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3 2012

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Trends, products, applications

Action-packed measurement technology … for particularly tough conditions This issue features:

_ In trend: Product tests in real conditions _ Measurement technology of today – Automation technology for tomorrow _ Seven misconceptions about testing of electric motors

HBM  3 2012

In this issue

Technology trends Product tests under real conditions: challenging data acquisition

Editorial 4

espressoDAQ Global Application Contest


A lifestyle airplane for land, water, snow


Seven misconceptions about testing of electric motors


Measurement technology today: automation technology tomorrow


Dear reader, Engineers require reliable data about how test objects behave in actual application conditions. Measurements therefore need to be implemented on site. This applies both to prototypes and for special investigations in series. The resulting data provides

Product news

an important contribution to optimization of the products with regard to safety, reli-

For use in rough environments: SoMat eDAQ still going strong


Measuring speed without contact – with the EGPS-200


while also helping to correctly depict ambi-

SomatCR: From ice cold to white hot


laboratory tests.

Mechanical quantities firmly in hand – with QuantumX MX1615


QuantumX MX879 Multi-I/O module: Reacting to measurement results in real time


Precision at its peak: DMP41

ability, efficiency and structural durability, ent conditions and model assumptions for

High requirements: Rugged and precise Outdoor measurements pose very specific challenges to measurement technology:


almost like using measurement technol-

Measurement without speed limits: 1 kV data acquisition card for Genesis HighSpeed


ogy ‘stuntmen’. Sensors and data loggers

Precise and rugged: S-shaped S2M force transducer


dust, liquids, temperatures and temperature

T40B: High resolution even at lower speeds


Effectively using the piezo effect – with the piezoelectric measurement technology from HBM


are subject to extreme vibrations, impacts, fluctuations. In addition, there is usually only a single chance to acquire all necessary

Volvo CE: Construction machines being tested


Efficient processes thanks to standardized measurement technology


Serving a greener automotive industry


It all comes down to the right quantity of force


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Customer solutions

HBM  3 2012

data. This is where the data acquisition sys-

Our new action stars

tems of our SoMat series really show their

“Precision in rugged enclosures – Measure-

strengths. They deliver precise measurement

ment technology for use in extreme condi-

results even under difficult ambient condi-

tions”, this summarizes the requirements


for our products by an increasing number of demanding customers. We have accepted

Proven in practice

this challenge and present innovative new

Volvo CE relies on the SoMat eDAQ rugged

products to you today with the SomatCR

measuring amplifier system from HBM when

and the EGPS-200 – for the action scenes of

testing its new loader types to continuously

your measurement tasks. In addition, we will

reduce the fuel consumption of their con-

look at interesting customer applications in

struction machines. The developers of the

this edition of HBMhotline and illuminate

AKOYA light aircraft are also relying on our

automation trends for you.

Andreas Hüllhorst President HBM Group

measuring amplifier. The compact, ultrarugged measuring amplifier SoMat eDAQ,

Enjoy your reading.

which is insensitive to vibrations, is installed directly in the aircraft. It determines, for


instance, the effect of a small wave – less

Andreas Hüllhorst

than 10 centimeters high – on the aircraft landing at 110 kilometers per hour when it comes into contact with the water.


HBM  3 2012

Technology trends

Product tests under real conditions: challenging dat Constant user feedback on the behavior of a product under real conditions – that is what product developers and sales teams want. This is no longer wishful thinking thanks to the current rugged data acquisition systems and the possibility of data transmission even from the most distant of sites. Just the opposite, product tests under real conditions are easily achieved.


esting under real conditions is particularly important, especially

• Vehicle


when developing vehicles. Prototypes are not just exhaustively test-

Information on how vehicles are used under real conditions can

ed on a vehicle manufacturer’s site. Now the trend is toward long-

be used to optimize and improve future models.

term tests on site on the customer’s premises. • Good

customer service

This requires precision data acquisition systems, specially developed

Data acquired under real application conditions can be used

for use in rough condition, which can also securely transmit data

to adapt products more precisely for the customer. For in-

over wide distances. Unattended data acquisition poses high de-

stance, would a smaller or larger model be more suitable for the

mands on measurement technology, but offers numerous applica-


tion options. • Advanced

warning systems

Numerous application options

Service and maintenance divisions benefit from the possibil-

Whether in development, customer service or during maintenance –

ity of error traceability. In addition, anticipatory maintenance

companies in commercial vehicle production in particular benefit

measures can be introduced and advanced warning systems

from on-site data acquisition:

implemented on the basis of the acquired data.


Data acquisition


HBM  3 2012

ta acquisition The challenges

• Open

interface challenges

HBM’s rugged data acquisition systems are used in numerous ­mobile

Open interface configurations are required to take into a­ ccount

installations around the world, but the requirements of these sys-

various infrastructures. Data acquisition systems from HBM have

tems are high.

