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MAR/APR 2017


Huntington Beach Chamber Provides Resources for Businesses with the Launch of a Foundation By: James O’Callaghan, Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce President/CEO

Attendees of the first annual State of HB listen on as Mayor Delgleize and various community leaders share and discuss the outlook of Huntington Beach in 2017.

The Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce the launch of the new Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce Foundation. The addition of a foundation allows the organization to develop new programming and enter different arenas that will greatly benefit the city of Huntington Beach. As we look to the future, it is important to be equipped with as many tools as possible to best serve the community at large. For over 100 years, the Huntington Beach Chamber has operated as a 501(c)6 membership based organization. While members will continue to be the lifeblood of the Chamber, it is important to explore all possibilities. The Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce Foundation will focus on attracting funding to deliver programs around workforce development, scholarships and education. There are many tremendous programs and grant opportunities focused on business education for everyone, from middle school students to the most seasoned business professionals. Over the course of the coming years, it is our goal

to deliver a diverse product assortment to give people their first taste of business leadership while also helping people move into the next phase of their professional development. Having an arm of the organization solely focused on providing tools and resources for those interested in exploring or growing their professional passions will continue to set us apart. The education programs being explored for middle and high school students will supplement the tremendous education our local schools provide. Our goal is to help those students who are curious about the entrepreneurial or business world and explore it further. Business professionals who have decided to make a change or enhance their current skill set will also benefit enormously from new offerings. Partnering with several public and private organizations, the foundation will also enable the Chamber to explore the establishment of a business incubator. New and prospective businesses See FOUNDATION- Page 6

Advancing Our Mission: Welcome from 2017-18 Chair By: Barbara Mason, Board Chair The Boeing Company On behalf of The Boeing Company, I am delighted to serve as the Chair of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors. The mission of the Chamber is to promote a healthy economy and superior quality of life in the community. While you may notice the names of larger businesses advertised as sponsors of our varied events, the reality is that small businesses represent the bulk of our investor base. To advance our mission, we host events designed to connect and educate the community. Some recent examples include the Manufacturer’s Networking Event on February 22 and the State of Huntington Beach on March 15. These events included business leaders, elected representatives and residents coming together to explore options and define a stronger future. See CHAIR WELCOME - Page 4


Read through our pages for other great articles! Page 3: Chamber’s First Manufacturer’s Networking Event Provides Opportunity to Connect with Each Other Page 5: Legislative Update from Assemblyman Matthew Harper Page 8: Inaugural State of Huntington Beach Connects Businesses with Community Leaders Page 10: Meet Your Chamber: Stephanie Gorman

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The Official Business Journal of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce


VOTED BEST HOSPITAL IN ORANGE COUNTY – AGAIN! For yet another year, the people of our community have voted us “The Best of OC.” Maybe that’s why our nonprofit hospital attracts top physicians who are dedicated to compassionate care centered around you. Your health is why we invest in new technologies and minimally invasive treatments for faster healing. Everything we do is focused on keeping you healthy so you can get the most out of life. 1.800.MEMORIAL | MEMORIALCARE.ORG

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The Official Business Journal of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce


Attendees gather round to hear Assistant City Manager Ken Domer (not pictured) give the latest City updates pertinent to businesses in the manufacturing industry.

Chamber’s First Manufacturer’s Networking Event Provides Opportunity to Connect By: Tamara Clark and Charlene Nowak The inaugural Manufacturer’s Networking Event was a successful turnout at Harbor Distributing in Huntington Beach. The purpose of this event was to bring local manufacturers together for networking opportunities and a chance to connect with each other. The Manufacturer’s Networking Event allowed attendees to get to know their neighbors and to hear about the latest city updates that were relevant to them. New Chamber investor Chris Lee from SAKOS Backpack shared his experience from the Manufacturer’s Networking Event: “The event offered me a positive experience in terms of making new connections. The members were friendly and the size of the crowd was reasonable, so that I got the chance to acquaint myself with

