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June 2013

This is a publication written and produced by Sandpaper Publishing, Inc./Navarre Press for the owners of HBTS and is not an official publication of Holley by the Sea Homeowners’ Association, Inc.

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Eggciting new trend

Internal Vice-President Brooke Goldberg External Vice-President Pat Traynor Treasurer Jean Tashlik Secretary Joseph Hart Email the board:

General Manager: Jennifer Barrett Email: generalmanager@

Photo by Sandi Kemp

Like many other HBTS residents, the backyard of Andrea and Lance Fairchok includes a vegetable garden. What makes the Fairchok’s yard stand out are10 domestic laying hens that provide compost for the gardens and eggs for the kitchen. See “Meet your Neighbor” on page 6 to read all about it.

Holley by the Sea

Deacon drops out of race

Homeowners’ Association 6845 Navarre Parkway Navarre, FL 32566




Dowgwillo recommended by nominating committee Sandi Kemp HBTSnews

board candidate Dan Ramsey. “I believe the board and the nominating committee have Andrew Deacon been tainted due to the and Beth Walter were emails that have been presented as the two going back and forth,” recommended canRamsey continued. didates from the nomAt the board meeting inating committee at on May 14, the nomithe May 14 board of nating committee only directors meeting. Deacon presented their top two However, Deacon dropped out a week later because candidates citing that was all that of conflicts with work and sched- was necessary since there were uling. Because the slate of candi- only two open seats. Board Chair, dates was ratified by the board at Pete Peterzen and Internal Vicethe regular board meeting, an President, Brooke Goldberg will emergency meeting of the board be rotating off of the board in July. was called on May 22 to decide When asked for their ranking syswho the nominating committee tem in the board meeting, the would recommend after Deacon board was told that the nominating committee didn’t have a rankwithdrew. “I think you should put the ing system because they only neednames in a hat and draw one,”said ed two and their top two picks

were standouts. The members of the nominating committee are volunteers and the board had to ask several times in order to get enough members for the committee. The committee consisted of Bob Geller, Sarah Taylor, Kim Price and Bill Stuart. According to the association bylaws, the nominating committee is charged with the“duty of nominating one person for each direct position sought to be elected.” [Article III, Section 9(b) A nominating committee of not less than three (3) and no more than five (5) members shall be designated not less than thirty (30) days prior to the annual meeting of the Association. This nominating committee shall be charged with the duty of nominating one person for each Director sought Deacon continued on page 2

Meet the candidates Residents had an opportunity to meet the candidates for the Holley by the Sea Board of Directors on Wednesday, May 15, at the Beach House. All the candidates were in attendance, and about 25 members came out to get to know the candidates. Each candidate had their own table and the residents could walk from table to table meeting each of them. Note: Andrew Deacon’s and Chris Johnson’s responses were removed from this article because they withdrew as a candidate following this event. Following are the answers to three questions that were asked of each candidate: QUESTION: What do you think of the current policy on the parking of boats and RV’s in Holley by the Sea? Candidates continued on page 2

Valid through June 30, 2013



June 2013



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Continued from page 1 Dan Ramsey: The policy we have now where they can get a parking pass to parking it on the side of their yard or the back of the yard is a good policy. Dale Williams: We need to enforce the covenants. Obviously this is a waterfront community so we need to be sensitive to the fact that people want to have boats. The reason we have covenants is to maintain our property values. Beth Walter: I helped write the current parking policy, so I like it. However, I would prefer to have boats in the backyard, not the side yard. Ed Dowgwillo: I think it needs to be examined. Our current



covenants are a problem and with all the variances given in the past it gives the appearance that we have been unfair. QUESTION: What do you think of the current management company? Dan Ramsey: Continental is not qualified to run this association. They have been here for five months and everything they promised has not happened. We spent $40,000 on


software and computers and they can’t interface with Continental’s home office. Dale Williams: They haven’t been very responsive and I’m neutral on this subject.

Dowgwillo was a great idea. Someone needed to manage this place. QUESTION: How many board meetings have you attended in the past 12 months? Dan Ramsey: 11

Beth Walter: Continental should be fired. They have not lived up to what they told us they would do. Ed Dowgwillo: I think bringing in a management company

Dale Williams: 0 Beth Walter: 11 Ed Dowgwillo: 0

Formosan termites- the monster invading the Panhandle Staff reports Navarre Press

ly through port cities like New Orleans, said Paul Mitola, an environmental specialist for the The Formosan Subter- DOA. According to Mitola, the ranean termite is one of the most cellulose-eating species can be destructive termite species in transported through things like the world. And they are here, railroad ties, mulch, palm balls and even potted plants. in our backyard. The process for ridding a Just as these termites are swarming and spreading dev- home of the pest is an“elegant astation on homes and prop- science,”said Mike Page, chief erty across the Florida Panhan- of entomology and pest control dle, local officials want to spread for the Florida Department of the word and knowledge about Agri culture. Because of the impact exposure to pesticides these invaders. Rep. Doug Broxson, R-Gulf can have on humans, completely Breeze, and the United Penin- eradicating the species is nearly sula Association organized a impossible, Page said. But this public meeting late last year in doesn’t mean that homes and hopes of increasing awareness property can’t be saved from and protecting homes in the termite damage. According to UF extension, Gulf Breeze and Navarre areas. “They don’t just come in and Formosan termite swarms usutake up space; they grow,”Brox- ally occur in Florida from April son said at the meeting.“We through July on calm, warm and need to spread the gospel that humid evenings. Swarm sizes we have a monster in our area.” can be in the tens of thousands. The species originated in Chi- Mitola said Formosans differed na and Japan and were trans- from the native Eastern termite ported around the world main- because Formosans live under-

ground where it is moist and only swarm at night time. Homeowners might only realize they have a problem when they see termites swarming outside their home. However, Mitola said homeowners shouldn’t wait until that point because it may be too late. He said the typical claim for Eastern termite damage may be about $3,000, but the average claim for Formosan termite damage is $30,000-$50,000 because of the significant structural damage they cause in a short time period. Preventive measures are the best way to ensure a home is protected. Homeowners should make sure their entire infrastructure is inspected, including second stories, garages and attics. Mitola said the termite colony can survive above ground as long as it has a moist environment. Sources of moisture include plumbing, water heater, roof leaks, condensation from air conditioning units, poor

drainage from gutters and rainfall on boats and ships and porches, balconies or rooftops, with plants or landscaping that are frequently watered. Homeowners are encouraged to frequently check for signs of a termite infestation to prevent major termite damage. An obvious sign of a termite infestation is large carton nests in nearby trees or in the attic. Not so obvious signs are soft spots, damp or moist patches, bulges and blistered paint in walls, doors and floors. Two types of termite control are typically available: soil termiticides and baits. The treatment used depends largely on the type and size of the infestation, and the choice of the homeowner. Homeowners who feel their home might be displaying some signs of termites should call a professional treatment company immediately to prevent further damage and the termites spreading to neighbors.