Ethernet interfaces and can therefore be used in all available networks from UMTS, GPRS, 3G or 4G up to LAN.

• Weak

point infrastructure • Storage

Some infrastructure, such as mobile phone networks, are not

and analysis solutions

always available in remote test sites. The data transmission solu-

As large data quantities have to be transmitted on site during

tions must be designed to deal with interruptions and be able to

product tests, the storage and analysis solutions must meet the

restore the connection without any data loss even with larger

processing requirements. Data storage, analysis and reporting

files. HBM’s reliable data recorders are an excellent solution.

can be automated with the help of suitable software such as nCode Automation.  Christof Salcher, HBM

Read the complete trend article at


notify Mobile notification !




i Info

operate & analyse

Data server Download

Internet Wifi / LAN


HBM  3 2012

Technology trends

Testing Volvo CE’s construction machines V

ehicle behavior in real conditions plays a decisive role in the devel-

Somat eDAQ: Still going strong

For use in rough environments

opment of construction machines. This is why Volvo CE tests its construction machines both on their own test grounds and in long-term


pecially developed for applications in rough environ-

tests at the customer's premises.

ments, the SoMat eDAQ is built tough to withstand the

The Swedish company relies on

harshest of environments you work in.

the SoMat eDAQ rugged data acquisition system from HBM

These modules offer optimal prerequisites for acquiring

for their mobile data acquisition.

highly reliable measurement data, even in rough field ap-

“The system is directly installed in

plications – ensured through intensive ambient testing.

the loader, so it must be able to withstand extremely rough hand­

Typical application areas are mobile measurements and

ling. In a single test, we may use

tests in vehicles, stationary measurements and tests on

between 10 and 200 channels,


depending on the situation, to determine parameters such as pressure, strain, temperature, position and acceleration”, explains ­Lennart

The main parameters in operating condition:

­Skogh, test engineer and test driver for Volvo CE in Eskilstuna.

_ Temperature specification: -20°C to 65°C (-4°F to 150°F)

The results of the data analysis are used as the basis for the ­development of future loaders with economic fuel consumption and improved driving characteristics.

_ Synchronous data (parallel) _ Sample rates up to 100 kHz _ Max. analog channels per system: 64-96 (Depending on layer configuration)


more …

HBM  3 2012

EGPS-200 for SoMat eDAQ and eDAQlite

SomatCR for rugged, mobile temperature acquisition

Measuring speed without contact

From ice cold to white hot



he precision GPS receiver EGPS-200 was developed special-

ly for contactless speed measurements in vehicle testing,

ou want to acquire temperature data in rough environ-

ments on the move? The compact thermo-module SomatCR

such as within the scope of brake tests. Tests require rapid

can be used in extreme temperature ranges between -40

signals and intelligent control.

and 80 °C, attaining IP67 degree of protection. This enables high-precision data acquisition of the test object directly

The precision GPS receiver EGPS-200 links data from GPS

without any cable connections and complex test structures.

and inertia sensors, thus achieving a stable speed update rate at 200 Hz for maximum reliability and accuracy. In-

The thermo-module is easy to install and optimally suited

formation about the test vehicle is delivered every 5 milli­

to industrial applications, e.g. temperature measurements

seconds – together with position data.

on pumps, gear units or generators. Up to 16 thermo-transducers can be connected to the module, with just one CAN

EGPS-200 is an encapsulated, compact module for use in

connection – a space and time-saving solution!

temperature ranges between -20 and +65 °C, achieving IP67 degree of protection. The device is optimally suited

SomatCR modules are compatible with the data acquisition

for applications together with the data acquisition systems

systems SoMat eDAQ and eDAQlite from HBM.

Lebedev Maksim / Robert Adrian Hillman / Leigh Prather /

SoMat eDAQ or eDAQlite from HBM.

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Find the video of the new SomatCR at


HBM  3 2012

Product news

For experimental stress analysis:  QuantumX


Mechanical parameters under control Simply perfect for experimental stress analysis: up to 16 transducers or strain gauges (SG) in full, half or quarter bridge configuration can be connected to the SG-bridge amplifier MX1615.


Close up to the measuring point

mination, loading tests, monitoring tests

Ruggedly against interference effects

or general stress analyses – QuantumX

The SG-bridge amplifier is characterized

can be bridged by the QuantumX MX1615.

MX1615 can record relevant physical pa-

by the use of patented technology, based

The amplifier is rapidly integrated via Ether-

rameters and is versatile in use.

on 4, 5 or 6 wire technology with carrier

net TCP/IP and can be installed close to the

frequency method (CF) and cyclical auto-

measuring point so that sensor leads can be

The SG-bridge amplifier has a unique chan-

adjustment on all channels for quasi-static

as short as possible.

nel density and integrates perfectly in the

measurements. This makes the MX1615

modular QuantumX data acquisition sys-

particularly robust against electromagnetic

tem. All channels are designed for 10 V or

and thermal interference effects such as

30 V voltage signals and the connection of

inverters, high currents, electric machines

Pt100. They support TEDS and can there-

or temperature effects. Alternatively all

fore be automatically parameterized.

bridge circuits can be supplied with direct

aterial investigations, load data deter-

voltage at the click of a mouse and so used for dynamic measurements.


