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Focusing on on Engagement, Engagement, Advocacy Advocacy and Advocacy and and Focusing Awareness Awareness By: James O’Callaghan, Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce President/CEO By:James JamesO’Callaghan, O’Callaghan,Huntington HuntingtonBeach BeachChamber Chamberof ofCommerce CommercePresident/CEO President/CEO By:

2017 upon us and there are cou2017isis isupon uponus usand andthere thereare areaaacoucou2017 ple of goals the Huntington Beach Chample of goals the Huntington Beach Chample of goals the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce looks to accomplish berof ofCommerce Commercelooks looksto toaccomplish accomplish ber this year. To build on the successes of the thisyear. year.To Tobuild buildon onthe thesuccesses successesof ofthe the this community and be a more inclusive orcommunity and be a more inclusive orcommunity and a more ganization is ourbefirst goal.inclusive Second,orour goal is to create greater awareness around goalisistotocreate creategreater greaterawareness awarenessaround around goal the business community to how integral the business community to how integral the business community to how integral itit is to this wonderful city. In December thiswonderful wonderfulcity. city. In InDecember December it2017, isistotoif this we have accomplished these two 2017,ififwe wehave haveaccomplished accomplishedthese thesetwo two 2017, goals, everyone, residents, community goals, everyone, residents, community goals, everyone, residents, community leaders, and local businesses, will be leaders,and andlocal localbusinesses, businesses,will willbe be leaders, better for it. better for it. better for Becoming it. more inclusive Becomingaaamore moreinclusive inclusive Becoming organization is of the utmost importance organization is of the utmost importance organization isthe of the utmost importance as we look to future of Huntington as we look to the future of Huntington as we look to the future of Huntington Beach. As an industry, Chambers of Beach. As Asan anindustry, industry,Chambers Chambersof of Beach. Commerce generally represent about 10Commerce generally represent about 10Commerce generally represent about 1015% of the business community as mem15% of the business community as mem15% ofThe the Huntington business community as members. Beach Chamber of bers. The TheHuntington HuntingtonBeach BeachChamber Chamberof of bers. Commerce strives to engage and advoCommerce strives to engage and advoCommerce strives to engagecommunity. and advocate for the entire business catefor forthe theentire entirebusiness businesscommunity. community. cate In to more businesses In an an effort effortto to bring bringmore morebusinesses businesses In to an theeffort table webring will be launching a new to the table we will be launching anew new to the table we willinbe launching affiliate program March, alongawith an improved investor track. improvedinvestor investortrack. track. improved As a business in Huntington As a business Huntington As awill business ininan Huntington Beach, you become affiliate of

the Chamber of Commerce. All affiliates will have presence on our website, afwillhave haveaaapresence presenceon onour ourwebsite, website,afafwill fording all businesses in the community fording all businesses in the community fording allwhen businesses in the community visibility prospective consumer visibilitywhen whenaaaprospective prospectiveconsumer consumer visibility is seeking information about Huntington is seeking information about Huntington isBeach. seeking about Weinformation also welcome allHuntington affiliates to join us as our committees are developjoinus usas asour ourcommittees committeesare aredevelopdevelopjoin ing programming and messaging. As ing programming and messaging. As ing programming and As an affiliate, we aim to messaging. keep you better informed about what we are working on informedabout aboutwhat whatwe weare areworking workingon on informed and how the entire business community and how the entire business community and the entire business community can how benefit. In an effort to be more inclusive Inan aneffort effortto tobe bemore moreinclusive inclusive In with the community, there will be new with the community, there will be new with the community, there will betonew programming and opportunities hear programming and opportunities to hear programming andlive, opportunities to hear from those who work, and play here from those who live, work, and play here from those whoBeach. live, work, and play comhere in Huntington The business in Huntington Beach. The business comin Huntington Beach. The to business community is looking forward presenting munityis islooking lookingforward forwardto topresenting presenting munity aa Huntington Beach night at Angel’s HuntingtonBeach Beachnight nightat atAngel’s Angel’s aStadium Huntington in September. Our Annual BusiStadium in September. Our Annual BusiStadium in September. Ourwidespread Annual Business Awards will welcome ness Awards will welcome widespread ness Awards will welcome widespread input from everyone in the community inputfrom fromeveryone everyonein inthe thecommunity community input to help recognize the businesses you to help recognize the businesses you to helpOur recognize the businesses love. social media platformsyou will love. Our social media platforms will love. Our social will be relaunched in media Marchplatforms with a focus on be relaunched in March with a focus on be relaunched in March with a focus on two-way communication. two-way communication. two-way communication. See FOCUSING - Page 4 SSeeee FFOOCCUUSSIINNGG--PPaaggee44