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to be elected, provided, however, that additional nominations shall be received from the floor prior to the actual election held in the annual meeting.] Board member Brooke Goldberg mentioned that the board already had the third nominee from the nominating committee even though the nominating committee did not give a third name at the regular board meeting. “I have an email predating April 23 that designates their third choice,”she said. The revised minutes of the nominating committee named Ed Dowgwillo as the nominating committee’s third choice. “The best I can do to address this is tell you that after we interviewed all six candidates the third person we chose was Ed. We said, if we needed it, Ed would be our third choice,”said Bob Gellar, as he addressed the board. Gellar also said that he didn’t appreciate the email traffic . Gellar also stated that there was no favoritism from the nominating committee. A discussion ensued on what kind of guidance the board of directors should give the nominating committee. “You should have given the nomination committee some guidelines, like what is their education and experience,” said board candidate Chris Johnson. Peterzen didn’t think that was a good idea. “It is up to the nominating committee to take in all factors,”said Peterzen. “There is nothing in our bylaws or in 720 that tells the nominating committee how to do their job and the committee worked the same way it has for the ten years that I’ve been here and it would be wrong for the board to override the recommendation of the nominating committee.” Peterzen continued. “We can’t make everyone happy,” said Goldberg.“If we get involved, we are considered puppet masters. If we don’t get involved then we are accused of neglecting our fiduciary duties.” Board member Jean Tashlick made a motion to accept the nomination committee’s recommendation of Ed Dowgwillo to replace their early recommendation of Andrew Deacon. After more discussion, which included candidate Dan Ramsey saying the nominating committee was tainted due to the emails from board member Joseph Hart and the process was“stupid,”the motion passed 4-1 with the dissenting vote of Pat Trainer. Editor’s Note: The remaining four candidates will be on the ballot. However, when the proxies go out to all owners, the names of the two candidates that the nominating committee chose as “recommended” will be set apart from the remaining three. Some feel this is an undue advantage, however, as Brooke Goldberg pointed out in the meeting. She was not a “recommended candidate” and was elected in July of 2011. And, for those wondering, being a board member requires a lot of time and effort and it is an unpaid position.

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Holley by the Sea Transactions ■ Seller: Douglas M. Hustad Buyer: Lionel N. Furtado Address: 1993 Everglades Dr. Date: 03-08-13 Price: $239,000

■ Seller: Gooden Homes Buyer: William G. Wilson Address: 6680 Castlewood St. Date: 05-09-13 Price: $314,900

■ Seller: Rebeca V. Martin Buyer: Stephen S. Stenson Address: 1959 Hawthorne Dr. Date: 05-02-13 Price: $107,500

■ Seller: Gooden Homes Buyer: William G. Wilson Address: 6680 Castlewood St. Date: 05-09-13 Price: $314,900

■ Seller: Rebeca V. Martin Buyer: Stephen S. Stenson Address: 1959 Hawthorne Dr. Date: 05-02-13 Price: $107,500

■ Seller: David R. Parenteau Buyer: Marvin M. Davis Address: 2445 Elkhart Dr. Date: 04-12-13 Price: $118,000

■ Seller: Gooden Homes Buyer: Ryan Y. Ang Address: 1952 Amhurst Ct. Date: 02-28-13 Price: $318,900

■ Seller: Oasis Properties Buyer: Whitworth Builders Address: Date: 05-07-13 Price: $55,000

■ Seller: Holley by the LLC Buyer: Carol Reel Address: 1938 Commodore Dr. Date: 04-12-13 Price: $247,500

■ Seller: Oasis Properties Buyer: Whitworth Builders Address: Date: 05-07-13 Price: $55,000

■ Seller: Holley by the LLC Buyer: Carol Reel Address: 1938 Commodore Dr. Date: 04-12-13 Price: $247,500

■ Seller: Kyle E. Sprankles Buyer: Charles Krewer Address: 6719 DeSoto St. Date: 04-29-13 Price: $204,900

■ Seller: Charles L. Warner, Jr. Buyer: George Akin Address: 1970 Bahama Dr. Date: 02-07-13 Price: $165,000

■ Seller: Kaleb R. Showalter Buyer: Bruce A. Marshall Address: 87-2135 Parkeke St. Date: 05-01-13 Price: $221,500

■ Seller: Charles R. Norvell Buyer: Gary T. Heider Address: 1120 Daisy Lane Date: 04-26-13 Price: $296,000

■ Seller: Kaleb R. Showalter Buyer: Bruce A. Marshall Address: 87-2135 Parkeke St. Date: 05-01-13 Price: $221,500

■ Seller: Charles R. Norvell Buyer: Gary T. Heider Address: 1120 Daisy Lane Date: 04-26-13 Price: $296,000

■ Seller: Fannie Mae Buyer: Victoria Porto Address: Date: 03-08-13 Price: $184,000

■ Seller: James Emery Homes Buyer: Tomas E. Molina Address: 2227 Calle De Plata Date: 05-02-13 Price: $280,000

■ Seller: David R. Parenteau Buyer: Marvin M. Davis Address: 2445 Elkhart Dr. Date: 04-12-13 Price: $118,000

■ Seller: James Emery Homes Buyer: Tomas E. Molina Address: 2227 Calle De Plata Date: 05-02-13 Price: $280,000

■ Seller: Robbins Builders Buyer: Jvonne Wilson Address: Date: 03-11-13 Price: $300,000 Holley by the Sea

