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Foreword By Melanie Mingas Editor, Hospitality Business


he hospitality industry is a driving force across the GCC, underpinning its economy and global reputation as both an emerging

tourism hotspot and essential business destination. With ever-rising visitor numbers, the industry’s role will only continue to grow. Because the hospitality industry is a busy one, packed with suppliers, products and services and new ideas coming online every month, The 25 Hospitality Companies you need to know provides the essential and deÀnitive guide to the companies you need to know. 7his book proÀles the  companies currently operating across the entire spectrum of the GCC hospitality and catering industry, that play a vital role in both the rate of growth and standard of, the market. )rom ,7 to identiÀcation, and everything in between, The 25 Hospitality Companies you need to know narrows down the search for the best suppliers of services, products, furniture, and equipment. Providing in-depth detail of each listed supplier, product images and full contact details, it is a onestop-resource for every procurement specialist in every property in the GCC. +ow do you Ànd the supplier that will stand out from the crowd? Read on….


2013 Edition

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In room Citi Pak Disposable Food Packaging

Coffee Planet Coffee

Heidi Chef Solutions Baking Solutions








QBG Housekeeping


VingCard Elsafe


Security Technology

Unilever/Lipton Tea

RAK Porcelain Porcelain Tableware


Equipment Solutions for Foodservice and Laundry

Specialist services 80-83




Cleaning and Hygiene

Hospitality Education


ID Badges







QBG Integrated FM

Outdoor and Banquet Furniture


A&T Group Speciality Interior Fit Out

Bang & Olufsen




ege carpets


Global Light & Power



Food Manufacturer and Distributor

FF&E 36-39


Carpets, Carpet Tiles and Rugs



Food Waste Disposal

IT Solutions

Facilities Management

QBG Security Services


QBG StafÀng Solutions StafÀng Solutions



Beds and Mattresses




Food and Beverage


s a key revenue driver and signature touch to any hotel, F&B is an integral element of any hospitality operation.

But without constant innovation and

development, this crucial operation can also become stagnant. F&B is about more than the food, or even the restaurant concept. It is the foundation of true hospitality and without care and consideration can quickly undermine even the best reputation. From opportunities to improve the sourcing of fresh and ethical produce, to evolutions in the design of tableware and packaging and new solutions to every day items... in a world where everybody knows their onions, it’s more important than ever to work with the most trustworthy partners.

Citi Pak Disposable Food Packaging Coffee Planet Coffee Heidi Chef Solutions Baking Solutions IFFCO Food Manufacturer and Distributor Lipton Tea RAK Porcelain Porcelain Tableware TSSC Foodservice & Laundry Equipment Solutions


IN DETAIL Citi Pak cares about health, convenience and sustainability in food packaging.


F&B - Disposable Food Packaging


Disposable food packaging


iti Pak, as the premium food-packaging

makes it easier to reach clients instantly and deliver

company in the country, caters to a variety

across the UAE.

of companies within the region, by supplying

over 1,000 products, consisting of everything from

As a major player in the packaging industry in the

plastic and catering equipment such as cling Àlms,

MENA region, Citi Pak is dedicated to providing

plastic containers, aluminium containers, foils, paper

unwavering quality, to meet with the demand

cups, deli take away containers, bio-degradable

and supply of their products and services. With its

products to safety and hygiene products.

recent ofÀce opening in the capital, Abu Dhabi, Citi Pak is growing to be one of the leading packaging

The company, a business unit of the Emirates

distributors in the market, while meeting ever

National Factory for Plastic Industries Group (ENPI),

growing demand and providing products and

delivers nothing short of excellent, premium quality,

solutions to other organisations.

durable products to its clientele. Citi Pak is certiÀed by the ISO 00000 quality The inspiration for Citi Pak’s products comes from

and food safety management system. Citi Pak

nature and its surroundings, and the thought process

professionals are trained in managing quality

behind each product is to make them as creative

assurance and identifying the hazards at all stages,

looking and sustainable as possible. Currently

from the quality of raw materials and inspection of

providing packaging and hygiene solutions for

the manufacturing process, through to testing of

hotels, hospitals, airlines, food chains and restaurants,

the Ànal products. Physical, chemical and biological

the company constantly researches new innovative

hazards are addressed as a preventive measure

techniques in the market and meets the multiple

during the production process. In keeping with

needs of customers and clients by using this

ENPI’s commitment to the environment, Citi Pak

knowledge and skills to further enhance its packaging.

always follows rigorous guidelines on waste disposal and energy consumption.

With the company’s wide range of products and customers, it is able to deliver products of high

With a range of multiple products available, each

standards at affordable prices, setting them apart

product of Citi Pak is known to be the best having

from the rest. Its large Áeet of delivery vehicles

been created with the newest technology and high


standards of quality. But amongst many, the products

into being a leader in its Àeld. The business - through

that stand out are the aluminium foils and cling Àlm,

its innovation - has become a trend setter, setting

and unlike standard products out there, they maintain

the pace for others. The experience and know how,

exceptionally high standards of quality and durability.

gained through vigorous years of experience and

Citi Pak is committed to be known synonymous with

research, have gained the company the ability to

the ´Safe Family Safe Earth¾ motto adopted by the

produce products that are planet friendly, throughout

company recently. In line with its principles, Citi Pak

their lifespan from production to reclamation.

ensures that the products follow stringent safety and hygiene standards right from raw material sourcing till

And, lastly, Citi Pak draws constant inspiration from

the moment the Ànished product is delivered at the

nature to provide the same freshness and safety to

customer’s location.

its products that mother nature constantly provides. In recent times Citi Pak has moved towards

Over 0 of - and -star hotels in the region use

providing its already high standards an upgrade, by

its products and, as a result, the company focuses

receiving its EHS management certiÀcation covering

on providing biodegradable products too. Citi Pak’s

ISO 1001, OHSAS 1001 and HACCP, in addition

Lepac brand, produced with innovative materials

to ISO 001 covering food safety management

and new technology offers sustainable methods to

and has also recently launched its products at large

overcome the peril of putting mother nature at risk.

hypermarkets and supermarkets around the UAE, for

It is this very understanding and care towards mother

retail purposes. These products offer the same high

nature and its customers that has catapulted Citi Pak

standard, to households providing them with the quality, safety and hygiene they deserve. Citi Pak products are distributed throughout the MENA region through its dedicated distribution channels. Achieving tremendous business growth as well as unrivalled customer credentials within a short span of time, Citi Pak continues to maintain this unblemished reputation by upholding their


promised motto ² ´Safe Family, Safe Earth¾.

F&B - Disposable Food Packaging

Contact details Industrial Area 11, Sharjah, UAE.

We draw inspiration from nature and ensure that our packaging solutions are the most suited for your catering requirements. Titu Alex General Manager.

Web site: Tel: 1    E-mail: / Fax: 1   

Other ofÀces Citi Pak currently operates two ofÀces here in the UAE - the head ofÀce in Sharjah and a branch in Abu Dhabi.

Number of employees Citi Pak currently employs 10 well trained individuals who are committed to providing a high level of service to clients.


IN DETAIL The perfect espresso combines the accurate pressure of hot water being forced through a perfectly compacted amount of fresh ground coffee – this process is known as ‘extraction’.


F&B - Coffee

Coffee Planet Coffee


elf confessed coffee aÀcionados, Coffee

and the customer. Fuel stations Lots of people, all

Planet, are on a mission to transform the

stopping for refreshment. Perfect! They could grab

way people enjoy coffee: From what they

one while Àlling up, Genius!”

describe as the ´totally middle-aged, typically boring environment” to newly developed blends

Out of this thinking came the fresh milk coffee

sourced fairly from the highest quality farms.

machine, a technologically advanced system so

Brewing 100% Arabica coffee in the Dubai

clever it can deliver fantastic coffee every minute of

Roastery, every bean is roasted with care and

every day to absolute perfection.

precision in order to deliver the best roasted coffee beans into every cup the brand’s loyal fans drink.

´When something goes right for you, you get a buzz and we’re no different. In fact we live off it!

The vision is to bring the best coffee to the busiest

That ‘dare to be different’ attitude is what pushes us

people and as a result, gourmet coffee is now

forward - what keeps Coffee Planet turning if you

available in petrol stations, retail outlets and hotels

like,” he adds.

across the Middle East. From way up into the Northern Emirates down Starting at the very beginning, Coffee Planet has

through Dubai and Abu Dhabi and on the way to

even changed the way coffee is made. In its quest

Saudi Arabia, Coffee Planet’s network of on-the-go

to revolutionise a daily staple in millions of people’s

convenience coffee makers and stand alone retail

lives, Coffee Planet went directly to the source to

franchise outlets, are a regular Àxture.

bring good coffee to the the Middle East. Then, a new, custom-made roaster was built and a coffee

Coffee is also supplied to a number of leading

expert appointed to extensively trial and develop

hotels, restaurants and catering companies.

the distinctive taste.

But it’s not just the product that stands alone from those of its competitors, it’s the trading ethics that

Managing director Robert -ones, explains: ´We

bring the coffee to the coffee drinker.

wanted to spread our Coffee universe far and wide, providing good Coffee where previously there was

Contributing to improving the lives of the millions

none. It started in a way that was easy for both us

of people who grow coffee beans and work in the


processing industry, direct trade and personal

Coffee Planet prides itself on being the coffee

relationships are established at the source by the

partner of any hotel or restaurant. Not only does

Coffee Planet Roastmaster, to ensure farmers can

the supplier conduct thorough survey analysis of

guarantee a premium price for their hard work.

the property in order to provide the right solution

And all this is achieved without charging the

for the customer, but it provides a full range of

consumer a premium price.

equipment (semi-auto, fully auto, bulk brew, inroom etc) as well as regular training in the art of

´We pay the right price and get involved in projects

making the best coffees.

to improve education and sanitation. We seek to enter into agreements to buy entire crops from small

“Training is very important as we can spend a great

farmers at harvest time so that their income will

deal of time and energy in sourcing wonderful

be guaranteed for that year. We get a guaranteed

coffee beans, roast them to perfection in our own

supply and we know exactly where our beans have

Roastery in Dubai and deliver them to our customers

come from and how they have been picked, washed,

but so much can go wrong in the last minute

bagged and shipped,” -ones says.

before the coffee reaches the cup. We employ Barista Champions and coffee experts to impart as much knowledge and skill to the teams who will be making coffees,” says -ones. Once the customer is on board, they will be visited regularly by the dedicated Coffee Planet account management team to ensure their coffee standards are being met and if not, more training is organised. Furthermore, all clients are supported by the 24/7 service and maintenance team in the rare occurrence that there is an issue with one of the machines.

Only the ripe red cherries are picked, pulped and washed to extract the Arabica coffee beans from within.


F&B - Coffee

Contact details PO Box 7042, Dubai, UAE Tel: 00-COFFEE (2), 04 41 7

The result of perfect extraction is the result of the body and the crema making a beautify espresso.

We are a true ‘crop to cup’ coffee company striving to give you the best coffee cup experience you have ever had. Robert -ones, managing director, Coffee Planet.

Fax: 04 41  Email: Follow Us: Like Us:

IN DETAIL Quality ingredients and world-class machinery deliver perfect bread to chefs and their diners.


F&B - Baking Solutions

Heidi Chef Solutions LLC Baking solutions


riginally set up in 2003, Heidi Chef

customer service. The energetic and comprehensive

Solutions LLC provides nothing short of

workforce is available to provide assistance

excellent support and quality products to

and support to the entire customer base, while

skilled chefs from restaurants, bakeries and hotels

continuing its after sales support and constantly

around the Emirates.

conducting demonstrations and technical advice by in-house chefs, for clients to gain product and usage

With ingredients sourced from Austria, Switzerland


and America, chefs are able to use good quality products to create delicious dishes to serve diners.

This one stop baking solution company has recently

The wide range of products on offer includes bakery

gone international, with the opening of its Àrst ofÀce

premixes, special Áours, frozen cakes, doughnuts,

in Canada, aiming to build the brand to a global

croissants and breads.

scale. The company has also added a new division, Heidi Equipment, which provides specialised

Heidi has a climate controlled facility to maintain

equipment such as baking ovens, proofers,

freshness and quality of products. Storage facilities

refrigerators, mixing systems, dividers and slicers,

are available in order for trucks to load and unload

amongst other equipment.

products and transport them to restaurants and hotels, while making sure they are kept in good

Heidi Chef Solutions is steadfast in providing

conditions at all times.

products and services designed to suit customers’ needs. It strives to Ànd solutions by sourcing and

Heidi currently supplies to a number of 5-star hotels,

supplying products, and providing service and

airline catering facilities, super- and hypermarkets

support for future endeavours.

around the region, as well as free standing bakeries and other renowned restaurants. This ability to

Heidi is currently planning to provide new, exciting

keep and maintain these clients comes from the

products for 2013. Dutch company Daub has been a

company’s deep rooted quality assurance and

provider of specialised, quality machines


for bakeries. With its innovative designs and

Ingredients and bakery products

outstanding quality, it has proved its performance globally, through sales agents including Heidi. Escher


on the other hand is a specialist in the production

Bread and confectionery premixes

of mixing equipment and, through specialised

Flavours, Àllings and glazes

knowledge and technological breakthroughs, it is

Improvers and dough conditioners

able to provide equipment that is durable and meets


a variety of customer needs. Escher mixers are well

Seeds and toppings

known worldwide for their quality and value for money that they bring to their customers, producing


quality dough every time.

