the yard allows her to meet many of her neighbors when they are out walking. “That’s how we met Sherry. We saw them walking by and started talking to them. It’s how we’ve met a lot of people,”said Libby. Sherry Russo, February’s yard-of-the-month winner, is the one who selected the Messinger’s yard for March. Libby has also created a colorful arrangement of plants with Confederate Jasmine, Holley trees, camellia bushes, cyclamen and wisteria that yield colorful blooms in the spring. “Little by little, (we) added planters around the house,

Photos by Yvonne C. Harper

The Messinger’s home at 7513 Treasure Street in HBTS is March’s featured Yard of the Month.

(and) new borders. (We) tried to make it more low-key. It was fun in the beginning with flowers, but now I prefer low maintenance,”said Libby. Plants such as doubleknockout roses, plumbagos, gardenias, bush daisies and azalea trees provide colorful arrangements with only minimum maintenance in the back yard. Libby’s passion for gardening and being outside came about during her childhood years in Bermuda. She has extended her love of the outdoors and gardening beyond her yard. She is a

member of the Navarre Garden Club and a member of the Friends of Navarre Library; she helps to tend the landscape at the library as needed. Libby recommends visiting local nurseries to learn what thrives in the local area and recommends using the county extension office to gain knowledge about soil and local plants. “The extension office is very helpful with advice for soil and things you need to know,”she said. Their natural yard yields more than just colorful blooms. It also attracts birds

of all kinds, from cardinals to blue jays, to finches. Even the squirrels get in on the fun when trying to reach the food in the bird feeders. Libby will also catch sight of a family of deer every now and then to feed on the corn she leaves for them. But you won’t see any palm trees in their yard. “No palms trees,”she said with a smile.“I’m not a palm tree person.” So if you happen to walk by 7513 Treasure Street, take a moment to say hello to Libby and Ray if you see them tending to their beautiful array of plants and trees.

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March 2013

Experts discuss the future of Florida’s groundwater and landscape irrigation Some of the top minds in the landscape, water management and irrigation fields gathered recently in Niceville for the seventh annual water summit to discuss challenges and solutions for managing Florida’s most precious natural resource, groundwater. Skip Orth, owner of Father and Son Landscape, participated in the summit and came away with the most current assessment of Florida’s water supply – as it relates to the lawn industry. “What we know for sure is that we have to make every effort now to conserve this precious resource. Accessible groundwater not only provides the ability to maintain lush, green landscapes, but it also is the foundation of a multi-billion dollar green industry,”Skip said. Coastal Santa Rosa County is one of the areas that has been deemed by the Northwest Florida Water Management District as critical. One of the concerns is saltwater intrusion into the groundwater. As it relates to landscaping and irrigation, this most commonly occurs where the well is very close to the bay, sound or the gulf. Other concerns are with the overall availability of water. Skip has experienced firsthand the effects of groundwater scarcity. “In the last decade that I have been servicing lawns here in Navarre, we have had several years of belowaverage rainfall. Those dry years caused several of our customers’wells to stop producing and required us to arrange deeper wells to be dug for them.” According to Lauren Connell, a hydrogeologist with the Northwest Florida Water Management District, the depth of shallow irrigation wells is above a layer of clay that covers the aquifer. Therefore these wells are dependant upon adequate rainfall for their performance. “When an irrigation well is too shallow, these are some of the symptoms. The

data, the highest need for irrigation is not the middle of the summer as one might think but in spring and fall when weather patterns tend to be dry and supplemental water is needed. Dr. Dukes’ presentation also included information on the best use of water in landscaped areas. Two of the points he brought out was that ornamental plants such as trees and shrubs need far less water than turf grass does to stay healthy. Also, the most efficient way to distribute water to ornamental plants is through drip components rather than broadcasting it over the top of the plants. Skip Orth, owner of Father and Son Landscape, is a turf and irrigation expert right here in Navarre who can assist you if you are having trouble keeping a healthy lawn. He provides free lawn consultations and can be reached by email at www.

Submitted photo

Skip Orth, owner of Father and Son Landscape, standing, recently attended a conference in Niceville to discuss the state’s water supply. Pictured with Orth are, seated from left, Skeets Metz, president of the Panhandle Irrigation Society; Michael Dukes, Ph.D., and Dr. Kati Migluaccio; both of the University of Florida. system looses pressure. It takes a long time for water to start flowing once the pump is turned on. The system runs great for one or two zones and then looses pressure. The water pressure surges up and down the whole time the pump is on. All these are signs of a well that is too shallow,”Skip explained. One of the ways to conserve our valuable groundwater is to upgrade your

existing irrigation system with new technology that will enable the system to be more efficient. Dr. Kati Migliaccio with the University of Florida Tropical Research and Education Center discussed research she and her colleagues are doing by retrofitting old inefficient systems with new more-efficient components and measuring the volume of water used before and after the modifications. Hav-


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Submitted photo

Father and Son Landscape recently installed this irrigation system.

