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April 2013

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399 Pavillion to be replaced

President Pete Peterzen

tee, you guys will decide. The issue tonight is nothing other than approving $7,500 to move forward – that’s it.” Pete Peterzen, board president, noted the legal budget for 2012 was about $110,000 and the legal budget for this year is $76,000. Alley stressed that it costs more a year than $7,500 for poorly written covenants. He added HBTS is not the first association in the state of Florida, or the largest that has successfully changed their covenants. “It’s not insurmountable, and these people doing it have the resources throughout the state … and more importantly … you have the ingredients to start from that have been weeded through so when you decide, there’s not a conflict with what’s already in the state,”Alley said. The motion to have Beck and Poliakoff work on a Covenants continued on page 2

BOD continued on page 2

External Vice-President Pat Traynor Treasurer Jean Tashlik Secretary Joseph Hart

General Manager: Jennifer Barrett Email: generalmanager@

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Photo by Sandi Kemp

The pavilion at the Holley by the Sea boat ramp located on County Road 399 Pavilion will be replaced by John Loftis of Loftis Marine. Loftis is the same company the repaired the boat ramp. The BBQ pit will be removed.

Covenants rewrite process in motion By Yvonne C. Harper HBTSnews The Holley by the Sea Board of Directors approved spending $7,500 from legal funds to engage Becker and Poliakoff to provide Goldberg Walters a full legal draft of governing documents during a March 19 covenants committee to HBTS board special meet- use to create new governing. ing documents. “(There) are so many “The first draft comes to issues that need to be us and we compile our resolved,” said Brooke concerns, and then we Goldberg, HBTS internal have an opportunity (with vice-president.“Trying to Becker and Poliakoff) to fix fix those (issues) piece meal the things we don’t like – is not workable … creat- after that it’s ours,”said ing a new document would Goldberg. She added that solve the problems.” their recommendation is During a working group to schedule enough time meeting held March 14, to campaign for a change rewriting the covenants of covenants and to presand how best to proceed ent the document to the with that process was dis- membership so they will cussed. The recommen- vote on the matter. dation from the working Any amendments to the group was to hire a firm to covenants must be write a draft that could be approved by more than 50 provided to the board percent of the membermembers, and to the ship for the change to be

implemented. Pat Traynor, board external vice-president, stressed that without 50 percent, nothing will change. He added he didn’t want the board making any changes, but rather wants to let the members decide what changes will be made. “I don’t want the board to be the one changing the covenants, I want the people who have to live under it to change it,”said Traynor. That drew a quick response from Don Alley, association manager/ regional director for Continental, the company hired to manage HBTS. “You got to be kidding,” Alley said to Traynor.“You cannot expect 4,000 people, everyone having a different opinion, coming up with some document that will be even slightly accepted by everyone … If (the) sticking point is monetary, that’s all negotiable.You guys are on the commit-

By Yvonne C. Harper HBTSnews Holley by the Sea board of directors will need two new members with the departure of Pete Peterzen and Brooke Goldberg this year. Directors are elected by the membership to serve a two-year term according to the HBTS covenants. A person must be a member of the association and must 18 years old or older. The powers of board member are: ■ Adopt and publish rules and regulations governing the use of the common areas and facilities including the personal conduct of the members and their guests thereon; and to establish penalties for infractions of such rules and regulations. ■ Suspend the voting rights and right to use the recreational facilities of any member during any period in which such member is in default in the payment of any assessment levied by the Association, including without limitation annual assessments, special assessments, or assessments levied by the Association for correction of violations of architectural guidelines or other assessments. Such rights may also be suspended after notice and hearing before the Board of Directors with the length of the suspension being determined at the discretion of the Board for infractions of published rules and regulations other than nonpayment of assessment levied by the Association. Suspensions shall be indefinite for continuing violations, including without limitation non-payment of any fee or assessment levied by the Association.

Internal Vice-President Brooke Goldberg

Email the board:

Board of directors sought

Valid through April 30, 2013



The Club at Hidden Creek gets new truck

Mark your calendar to take part in upcoming events at the Navarre Library located at 8484 James M. Harvell Road. ■ AARP Tax Preparation from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Thursdays and Saturdays, and from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. on Fridays now until April 15. ■ Spring preschool story time for children ages 3-5 at 11 a.m. on Tuesdays from now until April 23. ■ Classic movie program showing Casablanca with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman at 2 p.m. on April 9, Tuesday, in the meeting room. ■ Brown Bag Lunch series the third Wednesday of each month at noon. ■ Friends of Navarre Library spring book sale from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. on April 26, and from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. on April 27. ■ Navarre Library hours of operations: from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday – Wednesday; from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Thursday; from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Friday; and from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Saturday. ■ Friends of Navarre Library bookstore hours: from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday – Wednesday; from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Thursday; from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Friday; and from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Saturday.