many, including Barbara Mason of Boeing, Dom Iorfino of local business HB Digital & Home Run Media Group and John Partington of Crestcom. I like the spaciously open atmosphere where I felt very comfortable. As for the Chamber staff, you’re all very helpful and friendly. This is important for me when meeting new members for the first time.” Admission was free for all manufacturers and complimentary pizza and beverages were provided. Attendees from many different local manufacturers (members and non-members) were present, as well as representatives from the City and the Chamber. The Keynote Speaker Ken Domer, Assistant City Manager, was well received from the attendees. Domer spoke about how to get

involved in the city as well as how the city can help manufacturers with city permits and any issues that have. He also spoke about the Recycling Market Development Zone Program which financially helps companies make products from recycled/diverted materials. The overall goal was to help manufacturers network with each other as well as gain information from the city. Overall, the event was a success and the feedback was great. The Chamber plans to host another Manufacturer’s Networking event in May.

• According to a study by Wallethub, a finance website, Huntington Beach ranks in the top 10 happiest cities in the nation, coming in at #6! • New Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort Tower is set to open this summer. • The Residences at Pacific City announced their first phase of apartments opening in April! • Southern California’s own Board and Brew (who has remained a timeless classic for over 30 years) recently opened in Huntington Beach and held its Grand Opening on March 18th. • Quiksilver is rebranding its corporation as Boardriders Inc. • U.S. Airforce F-16 has been added to the Breitling Huntington Beach Airshow this fall. • MoMa Coffee, a family owned business since 1982, saw triple digit increases in sales after posting on a Huntington Beach community group page. • Norm Reeves Honda of Huntington Beach recently received the “Honda Presidents Award of 2016” for being among the top-performing 152 dealerships among more than 1,000 nationwide. • HQ Gastropub of Woodland Hills will open its second Southern California location in Huntington Beach. taking over the RA Sushi location on Pacific Coast Highway.

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The Official Business Journal of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce

CHAIR WELCOME (FROM PAGE 1) Additionally, the Chamber utilizes committees to advance our mission. The Government Affairs Committee meets at 8 a.m. the fourth Wednesday of each month at the HB Chamber’s office. All are welcome to attend and to participate in shaping a prosper path forward. The 30th Annual Economic Conference will be held on April 19 at the Golden West College Theater. This event will feature speakers Dr. Walrod and Jeff Morris. Additionally, there will be two panels in which the platform of speakers include representatives from the Port of Long Beach, John Wayne Airport, the Naval Base in Seal Beach and the Coast Community College Dis-

trict. Attendees will gain an understanding of how to access business opportunities at these facilities. Lastly, we invite you to travel to Cuba with the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce in late September for a nine-day journey of discovery. There is additional information available at on the Chamber website. Working together to shape a prosperous future benefits all of us. We invite you to join us in aligning our common goals for Orange County.

Upcoming Chamber Events AM Connect “Innovation as a Key to Business Longevity” April 7, 2017 7:15 - 9:00 AM SeaCliff Country Club 30th Annual Economic Conference April 19, 2017 8:00 - 11:30 AM Golden West College Theater B2B Networking Lunch April 26, 2017 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM Slaters 50/50 AM Connect - “Future Workforce” May 12, 2017 7:15 - 9:00 AM SeaCliff Country Club B2B Networking Lunch May 24, 2017 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM Fountain Bowl For the latest events and updates, visit



We are re-inventing the classic barbershop for the modern gentleman. Stop by for a handcrafted haircut, classic straight razor shave, and a cold brew.