■ Seller: A K Land Title Buyer: Michael D. Cronin Address: 7371 Brewster St. Date: 04-30-13 Price: $330,000

■ Seller: Bank of America Buyer: Richard L. Harr Address: 6827 Liberty St. Date: 04-08-13 Price: $99,900 ■ Seller: Santa Rosa County Clerk Buyer: Kevin P. Parekh Address: 754 Boulder Creek Dr. Date: 04-15-13 Price: $5,800 ■ Seller: Anita D. Harvin Buyer: HLOT Ltd. et al Address: Date: 04-23-13 Price: $37,200

■ Seller: James E. Burda Trustee Buyer: Sam Gonzalez Address: Date: 04-19-13 Price: $20,000 ■ Seller: Frances A. Deutch et al Buyer: Michael Price Address: P.O. Box 5355 Date: 04-10-13 Price: $11,000 ■ Seller: Adams Homes Buyer: Michael C. Hook Address: 7522 Treasure St. Date: 04-19-13 Price: $287,600

■ Seller: Kyle E. Sprankles Buyer: Charles Krewer Address: 6719 DeSoto St. Date: 04-29-13 Price: $204,900 ■ Seller: Bank of America Buyer: Richard L. Harr Address: 6827 Liberty St. Date: 04-08-13 Price: $99,900

■ Seller: A K Land Title Buyer: Michael D. Cronin Address: 7371 Brewster St. Date: 04-30-13 Price: $330,000

■ Seller: James E. Burda Trustee Buyer: Sam Gonzalez Address: ■ Seller: Santa Rosa County Date: 04-19-13 Price: $20,000 Clerk Buyer: Kevin P. Parekh Address: 754 Boulder Creek Dr. ■ Seller: Frances A. Deutch et al Date: 04-15-13 Buyer: Michael Price Price: $5,800 Address: P.O. Box 5355 Date: 04-10-13 ■ Seller: Anita D. Harvin Price: $11,000 Buyer: HLOT Ltd. et al Address: ■ Seller: Adams Homes Date: 04-23-13 Buyer: Michael C. Hook Price: $37,200 Address: 7522 Treasure St. Date: 04-19-13 Price: $287,600

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Holley by the Sea Incidents April 21, 2013 – May 18, 2013 ■ Broadmoor Street/Citrus Drive Traffic Offense: Other or Arrest 05/07/2013 ■ Candlewood Drive Vehicle Tags/Decals: Stolen 05/06/2013 ■ East Bay Boulevard Telephone Calls: Obscene/ Harassing 05/12/2013

■ Manatee Street Fraud: Other 05/08/2013 ■ Muirfield Drive Criminal Mischief: Misdemeanor 05/04/2013 ■ Pepper Drive Burglary: Other 04/29/2013 ■ PGA Boulevard Criminal Mischief: Misdemeanor 04/23/2013

■ East Bay Boulevard Traffic Offense: DUI 05/18/2013

■ PGA Boulevard Criminal Mischief: Misdemeanor 05/04/2013

■ Flintwood Street Traffic Offense: Other or Arrest 05/13/2013

■ Resort Street Burglary: Vehicle Associated Reports 05/04/2013

■ Flintwood Street Theft: Grand 05/14/2013 ■ Indian Street Disturbance: Family 04/21/2013 ■ Lansford Street Traffic Offense: DUI 05/13/2013 ■ Liberty Street Sexual Offense: Non-Forcible/Juveniles 04/21/2013

■ Rexford Street Missing Person: Juvenile 05/10/2013 ■ Rexford Street Disturbance: Family 05/10/2013 ■ Valley Road Narcotics Violation: Misdemeanor 05/12/2013

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Birds of a feather flock together

Backyard chicken movement

alive and well in Holley by the Sea By Sandi Kemp HBTSnews Flintwood Street in Holley by the Sea looks like any other typical urban setting. People are coming and going, children playing, and neighbors greeting each other as they get home from work. However, just like you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can’t assume this is a typical neighborhood street. These neighbors have backyard industries that are tied to a common mission and goal of personally producing 40% of their daily calorie intake from their backyard gardens. And, at the home of the Fairchoks, this includes domestic laying hens. There would be no way to know that there was a chicken coop, complete with an enclosed 40,000 square-foot chicken yard unless you walked into the backyard of the Fairchok home. Lance and Andrea have had chickens for three years, and at first the neighbors didn’t know there were ten laying hens in the backyard until the Fairchoks invited them over to partake in the eggs. Andrea, a naturalized citizen from Germany and military veteran is very good with her hands and made the chicken coop, shed, and the porch enclosure herself. Her husband, Lance, is also a military veteran. Both work at the school at Hurlburt. A typical evening after work begins with watering their backyard crops and feeding and watching their chickens be chickens. “Because of the chickens, we don’t have snakes, lizards, geckos, insects, mole crickets or fire ants. The chickens eat them. Sometimes (Lance) lets them go into the rest of the backyard to clean it up.“ The chickens provide a lot of laughter for the Fairchoks. They currently have one brooking hen that would sit on her unfertile eggs all day if she was encouraged out of the hen house. She ruffles up her feathers and walks around the yard puffing up her chest, fluffing her feathers , kicking up her feet in protest and then goes to the end of the yard to take a dirt bath by nestling in a scratched out hole in the ground and kicking up dirt around her. Raising backyard chickens is an extension of an urban farming movement that has gained national popularity. The United States Department of Agriculture website has information for those inclined to raise chickens and there are a lot of other websites and magazines that are catering to the popularity.The chickens complement the backyard gardening because the compost material from the chickens goes back into the vegetable beds. There are a lot of reasons why people are raising backyard chickens, most revolve around self-reliance and sustainability. “We just like the idea of being self-sufficient and not having to rely on someone

Photos by Sandi Kemp

The backyard of Lance and Andrea Fairchok is unlike any other in Holley by the Sea. The Fairchoks have chickens in their yard to go along with the dogs, rabbits and lush gardens. The yard produces enough eggs, vegetables and produce to account for a significant portion of their daily calorie intake.

Above is a “brooding” hen that sits on unfertilized eggs. Below are the eggs in the coop. The brown eggs come from the darker colored chickens. else for our daily sustenance,” said Lance. “Plus, it’s fun.” The Fairchoks have gained the reputation of being the local go-to experts on backyard gardens and domesticated chickens.