Premium cakes, pastries and desserts

With a specialisation in all things related to baking,


the company is providing solutions that meet and

Frozen croissants, Danishes, rolls and savouries

suit a wide array of clients. QIMIQ Equipment

Specialist dairy creams


Sudhannoversche Mill

Duviders and slicers

Wheat Áour Rye Áour



Wholewheat Áour

Mixing systems

Seeds and cereals



Baking ovens

Croissant butters and margarines


Baking fats


Flavours and sauces

F&B - Baking Solutions

Contact details Heidi Chef Solutions LLC MAHA Warehouse D6

Our present client base includes numerous 5 -star hotels, renowned airline catering facilities, large groceries and free standing bakeries as well as other institutions throughout the UAE.

Al Quoz Industrial Area 01 Dubai, UAE Web site: Tel: +971 4 340 4770 E-mail: General enquiries: Sales enquiries:

Canada ofÀce Heidi Chef Solutions Canada INC 428 Gibraltar Drive, Unit 3, Mississauga, ON L5T2N9, Canada Tel: +1 905 670 3110 Fax: +1 905 670 3127 Cell: +1 416 616 0799 E-mail:

Number of employees Heidi Chef Solutions LLC currently employs 20 people in the Gulf region and is on the lookout for constant growth.


IN DETAIL IFFCO supplies its diverse client base from its plant in Sharjah.


F&B - Food Manufacturer and Distributor


Food manufacturer and distributor


FFCO is one of the region’s largest food

Currently employing 13,000 employees, the Àrm’s

manufacturers, producing a wide range of

GCC ofÀces are located in Saudi Arabia, Oman,

products across a number of food types and

Kuwait and the UAE. Globally, IFFCO has ofÀces in

categories. Since its inception in 1975, IFFCO’s

the USA, Europe, North Africa, Pakistan, India and

history has been one of consistent and successful

South East Asia.

growth arising from continuous and prudent investments in the future.

“We have experienced strong growth across the region based on continued product development

Today, IFFCO is a highly successful and dynamic

and excellence of service provision,” says CEO of

group of companies with presence in over 24

Foodservice, Mat Baker.

countries and a portfolio of winning brands that delight consumers in over eighty countries across

The core principles and pillars on which the IFFCO

Àve continents.

brand has been built are reÁected in its vision statement: “The Preferred Provider of Essential

As well as leading retail brands, IFFCO also has an

and Value Added Foods for Everyone, Everywhere

extensive range of products formulated for the

and Everyday”.

catering market and develops bespoke items for some of the region’s largest operators.

“We aim to deliver this vision by satisfying our customers’ requirements through continuous

In the GCC, the manufacturer also operates its own

innovation and excellence of service. We create

distribution network providing a unique service to

value for our customers by continually improving

the Foodservice market for a business of such size.

our brands and services, enhancing their quality and by investing in our relationships with business

Key product categories include edible oils,

associates,” Baker adds.

shortening, Áour, bakery ingredients, frozen foods, sauces and ice creams. Where appropriate IFFCO

Millions of people across the world, experience an

will utilise its stable of retail brands that include

IFFCO product in one way or another every minute

London Dairy, Hyatt, Tiffany and Al Baker.

of every day.


HACCP certiÀcation has been awarded for IFFCO’s

it comes to hiring the right people to drive its

Tiffany Foods Ltd, InterGulf Ltd.

brand vision, rooted in the key elements of: People, integrity, excellence, consumer, entrepreneur.

Emirates ReÀning Company (ERCO) and Emirates

Publically stating its commitment to excellence, Iffco

Poultry Farm brands. Additionally, ERCO has

pledges continuous benchmarking of its policies,

acquired the ISO 9001:2000; InterGulf Ltd – Empol

processes and systems internally to drive efÀciencies

Division holds the ISO 9001:2000 CertiÀcation; and

and obtain standardisation across business units and

EMPOL Ltd L.L.C, a subsidiary of the IFFCO Group


manufacturing PET performs, Plastic closures, Plastic hangars, and PP IML containers was accredited with

IFFCO is also committed to striving for ‘best in class’

the ISO 9001:2000 CertiÀcation by Bureau Veritas.

approaches in order to build and surpass global standards of quality, cost and performance.

In its role as employer, IFFCO maintains a diverse and equal opportunity workforce, by nurturing a multi cultural, multinational and gender diverse employee base, committed to meritocracy when


F&B - Food Manufacturer and Distributor

Contact details Company Name: IFFCO PO Box 29220

We aim to deliver this vision by satisfying our customers’ requirements through continuous innovation and excellence of service.

Sharjah UAE Website: Telephone: +971 650 29000 Fax: +971 652 57278 Email:

Mat Baker, CEO of foodservice.



What do of consumers find

more attractive than a normal tea bag?

...Lipton Pyramid. Your customers will love the unique taste in our Pyramid tea bag and you’ll love what it does for your business. tHigh quality tea at a mainstream price tOperator-approved merchandising tStrong Rainforest Alliance Certified ™range


To order, call +971 4 881 5552

F&B - Tea

Unilever Food Solutions Lipton Tea


ipton is the world’s largest tea brand. We

his exceptional contribution, Thomas Lipton was

have been blending black tea for over

knighted by Queen Victoria in 1898 and became Sir

100 years. Our teas are sourced from 35

Thomas Lipton at the age of 48.

countries and are selected by the Lipton Tea Tasters to ensure you get that famous smooth

Lipton is now the world’s leading tea brand, sold in

Lipton taste, every time. Lipton has been in the

more than 150 countries.

Middle East since the 1930s. The factory in Dubai is the world’s second largest teabag factory.

Providing an exclusive range for the hospitality industry. Lipton Pyramid is ideal for establishments

Tea is an aromatic, uplifting beverage savoured for

where providing a good experience is key to

centuries around the world from India and Ireland to

reputation and success, such as restaurants and

the USA. Once an expensive drink, tea was enjoyed

cafes, conferences, banqueting and 3-star to

exclusively by the wealthy and with early packaging

4-star hotels. This range of tea is well suited to the

and transportation issues, it was also variable in

consumer looking to get more from tea and looking

quality and taste.

for new and exciting experiences.

In 1880, 40-year-old, Glasgow-born entrepreneur

Through the aromatic and Áavoursome infusions,

and innovator Sir Thomas Lipton envisioned an

unique bag format and exciting vibrant packs

opportunity to make tea universally accessible with guaranteed quality at acceptable prices. He

you can create excitement and an upgraded

began by purchasing tea estates in Ceylon, now Sri

tea experience for your consumers that will

Lanka, arranging packaging and shipping at low

enable you to increase your price whilst paying a

costs to sell his teas directly from the tea garden

mainstream cost. This is the range that will change

to the tea pot. In 1893, he established the Thomas

perceptions of tea out-of-home; as a result you

J Lipton Company, a tea packing company with its

can drive new tea drinkers to your site.

headquarters and factory in Hoboken, New Jersey. Enhance the consumer experience by using Lipton teas were an immediate success in the United

the branded merchandising and point of sale

States and the United Kingdom. In recognition of

materials available to you, designed to add


appeal, increase tea visibility and thus your sales.

experience to consumers and breaks the perception of ‘tea’ as we know it. The new Lipton Tea bag locks

The key visuals are interpretations of the infusion

in a unique surprise of taste and potential, so excite

moment. It represents the energy and Áavour

your customers and entice them to choose Lipton

bursting out of the Lipton Pyramid tea bag once

Pyramid with the fantastic suite of merchandising

the consumer has released the experience.

and point of sale materials that aim to reposition tea on menus.

Lipton Pyramid is a great way of putting tea back to the top of menus, it releases a new tea

If you would like to discuss how to add Lipton Pyramid to your menu, Ànd out more information on the range or place an order for Lipton Pyramid sales support or merchandising, please contact your local Unilever Food Solutions Sales Representative.


F&B - Tea

Contact details Web site:

The new Lipton Tea bag locks in a unique surprise of taste and potential Tel: +971 4 881 5552 E-mail: Address: PO Box 17055, Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE


IN DETAIL RAK Porcelain is setting new benchmarks in terms of customer choice and service levels.


F&B - Porcelain Tableware

RAK Porcelain Porcelain tableware


AK Porcelain is one of the leading players

“In terms of product ranges, we have more than

in the porcelain tableware industry offering

18 different shapes, consisting of over 3000 SKUs

a large variety of exquisitely designed

and around 300 different designs. Our Áagship

porcelain items of high durability and international

product range is “All Spice” which is preferred by

quality standards.

Michelin Star Chefs for its elegant and creative design by the world renowned French designers

With a worldwide reach of more than 130 Countries

Alain and Dominique Vavro,” Oommen adds.

and innovative designs by world renowned designers, it is the product of choice for HORECA

RAK Porcelain employs more than 650

professionals. Constant innovation with a high

employees of various nationalities across

focus on customer satisfaction and use of the latest

the globe. The firm dilligently follows the

technologies in the market has ensured that

best management practices and exceeds

RAK Porcelain is setting new benchmarks in terms of

all international laws of the work place.

customer choice and service levels.

High priority towards organisational social responsibility and environment friendly policy

Here at RAK Porcelain, we use the Ànest Raw

are the key factors for the continuous success

Materials from the leading mines of U.K. and Europe

of RAK Porcelain.

to meet and exceed the stringent quality standards in the industry like California Proposition 65 and

“Our manufacturing base is in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

WCAS from US and FDA for food safety being a

which is centrally situated and ideal for world-wide

Lead and Cadmium free product. Our products at

shipments. We also have a sales ofÀce based in

RAK porcelain are scratch and chip resistant as well

Luxembourg that caters to the demand of the European

as abrasion proof. All these elements contribute

market. We also have a strong distribution network in

to the quick success achieved by our brand on an

almost every country to ensure extensive reach and

international level and its wide spread preference

constant local representation,” Oommen adds.

as a the ultimate choice for chefs and other clients world-wide,” says chief marketing ofÀcer Renu

RAK Porcelain has witnessed a rapid growth

Oommen, who is responsible for all aspects of sales

during the past eight years in spite of the

and marketing for RAK Porcelain.

Áuctuating market conditions. This can be


attributed to the excellent product quality

In 2013, Nabur, the latest organic collection

combined with high service levels offered and

designed by world-known designer Michaela

improved value for money.

Dorfel, belonging to the “form follows function” category will be released. “Inspired by nature,

In the year 2005 when the RAK Porcelain

Nabur reveals sculptural, organic-curved shapes.

division of the company was established, the

This trendy range captures the imagination and at

production capacity was 15 million pieces per

the same time highlights the chef’s Áamboyance in

annum. However, in the year 2012 RAK Porcelain

food presentation,” Oommen reveals.

increased its production capacity to 18 million pieces and a further increase of 3 million pieces is to be added in 2013 to meet rapidly expanding, dynamic market demand.

Products are speciÀed by Michelin Chefs due to their quality.


F&B - Porcelain Tableware

Contact details Company name: RAK Porcelain P O Box, 30113, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

RAK Porcelain manufactures more than 18 shapes and around 300 designs.

This trendy range captures the imagination and at the same time highlights the chef’s Áamboyance in food presentation.

Website: Telephone: 0097172434683 Fax: 0097172434220 Email:

Renu Oommen, chief marketing ofÀcer.


IN DETAIL Projects range from At.mosphere Grill & Lounge at Burj Khalifa to the recently refurbished Pullman Dubai.