Even long distances to the measuring point

more …

HBM  3 2012

QuantumX MX879 Multi-I/O module

Product news

Reacting to measurement results in real time Measuring and actively testing – the QuantumX MX879 Multi-I/O module allows the user to react in real time during system tests. It has eight freely parameterizable analog outputs (± 10 V) and 32 digital inputs/outputs.


ematics unit enabling real time calculations. Any analog inputs or

Comprehensive software package for simple operation

bus signals from connected modules can be directly added and out-

The software package includes drivers for programmers in

put together – ideal when timely reactions are required. In addition,

­L abVIEW™ * and Visual Studio .NET. Simple parameterization, opera-

the function library includes the signal analyses for monitoring of

tion, visualization and analysis right up to automatic report creation

limit values and peak values.

is possible with the software tool catman®EASY from HBM. Calcu­

he MX879 Multi-I/O module is equipped with a flexible math-

lations and reactions can therefore also be implemented online ­using a PC.

* L abVIEW is a registered trademark of National Instruments Corporation

more …

Efficient processes thanks to standardized measurement technology Arburg injection molding machines ensure top quality worldwide in plastic molding. The company relies on the QuantumX measuring amplifier system in all areas of their product life cycle. QuantumX MX840A is used in production during flexible end assembly on a mobile measuring carriage. QuantumX MX440A is used as a service tool for setting up and adjusting the injection molding machines. This creates a company-wide data pool that ensures transparency and offers significant efficiency and quality gains.

The all-rounder from Arburg: The latest generation of injection molding machines

The flexible measuring carriage with touch screen operation and WLAN integration in use.


HBM  3 2012

Product news

Digital data acquisition system for long-term peak accuracy

Precision at its peak: DMP41 For over 30 years digital precision measuring ­devices from HBM have been in high demand for users in industry, research and science, and especially for national metrological institutes. No wonder as they guarantee extremely high resolution, peak accuracy and long-term stability. Now the DMP41 amplifier follows this tradition.


Accuracy class


HBM  3 2012


ith an accuracy of 5 ppm, the digital data acquisition sys-

Minimal measurement uncertainty

tem DMP41 is essential in high-precision measurements for

The entire measurement chain benefits from the DMP41’s ex-

traceability of mechanical quantities such as force, weight,

tremely low measurement uncertainty. This is because the mea-

torque and pressure. In addition, the amplifier for strain gauge

surement uncertainty impacts on the overall accuracy of the

based transducers is optimally suited to record the smallest of

measurement chain and is a particular advantage when high

changes under high static loading during the production of

nominal (rated) loads require larger and significantly more

high-precision elements.

­expensive transducers.

New functionalities and more comfort

With the DMP41 the overall accuracy of the measurement chain

In comparison to the predecessor model DMP40, the DMP41 has

can be assumed to correspond closely to that of the transducer.

numerous new functionalities and offers the user more user-

This means that the measurement uncertainty of the data ac-


quisition system can be effectively ignored ensuring that users can place higher trust in the new digital measuring device’s pre-

_ Improved connectivity and more comfortable operation

cision when, for example, comparing the measurement results of various national metrological institutes.

The data acquisition system has Ethernet and USB interfaces, as well as a completely reworked user interface

André Schäfer, HBM

more …

with touchscreen. _ Up to six simultaneous measuring points Complex calibration tasks are now even easier to implement with the DMP41. This is ensured with up to six completely simultaneous measuring points that are always available for highly precise measurements. _ Your choice: DP15P or MS connection Each channel can be equipped with its own transducer via a DP15P or MS connection. Making applications for standard measurements is even easier. Transducers

DMP41 in use in the torque laboratory …

available in the laboratory can be immediately connected to the new DMP41 without an adapter cable.

... and in the pressure laboratory.

Production of transducers based on strain gauges.


HBM  3 2012

Product news

New isolated data acquisition card for Genesis


Measurement without a speed limit: 1000 V with 2 MS/s sampling rate HBM’s modular Genesis HighSpeed transient and data recorders are the first choice when mechanical or electrical signals need to be acquired rapidly. Measurements are guaranteed without speed limits and with the highest possible precision. Now the latest isolated 1 kV data acquisition amplifier card for the Genesis HighSpeed series significantly expands application options.

A wide spectrum: Data acquisition cards for Genesis HighSpeed


he new isolated 1 kV data acquisition card

Fast and continuous

is specially designed for high input voltages.