The Huntington Beach The Huntington Huntington Beach Beach The Chamber of Commerce Chamber of of Commerce Commerce Chamber Brings Education to You Brings Education Education to to You You Brings The Huntington Beach Chamber of The Huntington Huntington Beach Beach Chamber Chamber of of The Commerce has partnered with ZipEdCommerce has partnered with ZipEdCommerce hasits partnered with ZipEdTech, to offer members quality workTech,to tooffer offerits itsmembers membersquality qualityworkworkTech, force online education/training. Hunforce online education/training. Hunforce online education/training. Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce tington Beach Chamber of Commerce tington Beach Chamber of page Commerce will have its unique branded where willhave haveits itsunique uniquebranded brandedpage pagewhere where will members can access relevant training for members can access relevant training for members canasaccess relevant training for themselves, the business owner and themselves, as the business owner and themselves, as theZipEdTech business owner and their employees. has curattheir employees. employees. ZipEdTech ZipEdTech has has curatcurattheir ed vast library of online trainings that ed aaa vast vast library library of of online online trainings trainings that that ed are relevant and affordable. The Chamare relevant and affordable. The Chamare and affordable. The Chamber relevant will provide this benefit to Chamber Members. isis yet great benMembers. This Thisis yet another anothergreat greatbenbenMembers. efit to beingThis part ofyet the another Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce. This new ProChamber of of Commerce. Commerce. This This new new ProProChamber gram has launched and can be accessed at gram has launched and can be accessed gram has launched and can beUniversity. accessed atat Huntington Beach Chamber HuntingtonBeach BeachChamber ChamberUniversity. University. Huntington Businesses now report that eLearnBusinesses now report that eLearneLearnBusinesses now report that ing is the second most valuable training ing is the second most valuable training ing is the second most eLearning valuable training method that they use. has the method that they use. eLearning hasthe the method that they use. eLearningretention has power to increase information power to increase information retention power toupincrease information retention rates by to 60%. Over 41.7% of Forratesby byup upto to60%. 60%.Over Over41.7% 41.7%of ofForForrates tune 500 companies now use some form tune 500 companies now use some form tune 500 companies now employees use some form of technology to instruct duroftechnology technologyto toinstruct instructemployees employeesdurdurof ing formal learning hours, and this is going formal learning hours, and this is going formal learning hours,inand this years. is going to steadily increase future i n g t o s t e a d i l y i n c r e a s e i n f u t u r e y e a iThe ng tHuntington o steadily iBeach ncreaseChamber in futuris e bringyearrss. . The Huntington Beach Chamber is bringThe Huntington Beach Chamber is bringing the power of eLearning to its membering the power of eLearning to its membering the power of eLearning to its membermembership. membership. ship. See BENEFIT Page SeeBENEFIT BENEFIT---Page Page666 See

LOOK INSIDE! LOOK INSIDE! INSIDE! LOOK Read through our pages for other great

Readthrough throughour ourpages pagesfor forother othergreat great Read articles! articles! articles! Page 3: 405 Improvement Project Page3: 3:405 405Improvement ImprovementProject Project Page Page 6: Farewell from the 2016 2017 Page6: 6:Farewell Farewellfrom fromthe the2016 2016---2017 2017 Page Chairman Chairman Chairman Page 8: Page8: 8:The Great Benefit of Tourism to HB Page Residents & Business Owners Residents& &Business BusinessOwners Owners Residents Page 10: Freedom Boat Club of HuntingFreedomBoat Boat ClubofofHuntingHuntingPage10: 10:Freedom Page ton Beach Wins NationalClub Brand Marketing ton Beach Wins National Brand Marketing ton Beach Wins National Brand Marketing Award Award Award

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The Official Business Journal of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce


VOTED BEST HOSPITAL IN ORANGE COUNTY – AGAIN! For yet another year, the people of our community have voted us “The Best of OC.” Maybe that’s why our nonprofit hospital attracts top physicians who are dedicated to compassionate care centered around you. Your health is why we invest in new technologies and minimally invasive treatments for faster healing. Everything we do is focused on keeping you healthy so you can get the most out of life. 1.800.MEMORIAL | MEMORIALCARE.ORG

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The Official Business Journal of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce


The 405 Improvement Project Scheduled to Move Into Construction Phase in Late 2017 “With Orange County’s population projected to increase dramatically by 2040, change is needed today to ensure tomorrow’s mobility.” Submitted by: Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) OCTA is the county’s transportation agency, responsible for planning, financing and coordinating Orange County’s freeway, street and rail development, as well as managing the countywide bus and rail service, Orange County’s Taxi Administration, the 91 Express Lanes and the soon to be constructed, 405 Express Lanes. Transportation improvements to freeways keep commuters and goods moving within Orange County and to destinations beyond. With Orange County’s population projected to increase dramatically by 2040, change is needed today to ensure tomorrow’s mobility. Currently, the 405 Improvement Project is one of OCTA’s premiere projects. OCTA in cooperation with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is widening the San Diego Freeway (I-405) between State Route 73 (SR-73) and Interstate 605 (I605). The project will improve 16 miles of I-405 between the SR-73 freeway in Costa Mesa and I-605 near the L.A. County line. The project includes adding one regular lane in each direction from

Euclid Street to I-605 and making improvements to freeway entrances, exits, and bridges. It also will construct 405 Express Lanes, two lanes in each direction from SR-73 to I-605. The new express lanes – incorporating the existing carpool lanes and connectors that opened in 2014 – will give solo drives the choice to speed up their commute for a toll, and carpoolers may ride in the lanes for free. As a part of the project, we offer a robust community outreach program which includes sending email alerts, offering civic and community presentations and posting information on our website and social media platforms. Our team has also developed an extensive business outreach program. As the project moves into the construction phase in late 2017, we want to partner with businesses and employers within the project corridor. We are continuously looking for opportunities to expand our efforts to those who are interested in receiving project updates. We offer one-on-one or brown-bag briefings/presentations, and we can tailor our materials for internal newsletters or other useful

• Orange Coast Memorial was named a Top Workplace 2016 by the Orange County Register • California Closets was recognized as Franchise of the Year by its parent company. • Becker’s Hospital Review named Hoag one of the 2016 “100 Great Hospitals in America”. Hoag received this designation four times. • SeaLegs Wine Bar is the 2016 Golden Foodies Winner for Best Calfornia Cuisine . • HEINEKEN USA selected Harbor Distributing, LLC as the 2016 recipient of its 1864 Award for Responsibility and Sustainability. • The Huntington Beach Union High School District (HBUHSD) was awarded a 2016 TopWorkplaces honor by The Orange County Register. • Boeing achieved strong delivery numbers in 2016, with 748 airplane deliveries and 668 net orders, valued at $94.1 billion at list prices. • Orange County Business Council (OCBC) awarded the City of Huntington Beach for Sustainable and Green Development at their 2016 Turning Red Tape Into Red Carpet Awards.

communication mediums. Our team does whatever we can to minimize the impacts to motorists and residents, as well as mitigate impacts to business’ driveways and access to businesses. Please contact us if you have any questions or special requests by emailing or calling (888) 400-8994. • • •

Website: www.octa. net/405Improvement Follow us on Facebook: facebook. com/405Improvement Follow us on Twitter: @405Improvement

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The Official Business Journal of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce

FOCUSING ON ENGAGEMENT, ADVOCACY AND AWARENESS (FROM PAGE 1) The first step in creating a greater awareness for the business community is this very publication. The Huntington Beach Business Journal is the evolution of our Pier Review, which over the years has served as a member communication tool. Today the Journal looks to communicate with Huntington Beach at large about what is happening with the business community. This publication can help share the why’s of decisions being made, the introduction of new partners in HB, and the outcomes of programming. Improvements and modifications will be made throughout the year with regard to programming and events as we look to bring widespread focus to the entire business community. This year

we will launch the State of Huntington Beach in an effort for all interested to hear from not only the city but also several civic organizations who will help shape 2017. Our Economic Conference will be relocated to Golden West College to bring even more people in as we discuss future trends and outlooks The Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce is aware we as a community benefit the greatest when there is the most engagement. Bringing more people to the discussion will only build a better end product. We encourage you to come see us at our office, through one of our events, or simply by dropping us a line.

Upcoming Chamber Events AM Connect “Tourism in Huntington Beach” February 10, 2017 7:15 - 9:00 AM SeaCliff Country Club B2B Networking Lunch February 22, 2017 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM Longboard Restaurant & Pub Manufacturer’s Networking Event February 22, 2017 5:30 - 7:00 PM Harbor Distributing, LLC 113th Annual Gala - Casino Royale February 24, 2017 5:30 - 10:00 PM The Waterfront Beach Resort, a Hilton Hotel State of Huntington Beach March 15, 2017 8:30 - 10:30 AM Senior Center at Central Park For the latest events and updates, visit

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The Official Business Journal of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce

Taking It to the Max with CKO Kickboxing HB By: Jamie Gambardello, Owner, CKO Kickboxing At CKO Kickboxing, get ready to burn fat, reduce stress, build muscle, and have fun by punching and kicking real heavy bags. Fitness Kickboxing is the number one fat-burning, cardio exercise, with up to 1,200 calories burned during a one hour class. Our fun and engaging group fitness classes keep the punches and kicks basic to focus on the fitness aspect of your workout. Since our kickboxing classes are for both beginner and advanced levels, each member can work out at their own pace. Unlike other gyms, CKO Kickbox-

ing features one heavy bag per person and is instructor driven. The family atmosphere and the sense of community also make CKO Kickboxing unique among gyms. CKO Kickboxing is an effective exercise and weight loss program for men and women, old and young. At CKO Kickboxing, REAL PEOPLE use REAL HEAVY BAGS to get REAL RESULTS. CKO Kickboxing was originally formed in Hoboken,

NJ as “Take It To The Max” in November, 1997 by Joseph Andreula. Joseph designed and created the intense workout, which was the first of its kind. CKO became so popular in Hoboken, that by 2004, nine additional locations opened and today there are over 70 locations nationwide! Dave and I first met in Hoboken and can attest to CKO getting us into the best shape of our lives. After moving to California, and having our first child in the fall of 2014, we struggled to find a workout that gave the

results to match that of CKO. Once two Orange County locations opened up, we were finally back to the workout we loved so much and that passion for the proven concept is what drove us to want to share the workout and help others change their lives as well. Huntington Beach has such a sense of community and that is something we strive to exude within our business as well. CKO was started on the desire to create a comfortable and fun environment where people of all fitness levels would receive the best workout and that mission still drives us today. All participants go at their own pace and each drill can be modified as needed so there is no pressure or competition. See KICKBOXING - Page 7


Save the Date STATE OF HUNTINGTON BEACH March 15, 2017 I 8:30 - 10:30 AM I Senior Center at Central Park

SPEAKER LINEUP: • Barbara Delgleize, Mayor, City of Huntington Beach • James O’Callaghan, President/CEO, HB Chamber of Commerce • Wes Bryan, President, Golden West College • Kelly Miller, President/CEO, Visit Huntington Beach


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The Official Business Journal of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce

Farewell from the 2016- 2017 Chairman


“2017 will mark the end of my tenure as your Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce.” Weikko Wirta, AES Huntington Beach Welcome to 2017! It seems only fitting that we welcome the year from a new vantage point and a fresh perspective. With that, the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce bids a fond farewell to our retiring publication, the Pier Review, and welcomes you to this, the first issue of The HB Business Journal. Continuing to be published on a bi-monthly basis, you’ll be able to find the “Journal” as an insert to each new issue of The OC Register. It will also be distributed to our local businesses while also available at all Chamber events. 2016 was a dynamic year in Huntington Beach. Likely one of the most noteworthy changes for the Chamber of Commerce was the addition of James O’Callaghan as our new President and Chief Executive, replacing the retiring Jerry Wheeler. James brings a history of creativity, innovation and results that has both excited and energized the Chamber staff and our membership to accomplish great things in 2017. Throughout 2016, Huntington Beach remained a popular destination city, with our visitors enjoying a range of activities from the International competition at the U.S. Open, to a shoreside seat for the Breitling Hun-

tington Beach Airshow, to a leisurely stroll down Main Street sampling the food, merchandise and entertainment of any one of the Surf City Nights. Perhaps behind the scenes, but no less important, the Chamber started 2016 with a focus on economic development, innovation and entrepreneurship that included a Q&A session with some of Huntington Beach’s most successful business people. The Chamber continued that focus on a robust local economy and the sustainability of business in the City by sponsoring the Green Forum and Expo. With State and National elections behind us, we congratulate our new Mayor of the City of Huntington Beach, the Honorable Ms. Barbara Delgleize, who took the oath of office on December 12, 2016. We also welcome and congratulate Ms. Jill Hardy’s return to the Huntington Beach City Council, along with new Councilmembers Ms. Lyn Semeta and Mr. Patrick Brenden. 2017 will mark the end of my tenure as your Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce. It has been a remarkable year for me to be able to serve you, the Chamber membership, throughout this past year. They say that time flies when you’re having fun, and I tend to believe that based on my experience

working with and among you all. While I may be stepping down, I won’t be stepping aside. I look forward to supporting and assisting Chairman-Elect, Barbara Mason, as she assumes the role of Chairman during our Annual Gala at The Waterfront Beach Resort on Feb. 24, 2017. I hope each of you will join me at this year’s Gala to celebrate this last year’s accomplishments. It has been an honor to serve the business community of Huntington Beach and to work with the dedicated Chamber staff, ambassadors and Board.