F&B - Foodservice and Laundry Equipment Solutions


Foodservice and laundry equipment solutions


echnical Supplies and Services Co. L.L.C.

example cafés, standalone restaurants, etc. From

(Dubai) was established in 1961 as a

design of the facilities to installation of the wide

trading company dealing in refrigeration

ranging equipment required for operation and

parts and accessories. In 1993, the company was

training the operators, TSSC can provide a one-

acquired by Basil Bahar who envisaged a need

stop solution for discerning clients. Whether it is a

for a quality service provider for foodservice and

single item or a complex facility involving specialised

laundry equipment in the local hospitality and

areas with numerous items, solutions always include

catering market. Using the enhanced resources at

impeccable after sales service and the enviable

his disposal and his past experience, he decided to

resource of the vast experience and dedication of

diversify and established a division with the sole

TSSC’s management and personnel.

purpose of providing commercial foodservice and laundry equipment solutions to developers and

“Professionalism is instilled in our personnel at every

operators in 1994.

level and is evident in every aspect of our work and in the results we have achieved. With a client

The burgeoning hospitality sector of Dubai fuelled

base that is the who’s who of the Dubai foodservice

by the growth of the Emirate as a regional trading

and hospitality industry, TSSC continues to be the

epicentre and popular tourist destination along

forerunner in its competitive segment, striving to

with a determination to provide the best services,

provide the best value for the client,” says Rashid

provided the environment conducive to TSSC’s

Bahar, business development manager.

rapid growth. In less than a decade, TSSC became the foremost provider of commercial kitchen and

“We have noticed demand grow in the market for

laundry solutions in Dubai.

standalone restaurants and cafés. These are mostly chains from around the world or ‘mom-and-pop’

Today employing 72 people, the company is

set ups. With regards to chains, this is due to the

focussed on supplying foodservice and laundry

fact that restaurants in other countries have seen

equipment solutions speciÀcally to quality hotels,

how successful some of their competitors were by

catering facilities and Àne dining restaurants;

franchising into the Middle East. This was further

in the last few years, TSSC created a second line to

facilitated after the crisis of 2008 as international

cover other segments of the HORECA Industry, for

franchisors were looking for ways to grow their


business. With regards to ‘mom-and-pop’ set

“Apart from this trend we have seen many existing

ups, many in the UAE after the 2008 crisis looked

hotels ask to refurbish their kitchens and/or upgrade

for ways to create cash Áow and one way was to

their F&B offerings. This was easier to do after the

establish restaurants or cafés,” recalls Bahar.

crisis because hotels have enough money from their revenues as they have slowed down, if not stopped,

Flagship brands include: Meiko, Hoshizaki, Franke

investing in new properties,” Bahar adds.

Coffee Systems, MKN, Animo, Precision Refrigeration,

In 2013, TSSC will diversify even further when it

Austmarine, Alto Shaam, Scanomat TopBrewer,

begins offering a line of quality ingredients to

Henkelman, Citrocasa, Julabo, Bravo, Bear Varimixer,

produce ice cream. To support this, TSSC will be

Suzumo, Revent, Liebherr, Hotmix Pro and Popcake.

offering a Trittico Club sponsored by Bravo, which will include regular training on how to produce

These products have been used on some of TSSC’s

artisan ice cream and pastry products.

most important projects, including Burj al Arab, Grand Hyatt Dubai, One&Only Royal Mirage, St.

Supporting these developments will be the launch

Regis Saadiyat Island Resort Abu Dhabi, Zuma

of the latest Swiss-branded Franke’s coffee machine.

Restaurant and La Petite Maison. Regular clients

The Foam Master 800 includes a touch-screen, iPad

include Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts, Jumeirah

inspired operating panel and a patented hot and

Restaurants, Grand Hyatt Dubai, Hyatt Regency, Le

cold froth delivery system, designed to compete

Meridien Dubai, Atlantis The Palm and Accor Hotels.

with the skills of even the most experienced and talented barista, with a single push of a button. “Our mission is to be the premier provider of equipment and related services for the foodservice and laundry industry. Our aim is not to beat the competitors’ prices but to provide complete customer care. This starts with exceeding the customer’s expectations and is maintained by and establishing a close working relationship in the process,” Bahar concludes.

Regular clients include Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts.


Company name: Technical Supplies & Services Co., LLC

The company is focused on supplying medium to high end equipment.

Our mission is to be the premier provider of equipment and related services for the food service and laundry industry. Rashid Bahar, business development

Shk. Majid Bldg, Shop N0. 1. P.O. Box 69, Shk. Zayed Road, Dubai, U.A.E. Website: Telephone: 00971 4 3431100 Fax: 00971 4 3438226 Email: ;

Other ofÀces TSSC Deira (Spare Parts Department) Telephone: 04 2223211 TSSC Al Quoz (Warehouse/Workshop) Telephone: 04 3474658 TSSC Oman Telephone: +968 9256 6842



F&B - Foodservice and Laundry Equipment Solutions

Contact details



Fixtures, Furnishings and Equipment


inishing touches make Àrst impressions and in an industry as competitive as hospitality, there is nothing more important than creat-

ing a wow factor, time and time again. Such an accomplishment cannot be achieved without paying due care and attention to the quality of everything your valued guests and clients touch, sit, lie and walk on. Inclusive of acclaimed designers, with extraordinary project portfolios, lighting specialists incorporating both style and safety, and market-leading beds and bedding, these suppliers cover all requirements from the lobby to the land of nod, with a touch of je ne sais quoi.

AT Group Specialist Interior Fit Out Bang & Olufsen Audio Solutions Casualife Outdoor and Banquet Furniture ege carpets Carpets, Carpet Tiles and Rugs Global Light & Power Lighting Sealy Beds and Mattresses


IN DETAIL A&T specialises in 4-star and 5-star hotels and serviced apartments.


FF&E - Speciality Interior Fit Out



&T is a leading interior Àt out contractor

Dubai’s Àrst Melia branded 5-star property, which

for hospitality, retail and commercial

opened in 2012, features in A&T’s prestigious

projects in the UAE, providing a wide range

portfolio of such projects.

of services, including FF&E especially for the 4-star and 5-star hotel sector, premium hotel apartments

A one of a kind project included bars, restaurants

and Àne dining restaurants.

and the hotel spa. As part of the contract, A&T worked on ‘Titanic’, a Marco Pierre White, European

Upon updated research, community awareness

contemporary cuisine restaurant, inspired by the

and market share statistics, that take into

famous cruise-liner itself; with a rusty antique effect

consideration an increased demand for

and a ceiling described by A&T as “elaborate, grand,

operational services - including the hospitality

exquisite and elegant”.

and retail sectors in GCC - A&T sets necessary foundations, presence, and growth to meet

Work also incorporated the signature Indian

market requirements for international and

restaurant, by Sanjeev Kapoor, with a warm, intimate

regional brands looking for expansions and build

atmosphere created with dark wood and deep hues;

strong reputation as a target to serve this Àeld on

and the interntional buffet offering, Azalya, Alfonso

the highest level of professionalism.

; and sports bar, Quantum.

“Our business is centered on solid practices,

During the six month project, sustainable interior

principles and a wealth of experience in Interior

materials were used to provide a 20% cost saving and

Àtout while we transform and create functional

cutting edge multimedia technology incorporated

and unique spaces. Our execution is carefully

to update clients on the progress of the Àt out,

coordinated to ensure minimum disruption and

regardless of where they were in the world.

harm to the environment or workplace. In addition to the bespoke Àt out services, A&T “Our projects undergo comprehensive planning

also has a design studio, joinery facilities, stainless

with an emphasis on aesthetic values sustainability

steel fabrication facilities and maintenance

and environmental considerations,” says director

support; employs 150 people at its Sharjah and

Tareq Khalafawi.

Dubai ofÀces; and is constantly on the look-out for


talented design professionals to add to the team.

The experience of A&T, and its reputation in the

Now with a string of 4-star and 5-star hotels across

industry, also gives the Àrm the edge to broker cost

the Middle East and East Africa under their belts,

effective procurement of the most essential of items

A&T team members are experienced and trusted

for any Àt out or renovation project.

in the largest of projects from across the region, with a deep knowledge and understanding of

The company has strategic and unique relationships

hotel brand requirements and standards. With a

and partnerships with strong players in the industry

combined experience of 60 years in architecture

such as: PILSA (Hospitality Turnkey Solution), a

and interior design, the owners of A&T have been

Spanish company with European experience and

in the business 15 years.

high-end products; and Al Mayar (360ƒ Brands Equipment), a sister company of A&T dealing with

“Activity in the hospitality industry in the UAE is

professional kitchen equipment.

increasing and for the last 12 months we have received enquiries from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah

Additionally, A&T invests and buys shares in local

and Ras Al Khaimah, but concentrated mainly

fabricators and manufacturers of construction

in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We are quoting for a

materials, such as creative metal Ànishings

number of projects such as Sheraton and Sharjah

and works, joinery, glass and aluminum, while

National Hotels,” Khalafawi adds.

simultaneously inviting other investors to join its strength. For A&T, 2013 is tipped to be another year of success, with large-scale projects across the UAE’s market of 5-star properties and resorts in the pipeline. There are also further plans afoot to take the A&T design principle to Qatar and Saudi Arabia; key hospitality markets with a growing need for bespoke, quality and cutting edge modern design.

A&T Group will expand into Qatar and Saudi Arabia in 2013.


FF&E - Speciality Interior Fit Out

Contact details Company name: A&T Group, Tareq Khalafawi

A&T invests and buys shares in local fabricators and manufacturers.

Our projects undergo comprehensive planning with an emphasis on aesthetic values sustainability and environmental considerations. Tareq Khalafawi, director.

Main OfÀce, Dubai: P.O. Box 184432 Trade Center Road Telephone: 04 255 2560 Fax:

04 255 2561

General Email: Sales Email: Website: Operation OfÀce, Sharjah: P.O. Box 83058 Industrial Area No. 11 Telephone: +971 6 535 5092 Fax: +971 6 535 8022


IN DETAIL Bang & Olufsen manufactures distinctive, exclusive multimedia products.


FF&E - Audio Solutions

Bang & Olufsen Audio solutions


ospitality is all about spoiling people with

boosting the luxurious image of your hotel.

good experiences; at least fulÀlling needs

Guests at high-class hotels have high expectations

and expectations if not going a step further

when it comes to audio and video equipment. An

with the unexpected, and it is this philosophy that

increasing number of travellers already bring their

drives the Bang & Olufsen appeal.

own entertainment and work with them, and they expect an easy connection between the television

Founded in 1925, Bang & Olufsen manufactures a

screen and their camera, laptop or iPod.

highly distinctive and exclusive range of televisions, music systems, loudspeakers, telephones, and

Imagine an audio and video solution providing

multimedia products that combine technological

the hotel guest with ultimate connectivity in his

excellence with emotional appeal.

or her own room. Imagine a TV-screen that gives performances so true to life that your guests Ànd

Bang & Olufsen Enterprise is the Àrm’s specialist

themselves completely absorbed in the sights – and

hospitality division. No matter what the scale,

imagine a sound reproduced true to the original

the manufacturer can help you all the way, from

intentions of the artist and producer.

inspiration and planning, to implementing and integrating fully customised solutions. With

Any BeoVision TV can easily fulÀl these expectations

extensive experience of working closely with

by adding a user-friendly connectivity panel. The

interior designers and project developers on many

panel can be placed wherever it is most suitable. You

world-class hotel developments. The unique, world-

can choose to interface the chosen BeoVision with

renowned television, audio and loudspeaker designs

the hotel system provider, making it ready for Àlms,

have won numerous international awards and received

internet, e-mail, music systems, photo displays and

widespread acclaim. The advanced and patented

hotel billing and services.

technology inside delivers optimum audio and video in any environment.

Every model is designed with focus on performance, functionality and usability. With one single

Talking in-room solutions, hoteliers can add an

customised remote control guests can easily control

extra element of customised hospitality with Bang

audio and video equipment in their room, even the

& Olufsen. It’s all about spoiling your guests and

lighting, curtains and air conditioning, too.


Imagine the joy of a guest sitting in a comfortable

“The Hotel President Wilson’s quest for higher

chair with their eyes closed, or maybe enjoying

excellence matches perfectly to the essential values

the view, while listening to his or her favourite

of Bang & Olufsen and together we are able to

music with the feeling that the singer is in the

create an unforgettable guest experience. We are

same room. And imagine the thrill of watching a

proud that the Hotel President Wilson has once

movie in a set up giving a cinematic experience in

again chosen Bang & Olufsen to be its AV partner. In

both sound and vision.

addition to Àtting customised AV solutions in each of the 228 guest rooms at the hotel, the solution

Completed hospitality projects reference some of

for the Royal Penthouse Suite is outstanding and

the world’s Ànest establishments, including: Zaya,

embraces the essence of the space with impressive

Nurai Island, Abu Dhabi; Hotel Beaux Arts, Miami;

sound and picture experiences delivered by a range

the luxurious 5,000 square feet Tata Suite at Taj

of our products,” says Flemming Nielsen, managing

Mahal Palace in Mumbai; and, most signiÀcantly,

director of Bang & Olufsen Enterprise.

the 1,680 square metre Royal Penthouse Suite, the most expensive such suite in the world, at the Hotel

The wide range of products are available in a

President Wilson, Switzerland.

multitude of colours, sizes, designs and positioning options, giving you an amazing amount of creative room to design interiors, suites and public areas. You decide if the products make a discreet or a bold statement. Choosing Bang and Olufsen is choosing the possibilities of the future, today.