Comprehensive data acquisition and trigger

Thanks to the six input channels for voltages

modes also guarantee security and precision

between ± 20 mV and ± 1000 V, users can now

even at the highest data rates. All channels ac-

measure very small electric voltages and signals

quire measurement data at a maximum speed

up to 1000 V at sampling rates of up to 2 MS/s –

of 2 MS/s and continuously save them to hard

and all that with just one data acquisition card.


The measurement accuracy here is significantly higher than in standard solutions with sensor heads.

Power engineering, motors and generators The performance characteristics of the new 1 kV

A sure thing

data acquisition card make it highly suitable for

The 1 kV data acquisition card was designed to

applications in power engineering, power elec-

easily meet the IEC61010 safety standards. Sim-

tronics in electric motors or generators.

ilarly, the isolation as per category CAT II (600 VRMS) or CAT III (300 VRMS) ensures ­secure and

Appropriate analyses of the data can easily be

reliable measurement results, even in the most

resolved with Perception software in conjunc-

demanding electrical application environments.

tion with the Genesis HighSpeed series for the calculation of effective, reactive and a­ pparent power.


more …

Secure and powerful: The new 1 kV data acquisition card

Your vote counts! Global Application Contest

To know is to measure. What would you like to measure?

Galyna Andrushko / Vibrant Image Studio  / Chudakov /

We are looking for the 2012 espressoDAQ measurement project – and have already got numerous proposals. Now it’s your turn!

Fascinating measurement projects, innovative applications and interesting technical issues: Vote for your favorite project! Help determine the winner of the espressoDAQ Global Application Contest! Be it force, pressure, temperature or voltage – espressoDAQ provides you with the right amplifier. Find out more at …

measure and predict with confidence

HBM  3 2012

Technology trends

AKOYA by LISA Airplanes – tested with HBM measurement technology

Fotos: Copyright by LISA Airplanes

A ‘lifestyle’ airplane for take-off and landing on the

The aim of the new, ultra-modern AKOYA light airplane is to make flying a pleasure again. The AKOYA is special: the two-seater airplane takes off and lands as easily on the ground as on water or snow, without any conversion. On-board safety and comfort is ensured through the use of strain gauges from HBM and the ultra-rugged SoMat eDAQlite data acquisition system.


he AKOYA light airplane currently being developed by the French

company LISA Airplanes is a most unusual modern aviation project. It is made from cutting edge composite materials and can land on ­nearly any surface – on water, snow and the ground – without any conversion.

_ ‘Seafoil’ technology: Two hydrofoils located under the fuselage provide good stability on the water and enable fast and easy take-off.

The developers‘ concept and motivation to make flying a pleasure

_ Skis-in concept: A combination of retractable landing

again has lead to outstanding innovations provided by the AKOYA.

gear and skis placed midway up the wheel. This allows

Hopping from point to point without any extensive preparations or

landing on snow-covered or rough surfaces.

limitations is easy with owners of an AKOYA light airplane always ready to take off on a spontaneous pleasure trip. This is why AKOYA also stands for pure high technology. The light airplane is equipped with so called multi access technology, which sets new standards and is already patented.


This technology comprises:

_ Pivoting wings enable the airplane to be easily maneuvered or transported.

HBM  3 2012

ground, on water and snow Measurement technology in support of safety and comfort Comprehensive structural and component tests are always key to the development of a new airplane. This is particularly true for the AKOYA since the operational behavior of the many composite materials used needs to be thoroughly tested. The particularly lightweight and easily moldable composite materials give the airplane flexibility and stability. LISA Airplanes has opted for HBM‘s ultra-rugged SoMat eDAQlite system for measurement data acquisition. The full compact data

Luc Bernole (left), one of the founders of LISA Airplanes, on board the AKOYA light airplane.

acquisition system is insensitive to vibration and can be directly installed in the airplane. HBM also has supplied the strain gauges. “The high resolution offered by SoMat eDAQlite allows us to determine how even small waves of less than 10 centimeters affect the airplane landing on the water surface at 110 km/h”, explains Laurent Vallet, Head of Development at LISA Airplanes. LISA Airplanes also takes measurements to find ways to increase comfort during the flight. Installed strain gauges provide useful data to make flying more convenient and enjoyable for pilots.

AKOYA – the next generation The first AKOYA airplanes will take off next year. LISA Airplane‘s pioneers are already thinking of further developments such as HY-BIRD, a hybrid airplane. Aviation pioneers continue to look for new challenges – and place their trust in reliable results from HBM.

more …

SoMat eDAQlite supports LISA Airplanes in gaining more precise insights in the stresses affecting the airplane‘s structures during the various phases of flight. Multiple eDAQlite DAQ cards and modules (e.g. ELCPU, ELBRG, ELDIO) acquire data from strain gauges installed on the wings (installed in quarter-, half- and full-brige configuration) and a wide range of other measurement data, for example GPS coordinates.