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gregg atwell m) 949.800.9639 | t) 949.554.2017 gat w e l l @ h o m gro u m

1200 newport center drive, suite 100, newport beach, california 92660

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The Official Business Journal of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce


Become an Ambassador! MEETINGS: Ambassadors meet monthly on the 1st Wednesday at 4:00 PM at the HB Chamber

Recently featured on KTLA Morning News, we were able to share with Mark Mester and viewers, the unique concept and passion that is CKO. Segment can be seen here: kick-your-way-to-a-new-you-atcko-kickboxing/ We always offer a free trial class that can be booked directly through our website class schedule. Use the below link to sign up and get ready to jab, cross, hook your way to fit

CONTACT: Director of Development & Membership Services Jeny Carpenter at 714-500-6102 or


Facebook: Huntington Beach Chamber ofCommerce Twitter: @HBCOC Instagram: HBChamber #myHBChamber


View the HB Business News every Tuesday morning in the Chamber Preview E-Newsletter, on Facebook, You Tube, or!


If you have an interesting story to tell and something special in your business, we want to feature you! Contact Charlene at cnowak@


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The Official Business Journal of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce

The Great Benefit of Tourism to HB Residents & Business Owners By: Susan Thomas, Chief Marketing Officer, Visit Huntington Beach visitors to the city supported Tourism in Huntingnearly 6,000 local jobs and ton Beach generated nearly generated $46 million in state $700 million into the local and local tax revenues last economy in 2015, accordyear, providing $497 in tax ing to a recently released burden relief for each Hunanalysis conducted by the tington Beach household. internationally recognized “These findings conresearch firm Tourism firm what many Economics. The here in Huntingstudy by Tourton Beach have ism EconomHuntington known for ics (www. Beach’s tourism years,” said tourismeindustry sustained 5,923 Kelly Miller, conomics. jobs in 2015, the analyPresident and com) puts sis found, representing CEO of Visit t o u r i s m ’s roughly 6% of all jobs Huntington total ecoin the city. Beach, which nomic impact commissioned the in 2015 at $697 analysis. “Tourism and million, and further visitor spending is critically detailed that non-OC resident

important to the Huntington Beach economy and makes significant contributions to jobs, tax revenues, and the ongoing success of hundreds of local businesses.” Huntington Beach’s tourism industry sustained 5,923 jobs (direct, indirect and induced) in 2015, the analysis found, representing roughly 6% of all jobs in the city. Those direct tourism jobs generated $212 million in income for those employees, with another $64 million coming from indirect and induced employment. “These jobs were broken down amidst a variety of sectors,” Miller explained. “About 31% were in food and beverage services, 24% in lodging, 15% in retail and 12% in the recreation sector. Clearly, tourism

is responsible for providing everything from entry-level jobs to numerous ownership and executive positions here in Huntington Beach.” “What is even more exciting is that these results represent both year-over-year and five year growth trends in a variety of key areas,” Miller continued. “While the volume of visitors was up a moderate 1.9% to 3.9 million visitors in 2015, spending by our non-OC resident visitors was up robustly, to $519 million, a 4.5% increase over 2014, and up over 20% since 2011.” While the study’s one-year growth analysis is significant, it represents the most recent chapter in a multi-year surge.

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The Official Business Journal of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce

“Beyond the economic benefit to the city, the quality of life benefits related to tourism in Huntington Beach are equally significant,” Miller said. Key indicators of this growth of tourism’s impact in Huntington Beach include: • Between 2011 - 2015, hotel room demand has expanded more than 12%, while supply remained unchanged • Tourism employment in the city expanded faster than overall job growth in the region – direct tourism jobs last year were 25% higher than in 2005, compared with 8% more total jobs in Orange County • Since 2010, visitor spending in Huntington Beach increased 4.7% on average, compared with 4.1% for the state overall • Visitor spending per category has increased every year over the past five, led by lodging (31%), recreation (25%), food & beverage (20.3%) and retail (13.5%) For purposes of the analysis, visitors were defined as those who came to Huntington Beach from outside Orange County and stayed overnight or just for the day. Tourism Economics used data compiled from government agencies and various travel-related research firms. IMPLAN, an industry best practices

input-output model, was used to measure indirect and induced impacts. Absent tourism and the associated visitor spending, the study found, Huntington Beach would support 82 fewer retail establishments, 100 less recreational businesses, and 240 fewer