“We give lots of advice to those that are thinking about adding chickens to their lifestyles,”said Lance. And just as they provide advice to neighbors, the Fairchoks are also respectful.

Lance feeds scratch seed and pellets to his hens.

Basket of fresh eggs.

Andrea checks out the plants growing in her Earth Boxes. Below, Andrea holds the rabbit that adopted her, Thumper.

When asked if they would ever bring a rooster in to breed with the chickens, Lance said “That wouldn’t be nice to the neighbors.” The Fairchoks have five each of two different breeds of chickens. The white hens with red combs are a cross between California Grey and Leghorn White. This hybrid is known to enjoy the heat and humidity that is common in Florida. The darker colored hens are Silver-laced Wyandottes, and are dual-purpose because

they lay eggs and have good eating meat. However, Andrea will not let Lance butcher any chickens, and the value of the eggs produced exceeds the value of the meat. In the Northeast, backyard chickens are so popular that there is a cottage industry of mobile chicken processing. The Fairchoks’ ten chickens produce six-to-ten eggs each day. “Most people don’t know that if the eggs aren’t washed off they can stay unrefriger-

The Fairchoks grow lettuce on thier porch for their rabbits.

ated for weeks.There is a protective coating on them that keeps the bacteria out,”said Lance. When it starts to get dark in the evening, the chickens all migrate to the coop without prompting, and the Fairchoks close and latch the doors to protect them from predators such as raccoons, possums and wild cats. The Fairchoks started out with chicks that they bought for $3 at Ace Hardware. “They have them at Ace two times a year, or you can order live chicks and they will arrive in the mail,”said Lance. Feeding them is easy and inexpensive. They eat table scraps, the bugs and grubs in the yard, and the Fairchoks supplement their diet with nutritional pellets, scratch seed and ground up oyster shells. The Fairchoks’ other pets include an older dog that lets the chickens ride around on his back and two rabbits, Thumper and Star. Chickens continued on page 7




Items found in yard and earth boxes:


In Earth boxes has: Thai peppers Bulgarian peppers Habaneros Jalapenos (Wont’ usually grow because we have nematodes in the soil. ) Swiss Chard and herbs

Websites: raising-chickens-blog

Calamondin aka Chinese Lime Tangerines, Apple, Olives, Grapes

Continued from page 6



In ground with soaker hose: Bush Beans: Brown, black and Blue Lake Carrots and sweet potatoes Apple trees Olives

Wartime Ads:

Neighbor David Fenimore comes home from work, goes in the house and gets and empty egg carton and walks into the Fairchoks back yard to get some eggs.

• Uncle Sam Expects You to Keep Hens and Raise Chickens • Two Hens in the Back Yard for Each Person in the House Will Keep a Family In Fresh Eggs • EVEN the smallest back yard has room for a flock large enough to supply the house with eggs. The cost of maintaining such a flock is small. Table and kitchen waste provide much of the feed for the hens. They require little attention only a few minutes a day. • An interested child, old enough to take a little responsibility, can care for a few fowls as well as a grown person. • Every back yard in the United States should contribute its share to a bumper crop of poultry and eggs in 1918. • In Time of Peace a Profitable Recreation • In Time of War a Patriotic Duty

• Backyard Chickens for Beginners: Getting the Best Chickens, Choosing Coops, Feeding and Care, and Beating City Chicken Laws [Paperback] R.J. Ruppenthal (Author) • The Chicken Whisperer’s Guide to Keeping Chickens: Everything You Need to Know…and Didn’t Know You Needed to Know About Backyard and urban Chickens [Paperback] Andy Schneider (Author), Brigid McCrea Ph.D (Author) • Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens: 3rd Edition (Storey’s Guide to Raising Series) [Hardcover] Gail Damerow (Author) • The Small-Scale Poultry Flock: An All-Natural Approach to Raising Chickens and Other Fowl for Home and Market Growers – With information on building…feed, and working with poultry in the garden. [Paperback] Harvey Ussery (Author)

May 14 HBTS Board Meeting Covenant Draft The first draft of the covenant re-write provided by the Law Firm of Becker & Poliakoff for a $7,500 fee was “not what we had hoped,” board member Brooke Goldberg said at the May 14 Board meeting. The draft re-write was approved at a special meeting on March 19. The current covenants under which the Holley by the Sea Homeowners Association operate are in need of a revision due to inconsistencies with Florida State Statute 720, outdated language and vague rules and regulations that have been dealt with inconsistently with each new board. An example of an outdated rule is that under current covenants and by-laws, satellite receivers are not allowed. A link to the draft re-write can be found on the association’s website at , and members are asked and encouraged to submit their feedback. The initial deadline given has passed, but the board is still asking for input. As of the initial deadline, only 12 members had provided feedback, and eight of the 12 were specific items. Though the initial draft is boilerplate and restrictive, Goldberg said that was to be expected. “It’s boilerplate because it works legally and it’s restrictive because it is easier than being loose and then trying to make it more restrict,”said Goldberg. “I would get our money back if we could,”board member Pat Traynor interjected into the discussion. And Board President Peterzen mentioned that the association should negotiate two revisions instead of one stipulated by Becker and Poliakoff. “It is 50-to-90 percent garbage,”Goldberg said, adding that two board members should be on the working group and that it was a process that would take many months. Editor’s Note: At a special meeting on May 22, it was announced that two submissions were granted by Becker & Poliakoff and the review is still ongoing.

Photos by Sandi Kemp

Patrick and Cheryl Prening speak to the board regardig the mural that they would like to put on one side of the shed in thier backyard. Cheryl holds a sample of her artwork. what they wanted required a variance. It was discovered in the board meeting that it didn’t need a variance after all. Board President Peterzen said that the staff needed to be educated on what required a variance. 7439 Broadmoor - Want a side entry garage. No drainage issues. Approved by the board 5-0. 7744 Seaward - Wants to put concrete up to the property line for a side entry garage and the neighbors have no objections. Approved 5-0. 7151 Reef - Wants to put in a side entry garage with a parking pad and the neighbors have no objections. Approved 5-0.