HBM  3 2012

Technology trends

New eDrive testing solution: T12 and Genesis


Seven misconceptions about testing of electric motors The time has come to rethink the testing of electric motor power output. We reveal the seven major misconceptions about eDrive testing – and how you can enhance your testing of electric motors and make it more reliable.

HBM‘s eDrive testing solution Your benefits: Continuous storage of all raw data Synchronous data acquisition Storage of all data in a standardized system Power calculation per half cycle Real-time visualization of results

GEN2i data recorder and T12 torque transducer


HBM test and measurement equipment in a test bench for combustion engines and electric motors at Technische Universität Darmstadt, Institute for Internal Combustion Engines and Powertrain Systems (Institut für Verbrennungskraftmaschinen und Fahrzeugantriebe)

HBM  3 2012



by HBM

Misconception no. 1: “Further development of battery technology will be the solution”

Modern electric cars have a maximum range of 100 km. Extending the range through further development of battery technology is limited by chemical conditions. Alternative methods need to be found to extend the range of electric cars, for example, the use of lighter materials or increases in motor efficiency through higher energy yield. Misconception no. 2: “Electric motors do not have any efficiency reserves”

Today‘s electric motors used in the automotive sector have an energy conversion efficiency of only 50 to 60%. Nearly half of the energy input is not converted to propulsion but wasted as heat. Power tests on the drive train of electrically driven vehicles help make motors and other components more efficient and increase efficiency.

Misconception no. 3: “Power tests performed on electric motors are identical to tests on combustion engines”

While power tests on combustion engines primarily record mechanical signals, the testing of electric motors also involves measurement of the electrical signals between inverter and motor. This challenges the test setup since there must not be any phase delay when recording different signals, otherwise the analyses will be worthless.

Misconception no. 4: “Power tests do not provide any raw data”

Users need raw data for verifying measurement results and power data in detail. Power meters used up to now, however, provide only computed power data. HBM‘s new eDrive testing solution gives users full access to the raw data.

Misconception no. 5: “Test and measurement equipment requires high investment”

Incorrect! The right test setup enables cost savings to be achieved when configuring the test bench. It is more cost-efficient to use, for example, Genesis HighSpeed and Perception than to fit a test bench with a multichannel power meter.

Misconception no. 6: “Test data processing takes hours”

Power meters require relatively long data processing times. This is why valuable details of highly dynamic motor tests are often not ­identified. HBM‘s Perception software allows extremely fast data processing and computation of the power data per electrical ‘half cycle’.

Misconception no. 7: “There is no alternative to power meters”

There is an alternative to conventional power testing on electric motors that gives full access to synchronously acquired, raw mechanical and electrical data:

• HBM‘s T12 digital torque transducer ensures reliable and highly precise acquisition of torque and rotational speed.

• The Genesis HighSpeed data acquisition system synchronously records the electrical signal of inverter and motor as well as the digital signals from the torque transducer.

• Users of Perception software have direct access to their raw data for c­ onvenient analysis.

more …


HBM  3 2012

Product news

Precise and rugged: S-shaped S2M

force transducer

Precision is the key to new applications The trend – whether in OEM applications, experimental sectors or in production monitoring – is focusing on precision, particularly in industrial force transducers. The new S-shaped S2M transducer from HBM now achieves an accuracy class of 0.02. It therefore sets new standards in the class of nominal forces between 10 and 1000 N.


he S2M force transducer for measuring static and dynamic ten-

The high level of accuracy required for mass production products for

sile and compressive forces is a so-called S-type. The performance

industrial use is combined with ruggedness. In addition to the IP67

specification used during the design of the transducer stipulated

degree of protection, the S2M has an overload stop for tensile and

significantly better accuracy and – in comparison to the predeces-

compressive loading. The limit force here lies at 1000% of the nomi-

sor model S2 – an improved degree of protection in order to expand

nal force, even a tenfold overload will not damage the transducer.

application areas. This was achieved with IP67 degree of protec-

In comparison to the S2, the S2M force transducer is also available

tion IP67. Performance was also improved. Linearity errors, relative

with a nominal force of 10 N at an output signal of 2 mV/V.

­reversibility errors and temperature influences are less than 0.02% relative to the end value.

Monitoring a process with a standard force transducer

… with S2M

Component spread Yield

100% 18

HBM  3 2012

Efficient in use

S2M in the application ...

The advantages of the S2M are evident during measurement in a partial load area. If the transducer is used at 5% of the nominal force, the measurement can still be implemented with an accuracy of 0.4%.

The advantages are clear: _ Because of the minimum influence of temperature on the zero point, the same force transducer can be used for various measurement tasks – even if it is operated way below its nominal force. _ In addition, a higher nominal force can be used without hesitation if dynamic properties such as a higher oscillation width or greater stiffness are required – a significant economic advantage. _ More precise measurements allow a smaller error band to be used in good / bad decisions: The number of good parts and therefore the yield rises even though the tolerance limits stay the same.