restaurants. “Tourism Economics was able to directly attribute nearly $47.9 million in visitor spending to the marketing efforts of Visit Huntington Beach,” said Susan Thomas, Chief Marketing Officer for Visitor Huntington Beach. “The study quantified a strong return on investment of 67:1 in visitor spending per marketing dollar invested by Visit Huntington Beach, which is significantly higher than the average city/ region’s 42:1 return on invest-

ment generated nationwide by destination marketing organizations, according to their data. The net result is a win-win situation for the city and its residents, along with visitors.” “Beyond the economic benefit to the city, the quality of life

benefits related to tourism in Huntington Beach are equally significant,” Miller said. “From events like the U.S. Open of Surfing, AVP Beach Volleyball Tournaments, July 4th Parade and the new Breitling Huntington Beach Air Show, to amenities like 10 miles of ocean-front pathways, free year-round shuttle service for residents and visitors, our downtown Ambassador program, and access to exceptional dining, shopping and

recreational opportunities, Huntington Beach residents realize truly remarkable value from the many positive impacts of the tourism industry in Surf City USA.” Tourism Economics works with more than 300 leading companies, associations and destinations annually to provide economic impact, forecasting and market assessments. Its partner, Oxford Economics, is one of the world’s leaders in this space, providing reports, forecasts and analytical tools in 190 countries, 100 industrial sectors and in more than 2,600 cities. Visit Huntington Beach is the official destination marketing organization (DMO) for the City of Huntington Beach, and markets the city domestically and internationally to leisure and group visitors. The mission of the not-forprofit 501(c)(6) organization is to position Surf City USA as the preferred California beach destination in order to maximize overnight visitor spending, destination development and quality of life for all residents. Visit

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The Official Business Journal of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce

Freedom Boat Club of Huntington Beach Wins National Brand Champion Marketing Award

The HB Business Journal Editor-in-Chief: James O’Callaghan Editor-in-Chief/Head Writer/Creative Director: Charlene Nowak Photos & Images Courtesy of: Freedom Boat Club, Visit Huntington Beach, Assistance League of Huntington Beach, OCTA, CKO Kickboxing, HB Chamber. Printed & Distributed by: The O.C. Register

Contribute Editorial!

Please submit testimonials and write-ups for our Business Brief section. TESTIMONIALS: Tell us in 50 words why you are a Chamber member and how your membership has helped your business! It will be featured in The HB Business Journal, website and possibly the Chamber Preview e-newsletter. Andrew Hard takes home a big win as 2016 Freedom Boat Club Marketing Brand Champion, pictured with Freedom Boat Club President and CEO John Giglio, right.


Andrew Hard, franchise owner of Freedom Boat Club of Huntington Beach, CA, was recently presented with a national top achievement award for Freedom Boat Club franchisees during the company’s national conference held November 13 – 17 at the Sarasota Hyatt, Sarasota, FL. Winning the highly coveted “Marketing Brand Champion of the Year” represents the ‘best of the best individual marketing’ among franchisees nationwide. Given to one person nationwide who best exudes the passion and championing of Freedom Boat Club, Hard distinguished himself due to a variety of personal and club marketing efforts. “Andrew has done an outstanding pioneering job of building the Freedom Boat Club brand in the regional California market that he

opened just a few short years ago and now successfully operates,” said Freedom Boat Club Chief Marketing Officer Wanda Kenton Smith. “He has worked diligently over multiple marketing platforms to promote and build positive brand awareness for Freedom Boat Club.” Kenton Smith cites among his many marketing initiatives to include a robust online and social media advertising program, the hosting of special events for his local chamber and other influential organizations, participation in and financial contribution to the national Freedom Boat Club Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America charitable effort, attendance at multiple boat shows, promotion of multiple membership special events, plus an exciting joint promotion with Fox Sports West including radio and television coverage which included a

BUSINESS BRIEFS: Has your company won an award? Have you had any recent promotions/new hires in your company? We would love to hear from you! Please submit a 250 word or less brief outlining what the achievement, award, promotion or media brief that you or your company received. Please submit by Friday, March 3 for the March/April 2017 issue.