By Yvonne C. Harper HBTSnews The Holley Navarre Water System board of directors approved the purchase of a 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe for The Club at Hidden Creek. Ken Walker, HNWS general manager, said the request came from Dave Taylor, Hidden Creek manager. “Hidden Creek personnel all use personal vehicles for routine work-related items. They charge Hidden Creek for mileage and expenses, so Dave Taylor asked for a vehicle to use for the business, (and a vehicle) that would allow for the possible use to pick up vis-

Scalping the greens By Yvonne C. Harper HBTSnews The greens at The Club at Hidden Creek will be scalped and replaced with new plugs beginning April 1. Dave Taylor, Hidden Creek’s general manager reported the process of improving the greens will begin with the removal of the putting and chipping greens on April 1 and 2.

Tahoe pictured is the make, model and color of the one The Club purchased.

Submitted photo

itors from hotels to bring to the golf course for golfing,” said Walker. Taylor presented his request to the board of direc-

tors during the March 19 monthly board meeting. “What we did is we modified his budget to include that vehicle,”said Walker.

The Hidden Creek budget was modified by an increase of $35,600 for the truck. The Tahoe was delivered the first week in April.

“We will be tearing up the putting green and chipping green first. It won’t affect any play.”said Taylor. The process will involve removing six inches of existing green. “We’ll come back with a sand and organic mix and reshape (the greens) to how we want them,”said Taylor. The next process will involve closing the front nine and replacing those greens from April 13-21. “People can still play on the back nine through,”Taylor said. After the front nine is complete, the back nine will

be closed April 22-30 for replacement and the front nine will be open for play. On May 1-2, the entire course will be closed for the fumigation process. The course will reopen for play on May 3, but close again May 7-8 so MiniVerde sprigs can be planted. From May 9-July 4 the course will be in the growth phase and the course will be on temporary greens until reopening for full play on July 4. It’s been 26 years since the greens have been replaced. “Typically they’re replaced

every seven to 10 years, but they’ve never been replaced,” Taylor said. In addition to replacing the greens, 1,000 linear feet of cart path will be added. Kings Ranch will be doing the work and cost will be about $300,000. The cost for replacing the greens was budgeted for in this year’s budget, according to Taylor. “There will be much more consistency to the grass (allowing) much better speed for putting. It will be a lot faster and smoother, and basically consistent throughout the year,”Taylor said.


the Board of Directors equal to or greater than the number of posiContinued from page 1 tions to be filled. Potential nomi■ Exercise on behalf of the Asso- nees shall be required to fill out ciation all powers, duties, and author- information sheets, the content ity vested in or delegated to the of which are to be determined by Association and not specifically the Board. Persons nominated shall reserved to the membership by the be listed on a“Proxy”ballot to be Declaration, Articles of Incorpora- mailed out to members, using the tion, or by other provisions of these addresses that are part of the Associations records, at least 45 days Bylaws. ■ Declare the office of a mem- prior to the election. Proxy ballots ber of the Board of Directors to be are to be returned to the Associvacant in the event that such mem- ation no later than 10 days prior ber is absent from three (3) con- to the election to be considered. The duties of a board member secutive regular meetings of the are: Board of Directors; and ■ Cause to be kept a complete ■ Employ a manager, independent contractors, and such other employ- record of all its acts and corporate ees as they deem necessary, and to affairs and to present a statement thereof to the members at each prescribe their duties. ■ The Board of Directors shall, annual meeting. ■ Approve the annual budget for at least 45 days prior to an election of Directors, nominate a num- the management and maintenance ber of candidates for positions on of the common area setting forth

an itemized statement of revenues and expenditures and fixing the amount of the annual assessment against each lot on or before Oct. 1 preceding each annual assessment period. ■ Send written notice of each assessment to every owner subject thereto on or before Nov. 1 before each annual assessment period. ■ Foreclose the lien against any property for which assessments are not paid within 30 days after the due date, or to bring an action at law against the owner personally obligated to pay the same. ■ Issue, or cause an appropriate officer to issue, on demand by any person, a certificate setting forth whether or not any assessment has been paid. A statement in a certificate to the effect that an assessment has been paid shall constitute conclusive evidence of such payment. The Board may impose a reason-

able charge for the issuance of these certificates. ■ Procure and maintain adequate liability and hazard insurance on all property owned by the Association. ■ Cause all officers or employees having fiscal responsibilities to be bonded, as it may deem appropriate and; ■ Cause the common area to be maintained. The application for the board of directors position can be found at Applications must be submitted no later than 12 p.m. on April 15 to give the nominating committee time to interview the candidates and make their selection. The committee will then make recommendations to the board of directors during the monthly May meeting, where the board will approve or disapprove the recommendations. Ballots will be mailed to members no later than June 6.