The Dorchester, United Kingdom.


FF&E - Audio Solutions

Contact details Company name: Bang & Olufsen

Hotel President Wilson, Switzerland.

Europe, Middle East & Africa

The wide range of products are fully customisable.

The Hotel President Wilson’s quest for higher excellence matches perfectly to the essential values of Bang & Olufsen and together we are able to create an unforgettable guest experience.

Niels Henning Svolgaard Head of Global B2B Project Sales Hospitality Direct: +45 9684 5094 Mobile: +45 5141 0187 E-mail:

Flemming Nielsen, managing director of Bang & Olufsen Enterprise.


IN DETAIL Synthetic wicker woven furniture and exclusive ‘wood-look’ Àbreglass umbrellas at the newly opened Fairmont, The Palm.


FF&E - Outdoor and Banquet Furniture


Outdoor and banquet furniture


asualife is one of the world’s leading outdoor

timeless and durable designs and materials.

furniture specialists, enjoying a history

Casualife are unique as through the new local U.A.E

full of innovation since its establishment

ofÀce they now ‘Gulf-Spec’ the quality of their

in Australia 1979. Growing from an aluminium

furniture to achieve the longest life in the harsh

furniture manufacturer then, for both domestic

Gulf Climates. The products are ideally suited to

and commercial clients in the Asia-PaciÀc region,

Casualife’s ever increasing database of hospitality

Casualife now supplies outdoor furniture to many

sector clients, who require contract Àt outs using

of the world’s best known hotels and resorts, while

commercial grade products, for hotels, resorts, clubs

also catering for individual users and smaller scale

and restaurants.

requirements. Its international head ofÀce is based in Australia, with OfÀces In Hong Kong, China and

There is access to a wide range of Àbres, colours

Newly Opened UAE OfÀce servicing the Gulf regions.

and textures, fabrics, umbrellas and furniture materials including aluminium, teak, stainless steel

Evolving in terms of both product and design,

and synthetic wicker.

Casualife has retained its leading position for outdoor furniture in aluminium, stainless steel wicker and

Offering the option to fully customise designs, with

teak as well as umbrellas both for domestic and

the guidance of Casualife’s design team the overall

commercial purposes and a wide range of banquet

service has been speciÀed for more than 350 resort

furniture for commercial use. Casualife also has

and hotel projects worldwide, dealing with climates

interests in factories worldwide in order to ensure

as extreme as those of Asia-PaciÀc, Middle East,

they only supply furniture of the highest quality to the

Europe and Africa.

standards they lay down. When Casualife started up in Australia they With indoor and outdoor ranges manufactured

revolutionised the industry with a variety of

from all weather aluminium, stainless steel, teak, all

individual pieces and conÀgurations in a choice of

weather wicker and sling fabric, the products feature

fashion colours that could be adapted and suited to


the individual buyers home. Casualife was one of the

manufacturing with local redwoods and cast

Àrst to bring designer aluminium outdoor furniture

concrete, has reshaped and vastly expanded the

to the Asia/PaciÀc area supplying the burgeoning

amount of different producers and created a

hotel and resort market and 17 years later much of

whole new awareness of how important the right

the original furniture supplied is still in use.

outdoor furniture is to a home that has been as carefully planned and decorated in the interior,”

“Being the pioneers of aluminium outdoor

says international vice president, Antony Guss.

furniture in this part of the world, we at Àrst had to educate many consumers who were only


familiar with local ‘redwoods’ and cast concrete

Casualife is the Àrst Australian company to use

outdoor furniture. The revolution we caused in

Javanese teak exclusively in the manufacture of

the industry, introducing aluminium rather than

furniture. All the teak is harvested from carefully controlled plantations, established in the mid 19th century, and safeguarded to this day by the Indonesian Government. Premium Wicker This collection is based on fresh design directions. Using the Rehau (German) polyethylene Àbres with stringent testing and up to Àve year Àbre warranty, weave design experts carefully craft the furniture, which is protected from wear and tear with stainless leg caps and long wearing glides. Sunbrella (USA) fabrics and quick-dry foam for cushions makes the quality complete. Recyclable materials such as the Àbre and aluminium frames are all part of the sustainable approach.

Casualife’s Porfolio includes the Ritz Carlton Al Bustan,


Muscat, Oman.

FF&E - Outdoor and Banquet Furniture

Sunloungers of many types and styles are available and Casualife can also manufacture custom designs.

Contact details 416 Pinnacle Business Building, SZR Al Barsha

The Fairmont, Palm Jumeira.

With indoor and outdoor ranges manufactured from teak, wicker and sling fabric, the products are designed in timeless and durable designs and materials.

Dubai U.A.E. Web site: Tel: +971 4 347 6099 E-mail:

Antony Guss, international vice Casualife supply a wide range of Banquet Furniture .



IN DETAIL ege specializes in high quality carpet with full design Ă exibility.


FF&E - Carpets, Carpet Tiles and Rugs

ege carpets Flooring / carpets, carpet tiles and rugs


pecialising in high-quality carpets for the

by top Indian fashion designer Rohit Bal, called “The

demand of clients with an eye for design

Indian Carpet Story”. This will be supported with a

quality, Áexibility and sustainability, ege

second collection speciÀcally for Mosques; a unique

carpets works in the commercial, education,

and contemporary Mosque collection that will

transportation, residential and hospitality sectors

introduce a new design style for Mosque carpets.

and are also supplying carpets for Mosques.

Finally, the carpet tile ranges will be expanded.

Ege is one of Europe’s leading companies when it

Refusing to be conÀned within the limits of other

comes to the design, development and production

people’s creativity, ege carpets can even work with

of unique, high-quality carpets with respect for the

the client to develop a bespoke design that will add

environment, and has been active in the Middle

soul, identity and comfort to interiors.

East since 1995, with a regional ofÀce in Dubai since 2007, today employing six people.

“No matter whether you have a detailed presentation or just a quick sketch, a photograph

The company, which was founded in 1938, has

or a pattern as inspiration, together we will create a

factories in Denmark and owns subsidiaries in

carpet that is perfectly suited to your project. All you

Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, the UK

have to do is give us design proposals describing

and China, and in the United Arab Emirates; ege’s

your ideas and wishes. Our creative design team

key markets. Ege also has a network of agents and

will draw up a draft design based on your initial

distributors in 60 different countries.

proposals,” says Michael Bogsted, regional managing director for the Middle East.

Constantly moving with the times and possessing the carpet industry’s most modern technology, ege

Adding to the versatility of its products, the highline

can supply carpets with any imaginable design and

express range offers a vast range of standard

in the industry’s shortest lead time, in addition to

designs, qualities, compositions, backing and colours

wall to wall carpets, special designs, tiles and rugs.

that can be combined to the desired selection of the client with an option for custom design solutions

This year, ege carpets will launch a new carpet

as well. These are produced from 80/20 wool/

collection of wall-to-wall and rug carpets, designed

nylon blends and 100% nylon constructions. All


are fully certiÀed and tested for performance, Àre

long reference list of completed projects.

retardency and sustainability. says Bogsted: “We

These projects span: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Qatar;

believe the environment is a serious matter and we

Fairmont Bab Al Bahr, Abu Dhabi; Pullman Hotel

work hard to minimise the environmental impact

DCC, Dubai; The Palace Hotel, Downtown Dubai;

caused by the production of our carpets. Ege’s

Crowne Plaza and Staybridge Hotel, Yas Island Abu

declared CSR objective is to contribute to a more

Dhabi, just to name a few.

sustainable world by continually striving to improve how we handle environmental, social and Ànancial

Project designer for the Crowne Plaza Qatar, Dorota

challenges, for the beneÀt of future generations.”

Nazarewicz, says: “Everything is possible with carpets from ege. I wanted different designs for different

It is such corporate ethics and strengths in the

areas. Even smaller areas were specially designed

quality and diversity of products that has sent clients

showing colours to suit each environment. ege were

back to ege time and time again, and today the

professional in their approach to the project.

Àrm reports high levels of interest in all elements of its ranges, attributing the activity to ege’s strong

“The teamwork was a success, and ege was always

presence and portfolio, high levels of service and

exceeding our expectations. We were inspired by all the designs from ege, and together we found just the right carpets.”

ege carpets specialises in high-quality carpets for hotels and other public places.


Company name: ege carpets Middle East Address: Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai

Carpets are tested for performance, Àre retardency and sustainability.

Ege’s declared CSR objective is to contribute to a more sustainable world

Website: Telephone: +971 4 375 6490 Email: Fax:+971 4 427 0306 Look here for more info:

Michael Bogsted, regional managing director.


FF&E - Carpets, Carpet Tiles and Rugs

Contact details

IN DETAIL GLP LED low consumption landscape lighting at Atlantis, The Palm.


FF&E - Lighting

Global Light & Power Lighting


lobal Light & Power is a boutique lighting

Working on a multitude of architectural and

manufacturer and service provider,

landscape projects, Global Light & Power has

with a compact yet high quality range

achieved highest quality standards for LED

of lighting products, and Áexible, personalised

Àxtures, drivers and power supplies, and helped

customer service.

clients to reduce power consumption and maintenance costs by over 85%.

A premier manufacturer of LED lighting Àxtures, Lighting Power Supplies, and LED Drivers both for

“We consider ourselves to be not merely suppliers,

indoor and outdoor lighting, Global Light & Power

but partners and consultants to our clients,

is based in Dubai UAE, from where the Àrm offers

working alongside them on their architectural

a completely innovative approach to speciÀcation

and landscaping projects – assisting them with

grade, energy efÀcient LED Àxtures that exhibit

lighting design, speciÀcation, technical support and

superior craftsmanship and aesthetics.

installation,” says sales manager, Jane Aldersley.

Global Light & Power maintains a product

Maintaining high stock levels in Dubai means

development engineering team in Philadelphia

samples are always on hand and delivery

PA, USA, and manufacturing facilities in

times rapid. The 12-strong, Dubai-based team

Vishakhapatnam, India, Guangzhou, China, and

is flexible and fast to respond, and is drawn

sales distribution throughout the United States

not only from the lighting industry but also

and Middle East. They exclusively use Nichia LED

the landscape and architectural design fields,

chips from Japan in the manufacture of all their

providing first hand understanding of the

lighting Àxtures

challenges of design and execution.

Since establishment in 2007 Global Light & Power

“We take constant feedback from our clients,

has become well recognised by many architects,

and try to accommodate unusual requests and

landscapers, consultants and design professionals in

customisations as much as possible. Our three year

the region, for best quality LED lighting Àxtures, and

guarantee includes replacement of parts and labour

reliable, efÀcient customer service.

– which means we will send our own technicians to


replace a light in the event of a defect,” Aldersley

Belhasa Projects; TerraVerde Landscaping; Toscana

adds. One of Global Light & Power’s many Áagship

Landscaping; AMBB Landscaping; Desert Group;

projects is Atlantis, The Palm, where over the last

Proscape Landscaping; Bond Interiors; Etcetera Living;

two years all high-consumption halogen lighting

PTL Solar.

was reÀtted as LED, throughout the hotel’s extensive landscaped areas, signiÀcantly reducing electricity

“GLP has been in Dubai since 2007, and we have

and maintenance costs.

worked on projects all around the Emirates during this time. We will continue to keep our main focus

For other clients, such as the Al Barari Development

on the UAE due to the exciting yet stable business

in Dubai, gardens and common areas were

climate here; however for the last 2-3 years we have

illuminated with GLP LED to achieve sustainability

been building links with distribution partners in

objectives, and eco-friendly design. Other clients

Oman and Bahrain, and more recently in Egypt, Iraq,

include: Nurai Island by Zaya; Dubai Creek Golf

Kuwait, Qatar and KSA. We are also continuing the

and Yacht Club; Jebel Ali International Hotels LLC;

expansion of our US headquarters.”

Courtyard by Mariott; DAMAC; Arabtec; ANC Holdings; Frayland Construction; Times Square Mall;

Last year Global Light & Power began production on a number of new lines which will be stocked within the Àrst half of 2013, such as: ‡ Powerful yet low-consumption Áood lights and architectural façade lighting ‡ Street light poles to complement our range of LED street lights ‡ A full range of LED RGB lights (colour changing) with user friendly control systems ‡ Contemporary LED track lighting for use in residential and retail applications ‡ Industrial lighting such as High Bay lights for

GLP LED low consumption lighting used throughout the landscape at the Al Barari development


warehouses and shopping malls ‡ High power downlights for hotels and shopping malls.