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The Official Business Journal of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce

Legislative Update from Assemblyman Matthew Harper By: Assemblyman Matthew Harper

“As a member of the Assembly Republican Caucus, I have fought for everyday Californians since I have been in office. Two of the most important victories my office has achieved will help make our elections and educational environment better for all: Assembly Bill 2071 and Assembly Bill 2212. Both bills were passed by the State Legisla-

ture unanimously and signed into law by Governor Brown. AB 2071 clarifies that a “bona fide private mail delivery company” is a courier service in the business of accepting and delivering parcels and not from a political machine that harvests Vote-by-Mail (VBM) ballots from voters. To provide some background, the State Legislature passed SB 29 in 2014, which requires elections officials to count VBM ballots that are delivered up to three days after the election, if they are delivered by the U.S. Postal Service or by a “bona fide private mail delivery company.” Unfortunately, SB 29 did not define what a “bona fide private

mail delivery company” is. Consequently, there is no uniform understanding as to what kinds of entities are allowed to handle and deliver VBM ballots on behalf of voters after Election Day. This omission is extremely important because election experts agree that that VBM ballots are far more susceptible to fraud than traditional ballots. In fact, the author of SB 29 claimed that he himself was a victim of a VBM fraud scheme after he narrowly lost an election for local office in 2015. Thus, AB 2071 provides clarity to elections officials and helps safeguard our elections system. AB 2212 changes the definition of “bullying” in the California Education Code to include the posting of a harassing video online. Most teenagers today have a smartphone

that has the ability to record a video, and it is wrong to allow students who post harassing videos to go unpunished. In fact, according to a study by Yale University, victims who have been bullied can be up to nine times more likely to consider suicide. Hence, AB 2212 is a no-nonsense effort to help make sure bullies are held accountable for their actions. Among its enforcement mechanisms, AB 2212 allows the superintendent or principal of a secondary school to recommend suspension or expulsion if a student posts a harassing video against another student on the Internet. Bullying is wrong and will never be tolerated. These are some of my accomplishments since I’ve See LEGISLATIVE - Page 7

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The Official Business Journal of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce

The Power and the Purpose of the Chamber Business Walks By: Charlene Nowak, Marketing Coordinator Business walks were recently implemented as part of a leadership involvement initiative by Huntington Beach Chamber President & CEO James O’Callaghan. Since the initial movement began late last year, various business areas have been visited, including downtown Huntington Beach (Main Street), Brookhurst and Adams shopping Center and more. On February 21, several Chamber staff members, including O’Callaghan and Board Member Michael Grant, headed to Peter’s Landing, which sits on the border of Huntington and Sunset Beach. They met with Andrew Hard from Freedom Boat Club, Patrick Aziz (Owner of OC Watch Guy, Linda Gordon (Founder of Gordon Design Group), Brittany Slater (Co-owner of Glow Hot Yoga),

Dale and Melissa Austin (owners of Posh Pooch) and Chef Alessandro Colaiacoma of That’s Amore Italian Restaurant & Lounge. All the business owners shared their consensus for the ideal location, great atmosphere and benefiting from neighboring businesses. They also enjoy cross marketing with businesses in the surrounding area. Based on the feedback from visiting the various business owners, many expressed interest in attracting more families to Peter’s Landing. They emphasized that with a wide array of services, products and experiences that are offered, they cater to people of all ages. The message they want to convey most is that Peter’s Landing is family friendly. The next business walk is scheduled for the end of March.

FOUNDATION (FROM PAGE 1) often search for a safe place to launch, receive guidance, and grow. An incubator here in Huntington Beach will foster an environment of growth rather than having to attract business to our wonderful community. The Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce remains committed to providing the community with the greatest resources possible while being the champion for those who create the jobs that make our community great. This next evolution of the Chamber is a step in the direction of making sure those who want to do business here have the resources they need to be successful.

Become an Ambassador! MEETINGS: Ambassadors meet monthly on the 1st Wednesday at 4:00 PM at the HB Chamber CONTACT: Director of Development & Membership Services Jeny Carpenter at 714-500-6102 or