Covenants Continued from page 1 full covenant draft was approved 4-1 with Traynor voting no. The second issue voted on was to ensure a ceiling for violation fines was included in the draft revision. Goldberg began the discussion by pointing out five areas in the covenants the working group discussed that are problematic for the Architectural Control Committee, the board of directors, the HBTS staff and general manager. Term limits for board members; a change in the voting requirements for amendments; the definition of a nuclear family; the parking policy; and enforcement of violations. “We need to be specific on what we want the ceiling to be in the governing documents. Once the ceiling is reached, (we can) then file for a lien or send to legal,” said Goldberg. “You’ll own us,”said one member. “No, we’ll just own what you owe,”replied Goldberg. Beth Walter of the ACC told the board members that until they have an enforcement mechanism, members with violations will just blow off the notices. “Even though there are a lot of people against it, a lot are for it,”said Walter. “We don’t have any teeth right now.” The motion to set the fine ceiling in accordance with Florida Statute 720 was approved 4-1 with Traynor voting no.

HBTS Relay for Life teams The Navarre Relay for Life event will be held April 19. ■ HBTS Fishing Club Relay for Life team: Anyone interested in supporting or participating in the Holley by the Fishing Club relay team can contact Laurie Gallup at or 850-9361312. ■ HBTS Relay for Life team: Anyone interest in supporting or participating in the HBTS Relay for Life team can contact Jennie Barrett at

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Automated External Defibrillator for Beach House discussed at board meeting By Sandi Kemp The possibility of buying an automated external defibrillator (AED) for the beach house in case there is an emergency was discussed at the March 19 board of directors meeting for a cost of $3,000, which includes the housing cabinet. “If an AED gives people a peace of mind, I’m okay with that. However, it is a false peace of mind. There is no requirement that we have one down there and they aren’t effective,”said Pete Peterzen, HBTS board president. Peterzen added he was previously Advance Life Support (ALS) certified. “Is it a false sense of security?” asked Pat Traynor, HBTS board external vice-president. “What about security cameras?”added Traynor, referring to the additional security cameras voted on in the same meeting. Peterzen went on to say there has been an AED devise in the main building for four years and they have had a lot of people in the recreational facility with large meetings, camps and swimming and they have never had to use the AED. “We have only taken it out to change the batteries,”Peterzen said. The cost for the battery was determined to be $7. “I’d rather save a life than have a picture of them dying,” said Traynor comparing the value of having an AED device and the new security cameras. “The research that I did showed that it is most useful in a situation when someone has a heart arrhythmia issue, like a high school student on a practice field that suddenly develops a problem. To me, it isn’t about the money. It is about whether or not it is going to work,” said Brooke Goldberg, HBTS internal vice-president. “If it is needed and someone is willing to use it, it is worth it,”said Peterzen. Pat Traynor made the motion to buy the AED device for the beach house and the motion was seconded by Peterzen. The motion passed 4-1 with Jean Tashlik voting no.

Atlantic cross-over leads to new life By Yvonne C. Harper HBTSnews Howie Rounsaville spent his early years eating fish and chips, and crisps, walking to school in the snow, riding on double-decker buses and living in a flat above a fish and chip shop. At age 9, Howie Rounsaville gave up walking in the snow for walking on the beach when he crossed the Atlantic Ocean from the“mother land”to Fort Walton Beach. “I am from Ipswitch, England – Great Britain,”said Rounsaville.“I remember riding double-deckers, and on the way home from school, stopping by the old fish and chip shop and spending 25 pence,”said Rounsaville.“We lived in a flat above a fish and chip shop.” When Rounsaville first arrived in Fort Walton Beach, he had to adjust to the language, the schools and the culture. “The biggest adjustment was the school system,”said Rounsaville. “Just the pronunciation, spelling – for instance, there it’s ‘mum’ and here it’s‘mom.’” Then there were the surroundings and the weather. “In England, everything is much closer and in this area things are bigger. The weather, it was hot and a lot of SPF, I didn’t really like the weather. Coming into a different atmosphere and environment, I wanted to go back because that’s where (my) mates were, and I could watch any English Football. I’m a big soccer fan – still am,”said Rounsaville. Over time, though, Rounsaville made the area his home, although he still retains his passion for English football; so much so that he has the name of his team, the Tottenham Hotspurs, tattooed on his leg. He also makes regular shopping trips to the English Pedlar in Navarre to get English supplies. “I get my crisps, sweets and pop,” said Rounsaville with a smile. In Holley by the Sea, he has built a home with the two loves of his life: his wife and daughter. Rounsaville also serves and protects the residents of Navarre and the surrounding area through his job at the Holley-Navarre Fire Department. His journey into the fire service began after he graduated high school in 1992. After a brief desire to join the Army and different jobs, as well as coaching youth basketball and baseball, he put himself through fire school. “Every time a fire truck would go by (when he was younger), I would go out on the street to see where it

Photo by Yvonne C. Harper

Battalion Chief Howie Rounsaville proudly displays his Tottenham Hotspurs – his English football team – scarf. The scarf was given to him from a fellow Brit. was going,”said Rounsaville. A friend’s father knew the fire chief at the Florosa Fire Department and upon an invitation to speak with the fire chief, Rounsaville decided firefighting was what he wanted to do. He served as a volunteer firefighter before being hired with the City of Mary Esther. From there he transferred to the South Walton Fire District. “While working there, I took some career advancement classes. I asked to volunteer at HolleyNavarre when it was an all-volunteer force,”said Rounsaville. When Holley-Navarre transitioned to paid positions, he was hired as a parttime firefighter. He then tested for lieutenant and made it. For a time, he worked with Holley-Navarre and South Walton.