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ing a digital, programmable timer coupled with a moisture sensing device created significant water savings. Skip confirms that these upgrades are definitely beneficial and has provided several of his Navarre customers with them. Michael Dukes, Ph.D. Irrigation Specialist, University of Florida, presented fascinating research about irrigation requirements based on the time of year. According to his

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March 2013

Lane Lynchard, LLM Lynchard & Greene, PL Attorneys

• Wills • Trusts • Comprehensive Estate Plans • Probate • Administration of Estates • Administrations of Trusts 1901 Andorra Street Navarre, FL 32566



PRST STD ECRWSS MAILED FROM ZIP CODE 32566 PERMIT NO. 61-509 The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before you decide, ask the lawyer to send you free written information about their qualifications and experience.

C o n t e n t

p r o v i d e d

b y

H o l l e y

b y

Easter Egg hunt and breakfast

Architectural Control Committee The Architectural Control Committee will meet at 9:30 a.m. on Feb. 5 in the Holley by the Sea Recreation Center Game Room. On the agenda is unfinished business concerning 6789 Fernandina Street and 7254 Siesta Street. New business will include 2270 Arrow Court. The meeting was posted in compliance with Florida Statute, Section 720.303(2).

HBTS Community Yard Sale

The Holley by the Sea Craft Club monthly meeting will be held the second Thursday of each month at the HBTS recreation center. The next meeting from 7 – 8 p.m. on March 14 will consist of a“Show and Tell” of member’s crafts. Bring a sample of the craft that is your passion and share with your fellow crafters. Crafters can also bring a favorite wine and cheese to share. For more information, email or check out the NWF Getting’ Crafty Facebook page.

Holley by the Sea members can bring their items to sell from 7 a.m. to noon on April 13 on the back beach park road at the HBTS recreation center. Space is limited and members that wish to sell items should sign up early in the front office to reserve a spot. Space with table is $10 and space-only is $5. To reserve a spot, call 850-9391693, ext. 0 or go to the HBTS recreation front office. Tips for a successful yard sale are mark all items with prices and be willing to bargain; wear comfortable shoes; bring sunscreen or water for hot days; have back of vehicle facing table and have fun.

S e a

A word from the general manager:

The Holley by the Sea social committee is hosting its annual Easter Egg Hunt and Breakfast from 9-11 a.m. March 23 at the HBTS Beach House. The Easter Bunny will make its appearance at 9 a.m. and the hunt will begin at 9:15 a.m. Breakfast will be served from 9-10 a.m. and will consist of eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage, hash browns, juice and coffee. Reservations will be accepted until March 30 or until all spots are reserved. The cost is $4 adults and $2 for children age 10 and younger. Children will need to bring their own baskets to collect eggs. For more information contact the Holley by the Sea recreation center front desk at 939-1693.

Craft Club

t h e

Irish night in HBTS Holley by the Sea will be Irish for a night. Irish Night will be held from 6-9 p.m. on March 16 at the HBTS Beach House. Corned beef and cabbage along with potatoes, carrots, coffee and soda will be served. The cost is $5 for an adult, $8 for a couple and $2 for children 10 years or older; children younger than 10 years old are free. Attendees are asked to bring a dessert to share. Sign up with the HBTS recreation center front desk at 9391693 by March 13 to attend.

Hello HBTS members, During the month of January, we replaced the benches, flooring and walls in the sauna. It looks wonderful. We also Barrett installed a BBQ grill down at the Beach House. We completed the repairs to the irrigation on Coral Street and are in the process of replacing the T12 fluorescent bulbs at the facility with the energy saving T-8 bulbs. We have replaced all the ones in the weight room, the stretching room and the bike room and will continue through the rest of the main building. We are also still working on clearing the beach area. Also, all insurance has been renewed for 2013. Our end of month financials for HBTS as follows: Cash Account Balances, January 31, 2013 ■ Operating Account $2,784,483.00 ■ Reserve Account $374,166.00 ■ Improvement and Expansion $182,319.00 Assessments ■ $ 283,365.00 uncollected for 2013 Assessments. 82.9 percent of assessments collected compared to 82.1 percent (this time) last year. Projected operating expenses were 1.38 percent under budget as of January 31, 2013. We had our annual audit in January and will have the final figures this month for you. If you have not paid your 2013 Assessment payment there is now a late fee and interest due. Please contact the accounting office at 850-939-1693, ext. 4 to obtain your balance due. As always, I am in my office Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Please stop in any time if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you, Jennie Barrett General Manager

Youth Department news Before and After School Program:TheYouth Department provides a Before and After School Program for children from Kindergarten to fifth grade who are members of Holley by the Sea. There is currently a waiting list for the After School Program. For more information please contact theYouth Department at 850-939-3018, ext. 6. Parents’ Night Out: Parents’Night Out is open to all children in Kindergarten to fifth grade who are members of Holley by the Sea. The next scheduled Parents’Night Out dates are April 19 and May 31; future dates will be shortly later. At least 15 children must be signed up by Feb. 8 or the event will be

cancelled. Payment must be made at time of sign up. Fun Factory: Space is limited so call the day-of to reserve a spot for your child. The cost is $3 an hour per child. Fun Factory hours are: ■ Morning Fun Factory: 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., Monday – Friday for children ages 6 months old to 5 years old. ■ Evening Fun Factory: 6 – 8 p.m., Monday – Friday for children age 6 months old to 10 years old. ■ Saturday Fun Factory: 8 a.m. – noon for children age 6 months old to 10 years old. New Fun Factory Forms: Please be aware that as of Jan. 1 the Youth



Board of Directors Meeting March 12 6 p.m.