FF&E - Lighting

Contact details Company name: Global Light & Power LLC

GLP LED strip lighting and faรงade lighting creates a dramatic statement with minimal power consumption. Below, GLP low voltage LED lighting is completely safe to touch and electric-shock free in wet areas.

We consider ourselves to be not merely suppliers, but partners and consultants to our clients.

PO Box 72641, Al Quoz 4, Street 26, Warehouse 12, Dubai Website: Telephone: 04 340 4458 Email: Fax: 04 341 1090

Jane Aldersley, sales manager.


IN DETAIL Sealy mattresses are known for their durability and comfort factor.

Better sleep...better business 56

FF&E - Beds and Mattresses


Beds and mattresses


t the end of a long day, there is nothing

who advise on the support and strength of Sealy

quite like a comfortable bed with a mat-

products and accessories.

tress that you can sink into, while enjoying

complete support for your whole back and body.

On the back of the globally recognised brand, Sealy Middle East launched three decades ago, and

Founded in 1881 in the town of Sealy, Texas, USA

has grown organically according to the wants and

the original Sealy mattress was the brainchild of

demands of a growing consumer base.

cotton gin builder Daniel Haynes, who developed the Àrst cotton-Àlled mattress as a bespoke order.

Sealy has more than 3,000 outlets and Sealy Middle

Soon, news of the revolutionary product had

East operates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the

spread, changing life not just for Sealy but millions

United Arab Emirates and Qatar, with more than 25

of people around the world who would eventually

outlets in MENA.

sleep on the mattress. Growth has been continual due to the quality of The innovations continued in both the design,

service provided alongside the development of

manufacturing and marketing processes; not only

ground breaking, innovative technologies. Amongst

did Haynes patent a number of products, including

such achievements is the Sealy Posturepedic mattress,

the cotton compressing machines required to build

which has been developed further for 2013 when the

them, Sealy was also the Àrst company to advertise

Posturpedic Titanium SS and Posturepedic Titanium

king-size luxury beds. When ad exec Earl Edwards

Dsx will be introduced to the market; featuring the

penned the slogan “Sleeping on a Sealy is like sleep-

latest advancements in coil design and multiple grip-

ing on a cloud”, the brand went global and Haynes’

ping points for easier maintenance.

dream really came true. In addition to mattresses, Sealy Middle East also In 1983 Sealy purchased the Stearns & Foster Com-

provides cribs, bedding, pillows and comforters, bed

pany and has placed a huge importance ever since

frames, sheets, mattress pads and other accessories.

on the making of each mattress by dedicated craftsman. To guarantee the comfort and quality of beds

“Sealy Middle East stays up to date with the market

today, Sealy even works with orthopedic surgeons,

and consumer trends, by supplying top notch prod-


ucts that distinguish themselves from their competi-

Demonstrating its commitment to the environment

tors,” says Ali Asaad, President of Sealy Middle East.

by only using SFI approved lumber (Sustainable Forest Initiative) in addition, all steel is procured from

The “Palatial Crest Cushion Firm Bedset: Palatial

recycled sources; 100% of polyurethane scrap is

Crest “The Elegance of Blissful sleep” is one of the

re-used elsewhere within the comany; and an entire

key products that is known to provide ultimate

division has been created by Sealy to channel excess

comfort. Developed with orthopedic surgeons, the

production into secondary bedding markets; not

product responds to body weight to provide the

only helping the world to sleep better, but striving to

correct support, a strong seating edge and the per-

make it a better world to sleep in.

fect sleeping surface. These days what really distinguishes a top hotel from “The mattress works towards preventing weight on

a good hotel is not providing a swimming pool or

it in order to keep the mattress in good quality and

the length of its menus. Instead, it’s the quality of

extend its comfort life – making it a great value for

sleeping comfort provided, which is why top hotels

the comfort and luxury provided, to get a good

and operators insist on using Sealy mattresses.

sleep,” Asaad adds.

Palatial Crest Àrm mattress.


FF&E - Beds and Mattresses

Slipstream_NS_Silo_300 mattress.

Contact details SEALY MIDDLE EAST Head OfÀce

Valmont_F_Silo_300 mattress.

Valmont_FEPT_Silo_300 mattress.

Sealy stays up to date with the market and consumer trends, by supplying products that distinguish themselves from their competitors

P.O. Box 1433, Jeddah 21431

Ali Asaad


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Phone: +966 2 608 1350 Fax: +966 2 608 2285

Other ofÀces Dubai PO Box 6097 Jumeirah Lake Towers United Arab Emirates Phone: +971 4 428 1352 Fax: +971 4 425 3594 Regional Director of Sales: Rabah Sakr E-mail:

Number of employees Sealy currently employs 1,100 individuals in the MENA region alone.

HarborView_UF_Silo_300 mattress.



In room


nce inside their rooms, guests expect tranquillity, quality, security... a piece of paradise.

Creating this in a compact space time and

time again, while providing flair and a sense of individuality, is a challenge for even the largest operators. In a world where standards are set on distant continents and guests and clients travel for days to reach their destination, there is nothing more important than the quality of everything they will see and touch while in their room. Supplying to the low, mid and high end markets; experiencing the thrill of the iconic property and the simple pleasure of the budget, the specialist firms that bring their products to your own environment are at the forefront of the hotel experience.

DiversiÀed Cosmetics Kohler Bathrooms QBG Services Housekeeping VingCard Elsafe Security Technology


IN DETAIL Aigner Fragrances Collection from Germany – Warm Colours Range and Calm Seas Collection from H²K of Harrogate, England.


In Room - Cosmetics

DiversiÀed Cosmetics


pecialising in luxury brands for the discerning

DiversiÀed also supplies products from the

client, DiversiÀed is the GCC and Levant’s

Green Park range, which is also developed and

leading supplier of Aigner and exclusive

manufactured by Molton Brown, London.

supplier of Molton Brown amenities. The Aigner Fragrances Range is fresh and Custom-designed to enhance the guest experience,

uplifting while the hint of woody notes adds a

the Molton Brown hotel amenities range draws on

touch of intimacy. Two different colour options

the trust and integrity built by Molton Brown in

are available to suit different bathroom designs

the retail environment. Each element of the Molton

and hotel logos can be printed on the back of

Brown in-room comforts are designed to exceed

most of the products for orders of 5000 products

customer expectations and give hotel partners a

and above. Aigner’s core products range is also

luxurious point of difference.

supported by the Aigner White, Aigner in Leather, Aigner Black, Aigner Man², Aigner Starlight,

As consumers become ever more sophisticated,

Aigner Evolution and Aigner Too Feminine ranges.

there has never been a greater need for hoteliers to

In addition, L’Art de Vivre now represents the new

demonstrate their understanding of the individual

concept for the launch of ETIENNE AIGNER hotel

needs of discerning guests. Travellers are seeking

cosmetic line. Values like exclusivity, elegance,

out new experiences, new sensations and new

with style, timeless balance, seductive and

deÀnitions of luxury travel. Products are known

unrepeatable describe this new concept.

and loved by guests, have a high recognition factor and appeal, and beneÀt from signiÀcant PR and

First established in 1998 as DiversiÀed Cosmetics the

marketing support.

company has shown a steady path of growth while retaining its exclusive niche market. Today DiversiÀed

The full spectrum of therapeutic experiences is

represents a number of international luxury brands

designed to meet every eventuality and products

across a wide range of products, including: branded

can be themed to suit the location, the seasons,

amenities, bed and bathroom linens, bed and

the room environment or even an individual

bathroom accessories, mini bar products, F&B linens,

guest’s mood.

spa products and turndown gifts.


These luxury brands are from the UK, Spain,

their own customers and that there cannot be any

Portugal, Germany, Turkey and the USA, plus

compromise on our reliability and consistency in

personalised products from Italy or China.

delivery. We have built our reputation on being responsive, trustworthy and Áexible and have

Since its inception, the primary focus has been to

formed long-term partnerships with many of our

reÁect the exclusive brands represented through

customers. We want them to be secure in the

a philosophy of uncompromising service towards

knowledge that we will deliver the right product on

customers. Basing its operation on superior

time, everytime,” says general manager Anne Low.

customer service and a commitment to building strong relationships with each and every client,

The same exacting standards are also required from

DiversiÀed remains small, select, exclusive and

DiversiÀed’s suppliers, with regular visits made to

uncompromising in its superior service.

their facilities in order to determine the quality of products and to ensure production capabilities are

“We understand that our clients, which include


many of the four and Àve star hotels in the GCC and Levant, need to provide exceptional service to

“Our initial philosophy, to live up to the worldrenowned standards of our Àrst distributorship, remains uncompromised and the same philosophy will continue to take our exclusive niche business into the future,” Low continues. DiversiÀed’s global partners include Style Vision, GFL, H2K, Molton Brown, A&D Textile and Helo.

Luxury Towels from Turkey.


In Room - Cosmetics

Contact details Company name: DiversiÀed Anne Low

Exclusive robes from USA and Turkey.

Purity and Clarity from Monteil Paris.

We have built our reputation on being responsive, trustworthy and Áexible and have formed long-term partnerships with many of our customers.

General manager DiversiÀed Hotel Division PO Box 26073 Dubai United Arab Emirates Website: www.diversiÀ Telephone: +971 4 884 1160 Fax: +971 4 884 1164 Email: sales@diversiÀ

Anne Low, general manager.

Environmentally friendly – Biodegradable Range from Lather USA.


IN DETAIL Kohler is one of America’s oldest and largest private businesses.


In Room - Bathrooms

Kohler Bathrooms


racious living is marked by qualities of

As a 10-year-old boy, John Michael Kohler was

charm, good taste and generosity of spirit.

brought to America from Austria by his father in

It is further characterised by self-fulÀllment

1854. With the purchase of a majority interest in

and the enhancement of nature. That is why it is

the Union Iron and Steel Foundry in Sheboygan,

Kohler’s mission to improve your sense of gracious

Wisconsin, 19 years later, he founded Kohler Co.

living in every experience you have with a Kohler product or service.

The United States was in the midst of a Ànancial panic that year which left 68 railroads bankrupt,

Kohler is one of America’s oldest and largest

but John Michael persisted, making cast-iron

privately held businesses with interests in plumbing,

implements for area farmers, small castings for local

bathroom furniture, generators and engines.

furniture factories and ornamental hitching posts, urns and benches.

But it is its bathrooms that took the Kohler name global, earning the family owned Àrm a world-wide

In 1883, he developed enamel powder, then took

reputation for distinguished taste and unrivalled

a large rectangular basin from his product line,

quality, on the leading edge of design and

heated it to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit, sprinkled on

technology of both product and process, maintaining

the powder and was so enamored with his invention

a single level of quality, regardless of price point,

he made it the centerpiece of his one-page catalog.

across many product and service categories.

Beneath the picture it read “Horse Trough/Hog Scalder – when furnished with four legs will serve

Setting a standard of excellence, yet drive for

as a bathtub.” This was Kohler’s entrée into the

continuous improvement, Kohler responds to the

plumbing industry.

dynamic of the local marketplace across the world. In 1905, Kohler’s son added ceramic Àxtures and From sustainable products in kitchen and bath to

brass faucets to complement the growing bathroom

some of the most beautiful furniture of Baker and

product line and developed “the automatic power

McGuire to a headquarters hotel for a golf Major;

and light” – a diesel engine coupled to an alternator

this is what Kohler Co. is all about.

to free the farmer from expensive batteries.


Fast forward 100 years and Kohler Co. has more

Kohler combines colour, texture and innovative

than 50 manufacturing locations worldwide and is

design to bring the very best to your bathroom.

comprised of 50 brands within four major business

Choose from iconic statement pieces to indulge

units – Kitchen and Bath, Global Power, Interiors

creativity or simply appreciate the clean and classic

and Hospitality.

lines within the range of bathroom suites.

There are more than 30,000 Kohler Co. associates

Whatever you choose, you’ll enjoy the experience

working on six continents; more than 18,200 live

that is THE BOLD LOOK OF KOHLER® for many

outside the United States.

years to come.

Timeless elegance is at the root of the Kohler

Kohler continues to inspire with a range of

design principles. Since 1873, expertise gained from

introductions that expand the rich of palette of

designing and producing bathroom and kitchen

interesting and natural materials. Such products add

products has enabled Kohler to build a strong

a distinctive tone to any bathroom and an added

reputation for design-led pieces which create the

dimension of quality and luxury to any hotel.

ultimate bathing experience in any home. Explore the Briolette, Lavinia and Facet glass basins that bring functional works of art to your bath or powder room, adding an extra special touch for suites and premier rooms. Or, breathing new life into an old world material, the Lillies Lore lavatory takes on a modern shape through an organic and intricate pattern.