Following the successful introduction of the S9M force transducer for large nominal forces, the S2M now means that economic and rugged force transducers are available for the nominal force range between 10 N and 50 kN.

Thomas Kleckers, HBM

more …


HBM  3 2012

Technology trends

More efficiency at all levels – with the entire measurement chain from HBM

Measurement technology today: automation technology tomorrow Development cycles need to be shortened and costs reduced for companies to remain competitive today. At the same

IT Environment

Data ce nter IT netw orks

time, raw materials, energy and the workforce are getting

ol Contter ms sys


more expensive. It is necessary to improve the efficiency of

M Executanufacturi ion Sy ng stem

Cost optimization in manufacturing

the process without influencing the quality of the product. Automation is the answer to these numerous challenges. The measurement technology of today needs to get ready for the demands of automation technology tomorrow – from the

Production Environment


rs rolle Cont LCs) (P


Tra instru nsducers/ ment ation

ors/ motrs c i r o t t Elec actua

sensor to the software.


hether in the test environment, production or service and main-

Systems that are intelligently equipped also help to avoid expensive

tenance – automated sequences ensure added efficiency and lower

production downtimes. Automation technology not only makes the

costs in all areas. The automation of test and production facilities for

service and maintenance of systems easier and faster, it also signals

instance permanently saves money by saving power, using r­ esources

potential risks for production long before they turn into real prob-

more carefully or by improving production sequences and thus


product quality.

As a part of automation technology – be it interfaces, data transmission rates or integration capa­ bility – measurement technology must meet high requirements in order to keep ahead. The latest technology is necessary. • Industrial

Ethernet is on the advance

The implementation of real time-based Ethernet interfaces, EtherCat and Profinet for instance, provides users with a real jump in performance. Industrial

Ethernet Modbus

Ethernet Remote IO Modbus

Ethernet Foundation FB ControlNet DeviceNet Profibus Sercos I & II AS-Interface Interbus FIP CC-Link CANopen Remote IO Modbus




Ethernet is therefore rapidly forging ahead in production automation. An industrial amplifier also needs to fit seamlessly into this concept. This is why the modular PMX amplifiers from HBM have an Industrial Ethernet connection as standard and are therefore ready for all applicable standards in automation technology.


Safety Networks Sensor Networks Wireless Networks Sercos III Profinet IO EtherCAT Powerlink CC-Link/IE FF HSE Ethernet/IP FL-net Modbus TCP Foundation FB ControlNet DeviceNet Profibus Sercos I & II AS-Interface Interbus CC-Link CANopen Modbus 2010

Source: HMS Industrial Networks GmbH,

High requirements for measurement technology

HBM  3 2012

• Monitoring

test benches in real time

Users are informed about critical operating states in time through the monitoring of test benches in real time. This reduces downtimes, avoids damage and reduces costs. In addition, self-diagnosis makes handling easier and also draws attention to operating errors and settings outside the specifications. This however requires precise measurement data that can provide information at all times about the status of the test bench. Torque transducers from HBM, such as the T40B with the EtherCAT interface module TIM-EC, are a solution. This is a good example of state-of-the-art measurement technology making efficient automation possible via real time Ethernet.

• Software

that connects

Automation does not just involve hardware: software is also necessary. One example is the availability of web servers or open program libraries that permit system integrators to integrate devices into existing system landscapes. A s a practical example devices can be easily integrated in complex test benches with the open command set of the PMX amplifier. The control of all components is implemented via a uniform operator interface. The integrated PMX web server also enables mobile service applications and remote PMX software impresses with usability and flexibility.

access via network and WLAN.

Michael Guckes, HBM

more …

Up to 20 PMX

Individual user interface through PMX command libraries (API)

Machine control and programming with standard tools such as STEP7* or TwinCAT**

Ethernet TCP/IP 100 MBit/s

* STEP7 is a registered trademark of Siemens AG

EtherCAT/ ProfiNET

Industrial amplifier PMX

Production or test bench

** TwinCAT is a registered trademark of Beckhoff Automation GmbH


HBM  3 2012

Product news

T40B with magnetic speed measuring system and reference pulse

High resolution even at lower speeds Optical measuring systems rapidly reach their limits in the industrial environment due to moisture, condensation, dust, oil and grease. This is why HBM now offers an extremely robust integrated magnetic speed measuring system with high resolution in the form of the T40B torque transducer.


he output pulse count of the T40B torque

resistive AMR sensor. Due to this principle,

output signal is configured as a symmetrical

transducer is 1024 pulses per revolution

fluctuations in the field strength have no

5V-RS422 complementary signal.

across all measurement ranges. This enables

influence on the signal quality over a wide

a high resolution to be achieved, even at

range. The result is noise-immune signals

Maximum flexibility

low speeds.