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“I worked 24 (hours) at HolleyNavarre, 24 at South Walton, and 24 off,”he explained. In 2012, he tested for battalion chief. After advancing to the position, he resigned from South Walton. Rounsaville said being a firefighter is more than just extinguishing fires, and he and his men really have rescued cats from trees. They have also pulled cats and possums from underneath trailers, stuck in car engines or in RVs. He and his men also respond to medical emergencies, car accidents, and everyday incidents. “A washing machine pulled away from the wall and a single mother called the fire department. She didn’t know what to do. We went out, shut the water off ,cleaned up the water and fixed the problem for


her,”said Rounsaville. Then there was the call where an older gentleman had a heart attack while cutting his grass. “We decided as a crew to finish cutting his yard,”said Rounsaville. “We are here to serve the public anyway we can.” There are the calls though that weigh heavy on him. “Dealing with infants and children … injuries that children suffer,” said Rounsaville trailing off, and then adding,“It’s their emergency, not yours.” During his down time, he enjoys the simple pleasure of spending time with his wife and daughter. He and his wife married at the PensacolaYacht Club two years after meeting on a blind date. “My bride is very beautiful.”

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Variance requests The following variances were discussed during the March 12 Holley by the Sea Board of Directors meeting. Usage Variances: ■ 2500 block of Pepper: Owner requested to add fiancé and child to account. This property was brought up at last meeting, because fiancé was associated with another property that owed dues. Since that time, the fiancé has been removed from her former home via a quick claim deed. The request to add the fiancé and child on the owner’s account was approved. ■ 2100 block of Vine: Owner requested to add renter to account. This is a nuclear family of a husband and wife and three children under the age of 18. Applying owner’s rules, the request was approved. ■ Vacant lot on Smallwood: Owner requested their 27-year-old adult daughter be added to the account. Pat Traynor, HBTS board external vice-president moved to approve the request with a two-year limit.“For two years the daughter wants to use (the facility) while she is going to college. The way I look at - when you pay dues no one has set up how many people can use the property if there is no

Photo by Sandi Kemp

Owner’s privileges were suspended for numerous violations including a boat parked in the driveway. house. There are no limits. Pete Peterzen, HBTS board president replied, “Our covenants say for a vacant lot - one user or a nuclear family - with kids younger than 25.” Traynor’s motion was not seconded. Brooke Goldberg, HBTS board internal vice-president made a motion to deny the request.The motion passed 4-1 with Traynor voting no. ■ 1900 block of Iris: Owner of four-bedroom home with three users requested to add two additional users to account. The owner told the board members they really only needed to add one user, because the other person could use their 30guest passes. The motion to approve the fourth user was approved 4-1 with Traynor voting no.

Holley by the Sea Summer Camp 2013 Dates: June 10-Aug. 16

2000 block of Sundown : Owner of a four-bedroom home requested to add her companion to the account. Peterzen recused himself from the discussion and vote because he said he knows the owner, who was present at the meeting. Goldberg motioned to approve the request. Traynor asked the owner,“Are you going to get married?”The owner answered,“No, he is my companion.The request was approved 4-1 with Traynor voting no. Architectural Variances: ■ 7254 Siesta: Owner of new construction requested a 25-foot setback instead of the required 35-foot setback. The owner was previously denied the request but resubmitted it upon hearing that a

similar setback variance has been approved. Beth Walter, ACC member told the board members the circumstances for the approved request is different than the request before them. “It juts out more than the other house,”said Walter, adding the ACC voted to deny the request.The board unanimously approved denying the setback variance request. ■ 6725 Castlewood: Owner requested a variance from 10 feet to 6.5 feet for a garage extension. The ACC approved the request because the 6.5 feet meets the utilities requirement.The board unanimously approved the request. ■ 2544 Houston Circle: ACC recommended approving suspending privileges because owner has a significant history of covenant violations. During the February meeting, the board members approved sending the matter to legal but failed to discuss privilege suspension. “I see there are trash can violations on this complaint and everyone has that problem,” said Traynor. Other violations included a parking permit issue from August 2012 that is still unresolved. The board unanimously approved suspending the owner’s privileges.