DEAR DUNCAN Compiled By: Charlene Nowak DEAR DUNCAN: I am a new member/ investor. How do I get involved? First of all, make sure the Office and Social Media Coordinator, Stephanie, has your proper contact information so that you will be getting all of the regular e-blasts and email updates. Bookmark the Chamber website so it can be a reminder of all that’s happening. As you already know, we are a very active Chamber with many events to fit your needs. Knowing your own availability, choose events that sound interesting but try those you’re not sure of to see if it’s a good fit. I would start with the monthly B2B lunch and the AM Connect breakfast. Make sure you have a staff member and an Ambassador to call on for assistance in determining your events and services that would benefit you the most. DEAR DUNCAN: I have been a longtime Chamber member. How can I better utilize the Chamber benefits to make my investment worthwhile? If you are a long time member and now want to make this investment worthwhile you should treat this effort like you were brand new. Many of the benefits and services have been revamped and updated. Like above you should meet/talk to a staff member or ambassador to find out the different opportunities. Most importantly, just start going to events like the breakfast and lunch regularly to get back into the habit. Most important is to have a regular discussion with the staff and/or ambassador. Let them know your interest and they will initiate future contact to pursue this further. A rekindled Chamber interest shows also a likely candidate to be an ambassador. Here is where your involvement will be amplified with the additional benefit of maximum exposure to other members.

Page 7 MAR/APR 2017

The Official Business Journal of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce

LEGISLATIVE (FROM PAGE 5) been in Sacramento, and I have many other ideas that I’m currently working on, including ways to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health, make higher education more affordable, and create more safeguards for our local and state elections. I look forward to continuing to work for you to safeguard your interests and to advocate for more accountability, rationality, and transparency.”


Facebook: Huntington Beach Chamber ofCommerce Twitter: @HBCOC Instagram: HBChamber #myHBChamber


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The Official Business Journal of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce

The State of Huntington Beach Brings Businesses and Community Leaders Together By: Charlene Nowak, Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce Marketing Coordinator

State of HB Featured Speakers (from left to right): Kelly Miller, Visit Huntington Beach; James O”Callaghan, HB Chamber of Commerce; Mayor Barbara Delgleize; Dr. Omid Pourzanjani, Golden West College.

Mayor Barbara Delgleize delivered her first State of the City Address on March 15 at

the Senior Center in Central Park, where the inaugural State of Huntington Beach event was

held and hosted by the Chamber of Commerce. Approximately 140 business, civic and non-profit leaders gathered to hear the latest developments on finance, public works, community development, business and more. The Mayor also shared accomplishments from the past year and what to expect in the year ahead, as she talked about future projects and issues and what the city is doing to take on a proactive role with issues facing the community. “I am proud to be associated with our first annual “State of the City” event hosted by our HB Chamber of Commerce,” said Mayor Barbara Delgleize. “We have a lot to be proud of in Huntington Beach and I believe this is the perfect venue to share the good news.

At the end of the day, our city must have a thriving business community to meet all our obligations to keep our promise to our residents: that you can count on the quality of life in Huntington Beach.” Following the Mayor’s address, Huntington Beach Chamber President & CEO James O’Callaghan presented. He discussed the Chamber’s plan of action to bring businesses to the forefront, launch a new digital presence, bring messages to the community with expanded reach and advanced content and most importantly, to bring people together through events and sector specific opportunities. Golden West College Vice President of Instruction Dr. Omid Pourzanjani and Visit

A Sure Bet for Water Independence in Orange County

Huntington Beach Seawater Desalination Facility

Page 9 MAR/APR 2017

The Official Business Journal of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce

Congressman Congressman Dana Rohrabacher leads the Pledge of Allegiance at the inaugural State of Huntington Beach.

Huntington Beach President & CEO Kelly Miller also shared the latest industry updates, highlighting accomplishments and goals for the future of their organization and what it means for Huntington Beach and

7677 Center Avenue Suite 210 Huntington Beach, CA 714.891.1155

beyond. “The Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce is proud to have brought such strong community leaders together for our first annual State of HB. We look forward to building on the success of this event in order to ensure that the proactive dialogue between business community and civic leaders grows,” expressed O’Callaghan. “The HB Chamber is a vital part of this scenario,” chimed Mayor Delgleize. “The updates yesterday from the Chamber, Visit Huntington Beach and Golden West College show how important their contributions are to the city of Huntington Beach … at the end of the day, it just shows that working together is better.”

