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I did a photo shoot of my actor at the same location in which I shot my video. This was at the beach and in the woods at Wells. My print advert is taken in the woods with the artist as the main focus. He looks as though he is thinking and is in a laid back and comfortable position. I made sure that my actor was wearing the same clothes he was in my music video and both ancillary texts. My Digipak, is full of shots on the beach as well as in the woods, just like my music video. The same actor is used with the same styling and clothes. The only difference between both ancillary texts and my music video is that the whole video is in black and white and both ancillary texts are in colour. This was deliberate as I wanted a brighter and slightly different look for the ancillary texts as they are what attract people to watch the video. I feel that the combination of both my main product and ancillary texts is quite effective as there needs to be a link between all three and you can see a definitely see the link.

It is important that all three media products have a continuous house style. This means that there must be a clear link between the music video, the print advert and the digipak. I have tried to represent this by doing the photo shoot at the same location as the video. This helps with the continuous house style as there is a certain link between the images in the video and the images in the ancillary texts. A lot of existing digipak’s offer images that are extra to the video. For example they show slightly different images that have not just been cut as stills from the music video. I tried to offer this to my video by doing a separate photo shoot which was purely for both ancillary texts. I decided to use colour images on my digipak and print advert as it gives an extra/ slightly different effect that the audience do not get from the video. I still wanted to keep the house style, therefore I used duller colours for the images in both ancillary texts. This also helps to maintain the naturalistic brand identity that is associated with Indie/Rock bands, which is what I wanted for my artist and media products.

One of Goodwin’s theories was that people take others ideas/ references from other media products to use in their work. This is also knows as inspiration. I was inspired by an Indie/rock band called the ‘Stereophonics’. Their video for ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ is filmed in black and white. I felt that this gave the band a classy, stylistic and old fashioned brand identity. They inspired me to use this in my music video as my band follow the same genre and natural style which is popular in most Indie/rock band genres, therefore it suits the genre well. The ‘Coldplay’ video for ‘Yellow’ is filmed on the beach. It focuses on the main artist as he is the only one featured in the video. This is similar to my music video. It is filmed in a natural state in a natural environment. It has not been over edited or perfected during post production as the artist wanted to keep a natural effect. This helped to inspire my music video as it is the same effect I wanted for mine. This also applies to one of Goodwin’s theories of the demand by the record company of lots of close ups of the main artist. The ‘Coldplay’ video follows this convention, as does my video.

As Goodwin says, most media products have their own iconography and star image. For example, most Indie/Rock genres have a naturalistic and laid back style. Their videos usually consist of their live gigs or their daily lives. They are not afraid of people seeing them for who they are. They do not put on a show. What you see is what you get. During my research I found that their fans like this approach as they are just normal people, they are not perfect or false and the general public like this as they can relate to them. My media products have this style to them as my song is part of the Indie/Rock genre and this is the image I wanted to promote. The star iconography which is developed in many music videos is apparent in all three of my media products. The star image of a natural, laid back and classy look is apparent in my music video and both ancillary texts. This is what their fans will recognise and associate the band with. It shows an obvious link between their music and products which they release.

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