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Marlen Gundersen

This is me in front of Leeds Town Hall

Currently studying Export Marketing in Leeds Metropolitan University, U.K.

“The Rose Bowl” building is also a part of the University.

This is in the back yard of my accommodation, which I like very much.

I’m studying at Leeds Metropolitan University. It’s a great university with a fantastic student environment and great teachers. People in Leeds are so polite you can’t imagine. Anywhere you go, people will help you, guide you and greet you. Leeds has a great variety of bars, restaurants, café, shopping opportunities, art, entertainment, museums and so on. You’ll not be bored in Leeds. The city is also centered in the heart of England, making it so easy to travel to for example London, Edinburgh and Manchester. A trip to the beautiful Yorkshire dales is also something you must do while you’re here. A semester abroad is an opportunity to get to know another country and another culture. And it looks good on your CV. I really enjoy living in Leeds, and I’ll definitely come back at some point. I now have friends from Malaysia!

Alumini experiences - Leeds Metropolitan University  

Marlen Gundersen's experiance studying Export Marketing at Leeds Metropolitan University, U.K.

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