•Bridges •Dental Crowns •Tissue and Bone Grafting •Periodontics •Oral Hygiene •Endodontics •Veneers •Inlays/Onlays •Bonding •Dental Implants •Dentures •Teeth Whitening

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The Official Business Journal of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce

Meet Your Chamber: Stephanie Gorman, Front Office & Social Media Maven

Stephanie Gorman, Office and Social Media Coordinator, studied Communications with a concentration in Public relations at CSUF and will graduate with a B.A. in May 2017.

By: Charlene Nowak

You want your business to thrive and so do we! That’s why your Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce staff works hard every day to build awareness in the business community and deliver your message in an effective and cost-friendly manner, proactively protect businesses, create connections between investors and the community and much more. Stephanie Gorman is the Chamber’s office and social media coordinator. Stephanie joined the Chamber staff initially as an intern in the Marketing department before she was hired to manage the front office and the Chamber’s social media accounts in January 2017. She works to ensure both investors and non-investors feel welcome by helping investors acclimate to new membership by communicating website and portal navigation as well as upcoming events that may be valuable to the business or organization.

For social media, she manages all content posted to the Chamber’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages with the goal of diversifying content and increasing reach. Additionally, as a newly added member benefit, social media account management will be an option investors can take advantage of and Stephanie will be the one to spearhead these efforts. Depending on the company, Stephanie’s goals are to evaluate social media and establish objectives and determine the best course of action. “My degree from Cal State Fullerton is in Communications, so I studied effective strategies for both print and digital media to maximize engagement,” said Gorman. “Regarding our social media, we’re working to promote content that is most pertinent to local businesses and Chamber investors alike. We share member content when it is especially relevant to the business community here in Huntington Beach.” Since her tenure with the Chamber, Stephanie has substantially increased the Chamber’s social media post consistency and engagement on all platforms, gaining followers across all accounts, with the most significant difference coming from Instagram. She has also implemented a #NewMemberMonday program to feature businesses/ organizations who have recently joined the Chamber. So far, the growth is consistent, and Gorman looks forward to See GORMAN - Page 11

The HB Business Journal Editor-in-Chief: James O’Callaghan Editor-in-Chief/Head Writer/Creative Director: Charlene Nowak Photos & Images Courtesy of: Senator Janet Nguyen, Assemblyman Matthew Harper, Rudy Poe Photography, HB Chamber. Printed & Distributed by: The O.C. Register

Contribute Editorial!

Please submit testimonials and write-ups for our Business Brief section. TESTIMONIALS: Tell us in 150 words or less why you are a Chamber investor and how your membership has helped your business! It will be featured in The HB Business Journal, website and possibly the Chamber Preview e-newsletter. BUSINESS BRIEFS: Has your company won an award? Have you had any recent promotions/new hires in your company? We would love to hear from you! Please submit a 250 word or less brief outlining what the achievement, award, promotion or media brief that you or your company received. Please submit by Friday, April 21 for the May/June 2017 issue.

Showcase Your Business to Surf City and Beyond through the Chamber! There are new advertising opportunities available in print and online! Contact Tina Figarsky or Nancy Tilove from the Membership/Advertising Sales department, at (714) 5006105 to find out how. For information on article submissions, please contact Charlene Nowak at (714) 500-6104 or All submissions are subject to approval and may be edited for content and/or length. Submission does not guarantee publication.

Page 11 MAR/APR 2017

The Official Business Journal of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce

seeing what changes can be made to the Chamber social media pages in the coming months to better serve our followers and investors. Ideas and suggestions are welcome. Contact Stephanie at

Huntington Beach Real Estate Market Update Submitted by: Tony Capitelli, Government Affairs Director, OCAR

Prices are high and inventory is low, which means sellers are still in the driver’s seat. In January, the median sales price in Huntington beach was $862,000 for detached, and $470,000 for attached homes. While prices are high, interest rates are still at historic low’s giving buyers a glimmer of purchasing power. In addition to the strain on supply, the new administration has

hinted at some potential policies that could impact the market in various ways. A modification of Dodd-Frank and the privatization of Fannie and Freddie could have conflicting effects on loan attainability. Dodd-Frank (which cracked down hard on predatory lending) makes loans more difficult to obtain, while government sponsored GSE’s (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac)

D I S CO V E R & E X P L O R E


help make mortgages more accessible. Similarly, lowering the corporate tax rate could stimulate the economy, while eliminating certain tax exemptions could reduce the benefit of homeownership. This all comes in the foreground of a long term increase in interest rates. A solid market is clouded with external unknowns.