24 31

Fun Factory: We have new hours! Please remember reservations are required. For reservations, contact the Youth Department. Mon. – Fri. 8 a.m.-noon, 5-8 p.m. Sat. 8 a.m.-noon


8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 9:30 am Pilates 10:30 am Zumba 5:00 pm Poker Night 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up 7:30 pm Zumba

Before and After School Care: We currently have a waiting list. If you are interested in having your child’s name added to the list please contact the Youth Department.

12 10:20 am Yoga 5:50 pm Aerobics 6:00 pm BOD Meeting 7:30 pm Zumba




9:30 am Architectural Control Committee Meeting 10:20 am Yoga 5:50 pm Aerobics 7:30 pm Zumba

8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 9:30 am Pilates 10:30 am Zumba 5:00 pm Poker Night 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up 7:30 pm Zumba

10:20 am Yoga 5:50 pm Aerobics 7:30 pm Zumba




1 8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 10:30 am Zumba 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up




8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 9:30 am Pilates 10:30 am Zumba 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:15 pm Bingo 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up

8:30 am Body Conditioning 10:20 am Yoga 5:50 pm Aerobics 6:15 pm Pyramid Training 7:30 pm Zumba

8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 10:30 am Zumba 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up

13 8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 9:30 am Pilates 10:30 am Zumba 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up

8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 9:30 am Pilates 10:30 am Zumba 5:00 pm Poker Night 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up 7:30 pm Zumba


For information about HBTS Calendar Events contact 939-1693

Want to get involved with social events? Our monthly committee meeting will be at night starting in January. For more information, call 939-3018 x0 or email the Social Committee chairperson at


March 2013


9:30 am Architectural Control Committee Meeting 10:00 am Social Committee Meeting 10:20 am Yoga 5:30 pm Aerobics 7:00 pm Fishing Club Meeting 7:30 pm Zumba

no Counselor-in-Training positions this summer. For more information, contact theYouth Department at 850-939-3018, ext. 6. Closure Dates: Morning Fun Factory will be closed March 18 – 22 and March 29 for spring break. Tax information: HBTS members who had a child enrolled in the Before or After School Program or Summer Camp 2012 can pick up the tax statement at the HBTS recreation center front desk. For more information on youth program offered by HBTS Youth Department, contact Alison Hunt, youth director, at 9393018, ext. 6.




8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 9:30 am Pilates 10:30 am Zumba 5:00 pm Poker Night 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up 7:30 pm Zumba

Department began updating all Fun Factory information. All parents with children who participate in the Fun Factory Program must complete the new form. Fun Factory cards are available for purchase at the HBTS front desk. The cards are $50 for 20 sessions and expire 90 days from the date of purchase. Summer Camp 2013: HBTS members entering Kindergarten in the 20132014 school year or who are currently in grades Kindergarten to fifth grade can attend 2013 summer camp during the upcoming spring break. Applications for staff positions will be available during spring break; applicants must be 18 years old to apply. There will be

20 8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 9:30 am Pilates 10:30 am Zumba 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:15 pm Bingo 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up


8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 9:30 am Pilates 10:30 am Zumba 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up

14 8:30 am Body Conditioning 10:20 am Yoga 5:50 pm Aerobics 6:15 pm Pyramid Training 7:30 pm Zumba

15 8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 10:30 am Zumba 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up

8:00 am Zumba 11:30amYoga Class


9 8:00 am Zumba 11:30amYoga Class

8:00 am Zumba 11:30amYoga Class 5:30 pm


Great Games Night

Come play Games with everyone. Bring a snack or appetizer to share. See flyer for more information. 6:00 pm Irish Night

21 8:30 am Body Conditioning 10:20 am Yoga 5:50 pm Aerobics 6:15 pm Pyramid Training 7:30 pm Zumba


8:30 am Body Conditioning 10:20 am Yoga 5:50 pm Aerobics 6:15 pm Pyramid Training 7:30 pm Zumba

22 8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 10:30 am Zumba 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up


8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 10:30 am Zumba 5:30 pm Fishing Club Last Friday Social 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up

8:00 am Zumba 11:30amYoga Class

8:00 am Zumba 11:30amYoga Class



Adult & Adolescent Programs Evidence-based Treatment Model 12-Step Philosophy Detoxification Specialized PTSD Tract

Inpatient Rehabilitation Partial Hospitalization Aftercare Intensive Outpatient Program Beach & Recreational Activities


Ages 2 to Adult

•Ballet •Jazz •Tap •Hip-Hop •Musical theatre •Modern •Zumba •Tumbling •Competitive Dance

Now in two locations! 7020 Navarre Parkway, Navarre • 2701 Gulf Breeze Parkway, Gulf Breeze

March 2013 HBTS News  

March 2013 edition of Holley by the Sea News.

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