with high quality. This allows a working dis-

The T40B offers users the highest possible

tance of up to 2.5 mm between the rotor

flexibility. The stator has the standard fre-

The speed measuring system withstands

and stator to be realized. The measuring sys-

quency and voltage interface. In addition,

even the high rotational accelerations gen-

tem therefore evidences very high tolerance

the TMC digital interface is integrated. The

erally present in test benches. It can be

against mechanical vibrations that generally

transducer can therefore be used in 'Stand-

used without restrictions for the maximum

occur in the test bench environment.

alone operation' or integrated in combination with the TIM40 interface module

specified speed of the torque transducer. The metallic carrier of the magnetized plas-

Highly precise signal evaluation

and the new TIM-EC EtherCAT interface

tic ring is fully integrated. This saves space

Two square-wave signals, phase-shifted by

­module as a high-performance measure-

and significantly simplifies the installation

90° are available as the output signal at the

ment chain in various field bus-based test


stator to record the speed. Appropriate flank

bench concepts.

evaluation of both tracks allows the direc-


Wear-free measured value acquisition

tion of rotation to be detected. Optionally, a

The speed measuring system is contactless

to measure the angle of rotation. Angle ac-

and wear-free sampling of a magnetized

curacy of up to 0.1° can be achieved through

rotor is achieved by means of a magneto-

the appropriate evaluation of all signals. The

Markus Haller, HBM

­reference pulse is available as another signal more …

HBM  3 2012

The bonus package for automation: MP85A and FASTpress Suite

Customer solutions

Serving a greener automotive industry

marekusz / leonello calvetti  /

The automotive industry has to adapt production and assembly processes in the face of the rapid changes in European environmental standards. New regulations have to be implemented while still remaining competitive. This is why industrial measurement technology from HBM is at the heart of a greener automotive industry. Water pump


he demands on energy efficiency and the CO2 balance of motors

Flexibility and traceability

are constantly increasing. New regulations must be complied with

An MP85A was also used by the pump manufacturer. This ampli-

and flexible solutions found at the same time in order to ensure

fier can be very flexibly integrated in the automation, enabling

product quality over the long term. A manufacturer of water, oil

traceability. The amplifier's FASTpress Suite software includes a

and vacuum pumps for thermal engines therefore decided to use

new module that automatically generates production measure-

a complete solution from HBM.

ment reports which can be sent by email or printed out and which is used to monitor all production steps – including remote moni-

Precision force measurement in minimal space


The sensor choice fell on the CFW piezoelectric force washer from HBM. The transducer allows the press-fitting of a bearing, a cap

Everything in view – with the right software

or a seal with the same electric press.

Software completes the end of the measurement chain – once again from HBM. EASYmonitor CE visualization software, ­installed on a standard Siemens MP277 operating unit, displays the results in real time to the head of the production line. And HBM EASYteach supports the user in detecting and avoiding production deviations through traceability data.

more …

Maximum security in production – with the MP85A FASTpress amplifier from HBM. EASYmonitor CE visualization software delivers results in real time.


HBM  3 2012

Precision at high speeds: Quality assurance with PMX

Customer solutions

It all comes down to the right quantity of force The more precisely powder presses can apply force, the higher the quality of the produced molded parts. The pressure must be accurately measured for exact control. Dorst Technologies has elected to use HBM’s PMX amplifier platform which has been specially developed for industrial use, to design a new series of powder presses.


he customers of Dorst Technologies, a

“It is important in this production process

measured during the process in order to

leading supplier of machines and systems

that the individual segments of, for exam-

control it precisely and immediately cor-

for the production of ceramic and powder

ple, a gearwheel – hub, web, tooth – all have

rect any deviations. Type SLB700A/06 strain

metallurgical products, include automo-

the same density. The better this ­ occurs

transducers from HBM take over this task in

tive suppliers, ceramics producers, tool

automatically, the higher the quality of ­

the EP 70 M. Their small size is an advantage

manufacturers and medical technology

the molded part”, explained Herbert Gröbl,

because they can be placed directly on the

companies. The new EP 70 M model, a 70

development head of control technology

piston of the stamp to measure even small

tonnes strong servo-motor driven powder

at Dorst Technologies. The density distri-

signals very precisely.

press, presses iron metal powder, for in-

bution is important because the parts are

stance, into a solid product such as a gear-

only sintered – a special type of heat treat-

Two strain transducers are placed offset by


ment – after pressing. Cracks may occur in

180 degrees on the piston to compensate

the molded part affecting its function if the

for bending influences because the screw

density distribution varies.

press generates force through a rotation that is converted into a linear movement.

Exact measurement, ­precise control

This then moves the individual stamps to

The density distribution in turn depends

lenge for measurement as the rotary motion

on the force distribution that acts through

is s­uperimposed on the signal of the force

the press stamp via the forming tool on

used", explained Gröbl.

or away from each other. "This is a chal-

the powder. The forces in the individual segments must therefore be constantly ­ Two SLB700A/06 strain transducers, capable of very precisely recording even minute signals, are attached to each of the powder press stamps.