September 28, 2017

For more information, please contact Jeny Carpenter at (714) 536-8888





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The Official Business Journal of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce


Recognizing our January & February 2017 Renewing Investors for their continued investment! AAA - Automobile Club of So. Cal.- North AIM Mail Center #29 AIM Office Alex A. Accetta, CPA & Associates, Inc.

Gregory Advisors, Inc. Harner Orthodontics HB Digital / Home Run Media HB Smog Hoitt, Linda


Promoting Economic Vitality is our mantra. Contact our Membership Sales Team at (714) 500-6105 or

All Industrial Tool Supply Aloha Pavers, Inc. Ambassador at Large Surf City USA Aqua Travel AR Mobility Discount Medical Equipment Awards & Trophies Company Barbara Delgleize - RE/MAX Select One Beach Boulevard of Cars Best Western Surf City Blast 825 Blue Ribbon Insurance Boys & Girls Clubs of Huntington Valley Building Aire Inc. California Closets Cardinal Dental Clarity Eye Group - Lasik Cook, Paul E. Custom Comfort Mattress DeGuelle Glass Company, Inc. Dermfx Laser Center Dewey Pest Control Doggietown USA. LLC Don The Beachcomber Earth Friendly Products Evangelos Rossopoulos DDS & Lowe, Oariona Farmers & Merchants Bank First Financial Security Flatline Repair Floor & Decor Frontier Communications Goodwill of Orange County

Pizzarageous Premier Business Centers PriorityOne Bookkeeping, Inc. Reliable Wholesale Lumber, Inc. Russel Fischer Samia Verbist Interior Design Sandy’s SCORE Orange County Scott Harrison Plumbing & Heating, Inc. SeaCliff Realty Seacliff Village Shopping Ctr. (Vestar) Security Public Storage Sentric Sherwin Williams Shifra Nancy - Healthy Skin Care Speciali Slifman, Simone - City of Huntington Beach Solid Solutions Southern California Aquatic and Physical Southern California Edison Co. Spectrum Business STACKED Restaurant State Farm Insurance -

Dianne Thompson Stonefire Grill Sunrise Senior Living Surf City Recovery Teacher Created Materials TEAM Real Estate Development That’s Amore Italian Restaurant The 7WorksCenter The File Depot The Precision Companies The Waterfront Beach Resort, a Hilton Hotel Timothy J. Ryan & Associates Toledo, Julie - Huntington Beach Public Information Officer US Bank - Brookhurst Visit Huntington Beach Waba Grill Walgreens Pharmacy -Beach West Orange County United Teachers Working Wardrobes Outlet Shop World Surf League North America Youngevity

Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce PAC Huntington Beach City School District Huntington Beach Host Lions Club Huntington Beach Hyundai Huntington Culinary, Inc. Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa Imola Resturant & Bar - Antoine Sayegh D.D.S. - Antoine Sayegh D.D.S. Jersey Mike’s Subs - Atlanta WELCOME TO OUR NEW Kaiser Permanente Orange INVESTORS County KILO Strength Society, LLC Join over 700 area businesses by becoming an investor Kiwanis Club Huntington of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce! Beach KOCE-TV Foundation American Natural Blend SAKOS USA Local News, The Products LLC Salt Life Apparel McBride, David - HuntingBeachside Naturopathic Shibue Couture, Inc. ton Beach Fire Department Clinic& IV Bar Sun n’ Sands Inn MemorialCare Medical Crown Ace Hardware Susan Bialek Group DRS Athletics Tabu Shabu HB Moorlach, John, Senator of Floor & Decor The Circle the 37th District Hotel California by the Sea The Cyclist Huntington Nekter Juice Bar - Main St Huntington Beach Hyundai Beach LengelTeam / First Team Real Upfront Design Nialis Law Group, APLC Estate VetPronto Obey Imaging Supplies, Inc. Luna Grill Vista Funding Corp OC Urgent Care Pacific Coast Audiology and We Care of Los Alamitos Oceanside Properties, LLC Hearing Aids Incorporated Office Depot BSD Pacific Manufactured Homes Whole Foods Market Orange County One-Stop Peace Kim, DDS Wow! Events Center