A multi-colored shed at 6872 Flintwood is a topic of interest recently, as the owner wishes to paint an ocean-themed mural on it, but will first need the approval of neighbors.

her shed.“My favorite artist is Wyland and I’ve met him before. He is my hero. I want to paint sea life that is indiACC Issues: genes to this area,”she said. 7349 Manatee: The plans “Who doesn’t like sea creawere misread and the ACC tures?” Peterzen said that committee inadvertently since this was atypical the approved a fence for the front board needed the neighbors’ yard of a corner lot which is concurrence and they needagainst the covenants.“We ed to apply for a variance. may have bought that one,” 6712 Codell - Unregistered said Peterzen.“If we approved disabled vehicle located at it, we bought it. Perhaps we this address has prompted can pay them to move it,”said several letters which were not Peterzen. A motion was made acknowledged. The ACC to approve the necessary funds board recommended susto move the fence to the prop- pension of privileges until er area if the homeowner registered, moved or taken agreed and it was approved. care of properly. This is a rental 6872 Flintwood - A shed property and the property was approved with a single manager said tenants were color but three sides are one out of town. Vote to move color and one side is a deep toward suspension - 4-1 with, ocean blue. The husband and Pat Traynor voting no. wife were in attendance and Architectural Variances: explained that the wife is a Domestic Pets: 7598 Brevard - Homeowner retired art teacher and she ACC Chair, Rob Loy, wants a fence and submitted would like to paint an ocean brought up the subject of an application and was told life mural on the blue side of domestic pets and wanted to

know if chickens were allowed by the covenants because they had a request. “Section 13 says you can’t have a horse. I did a lot of research on this and chickens are classified as domestic farm animals. If you let people have chickens, do you let them have pigs, cows?” asked Loy. Peterzen mentioned that county code behind code does not allow livestock such as pigs, bovine, goat, sheep and other grazing animals but says nothing about chickens. “The number should be reasonable, and if someone complains, we will go from there.” Goldberg said that there is nothing that prohibits chickens as long as they don’t violate any other covenant or county law. [Covenant: Article VII, Section 13: Pets and Signs. No animals other than common accepted domestic pets shall be kept

on any lot. Domestic pets shall munity service hours. Mannot include horses, and the num- agement is researching. ber of pets permitted shall be ■ Bob Geller, Chairman of reasonable.] the nomination committee presented the nominations Usage Variances from the committee for the Acct. # 111914 – An own- two open board positions as er is requesting to add a Beth Walters and Andy Deadaughter-in-law and two con. When asked what the kids. There is actually three matrix was and the other four children, but children under were ranked, the board was five don’t count and the third told that Walter and Deacon is under five. were the two that stood out Peterzen: This is why we above everyone else and they have 30 guest passes and this didn’t need to rank them.The exceeds the limits set in our remaining four candidates are covenants for renters or own- all qualified to run for the board. ers. Motion was made and Brooke - YMCA has approved. Other members month-to-month of the nominating commitVoting: Does not Pass - tee were Sarah Taylor, Kim one vote for by Hart, the Price and Bill Stuart. remaining votes are no. [Article VI, Committees SecAcct. #113006 – Owner tion 1. Nominating Commitwith a 3-bedroom home tee. The President shall appoint wants to add one user more a chairman of the nominating than the number of bed- committee at the regular meetrooms. ing of the Board of Directors Goldberg: If they were rent- held in July of each year. The ing - they would be allowed. Board of Directors shall elect Peterzen: Owners should two (2) additional members for have the same options as this committee and report of a renters. slate of officers for the ensuing Voting: Passes with all vot- year shall be made at the annuing yes except Traynor al meeting. Additional nomiAcct. #113021 Renter ask- nations for officers may be made ing to add an additional child from the floor.] under the age of 18. ■ Motion was made and Voting: Passes with all vot- approved for $2,300 to replace ing yes except Traynor. light bulbs with energy-savAcct. #302515 - Owner ing bulbs so that the associwith a 4-bedroom house and ation would qualify for a rebate they want to add another from Gulf Power that would adult user that is living with pay for approximately 50 perthem. This would be allowed cent of the expenditure. if renter. ■ Motion was made and Voting: Passes with all vot- approved to give authority ing yes except Traynor. for the general manager to Acct. #125923 - Renters in negotiate payment plans for 3-bedroom home - husband dues and fees - if paid in 12 wife and four children in a months or less and the nuclear family. authority to waive late fees If owners , this would not and interest - if paid within be a problem. 10 days of notice. Voting: Passes with all voting yes. Open Forum: Beth Walters asked what Other business: the management company ■ Association receives a (Continental) had done in $30,000 settlement from the the first 180 days because it Pool Dome manufacturer didn’t seem like one thing because the pool dome was they promised had been discolored after it was put accomplished. Peterzen said away wet under the direct that Continental didn’t realsupervision of the manufac- ize what they bit off on and turer. HBTS was at least four times ■ Funds in the amount of bigger than the next biggest $5,600 were authorized to property they have managed. expedite the clearing of debris For example, they didn’t know on the Sound side beach area the official records didn’t have with temporary labor. Audi- physical addresses and had ence members suggested been using lot and block. “We using scouts and high school are about at the 60 day point students that needed com- on 180 days.”

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June 2013

Colorful entry welcomes guests to Anthony home

By Sandi Kemp Navarre Press Serena and Tony Anthony moved to Holley by the Sea from Iceland in 2006 with three young children. Until two years ago, they didn’t have the time or the energy to spruce up the front yard. Both were active duty military — one worked at Eglin and the other at Hurlburt. Now they are both retired and have a little more time to dedicate to yardwork. Last summer, the Anthonys mapped out a plan for their front yard and implemented it. One of the unique features which truly stands out is the color of the driveway. “We wanted to bring the house to the street so that it looked more welcoming,” Tony said.

