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Magazine adverts are made to promote an artists upcoming single or album. They are usually found on billboards around cities or more commonly in magazines, for the age and genre of music. For example an artist such as the Foo Fighters advertisement would be found in a Rock magazine such as kerrang or NME. Whereas a band like Mcfly would feature in a girls magazine such as Bliss or Seventeen. They all represent the single and digipak of the single, to help promote the artist and upcoming single.

• Promotes the artist • Advertises their upcoming record as well as their digipak • Informs the audience of their digipak • Promotes the artists imagery • Includes quotes from magazines, promoting the artist • Mainly focuses on the bands imagery and background image, rather than the text, to keep the reader interested. • Some have the artist on the advert, some just have an image or a logo, in which the audience will remember them/ the advert by. • Includes all the relevant information, but not over loaded with text. They include the date its released, the album name, artist, and name of the single. Some include the record company logo, available on iTunes, whether it’s a CD/DVD or available to download. Also whether it’s live footage or not.

For my magazine advert, I plan to take an image at the beach, where I have used images for my digipak and music video, as they will all follow the same style. I would like to use an image, similar to the Backstreet boys shoot(top left) as I am taking the image at the beach and it will also be in black and white. Instead of using a group of people, I will use the same person and layer the image up with him standing In different positions, from various angles in the shot, like the Backstreet boys are. I am going to keep the text to a minimum as I think the imagery is more important as that is what draws your eye to the advert. I will include the bands name, album name, single name and a quote from a magazine, which promotes the artist. Instead of using a date for when the single is available, I am going to put ‘Out now’, along with stating that it features as CD and DVD. On my chosen band(Danish Daycare)’s MySpace page, I found some interesting imagery. The image in the background is of the lead singer, I have lightened the image to make the text readable but I liked the styling of the lead singer as a mid shot. This is a similar effect to what I plan to use for my magazine advert.

magazine advert research  
magazine advert research  

magazne ad reasearch