Panhandle Butterfly House opening Staff Reports Navarre Press

Hours: 6:30 a.m.-6 p.m. Director: Alison Hunt Assistant Director: Chelsea Anderson Phone: 939-3018 ext. 6 Email :

The Panhandle Butterfly House will hold its annual spring grand opening from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. on Friday, April 19. The grand opening will include a butterfly plant sale by the Santa Rosa County Master Gardeners, punch and cookies, and classical guitar serenades by Jimmy Chandler, according to the county news Eligibility: Summer camp is open to all release. On April 25, the butterfly house will open to the public from 10 members of Holley by the Sea. Parents or guardians must be members of Holley by the a.m.-3 p.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.Tours will be available Sea to enroll their children. Children are eligi- for groups of 10 or more Monday through Wednesday. Reservations ble to attend summer camp if they are entering can be made at The butterfly house is located at 8581 Navarre Parkway in the east kindergarten for the 2013-2014 school year and have attended a preschool,VPK, etc. The cut-off corner of the Navarre Park. For more information, contact Mary Derrick at 850-623-3868 from age for summer camp includes children com8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. on weekdays or by email at pleting fifth grade for the 2012-2013 school year. Summer Camp Fees ■ Registration : $30 ■ Weekly (4-5 days) $90/child Staff Reports ■ Mon/Wed/Fri $75 ■ Tue/Thursday: $50 HBTSnews ■ Daily* $25 Navarre High School NJROTC is hosting a summer drill camp *The only two options for part-time care from June 17-21. For students who want to join NJROTC, the camp are: Monday, Wednesday and Friday; or Tues- is required. A Santa Rosa County sports physical must be completday and Thursday. These two options charge ed, and the cost to attend is $70. For more information, contact Masthe daily rate. ter Chief Ethridge at 850-380-7533 or 850-936-6080, ext. 1197.

NJROTC summer drill camp

Tara Leonie Capron Withers (850) 565-0480 (850) 240-7838

Jacqualyn Walden 850-499-8398

Claire Pearson 850-449-3030

Debbie Treat (850) 803-9635

Ursula Householder (850) 642-5711

Holley by the Sea Incidents Feb. 10 – March 24, 2013 as reported by the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Department.

■ Elkhart Drive Disturbance: Family 02/06/2013

■ Arcola Street Criminal Mischief: Misdemeanor 02/22/2013

■ Elkhart Drive Disturbance: Family 02/28/2013

■ Balboa Court Criminal Mischief: Misdemeanor 02/20/2013 ■ Britt Street Burglary: Vehicle 02/26/2013 ■ Broadmoor Street Disturbance: Family 02/23/2013 ■ Broadmoor Street Disturance: Family 03/02/2013 ■ Bryant Street Narcotics/Drugs, Found/Recovered (No Charges) 02/15/2013 ■ Castlewood Street Burglary: Vehicle 03/21/2013 ■ East Bay Boulevard Traffic Offense: Other or Arrest 02/13/2013 ■ East Bay Boulevard Criminal Mischief: Misdemeanor 02/22/2013 ■ East Bay Boulevard Vehicle Abandoned 03/10/2013 ■ East Bay Boulevard Burglary: Other 03/13/2013 ■ East Bay Boulevard Disturbance: Family 03/13/2013 ■ East Bay Boulevard Warrant Service 03/13/2013

■ Flintwood Street Burglary: Vehicle 03/04/2013 ■ Hilton Drive Disturbance: Family 02/08/2013 ■ Houston Circle Disturbance: Family 02/16/2013 ■ Houston Circle Property: Found 02/16/2013 ■ Leisure Street Missing Person: Juvenile 02/11/2013 ■ Longview Street Traffic Offense: Other or Arrest 02/15/2013 ■ Jasper Street Fraud: Other 03/13/2013 ■ Leisure Street Battery 03/08/2013 ■ Liberty Street Disturbance: Family 03/03/2013 ■ Pineneedle Drive Search Warrant 03/22/2013 ■ Rexford Street Missing Person: Juvenile 02/10/2013 ■ Turnberry Ciricle Theft: Grand 03/12/2013

■ Woodmont Street ■ Edgewood Drive Miscellaneous: Written Miscellaneous – Written Report Report 02/20/2103 02/06/2013

Paula Patching 850-450-2643

8871 Navarre Parkway Navarre, FL 32566

■ Elkhart Drive Enforceable Court Orders 03/01/2013

Jodi Billy Van Wagner Chapman 850-723-1907 850-217-0275

Teresea Harris 850-499-8957

Steve Bassham 850-533-6000

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April 2013

Natural beauty near hidden creek By Yvonne C. Harper HBTSnews A natural landscape with two mature live oaks in the front and many more in the back sit next to a hidden creek in Holley by the Sea. Jonathan Kanzigg has made a home for himself and his family in Hidden Creek in Holley by the Sea - and there really is a creek that runs along the edge of his property. The crystal clear water of the creek is hidden behind several feet of trees, but the path to the waters from his property is evidence that it’s visited often. “The kids enjoy coming to the creek,”said Kanzigg.“My daughter comes out her with her friends. It’s shaded, it’s fresh water, and there’s never not any water in it.” Kanzigg and his wife, Dawn, bought their lot in 2004 after Kanzigg stumbled upon the property quite by accident. “I actually got lost in this neighborhood and I drove down this road and saw the ‘for sale’ sign on the lot and jotted down the number,” said Kanzigg. “They were asking $23,000 and we offered $18,000 and they took it.” They then built their home of red brick on the quiet culde-sac. Kanzigg said that although he hired a builder, he wasn’t happy with the work, so built the home himself. At the time, Kanzigg was a regular firefighter and during his days off he did landscaping work. “I worked with a guy from Mobile; I went out and worked with him a few times and saw it was not a lot of pressure. It was good work and decent money,” said Kanzigg.“I bought a push mower and put it in the trunk of my Honda Accord.The first year I drove around in my Honda (with) my tools - I had seven yards.” The next year, he bought a trailer and then a bigger trailer. By the time he exited the landscaping business, he had 57 yards he was responsible for, most in Holley by the Sea. “I couldn’t do it anymore when I got promoted to fire