VibrAcoustic technology.


In Room - Bathrooms

Contact details Company name: Kohler Kohler Middle East Region

Setting a standard of excellence, yet drive for continuous improvement, Kohler responds to the dynamic of the local marketplace.

DIC, Al Thuraya Tower 2 9th Floor, Suite 905 P.O Box 500431 Dubai - U.A.E Tel: +971 4 364 2650 Fax: +971 4 369 7508 Email:

Mohamed Nada, business development.

Kohlers stylish bathroom speaker.


IN DETAIL QBG has decades of industry experience.


In Room - Housekeeping

QBG Housekeeping Housekeeping


BG Housekeeping services offers a

Through this service, customers receive the highest

complete range of cleaning solutions

quality, environmentally responsible services.

speciÀc to each customer’s requirements.

Contract and one-time cleaning is offered to

From general ofÀce cleaning to specialised

industrial, commercial establishments such as

kitchen cleaning, window cleaning, carpet/sofa

ofÀces, banks, shopping malls, showrooms, schools,

shampooing, chandelier cleaning etc.

factories, restaurants, to residential buildings such as apartments, villas, municipal authorities

“With our dedication and professional business

including roads, pathways, vehicle and pedestrian

approach we have maintained over a decade of

underpasses, bridges etc.

business association with many customers here in the Emirates. QBG Services has also won awards for

Within its housekeeping division, QBG provides

our outstanding service and dedication to clients,”

its clients with staff for housekeeping, laundry

says CEO, Deepak Sharma.

and stewarding. The services provided by these staff span ofÀce cleaning, building cleaning and

“We provide custom made cleaning services to

carpet and sofa shampooing. QBG can also provide

commercial businesses and residents. We supply

services including chandelier cleaning and façade

hotels with trained housekeeping, laundry and

and high-rise building cleaning. Further specialised

stewarding staff. We strongly believe that no job is

services in marble restoration, rope access and

too big or small and all contracts receive equal level

robotic cleaning will be added in 2013.

of care and attention,” he adds. QBG’s growth in 2013 will also be reÁected in its QBG Housekeeping also offers ‘Green Cleaning’,

ever increasing staff numbers, which have grown

an effective and efÀcient cleaning process, which

from less than 100 staff when the division began in

protects health without harming the environment.

1987, to more than 1200 today, and a requirement

The ‘Green Cleaning’ programme represents the use

for 2000 staff by the end of 2013.

of certiÀed environmentally friendly chemicals and processes; an initiative directed in-line with QBG’s

“We have seen an increase in demand for our

own in-house commitment to CSR.

services over the last month due to the development


and construction in various areas in the UAE as

approach to client needs has secured QBG’s position

well as the increase in the hotels in the UAE. The

as a leading provider of housekeeping requirements.

development and growth of our various companies has also inÁuenced and increased demand for our

“Our establishment is in the hands of qualiÀed,

services,” Sharma adds.

experienced team of the managing director and the managers, who have decades of expertise in the

Owned by Sheikh Abdul Aziz Ahmed Al Hosni, QBG

similar Àelds and other related industries.

installs a number of mechanisms to ensure that its level of service remains high at all times.

“The team works as a cohesive unit to provide direction to the organisation and the dynamism

To pursue this, QBG makes every possible effort

of the team has so far brought reputation and

to employ the correct people, who are reliable,

growth to the QBG Housekeeping. In support of

trustworthy and honest; train them accordingly; and

the management, there is a unit of smart, able and

continue to keep them well motivated. With over

vigilant executives and supervisory staff.

a decade of business association, with several large clients in the Emirates, such quality of service and

“They ensure that the philosophy of the organisation, declared under mission statement, is implemented in spirit and no compromise of quality in services is accepted,” Sharma declares.

QBG is a leading provider of housekeeping requirements.


In Room - Housekeeping

Contact details Company name: QBG Address: P.O.Box 15985

QBG makes every possible effort to employ the correct people.

The dynamism of the team has so far brought reputation and growth to QBG Housekeeping.

Website: Telephone: 04 3582818 Email: Fax: 04 3582808

Deepak Sharma, CEO.


IN DETAIL VingCard Elsafe is a world leader.


In Room - Security Technology

VingCard Elsafe

Security technology


he world leader in hotel security and

Elsafe electronic in-room safes for hotels are the

energy management technology, VingCard

only UL-Listed guestroom safes in the market

Elsafe is part of the ASSA ABLOY Group,

in keypad and card-based models. Elsafe Safes

a publicly listed company, that has products

include a UL-listed internal power outlet to

installed in more than 42,000 properties

support recharging of laptops and camcorders,

worldwide, securing in excess of seven million

full wireless online capabilities and RFID versions

hotel rooms.

compatible with VingCard electronic locks.

VingCard Elsafe Áagship products are based on

Elsafe customers also enjoy worldwide service

advanced RFID-technology with electronic locking

and support. The entire catalogue includes six

solutions that have the Áexibility to equip in-room

types of in-room safe, each providing a unique

safes with the same technology as well as fully proven

benefit, such as its access control or versatility

RF-online wireless communication platforms to offer

to be installed on a wall. Orion by VingCard

powerful online electronic locks that signiÀcantly

Elsafe is the new Energy Management Solution

improve a hotel’s operations and bottom line.

that offers savings by degrees, while ensuring guest comfort.

With worldwide service and support in more than 166 countries, VingCard Elsafe provides

Orion by VingCard Elsafe detects guest presence

numerous electronic locking system solutions.

in the room and allows control and management of A/C cost while rooms are unoccupied;

Its systems include traditional magnetic-

monitoring and keeping a comfort temperature

stripe, smartcard systems and the latest RFID

level when guests return to their rooms.

electronic locks compatible with the main ISO standards: ISO 14.443A (MIFARE), ISO 14.443B,

Orion by VingCard Elsafe is much more than “just”

ISO15.693 and NFC-compatible (Near Field

an energy management solution because it offers

Communication), fully integrated PMS interface

full wireless online functionality and a network than

software solutions, as well as the world leader in

can be either set up independently or together

wireless online locking solutions for hotels based

with VISIONLINE by VingCard wireless online

on ZigBee secured open platform.

electronic locks and safes.


Orion by VingCard Elsafe dramatically helps you

“Our solutions include integrated hardware

improve your environmental and green initiatives

and software solutions with highly Áexible

and contributes to reducing global warming.

conÀgurations,” Narang adds.

“Our company is dedicated to providing complete

VingCard Elsafe has local ofÀces in US, Canada,

smart security solutions to the hospitality industry,

Mexico, Brazil, UK, Norway, Sweden, Germany,

starting from state-of-the art electronic locking

France, Spain, Portugal, Dubai, India, Singapore,

solutions, in-room safes and complete technology

Thailand, Hong-Kong, China and Australia and

packages that provide RF-online integrated

partner networks in over 166 countries.

communication with smart in-room physicalpresence, sensitive energy management solutions,”

The Àrm has operated in the Middle East for more

says Manit Narang, VP and MD.

than 30 years. New for 2013 VingCard Elsafe will consolidate the launch of the new invisible electronic lock, Essence by VingCard, that was launched in 2012, and which represents a new step in electronic locking concepts by setting completely new standards and trends, reaching a pinnacle in minimalism by reducing lock hardware on the door.

VingCard safes offer unbeatable security.


In Room - Security Technology

Contact details Company names: VingCard Elsafe AS P.O. Box 511

VingCard locks set new standards in design and security.

Our solutions include integrated hardware and software solutions with highly à exible conÀgurations.

1522 Moss Norway Mobile: +971 50 2400845 Fax: +971 4 3262851 Email: Internet:

Manit Narang, vice president and managing director



Specialist services


n an industry that is all about service, the services procured to keep it ticking over can be nothing less than first class.

Each focussed on delivery of the highest

quality experience, the goods provided by these suppliers may not be tangible, but are rooted in a philosophy of making hospitality happen. Educating the experts and the next generation alike; ensuring the finest levels of hygiene; providing bespoke uniform accessories; facilitating booking and transaction needs; disposing of food with sustainability in mind; and servicing an entire property. Helping hands make things happen.

Diversey Cleaning Hygiene Glion Hospitality Education ID Badges IndentiÀcation InSinkErator Food Waste Disposal KIT IT Solutions QBG Services Facilities Management, Security and StafÀng


IN DETAIL A leading brand of sustainable cleaning, sanitation and hygiene solutions


Specialist Services - Cleaning and Hygiene

Diversey Gulf FZE

Cleaning and hygiene


iversey is a leading brand of sustainable

DiverseyLever business from Unilever and the

cleaning, sanitation and hygiene solutions.

combined company became JohnsonDiversey until

As a part of Sealed Air, Diversey branded

March 2010, when the name was simpliÀed to

products are helping create a new global leader


in food safety and security, facility hygiene and product protection.

In 2011, Diversey was acquired by Sealed Air Corporation, creating a new global leader in food

A history of business success

safety and security, facility hygiene and product

Today’s Diversey has a rich legacy of businesses


that were pioneers in the commercial, cleaning and hygiene business. Its roots begin in 1886, when

Sustainability in Diversey

S.C. Johnson founded his parquet Áoor business in

Sustainability is the centre piece of our strategy

Racine, Wisconsin. Not too long after, another of

and the heart of how we’re delivering a cleaner.

our legacy businesses, Diversey Corporation, was

healthier future for the world. Diversey’s six pillars of

founded in 1923 in Chicago.

Sustainability are:

Both businesses continued to grow and thrive


throughout the 20th century, serving customers

We preserve the earth for future generations by

around the world. In 1996, the Diversey business

continually reducing the environmental impact of

Corporation was acquired by Unilever to become

our products and operations. As industry leaders in

DiverseyLever. Then, in 1997, the commercial and

protecting the environment we have made a public

institutional portion of what was known as S.C.

commitment to challenging, measurable reductions

Johnson & Son, Inc. Commercial Markets separated

in our environmental impact. We’re meeting

from its parent company to form S.C. Johnson

those objectives through the creative, passionate

Commercial Markets, Inc, which operated as Johnson

commitment of our employees.

Wax Professional. Customers In 2002, Johnson Wax Professional acquired the

We protect lives by producing superior products that


food, drink and facilities safer and more hygienic.

Global Children’s Initiative and through a host of

Our industry-leading innovations in dilution and

regional and local efforts organised by employees.

dispensing technology and unique packaging designs enable us to eliminate substantial amounts


of packaging and chemical waste, reduce shipping-

Our employees are our foremost strength as a

related carbon dioxide emissions and protect

companyn and it is their talent, creativity and

workers. Our concentrated solutions weigh less than

passion that bring our purpose to life for our

conventional, water-added products and are packed

customers, partners and communities. We invest in

in specially engineered containers that work with our

our employees’ safety and well being as well as their

proprietary dosing and dispensing equipment.

training and career development.



We believe every place where we do business

We collaborate with thought leaders around

should be better because we are there.The generous

the world to promote a sustainability mindset

volunteering of our employees helps Diversey create

within our industry and to advocate for a cleaner,

a cleaner, healthier future for the communities we

healthier future. We’ve established vital partnerships

serve. We encourage volunteerism through our

with government agencies, non-governmental organisations and industry groups. We share our expertise and draw on the value that results when creative, passionate people unite their talents toward common goals. Governance We hold ourselves to the highest standard of ethical and legal behaviour in everything we do. Our governance practices are our comprehensive Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. We audit all our business practices regularly and rigorously, and train


our people in ethical business practices.

Web site: /

Diversey protects lives by delivering solutions that make food, drink and facilities safer and more hygienic, transforms the industry by creating more sustainable enterprises that contribute to the well-being of communities.

Tel: +971 4 881 9470/881 9431 E-mail:

Fax: +971 4 881 9488 Address: Diversey Gulf FZE, PO Box 61485, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, UAE

Somer Gundogdu VP, MENEA (Middle East and North East Taski Swingo 4000



Specialist Services - Cleaning and Hygiene

Contact details

IN DETAIL The hospitality management school overlooks the serene lake.