So, they used the brick color of the house for inspiration and purchased a driveway stain from SherwinWilliams to match. According to the Sherwin-Williams website, concrete stains create a tough shield that doesn't fade, peel or flake like paint. It is resistant to acids, ultraviolet rays, oil, gas and alkali while maintaining a decorative finish. The stains are available in a variety of ready-to-use colors, as well as a clear. This stain is ideal for high pH surfaces, and the Anthonys can attest to the ease of cleanup. “We did two coats of the stain and if a car leaks oil, it just comes right up,”Tony said. Most of the plants and all of the palm trees were purchased at Hiawatha

Nursery on Hwy 399 and at Lowes. The front yard has a young Magnolia tree and the front beds have Red Cordyline, Walking Iris and Sago Palm. The concrete snakes around

the front of the house, and will soon keep their next purchase of lava rock in place. The impressive and inviting entryway has concrete lions on both sides greeting guests from the roadway. When asked what the lions represented, Tony said they

Adult & Adolescent Programs Evidence-based Treatment Model 12-Step Philosophy Detoxification Specialized PTSD Tract

“represent myself and Serena as leaders of the household.” There is also a very nice waterfall feature that adds depth and appeals to the senses. It’s the perfect complement to a peaceful and serene setting.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Partial Hospitalization Aftercare Intensive Outpatient Program Beach & Recreational Activities

Photos by Sandi Kemp

Serena Anthony stands in the entry way with family pet, Polo, at 6720 Leisure Street in Holley by the Sea.

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BILLBOARD Zoysia: the perfect grass? P A I D


Experts discuss the pros and cons of this rising turf grass. “Sod so strong two grown men can’t pull it apart! So thick it chokes out ALL weeds! Produces a lush green lawn that needs very little water!.” – You’ve probably seen the ads for zoysia grass plugs in the Sunday paper. All these claims seem a little too good to be true, so just how good is a zoysia lawn – really? What it does mean is that when zoysia experiences drought, it will go dormant (turn brown) and then revive when it gets watered again. Skip points out that this is why an irrigation system that provides complete even coverage is essential for a zoysia lawn. Otherwise, there could be patches of brown intermingled with green in your lawn during hot dry weather conditions. “As an experiment I installed a patch of zoysia grass in one of the dryer areas in my own landscape at home”Skip said.“Over the years it has gone in and out of dormancy with the fluctuation of rain but over all has held up better than any other type of grass I’ve had in that area.”

ZOYSIA NEW TO THIS AREA According to local lawn expert Skip Orth, owner of Father and Son Landscape,“Although zoysia grass has been around for a very long time, there are realitively very few zoyia lawns in this area, simply because of the proximity of sod farms that grow it. Transportation is a significant factor in the cost of sod so we are limited to what the closest farms choose to grow.” Skip explains that in the last several years, more sod farms in the region have started growing zoysia grass making it available in our area. NOT REALLY BULLETPROOF According to Dr. Bryan Unruh of the University of Florida, zoysia is not the perfect turf grass like the ads make it out to be. It does however, have some unique qualities and characteristics unlike any other turf grasses. As long as home owners or service professionals understand these characteristics, zoysia can produce a very nice lawn.

CARE AND MAINTENANCE Zoysia does have some unique maintenance requirements. Although some recommend a“reel” style mower to cut zoysia, Dr. Unruh says a standard mower with a sharp blade will suffice. The reason for the sharp blade is to avoid fraying the tips of the grass blades which causes the grass to have a“brownish” appearance. Dr. Unruh also explains Zoysia, like other southern turf grasses is prone to thatch build up when over fertilized. Therefore it is recommended that several very light applications of fertil-

DROUGHT TOLLERANCE Zoysia is classified as having“good”drought tolerance. It is important however, to understand exactly what that means Dr. Unruh explains. It DOES NOT mean that zoysia grass will stay green without irrigation or rain.

izer be applied to zoysia starting in late spring after temperatures reach the 80s to optimize growth without producing thatch. Skip interjects that this is also a healthy method of fertilization for ALL grasses, not just zoysia and it is the method he uses on all the lawns he cares for. THE BIGGEST ADVANTAGES Zoysia, has several advantages over other types of grasses. Because it is so dense, it does an excellent job at chocking out weeds. Once it is established, it is relatively low maintenance. It grows slowly, therefore requires less mowing. It is fairly resistant to turf destroying insects. When properly maintained, it creates the appearance of a lush lawn with a fine texture.

underground“branches”of the plant that spread to propagate more grass. This is a characteristic that makes zoysia particularly hardy, however if you have flower beds right next to a zoysia turf, it will invade the bed from underground and will make keeping the bed“clean”a greater challenge. Another unique characteristic is its dormancy habits. Studies show zoysia’s dormancy it affected by number of daylight hours as well temperature, which may be one of the reasons it takes longer for it to come out of dormancy in the spring than for other grasses.

IS A ZOYSIA LAWN FOR YOU? Skip Orth owner of Father and Son Landscape is a specialist when it comes to dealing with troubled lawns. He speaks to people every week who are facing the possibility of resodding their lawn after it has declined for various reasons.“People always ask me‘What kind of grass can I get that won’t have the same problems I’ve been struggling with the last several years?’” According to Skip, zoysia may not be the “miracle grass”everybody is

THE BIGGEST PROBLEMS Zoysia has many advantages but it does have some drawbacks to consider. Its biggest weak spot is susceptibility to disease according to Dr. Unruh, however this susceptibility is no greater than most other turf grasses. The fact that it grows slowly can be a problem if the turf is trying to recover from decline. SOME THINGS THAT ARE UNIQUE Zoysia produces rhizomes unlike centipede or St. Augustine. These are

searching for but it does offer some attractive characteristics that may alleviate some of the struggle of keeping a nice lawn where other grasses fall short. If you would like to set up a private consultation with Skip to discuss the possibility of installing zoysia grass in your lawn or have any other lawn issues you are frustrated over and would like help with he can be reached through his web site at or by calling or texting 850240-7935.

Father and Son Landscape Skip Orth, owner 850-240-7935

Skip Orth, right, owner of Father and Son Landscape, shares lawn tips with Dr. Brian Unruh, turf specialist with the University of Florida. They enjoy discussing Zoysia grass.


