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o you still have the dream of running your own successful business? Do you still hold out hope that a great network marketing company exists? What if the next business you build is the last business you have to build?

IT’S SAFE TO DREAM AGAIN. So many people have lost their dreams and their belief in the network marketing industry. Crushed by shoddy products and bad compensation plans, they’ve given up on ever finding that one company that can help them actually make a significant income from home. But there is a company that is breaking records and helping people achieve their dreams. XANGO has created over 120 million-dollar income earners, and 30 multi-million dollar earners, not to mention the thousands of people who have be able to quit their day jobs and start living life on their own terms at home. XANGO has broken every industry growth record. $30 million in sales the first year. $100 million after the second year. $250 million after the third. And $1 billion in cumulative sales after just 5 years. And now, after breaking every record on the books, they’re ready to break their own record! Why not see what they have to offer? This could be the last business you ever have to build. XANGO just launched a brand-new anti-aging line, called XALO, and they’ve paired it with a brand-new compensation plan. While their products and payment plan have always been top-of-the-line, XANGO is ready to go even further by tapping into a $300-billion-per-year market and rewarding


distributors in even more beneficial ways. That means a whole new stream of revenue for distributors and new and exciting ways to get paid.

A RELATIONSHIP FIRST. A BUSINESS SECOND. In a nutshell, XANGO is all about relationships; people are the key to success. While XANGO already is a billion-dollar brand, the company founders are still on the road, sitting in conference rooms and living rooms and strategizing with their distributors. They even attend home parties and help distributors figure out how to best build their businesses. Valuing people means that XANGO takes care of you. The truth is, a lot of people in the industry don’t even understand their compensation plan. If you’re already involved in the industry, it’s time to ask some questions. Are you getting paid what you’re worth? Do you get paid the maximum percentage at your upper and lower levels? XANGO’s 50/50 UniLevel compensation ensures its distributors do. Distributors can also take advantage of XANGO’s brand-new incentive programs. The company has created global bonus pools that are paid monthly, rank advance bonuses, and dream car programs that pay you $400-$800 a month so you can drive the car of your dreams...not something the company says you have to drive. If you thought you knew XANGO, think again. With a single-product focus, XANGO was able to create a billion-dollar company. The introduction of XALO to the mix is a game-changer. XANGO isn’t just going to repeat what they did—they’re going to exceed it! And if you’re on board, you’re going to reap the rewards. n

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