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Digital scale display

DWS2103 ‌ the digital scale display for legal-for-trade weighing systems with digital load cells and electronics


DWS2103 - The digital weighing system …

… that makes your processes legal for trade: The DWS2103 digital scale display is used for communication between digital load cells and AED... transducer electronics. This combination enables legal-for-trade, automatic scales for automatic weighing instruments (AWI) to be implemented, e.g. for automatic catch weighers, automatic checkweighers and automatic gravimetric filling instruments.

Integrated SD memory card: Stores the scale parameters










COM 5:

USB interface:

Optional interface for a field bus module (e.g. Ethernet TCP/IP)

CAN RS 485 interface  / CAN: For querying of up to 89 nodes

RS232 interface: For connecting a second display, e.g. in a system or in another control station

RS 232 interface: For connecting a PC or other superordinate systems

For connecting a printer

RS 232 interface:

PS2 interface:

9 pin SUB-D socket for connecting a printer

For connecting an external standard keyboard


DWS2103 DWS2103 Operating, analyzing, and monitoring of the legal-for-trade capability Server


Via Anybus

Diagnostics bus

Control unit

AED 9301

AED 9301

AED 9301

AED 9301

AED 9301

Diagnostics bus Profibus

Plant diagram of mixing and dosing system with analog load cells (   ).

Demonstrably exclude manipulations The EC directive MID (Measuring Instruments Directive) requires data transmission that excludes any form of manipulation. The DWS2103 digital scale display guarantees, even in legal-for-trade mode, secure encrypted transmission of measurement data from the load cell to the evaluation electronics (256 bit encryption technology). 100% data security is therefore guaranteed at all times.

Use the advantages of fully digital signal transmission Digital signal transmission offers numerous possibilities for new concepts. This includes data transmission via WLAN or voltage supply via self-contained systems such as e.g. solar, fuel cells or rechargeable batteries. Wireless transmission also offers e.g. the advantage of galvanic isolation. The DWS2103 also does not have to be installed in the direct vicinity of the actual scale and it is also possible to operate several scales simultaneously with just one display. Digital technology also enables entry into asset management for weighing applications, as information can be read out from the sensor.

Achieve digital precision - even for existing analog systems Incidentally: You do not need to replace all analog load cells immediately if you want to use the DWS2103. Digitize the signals of analog load cells using the AED product family. So that you can profit from digital precision and freedom of data exchange even with existing systems.

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HBM offers the complete digital measurement chain … In combination with FIT® load cells or the digital AED transducer electronics, HBM is the only manufacturer capable of offering a digital solution, from components to complete measurement chains, with encrypted data transmission.



Digital load cells

DWS2103 … with impressive advantages for you: _ Encrypted transmission of measured values

AED … AED... digital transducer electronics

PW6C with analog load cells

_ Purely digital measurement signal processing _ Simple integration in existing systems.

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DWS2103 - The digital scale display for legal-for-trade weighing systems  

The DWS2103 digital scale display is used for communication between digital load cells and AED... transducer electronics. This combination e...