Dorst Technologies, based in Kochel am See, is one of the market leaders in the development of machines and systems for the production of ceramic and powder metallurgical products.

HBM  3 2012

“We can eliminate this, but it is very com-

Synchronous signals

PMX is optimally integrated in the press sys-

plicated. This is why we have decided to

The PMX amplifier converts the strain trans-

tem. With a sampling rate of up to 19.2 kHz

measure simultaneously at two points so

ducer measurements into a load signal. In

and measured value resolution of 24 bit, the

that the signals produced by the rotation

total eight signals are produced – four by

amplifier offers peak precision at very high

cancel each other out. We then developed

the top stamps and four by the bottom

speeds for optimal quality assurance. The

the new test rig together with HBM.” Dorst

stamps – that are transmitted directly by

rugged construction and high interference

Technologies therefore decided on the PMX

the PMX in real time synchronously via

immunity means that the amplifier platform

amplifier platform from HBM as this can be

ProfiNet IRT (Isynchronous RealTime) to the

can be used near strong generators or in an

adapted to the requirements of the applica-

control system of the press. "This is a great

environment with strong machine vibrations.

tion because of its modular structure.

advantage of the amplifier, that we can directly integrate it via the ProfiNet IRT in-

more …

terface into our control system, allowing us to obtain a high level of data quality and exclude data loss", said Gröbl.

Herbert Gröbl, development head of control technology at Dorst Technologies

Perfectly integrated: The PMX amplifier integrates optimally in the powder press system.

PMX amplifier – The new industry standard for measurement technology


HBM  3 2012

Product news

New products in the PACEline family

Using the piezo effect efficiently – with piezoelectric In order to efficiently utilize the piezoelectric effect, precise piezoelectric measurement technology is required – from the sensor via the charge amplifier to the accessories. The piezoelectric PACEline product family from HBM is constantly being expanded and optimized in order to offer users perfect solutions for their measurement tasks. The proof lies in the new CLP force washers and the optimized CMD600 and CMA charge amplifiers.

CMA: Extended measuring range for high resolution Users of the PACEline CMA charge amplifier profit from the higher resolution through extended measuring ranges. CMA is now also available for the following measuring ranges, whereby the measuring range of the sensors can be appropriately selected for the amplifier: • 1,000

• 20,000

• 2,000

pC pC • 5,000 pC

• 2,000,000


pC • 5,000,000 pC

The PACEline CMA charge amplifier ensures safe transmission of Due to their characteristics, piezoelectric sensors are predestined

piezoelectric force transducer data. This is implemented via signal conditioning to ± 10 V analog standard signals. Sensors are imme-

for use in industry. They are characterized by their robustness, high

diately recognized thanks to integrated TEDS functionality. Two

natural frequency and excellent overload capacity, even under dif-

calibrated measuring ranges over 100% and 20% of the nominal

ficult application conditions.

force are available for checking overload-critical sections and safe measurement in the partial load area.

A space-saving solution: PACEline CLP Force measurements in the smallest of spaces are possible with the piezoelectric PACEline CLP force washer. Whether in welding machines or cable production machines – the low profile of the piezoelectric force washer allows it to be easily integrated in systems and machines.

The CLP/7 kN is only 3 mm high and even the measuring ring with a nominal force of 62 kN is just 4 mm high.

The extended measuring ranges allow PACEline CMA to achieve a greater resolution of the measurement signal.


HBM  3 2012

measurement technology from HBM CMD600 with integrated high-pass filter

PACEline CMD600 guarantees flexible use in numerous applica-

The PACEline CMD600 digital charge amplifier now has an integrat-

tions in laboratory and production areas. The digital charge ampli-

ed high-pass filter, which can be used to effectively suppress the

fier measures force, torque and pressure signals up to frequencies

natural drift of piezoelectric sensors. No signal loss occurs in fast,

of 30 kHz very rapidly and can be used with piezoelectric sensors

dynamic processes as only the static and quasi-static signal parts are

up to maximum 600,000 pC.

filtered. The advantage: the charge amplifier is not overloaded, even during long measurement runs, and the reset signal is not required

With peak and limit values, and digital inputs/outputs, the CMD600

in dynamic, recurring measurements.

also has universal monitoring options for measurement and test processes.

Short delivery times and constant availability HBM offers the entire piezoelectric measurement chain from one source – from the pre-stressing sets via force transducers and Signal behavior of the CMD600 with active high-pass filter

charge amplifiers right up to the accessories. In addition to high precision and quality, users of HBM piezoelectric measurement technology profit from excellent service: Short delivery times and constant availability are guaranteed through sale from stock.

more …

The CMD600 charge amplifier for piezoelectric force transducers is now additionally equipped with an integrated high-pass filter.


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