Specialist Services - Hospitality Education


Hospitality education


ne of the highest-ranked international

with an average age of 37 and over 15 years work

hospitality management schools in the


world, the Swiss-based and U.S.accredited

Glion Institute of Higher Education is part of the

“Upon graduation, students will have a Àrm set

renowned Laureate Hospitality Education group.

of management skills, enabling them to become

Glion provides its international students with

decision makers and practice conÀdently, in the

the educational support necessary to serve as

Àeld. The course is appropriate for international

a stepping stone to the best jobs in hospitality.

students looking to gain a qualiÀcation from a

Glion Alumni, over 8000 strong, are the hospitality

world-renowned hospitality management school,

and services leaders in some of the Ànest hotels,

while residing elsewhere, or simply enhancing their

restaurants, event management and related services

skills from time to time, in order to keep up with

organisations around the globe.

the demands of the fast-paced hospitality industry,” says Dr. Martin Senior, lecturer and Online MBA

Established in 1962, and celebrating its milestone

programme leader.

50th anniversary this year, the institution offers degree programmes in hospitality management

The fully Web-based Online MBA (available 24 hours

at both undergraduate and graduate level, as well

a day, seven days a week) is one of Glion’s most

as short courses and professional development

popular programmes, comprising seven core courses

qualiÀcations. All the academic programs offered

and three elective courses, and takes approximately

are based on international hospitality, event, tourism

two and a half years to complete. Each course is

and services administration, including the campus-

eight weeks long and is taught by academics and

based and online MBA programs.

experts from the hospitality, tourism and services industry.

One of the newest programs, established in 2010 but already a market leader in online hospitality

“Once students complete the core courses such

education, the Glion Online MBA provides hundreds

as Human Resource Management, Financial

of students around the globe with the knowledge

Management and Global Strategic Management,

and education to take their careers to the next

they can choose between the General Management

level. These students come from over 70 countries,

for Services Industries, Marketing and Innovation,


or Asset and Revenue Management specialisation

students are able to maintain the same level of high

programmes. A self-designed course option is

standards wherever they go. Glion provides Áexibility

also available for individuals who want to gain

and a wide variety of opportunities, helping

knowledge in other Àelds,” Senior continues.

stimulate the individual’s performance with top jobs in the industry and on their resumes,” Senior adds.

Glion has an industry-standard 92% graduate employment rate, a clear testament to the high

Glion Online will shortly expand its offering of

quality of its courses and its close links to the

short courses for the hospitality industry to cover

industry. Glion’s well-connected network and global

tourism, accounting, Ànance and economics and will

reputation enable students and graduates to Ànd

provide corporate, tailor-made programmes with a

employment or experience in the market, brand

management, Ànance, and leadership curriculum, for

or position to which they aspire. The prestige and

management-level managers and executives.

international recognition of Glion qualiÀcations also allow students to enjoy the beneÀts of being able to

In creating an online classroom Glion provides

pursue careers in the global workplace.

its students with the opportunity to continue to

“Given the institute’s worldwide recognition,

grow professionally without putting their careers on hold. This interactive learning approach means students debate with classmates from around the world and can apply the concepts and skills learned immediately into their working environments, offering far more to both student and employer than a more traditional distance learning programme. Lifelong learning has become an essential part of professional development and is here to stay. In a fast- paced industry such as hospitality, the need to remain current and relevant has certainly never been

Bellevue restaurant Glion campus.


as important. .

Route de Glion 111 1823 Glion-sur-Montreux,

Scenic views from the university building;provide students with a luxury hotel vibe.

Given the institute’s worldwide recognition, students are able to maintain the same level of high standards where ever they go.

Switzerland Clarens (Glion Switzerland) - +41 (0) 21 989 26 77 Haarlerbergpark River Building, 2nd Floor Haarlerbergweg 23 C 1101 CH Amsterdam Z.O. The Netherlands P: +31 (0)20 713 01 28 Website: Telephone: +31 (0)20 713 01 28 Email: Fax: +31 (0) 20 890 7683

Martin Senior, programme leader.

Other ofÀces Main ofÀce in Baltimore (USA) - For U.S. residents - 1-866-4-LAUREATE (1-866452-8732), For international: +1 410-843-6100 Amsterdam (Interactive Online, NL) – +31 20 7192500 For partnership and program inquiries:


Specialist Services - Hospitality Education

Contact details

IN DETAIL The consistant quality of ID Badges has built a loyal customer base.


Specialist Services - IdentiÀcation



rofessional name badges are a key

For example the Polar30 badge, features the unique

component of any modern Corporate

combination of: Polar 30 metal, colour, quick-

Identity. The detailed depiction of your

print, alu-print, color print, alu-complete, color

corporate design on high-quality materials

print and plexi-print. Although this range has its

combined with a bespoke inscription help represent

own engineered components, it also provides the

your company. Staff, who reveal their name on

Áexibility to mix and match within the range to

a badge are not only signaling their sense of

create the perfect badge that reÁects both your

responsibility, they are also indicating that they are

brand and its values. Further, if at a later date the

approachable at any time.

identity changes but you wish to retain the same badge, it is possible to change individual elements

Operating in the Middle East since 2005, ID

and components in order to create a badge that

Badges FZE provides high quality name badges

reÁects the new identity, at a fraction of the cost of

that complement your corporate image, while at

procuring a new badge, thereby reducing wastage

the same time providing a durable and damage-

and being more environmentally friendly.

proof addition to the staff dress code. After all, it’s your good name that we want to present in an

The bottom line is your bottom line: A versatile

outstanding way.

and cost effective name tag system with the added beneÀts of Áexibility and durability, in both

The company has grown organically to represent

design and quality.

a dedicated customer base reliant on consistent quality and innovative products direct from the

“In this market there are many badge suppliers

manufacturer. More than just a name badge,

locally as well as internationally, however, the type

upon closer inspection, it is clear the badges are

of badges we supply are quite different from the

engineered with quality in mind.

regular name badges,” says marketing manager Anup Bharwani.

Rather than a single piece of metal with a laser print, each component within the badge structure

With demand steadily growing and key markets

is speciÀcally engineered to complement that

including the UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia,

particular range.

Jordan, Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, India, Kenya


and Nigeria, Bharwani explains: “As clients realise

products are introduced as new additions to the

and recognise the quality that we supply, of course

existing catalogue or as upgrades to the current

our biggest asset is the referrals we get. Moreover,

range. Bharwani adds: “Of course many a times

within the hospitality industry there is always an

the client may not see the difference specially if it

ongoing movement of staff, so if our service and

is a coating process, but it’s there, and makes our

product is good, we get recommended. Like any

product even more durable than its predecessor.”

business, we do have expansion plans to set up additional ofÀces in a few key markets in the Middle

ID badges FZE can provide:

East, however, at this time we are concentrating

polar® - metal / color / quick-print / alu-print /

mainly on capital investment into new and advance

color print / alu-complete / color-complete / plexi-

print technologies. New materials are being tested,

printavailable in 3 sizes: polar®20 / polar®30 and

as well as new coating processes.”

polar®35 ofÀce: classic / quick-print / alu-print /

Some of these operations are out sourced to

color-print / object

specialist companies in Europe, such as ID Badges

amigo: alu-print / doming – both available in round

FZE German-based partner, badgepoint, and

or square logo element.

once ID Badges FZE is satisÀed with the results, the

aluline plus: – system / logo-print aluline: rounded / oval small / oval large acrylic badges: plano / proÀle / skyline plastic molded: event / public / pult In 2013, a new badge proÀle with added features or functionality will be added to the line.: “Our commitment is to continue our research into new materials, coatings and technologies, and to bring those advantages to our valuable buyer so they may remain completely satisÀed with the product purchased from us,” says Bharwani.

Some models may not be suited to certain type of attachments.


Specialist Services - IdentiÀcation

Contact details Company name: ID Badges PO Box 5232 Fujairah Free Zone,

All badges can be offered with our patented SMAG magnet system, plastic pin / vario pin or tie clip.

Our commitment is to continue our research into new materials, coatings and technologies, and to bring those advantages to our valuable buyer.

Fujairah UAE Tel: (+971) 9 228 2 978 / 050 559 1 516 / 056 117 0 227 Fax: (+971) 9 228 2 979 / 06 522 0 619 Email: / sales@ / Web:

Anup Bharwani, marketing manager.


IN DETAIL The InSinkErator food disposal system reduces landÀll waste.


Specialist Services - Food Waste Disposal

InSinkErator Food waste disposal


nSinkErator is the primary choice of food service

into the Evolution Series, the latest range reduces

industry professionals worldwide for the effective

noise by up to 60% and handles a wider range of

disposal of food and kitchen waste.

foods than previously.

Food waste is a serious global issue, and while many

“Hotels in UAE are trying to adopt a holistic

food products are ultimately biodegradable, its non-

approach to sustainability deploying green

consumption means that precious resources used

practices in all areas. With eco- awareness being

in its cultivation and production are wasted, such as

a priority in people’s lives today, this is a great

energy, water and materials used for its packaging.

opportunity to leverage the scale to both reduce

34 per cent of UAE’s waste is food disposed of every

the impact on the environment and provide a

year, contributing to landÀlls, carbon emissions and

beneÀt for global communities,” says Mohamed

ultimately climate change.

Karam, business development.

Hotels in UAE are trying to adopt a holistic

So conÀdent is the manufacturer in the strength of

approach to sustainability deploying green

this product, in order to have a hands on experience

practices in all areas. With eco- awareness being

of the product ‘InSinkErator’ Emerson has even

a priority in people’s lives today, this is a great

given the product away for free in the past.

opportunity to leverage the scale to both reduce

patented Multigrind technology takes on more food

the impact on the environment and provide a

waste, and grinds it into Àner particles to reduce

beneÀt for global communities.

the risk of clogging. And if you’ve ever wished your disposer could run more quietly, Evolution Series

Developed by a business unit of Emerson Electric Co,

is for you. Best of all, there’s an Evolution Series

InSinkErator has been making food service industry

disposer for any home and lifestyle.

operations more productive for over six decades -- with equipment solutions speciÀcally designed for

Products in the series include:

the food service marketplace. From stores to schools,

Evolution Excel: As stylish as it is capable, taking

from hotels to hospitals; commercial garbage

the art and science of food waste disposal to a new

disposers, waste reduction systems and hot water

level. It handles more volume, more foods, and more

dispensers are the number one choice. Incorporated

challenges than anything that preceded it while


cutting noise levels by at least 60% over standard

Evolution Series™ apart, plus an extra margin of

disposers. Its three-stage grind technology allows

assurance. Activated by the magnetic CoverStart™

you to grind almost any food waste.

Switch, it runs only when the cover is on.

Evolution Essential: The model that Àts the widest

Evolution Septic Assist: Designed speciÀcally

range of customer needs, Evolution Essential®

for septic systems, the Evolution Septic Assist®

includes two grind stages and is 40% quieter than a

features Bio-Charge®, an automatic injection of

standard disposer.

microorganisms to help break down food waste. For over two decades, InSinkErator® has been

Evolution Compact: The space-saving Evolution

the number one choice of foodservice operators,

Compact® includes two grind stages and is 30%

equipment dealers and consultants for overall

quieter than a standard disposer. It’s perfect for small

quality, service and reliability -- according to

households or restricted cabinet space.

independent surveys by Cahners Research. So when you select InSinkErator foodservice food waste


Evolution Cover Control: The Evolution Cover

disposers, waste reduction systems and hot water

Control® delivers all the great features that set the

systems, you’ll be in very good company indeed.

Website: Telephone: +971 4 8118282

Model Ev200

With ecoawareness being a priority in people’s lives today, this is a great opportunity to reduce impact on the environment and provide a beneÀt for global communities.


Mohamed Karam, business development.

Model 65


Specialist Services - Food Waste Disposal

Contact details

IN DETAIL MICROS has installed 30,000 hotel systems worldwide.


Specialist Services - IT Solutions


IT Solutions


stablished in 1981, Key Information

MICROS-FIDELIO GmbH in the EAME region is

Technology (KIT) is the sole vendor of the

a wholly-owned subsidiary of MICROS Systems,

widely speciÀed Micros and Fidelio software

Inc., which is the leading provider for enterprise

systems in the UAE.

applications for the hospitality and retail industries worldwide. Over 370,000 MICROS systems are

KIT is an IT Solutions Provider in Enterprise

currently installed in table and quick service

Computing, Servers, Storage, Networking, Power

restaurants, hotels, motels, casinos, leisure and

Protection, Hospitality - PMS & POS, Systems

entertainment, and retail operations in more than

Integration, Printing Solutions, Project Management,

180 countries, and on all seven continents. In

Security, Wireless, Mobile Solutions, Software,

addition, MICROS provides property management

Consulting and Outsourcing.

systems, central reservation and customer information solutions for more than 30,000 hotels worldwide, as well as point-of-sale, loss prevention,

In addition to ofÀces in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

and cross-channel functionality for more than

and stores in Dubai’s Al Quoz area, regionally

150,000 retail stores worldwide and 17,000 fuel and

KIT’s presences spans a network of ofÀces across

convenience stores. MICROS stock is traded through

Yemen, Oman, Jordan, Kuwait and Qatar, with a

NASDAQ under the symbol MCRS.

further four ofÀces in Saudi Arabia and two in Pakistan. Distributing its Áagship Micros software

An integral component of the operation of critical

since 1985. The Àrst installation was at the former

hospitality and retail business operations, the

Dubai International Hotel. In the early 1990s Fidelio

products are now used by millions every day, from

and Micros began working closer together and

international hotel chains, to individual properties

KIT won the exclusive rights to distribute another

and even the likes of Starbucks and Subway.

programme, completing this Àrst installation at the Al Khaleej Hotel in Dubai’s bustling Deira district.