Photos by Yvonne C. Harper

Jonathan Kanzigg swings from one of the many live oaks in his yard.

The naturalness of 2563 Holly Place is nestled near the creek in Hidden Creek. chief (of Midway Fire Department),” said Kanzigg. As a“grass man”he decided on a yard that didn’t require a lot of work. “I didn’t feel like cutting

my yard when I got home,” he said.“I knew what was simple and low maintenance. I like the natural look.” Kanzigg built the home around the more than 100

live oak trees and the creek on the property. Then Hurricane Ivan struck and they lost many of the live oaks. “If we had known we were going to lose that number of

trees, we would’ve done things differently,”said Kanzigg. The two remaining oaks in the front were quite small when the home was built but now stand about 30 feet tall, with one slightly bent from Ivan. The flower bed is in the process of being cleared of weeds and mulched with pine straw. The sego palms that rest under the live oaks are there for easy maintenance and because grass won’t grow under the trees. “There are minimal bushes and flower beds and nothing grows under the oak trees – there’s little grass to cut,” said Kanzigg. The Kanzigg’s home on 2563 Holly Place is not a showcase to extravagant land-

scaping, but natural beauty flows throughout, as does the creek that he occasionally will “plop down here with a chair” enjoying the cool of the shade and the sounds of the slowmoving creek waters.

THe hidden creek beside the Kanzigg home that family enjoys.

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April 2013

First Class M.D. – Personalized care for lifelong health

Dr. Wayne Burnett

The words“health care” often conjure an image of a sick patient visiting a physician for treatment of an illness. Dr. Wayne Burnett of First Class M.D. wants to change the way Navarre approaches health care and wellness. Wellness and anti-aging are the cornerstones of Dr. Burnett’s approach to medicine, but those phrases are more wide-ranging to him than they sound. “The approach at First Class M.D. is to treat the whole patient, and focus on achieving and maintaining optimal health to allow patients to live long, healthy lives at any age,”Dr. Burnett said. For many patients, this process begins with achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Dr. Burnett uses the words weight management to describe the holistic approach that he and his staff have in assisting patients with achieving overall wellness. “The first question a

patient should ask a doctor is‘Do you offer weight management?’Weight management is a lifelong pursuit, where we focus on the complete individual,”he said. The weight management program at First Class M.D. is not simply based on pharmaceutical cures, but on a complete personal approach specific to each patient. “Weight management is a comprehensive process,” said Dr. Burnett.“We offer behavior modification as the foundation, and then we help our patients make therapy lifestyle changes, which we call TLC, helping them learn proper exercise and how to restrict their calories by assisting with food selection, portions and timing.” Dr. Burnett’s already excellent staff, including Elaine Juarez and Christine McQueen, has been further enhanced with the addition of Dana Cholish. Dana holds a dual master’s

degree in nutritional science and exercise physiology. She will assist patients through the process of fitness, meal plans and shopping lists. A highly sophisticated approach to weight management will include the use of state-of-the-art body composition technology. Dr. Burnett helps his patients understand that his approach to anti-aging therapy is to look at longterm health from the cellular level. “We focus on the cellular level to improve vitality in our patients,”said Dr. Burnett. This involves helping a patient’s natural anti-aging systems work as effectively as possible by targeting stem cells. “Everyone has stem cells,”said Dr. Burnett. Stem cells are produced in the bone marrow and circulate around the body. A stem cell can become any type of cell, making the preservation and health of those stem cells important





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has continued to study with some of the finest physicians in the country to ensure he’s at the forefront of medical developments. He is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, a 28,000 member strong community of physicians and health care professionals dedicated to helping patients live longer, healthier lives. “A biology professor once told me to train in as many areas of medicine and science as I could, because there are multiple treatments and therapies available,” Dr. Burnett said. This is where First Class M.D. excels. Dr. Burnett and his staff incorporate thera-

pies, treatments and approaches from numerous areas of medicine to effectively treat each patient as an individual. Dr. Burnett is also currently finishing a Master of Science in biomedical nutrition and endocrinology, and will also be awarded an Advanced Fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative and Functional Medicine in December. His dedication to continuing education, researching new treatments and bringing new knowledge to his patients is one of the many examples of Dr. Burnett’s commitment to the health and vitality of the community he has served for more than 20 years.

