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Digipaks are a container in which to store CD’s, keeping them safe and protected from damage such as scratching, breaking and getting lost. Some fans like to have a handheld copy of their favourite bands albums, as Digipaks can include exclusive imagery of the artist, lyrics to the songs, a booklet including credits and websites along with competitions and links to gigs etc. These features greatly appeal to fans as they can keep their own special copy of music. Some special edition Digipaks can be signed by the artist, again making it even more special. Digipaks typically consist of a gatefold (book-style) paperboard or card stock outer binding, with one or more plastic trays capable of holding a CD or DVD attached to the inside. Since Digipaks were among the first alternatives to jewel cases to be used by major record companies, and because there is no other common name for Digipak style packaging made by other companies, the term Digipak is often used generically, even when the media holder is a hub or "Soft Spot“ rather than a full plastic tray.

Digipak style packaging is often used for CD singles or special editions of CD albums and the tall DVD Digipak is used as a premium package for DVDs and DVD sets. Such packaging is less resistant to abrasion than jewel cases, so it tends to show signs of wear relatively quickly. Licensed Digipak manufacturers such as domestic U.S. printer and disc replicator Oasis Disc Manufacturing recommend coating the raw printed paper with a protective UV coating, this ensures a longer life.

Some Digipaks are simpler than others. This black and white Digipak(top right) is fairly simple with a small amount of text included in it. It focuses more on the photograph of the pack. The images are close up’s on the detail of the branches and flowers, whilst the background has been faded out, to focus on the flowers in the foreground. I like this layout as I think it looks more effective than a Digipak, full of text and overcrowded by images. The black and white styling also appeals to me as this is the effect I plan to use for my Digipak and music video.

Other Digipaks(bottom right) are more jam packed with text and imagery. The images are vibrant and busy with lots of band images/ cartoon images to look at. The layout can also vary. Image 3 consists of a grid like layout, with lots of small images of the band and scenery, a variety of camera shots and edited colours and effects. Whereas the image 2 has two full images that cover each section of the Digipak. There are no images of the artist, only cartoon imagery of space, in vibrant colours

Image 3

Image 2

• Digipaks include the artists name, album name, track listings and price. • Hand held copy of the artists music(collectors item) • Booklet included with information on the band such as song lyrics, websites, links to artist information such as gigs. • Lots of professional images of the artist • Posters could be included • Tickets to a gig or to meet the band could be included • The Digipak could be signed or include a signed copy of the CD • Some contain quotes from record labels or newspapers promoting the album • bonus material • Website • Blog • Credits • record company • Songwriters • Record producers and musicians • Band logo • Record label logo • Barcode • CD logo • Adverts

Signed copies Bonus tracks/remix that are exclusive

Booklet with lyrics/exclusive images/interviews

Artwork/photographyphoto art book included Having a physical copy which you can hold.

What elements of a Digipak convince fans to spend £15-£25?

Special/limit ed edition Original shape of the box Offer free tickets to a gig/ meet the band/ admission to a website/ competitions/ Star in a video

Merchandise: T-shirts posters

DVD’s feature: The “making of” the video Extras/special features/cut out scenes

CD of album/tracks. DVD of music videos of album tracks

•Opens out into a booklet including the set of DVD’s •Images of well-known actors/actresses/artists included •A quote from the film is on the back of the box •Some include special feature •Includes a website on the back •Each DVD has a different image on of the main characters •Booklet explains what’s on each DVD •Quotes from different newspapers about the DVD’s, showing their reviews on the DVD, always positive comments

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