But while the products speak for themselves,

Also launching the Opera family of products and the

becoming a standard in the industry, KIT’s unique

world-famous Simphony product, KIT has also aided

offering to its clients is the combination of the

the industry by re-branding POS to focus on Point of

product and the service provided by its people.

Service, rather than sales, operations.

“All our solutions, including integrated front ofÀce,


back ofÀce, central and web-based solutions, are

of volume, but to be number one in terms of the

designed to optimise and streamline workÁows,

service that we provide. Of course our customers

improve customer service and increase the bottom

deserve to have that level of service and we offer 24

line. We offer several deployment options, ranging

hour support to meet their needs.

from onsite installations to fully-hosted solutions. And with a vast number of certiÀed interfaces

“The most critical situation for example would be

to third-party products, we ensure best-in-class

a busy F&B hub on a weekend evening; say they

connectivity of your property system.,” says GM

process 60,000 transactions. Now imagine there is an

Selwyn D’Souza. Reporting 20% growth over 2012,

issue where the system goes down. The issues could

the target for 2013 is to repeat this success, and

be triggered by different elements, for example

retain an average turnover of AED300m.

related to users, network, hardware, software, but our job is to solve that,” he adds.

Adding to the current 320 employees is a key element of KIT’s future growth plans, in order to

With more than 100 employees dedicated to the

further strengthen the customer support KIT offers.

Telephone Support Centre, incoming enquiries are

“Our intention is not just to be number one in terms

handled according to prioritisation guidelines set out by the software developers, to ensure both mission critical and non-mission critical events are dealt with remotely and swiftly, and that if trouble does strike, it doesn’t impact on the bottom line. “The USP is not only our product, but it’s our people. There are other good products in the market, but in our case we offer the combination of the product and the people to support that – no competitor has both. We have the optimum mix,” D’Souza pledges.

There are more than 100 employees in KIT’s support centre.



To support MICROS systems, KIT ensures excellent customer service.

We offer the combination of the product and the people to support that – no competitor has both. We have the optimum mix. Selwyn D’Souza, general manager.

Dubai, UAE Telephone: +971-(0)4 3141-305 Email: Web:

Other ofÀces KIT Bahrain Tel: +973 17213302 JDS Jordan Tel: +962 6 5502000 SES Saudi Arabia Tel: +966 1 4766876 EEMC Kuwait Tel: +965 1 866661 SDS Oman Tel:+968 24170070 BV2000 Pakistan Tel: +92 21 343 11890 TechnoQ Qatar Tel: +974 44689494 NATCO Yemen Tel: +967 7117 11034


Specialist Services - IT Solutions

Contact details

IN DETAIL The focus for QBG is on service before revenue.


Specialist Services - Facilities Management

QBG Integrated Facilities Management Facilities management


BG’s Integrated Facility Management (IFM)

strategic FM, that is all activities associated with

solutions provide a holistic approach for its

administrative, technical, and infrastructural

clients ranging from MEP and maintenance

tasks when the facility is operational, as well as

works to a wide range of soft services

the strategic processes for facilities planning and

that includes concierge, valet parking, landscaping,

management. BeneÀts achieved are:

security, housekeeping and pest control. All this comes from within the group companies that

‡ Flexibility

reduces the dependency on the sub contractors,

‡ Productivity

besides being cost effective. QBG is the only IFM

‡ Expert Assistance

company in the UAE with vast inhouse services that

‡ Imporved Customer Service

enables it to tailor make solutions to the customer’s

‡ Cost Saving

speciÀc needs. “Despite building proÀtable sales, we focus more on QBG follows a unique pattern of being a single

customer satisfaction and delivering quality services.

point of contact for customers wherein most of

We continuously strive to deliver a consistent

the formalities are performed inhouse. QBG has

quality service, high standards at optimum cost and

expanded in the market so quickly due to its

create opportunities by responding to our client’s

predictive diagnostic tools and has now made

requirements through our experience, leadership

a benchmark for itself by providing a Áexible,

and honest approach,” says CEO Deepak Sharma.

effective and efÀcient system. The growing list of satisÀed clients stands witness to QBG’s professional

With all the in-house services provided, QBG’s


IFM services has the ability to manage each site and include subcontracted specialist services like

QBG operations incorporate one of the best

elevator maintenance, Àre protection, and associated

Computer Aided Facilities Mangement (CAFM)


systems which help the facility managers to ensure optimum utilisation of resources at lowest possible

In the IFM department alone, QBG today employs

cost besides enhancing every phase of a building’s

2500 specialist service providers, across four UAE

lifecycle. This system supports operational and



The vision for 2013 is to provide customers with

“Demand has grown over the last 12months, and

direct access to QBG’s CAFM system, in order to

this is due to the growth in the real estate industry

enhance the current level of service provided; ensure

as well as the rapid growth of the tourism and trade

optimised utilisation of resources; improve customer

industries,” Sharma adds.

satisfaction; and increase customer retention. There will also be an increased focus on sustainable certiÀcations for each of QBG’s IFM services and a continued focus on growth, as demand continues to grow.

2013 will see an increased focus on sustainability.


Specialist Services - Facilities Management

Contact details Company name: QBG P.O.Box 15985

QBG today employs 2500 specialist service providers.

Demand has grown over the last 12 months, and this is due to rapid growth of the tourism and trade industries.

Website: Telephone: 04 3582818 Fax: 04 3582808 Email:

Deepak Sharma, CEO.


IN DETAIL The security of a hotel’s guests and staff is integral to its reputation.


Specialist Services - Security

QBG Security Services Security


iscreet but effective, nothing is more

Operating in the UAE for three decades, QBG has

important to a hotel than the security of the

worked to forge a reputation for customised security

property, its staff and, above all, its guests.

solutions with a proactive approach, Ànancial

Despite the high levels of personal safety enjoyed

stability and strength, and as a result has gained the respect and loyalty of its customers.

by residents and visitors to the UAE, a hotel with the best service but poor security would still expose

This is a security Àrm that knows and understands,

guests to crime risks, and compromise both its

not only its target market, but the environment

reputation and goodwill.

in which it operates. QBG provides a distinct and personalised service to all its clients and works with

Hoteliers are responsible for the protection of

them directly in order to assess and meet their

property and well-being of their guests, and with

security needs.

the support of QBG Security Services, they can ensure these targets are met with discretion and a

QBG knows that crimes can and do occur in both

professional approach.

public and non-public areas. The risk of crime in both places must be assessed and preventive

QBG Security Services offers a wide variety of

measures taken. As crime risks against either a

security services as per the requirement of a

person and property in non-public areas, such as

property or client, including static guards, mobile

guests rooms and corridors, are higher, security

patrolling, key holding, event security, VIP protection

measures need to be enhanced to commensurate

and lifeguards.

with this.

QBG aims to be the security company of Àrst

Today, controlled from its four UAE ofÀces, the

choice – with its hands on management, dedicated

Àrm has a varied and dependable client base; and

supervisory support and total quality control

excellent record for both client and staff retention,

measures. All security personnel are carefully

due in part to the balanced ratio of nationalitities

selected and professionally trained according to

within its workforce, according to Labour

their speciÀc roles.

Department guidelines.


“There is nothing more important to a hotel than

India, the Middle East and Sri Lanka. An excellent

the safety of its staff and guests,” says QBG CEO,

networker, Sharma has contributed hugely to the

Deepak Sharma.

security industry and has a number of accolades and appreciations to his credit.

A dynamic and result-oriented professional, with an eye for innovation and detail, Deepak Sharma

The plan for QBG Security Services in 2013, will

possesses over 20 years of solid experience in

include expansions into the GCC strong-holds

business start ups of security, stafÀng and facilities

of Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, which are all

management services.

experiencing a boom in their respective tourism and events industries.

Excelling in Àelds of sales, operations, people management and team building, he has successfully

New services in personal protection and party

executed and established similar businesses in

security will also be added.

QBG Security Services will expand into Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar.


Specialist Services - Security

Contact details Company name: QBG P.O.Box 15985

QBG Security Services works to protect from a range of hazards.

There is nothing more important to a hotel than the safety of its staff and guests

Website: Telephone: 04 3582818 Email: Fax: 04 3582808

Deepak Sharma, CEO.


IN DETAIL QBG employs more than 1500 specialist staff.


Specialist Services - StafÀng Solutions



BG Manpower Outsourcing can deploy

valid work permit to all its resources and a dedicated

various skilled staff on temporary as well as

account manager to ensure smooth communication

long term contract assignments to various

and operations.

organisations by issuing work permits

without nationality and proÀle bar. In short QBG

QBG’s outsourcing division employs more than

provides an umbrella that ensures its clients work

1500 specialist staff across its four UAE ofÀces and

with both skilled and semi-skilled resources.

is experiencing growing demand for its stafÀng solutions, due to a dedication to quality services,

The stafÀng services include:

competitive pricing and the passion and expertise of its people.

‡Contract stafÀng/HR outsourcing ‡Temporary stafÀng

Contract stafÀng is the process of utilising skills

‡Promotion and events

to perform speciÀc tasks both short term and

‡Technical experts

long term by employing them on third party rolls.

‡Specialised airport ground handling services

Contract stafÀng solutions are designed to support

‡Multi-skilled, cross vertical approach

organisations to handle:

Since its inception in the UAE three decades ago,

‡ SpeciÀc tasks which may or may not be required

QBG has proven its credibility as a service provider


in order to become the preffered vendor of

‡ Head count issue

stafÀng solutions for hotels, ofÀces and industrial

‡ Non-availability of enough visas

premises; providing bespoke solutions, provided and

‡ Employing speciÀc skills at varying pay scales

suggested by its stafÀng and recruitment experts.

without affecting long term staff on company roles.

Anchor services include driver management services

Skills generally contracted include Ànance and

(DMS), stafÀng for events and airport stafÀng. QBG

administration, front and back ofÀce support,

is also an approved service provider by JAFZA (Jebel

counter sales, call-centre agents, data entry

ali free zone authority) to provide services within

operators, IT professionals, Oil and Gas personnel

the free zone to global corporations. QBG provides

and more.


Motivated by a commitment to quality and

“We understand that every business has different

equipped with the knowledge and experience

needs. That’s why we work with you to gain a

gained in the industry, QBG StafÀng Solutions strives

strong understanding of your business goals and

to achieve the status of a bench mark in the services

requirements, and develop a customised solution


based on these factors,” says company CEO Deepak Sharma.

StafÀng solution contracts can run as a temporary, ongoing or permanent arrangement, depending on

The beneÀts QBG can provide to its clients, include:

demand and the level of staff expertise speciÀed to meet these needs. The missions and values that form

‡ Reduces time and cost of hiring

the core principles of QBG’s operations are built on

‡ Address head count limitations

a foundation of strong values of dedicated service,

‡ Reduces attrition at joining stage

loyal relationships and tailored business solutions.

‡ Flexibility to focus on core business ‡ Increase productivity ‡ Manpower availability ensured at all times ‡ Statutory obligation is longer clients responsibility ‡ One point contact for all needs “QBG employs the candidates under our umberalla and outsource them to our clients on a short to long term basis. We provide valid work permit to all our resources and a dedicated account manager to ensure smooth communications and operations,. QBG StafÀng Solutions employs over 150 Emiratis for its various projects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In recognition of our efforts, QBG was awarded The Tawteen Award for Emiratisation by Abu Dhabi Tawteen council-for being a pioneer in the FM industry, hiring large number of

QBG StaffÀng Solutions tailors its provisions to each hotel’s needs.


nationals,” Sharma adds.

Specialist Services - StafÀng Solutions

Contact details Company name: QBG P.O.Box 15985

QBG is the preffered vendor of stafÀng solutions for hotels.

We work with you to gain a strong understanding of your business goals and requirements, and develop a customised solution.

Website: Telephone: 04 3582818 Fax: 04 3582808 Email:

Deepak Sharma, CEO.


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