Showcase Your Business to Surf City and Beyond through the Chamber! There are new advertising opportunities available in print and online! Contact Tina Figarsky, Membership/Advertising Sales, at (714) 500-6105 or to find out how. For information on article submissions, please contact Charlene Nowak at (714) 500-6104 or All submissions are subject to approval and may be edited for content and/or length. Submission does not guarantee publication. Subscription to The HB Business Journal is included in membership dues.

viewing audience of more than a million. Freedom Boat Club is the nation’s oldest and largest boat club, with nearly 115 club locations operating in 21 states and Canada. For more information about Freedom Boat Club in Huntington Beach, call

(your telephone number) or visit

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The Official Business Journal of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce

Assistance League of Huntington Beach Spreads Magic SUBMITTED BY: Assistance League of Huntington Beach

Assistance League of Huntington Beach spread a whole lot of magic for teachers and students last September and October. The importance of education and literacy are key to Assistance League programs; most recently for our Links to Learning HB program and our Make a Difference Day project. During the months of September and October 2016, the Links to Learning HB committee awarded over $61,500 to 138 teachers in the Huntington Beach City and the Ocean View School Districts. Another $53,700 was awarded to 121 teachers in the Fountain Valley and Westminster School Districts. Since 2008, Links to Learning HB has provided the opportunity for elementary and middle school teachers to apply for up to $500 each to purchase learning aides, not funded by the state or other means, for their classrooms. These items could be equipment or special programs for the

classroom or educational field trips for the students. This year a total of 259 teachers will have the opportunity to make the learning experience more magical for thousands of students. Make a Difference Day is one of the largest single national days of service. With the importance of literacy in mind, Assistance League chapters across the nation hold children’s book drives and donate these books to schools, Boys & Girls Clubs, and other organizations. It was a magical “Make a Difference Day” for Boys & Girls Clubs of Huntington Valley kids as they filled empty library cubicles with books, videos and CDs donated by Assistance League of Huntington Beach. On Monday, October 24, Assistance League donated 3,000 children’s books, videos and CDs to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Huntington Valley Pacific Life Foundation branch at Golden West College. As the newest branch of Boys & Girls Clubs of Huntington Valley, they did not have books for their

library. Member volunteers of Assistance League, the Boys & Girls Clubs staff and kids had a great time unboxing all the books and arranging them in empty library cubicles in two libraries; one for the younger children and the other for the teens. Now, 500 Boys & Girls Clubs kids will have lots of books to read. Working with Tanya Hoxsie, CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of Huntington Valley, Assistance League members were inspired to donate the books for their library. Our thanks to THINK Together of Santa Ana for donating over 700 books for Make a Difference Day. Over the past five years Assistance League of Huntington Beach has

donated over 10,000 children’s books to schools and Boys & Girls Clubs in Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley and Westminster. How can you help us do more? As a 100% volunteer organization, we manage fifteen programs to improve the lives of children and adults. Last year, through our programs, we gave back over $700,000 to our community. You can help us do more by shopping at our Thrift Shop at 8071 Slater Avenue, Huntington Beach, and, Save the Date, March 18th, for our annual fundraiser Treasures by the Sea. Find out more about Assistance League at or www.

100% No Hassle Guarantee!

Contact Us @ 714-964-6932

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Recognizing our November & December 2016 Renewing Investors for their continued investment! AAA - Automobile Club of So. Cal.- South Allspace Self Storage Alzheimer’s Association, Orange County Chapter AT & T Avila’s El Ranchito Restaurant Bahama Bucks Bella Terra Associates LLC Bolsa Chica Self Storage Briscoe, John Caliber Collision Centers

College Nannies and Tutors Crossroads Animal Emergency - Huntington Diamond Environmental Services Diversified Painting Inc. Etheridge Team- Re/MaxSelect One Fountain Valley Bodyworks Fountain Valley Regional Hospital & Medical Center Gates, Michael - Huntington


Promoting Economic Vitality is our mantra. Contact Tina Figarsky, Membership Sales, at (714) 500-6105 or

California Resources Corporation Casey’s Cupcakes, LLC Chamber Marketing Partners, Inc. Cherry Hills Market Coast Community College District

Beach City Attorney Gravity Defyer Great Scott Tree Service, Inc. Hambone’s Bar & Grill Handy, Robert - Huntington Beach Police C Heritage - Dilday Memorial Services

Purchase your tickets today to the Annual Gala! Visit for event info and to register.

Huntington Beach Art Center Huntington Beach Veterinary Hospital Huntington Harbour Mall Huntington Harbour Yacht Club Joseph R. Perry PTA Law Office of Brian McDonald Marina High School Marina Viking Foundation Merrill Gardens at Huntington Beach Michael Grant Construction Services, Inc. MK Printing Niya Sushi NuVision Federal Credit Union- Edinger Old Crow Smokehouse Huntington Beach Orange County Association of Realtors Pacific Western Bank Patrick Brenden for Huntington Beach City Peace Plan Divorce Performance Excellence Partners, Inc.