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C o n t e n t

p r o v i d e d

b y

H o l l e y

President’s Report

b y

t h e

Brooke, Pat, Beth and myself attended the 3-hour B&P Homeowners Association Training on May 3. This was a certificate course to meet the requirements for HOA BOD training as per new legislation changing FS 720 this year. More information on additional changes to the Association Statue will follow in future reports. I also attended the B&P Association Management Question and Answer session on May 10, which lasted about an hour-and-a-half. Also, there was no HBTS representative at the Santa Rosa County Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS) meeting on April 25. HBTS has seat as a “community representative” but there are no mitigation projects on the books for HBTS since the ditch and drainage work post-Hurricanes Ivan and Dennis and the April 2005 flooding from heavy rain. Residents need to document water standing for more than 72-hours, especial-

ly noting water standing on streets, driveways, and yard for more than 24-hours. Flood water collecting into garages, homes, etc. should be reported immediately. This is the only way for HBTS to get county/grant attention for stormwater projects. I attended the United Peninsula Association (UPA) meeting on May 9. The county multipurpose building at Tiger Point should be completed in six-to-nine months. The Board of County Commissioners will hold meetings there because of the better access. Also of note is that the Board of County Commissioners wants to sell the Navarre Community Center near post office and hopes to perhaps build a bigger facility in Navarre. The lighting project along Hwy 98 is about 70% complete, needing some additional poles and power taps to be complete. The UPA Hwy 98 median landscaping and irrigation grant projects report: Phase 1 (near Lowes) is complete, and

crews are now starting on Phase 2, which includes the west end by National Seashore. Phase 3 is planned for the Navarre town center area, and Phase 4 will be east of the county line or near the HBTS area possibly. ■ Support membership: HOA up to three voting are $35 each (HBTS – one = ExtVP), Individual dues are $10 (non-voting) and businesses are $50. We are working on 501(c)4 designation, so we can get deductible contributions to maintain the median landscaping. Also, Tiger Point Golf is now under Gulf Breeze City Water/Sewer, just as Hidden Creek is now owned/run by Holley-Navarre Water. ■ Hidden Creek Golf Club is open to the public for dinner from Wednesday through Friday. HBTS residents get a 15% discount on Wednesdays (must show bar code card). The Boo Weekly Charity Golf event will be held July 25-27. Residents should expect traffic

An auction and entertainment open to the public will be held Friday afternoon, while Saturday evening’s shows will feature Larry the Cable Guy and country-western singer Gary Allen. Tickets are $75. Food and refreshments will be available, and there will be an open bar. ■ The Flag Day Run will pass though HBTS on Saturday, June 15. The event starts at 7:30 a.m. and will pass along Sundown, Marlin, Sparrow, and Water Streets. This will impact HBTS traffic, especially with the route crossing Edgewood twice. ■ The Board of Directors might want a meeting with counsel for status on legal cases. We will decide at the June 11th BOD meeting. If not, then myself and management will meet and monitor the situations. ■ Regular Board of Directors meeting in July will be held on July 9th, at which time we will keep up with variances and 6-month financial report.

Architectural News Sprinkler check-up

■ Check the soil to make sure the earth is not frozen (not something we have to do often in Navarre). ■ Clean, check settings and replace the battery backup. ■ Check for obstructions by removing dirt and debris from sprinkler heads. ■ Check for wear and tear by replacing any part of the sprinkler that is broken or split.

■ Check the valves to make sure there are no leaks. ■ Check for surge. ■ Check the water pressure. It should normally be between 40-65 psi. Home exterior tune-up It is the growing season again. Don’t forget that lawns should be kept mowed and free of garbage, bushes trimmed and flowerbeds free

of weeds and debris. Anyone planning an exterior improvement on their property needs to pick up the Exterior Home Improvement application. It is available on the website or at the recreation center. This application is designed to keep everyone within the covenants of the community, and it is free! Residents should allow up to 60 days for approval before you begin your project.

6 months – 5 years old. Evening Fun Factory: Monday through Friday 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. for ages 6 months – 10 years old. Saturday Fun Factory: 8 a.m. through 12 p.m. for ages 6 months – 10 years old. During Morning Fun Factory, we cannot take children that have entered kindergarten. The oldest we can take is children who are Pre-K age and below. Please ensure that you are calling to reserve your time slot at 939-3018 x6 ■ Before and After School

Program: TheYouth Department provides a Before and After School Program for school-aged children in kindergarten – 5th grade who are members of Holley by the Sea. There is currently a waiting list for the After School Program. For more information please contact theYouth Department. Very Respectfully, Alison Hunt Youth Director Holley by the Sea 939-3018 x6

Rain Bird, a manufacturer of sprinkler systems, offers this helpful springtime sprinkler tune-up checklist for homeowners. The Arch Staff hopes this will assist our community’s homeowners with efficient lawn and garden watering. The following steps can help save water and money.

Youth Department news ■ Summer Camp 2013: Information for campers who are HBTS members and are children entering Kindergarten in 2013-2014 school year (or children currently in grades K-5 in 2012-2013 school year only) is available. Packets are available at the Front Desk or online at Summer Camp starts June 10th and runs through August 16th. Sign up your young ones early to avoid any delays. The cost is $30 per child, due at sign-up.

■ There are numerous activities and trips scheduled throughout the summer. Swim lessons are included in Tuesday and Thursday care. Weekly rates run from $25 $90 per child. Please contact theYouth Department for more information. ■ Fun Factory: Please be sure to call the day of to reserve a slot for your child. Space is limited. Cost is $3/hour per child. Morning Fun Factory: Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. for ages



Before and After School Care: We currently have a waiting list. If you are interested in having your child’s name added to the list please contact the Youth Department. Fun Factory: We have new hours! Please remember reservations are required. For reservations, contact the Youth Department. Mon. – Fri. 8 a.m.-noon, 5-8 p.m. Sat. 8 a.m.-noon

Board of Directors Meeting May 11 6 p.m.




