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Danish Daycare

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A Purpose To My Sins

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Myspace Account!/danishdaycare/music/songs?filter=POPULAR


Hannah Brodie (me)

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Hannah Brodie (me)

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Hannah Brodie (me)

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Hannah Brodie (me)

Mob: N/A

Studio-shoot ideas - include any special effects (e.g. green screen): N/A

Location-shoot ideas - where and when you will be filming: The filming will take place at Wells-Next-The-Sea. I will be filming some footage on the beach and some in the woods. I plan to include some still shots in my video, and the whole video, i plan to edit into black and white using adobe premier. I will include a variety of shots such as close ups, long shots, tracking shots along with editing such as speeding up the footage and possibly repeating certain elements of the video.

Summary of Production: (Some of this may not make complete sense, as it is rather difficult to explain...) I plan to take images for my Digipak and magazine advert at Wells beach, on the beach and in the woods. I also plan to film the music video on the beach and some in the woods. The opening scene of the track will be a close up tracking shot of my actor walking along the sand, from the side, showing his feet and part of his legs. It will then cut to filming him from the back, as he walks towards the shore, this will be a long shot and the camera will stay stationary on a tripod. I then plan to speed up the actor walking from behind during the editing process, and then layer up the footage so he then reverts back to this original place in front of the camera, then walks the same bit again, as a sort of rewind of him walking into the distance. Then this will be repeated a few times up until the guitar starts. All of the above will cover roughly, the first 15 seconds of the track (the intro). The next part of the video (during the guitar part) will be filmed in the woods, as the actor walks in amongst the trees and appears behind one tree, then another and so on. I may speed the process of the walk between each tree up for a different effect. i will also include a selection of still shots of the actor coming closer to the camera from the distance in front of a tree. This will then end when i singing starts. The rest of the video is not in order yet, but i plan to include footage of the actor standing on a sand dune with his hands in his pockets looking in the distance as the camera takes still shots, starting from a distance to get a landscape shot, then a long shot, and so on, getting closer to the actor. I also plan to film him walking along the shore with his hands in his pockets again (possibly with an electric guitar on his back) as if in deep thought, coinciding with the chorus of the song. I also have taken some images of the actor sitting on a broken tree in the woods, i plan to include these images in the video as they are very effective and add style to the song and band image. The band image is laid-back and 'cool', a typical Indie style, relaxed approach on life, with a bit of attitude. Therefore i plan to portray this in my video, such as the relaxed walk along the shore with a guitar (part of the bands imagery/instrument used) along with the hands in the pockets to show attitude. Throughout the video, i plan to cut from scenes in the woods to scenes on the beach. The lyrics feature 'we can build a castle in the woods', this will relate well to the woods imagery. I also plan to edit the video into black and white during the production process.

Stylistic Influences and inspiration (include any music videos, scenes from films, TV adverts etc that have influenced you): The 'All Saints' video for 'Pure Shores', inspired me as i like the black and white effects which are used in some of the music video. I was also influenced by the 'Stereophonics' video for 'Maybe Tomorrow' as it is filmed in black and white. I really like this effect as it gives the video a more retro, classic, old fashioned and effective look. I also liked elements of the video by 'OK Go', called 'End Love', such as the speeding up of the actions which would have been created during the post production editing of the footage.

Production equipment needed (cameras, tripods etc.): I will be using my own camera for the still shots and my own camcorder for the footage. I also have a tripod. The only piece of equipment i may need is the steady cam, to film a tracking shot of someone walking, showing just their feet and part of their legs. I have already used this piece of equipment, and shouldn't need to borrow it again.

Dates you need the equipment: N/A

Times and dates you need the TV Studio: N/A


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