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Maintaining an ideal body weight and a healthy body fat composition is essential to

the restoration and maintenance of efficient bodily function and overall health.

Excessive weight load, especially around the midsection, has been correlated with

an increased risk of certain diseaselater in life. Our sedentary lifestyles,

coupled with our overindulgence in highly processedand refined foods, have created

an obesity epidemic in this country. Cardiovascular disease,diabetes, and obesity

are rampant. Obesity, Now more then ever, is affecting our children at a far

greater rate then ever before. With that being said it is often the aesthetic

component of weight loss that attracts us to ‘fad’ diets, which promise a quick fix

to a longstanding problem.

On that note, I would like to start off with a brief definition of a common English

word. Insanity: continuing to do the same thing, over and over again, yet

expecting a different outcome. Hence, it stands to reason that the only effective

solution to health and weight loss, long-term weight loss, is to begin to make

longstanding lifestyle changesthat are conducive to your goals. Otherwise you are

just choosing to get onto a roller coaster ride that will never end. You don’t

want to be constantly struggling with your weight as it goesup and then down, up

and then down, just like a roller coaster, do you?

Fad diets feed on your emotions and your desire to be thin or look a certain way.

Don’t be fooled by these emotionally driven ads that mislead you.

Losing weight, and keeping it off, is not accomplished through quick fix or ‘fad’

diets and usually creates what we like to call ‘yo-yo’ dieters. Yo-yo dieters are

people who are constantly dieting yet never seem to lose, or keep the weight off.

One of the main problems with yo-yo dieting is that it generally causesa steady

and gradual increase in the individuals’ body fat percentage. The reason this

happens is becausewhen we diet we usually lose a combination of both lean muscle

and body fat but when we gain the weight back we usually only gain back fat because

muscle is much harder to gain, and maintain.

Not only is this practice detrimental to your body weight but it also begins to ad

undue stress on your organ systems as a result of the volatile changesin weight.

With that being said it’s also not uncommon to see these people also feeling

depressed or unhappy. With so much volatility of body weight, and physiological

function, it stands to reason that the average individual will begin to be affected

by the emotional frustration this type of scenario creates. If your body is not

well how can the mind be? It can’t.

It goes without saying that the most efficient form of weight loss is one where we

are able to conserve all, or almost all, of our lean muscle tissue while achieving

a steady reduction in body fat. This is best

accomplished through a balanced combination of guided and sensible nutrition and


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