23 30



8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 9:30 am Pilates 5:00 pm Poker Night 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up 7:30 pm Zumba


8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 9:30 am Pilates 5:00 pm Poker Night 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up 7:30 pm Zumba

Hopefully everyone has seen the first draft of the Covenants, Articles and Bylaws on our website at If you do not have web access, stop by the recreation center or Barrett call for a hardcopy to be mailed to you. This draft is very different from our original Covenants. There are things in the first draft that do not apply to our community and the board is fully aware of that. The process of taking a legal document written in 1972 and rewriting it into something that reflects today’s legal terms and statues requires a substantial rewording. The board is asking everyone to read the documents and submit your changes and suggestions to Brooke Goldberg, Internal VP of the board. Her email is Please note the page and section of the document to which you are referring. Once all changes have been submitted, they will be incorporated into the document and the updated document will be posted again. This process will continue until we have a document that is written for our community. Also, we will be having town hall meetings with the working group for the rewrite. These meetings will be posted on the website and Facebook page. We have several exciting social events planned throughout the remainder of the year: ■ Father’s Day Cook-out on June 15 ■ Summer Camp Lunch on June 17, July 15 and August 12 ■ Flick & Float on July 20 ■ Yard Sale on September 14 (Rainout date of September 21). There is no charge for a space. Tables are $5. ■ Boo Breakfast on October 26 ■ Veterans Appreciation Event on November 9 Contact the front Desk for more information about each event. The next Board of Directors candidate Meet and Greet is scheduled for June 15 at 1 p.m. As always, I am in my office Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please stop by any time if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you, Jennie Barrett General Manager

June 2013

For information about HBTS Calendar Events contact 939-1693 Thursday



Want to get involved with social events? Our monthly committee meeting will be at night starting in January. For more information, call 939-3018 x0 or email the Social Committee chairperson at

4 9:30 am Architectural Control Committee Meeting 10:00 am Social Committee Meeting 10:20 am Yoga 5:50 pm Aerobics 7:00 pm Fishing Club Meeting 7:30 pm Zumba

11 10:20 am Yoga 5:50 pm Aerobics 6:00 pm BOD Meeting 7:30 pm Zumba

1 8:00 am Zumba 11:30amYoga Class

5 8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 9:30 am Pilates 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:15 pm Bingo 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up


8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 9:30 am Pilates 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up


8:30 am Aerobics 8:00 am Zumba 8:30 am Cardio 11:30amYoga Class 9:30amStrength, Tone and Flex 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up

10:20 am Yoga 5:30 pm Aerobics 7:30 pm Zumba




14 8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 9:30amStrength, Tone and Flex 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up

10:20 am Yoga 5:50 pm Aerobics 7:30 pm Zumba

8:00 am Zumba 11:30amYoga Class


Father’s Day Cookout 4:00 pm HBTS Paviillion #1 5:30 pm

Great Games Night

Come play Games with everyone. Bring a snack or appetizer to share.



8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 9:30 am Pilates 5:00 pm Poker Night 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up 7:30 pm Zumba

A word from the general manager:




8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 9:30 am Pilates 5:00 pm Poker Night 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up 7:30 pm Zumba

S e a

9:30 am Architectural Control Committee Meeting 10:20 am Yoga 5:50 pm Aerobics 7:30 pm Zumba

10:20 am Yoga 5:50 pm Aerobics 7:30 pm Zumba


19 8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 9:30 am Pilates 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:15 pm Bingo 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up

20 10:20 am Yoga 5:50 pm Aerobics 7:30 pm Zumba


8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 9:30 am Pilates 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up

27 10:20 am Yoga 5:50 pm Aerobics 7:30 pm Zumba


8:30 am Aerobics 8:00 am Zumba 8:30 am Cardio 11:30amYoga Class 9:30amStrength, Tone and Flex 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up

28 8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 9:30amStrength, Tone and Flex 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 5:30 pm HBTS Fishing Club Last Friday Social 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up

8:00 am Zumba 11:30amYoga Class



Northwest Florida’s Premier Restaurant and Banquet Facility

Lunch, Dinners, Weddings, Business Meetings, Bridal Showers, Graduation Parties, Awards Banquets and more! We do it all! Call 850-939-1942 for information Open to the Public!

Wednesday Night Dinner 15% off total bill for Holley By The Sea Residents

Thursday Night Dinner 20% off total bill for all Hidden Creek Members

Friday Night Dinner Local Entertainment and Dinner

*must show proof of residency

Memberships Available • No Initiation Fee Until July 1st, 2013 • One Month Free Cart Rental with new membership • Membership Categories Include: Active Duty Military, Single, Family, Weekday, Social, Junior Executive Twilight, Weekend, Corporate • New Greens open July 2013.

For information please call:

Shanean Ridgley 850-939-4604 or 850-529-1327

Content provided by Holley by the Sea

SouthpointFinancial simply the best

Amanda Adamson NMLS# 958719

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Photo submitted

Members of the HBTS Social Committee gathered recently to recognize and honor Lee Steinert’s service to our community by dedicating a bench in Steinhart’s name in the Recreation Center lobby. Pictured are- standing, from left: Earl Dean, Charles Miller, Tony Timmerwilke, Joanne Miller, Martha Justice, Brenda Timmerwilke, Bettie Pease, Mary Dean, Shirley Mosher, Vinnie Mosher and Dick Justice. Seated, from left are: Cheryl Geller and Bob Geller.

HBTS Social Committee The Holley by the Sea Social Committee reports that the April 13th Yard Sale was a success for buyers and sellers alike. Girl Scouts from Troop 196, Troop 214 and Troop 83 assisted in promoting sales and sold cookies. The girls were Anna Ballo, Emma Ballo, Sahara Rose, Ariana Sealy, Bambi Sealy,Christina Vandenberg, Tina Vandenberg,Julie Morgan and Jordy Bradley. The bench dedicated to Lee Steinert has been placed in the Recreation Center Lobby. Members of the HBTS Social Committee gathered on Saturday May 11 to recognize and honor Lee’s service to our community. Upcoming events ■Father’s Day Cook-out on June 15 ■ Summer Camp Lunch on June 17, July 15 and August 12 ■ Flick & Float on July 20 ■ Yard Sale on September 14 (Rain-out date of September 21). There is no charge for a space. Tables are $5. ■ Boo Breakfast on October 26 ■ Veterans Appreciation Event on November 9

Tennis News The Cinco de Mayo tennis mixer, hosted by Vina Kramer and Mike Dickens from the tennis club, was a big hit! Tim Weaver was the men’s winner, and Angela Allensworth was the winner on the women’s side. Our three ladies teams are wrapping up their seasons soon. Flight five won their division, with flight two and flight eight finishing close behind in second place. The first annual HBTS club championships, including singles and doubles, will be held June 1-2. The summer camp will run from June 10 to August 16. For more information on any of these events, call Jimmy.

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