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AT THE TOP After years of highs and lows, Tom and Kim Challan are exactly where they want to be.



om and Kim Challan will never forget it: it was a few days before Christmas, and repo men were hauling their cars out of the driveway while their daughters watched. They had been dealing with creditors calling for months, and now, with no presents under the tree, Tom felt like he’d hit rock bottom. “We were trying to figure out where we were going to live, since we couldn’t afford to stay in our home,” Tom recalls. “I looked down and saw my 4-year-old looking up at me asking ‘daddy, where are they taking our cars?’ I never felt so low.” It was a defining moment for the Challans. They had started in the network marketing industry right after college with big dreams, and they made plenty of money. But they spent more than they made, and they were burned out trying to keep themselves, their team, and everyone else afloat. “We sacrificed so many things, our health and relationships,” Kim says. “We finally reached a burn out because we were doing everything wrong.” With 4 kids, no cars and only inches away from moving back in with Tom’s parents, the Challans had to move fast. Since they had success before, Tom decided to get back to the industry he knew worked. “This time,” Tom explains, “I wasn’t going to repeat my same mistakes. I wasn’t going sacrifice my priorities to create wealth, and I was going to focus on my strength and utilize systems to do the rest.” Tom and Kim jumped into a company because it was the only one they could find that paid daily. Working just 20-25 hours



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