First Class M.D. Wellness & Anti-Aging Dr. Wayne S. Burnett 2053 Fountain Professional Court, Suite B Navarre, FL 32566

850-939-4150 Get on Board our Business Billboard


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to lifelong wellness. “When stem cells live in an environment that is healthier, it provides our patients with longer, higher-quality lives,”Dr. Burnett explained.“Instead of growing older and becoming frail and in despair, we have patients who are youthful and full of vitality. “We focus on the physical and psychological stress, because stress can affect the life span of a cell,”Dr. Burnett explained.“When you decrease cell turnover rates in the body, you can slow down the aging process.” Bioequivalent hormone replacement therapy can assist a patient’s natural cell growth to maintain a healthier, longer, more youthful life, and Dr. Burnett has extensive knowledge and takes time with patients to understand their unique metabolic needs. Dr. Burnett has extensive training in many areas of medicine. Trained at the St. Elizabeth Franciscan Medical Center in Ohio, Burnett

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• Age Management, Memory Care, and Fall Risk Prevention • Advanced Biomedical & Diagnostic Testing • Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men & Women • Physician Supervised Weight Loss Programs

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C o n t e n t

p r o v i d e d

b y

H o l l e y

b y

Home remodeling suggestions Before you begin an exterior remodeling and/or landscaping project, be sure to complete the Holley by the Sea Exterior Home Improvement Application. You will need two copies of your plot plans [can be found in your real estate closing documents], a detailed drawing of other features desirable for clarification such as exterior walls, screens, pools, fencing etc. Also note provisions for recreational vehicles, boats, etc. If applicable, include Santa Rosa County drainage plans. It is important for you to legibly notate the setbacks and dimensions on the plot plans. In the event the Architectural Control Committee cannot read the measurements on your application, the application approval process and the issuance of a permit to build will be delayed until clarification is received. Building without a county permit may save you money up front, but most likely it will end up turning into a big mistake. If you don’t build to code, you’ll end up with fees and fines [numbers vary, depending on the city, but could be hundreds of dollars more than the cost of the permit], and you

HBTS Craft Club

■ A Holley by the Sea community yard sale will be held from 7 a.m.noon April 13 on the park road. HBTS members can reserve a table and space for $10, or just space for $5. The HBTS Fishing Club Relay for Life team will be serving beverages and donuts, and offering yard-sale items for donations. ■ A Crab Island pontoon boat trip will be held May 18. ■ Flick and Float will be held June 22. The Holley by the Sea Social Committee needs volunteers to help plan social events such as potlucks dinners, dances, BBQs and festivals. The committee also needs a chairperson. A social club meeting will be held at 10 a.m. on May 1 at the HBTS recreational center screen room – all are invited to attend. For more information, visit or stop by the front desk.

The Holley by the Sea Crafters Club will meet from 7-8 p.m. on April 11, Thursday, in the HBTS recreation center sun room. Anyone who wants to donate a craft item for the silent auction at the Relay for Life event, please bring a sample of the craft to the meeting. For more information email or visit NWF Getting’Crafty Facebook page.

S e a

A word from the general manager: Hello HBTS members, During the month of February, we replaced the smoke detectors in the recreation center, repaired the fencing around the Barrett beach house, the basketball courts and the security gates. The pool furniture is being repaired and we have cleared the west pond area for the new irrigation system being installed. We are also still working on clearing the beach area. Also, we had a safety inspection in March and are making some additional modifications to the facilities and grounds. During the month of February, the architectural department handled 34 new violations and resolved 39 outstanding ones. We had three new home starts and finals on nine more. Also, 20 home improvement applications were submitted and 15 were completed. Our end-of-February financials for HBTS are as follows: ■ Cash Account Balances Operating Account $2,740,804.00 Reserve Account $ 403,135.00 Improvement and Expansion $182,319.00 ■ $206,534.00 uncollected for 2013. ■ 97.5 percent of assessments collected compared to 97.5 percent last year. ■ Operating expenses are five percent under budget as of Feb. 28. The applications for the 2013-15 Board of Directors positions are available at the front desk or online at our website. As always, I am in my office Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Please stop in any time if you have any questions or concerns.

will most likely have to redo it if you are found out by a city home inspector. Additionally, if you add on another room to your house and do not get a county permit, it can’t be factored in as part of your home’s square footage. Take the time to talk to the HBTS Architectural Office at 850-939-1693, extension 3, the county and your contractor about any permits you may need before starting a project.

Mark your social calendar

t h e

Thank you, Jennie Barrett General Manager

Youth Department news Before and After School Program: TheYouth Department provides a Before and After School Program for children from kindergarten to fifth grade who are members of Holley by the Sea. There is currently a waiting list for the After School Program. For more information please contact theYouth Department at 850-939-3018, ext. 6. Parents’Night Out: Parents’Night Out is open to all children in kindergarten to fifth grade who are members of Holley by the Sea. The next scheduled Parents’Night Out dates

are April 19 and May 31. At least 15 children must be signed up by April 12 or the event will be cancelled. Payment must be made at time of signup. Fun Factory: Space is limited so call the day-of to reserve a spot for your child. The cost is $3 an hour per child. Fun Factory hours are: ■ Morning Fun Factory: 8:30 a.m.12:30 p.m., Monday-Friday for children ages 6 months old to 5 years old. ■ Evening Fun Factory: 6-8 p.m., Monday-Friday for children age 6 months old to 10 years old.



