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Part-time Hours, CEO

Industry leader Jiri Hradsky guides others onto path for success.

Life Unlimited Jiri Hradsky’s first introduction to network marketing was in 1983. A 19-year-old kid, jumping up and down and drawing circles on a whiteboard, turned out to be his entry point into a decades-long career. “I said, ‘if this kid can do this and make money, I can probably do the same thing’,” Jiri remembers with a laugh. Jiri, an immigrant from the Czech Republic, was living in Canada and working hard at his furniture restoration business. It was a good business, but it required working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. He and his wife had little time for the skiing that they loved. Sailing the coast of French Riviera

By the time his friend dragged him to the meeting in ‘83, he was ready for a business that allowed him to have some free time, so he got started in network marketing. He tried various opportunities over the years, making money at each one, and finally, when one of the companies went public, made enough to semi-retire in comfort. He continued consulting with start-up network marketing companies on the side. And then a friend called and invited him to take a look at joining a new company. “I asked him to give me one reason why I should take a look,” Jiri says. “He said, ‘because the owner is Ken Brailsford’.”

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When Jiri heard that, he knew that he’d found his next opportunity. Ken had plenty of experience running two very successful companies and Jiri knew he could trust him. “I told my wife, ‘let’s do this one more time,’” says Jiri. Now, after a few years with Zija, Jiri has 50,000 people on his team, a beautiful home, time to go skiing, and a Porsche in his garage. He knows that his team is the key to his success, and he has created a system to help them get started immediately.

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“My team has access to my training system called ‘Millionaire Graduates,’ ” Jiri says. “This is a step-by-step system that takes you through the first 72 hours in network marketing and provides basic knowledge of how to get started and how to make money.” Jiri’s background in network marketing consulting has helped him figure out exactly what makes a business succeed. “Other companies have a hodgepodge of training, maybe a conference call here and there,” says Jiri, “but we have the a complete system.” He says that being focused, disciplined and hard-working is what leads to big incomes.

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“This is a real business,” he says, “You start working and you make money. I show people how to become CEOs.”

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