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Measurement technology for the wind energy industry

Wind turbine testing ‌ with total confidence Use test and measurement technology from HBM to safeguard your wind power plant and maximize your return. Extend service life and slash downtimes.

Maximize service life. Minimize downtimes. The efficient use of your wind power system is paramount in ensuring a fast return on your investment. To achieve this it is essential to maximize its life cycle and keep downtimes at an absolute minimum. Fundamental to your success will be the optimization of critical components, the continuous monitoring of structural elements, and the professional testing of the entire design. HBM Test and Measurement provides you with the complete solution for safe development, production, start up and operation of wind turbines. Develop more efficiently

Structural analyses

Identify potential weaknesses in critical components already during the design phase of your wind power system - using nCode DesignLifeTM software from HBM. Confidently assure component quality Assure the quality of your components in the test and production phase using transducers, e.g. for extremely high forces and torques, as well as amplifiers and software from HBM. Accurately assess system status Monitor the status of rotor blades, towers and foundations, even under water, using HBM test and measurement equipment a perfect insight that enables you to assess the status of your wind turbine and structures.

Benefit from the global market leader‘s know-how to achieve the most reliable and trusted test results. We offer you 60 years of experience in test and measurement, and 30 years in the field of wind energy.

Strain gauges and transducers

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Material fatigue prediction

Fraunhofer Institut fĂźr Windenergie und Energiesystemtechnik (IWES)

Fatigue tests on rotor blades

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Torque transducers for testing generators

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Data acquisition systems

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Safe testing of critical components Wind power is the energy of the future. As a result, the requirements for wind power turbine designs are increasing - both onshore and offshore. Wind power needs the security of valid tests and measurement results - in the development and operation of components and complete wind power systems.

Offshore At sea, the components of a wind turbine must withstand around 2 billion load cycles over the course of their service life. They need to withstand storms without damage. Maintenance and servicing are complicated and, above all, expensive. Reliable components and maintenance that can be planned in advance are therefore of critical importance.

Onshore Suitable areas for wind turbines onshore are limited and approval procedures can take a long time. The energy efficiency of existing wind parks is being increased by upgrading. Towers are getting higher, rotor blades larger and the resulting forces and torques also increase above average values.


... anywhere!

Rotor blades, gear units, generators HBM provides you with professional test and measurement technology to enable safe testing of the critical components of your wind wind turbine, for example: — Rotor blades: Electrical and optical strain gauges for fatigue testing on rotor blades ensure long service life and optimal design

— Generators: Torque transducers for maximum torque requirements (up to 5 MN) enable reliable determination of generator efficiency. Use HBM technology for regular measurements of stress on rotor blades, towers or foundations. Benefit from the complete measurement chain from a single source.

HBM Measurement Engineering your measurement project in safe hands From consulting through installation and documentation the HBM Measurement Engineering team handles complete measurement tasks in wind power systems. Our qualified staff is specially trained for offshore duties and for working at great heights. Our competences also include the preparation of underwater measurements. Find out more at:


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— Gear units: High-precision torque transducers for test benches allow development of gear units with long service life, low wear and high efficiency

Test and measurement technology for HBM offers you a wide range of products and solutions for safer generation of wind energy. Benefit from perfectly balanced measurement chains comprising transducers, amplifiers and software from a single source, for instance ...


Reliable transducers for structural analysis Measure force and strain using reliable transducers from HBM that can be easily and rapidly integrated into your wind power system, for tasks like ... — Monitoring of stress states, e.g. on towers, foundations, nacelles and hubs during operation to increase the reliability of the entire system — Creating load histories for estimating the remaining life.

KMR “Intelligent“ series KMR force washers monitor critical annular flange connections commonly used in wind power systems.

Torque transducers for precise measurement of high torques Extremely high torques occur in wind power applications. This is not a problem for HBM measurement technology. Benefit from torque transducers up to 5 MN.m in capacity and even higher, which provide maximum accuracy, for example in: — Transmission test rigs — Tests for determining generator efficiency (according to IEC 60034).

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safer wind power systems Electrical and optical strain gauges Benefit from HBM‘s extensive range of electrical strain gauges. Ideal for measurements on different components of a wind power system and tried and tested in many underwater applications as well as in extremely harsh environments.

Linear electrical strain gauge

New: Optical strain gauges from HBM. The optimal choice, for example, for underwater measurements and when resistance against lightning is required at maximum strain and high load cycles. Contact us for more information.

Optical rosette for residual stress analysis

Instrumentation for test-bench and service applications The QuantumX data acquisition system is the ideal measurement instrumentation for development, test bench, service and maintenance. Besides being very compact and flexible, QuantumX modules are capable of acquiring data in almost all physical quantities. The system is especially suited to:

— Functional and performance testing of generators or rotor blades — Structural and component tests in the field, including transmission of measured values via WLAN.


Wind energy portal Product information, application reports, technical articles you will find all the information you need in HBM‘s internet portal dedicated to the wind energy industry at:

HBM worldwide HBM maintains a worldwide presence through production facilities and representatives. Whether you are a wind turbine builder or a component manufacturer - our innovative test and measurement products, systems and solutions support your wind energy projects throughout the world. E-Mail:

Tel. +49 6151 803-0 Fax +49 6151 803-9100

measure and predict with confidence

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Wind turbine testing with total confidence  

Use test and measurement technology from HBM to safeguard your wind power plant and maximize your return. Extend service life and slash down...

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