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Even though this year has been like none other, knowing that our families, friends, and our valued clients are safe brings us great relief. We want you to know how much we appreciate you and your business, and that we remain dedicated to servicing you to the best of our ability during this uncertain time. We want to take the opportunity to look back on 2020, provide you with some updates, and let you know how, in 2021, we’ll continue to be here when you need us!


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AT A GLANCE It’s been quite a year to say the least! Here’s all that’s changed in 2020 for Green Mountain Safety and Hickok & Boardman: W e s a y f a r e wel l t o H o l ly L e Cl a ir … Our former Green Mountain Safety President has sadly left our organization early this year. However, she returned to her beloved roots of construction as the Safety and Health Manager of ReArch Company. We congratulate Holly and wish her well on her new journey!

N e w t a l ent, J o di D o y le… Meanwhile, in January, we brought in an additional member to the GMSC Team! Jodi is a Certified Master Electrician and offers training on everything electricity, including a featured monthly, virtual NFPA 70E Electrical Safety Training. He is on track to become a specialist in General Industry with a certification to come in 2021.

O u r p a r t ner sh ip w i th C o mp l ia n ce M a st er s, L L C Over the summer, we engaged with a local, safety website developer to help us build refresher courses and orientation training – available to clients with just the click of a button! These virtual trainings can be accessed remotely, on a phone or computer, and at any time or place, along with on-site quizzes to be sure you and your employees get the most out of this new service.



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E n t e r : M a r ch a n d t h e C o ro n a v ir u s p a n d e mi c! As we quickly retreated home, we faced a multitude of challenges in the wake of stay-at-home and remote work regulations. We knew, like many others, that we had to re-invent ourselves. Our top priority was continuing to service our clients, whether we were working from home, whether they were coming back to the workplace – what mattered was taking the necessary, innovative changes in our business practices to ensure our clients’ safety. Not surprisingly, our pivot centered on the utility of technology and our online presence. The small amount of virtual or online work we occasionally used was now at the forefront of our minds. We developed and hosted regular webinars, open to all our clients and the public, and even set up private virtual trainings upon request.




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W e ’ r e a c t iv e o n s o cia l m e d ia ! Our online presence continued to grow on social media. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram where we post regular updates on upcoming webinars. We hope to be more connected and communicative with our clients and community – another way that we can be here when you need us! Follow us on Facebook

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Hickok & Boardman RISK MANAGEMENT

With wishing our clients a wonderful holiday, the H&B Workers Compensation team has also gathered some important updates and information to share with our clients – including many ways we aim to improve the way we serve you. L o s s R u n A n al ys i s : We can trend and analyze all your loss history! Harnessing new technologies, we can breakdown, discover, and develop more targeted and strategic loss prevention for your business. N e w T alent : Kate Lavalla is our newest addition to the Risk Management team, making her our 3rd in-house licensed Worker’s Compensation Adjustor.

Kara Mikhitarian is our new marketing coordinator, supporting the Risk Management services and agency in marketing efforts and projects.

F l e e t R i s k M a n ag e m e nt : Our department has developed a featured risk management package tailored specifically to businesses with employee fleets including a custom Workers Compensation risk assessment. Y o u r L e a de r s : Jennifer Barrett is now the Director of Risk Management where she will oversee this division of Hickok & Boardman Insurance Group and work to merge our Loss Prevention team for cohesion and efficiencies. Mary Beth Morrisseau is now the Loss Prevention Manager in our Risk Management department as the leader of Green Mountain Safety Consulting and our safety programs.


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To say we are excited about 2021 might be an understatement! We have so much planned. We have approximately 130 webinars on the schedule, doubling our efforts to make our services more widely available. We have many new offerings, including one of our favorites, Tuesday Toolbox Talks, along with more regular ergonomic workshops as working from home becomes more common. We will continue with regular, monthly First Aid and NFPA 70E Compliance Training. Leveraging Microsoft Teams and GoToWebinar, we are proud to offer almost any training online!

Download our 2021 Webinar Schedule here! Now that we have regular and effective protocols in place when dealing with COVID-19, we look to 2021 to start offering a more robust mix of on-site/in-person and virtual consulting. We safely conduct job-site visits by request while wearing facial coverings and maintaining a proper social distance with our clients. We as consultants and as part of the Risk Management team will continue to reach out to our clients, find out how we can continue to support you, and help you achieve results in your loss prevention goals.

Safety is what we do – with and for you – and we are always here when you need us!



for 2021 A note from the Risk Management Team: Our Green Mountain Safety Consulting team is going to transition to a more cohesive part of the Risk Management department of Hickok & Boardman Insurance. GMSC, at its core, will stay the same, with our loss prevention consultants continuing to provide regular safety training, tailored safety program packages, and loss prevention tools for all of our clients. However, you will see the consulting team more integrated with us here at Risk Management! Our goal is to offer unified, all-encompassing loss prevention and safety management to our current mutual clients while continuing to grow in a more combined effort. We will continue to build on our virtual education opportunities, including access to free Workers Compensation webinars, and extensive opportunities for safety training with our loss prevention advisors. In doing this, our social media and network presence will help us be more communicative and involved, not just on a local scale, but as we continue to grow throughout the region. With our newest office location operating in Plattsburgh, New York, our agency is looking to expand and offer our top-quality services to new markets out of state. As always, our changes and innovations continue to be driven by our dedication to be here when you need us!

From all of us to all of you: We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year! Celebrate safely with loved ones while we look forward to 2021!

Workers Compensation Risk Management

Loss Prevention Specialists Larry Newton

Lindsey Farrar Workers Compensation Advisor

Jen Barrett

Director of Risk Management

Senior Loss Prevention Advisor

Kara Mikhitarian Marketing Coordinator

Kate Lavalla

Workers Compensation Associate

Mary Beth Morrisseau

Loss Prevention Manager

Jodi Doyle

Loss Prevention Advisor


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Hickok & Boardman Risk Management Holiday Newsletter!  

Enjoy our 2020 Year-in-Review updates and changes as well as new developments for 2021! To all our valued clients - happy holidays!

Hickok & Boardman Risk Management Holiday Newsletter!  

Enjoy our 2020 Year-in-Review updates and changes as well as new developments for 2021! To all our valued clients - happy holidays!