Robert Koury Properties Sassounian, Bijan SeaCliff Country Club ServPro of South Huntington Beach Sho-Air International Simone & Son Fine Jewelry & Custom Design Smocking Birds Baby & Children Boutique StepHouse Recovery Center Sunrise Dental Center Surf City Bank The Blue Flame Coffee The Detailing Pros Inc The Energy Network The Longboard Restaurant / North Side The Plant Nerd, Inc. Transportation Corridor Agencies TRI Pointe Homes Venus Spa HB Versailles Property Vitabri Canopies Ways & Means Oyster House Wells Fargo Bank - Atlanta

WELCOME TO OUR NEW INVESTORS Join over 700 area businesses by becoming an investor of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce!

24 Hour Fitness 7-eleven ( Goldenwest & Warner) # 35343 7-eleven ( Main Street) #35767 7-eleven ( Springdale & Edinger) #35658 Best Western Surf City Equity Cap Fund Advisors, Inc. Gonzalez, Kathryn Kyle Betz Realtor - Versailles Property Law Office of Alan Leigh Armstrong Maid Pro Huntington Beach

Myers Berstein LLP Nature’s Kindle Niya Sushi Orchard Supply Hardware Polly’s Pies PUBLISH BRAND INC Surf Trophy Tracie M. Cusimano, D.C. U.S. Army Recruiting Center Venue by Three Petals Virtual Office Solutions Wandering Still, Inc. Webster University, Irvine Metro Campus Wild Birds Unlimited

Page 13 JAN/FEB 2017

The Official Business Journal of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce

Let’s Cut A Ribbon! Help us celebrate grand openings, anniversaries and new Chamber Investors!

Schedule Your Ribbon Cutting! Contact the HB Chamber Office at or (714) 536-8888.

CHEESE ADDICTION 7631 Edinger Ave.#1512 Huntington Beach, CA 92647 (714) 372-7706|

PRAETORIAN VENTURES 6571 Sabbicas Circle Huntington Beach, CA 92647 (714 623-7076|

BRIGHTSTAR CARE OF HUNTINGTON BEACH 16152 Beach Blvd, #145 Huntington Beach, CA 92647 (714) 861-4101 |

CREAMISTRY 18502 Beach Blvd., Unit 1B Huntington Beach, CA 92648 (714) 932-8672|

TITLEMAX TITLE LOANS 17401 Beach Blvd Huntington Beach, CA 92647 (714) 841-1367|

Page 14 JAN/FEB 2017

The Official Business Journal of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce


Whatever goal is your destination, getting there starts with a great plan. Boeing is proud to salute those who work together to chart a path to success.

Page 15 JAN/FEB 2017

The Official Business Journal of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce





BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2016-17 Executive Committee WEIKKO WIRTA, AES Huntington Beach Chairman BARBARA MASON, The Boeing Company Chairman-Elect MICHAEL GRANT, Michael Grant Construction Services Inc. Chief Financial Officer GRACE HOROUPIAN, Fisher & Phillips, LLP Legal Counsel TERI MILES, Evergreen Realty & Associates, Inc. Vice Chairman JIM DUNCAN, AIM Office Vice Chairman ED MOUNTFORD, CA Coastal Communities, Inc. Vice Chairman PATRICK BRENDEN Immediate Past Chairman JAMES O’CALLAGHAN, President/CEO Bill Blair, California Resources Corporation Tom Bock, Pedego Electric Bikes Patty Collins, Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center David Gatewood, Goldenwest College John Hobson, CIELO/Oak View Renewal Partnership Domenic Iorfino, HB Digital & Home Run Media Group Keeli Scott Lisack, Fuzion - Meet. Eat. Play. Scott Maloni, Poseidon Resources Kelly Miller, Visit Huntington Beach Rachel Ramirez, Performance Excellence Partners Tony Smale, Kaiser Permanente Orange Nicole Thompson, First Bank



President/CEO, James O’Callaghan Director of Development & Membership Services, Jeny Carpenter Programs & Events Director, Phoenix Freeman Program & Events Coordinator, Tamara Clark Marketing Coordinator, Charlene Nowak Membership/Advertising Sales, Tina Figarsky Office Coordinator, Stephanie Gorman

Promoting Economic Vitality

The Signature Investors is a special group of members who have made an annual commitment to support the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce through sponsorships at various financial levels and at special events. If your company would like to become a Signature Investor, please contact the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce Office at 714-536-8888.

2134 Main Street, Suite 100 Huntington Beach, CA 92648 714-536-8888 FAX: 714-960-7654

Page 16 JAN/FEB 2017

The Official Business Journal of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce





if deposited by February 15th!*

The HB Business Journal - Jan/Feb 2017  

The premier issue of The HB Business Journal (formerly known as Pier Review). The HB Business Journal is scheduled to drop Sunday, February...

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