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Vision: We envision safe, healthy, stable, responsible, resilient, self�reliant, secure, supportive and engaged individuals, families and communities.

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FSI Overview The Ins(tute  promotes  a  shi1  in  the  thinking,  funding   and   prac(ce   of   government,   service   systems   and   communi(es   to   ensure   that   our   children   and   families   have   what   they   need   to   achieve   their   highest   poten(al.    

Why a Family Success Institute? The FSI   offers   an   alterna(ve   to   the   last   60   years   of   increasing   investments   in   efforts   to   prevent   or   intercede   in   the   many   symptoms   of   family   distress   that   have   yielded   discouraging   results,   a   deteriora(on   of   child   and   family   well-­‐ being  and  diminished  public  support  and  trust.    

FSI Mission The Ins(tute  will  fully  realize  its  vision  of  Family  Success   when:     •   Children   grow   up   to   become   responsible,   happy,   produc(ve  and  proud  parents.     •  Americans  become  the  best  educated,  healthiest  and   most  compe((ve  workforce  in  the  world.     •   We   invest   in   resources   that   support   success,   reduce   the   need   for   prisons,   welfare   offices   and   homeless   shelters   and   save   taxpayer   money   by   increasing   the   pool   of   contribu(ng   taxpayers   and   finally   controlling   spiraling  costs.  

What is Family Success? Family Success   elevates   the   well-­‐being   of   individuals,   families   and   communi(es.   Resources   are   used   to   strengthen   families   before   and   during   a   crisis.   Family   Success   is   administered   through   networks   of   public   and   private   ins(tu(ons  and  organiza(ons,  and  backed  by  government  philanthropy  and   private  investment.  

The Economic Impact of Family Success •  Since the   1960s,   billions   of   dollars   have   been   spent   in   communi(es   across   America   trying   to   cure  the  many  symptoms  of  family  distress.     •  Resources   have   been   directed   heavily   in   such   areas   as   addic(on   treatment,   incarcera(on,   low   birth   weight,   childhood   obesity,   domes(c   violence   response,  child  abuse  and  neglect,  juvenile  jus(ce,   school   drop-­‐outs,   teen   runaways,   teen   suicide,   homeless  shelters  and  long-­‐term  public  assistance.    

Journeys of Family Success Every family   will   have   the   knowledge,   resources,   skill   and   will   to   successfully   bring   their   children   into   the   world   and   guide   them   on   their   journeys   from   infancy  to  young  adulthood.  

Journeys of Family Success Early Childhood Success: All young   children   will   be   safe,   healthy,   and   ready   to   learn  as  they  enter  and  engage  in  school.     Positive Youth Development: All  school-­‐age  children  and  youth  will  be  living  in  a   permanent  home,  achieving  in  school,  and  connected  to  their  communi(es.     Strong Transitions to Adulthood: Youth   transi(oning   to   adulthood   will   be   on   posi(ve   pathways   to   economic   independence   with   strong   and   responsible   family  and  community  rela(onships.   Strong Families, Strong Communities: Families   and   communi(es   will   have   the   knowledge,  resources,  skills  and  will  to  successfully  raise  their  children  from   birth   through   young   adulthood   to   become   happy,   produc(ve   and   engaged   members  of  their  own  families  and  communi(es.    

FSI Promotes Family Success By: Transforming

• Assis(ng  public,  private  and  non-­‐profit  leaders,  parents   and  community  stakeholders  in  establishing  standards,   developing  and  suppor(ng  solu(ons,  and  leading  the   movement  to  promote  and  expand  Family  Success    

Ensuring Measurable Quality

• Fostering  Standards  of  Excellence  in  management  and   prac(ce  through  quality  improvement   •  Ensuring  effec(ve  progress  through  consistent  evalua(on   •  Providing  training  and  technical  assistance  to  service   providers    

Advancing Knowledge

• Sparking  change  through  open  and  honest  dialogue   •  Conduc(ng  innova(ve  research  in  human  services     to  ensure  family  supports  are  maximized  

FSI Impact: The Family Success Movement •  Bipar(san leadership  in  NJ   •  Federal  Interest   •  Private  Sector  Investment   •  Parent  Leadership  Movement  

FSI Impact: Forging Partnerships State of New Jersey Local Impact: Camden  County    Newark    Union  County  

FSI Impact: Creating Results •  Family Success  Center  Outcomes   •  Program  Specific  Results:   •  Financial  Empowerment     and  Fatherhood   •  Where  it  means  the  most  

How You Can Support Family Success Join Us By: •  Making  a  financial  investment  in  the  FSI  to  build   organiza(onal  capacity  or  contribute  to  local  impact  efforts.   •   Giving  voice  through  your  leadership  and  exper(se  to  the   Family  Success  movement  through  the  FSI.  

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86 South Harrison Street East Orange, NJ 07018 Phone: 973-324-7879

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