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The Official Business Journal of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce

Let’s Cut A Ribbon! Help us celebrate grand openings, anniversaries and new Chamber Investors!

Schedule Your Ribbon Cutting! Contact the HB Chamber Office at or (714) 536-8888.

LOVE AT FIRST BITE CATERING 18281 Gothard St. Suite 108 Huntington Beach, CA 92648 (714) 375-5566|

SIGN PIPERS 7611 Slater, Unit D Huntington Beach, CA 92647 (657) 215-3957|

9 ROUND 7074 Edinger Ave. Huntington Beach, CA 92647 (626) 267-7805 |

NATURE’S KINDLE 15561 Product Lane, D2 Huntington Beach, CA 92649 (714) 209-6078 |

SURF CITY CRYO 8839 Adams Avenue Huntington Beach, CA 92646 (714) 944-7734|

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The Official Business Journal of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce

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The Official Business Journal of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce





BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2017-18 Executive Committee BARBARA MASON, The Boeing Company Chair JIM DUNCAN, AIM Office Chair-Elect SHANNON CLARK, Republic Services Chief Financial Officer TERI MILES, Evergreen Realty & Associates, Inc. Secretary MICHAEL GRANT, Michael Grant Construction Services Inc. Chair Government Affairs ED MOUNTFORD, CA Coastal Communities, Inc. Chair Economic Development WEIKKO WIRTA, AES Huntington Beach Immediate Past Chair JAMES O’CALLAGHAN, President/CEO Patrick Anderson, Hoag Hospital Bill Blair, California Resources Corporation Liliana Dongo, Farmers & Merchants Bank David Gatewood, Goldenwest College John Hobson, CIELO/Oak View Renewal Partnership Domenic Iorfino, HB Digital & Home Run Media Group Scott Maloni, Poseidon Resources Kelly Miller, Visit Huntington Beach Paul Motenko, STACKED: Food Well Built Restaurants Rachel Ramirez, Performance Excellence Partners Nicole Thompson, First Bank Damien Vieille, Vitabri Canopies



President/CEO, James O’Callaghan Director of Development & Membership Services, Jeny Carpenter Programs & Events Director, Phoenix Freeman Program & Events Coordinator, Tamara Clark Marketing Coordinator, Charlene Nowak Membership/Advertising Sales, Tina Figarsky Office & Social Media Coordinator, Stephanie Gorman

Promoting Economic Vitality

The Signature Investors is a special group of members who have made an annual commitment to support the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce through sponsorships at various financial levels and at special events. If your company would like to become a Signature Investor, please contact the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce Office at 714-536-8888.

2134 Main Street, Suite 100 Huntington Beach, CA 92648 714-536-8888 FAX: 714-960-7654

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The Official Business Journal of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce

Home, Hardware & Happiness™

Hey Huntington Beach! Check out the coolest thing to hit town since the Pier We’ve been working hard creating a new kind of hardware and garden store that makes it easy to find all those things that help keep your home humming. We’re now open and excited to have you over.

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The HB Business Journal Mar/Apr 2017  

The official business journal of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce. Look for the print edition of The HB Business Journal on Sunday,...

The HB Business Journal Mar/Apr 2017  

The official business journal of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce. Look for the print edition of The HB Business Journal on Sunday,...