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Finally F ou nd I t !

After years of searching, Josh Denne has finally found the honest opportunity he’d been dreaming of. n 1995, 17-year-old Josh Denne was


“By the end people were lying and

fired up about network marketing.

creating an illusion,” he says. “Supposed

A high school dropout whose family

leaders had purchased downlines and

had always struggled financially, he saw

added corporate income, but they made

the industry as a way to make real money.

it seem like they were just regular people

“Maybe I was too naive, but I got fired

who’d made millions, doing what they

up,” Denne says. “What I saw with this

Josh says his mom joined the

successful, even though you may have a

business, and even though she had

checkered past. I had thought my life was

the strongest work ethic of anyone he

over because I screwed up and dropped

knows, she still wasn’t able to generate

out of high school. Network marketing

much income.

gave me hope.”

Frustrated, he tried to express his

Josh didn’t understand business, and

concerns, only to be ignored, offered

he didn’t make any in his first network

a move to a new state, and finally he

marketing opportunity. Disillusioned

made the decision to walk away and the

and frustrated, he spent the next few

promised “residual income” was cut off

years working and getting deeper in debt.

almost immediately. “I just couldn’t look

He worked for $9/hour, commuting

another person in the eye and tell them

over an hour each way. But Josh soon



they were going to succeed,” Josh says.

realized that the raises he’d been promised

He moved on to other business

never materialized, and others at the

opportunities, cynical about the reality

company who’d started years before him

of network marketing. But after a few

weren’t any closer to the successful life he

years, broke because of the bad economy


and with a family to support, a friend



could do too.”

industry intrigued me because you can be





asked him to join a company that was

marketing again. At least he could

in the process of becoming a network

be his own boss and in charge of his

marketing opportunity. While he wasn’t

own future. It took about a year, but

excited about it, he agreed to meet with

he eventually got traction and started

the company owner.

to build his business. And after ten

“From the first meeting, it’s obvious

years, he’d made several million dollars.

something was different,” Josh says.

However, the company in his eyes had

“Most CEOs will pick you up in a

changed and the dishonesty he saw with

limousine, wearing a Rolex, because it’s

some of the company leaders made him

all about the image. This guy did none of



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