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It’s just another day at the seaside ... ... but for Lenny the Lifeboat, Pedro the Pedalo and Speedy Sid there is work to be done. Just a stone’s throw from shore, the boats are busy with their different jobs. So slip on your deck shoes, pull on your life jacket - it’s time to set sail for the adventures of Pebblecombe Bay.

Toby “Heave ho and off we go!” Cheery and friendly - Toby can still be a bit bossy when other boats don’t follow the rules. He is hard working and resourceful and always there to help.

Lenny “Steady as you go!” Caring and brave - Lenny is a role model for the younger boats. He patrols the bay and nearby harbour and gives advice on staying safe.

Pedro “I’m a paddle boat - just a very small one!” Pedro is a dreamer on the lookout for adventure and fun. Unfortunately, his enthusiasm isn’t always matched by his ability to follow advice and he often finds himself in deep water. Pedro thinks that Speedy Sid is the clam’s garters.

Luigi “Splendid,

my friend, splendid!”

Passionate and enthusiastic - Luigi the liner is a friend to everyone, despite being a little pompous. He has a big heart and a big horn and can be heard for miles singing his beloved opera songs.

Speedy Sid “I’m not called Speedy Sid for nothing!” Speedy Sid is the fastest boat in the bay and knows it. He zips around everywhere, boasting about his speed and agility and generally causing mischief. He has better things to do than play with poor little Pedro.

Yolanda and Josephine “It’s plain sailing my dear!” Yolanda and Josephine are the best of friends, but there is a rivalry as they vie to be the most fashionable. They will always be found gossiping about the other boats and each other. Yolanda is the more caring of the two, Josephine can be a bit impatient and haughty.

Storylines The boats of Pebblecombe Bay learn lessons about friendship, working together and enjoying the seaside safely through this series of nautical adventures ...

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Josephine’s Makeover Josephine is not impressed by her friend Yolanda’s new white sail and boasts that for her refurbishment she’s going to ask for something more colourful. Bedecked with a new blue sail, she sails out to sea to show off her fabulous outfit, even though it’s late in the day and the mechanic hasn’t reconnected her batte ry yet. The wind drops and she’s stranded. Because her sail is blue, no one notices her on the horizon …


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any more stories available! The Stables, Down Place, Hogs Back, Guildford GU3 1DE Illustrations © Steve Cox 2011

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Pebblecombe Bay  

Follow the boats of Pebblecombe Bay for a series of nautical adventures.

Pebblecombe Bay  

Follow the boats of Pebblecombe Bay for a series of nautical adventures.

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