Board of Directors Meeting April 9 6 p.m.







8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 9:30 am Pilates 10:30 am Zumba 5:00 pm Poker Night 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up 7:30 pm Zumba


8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 9:30 am Pilates 10:30 am Zumba 5:00 pm Poker Night 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up 7:30 pm Zumba


9 10:20 am Yoga 5:30 pm Aerobics 6:00 pm BOD Meeting 7:30 pm Zumba

8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 9:30 am Pilates 10:30 am Zumba 5:00 pm Poker Night 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up 7:30 pm Zumba

9:30 am Architectural Control Committee Meeting 10:20 am Yoga 5:50 pm Aerobics 7:30 pm Zumba



8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 9:30 am Pilates 10:30 am Zumba 5:00 pm Poker Night 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up 7:30 pm Zumba

8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 9:30 am Pilates 10:30 am Zumba 5:00 pm Poker Night 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up 7:30 pm Zumba


10:20 am Yoga 5:50 pm Aerobics 7:30 pm Zumba

10:20 am Yoga 5:50 pm Aerobics 7:30 pm Zumba

For information about HBTS Calendar Events contact 939-1693 Thursday


8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 9:30 am Pilates 10:30 am Zumba 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:15 pm Bingo 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up


17 8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 9:30 am Pilates 10:30 am Zumba 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:15 pm Bingo 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up

24 8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 9:30 am Pilates 10:30 am Zumba 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up


April 2013

8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 9:30 am Pilates 10:30 am Zumba 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up


members entering kindergarten in the 2013-2014 school year or who are currently in grades kindergarten to fifth grade can attend 2013 summer camp during the upcoming spring break. Applications for staff positions are available at the front desk. Applicants must be 18 years old to apply. There will be no Counselor-in-Training positions this summer. For more information, contact the Youth Department at 850-939-3018, ext. 6. Closure Dates: Morning Fun Factory will be closed April 5.



9:30 am Architectural Control Committee Meeting 10:00 am Social Committee Meeting 10:20 am Yoga 5:30 pm Aerobics 7:00 pm Fishing Club Meeting 7:30 pm Zumba


■ Saturday Fun Factory: 8 a.m.noon for children age 6 months old to 10 years old. New Fun Factory Forms: Please be aware that as of Jan. 1 theYouth Department began updating all Fun Factory information. All parents with children who participate in the Fun Factory Program must complete the new form. Fun Factory cards are available for purchase at the HBTS front desk. The cards are $50 for 20 sessions and expire 90 days from the date of purchase. Summer Camp 2013: HBTS


4 8:30 am Body Conditioning 10:20 am Yoga 5:50 pm Aerobics 6:15 pm Pyramid Training 7:30 pm Zumba

11 8:30 am Body Conditioning 10:20 am Yoga 5:50 pm Aerobics 6:15 pm Pyramid Training 7:30 pm Zumba

18 8:30 am Body Conditioning 10:20 am Yoga 5:50 pm Aerobics 6:15 pm Pyramid Training 7:30 pm Zumba

25 8:30 am Body Conditioning 10:20 am Yoga 5:50 pm Aerobics 6:15 pm Pyramid Training 7:30 pm Zumba

Want to get involved with social events? Our monthly committee meeting will be at night starting in January. For more information, call 939-3018 x0 or email the Social Committee chairperson at


5 8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 10:30 am Zumba 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up

12 8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 10:30 am Zumba 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up

19 8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 10:30 am Zumba 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up


8:30 am Aerobics 8:30 am Cardio 10:30 am Zumba 5:30pm HBTS Fishing Club Last Friday Social 5:30 pm Taekwondo 5-13 6:00pm Fishing Club Friday Sociable 6:30 pm Taekwondo 13-up

Before and After School Care: We currently have a waiting list. If you are interested in having your child’s name added to the list please contact the Youth Department.


8:00 am Zumba 11:30amYoga Class

13 7:00am HBTS Yard Sale 8:00 am Zumba 11:30amYoga Class

8:00 am Zumba 11:30amYoga Class 5:30 pm


Great Games Night

Come play Games with everyone. Bring a snack or appetizer to share. See flyer for more information.

8:00 am Zumba 11:30amYoga Class


Fun Factory: We have new hours! Please remember reservations are required. For reservations, contact the Youth Department. Mon. – Fri. 8 a.m.-noon, 5-8 p.m. Sat. 8 a.m.-noon

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April 2013

Lane Lynchard, LLM Lynchard & Greene, PL Attorneys

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